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81. 182 J t - "
. Virion d1 Plc Cout.r.j
JheiOrccn Stat:.:
8dayi calf
Dailj ind gunday
Britich Subject - Tells o f
Death of French , Consul
Genera! Saw ".Wife of
Gborge Komor Burn
burstihg of maims
; " save many in park
Lena Search f cr Wife Re
vard:d As She Comes to
KOBE, Sept. Iff: (By Asso
ciated Press.)- Marshal Martin, s
British : refuses from . Yokohama,
describes ad follows the death of
II. De Jardin, the French consul
general there: . '.
"I was in the consulate with
him together with SI. - Bickart, a
French attorney. v The first shock
threw Eickart and ine into the
compound where -the air seemed
filled1 with yellow acrid dust
which made breathing difficult.
"The sound of crashing build
ings, wag like the roar of a ty
phoon. Again and again we were
thrown to the ground. "When we
finally recovered ourselves ;wo
rained back into the building to
find tha the consul had1 been
crushed under the heavy timbers.
. Injuries Fatal.
"During ur frantic efforts to
resets Wra other shocks flung us
aside. We finally managed to ex
tricate LLJDi Jardin but he was
fatally injured and died while I
was searching for medical help.
I put iES body'ca a, streacher and
hurried to" my own home,' ? r ' -
f "The fires : ' were 1 , spreading,
necessitating a long detour. When
r arrived it wM to find the house
lying oa its side. As I was con
sidering whet!:?." fc, attempt to
care any . valuables three, nearby
dwellings burst into flames.. 1
ran toward the British consulate
hut found It encircled by flames.
I then took refuse in the naval
hospital compound, but this soon
become untenable. ' ";"
j "The road from' the summit of
the bluff traa" crowded with Jap
anese, IdmaTot' v-oA frantically
hurled -their children over the
cliff," "fsncTirrs themselves with
such. reckleo3 that they were
often crushed at the bottom.
"When I reached the seashore
the dead and injured were all
aloes the foot of the bluff. ' It
was ghastly. t X -""V
Swim to Iunches.v
, "Many of the Japanese swam to
launches and other small water
craft. I finally manged to get a
small boat and went bord the
Dorsefc' , riyy:,.' 'v'
! George Firth of Samuel Sam
uel and Company, Ltd." of Toko
tica, who waa 111 In his home
beyond the bluff, said that one
tiinute the city was Intact and
that the next it was dissolved be-'
fore "the eyes of observers.
'Fissures opened la the earth,"
he said, "and it seemed as If the
whole foreign district on the bluff
above would come sliding -down
on os"; " ;;' ; - ..
; ; -r'.- ':; : fiaarlse'"' Ecautlfal. . - y
i fO. Sunday morning," he con
tinued, "there was a beautiful
turrise and the flames of the
turning city seemed to be sub
dued, but they suddenly started
' afresh and within an hour the .air
was full of flames and smoke
again." . v,'? .-.'- ' ,1 -
Louis Jederkln, an agent for
6wl3s watch: manufacturers, one
of the refugees from Yokohama,
gave a graphic description of hi
escape upon his arrival here.
"As the heat i from the fire
no anted," he said, "great crowds
rushed into the sea. Thousands
were In the water, some swimming
to various boats', some lying, at the
edge and some in up to their necks
wUh their hand over their faces
as protection from the heat of
the burning city. Covering my
face with my coat, I finally came
out of the water and continued
to search for my wife.
OREGON TZlt Tuesday ex
cept clou or 'lossy' near the
coast; modern fi s westerly
winds. ..':. 1 " i
; lccat. Tlli:
'- C.. nj)"-;
Maximum ten f-ra't -re. 73.'
: Minimum teirature 53.
Rainfall, 0.
River, .1.9.
f -A '
to mm
Governor Pierce to Rcrnove Barrier of British
and American Flaijs--Caravan Leaves
Olympia Preceding Day Portland ' Cham
ber of Commerce to Give Dinner.
. On October 25 will take place in Salem Oregon's official
part in the opening of the Pacific highway through to. Vanr
couver, B. C. The British Columbia part of the highway is
now completed, and with the opening of the stretch in Wash
ington between Toledo and Kalama next month ; there will
be, a paved highway all the way from the northern Califor
nia line to Vancouver, B. and. only a short unpaved stretch
innorthern California will remain between Vancouver and
Tia Juana, ; 1
The celebration will start at Olympia October 24, when
Governor Hart will remove a barrier of. American and British
flags. A Caravan of automobiles will then come down the
highway to -Portland and, the celebrants will that night be
given a dinner by the Portland Chambe of Commerce ' .
On October 25, the caravan will come on to Salem where
Governor Pierce will remove .another barrier of flags.- There
probably will be other features arranged here f or the celebra-
- RULES i;j ilGUE
Attitude Deduced From Tel-
egram Sent to -Ambas-t
H sadors1, Council
.GENEVA, Sept. 10. (By the
Associated ( Press.); atchful
waiting, for the moment at least,
was considered tonight to be the
policy of the council of the league
of nations regarding the Graeco
ItalJan conflict. This was deduc
ed. from the publication of a tele
gram which - Viscount Ishii, presi
dent of the council, sent to the
council of ambassadors, saying
that the council of the league
chared with the ambassadors anx
iety to see the dispute Settled as
soon as possible. ;
The message voiced the coun
cil's happiness thaftbe documents
tTwirded'hf Uo th'PrU"DOdy
were useful and asked toi be kept
Informed on any results of the
decision taken and any discussions
which might still take place.
sb lio::s FHIIT .
I'.'llll BOAT liKS
Survivors of Cuba- Picked Up
After. 20 Hours in
, Open Boat
Twelve members of the crew, and
one passenger of the wrecked Pa
cific Mail liner Cuba, arrived here
today on the Standard Oil Tanker
W. S. Miller after having been
tossed about for .more than 20
hours in an open boat which was
threatened a number of times by
sea lions. It was necessary to
fight the sea Hons off with boat
hooks In order to keep them from
upsetting the boat, the survivors
said. "" . i
Fog, Obscures View Where
Phenomenon Was to
- Have Been Visible :'
LOS ANGELES, Sept.- 10.
Scientific 1 observation ' of- today's
eclipse of the sun generally failed,
according to reports received here
except : possibly in the case of
naval aviators who flew above the
clouds and fog at San Diego and
took photographs of the phenom
enon, f v1 ' ' v ; ; f i
Clouds of fog obscured the
view at the time of totality at all
points from sSanta Barbara to
Ensenada, Mexico, where - scien
lists - had made preparations to
study eclipse. These points in
cluded Avalon, on Santa Catalina
island, San Clemente island, San
Dieso, Mount Wilson and Point
Loma, "-:'."- ''-'. :- ' ' ;' "'
Scientists who came from all
part 3 cf the world and who had
-rr::ri nrntrs, on tr?ir; ;ias3,
toc'i tt 3 ir -defeat gracefully,,-
u. Carrying official invitations
from Mayor Charles E. Tlsdall of
Vancouver: B. C, to the mayors
of every city and town along the
Pacific highway, and from Hori.
John Oliver, ' premier of British
Columbia, -to the governors' of
Washington,' Oregon and Califor
nia, asking the executives to pay
a , visit, to the' Canadian c'lt and
province, 'William A. de Graves, a
Vancouver newspaperman, is mak
ing an auto tour from Vancouver
to Tia1 Juana, Mexico. '
He arrived in Salem yesterday
afternoon," :
,-'t!. Executives Informed m ,
r The object of the trip Is to ac
quaint ; the executives along the
route that the British Columbia
portion of the Pacific highway Is
now completed and that with the
opening o'f - the stretch between
Kalama and ToledoV Waslu, next
month the highway Is paved from
tho California boundary to Van
couver, B. C-.
'The British Columbia portion
of the road was opened for traf
fic on August 25 and the official
celebration to mark the' opening
took place on tabor j day t when
thousands of cars crossed, the bor
der. " ' ' ' " '
: The letter to the mayor in part
is as follows: r
Longest Koad in World ;
"The official opening of this
boulevard on September 3, which
function was attended by repre
sentative government officials
from ' both sides of the Interna
tional' line, brought home to us
the fact thai Canada " and ' the
United States, through the Pacific
highway, are. now connected by
the longest stretch of paved road
in the world, open all the year
around and passing,, through ter
ritory: with scenery, .unsurpassed
anywhere on the face of the earth.
t We know you are proud of your
country and like to have ' your
Canadian neighbors visit you. We,
also, are proud of Canada and Bri
tish Columbia, and nothing gives
us greater pleasure than to, ex
tend to you and yours a most
hearty invitation to come and vis
it ua at any time. ; . i i'
: "The road is open ; there is a
pavement all the way, and, at the
end or the trail, a warm welcome
awaits you." ; - '
- Pierce Receive Message '
:f The message to Governor Pierce
was delivered yesterday afternoon
and Mr. de Graves was given a let
ter to carr to Governor Richard
son of California in which Gov
ernor Pierce expressed the hope
that California would be able to
complete the missing link at an
early date. , . .' . . : ;
; The car leaves-for Albany en
routo to Tia Juana this morn
ing. .
Manslaughter Charge Filed
, Against Driver of Auto
f k,( v : - '-; '.-
LA GRANDE. Or., Sept. 10.
L. F. Hunt of Los Angeles, Cal.,
was bound over to the grand Jury
here today on a charge of manslaughter,-
in connection with the
death' of s C W. . Sherk. aged . Tl
years, of; Kennewick, Wash., Fri
day, due to an automobile acci
dent. Hunt 13 "out under $500
bail. . ' ' ' v
ii.ins.Oj ?:vn niixcD
vWiciirrX, i:. Cept. io.
Jerry troff,"ensineeri and Olan
LKKkwoodVfiremaiiwere instant
ly killed and - D. 'A. Armstrong,
brakeman, . was probably fatally
injured when Frisco freight en
gine No. 521 blew up between
Val!y Centra ari T:zil7, rcrti
cf b?r?t today, .. ; :
'r' , SAlMbREGOgC TUESDAY MORNING.SEFTEAIBER ll l.:i9ia. N i -L ' . PTTrrr;:- -
Barest Official Explanation
for Loss of i Seven First
. Class , Destroyers Is Yet
Washington Issues .Unoffi
cial List of Missing Men
With Relatives
WASHINGTON, Sept. ltf.
Lacking even the barest official
explanation of , the loss of seven
first' class destroyers on the Cali
fornia coast, naval officials to
night continued to withhold judg
ment on what they termed " the
most severe peace-time blow the
navy had ever sustained.
Although regulations prescribe
that ever effort be made to for
ward immediately, names of dead:
and injured int such cases.' no
such list had been received at the
department up to a late 'hour to
night. The Initial dispatch, from
Admiral ' Robinson, commanding
the Pacific fleet, informed, the de
partment that specific orders had
been issued " for ' the preparation
Jind relax of this list, the duty be
ng assigned to Captain Edward
ll. : Watson, commanding the
wrecked squadron.
- Theory advanced In press dis
patches that radio operators on
f he destroyers '.were thrown off
Iheir " reckoning by shore signals
atende4 for, the Reno , was de-.
lared by officers in the depart
ment to , be doubtful. Leaving
Jiut of all consideration they said,
he inaterialdlfferende in location
oi the stranded mall steamer and
the destroyer gtoup ''position slr'
nals"' 'invariably Jare addressed
Specifically to the ship which had
Requested them. This was' held
to render It Improbable that all
of the operators on the naval ves
sels could have? taken the signals
as bearing' ifpon their own course
and t6'&ave acted in concert" al
though one "might have done so.
- Aunes tiiven
The navy ' denartment tonlzhl
compiled from press dispatches a
list of "probable" missing In the
disaster, , with their next of kin.
It was made plain that the list
was unofficial, only one death
having been reported officially to
the department, that of James
Wheaton Harvey Conway, , son o f
James J. Conway of Omaha.
Twenty-two names appear in
the list,' which. with next of- kin
and their addresses, include: -I
Buchan, Ralpn ' Kehneth, wife,
raarie X Buchan; Sonoma Cat
" Harrison, . Ernest Carl. wife,
Elizabeth C. Harrison, Fort
Neches, Tex. -
Morris; Wade Hampton;' mo
ther Alice Morris".- Bluff dale; Tex.
Over8hiner, Gordon , Jerome,
mother. Rose Overshlner, Route
No. 1, Saa .Jo8e Cal.
' Reddock, Clitus Allelic wife,
Emaline E. Reddock. 4T33 New
port" avenue. Ocean Beach, CaL
SANTA ROSA, 6al., Sept. 10.
The "Buchan" listed" among the
missing in the destroyers disaster;
is believed to be Ralph Buchan;
28, chief pharmacist's mate- on
the Young and a resident of So
noma, near here. His wife and
infant child are In San Diego. "
Calls Upon Coal Consuming
States 4o Cooperate"
With Him
HARRISBURO, Pa., Sept; 10.
(By the ' 'Associated 1. Press)
Speaking as the chief executive of
the only anthracite - producing
state. Governor Pinchot of Penn
sylvania today called : upon the
governors of 30 other consuming
states to join him in seeking meth
ods of safeguarding coal users
against higher prices during the
coming winter. , ;
In a letter to the governors. In
which he told them he is direct
ing an investigation in his own
state of "means - or methods' of
any and every kind which could
be used to prevent gouging of the
consumer, . he suggested stellar
studies In each other states, look
ing towsrd3 personal conference
coccenilas Joint actl?a liter.
' ' j j ,!
,t ' i , - , 1
Me No Cook Fancy Foods Ex
cept Stew and Chop Suey
" Says Oriental Cook y. . ;
TpRONTO. Sept. 10.--It wlU be
corned beet and' cabbage, - boarding-houBe
hash and boiled pota
toes for the Prince of Wales when
he Places his feet under the chow
table of "Edward Prince", ranch
near High river. Alberta, next
Saturday. ' At the ranch Is one
Japanese cook, Jimmle Shlmbasi
who learned the culinary art 1 by
opening cans for the Canadian
army in France. '
i - "Me no cook : fancy foods,"
Jimmie ; told newspapermen to
day, "excepting irish beef stew
and Chinese chop suey."
' Bobbed haired Individuals who
hope to be adde4 to the list of
the, prince's dancing partners may
as well - save themselves the long
hike . to High river; the . manager
of the ranch, W E. Carlile, an
nounced today. The prince, he ex
plained, is coming to Canada to
rest and consequently he will be
thankful for all the privacy that
Is accorded him. ;, - . '
' The prince is scheduled to reach
Quebec on the. Empress of France
next Wednesday. ,
J. W Southland Mrs. Cooper
to Appear for Sentence
1 ' Ttiis Morning
J. W. South and Mrs. Edna Coo
per were found guilty of posses
sion of liquor last night and will
receive their sentence In the jus
tice court at 10 o'clock this morn
ing. The pair were acquitted last
week of a charge ot transporta
tion ' of" liquor. y 3 n-- 1 :
Neither South,- nor Mrs." Cooper
had anything to say : when ' they
heard the verdict ot the jury.' The
case was-begun at 2 o'clock 'Mon
day afternoon, but was not con
cluded until after 9 o'clock last
night. , The evidence offered was
the same as that of the previous
trial. Officers; OUori and Shelton
testified to seeing' t.hem' leave the
garage 'with a bag, enter a res
taurant and then ' return- to the
garage, driving a machine..- The
two men followed in another car,
hoping to catch them in making a
delivery, of liquor. Whenthey saw
the two people were about to leave
their .jurisdiction, .they attempted
to place them under arrest. Un
der, the statutes a city officer may
make . an arrest outslte the city
limits or in another countr pro
vided he has been in continuous
pursuit. , " , ; i ,
Members of tho jury which South and Mrs. Cooper guil
ty were George Arbuckle, W. F:
Prime; I.'"R. Smith, Roy Nelson
and A.. T. Wooipert. " " M
' : ' .
Officers Elected at Meeting
of 40 Hommes et 8
Chevaux Last Night
' Yoyageurs of Le Societe des 40
Hommes et f Chevaux. met last
night and elected Robin Day chef
de gare; Allan Kaf pury, jorres-'
pbndent; Dr. B- F. Pound, fhef, de
train,, and Brazier C. Small, com-
inissalro inteneent! "!
- Which, translated, is to the ef.
- . .." j! -
feet that the playground order ot
the American legion, has "selected
the above mentioned members of
the organization to fill th4 various
offices.' ' In addition the following
men. will constitute the executive
board;. Joe Mint on; Mert Good
rich and Major Dusenbury.
George Griffith newly elected
vice commander of the America!!
legion, department ot Oregon, was
gathered. Int6 the fold and explain
ed the workings of the' order at
Seaside. George stood the ordeal
izi flno' shape; and it is - said 1 he
will recover; from his experience.
"All members of he 40 from
other towns', an d all local mem
bers, are td meet at the aemory
next Monday? night for the. first
meeting of the 'season, and to ar
range, plan for. the .wiater . , A
lively raeetis is articipa'cl,. '
nnin irirt uin
.1!J I
OBluDElS. .
Appreciation ot American
Red Cross Relief Is Ex:
pressed By Ambassador
of Stricken Empire
Speaks in Particular of
American Ambassador
Wood's Work
. WASHINGTON, Sept. 10.- Am
bassador Hanihara presented to
secretary: Hushes today a message
from Count Tamamoto, prime
minister, of Japan, expressing the
deep sense of gratitude of the
Japanese sovereign and people de
claring that "this precious gift of
American sympathy" cannot , but
"serve' the peace of the world, in
drawing still closer the bond of
friendship and trust between the
two countries." '; ' ' '
"In this hour of deep grief and
anxiety; felt alike by the emperor
and all his subjects, the president
ot the United States issued a proc
lamation urging i the -: American
people to come to the aid of the
stricken people of Japan and des
ignating the American Red Cross
to administer the relief work.
Then the commander of the Amer
ican 'Asiatic fleet lost no time In
despatching the ships under his
command to the scene of the dis
aster and offered the services of
the entire f fleet for s the immed
iate relief of the sufferers; At
the same time the Philippine gov
ernment ' sent -. transports loaded
with full cargoes for the relief. :
: . . nelpa. Relief U '
- In the midst of the bewilflep.
ing devastation, American Ambas
sador: Woods with the staff of the
embassy , and' American , residents
in Japan are' helping the relief
work with a marvelous spirit of
self-sacrifice . in spite ot the fact
that the embassy itself was de
stroyed by fire. -
"The . report of , these , spontan
eous and prompt measures taken
by the president, the government
and people of the United States; is
creating a profound Impression 'In
the ' grateful hearts of suffering
Several Business Houses in
City to Be Closed Today
for Observance
Formal observance of the Jew
ish! New Year will be made in
Salem at 8:30 this morning,
though the id ay, or Rosh Hash
anah, .as it is on the Jewish cal
endar, officially began - at 6
o'clock; last night. As Is custom
ary, every Jewish store in the
city will be closed today. Then
the . day of atonement begins "at
6 p.m. September - 19 and con
tinues until 6 p.m. September 20.
The " business houses ' wilt be
closed September 20. ' 'All Jewish
people are . invited to attend the
services in the Derby building
this morning. , -
Fasting will begin at 6 o'clock
the afternoon of September 19,
and will not be broken until 6
o'clock of the following evening.
During this period no member of
the faith will eat. drink or smoke.
Stores which will be closed to
day and ' tomorrow, and ' again
later In the month, are the Peo
ple's Cash store, H. Steinbock,
Capital Junk company. Salem
Bargain store. Capital Hardware
& Furniture Square Deal Furni
ture store.- . Capital . Exchange,
Chicago store and the Paris Shoe
store. Several others will also
observe the day, but owing to the
nature of the business, will not
be closed, though the proprietors
will not be present. - - ? .
There are about 25 Jewish fa
milies in Salem . at present, and
it, is expected a majority of these
will attend the services this tnom
ing. though a few are' planning td
go to Portland. Officers of the
Salem association are H. Stein
bock, president; Louis Solof; sec
retary, &zi' r, - Cat rjbSjf jtreiiar??; '
inn n nrnnr
yu lu ruuL
a I I I f I f li l II Vi Vi
i si susnt9 AsiJ
.. if mm fiM .
Many Instances of ;Hcroxsm TcH hy .ur rl
cf Wreclts Twelve Nov xh SzxxElo 7
pital-Mi$leacjinfi Orders I lay Kiv6 1
Cause of Disaster.
. SANTA ; BARBARA; Cal.; Sept 10-Search fcr II :
missmgr rrien who may be alive and effcrt3 to rzib: - f
bodies of 17 men imprisoned arid undoubtedly CzlI i i :
overturned, destroyer Young-, occupied the attention t. "
of naval officials in connection with the wrecking cf i
destroyers near , here Saturday nisht.
Radio Operator Reddoch. Coxswain Rfll? I r -
Martin are known to have left
uie. raits tnat were launched from that vessel nil -struck.
One of the raftsr with live men aboard, r: " :
shore. The other has not been seen since.
Harland Parkins Sailor oh
Nicholson, Which Went
on Reef Rock
, Harlanij Perkins, a son of Mrs.
Eva Howard, of near Qulnaby, Is
aboard the United States destroy?
er Nicholson, one of the squadron
which went on the rocks, Saturday
night on the southern California
coastj - . . '' V , ' ; "j 5 '
Perkins enlisted In the navy
last December. He ' attended,
school in Salem before he entered
the navy and is known here.' He
is a nephew of Mrs. George W.
Thompson, 22 66 North Fifth
street. ;
Nothing has been .heard rela
tive to "his"' safety " - -
Salem Woman to Have Place
in Senator's Office in Na
tional Capital
Mrs. Emma Murphy-Brown and
son, Keith Brown, will leave by
automobile about the middle of
October for Washington, I. ' C.
Mrs. Brown has been secretary to
United States Senator McNary
this summer at his office In Sal
em, and, she will have a place In
his office in Washington, while
her son will attend college.
Mrs. Brown naa rented ; her
home on South Commercial street
to Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Smith, who
were recently married. Mr. Smith
is a prominent insurance man of
Salem; - ' '' r'i
One Thousand Rooms May
Be Listed for State Fair
With , good weather fair week
more than 1000 can probably be
used, by the room listing commit
tee for the use' of fair visitors, ac
cording to those in charge.
The committee of local civic
clubs which have taken over the
work following tbe announcement
that the fair board would not do
it. will begin listing rooms at the
Hotel Marion September 21:
Last year not all of the 1000
rooms listed were used because of
the bad weather. . Ordinarily Wed
nesday and Thursday are the heav
iest days any year. The commit
tees in charge are asking that any
one having a room which ' they
could spare for a few nights dur
ing the Week to list any time after
September 21. ' .
Draw Span cn Sisulaw
- Falls -Without Warnincj
EUGENE, Ore., Sept. 10. The
draw span of the bridge over, the
north fork ot the Sisulaw river on
the Eugene-Florence state : high
way dropped into the water last
night just after a heavily load: 1
truck had passed over It, accor
ing to wdrd received by the couai
ty court today. . Traffic wilL bf
held up several days, until repairs
are made. . No detours are ava.'l"
the-Youn on era cf t! 3 t
. Survivors of the wrecl. i
reached Tan Dle jo t: ' j, t
nianjrnstances.of kroi;i. C
Boatswain's Jlate' Pc terse :i cf
Young apd Chief ElectrS?! 3
Inberg of the Delphi eac. Li
the angry . surf to ,crrr; 1'
ashore or to other L 'i t
able their comrades to
AU Italian fisherman, G. 2
and his crew cf two r:c i .
irianyf trips back anl forth t -the
surf frou ti.3 c
Woodbury and Fuller t j t
and altogether carrylr r :-t
men to the teach sr. I t ' j.
Tjakeri t fUA 1-.'
'Thirteen toea were t . a f
hospital here but one vLi t"
leave soon afterward.
Five hundred aed revr- -listed
mea tr :I Zi ell
taken to. Tan. T ' c : r
train, arriyiiig tLcre tol y.
them there wer? lovt 10 ' '
ahd all were cxLir-t: tr I:-.
' - Orders I" - "
SAN DIEGO. Cal., L :t. 1
Orders, given 14 tia ? " :
thelith d'tTT'r f
passed I oii.t Arraeli j, 1.. . .
entrance to .the Cinta I"
channel, caused the cl
course that plied seven Cj-a 1
destroyers on the re' s at I'
with the. probatla l: i cf ZZ 1
it.. was revealed today t' i
crews of the wrecked e'.:.
reached San Dieso ty U. .
sea. '..;.'.,.'.'.,."
("jDrders were Ics'ieJ ty .
Robert Coontz today :.
fleers to. a board' ot in- 'ry
a, searching Investlr it'c a c z
disaster. - The,, fcoarl v;l".i
headed .by ItearrAduiral .
V, Pratt, with Ca;ta!-a C
Day and David F. Sellsrs 1 3 1
bers. , ; . .
.With the arrival cf jr.;r
tQdiy came the story c ! t- j c
on the rocky shores of 1.
Story GItc 1
The 11th squadron, tt
single, line formation, v ; .
ing : southward ; Cat-ar- ;
through the gatheric t nl .,'
effort to reach Can L.1 :
morning. ; When the t:. .
still north cf Point Arr ':
ders came- which char . 1
course of tbe squadron, a c
that would have been r
had Arguello been r.a ,
which spelled disaster l;r
first seven vessels in 'llza.
uUkLii-wl L. L . . .
Grand Dragon' of 0.! !.
Orders Members (ct
Parade in Rcbca
10, (By the Associated Tr
Bowing to Governor C.
ton's edict against masicl r
hlages, state officials cf V.
Klut Klan -issued an cr'
early tonight forbidding L'
in Oklahoma to hold ra..
rades or meetings.
' Decision of klan cf:: : '
abide br the executive ,r
announced by the grand c
the Oklahoma realm. I',
when preparations . wers
way by Governor T.a : ; .1 t
troops if .necessary, ti i""
series . cf klaai d:
schedul-l over . tia f-'-week,'.
the first cf , hi. ,
vettlsed for tc!t.
.The adJaU-t ; .-'.-.I :
Instructed to t'.I : . ; ' ;
ur.'3 ia r :: - 1 t - T f
f ' 1 ; -ti: j 1 1 w! : i "
Walton c
t -