The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, August 29, 1923, Page 6, Image 6

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,,L wu-r'ji
v become the bride of Arm la
E Berger at. a pretty wedding la
St. Pauj;., .Episcopal church this
toornin At 10 o'clock.
The bride will wear a tallenex
ot Kray poiret twill with a smart
aall hat to match, worn .with a
JSf, v6- . Miss Valerie ' TMggs
wiU,be maid o honor and ill
wear a frock of crene in A
shade of brown. .Her hat .wiii b
of. a corresponding, hue. lioth
- wcr corsage bouquets.
Jetioy Gajrd Trin attend . Mr.
Berger and the ushers will be
Bert Hoffina and. Howard Kurt.
Mrs. William H. prank will sin'g
"At ' Danmltiir" - ' 4..-t ' . ....
marriage service and Mrs. Horace
wiu piay tne accompani
mem, , ana , ja.ter the wedding
marc a rrom Je ndelasohn.
Tha church will be ; decorated
with toaantiUes of greenery and
large cornucopias filled with as
ters, pink and whiteasters will
be arranged along the side walls
while the altar will be banked
with palms, and large .baskets of
asters in the plnk and white
shades. i,-Av..
I :;i - r -
I i I ne young couple will leave
following H the. ceremony .for' a
weddng..trip which .will be taken
Dy automobile. They will return
after (Io.Kmi Af.ik. n i. .
t w. .uv UIVULU ftUU
Jwill he at home to their friends
at-their new home on Jforth High
Btreet after September 15.
I Tna orldo Is the daughter of
Mrs Ralph White and is one (of
the charming and talented mem
wcra ni me younger.set. ur. Mer
ger is a son of Mr. and Mrs. P.
II, Berger and a graduate of the
North Pacific Dental college. v;
Mrs. Walter Spauldln- and the
Spauldlng twins returned yester
day from several' weeks spent at
seaside. Airs. Nora G. Miller of
CorraWa ' accompanied Mrs.
Spauldlng on the trip.
I y .,
I Miss Cornelia Marvin, . state
librarian, who has been granted
a year's leave of absence, will
leaver- Salem October 1 and" wijl
afl from' New York . October 13.
She will spend a year in Europe.
' ' V: ':-
I Miss Mirpah tolair, an assistant
librarian at the state library, Is
enjoying her annual vacation Just
I ?Ilss yiora.M. jCae, ,city librar
ian, has returned from a trip to
Alaska. Miss Case will leave
September 8 for her new position
as-city librarian In LaPorte, Ind.
The Catholic Daughters ot Am
rrica are giving a. card party this
evening In McCornack hall for
1 . :
- M - ' ...... A
- ' V . -;
i r .W -l - v " - - jf - & )
' l(i Uf S IB
Notorius Oregon Convict
Captured in New York
City sSays Message
Miss .Margaret White to become bride of Dr. Armin E.
(Photo by Gunnet
Berger today.-
the benefit of the Salem hospi
tal., , ,.; .tu:,- f :i. .Ubl:,i . I' ,.
Rev. J. Rr Buck, pastor, of St.
Joseph's church, who returned
this, week from a trip of several
months' duration In Europe, has
consented to talk to the members
and guests who I attend, - telling
them of some of the interesting
points of his. trip. i
Mr. and Mrs. W. W.i Moore and
daughters . Lucille an ST J Dorothy
rave I recently i. returned from a
trip to Seattle and British Colum
bia. .While in Seattle i they were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Gray
of the Worth & Gray store in Sa-
They were entertained at the
country home of the. Grays on
Lake Washington. One of the
pleasurable Incidents of the visit
Hiese live
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futures. .. . . ' .
4 --5
1. .'"l,ilf iWllJ aM
TSn iNSURAf.-SS.. CCi:?Af4Y
iOMS crrica-SAM raNasco
District Uanaser Wanted;
there were the trips on th Gray'a
Mrs. A.' A. Lee, who is in charge
of children's work In the First
Methodist church, will sponsor a
porch party this evening for the
Standard Bearers.' Mrs. ; C. E.
Powell will assist, Mrs. Lee. Irene
Breithaupt and Tsobel Houston
will be In charge of refreshments.
The girls . will , elect officers at
this meeting. i j
The Little Light Bearers will
meet for a picnic party this after
noon at 3 o'clock. A committee
will assist Mrs. Lee during the af
ternoon. : They are , Mrs. R. L.
Farmer. . Miss . Margaret Fisher,
Miss Jennelle Vandevort and Miss
Florence-Young. -v ;
One morning, when Billy woke
up, he sat on the floor for some
time gazing at his toes.
"Huriy up, Billys you'll be late
for breakfast," aid his .'mother.
Why are you looking at your
feet?"? i -r' "ri -
"Well," said the boy, "isn't It
funny that one of my to?s is so
much larger than the others; I
had 'them all af the - same time,
didn't I?" ,
; Well," announced Mr. Perk
asie to his wife,"John and Mary
have taken the first step toward
divorce.' ' ;
1 "Ton don't mean to tell me!
What on earth is the matter?"
? "They have got inftrried.,w--
Toledo Blad . v
- t imnn-T ii- ir i- i nimif.n m q
Orehf State News
Splinting the -Trees
EUGENE, Aug. 2. Splints are
now being put on the grove of
black walnut trees in College Crest
wMch were recently grafted to
English walnuts for ;ir. F." E.
Adams-of this city, in making ex
tensive improvements to the place
to which he" is moving his resi
dence this -week from 728 - Thir
teenth avenue east. ' He has about
75 trees grafted there and ex
pects to get nuts from' them next
year. He also has a grove of fil
berts planted there, along with
iruu ot several varieties. , :.
iPne tree in the acreage has been
grafted to produce two kinds of
prunes and a variety of plums.
The doctort has recently had the
building remodeled at considerable
cost. - "
. - . r
cnarge or tne i program, ,pro-l
nounced It perfect, especially the
talk by Tom Graham, the live wire
Corvallis fire chief. '
, Good Oops Assured,! - Aug. J 28. Baker
county farmers are favored with
good weather.Jjust warm enough
to give "pep" to the farm hand
and from all accounts the abund
ant crops of hay and grain will
be harvested without a hindrance
from shortage of labor.
Now, if only fair prices prevail
the coming fall for hay and grain
the grower wilt be content for a
half loaf is, better than no loaf at
all. . - ; ;
An Inconvenient" Custom
The post office department has
officially frowned upon the prac
tice of printing return address up
on the backs of .envelopes. Their
earnest request ' to' local . postmas
ters, printers and those who use
envelopes Is to discourage the use
of the' return address in any other
than the upper left hand corner
of th address side, where postal
employes are "accustomed to .look
for it. The common practice of
using the proper place for- the re
turn address will, prevent many
thousands of letters 'irom going
to the dead letter office, and will
save, thousands of dollars rto-" the
government and the users of first
class V mail privileges. Oregon
City Enterprise.
A Community Affair '
CORVALLIS. -Aug. 28. The
Community Affairs commitfpn of
the Corvallis"" Chamber of Com
merce put On a splendid get-together-
at Ihe Plymouth hail Sat
urday night. It is the custom ot
the Plymouth community to hold
regular - monthly meetl h"g s
throughout the year, and conse
quently a large crowd, attended
notwithstanding the extremely
Providing' for Farmers Pay
ALBANY, Aug. 28. A fund of
more than $1000 has been, sub
scribed by the members of the
Chamber ot Commerce to defray
the expenses ot 'Farmers: Day" at
the Linn countyfair. Monday has
been set asidey and the people of
Linn county have been notified of
a general invitation to attend .The
finance committee of the chamber
for- this fund -consisted ot I. A
McDowell. F. E. Llvengood. Don
Preston, Roscoq Ames, J. J. Bar
rett, and Waldo Anderson. "
Jeff Baldwin, one of the most
notorious and Incorrigible con
victs who ever was held in the
Oregon state penitentiary, , and
whom Oregon authorities for. sev
eral years have i believed i dead.
has. bene captured , in - New : York
City, and will be returned here
to finish out sen fences that were
cut short when he -escaped. J.
N. , Lilly, deputy warden of the
stat prison, will leave tonight for
New York to return the prisoner.
Baldwin was arrested there for
burglary. ' j i .1
Baldwin Is not' the ordinary
type of convict who escaped by
strolling away from some trusty
work crew, but was of the kind
that takes more daring measures
Baldwin was convicted in Clatsop
county for larceny in a dwelling
and was received 1 at the peniten
tiary June 24,; 1915, to do seven
yars. He was 'made a trusty and
escaped September 19, 1917, but
was caught seven days later. One
day during the week that he was
out lie tried to kill the sheriff of
Linn county and was given a new
sentence) of ten years for assault
with intent to kilt.
" At 9 o'clock on e, Sunday morn
ing. May 12, 191$, Baldwin, who
was employed In jfhe prison yard
on the east side j of the main
prison, went, through the base
ment bars into the building. The
bars were1 sawed, Whether. Bald
win or eome other convict sawed
them has never been! ascertained
Gaining a basement corridor,
Baldwin broke a lock on a inter
vening door and entered the base
ment in the west; wing. He ex
changed his clotheaor a white
suit commonly worn by trusties
in the prison bakery, spread the
bars in. a basement window of
the west wing and went into ths
yard. He then calmly .walked
through the front igate which was
opened for him at his signal.
; , The northwest 'was combed by
officers in Bearch jof Baldwin. It
was generally believed ' he' went
south, and for a time It was be
lieved he had killed ' a youth in
the mountains of Linn county and
taken a small rifle ; that' the boy
carried. This apparently was not
true. ' Oregon officers later heard
J stories' that led them' to believe
i Baldwin had been killed in an
underworld f end In some south
ern,, California city or In Tia
Juana, and' he was no longer an
object of search, j '
Baldwin was soj incorrigible In
the' prison that he and one Curtis,
alias Herbert Merrithew, were
placed in a cell and "hosed" by
former Warden John MInto. This
was one thing that led to the dis
missal of Minto by the late Got
ernor Withyoombe.
Baldwin has hanging oyer him
in "Oregon four years of his first
Clatsop county sen fence and the
entire ten - years; of his Linn
county- sentence. ; u i
It is understood that he was
arrested in New; York recently for
a minor offence and from circu
lars - was. recognised as the man
wanted in Oregon.! . . !' ; i
; Baldwin Is said to have served
two terms in the Monroe, Wash.,
reformatory before ihe 1 was re
ceived here. Deputy Warden
Lilly ki taking along an Oregon
boot and other irons to ' keep
Baldwin in submission. -' '.
Medford Kiwanis Organized
MEDFORD, Aug. 28. The of
ficial presentation of the charter
to the 5 newly organized Kiwanis
club of Medford win take place
next month and, expectations are
that a Eugene delegation of KI
wanians will take part In the cere
mony, according to A. E. Roberts,
secretary 6 of the local club, who
with W, Kr Newell, member of
the board of trustees, attended
the organization session at Med
ford this week. The Medford club
is the 11th to be formed in Ore
gon. - ' 5 Tf . . - -' . . . ;
; : Tarirr Plight Grave C
x LAKE VIEW, Aug. 28. Power
ful commercial Interests are mak
ing an organized effort to prevail
on the tariff commission and con
gress to remove the tariff on all
agricultural products including
livestock, . wool, dairy and other
western products, , according ; to a
lengthy": telegram received ; ilasf
hight by the Bank of Lakeyiew,
from -T. J. Hagenbarth, president
of the National Woolgrowers asso
ciation. So serious is the situa
tion that a message was sent ask
ing permission to' use the hank's
name together with "the names o'f
other influential western, produc
ers, merchants and .bankers In
counteracting the effect - of the
eastern commercial ' interests.? Re-J
moval of the protective tariff at
this time would be ruinous to -the
entire western United, States, it is
thought, 'i.
Frank andErhest
threshing this week. -
Mr. Baled and William Sanders
Were. Portland-visitors Sunday.
companied by Mr. Clements and
Miss Minnie Page drove to Ocean
side' last week. Mif. Page and his
sister of Kingston!, 'Wash., who
have been visiting at the Crystal
Springs farm for j several days
started on their homeward drive
Monday. '' ; '" :'Y, :' ';; V--,
The Pringle Sunday school had
a larger attendance last Sunday
and a new class Is about to be or
ganized. ;-"'' J : - j ,
Some of the big prune growers
are feeling somewhat discouraged
concerning the unfavorable out
look of prunes. j '
These "warmer . days are ripen
ing prunes and pears and the corn
too is' hardening. ,: S : ; ' !,;..'
nowadays. " ' ; ; r : " ''' ,
" Rain ' Is seldom seen on the
shores at the southern end of
Cedros Island.1
1 -
NooriaaiiM win restore 'your fclr to orir-
inl color whether' black, fcrown or.
blond. Bamovet " dandrvf f . PrTmt
falling bhr and ' pronotea it growth.
Cleanses th.,aealpv,H arm leas . and
pleasaat to ..." ,K longer is tt. acces
sary for you ' to Tha. sray hair which
handicaps yon woeiaity aad in bnsisess. -
Positively Hot a Dycl
Koorishiao is real tonis which feeds
and nourishes the -ha irn thus re toxin r
t to. iU erixinal TiUUty.; It is used and
endorsed by thousands of
men. As dandruff r
it is worth many, tunes' the pries eked.
One' bottle usually la effective. '
Sold by all dealers, includias " 3- 6.
"Brownie" is dead. - '.
A dog.poisoner has added her to
his list of victims.
Very few Salem residents had
knowledge of Brownie's existence
but there is every reason to be
lieve that some day the world will
concede that Brownie's life was
utilized for the cause of humanity.
Brownie, a large, Intelligent
hound of the beagle type, was. a
medium of the discovery of the
Poore narcotic cure, recently test
ed and pronounced efficient after
the complete recovery of five
opium "fiends" following a 10
day treatment at an emergency
hospital in! Portland. Brownie,
the property of Dr. E. W. Poore,
was only one of nearly a hundred
dogs of .her breed to survive Dr.
Podrets experiment which com
bined a period of over 11 year's
time. ' ' '
"I would not sell Brownie for
any sum," declared Dr. Poore re
cently. "I resorted to all known
measures for humane treatment
during my years of research. I
introduced ' the drug habit to
Brownie and she .became an ad
dict. Then my specific was g:yea
her and she survived the toxi? re
action of the treatment. A "tor
that she was the subject of minor
experiments and at times it seem
ed to me that she had some can
ine knowledge that she was aiding
my work. She shall have the best
of care as long as she lives." ;
Dr. Poore does not know that
Brownie ts dead. She died Sun
day morning after the poisoner
had done his work. Brownie has
for several months been kept In
Salem by Mr. and -Mrs. Basil
Branson, friends "of Dr. Poore.
Just . why anyone should take
Brownie's life will join the mys
teries of the dog poisoner. At
least, Brownie has saved a, life of
far greater usefulness than 'that
of many a distributor of pQison.
i.'ThQs.e who grieve i;or Brownie
have one consolation. Scores of
cures and hundreds of applications
for the Poore treatment are daily
proof that this humble animal
was the medium of a message, of
hope for thousands wh.o are Blares
to the narcotic evil. . . Y.
? SILVERTONj Or.. Aug. . 28.
(Special to The Statesman)
The Silvertqn streets were crowd
ed last night by citizens who were
trying to. "listen jn" through the
means pf the Ames Hard ware loud
talker to the radio concert furn
ished by the Oregonian, It was
not that Silverton folks had never.
S2en or heard a radio before as it
might appear to the . uninitiated.
The occasion was simply that the
Silrerton juommnnuy - cino - was
hroa.dcvatIri g JffiPl. . Orcsoc! i
station. Mayor JL. C. Eastman
spoke.' as .did aJsoJulius AJa,
president of the Community club.
Among others taking part' in the
program were Mr. and Mrs.-Gordon
McCall Mrs. Vida Bennett,
Mrs. Gertrude Cameron, Mrs. S.
C. Richardson and Tom Corhouse.
U is said that there are around
100 privately owned radio, seta in
and around Silverton.
Fair Client This . picture is
awful. It la. no Ukeneas. I, look
like a woman ot sixty!
Photographer Pardon me,
madam, that Is pot your portrait!
That is a mirror! : . .. , .
Matty--I wonder If Professor,.
Kidder meant aiiythlnjj by IU
: Charlie-BylwhUtTi '
' Matty -Ha advertised a lecture
on "Fols,' and when I bought a '
ticket I was v marked "Admit.
One." -
ti quiqljy relieves
' - and .y
'. ' 1 ... . ' !! Ir ,y ' ' - ' ;- '.'. . . ; :" "
' I' ' ; ' ' .......''
' i '..?olL,.:"vv:',.
do you use it in your car ?
Gasolines explode in two ways. One kind explodes, instantaneously-
detonates. It has the effect of a sledge
hammer blow. , - . ' 5
It crashes against the piston- head, forcing the stroke
by the single impulse. '
It limjts the compression because of its tendency to ex
plode prematurely, and thus reduces power and efficiency.
1 Detonation causes "knocking." You notice it especially
on the hills. It increases vibration thus increasing wear
and tear. . , 1 ".C :y f ; . t ,
The Prolonged Impulse '. ;
The other kind of explosion the more efficient kind
you get from Union Gasoline.
It is a prolonged explosion. Xhe impulse is progressive
and sustained not crashing and instantaneous. -
It thrusts the piston throughout the- entire strode.
So Union Gasoline permits Jncxj in
your motor.for compressiona 1 authorities 1 agree, is limited
by the pendency of gasoline xto, detonate And on maxi
mum compression is dependent maximurn efficiency and
power. . .'.
More Power on Hills
- Thus Union Non-Detonating Gasoline makes your car a better
hill climber. ;., Jrpu.nd a new 4Hft." Your car is, in fact, being
pulled up by a steady, sustained impulse rather than by a series of
jerks. ' - ' , -""!.
' Likewise you have new speed on the level and more snap in the
getaway -both results of high compression. ' . 5 - : .
. . You enjoy a smoother running car. It has less vibration, for the
power impulses are smooth and constant. It aavea wear arid tear. '
And you obtain more miles per gallon because of increased
efficiency.. v-':::L,v :'riO "dy 'iiV V'T' ,V"V ;- -V- '
: Union Gasoline is the product of progressive refining methods
IU quality is governed by exhaustive tests. It is constantly being
improved by the research of feble chemists who are aided by the
vpry imcst equipment or studying reiining processes.
Ask for touring road maps at any Union Service Station.
or Caliljorjoia -
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H. E. , .Stewart a ad family ac
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