The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, July 20, 1923, Page 6, Image 6

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1 1 1 I . ! I f
"Head Hunters 'of the South
, ' -"No Trespassing- !
"Miracle of the Jungle'
Melodrama handled, with
That's the answer for a , story,
that contains, thrills galore aud
which, with. .ordinary treatment,
might bi regarded a& frank melo
urama. Dut which,-because ot, a
lavish production, nd the utmost
r messe in dUecia ; Aud acting.
ruws to tne level, of classic drama
? touch a picture is "The Woman
With Four Faces. In which Betty
Compton ,.and . Richard ; Dlx are
iraigffu. -lt l3 a tiefpert, Brenon
Parampf nt .prqductipn and will be
on .view. at the Oregqn. theater for
three days beginning next Wed
nesday.- ',.;. , ' '
Tnt differs entirely from ordin
ary melodrama" 4aid Mr., Brenon.
discussing the picture, "because
of Its treatment. Polish and beau
ty 'of investiture are ty.o impor
tant joints. The acting U of the
highest' class.' - Following - thrill
after Ihrijl.; the story moves rap
idly and surprisingly to a fine cli-
tna!C,(3nJ, the ending ia popular
in character.
; Probably recalled by mo3t of his
thousands of admirers in the city'
; wlf h'H Ti a - mnot Iaaohma .... V.
ator of the name part in the great
$ tagektrccesR, StronghearV Rob
ert Edeson ts said to have created
a role in the special picture with
the co-starring cast,' "Any Night"
which comes to the Bligh theatre
Saturday and Sunday which sur
passes anything he. has done In his
brilliant career as a popular stage
t avorite. In "The , Call of the
North" Robert Edpson also "won
new laurels." while 'his splendid
: rtformance- as star of "The Light
That Failed! is . remembered with
keen appreciation by all who saw
fhim"fn that great drama. "The
Cave Man,; also gave him an ex.
i ceptiona?ly good 'opportunity to
display his rare talents.; But in
-Any Nlghf in -which he makes
the' most of the fact that the other
strong characters in ; the power
ful story are portrayed by such
famous fellow-stats as William
Courtleigh. Lysle Leslee and Tully
Marshall Vs. Wid to give a truly
reTaa'rkauie dikpiay ' of his gen
ius. -
i(ConlInud. from page 1.)
tension of the present road be
twCen'tJntario "and 'Crane, up to
Burns, arid' tnen on to Bend. From
Bend there' would be an extension
to 'a junction at or hear Odell lake.
From "there " the 'Natron, eul'-off
would extend westward, across the
Cascade range to the Willamette
valley, connecting with the pres
ent Soul hern Pacific at Eugene.
Abroad wpuld be , built from
La"ey!e.w up W this maltf east-jnd-westJ
highway, and an
other would come up from klam
at;FaIlst Co maker the same Ore
gon 'connections ' The total mile
age is about 350 miles. Except
for 'the Natron cat-off, most of the
coustruc'tjoa would be fairly easy.
ProbabTy one-half of It would al
1 ' - " ' " " III RUL II WW 111111111 II
' tbe sale cr purchase of redds -our ichs sifts cJ col-
Kzziis will
Telephone us
1 A
most build its own 'grader
, . . . Fine RfHarrc-M Appeal
The opening' of the tremendous
pine resources of the eastern slope
of the Cascaded would be one of
J. he, results accomplished.' Klam
ath county alone; claims , almost
50.600,000.000 .-feet of timber
available.' and Lake county has
one-guarter as much. The recent
saje of a billion feet from the na
tional forest north of Burns; and
the promise of aj private logging
railroad '50 miles ; In length to
serve the timber needs of this sec
tion, 'indicates what the pine re
sources are;-- There is fully half
a million acres of Irrigated or
easily Irrigable land within ; the
territory to be served by these
new roads, land i that- produces
marvelous crops. These lands have
a permanent, potential production
that looks almost as good as even
the tremendous timber possibili
ties. ' -f:. '
" ! Adventures Are Thrilling
The party bad some Interesting
adventures' en route. One was the
encountering of a series ef cloud
bursts on the road from Lakeview
northward ' to The Dalles. Land
that looked as if it had been dry
for years and it usually is dry.
for some of the country has an
annual precipitation of only about
eight Inches -' a year was fairly
afloat with the torrential down
pours of the past few-days. For
more than 100 miles the party fol
lowed the trail of 'these storms,
that were - accompanied by severe
electrical disturbances. Twice the
lightning struck very close to the
travelers. Once it shattered the
fence only a few rods away. The
party drove into- one innocent ap
pearing flat that 'fooled 'em and
mired them down In. ' the desert
for almost a day, without food or
good drinking water. ; . ; j
Good Croo Growing
One of the finest crops ever
grown' in' central i Oregon ts now
being produced all through the
section to be served by the Jro-
posed group of railroads. There
are some long stretches that are
not inhabited, like-the one from
Plash' to the Hanley ."00" ranch,
sout'a of Burns,' almost 1 0 0 miles
without , a watercourse,' without a
single person, living. But wner-
men do live the crops look as if
they would make them happy;
There are antelope in this open
country as beautiful, as fleet, and
almost : as Innocently curious as
they were when the country was
discovered, The . party found these
animals,', and deer, and waterfowl
innumerable, and coyotes, and one
great grey wolf, all in this, Jour
ney.1 ;V There are atfU some wild
horses, running in bands up to 50
or more, but these did hot show
themselves. 1
Imposing Figures Gathered '
The commission has - gathered
an Imposing array or 'figures with
which to prove Its contention that
although. Oregon jneeds the rail
roads from a humane point - of
view it Is hard, profitable' busi
ness for the interstate commission
to order the lines built, with less
regard for any local sphere of in
fluence or hope oil monopoly. than
for the prof it. and the service that
can be made and given'.' The hear
ing Is at Portland August 10." The
party was headed; by H. K, Corey,
Chairman ot the public service
commission. ,
And you never, had to stop to
change a ; buggy j tire on a net
day. - ' - -.
fcrinj yep the rhslred results."
ycdr iscnts iz! Phone
1 1
The Grcrrcn Statesman
Musical Comedy Has Good j
Advance Seat Sale Ga-
pacity House Evidenced I
Shuffle Along" comes to the
Grand theater; matinee and night.
Saturday, July , 2 1, for the first
time in Salem. ;
This highly acclaimed musical
cbmedy with its all colored cast,!
is aptly described in one of the
opening song numbers. "Simply
Full of Jaxz," for while there Is ;
a -plot, it is not allowed to halt
the syncopated action which comes
in the form ot sols, duets, double
and triple quartets, dancing galore
and not to mention a real jazz
orchestra working overtime.
Between tunes and dance num
bers you become acquainted ,w ith
two partners of a grocery store
who are rival candidates for the
local office of mayor of Jimtown.
and the manner i which they both
proceed to conduct and finance
their campaign, is decidedly origi
nal and at all times hilarious. )
John Vaughner is the tall, shut
uing aarKey woo apparently wins
ine election, xor ne is msiaiiea as
wayan, ; wniie nis mue sawea-1
ou partner wun me runny voice
bobs up as chief of police. The
arf asslumfs a11 tbe dignitl
4Ur. BUU uuw
l v, ..,. .u ,.Hv.4B
af- a" - ar
gracefully. " r
MJS !J!t?i
a. o. . , ' ,
Sissle and Blake, and the com-
111 lnnl,l. TVo
vTn. A7..v. I
Nellie Brown, John Vaughner, Ed
gar Conners and the famous col
ored "Valentino," Theo McDoh
aid. j
Fruit Stands Spring Up
' ;: At Many Country Homes
- Out along the Pacific highway
there are pumbers of little fruit
stands in front of the farm houses
whpra hnmft irpnwTl frlllf 9 rftfrfi
the public, usually it is one of I
the younger girls of ; the family
who attends the stand. 'But tht
isn't the really important thing:
which is. that the finest loganber
ries that ; ever grew in" the Wil
lamette valley or in the world.
are offered under these big home-1
made Eigns tnat say, "Tnree ooxes i
Loganberries, 10c,". or. some other
similarly atrociously low price.- !
An inspection of the local city
fruit and melon markets indu
rates that the other fruits must
have determined to equaliie the
prices, for in general they have I
shot upward like a rocket. s Little I
melons that housekeepers, hoped!
to be getting: at. about three for I
a quarter sell at 15 cents apiece,
and lit general the nbn-hcmle I
grown stuff is about as cocky as
a cauliflower in a cabbage con
vention. "'' )'! ' , -
I.PWTSTflN Trfahn JnW 19
The body of six year old Louis
Goldsmith, son of Mrs. Anna Gold- j
smith of this city.' who was drown-1
ed in Snake river at Clarkst'on. I
Wash., last Sunday, waa recover- I
ed today about four miles below
the point where the accident oe- I
. ' i ' . I I HI
: J&s;n I!
I ' - i i. i.i
: 'J-- J-j tL V
fit MS :
Air FsCOll to PrfiSififtht Will
n,; n., r n:..
On July 31st
f SAN DIEGO. July 19w Order-
ed to duty as an alr e8Cort to tha
president ? at the gigantic naval
8peCtacle in Puget Sound July 27,
Nine De Haviland airplanes with
the .commander r rne navy's air
forces on. this coast In command.
wil, wjng their way Irom NQrta
Island tomorrow morning on the
first leg of -the, 1141 mile flight
l. .t. ?' , ;
i With Captliniw Marshall:
i"ee- alp head, will be Ten skilled
I'l. .';oCi'.IV-,-
... .u auumuu iu mecuamcs
The first
jump will be to San Francisco, a
distance of 450 miles. The planes
are expected to arrive at the bay
city about noon tomorrow, taking
about five hours for the flight.
The next jump will 'be from
San Francisco to Montague, Cal.
266 miles; then to Eugene, Ore
175 miles and Camp Lewis, Wash
250 miles. -The total distance td
be flown is 1141 miles.
uasey Mandate Recall
Ms Deferred By Cour
The supreme court yesterday
by order continued for at
least a week the question of
whether a motion for recall of the
mandate in the case of 'the state
against Dan Casey shall be allow
ed. .. 4
i Casey was convicted in : the
lower court for Multnomah coun
ey and sentenced to be hanged f$r
the piurder of "Buck" Phillips
Southern Pacific Bpeclal police of
f leer. The supreme court upheld
the lower court. When the man
date of the supreme court was
sent back to the lower court, pre-
paring the way for Casey to be
resentenced to hang, the motion
was made for. recall of the man
date, which ' would allow of fur
tner consideration, one reason
for the motion was that John L
Burns, who was believed to be
equally guilty with Casey, was ac
quitted in the lower court.
China Is Turning to
5 Intensive FaWlinS
- i
; WASHINGTON. July 16. A
remarkable develonment of lnten
Uiye agriculture in China is shown
Dy a' special study of farming in
that' country, just completed, by
the Department of Agriculture
Clca "has" more than 759,000,
000 .farmers who. with their.. fam
ilies, comprise 80 to 90 per cent
of ' the natioh'f total, population.
Of a total area of more than 2,-
OOOiOOO.OQQ acres of land, about
212, 000,000 acres are under .cui
tivaOon, Including 43,000,000 ac
res ot wet lands used chiefly for
price production, and . 16,000,000
acres of gardens and fruit, orch-
China ranks first among agri
cultural countries In .the produc-
I tion ot rice, tea, silk. ' soy beans
and grain sorghums, the report
says, and is second only, to . the
United States in tobacco and possi
bly in wheat production also. : On
the average China produces 'more
cotton to commercial use than
I Egypt and. Including production
I for local use, nearlly. as mucb as
British India.
LONDON, July 19 A valuable
portfolio of "Hudson River Aqua
tints' has been recently unearthed
and' sold at auction In this city.
The portfolio was published in
New York, about 100 years ago
and contains 20 fine colored en
gravings of the Hudson rrrerV'It
brought 135 pounds sterling.';
Finds Saving in'Cost
0! ; Making, Qegfricty
"United States is oecohiin hn -Increasingly
heavier user, of electri
city, but despite the mounting
power, totals, the consumption- ot
fuel to : produce It is jdecr easing
in kproportipp. GeoloigIJahyrey
tlS-ures'show that the cohshmptioaf
ot coal for that purpose la -19 XI
was only 2.5 . poinds t tatt
hour, as -compared with 3.2 "lbs.;
In 191.
j A total of 47.659,000,0-kilo.
watt - hours' was generated Jast
year. Of this amount 36. 1 per
cent was generated by water pow
er. New ' York 4eads the list of
states in production, manufactur
ing 15.57 per cent of the total for
the country. Other states in or
der are Pennsylvania. California.
Illinois, Obia. Michigan. Massach
usetts and West Virginia.'"
Far Away Borneo Offers
Easy and Cheap Living
LONDON. July 16. British
North Borneo - appears to be as
near paradise as it Is possible for
the tax burdened man of today
to get.'.: 1 -:;J' ' ' -
No income tax Is collected In
the district. There is only a nom
inal land tax, railway fares have
not been increased since 1911, to
bacco Is cheaper, than in any other
place in the world, chickens : sell
for: a shilling apieee and whiskey
for eight shillings a bottle: - !;
' These facts 'are not taken from
the circulars of -a fcolonizatioii
agent but are found in the official
report of the British government
authorities .in the district.
' Incidentally the report s'ays the
natives have given ! up their old
habit of head hunting.' ,
Presbyterian Meetings
Are Open in Eygene
- - r.
EUGENE. Or., July 19. With
more than 125 ministers, and. el
ders and, their-wives attending,
the 33rd synod of the Presbyterian
church of Oregon met here today
for;a week's session. Officers for
the session were chosen at the
opening meeting this afternoon.
Rev. W. C. Ross of La Grande was
elected moderator to preside over
he synod- Rev. (J.1 Y. Stewar. of
Whiteson, permanent clerk, and J.
L. Webster of Bend temporary
Clerk. A stated clerk' to succeed
Dr- Jchn A. Townsend. of Port
land, who died since last session,
has not yet been chosen. The ad
dress of welcome was delivered
by Colin V. Pyment, dean of the
college of literature and arts at
the Uniyersity of, Oregon, where
the synod is holding its sessions.!
I IRENE H lJ LJtU-J '-J '-JI l)U
t ' ., No t '3
I Trespassing'
C Miracles ot II , J if 1
rTj the" Jiingle J.J r V ..
Marie PrevQ$t-4Monte Blue
Harry Myers and Frank Keenan
' 1 mI :
A ; fitter story of marriage j tftat . glittered like
Gold but proved to-be brass. ". ; 1
' niin iwnirntilii rfc i
Clerks to Sort Mail
In Speeding Airplane
LONDON, July 16. A ''flying
mall train," is the latest type of
airplane to be developed in Eng
lanid. ' ,
n the plane's mail chamber,
says the Daily Chronicle's aero-:
nautical expert, sorters 'will be
able' to carry on their work just
as 'they might in a railway mail
train. It will 'have a radius of
200 miles and will be able to
stay in the air 24 hours without
alighting. , The Cfrew ,in. charge
will " be provided ; with regular
glef ping quarters on board. They
will, In fact, work in shifts while
in jthealr, some of them sleeping
while t others are on duty In the
control-chamber . ,
5 If " necessary, when flying at
night or immersed In fog or
cloud, the crew will be able to
bring into play mechanisms which
will endow the craft with the
poorer of automatic self-balance.
The machine will virtually fly 11
seljf, . and all . the helmsman will
haire to do will be to keepit on a
coQipass course by means of the
rudder. j .
. bBRLIN, July 17. Ruhr an
thfucite coal now costs l,6il,000
marks a ton, gross, under the new
PRICE8 Night 50c to $2.00; Matinee SOc to f l.OO Seats Now SelJJng, make your .reservations early!
I i .
s m n y . v a
ill r M . 1 a till i t i, : m i "V s i b : i i -m il
tariff established by the Federal
CohI association in markets in' un
occupied Germany. . The; ' tariff
shows a general increase In prices
of 6? per cent. ; 7 y.
Portland Nun Refuses to
Enter Convent in East
NEW YORK. jTuly 1 3. -The dis
appearance of a woman dressed
as a nun, who described herself
as "Sister Theresa"4 of Portland,
Or., whenb rought to children's
cflurt Thursday to explain why
Helen Maul, 11 years old, was . In
her .care, was' reported today' by
the superintendent of the Child
ren's society where, the child was
sent. '';,'-
' Arrangements were made, the
superintendent ' said, by ' Father
Hogan of the Church Epiphany to
send the nun to a convent, but on
arriving there she refused to en
ter the building and walked away
ounaing ana waiaea away.r. Tpurflapn. tQ De held here
said at. the convent that Uugust.O taSeptemher: as ftp
It was
she had not been heard from.
19, It' was just one -.hour from
the time T. Sudi, a Japanese, was
arrested by a -deputy sheriff, here
today -until - he had . been fined
Slf for having moonshine in his
pcsession and had paid his fine.
This Show Has Never Played Saleiq. Before ; . " .
h ri r m w
Today Today
Head, Hunters of
Martin Johnson again startles, the civilized world.
See the cannibals, derll-derils thetr head-houses; their
frenzied dances! , NSee other strange sights primitite, animal
lfke. people; amazing customs; Jungle beauty, volcanoes, earth
quakes and sharks! ' - V- V ; "
President Cosgrave a n
' Large Delegation Are
- Expected at Geneva
GENEVA. July 19. By the
Associated Press)- President Cos
grave with a strong delegation
from the Irish Free State prob
ably will come Jq Qeneva for the
annual : meeting j of the assembly. .
of the leagu of nation Jn Septem
berwhen ihe -Tree rkatia is et
pectedVf a. hevelected. a '.'member; of
the- league. This . announcement
was made today by Michael Mac
White, "permanent representative
of the Free Sute here.
." "Rest assured that Ireland will
have iiar own independent, pro-
gram toward the league,. , said
Mr. MacWhite. "We are not tied,
up with . other - European nations
ae most of the members of th
league are, - and "we feel by our
very Independence that we can do
good." -' f ' ' ... .".'
.Ireland want , international
help, he continued., IJer oppor
tunity for economic development
and prosperity is dependent upon
a settlement of Eu"oes woes.
Hence- Duhlin's kejn Interest In
a . solution of the reparations
problem. .' ..' .
Record Entry Expected for v
Horseshoe Pitciing pentest
w CLEVELAND, July 1 6. Sever- .
al hundred are expected
In the National Horseshoe Pitch--.
result of announcement by local
tossers'in charge: of arrangements
that many state and county' fairs
thronghout (thjej country are to .
hold horseshoe tournaments to de
termine entry in the national con
test. -..
Harold Falor,. 15-year-old boy
of Akron, O., will defend his Utle
as : world's champion pitcher, he
has announced.
the South Seas