The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, June 15, 1923, Page 5, Image 5

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.1 - I 'I ! '
Adelhart Gets One Yea
. u "When, . J. D. s Adelhart entered
a plea of "guilty to a. charge of
obtaining money; under false pre-
tenses yesterday, be Was sentenc
ed to a maxim am of one year in
the state prison' by George W."
Bingham. . " " , . . . ,
C T. C .. . I'
Oldfield and 1 Firestone tires.
None better.' None cheaper, J at
Instate Is Admitted ;. '.,
Admittance of the .estate of
John Goschle to probata wiis al
lowed yesterday? by Jndgd.wV Id".
Bushey. Charles Li. Ogle, Keith
Powell J and ' En gene -i Courtney
were appointed appraisers. . ,
, Clair Ausman was fined $5 by
J ndge JPoulsen. in the police court
yeserday waen'le'appeared to an
swer' to the charge Of passing a
street car while It waa discharg
ing passengers, " ; .
Darn Dance t Schrnledccke's
Saturday night Silverton road.
'J f.
Verdict Favor Walroth ' v -
H. J. Walroth was" - awarded
$129.88 by a Jury Thursday in
his suit against the Valley Motor
company.; - The case, had been ap
pealed to the circuit court from
the Justice court, where his suit
found favor. '" ... v- x ,
Ild Naturalization ' Classes
t Light or a .class cr i - r, r zv en
rolled In the YI1CA xuir&iizatlOn
classes beics held every 'turday
night will td given their - - i: x.
tlon on July 3, at which time the
next class will starts Any person
desiring special training ;tha.L, wLM
enable hln .jto pass the examina
tions and cLlaln citizen tHoHhe
United States are ' Velco?ed to
join any of these classes.' vJJp-fees.
are attached to. the course.. (
7V1 trlrz you 4 tuyer AdT.
Leave for tlaiLind ;
tlr. and Mrs. Arthur Plant and
their two children will leere to
day for Victoria, B. C. They will
go from there to Montreal from
IS t- T - i flo rn-HI call fa. T"n
land, .They -will 1 Tdsit their old
J-caa in Derl-yhlre: v;Tv --'."'
. -CSS'
r cr mils -tcu
aiAniT.!AIl E?.03.
tiasaondi, V7atches, Jewelry
and urerware.
fbone 1233. Caiem, Oreoa
Zzlzzx Anbr.1; Grrvlc
. .; : XJxy and Kbt ; " ' j.
! 173 S. Liberty Ct.
.Balena Orejtm
Capital Junk
' ' Co. ' 1
A3 Llii cf end
pay fell vs-ua. -j
215 Center Ctrcci
Frnt Boys Grom ResJdiRce y; j
The EpBilon Delta Nu fratern
ity of .Willamette, university hate
purchased the ,A. . J. Grom resi
dence at 1 1 1 8 Oak mireet. Tha
house la completely furnished and
wui make a fine home for the
group. , IX la Socolofslcy, local
realtor, negotiated the deal.
Will Go to Convention j
' Salem osteopaths attending the
state " convention at McMlnnrllle
will be Dr-J. I. Lynch, Dr..L. C.
Marshall. Dr. W. L. Mercer, and
Mr. H. O. Kent, ' The meeting
will be held June 16.
Police Seek Young- Lad ' " .
Police were yesterday notified
to be on -the lookout for Raymond
BeltrlT years old, who made his
fiMAM i fmm -lh itttA j.Ksvsst A
the ' febele minded. He was de
scribed ' as being1 six feet v In
heighth and was wearing an army
shirt and oreralls.
Reply to Answer Filed ,
A reply to answer of H. E.
Olmstead, in the case of Will E.
Purdy, ts. R. P; Shields, P. J.
KnnU, H. E. Olmstead and Kath
erine Schleef, relative to suit,
was filed In the county clerk's of
fice yesterday., v- h L , .'. .T
Vick Brothers i y " ;
, Special tlre serTice mt "lower
prices. -;.:-;"n ,". adr.
Assamed ' Business
F. E. Mull and! May Mullare
engaged in buslneg under "the
firm name of the Handy Cash
Grocery, at 1405 north Church
street. Mr. "and Mrs. Mull reside
at .the same address. ' : R
Watkins Product " u
'iTPftSrh Stiver, suc
cessor tar C. L. Conlee, ' 3S1 N.
Ubertyt .Phone. 402 J. Adr.
: - . t f."
Gerralalan Beat Wif e- .
A- According to a complaint re
ceived In the justice court yester
day, Albert Schaf er, resident of
the Gervals district, committed
assault and- battery upon his
wife. Arr&Jgnnienti has been post
poned. '-r .- r.
Judgment Sought
. Judgment of, $95.51 and Inter
est is asked in a complaint filed
Thursday by H. J. SMnngSIhsi
W. C Conner. The amount Is the
the balance due on a note signed
at Cottage. Grove on July 15,
1920. , ; f-" i .
Demurrer' Sustained , t
A demurrer In , the .case of Edith
Shafer was sustained; by 'Judge
W. M.Bqshey; yesterday. . ;
Leal Clanks
Gat: them at Thf Statesman of
fice ..Catalog on application
Adr. j " 'l
Makes Pinal " Accounting ' ? -1
D. y?. Eyre has filed hU final
accounting: in the matter of the
estate of WIHlam!r. Hull. ?;
Two' Trnstlear Escape ; -" i '. '
. - Warden Johnson. S. 'Smith of
the" state 'penitentiary reported
yesterday the' escape of two trus
ties from .the prison work gang
near McMinnville.;; They are Her
bert Brown,: doing three years
from Marlon county for Jarceny,
. wrappers, If one loaf Is ,
bought from us, entitles '
any child to a "Bang
Gun "absolutely ' FREE. .
Center at Twelfth!. Phone 1S37
. SOS tT. B. HatlMkt BnlMlBf '
Phw5fl5;Q r. i Be. rv 4-J.
DrJ B. IL lTKts V
OittTit4 nysklaa sal Sargsoa
SlMtroaUi Znsgaoals sad Tr
(Pr. Atinau' xtetaoA.)
i. i -' 11 , ",
D?- C. II. SCIIE!!!
IIm Mored to HI New
. - ' . Location . .
213 Soi Cotlcje Street
r -Phone .1183 r
v it
LABD ci BUS51:
-": , Bonlfcfa ' ; . I : ; '
: " ' EsteLicd 1CC3 ' '"" T
- - .
... G-rrd Dir!ir- Dhm ,
CIIlzs LTcura frcn 10 a. eu to 3 p. ra.
The phenomenal increase : that our business has en
Joyed la due to the increasing number of people who are
learning of our modern merchandising Bystem.
received ; March SO, 1922, and
Plymouth Storm ', doing' r, three
years from" JClamath Falls county
for larceny, f received ; April ;1.
1922. ' The men were Laissed at
the breakfast call this morning.
Phes Case Appealed
The case of The Phes company
against the Salem : Fruit union.
Which has become almost as fam
ous In Marlon county as the cel
ebrated . court house case In
Klamath county, has been appeal
ed once more ' to the supreme
court. It was' filed ' on , appeal
yesterday. .. . i. . .
Rare Plant Received :
i- ,.R. .W. ;JCarey. 145 South Four
teen th .street, Is In . receipt of.
plant- called The Lily .of the Nil ,
from Edward 08trander.,ee.pr4
tary : ot the - public service tf9nt
mission, j This Is to be on ,ei-hlbltidn-arMrK
Sarah- Is Schwab's
flower Shop at 331 State street '
Graduation Exercises Saturday
. Graduation, exercises for county
pupils of the eighth grade will
be held Saturday afternoon at 2
o'clock : from the auditorium ot
the high school, instead of the
Presbyterian : church In" the eve
ning, a previously announced, f
Accident Is Fatal- O
i Clyde A. Kelly who , was Injur
ed when a log rolled ojer him at
a Turner logging camp, died late
Wednesday - night at a local ' his
pltal. He is survired by his wi-
dotn rtsrl Kelly, . a daughter, a
brother, Edward Kelly and a sis
ter, Agnes Kelly, all : of Turner
and a half brother, Harvey Prunk
of , AumsTllle. Funeral arrange
ments hava not been made. Th3
body is in . charge of Rigdon'a
Mortuary'.'-'. ' ' I
Real Tire Serrl
' At Vick Brothers, at reduced
prices. ' 'adv.
Dedication Today
The Old People's home will be
dedicated this afternoon at 2:30
Dr. E. E. Gilbert of Salem will be
In charge and Bishop W. O. Shep-
erd of Portland i and Dr. N. E
Davis of Chicago, both members
of the Methodist Episcopal board
in charge of hospitals and homes,
will be speakers' ' !
Lost l''' '-'"- i'y- ::.f'; 'iH
Black and white English setter
dog. ' Name on collar. Colonel G.
H. White. Finder leave word t
Hotel Marion. ; r adr.
Commencement - Tonight '',
. - Ther Salem high tschool com
mencement will be held tonight at
the Armory: 1: More than 180 stu
dents will receive their diplomas
' L.K.Kewfleld, editor manager
and proprietor of the Sutter In
dependent, of Yuba City, Cak, is
m Salem, at Hotel Marion. He
is accompanied by Mrs. Newfleld,
and they - hare been motoring as
far. as .Vancouver, B. C. They
are" now on their return .trip, tak
ing In the sights and studying the
country as they progress. Mr.
Newfleld is a Rotarian and an all
around J good ' fellow and hard
workerj J; He thinks his pert ' of
California, about - 50 miles 'this
side of Sacramento. . is the finest
section of the wide i world. ' (Bet
he takes off bis hat to this part
of Oregon, too. He la in a fruit
country, and he finds that , they
grow a little fruit of one kind and
another in these parts. ; ' t
V7eU. Furnished Flat .
. ' Modern: large five rooma. For
rent. Immediate possession. f4 40
a month. At 6$ 4 1-2 Ferry street.1
Call at Statesman business office,
or phone 23.' . '-j
Parement Caosea Accident ,
Blame for three accidents re
ported at police headquarters be
tween 6. and 6:30 o'clock Thurs
day erenlng is placed on the slip
pery condition of the paving fol
lowing the rain. Twb of those
reporting were women, y ; Alta
Wood, 2048 South High street at:
tempted to turn north on j High
when her machine skidded and hit
KELLY In-this city Wednesday,
June 13, 1923. Clyde . A. Kelly.
32, of Turner husband ot Pearl
' Kelly, father of Bobby K. Kelly,
both of Turner; brother of Ed
ward and Agnes Kelly -ef Tur-
C ner. and half brother of Harry
Prunk of Aumsvllle. ; Funeral
' services will be held' Friday at-
' ternoon; June 15, from the resi
dence at Turner at 2 o'clock. In-
. terment In Twin Oaks cemetery.'
The Rlgdon mortuary in charge
of all arrangements. . V'
Vebb & Clough
""''-.. - " ('..
- Leadiss Fcsersd' r
Directors r ,
Expert Embalmers .
a strct car-1 -Ics west on Ctaie.
One fender ca damaged;'' Gen
evieve Chase, Coquille, swas driv
ing west on- Market when Albert
Barth found the pavement too
slippery and smashed' Into her car.
she reported. -One"' fender, the
running-board "and. a door were
smashed. ; BML Davis. Rt, 9," was
proceeding; ' east 'on x Court. but
when he went To turn; north on
Winter, another machine hit him,
breaking the A glass in his tail
light. The other driver' failed to
stop,' he declared.
Reeeivea Two Fines
. For cutting a corner? Charles
Elliott was fined 5 by Police
Judge Poulsen yesterday. A slm
llajr amount was levied for driv
ing on the wrong side of the road.
Tire, Prices Lower
Get our prices on tires before
you buy; we can save you money,
Vick Bros. . . advi
Auto Robe Stole:
While his machine was parked
near; the state house Wednesday
night, an . auto . robe was . stolen.
L. K. Siegman. 1099 south High
street, -reported to the police yes
terday. ' '; I
02 Taking Examlnatloi
Ninety-two' seekers after teach
ers certificates had registered for
the examinations being given 'at
the Christian chuich yesterday
afternoon, aecordinj ; to announce
ment made by- Mary K. Fulker
son, county school superintend
ent. v This Is the greatest num
ber that has ever taken th ex
aminations in Marion county.
Does This Interest Ton? 1 .
It you are looking for a job, or
If yon need to employ help, use the
city free employment bureau at
theTMCA-Adv ,
MARION Louise Williamson.
G. Voorhles. Medford. C. A. Wy
man, H. H. Howard. ' Lakevlew;
Preston Holt, W. W; Johnson,
Marshfield; Miss Anna Hatch,
Miss Grace B, Hatch, San Diegb;
Mr. - and Mrs. Z. W. Lockwood,
Miss May Lockwood. James ' S.
Fell, Athena; : N. M. Thompson,
I ong Beach ; Mr. and (Mrs. P: O.
Williams, j Des Moines; Mr. and
Mrs. , S. ; L. Burllngham, O. T H.
Johnson, ,W. ' F. Backus. W. H.
Adams, J. M. Schmltz, Portland;
Mrs. E.' Jones. : Roy Jones, : San
Francisco. S. M. Sullivan. Seattle;
Mrs. Charles W. Hunlock, Seaside;
C. J. Cleveland, Santa Parke; L.
K. Newfleld, Yuba; Cat; M, New
field. Lodl.Cal. :
i TERMINAL E. I E. Snyder.
Spokane; J.' Miller Mrs. Gertrude
Robertson." Earl C. Robb, W. A.
Shane, Miss ; H. Hastings, C. L.
Jones. Portland. ,v ,
BLIGH E. McKenxie. Umatil
la: T. H. Small.. Turner; Clyde
LShaw, Lai Grande; R., Stockier.
Yakima; H. L. and E. Langim,
Olympia; j Mrs. ,W. ,W. Warner,
Mrs. F. L. Warner. Jefferson; Mr.
and Mrs. N. S. Peters, Ashland ;
Mr. and Mrsl D. S. Wallace, Oak
land; Joe Porter, Blackrock:
Alice Wilklns. j Woodburn; Max
ine Langles, North Bend.
(nvfntory. la Made , 1 4
I ..Inventory and appraisement of
the r estate of Fannie Wolf have
been, ,comleted, according to a fll
ing4ln. the county, clerk's office.
The, estate la valued at 89550 In
real and personal property. Julius
C. Wolf was executor: and , M, ,Q
Gunderson. ..C. A. Reynolds . and
Louise Johnson the appralsors. . '
Gnanlianshlp Approved- , : ;
- The petition of A..L. Whitney,
administrator ot the : estat , eof
Hannah Whitney, petitioning that
Elizabeth. Daels be appointed
guardian ad. litem of . Rosa Dan
iels, a minor, was .approved by
Judge W. M., Bushey yesterday.
Appraisers are Named
Olga M. Gray, W. E. Keys and
E.- M. Page have been appointed
appraisers for the estate' of Jos
eph H. Eaton. , .
' ; Official; eupld at ) the , 'court
house scored a blank yesterday
when binary an r applicant, fora,
marriage-, license appgr,rn. .,, y
' ...- . .... H&ri'm'A
Fireman's Hip Dislocated ' Pt
Walter Ebenhard. member cf
the local fire deartment; sWho
with two other companions went
into the ditch when their machine
skidded on. a slippery pavement
near the coast several days ago.
ill be confined to the ' hospital at
Tillamook ' for nearly a week.
Another examination, was mad
of his hip., resulting In the; dis
covery that, it ,had been dislocat
ed.' ' . The member has ' been . set.
but it will be a week until the
patient can 3 be " removed. "Carl
Dixon, and" Warren Lindsey; his
companions, returned to the (clty
late Wednesday night after . 'a.
trip : to the coast, expecting ' toj
bring Ebenhard back with them.
Convict Paroled ti .
Parole of Wlll .Rodgers, a log
ger who was sentenced on April
13 1922 toi serve two years in
jfhe state prison for r shooting
Walter Blrtchet, present chief ot
police, was agreeable to the sen
tencing judge, the district attor
ney and to Blrtchet. according to
Information made known yester
day. , Rodgers was released Sa-t
urday. . if':;'W ' $-: r ;
Rigdon & Son's
; y MoirruAmr
' 'Unequaled Senrice
: Linus 1 C Pauling of Pasadena
arrived In Salem yesterday. ? He
will be a guest ' of the Walter
Spaulding home and will be mar
ried Sunday; to Mrs. Spaulding's
sister. Miss Ats Miller. - f - '
Roy Bohler left yesterday for
Portland. - He goes from there to
Bullman where he will assume his
duties In, the .physical education
department of Washington State
college. '-s:
V. G. Frnklln, librarian at IW1
lamette university, attended the
state librarians conference at Cor
vallis this week. .. . " I s '
W. E. Anderson of Salem and
J. E. Lowe of Monmouth j hare
gone -on a week's fishing trip to
Tillamook. - .- j J'
Ward SOuthworth leaves ! today
for southern Oregon where he will
act as lookout, in the service of
the -federal government. ; v
v " Blaln " McCord, justice of " the
peace for the Woodburn district,
was transacting business at th
court house Thu rsd ay.
W. B. Hard wick of Portland
was In the city Thursday to spend
the day with the Charles J. Lisle
famfly..; ,:: s" . -
Martha Learenworth is the new
secretary of the . Realtors associ
ation. , I ,
Edwin M. Baylies, of the Fair-'
mount dairy, will be back at his
business In a - few days, having
recovered from a recent siok
pell of two weeks' duration.
' Jameg C Caughlln- has taken a
position In the reat estate office of
Rich Rheiman r v
i Thomas Aj Roberts is reported
Improving. lie has been ill at
his' home since last Friday. f
-Douglas County Option t H '
' Is ; Requested By Copco
, '4 .in;-,. L 1 -4' 3l'
SAN - FHANCISCO; : June .?4.
The California-Oregon Power C-
applied ' to the .- railroad commis
sion ; today ".for" permission, to ex
ercise an i option for the purchase
of the plants and properties of the
Douglas County Light and Water
company; serving Douglas and Sis
kiyou counties for 3600.000. The
transfer of ownership Is proposed
for July 1. 1923. : -v'-V-vf '-"j:
The California-Oregon Power
company reports Its total assets
as 813.103,641. -
, To Ex-Vets By G -States
- V . - j:t mi" ., .' I
i ; WASHINGTON. June ' 1 4.
More ; than 250.000 acres of pub
lic land in six western states were
ordered thrown opentoday by. the
interior department rfor, Ilome
stead entry to former service men
of the ; world war. Exact ; dates
for the . filing of entries will . be
announced by the land office In
the various states. " ' t
.The tracts include 3,800 acres
in Fresno county, Cal.. near Rlv
erdale; . 33,000 acres in Montes
uma county, Colo.', near Durango;
64.500 acres in Power county, Id
aho, near American "Falls; 37,500
acres, In Phillips county,, near
Landusky .and , Fergus . county,
near Winifred,, Mont., .12,800 ac
res In Teton county; Mont. ; 44,
000 . acres in Emery county, near
Fenion In! Wayne ; county near
Torrey, and in Millard ' county,
near Clear Lake, Utah; 59000 ac
res ' In Carbon county; near Sav
ery and, In Hot Springs . county,
near Thermopolls, Wyo.
, H. C. Atkins & Co., an Indiana
corporation, doing business! In
Oregon, has increased its capitali
sation from 3606,000 to 33,000,
000. according Ho a statement
filed yesterday with the state cor
poration department.-. , ' .
Notice of a decrease In capitali
zation from. 3150,000 to $10,000
was filed by the Kach Manufac
turing company of Portland.
' A ' permit to , sell bonds in the
sum of $250,000 was Issued to the
Portland Southern Railway com-
pany. V I x : ,: s. ; : . t
: The following concerns filed ar
ticles of incorporation: t, - s -
Gordon Tire Shop, Inc., Pendle
ton; - Incorporators. Charles- A,
Gordon, M; G. Gordon, J. C. Nye;
capitalization, $10,000. . . - l:
Evangelical Church' of Albany,
Oregon, Albany; incorporators. J.
F. Emmett, Oscar Swander; Dirk
Rottink; assets, $8000. .
- Arcade Amusement 4b Refresh
ment company,' Seaside; incornor
9 tors, J. S. Milne. R. H. Watsbn,
Leroy Lomax capitalization, $10,-
.; Empire Financial Service com
pany," Portland Incorporators," G.
W.Alien, FE. Thompson, D. Ray,
capitalization, $25,000. ! J
i ' I if
By Kmgs Food
Products Company
... . . -, ' l , : - -V:,!."!.'
at Plant
North Front and Market Streets
For preparatory york on straw- y
. berries. Excellent wtit, good ".a ,
wages ana pieasanvj wortting ,
Conditions. - Come teady . tor
work at once: Work starts at .
7:00 a.m. -
j 5 June 19-26 inclusive '
Season Ticket Prices 1
Adults $2.50
. Students $1.50
Children (under 12 years) $1.00
l - ' : . ' I - -
, The Ace , i
; The Spa
5 Fattonttrosi
' Kaioury Bros. :
Hartman Bros.
A , The Gray Belle
Moore's Music House .
' Marion Automobile Co.
Geo. d. Will Music Store
; Comm ercial Book Store
' 1 The Opera House Pharmacy
" Thts is the day '
The crisis day' In the. logan
berry industry j
If the new association does not
go over the top today, the good
Lord help the loganberry grow
..,., , ( a...
They are very near the goal
for organization, and surely the
unsigned growers ?re not -going
to continue to be slick-ears and
runners amuck; - ' . -
The man1 who refuses to act
willj deserve to have his berriet
rot on- the vines,- do you j not
think? He will tand off and; hol
ler for the "other fellow" to sign,
but, as for himself he wants the
benefits" without the cooperation
and costs. irHe Is a bird; a cuckoo
bird, laying its eggs in the nests
of other birds. ;
'Ii A Salem man says the Chicago
gink who., confesses to. marrying
seventeen times must be In favor
of the world court. ; , t
. Some one suggests the annex
ation of New York to the Baha
mas. -''-. - - -.
' If you miss the Salem Chautau
qua you'll miss it. Ton can learn
a lot at. the Chautauqua, if you
have even . the absorbing; qualities
of .a ;spong'e. ,
' . V - ... .,
' .Here ! la the ' opening sentence
of the -weekly financial letter ot
Henry Clews i A Co.,: the - Wall
street authorities: "Favorable ag
ricultural prospects, continued
goodj orders for . autumn..' trade
placed, well ahead o'. time, .and
malntiined prices fp most staple
commodities '.'are leading factor!
in the' business sltaatlon1, which:
Mill Production 23
Per. Cent Over r.'crn:
One hundred and thirty-tl;rr
mills reporting to West Cot :
Lumbermen's association for t":
week ending June 9. manu .. u:
110,953.207 'of .lumber; t I'
S7.467.021 feet, and shipped 11?,
941.SS5 feet., .
Production for reporting mi;:
was 23 per cent, above normal
New business was 12 per ent t -low
production. Shipments va
14 per cent above new buslrse
Forty-one per cent of all n;v
business taken during the v -
was for future water deliver j-.
This amounted to 39,052.674 t- :.
of which 28,230.842 feet va-? fir
domestic cargo delivery, airtTll,
721,832 feet .export. New b-.r-i-ness''
hjr rail amounted to " 175 1
Thirty-eight per centt cf t
week's lumber shipments mo
by water. , This amounted to 4 '
177,238 feet, of' which 34.030,7;
feet moved coastwise and f ' -coastal,
and 8,120,4 62 feet c,
seas. , Rail shipments tcu:
2126 cars.
. Local auto and team deliver;
totaled 4,984,347 leet.
; Unfilled domestic cargo er
total 161.644,690 feet. Uiif
export . orders, 88,964,167 .
UnHlWd rail trade orders, 7
'cars.' . ';
' In the first 23 week 3 f t
year production reported to 1.
Coast Lumbermen's '
has been 2.259.619,966 f ':
business, 2.408, 458, 02S t. ;
shipments 2,512,110,703 f :t.
The Democrats, not l-:-pert
swimmers, are loci.:.- .
Ford. That is, some cf t
v?'jl:UPcarl Olrjrndi In a sped ell cccl:- -f,;3,.;Jtbvef-i3'ca
eccnoxslc&l ca V7cll cj: a
Kcleaa end convenient fuel, ''-
i'Ymm'M of the dmdcryef tzzCz-j ,
T ' end (cleaning r out a renje end 5 c-j.'
" 1 i j kitchen i3 Cool cn4 contfortebls. Ycu
KLvf work with a dosn, Intent 'cccll: 2
: , :,theat concentrated directly .infer-11:3
T ! " : . ; burner Thera it b needed.
To b curb efbest rccultb in ycurctovc,
use Pearl OIL It burm cleanly no
cmoke or odor
Dealers everywhere Buy it by rrro :
V , .. . V I ' -i.
1 r
Beats Tilps Mixes; every thic fcr t -..
kitchen. Fits any fiiucct on and off ia
. minute. LaMts a life time eaves initial c-
v every month. Is run by water get r ;
peed joa , desire.'. Regular prlco C.r .
Special Introductory price. Fill nara a:
" address and yours will be mailed C. O. I
AMK . . 1 .
ADDRESS f. . . . 'Si
Use Maon Jar fo' :. . i. ;.
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Concert Waltz for Violin and full Orchestra
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y Victor Record No. 74C35
; ; . Moore's Mucic Hoiiro
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