The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, June 15, 1923, Page 3, Image 3

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sarpraed to lean from
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the first day or 9 cwf, r cAteur
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ards the! route itl Axaua -Sav-.'
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physical welfare of pataajejv-.
i: Mow that the flood of toudat trarel
T atartcd atroosr eastward,' itd
fair weather -and cah-'prcraa. there
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allow m' 2a ile Vir!ooaxs
Xo keep ia periect trim dariaa; the trip.
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oneVlay desxoted to a eracMu? tanruV
laeot, ia wbkhvthc majors f yrou .s 1
eetsr take "pars "3m aknmr fl.
of ahuCe " board, emuka. '-amA "ii-mW
J Sac races, ''(.awefch, --ofW-
direraiHed eeMgh k aatyy
Kvau7 urocuKam so tae
trom a health vwa!, hu a
coaedaenre" to petd Cfea-tiM ard
aireaur t yi) sfi tsjte
the Atiaatic '
Cttmr Than m Uuatant tltww
For Coughs and Colds,' Head-t
; ache. Neuralgia, Rheumatism
r vand "All Aclie and Paina. . .
. , . ,
3Sc and GSci jara and tuboa .
i Hospital aixo, $3.00 -
"Tiie-"p resident is making it clear
to j the Irreconcilables that ' they
who lire f ightics .the court are
courting a - flghtJ-bttoIk . .Vir-ginian-Pirot.,
It -only remains for some scien
tists to prove that apes held non
stop dancing contests to settle the
question definitely In faTor.ot ev- ents. Mr., and Mrs. Charles Spitz
r T A PRETTY'weddlnryester
day. afternoon at the Delta
Phi aorority hoose Miss Emma
Shanafelt became the bride of ls-.
ter day; Miss Lorlei Blatehford
and Clarence Gillette were 'the at
tendants: ' '- Little ' Gertrude r Wtns-
lowln- a dainty pink otgandy,' was
flower girl and , preceeded the
bride.' -, : -
' rThe .couple stood tpr the ' mar-,
rlage service before a lattice work
of roses'in the Iiting t pbm' ofthe
soi;orly; .boose. The bride jav'ore
white ipatin'. trimmed with panels
of lace." 'Her full Jength' VeiPfras
be!4 in .place with, a " spray n
orangfe bossQjRs. Her-bouquet was
of'Ceci'Bruner rosestan4;whlte
aWeel pjsas in shower, effect: s " y
Jiiss Marguerite Cook arig.-rAfr
Dawn", ; before , the entran?e.3dt
the bridal iarty,- and Byron, ArnoU
played v Mendelssohn -WTeddit(j
march, and alsb played softly durf
ing theC marriage service.! Miss
Sadie Palt sang "Beloyed, It Is
Morn," following. the wedding, p
A profusion of rose! were used
about the rooms of the Delta iPhi
house. ' Dainty refreshments were
served - following r the ; ceremonyj
when' sorority sisters of the bride
assisted in serving. ;
Mr. and Mrs. Day left last night
for an outing trip into Washing
ton. They will leave June ;19t for
Boston where Mr. Day is working
in . the TMCA. He has .spent i the
last year there, having been grad
uated from Willamette university
last, June. Mrs. Day was a gradu
ate of the college with the, 1923
Among ' the out of town guests
at the wedding were Mrs-. IDaj.
of Bremerton, Wash.; Mr. and
Mrs. Harold "" Dimmick and I Miss
Virginia ' Mason. Delta Phi girls,
alumnae, and members of Sigma
Tau were among the guests at the
wedding. '
The bride was one of the popu
lar girls of the university, having
been chosen May Queen in 1922,
- Mrs. John J. Roberts was one,
of .the Salem women attending: the
Portland Rose festival yesterday.
". ' . ' ' "If "
'Miss' Lorlei Blatehford announc
ed her engagement to Clarence
Gillette at a pre-nuptial party giv
en Monday evening for Miss Emma
Shanafelt, whose' wedding was a
social event of yesterday.
Mr." and Mrs. A.: A. Schramm
of , Corvallis' were visitors at the
home of Mrs. 'Schfa'mm'"s parents
Mr. and Mrs.'fvP. ' Jl ',Kuntz, this
week. - They attended the alumni
banquet at Willamette' University
Tuesday! s ,.' ; j
Mrs. W. L. Teutsch and her lif-
son, William Leroy Jr.. left lasf,
nfght; 7fdr San ijPranclseo - where
they will Join Mr.Teusch.'Jdrs,,
Teutsch has been visiting for
more than a month .with her par-
ham. violin teacher, were present
ed' in recital Wednesday evening
at Waller. hail., Tljd-program was
especially well . received n by the
friends and relatives who attend
ed .'the affair. The student seem-,
ed t& give unusuaj ; promise of Ma
ture ability as 'violinists. s
Accompanists for the s evening
were Mrs. John J. Roberts' Ruth
Kuser and Miss Reed.
" The 1 program was well arranged
and the -r students appearing and
their ' selections were as follows :
" Romanze' sans . Paroles (Conte)
Eleaebf "Everall. '
"Berceuse (Godard) Mary Keith.
Le Menetrier (Weinia'wski) Jean
Croskey. ' ! -r -
Meditation (Massenet- Tommy
LIvesley. r , , - ,
(a) Walthers Preisiied (Wil-helmj-Wagner)
; ' (b) Gavotte
(Gossee J Donald 1 Rehbock. ! ,
" Concerto' ; in A Minor (Acolay)
MlldredHoberts. v 'I i
"()' Garden MelodIe(Schn-
mann) : Ob); , Llebeslied (Kries-
lerJU Helen Sellg. .. ' -
f V - .v-T
Miss Ilelen Lister, of Grants
Pass, Is the house gnest of 'Miss
Jaunlta Davis, coming doyrn tr.em
rortland taresterday. Miss Lister
will be 'Joined by her mother end
the' two will' leave for. their hoite
in southern Oregon. ' Both 'Mrs.
Lister and Tier daughter have; been
attending the Portland Rose -festival.
1 - .
Mrs. Susie .Nicholson, house me-
ther'at the TWCA; went'to" Port-1
land yesterday. t
Flpra and j Lorraine . Fletcher
gave a . party in honor of the
graduating class -of Turner high
school at the Fletcher . home.
1387 North Winter street On Wed-i
ifi Ut? haiuia uuu Idutti h tie tut
ried out in the class colors of pur
pie and white. The members of
the .class Are Lavern Miller, Olga
Gath,. Arthur- Gath.'Thelma Del-zeJU-Af&lyn
Delzell, Dorrls Bar-
nett,-Dorsey Gray and Ruth ,Dra
ger pi her persons than the
Fietchdr "I family whe were J pres
ent were John' Gale and Charles
Mote of Turner." ' .
' : 1
. The wedding of . Miss, Matilda
Peterson rand William Overgard
was' held at high noon - Sunday, at
the home of the brides parents
near Shaw, in ' the presence of a
Urge group o i friends and . rela
tives, Rev.i David C. Hassel, of Sa
lem officiating.
i The rooms were beautifully dec
orated, a color scheme of pink and
white being carried' out, and the
ceremony was performed .-'before
an arch of pink 'roses and ferns.
Preceding the ceremony, .Miss Ar
butus Rud?e sang; f'l Jove You
Truly.', t Mendelssohn1; wedding
march wasi played' by MrB., L. Ru
di, who Also played softly '.during
the service.,
The j bride was attractive' in a
gown of white silk. ; Ifer:-veil was
arranged .with a cluster, of orange
blossoms and she carried -a show
er bouquet of carnations, '
After the ceremony dinner was
served in the dining room. '
Mr, and Mrs. Overgard left im
mediately, for a short wedding trip
and upon their return will' make
their home in Salem.
; Mrs. H.SHartman rand her son.
Otto Hartman, went to Portland
yesterday and Mrs. Hartman will
remain' there for a' brief visit.
The Junior Guild, of St.
church was entertained this
by4 Mrs. Louis Lachmund.
" a a . v. i to uuiutuii; 4a ' .
within a few days - for . Seattle
where theywUl . attend the sum
'mer.iseaslon -ofjthe L'nrvfrslty, of
Washingfon. '
.. 11
ounroMsii yocTjr;
WARSAW, June H.Poland's
greatest v loss of recent- years Itaa
been, not in devastated regions,
but in J young .men. Therefore
physical education was stressed at
a. recent meeting of school masters
in this' city, and the government
was ' urged V to . allot more money
for the building' of ' playgrounds
and otherwise to assist in the
building up of Polish youths.
Jack Hoxie'a latest western fea-
Y ill . . ... ."' ; ' '
-. J-mre coniams a piot oi a most, un
usual hat) re. Tom, Stone assumes
the-name 'of his dead paL ''Jim
JBland. And . then Jack Hoxie as
Jack Stokes comes along and as
sumes the -name' of 'Tom' Stone.
With , a -sheriff after both-Torn
Stone - and' Jacltf jBtokes,. there "are
mony thrilling encounters due to
themlx up in identities. . Hafd
ridfng tand .'plenty of -action -predominate-
in "this feature which
will be shown ;at the' Bllgh the
atre today.
n " Jaek r Hozie"
' in a western feature .and
"Miracles of the Jungle"
1J L5f ;
. r JACK" -''f
11. g
Ij I ;
(B. E ;.
V ; Western J
i Feature - u
Miracles, of
The Jungle
- r. n(i i . 4
. Monte" Jlontague, who plays the
villtan in: "Heira" Border." after
his eaptnrb at the cave, refuses to
walk; and the hero drags him to
ward the edge of the-cliff. Un
known to Mr, Montague ttits scene
was'very shprtbut Mr. Fafrbanki
for fan. dragged Montague four
times - as'?farV Finally Montague
looked up in earnest and remark
ed under his breath, "Hold up for
a. minute. Bill, , , and let me get
some of these , thistles out of my
leg and then continue';your "dirty
wcrk.t 'Mr. 'Montague was 'sparr
ing partner fiit 1915 for 'red Ful
ton,, and played in two Berlals
with- Elmo Lincoln, and many
other productions before coming
to the Bligh, Saturday - and Sun
day. , '.' "'
. An event bound to arouse un
usual Interest centers, la the corn
fng'of another Wesley '.Barry at
traction." !This is ""Heroes f the
Street, produced by 'Warter
Brothers and scheduled to' play at
the: Liberty theatre today and to
morrow. "
The reason for this i.. .
that''Freckles" Wesley has w
a large following by his bull.!!;
personality on the screen and tl
good fun and clean comedy t"
go with 'his. pictures notaLly .
"School Dajs" and '
Riches," both Warner l,vcL.
productions. His inimit'M "
acterizationstof boys out lor a :
venture and getting into niacliir
every ' minute of the day hav.
gained him an enviable reputa
"Can you picture the !:. -.::iparr
ble Nprma-Talmadge u- u : artvf
turesswho .specializes l.i .v - .
of promise blackmail.
3 -As Mary "Turner, released frc:
prison after serving time a c'
partment Btore theft of .nich s"
is' Innocent, 'and under -oath 1
"get even" with the employer t. :
wanted to make an eianiple (
her, she J has such a role in t:
big First National picture, 4Vlt'
in the' Law," coming. to the Ore
gon theatre tonight.
Jack ifulhall and Lew C
have the principal male roles; i "
een Percy portrays Agio Lynt
the blackmailer who iaSucea I! .
to Join the band.' Trc
parts are-also-played ty'D.', . ,
Jennings, "Lincoln 'Plumir. r, J .
eph'iCIlgour, Helen Fer;i
Warde 1 Crane, Lionel
Catherine " "ilurphy ' and T..
RlckettaV ' ' -
' ; "Within the Law" was r : .
under: the masterful tilrcct!c:i
I; Frank Lloyd and .Is'presr-t- !
Joseph M. Schenck.
-.I'. -X .s -.
7 ' ST- -
. K - -, tf ' 'V'. r , W . is s - . -r . j ? . '-f r . - .,-. ? . .; r t. . t i , ,
olution. Nashville Banner.
bart in Polk county.
' i-,
- 'v
Well fitting garments which will give
! you a great deal of service
In incst attractlvA cchr ccriiaations are theie
ssart Joo!ua batibi 'spits. Knitted ofv wool
wented, with sszsriziftjGnt bccLcning the
beach, eveiry vcrn1 is tHrJ'icf a nsv bath-
- j - - -. . . w . , . -. - r. 'i. "
ins suit Yon. wast to be' prepared end cow is
the tisie to jet Teady while Isizes and assert-
cents are ccsiplete. ' :
For Women from $$:95 up to$7i50
For Children from S0c upo 4S8
P7ater Wings at 50c. ! ;
Bathing Caps 25c up to 98c.
Bathing ShpeiaiSOc and 75c
safe-sav ar .
' '- k 'iV iff" '
Very Special
in Our
Down Stairs Store
Women's Percale
house aprons, at
tractively, m a d e,
pretty bright cheery
colors. You will,
choose two or more
when you see
,'them, at Oa7C
Receive! careful and prompt attention.' ; :We
pay postages of .express within radius of
hundred miles. ." - : x ,
Salem Store
466 State St.
Portland Silk Shop
383 Alder St.
V N .
: -: a!
Y-'. ': 'if Vv'
'.-X- - r -
" jtr.'. ...v.w.'.-..:.:?.:.
J -?-r.---.-.s-.v.v.-.-.-.S'.
''A- "
. I ' , , ' .,''' v v
'T ?
' N
1 -
A picture that -will make yon chuckle .and roar, weep and
t , ' Bympathize ' '
p tit. r i Jta A-j .,, E, .r
ri fuss m b x 'i - h
. V
1 .
The Latest . of Norma's Ne
t Smilinr
w Series That Began Yith
Through" "
..... '7&
1 'vd;--
'Come ori;
Patrol ia WniUng.
The f.Acf?1
i !
lirj Can't I: V
fr--V, ; -r-jf s-.o A Willing
A WiiUn-: Crocl..",
As the beautiful hhop f '
who, -1 arued ennsk
It is our sincere desire that every theatr e goer in Salem sees this wonderful pic
tureThe following, price scale has .'be en arranfe-ed with'the ''distributor, ivl.!::i
will put it in the reach of everyone. - '''
jxrxo PRICES
AdUlta '
- Lo'ges
- " 7e
tp, 25c
sttxday MATixrr: and
AdnUs - - ' - ' - ::a
: Children - - . - ica
J-oges - doc
t -
- v
- - fl '4
. . i. .'
. . - S : I . - K ( Tr rr -
" . i . " .