The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, June 07, 1923, Page 5, Image 5

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Wanted Man Held
. Hoy Nelson is being held by the
sheriff's office for the arrival of
a representative lot the United
States marshal's office in Portland;
Nelson was arrested by Deputies
Butkhart and Barber. - While no
charge was given, it fa believed at
the sherif r s office -he - is wanted
for 1 mailing ' a loaded revolver
from Portland to Salem. Officers
from Portland will probably ar
rive for the, prisoner today.
Day After Toinorrow
Dr.-Burdette will be in the of
fice of the Bow Optical. Co. If
yon have not ' made an appoint
ment to have your eyes examined,
phone 327 now. Adv. J , i, '
Electronic Reactions or Aftram-
Dr. White, 508 U.-8. Ban bids:
Adv. . ;i i; a, vi r, ;
Women Wanjrd
To work In' strawberries at Starr
Fruit Products Co. Cor. Church
fc Mill Sta. Report 7 A. M. 4 Adv.
Marriage Licenses Issued 4 ?
- ., Marriage licenses were Issued
by the county clerk's office Wed
nesday to Orel, George Garner,
Turner, and Sophia Girod, Salem,
route 8; Andrew J. Thomas, Port
land and Leona Racette, 955 Cen
ter street. i .'
Those Patrons Who Desli
. The personal attention of Dr.
Bufdette. to -have their eyes ex
amined should, phone, $2? at once.
-Adv. . , .:v 'T ; : ,i
Good Practice Piano $75 KUt$
'it. L. SUff rnrnltaraXclMu
tie Shop. Adr. t .1. ! .d."'
Dr. C L. narshaH
Osteopathic JTiysirian and
? :, Surgeon .,. . v .
"I SSS-'Orego Building ,7
Phone 238
For Gifts f That Last
Diamond's Watches,. Jewelry ;
- t and Silverware. .
Phone 1255. Batem, Oregon
Salea AmbuLince Service
V j Day and Night
f ' Phone 666 :
173 8. Liberty St.
Salem" -; . Oregon
Capital Juhk
Co 1
. All kinds of jnnk and
second-hand ffooda. We
pay full value. Uj;'
215 Center Street
Phone 398
i .
Established 1868 ,,t' : J.r. j
I' . - General Bankisg Business'
5 7 ; Of f ice Hours from 10 a.' m. to 3 p. m. i . I
i. - , T Under XT. B. OaTanuaent Suparfialoa.
tS' The i ; '
im&nMzB'- ,' Man :' , :
iyttftigj Who'
iso ; i i" A : 5 l
J.:,-- , 4 v -
keeps putting one foot ahead of thp
other is bound to get SOMEWHERE.'
Theman who stands still is certain to
get NOWHERE. . , . . j
It's about the same with saving money.
The ,man who spends it all stands still
the irian who
K iThink it over and
decide to , ' -OPEN
United States National Banlr"
The Bank That Service Built'-f-
limbr tTederal lWirve Ryttera
Indicted Men Plead J
f Men indicted daring this session
of he grand jury who j entered
pleas in the circuit court' yester
day were. Herbert Hicks, charged
with larceny, who pleaded guilty
and: will receive a sentence from
Judge Percy R. Kelly Saturday.
Pleas of not guilty were entered
by Robert McCarty, charged witb
making a false statement Co the
industrial ; accident commission,
and Jom Pfau, charged with as
sault 'and battery; No trial dates
were set in these last two cases.
T. J, Gibbons , ,
Until recently with the Bllgh
Barber shop is now with the O. K.
Barber shop and Will be glad to
see ell of his friends at this new
location. ; a j : ; adv.
Pay Your Irrigation Bill;
Flat rate Irrigation -illls due
and discounted 10 per cent if paid
on or before June 10th. Adv.
Women Wanted-
To work in etrawberries at Starr
Fruit Products Co. Cor. Church
Ttlill Sts. Report 7 A. M. ' Advi
Traffic Violators Arrested
. Willis R. and L. L. Short, route
4, were arrested about 3 o'clock
Wednesday morning for operating
machines without lights. ; They
were released under $5 hail each
and cited t'o appear in police court
at ,2-o'clock this afternoon.
Exceptional Buy . , . .
: .$475 Mahogany piano; practi
cally hew,; $275. Very easy terms.
It. Ij. Stiff Furniture Co. Music
Shop. -Adv. ; -, -
:-v-v i :.J.
Well Furnishea Flat . '
Modern; large five rooms. -For
rent. Immediate possession.. $40
a month. At 664 1-2 Ferry street.
Call at Statesman business office,
or phone 13. ; .- ..
Special This Week .
10-inch .Record Albums $1.25.
H. I Stiff Furniture Co. Music
Shop: Advi " :
Adoption Papers Approved ; l
: An order fixing the time for
hearing of a, petition to adopt a
minor was signed by Judge W. M.
Bushey yesterday,, with . Monday,
July 2, designated Mr., and Mrs.
Frank : Koschnuder, ,295 South
Twenty-first' street, are seeking to
adopt . Dorothy Gean ' Ross, who
was born in Yakima, .Wash., Feb
ruary 20,1922. The consent, of
the babyfs parents, now living in
LJbby, Mont.; has been obtained.
We Carry The Latest
; Victor -andBrunswlck Records
at all times. H. L-Stltf Furniture
Co.; Music Shop. lAdr. -'
Fir Department Called
While working on a motorcy
cle in the rear of the Harry Scott
Motorcycle shop, 147, South Com
mercial street, a little after 11
508 UJ S. KtloT HaBk Baildla
rfcona 859. 1 Be. rfcona 469-J.
Dr Bi H. Wite !
; OstMpattila rayvtelaa ad Borsvoa
DctsoBl ' Magnesia and Tnatatcat '
(Dr. Abraaw Mathod.) r , f .
kMnJ SALEM, OREGON -yy- :f
DR. C. il. SCHBiK
Has Moved to Hl JNew ,
Location ;
249 So. Cottage Street
4 Phone 11S2 ;
saves systematically
we believe you will
-. i
o'clock last night, an employe at
tempted to start the machine. A
back-fire followed, ; causing the
machine to burst into - flames.
When a small fire-extinguisher
failed to bring the desired results,
an alarm was turned in, bringing
the fire department to the scene.
The shop was sot damaged. '
Bail is Forfeited ,5
Non-appearance of V. L. Phil
Hps, released on bail' of $10 for
speeding, H. Smith and Frank
Kipper, $5 each; on a charge of
letting horses run at large within
the city limit's, resulted in the ball
of all three being declared for
feited yesterday, t - T
The Lateet Rolls ,
: Can be heard in our Player
Roll department. ' II. L. Stiff
Furniture Co: Music Shop. Adv.
Card of Thanks
' We desire to express our heart
felt thanks for the many acts of
kindness and sympathy shown us
during the sickness and death of
our dear wife and mother. John
Gueff roy and family. ; ; adv.
Examinations Neaiv : '.
Teachers examinations in Ore
gon will be held June 13 14, 15,
and 16, and J. A .Churchill, state
superintendent of schools, Is mail
ing to the county superintendents
of the state the list of questions
that will be asked. '
Pay Tour Irrigation Bill
Flat rate Irrigation bills due
and discounted 10 per cent if paid
on or before June 10th. Adv.
New and Slightly Used ' ;
Columbia and Victor Records
25c. H.l L. Stiff Furniture Co.
Second? .Hand store. Adv. ' 1
Violin Recital
The pupils of William Wallace
Graham will give a recital -Wednesday
evening-, June 13th, In the
chapel of Waller hall (Willam
ette.) The Interested public is
invited. , i adv.
Represent Pierce ' -
H. B. Van Duzer, member of
the state highway commission,
will represent Governor Pierce In
Portland today , at the rechristen
ing of the steamship Egeria which
will be named the Bert E. Haney.
Stationery, Tableta, Ink, - Etc
At The Sons Shop. Adv.
Peony Show Friday
The Salem Floral society decid
ed yesterday to hold a peony show
Friday afternoon. It will be held
in the floral shop of Mrs. Sarah
Schwab. ougUto,, street. Au Sa
lem1 people' having peony blooms
are '-being asked to enter their
choicest blossoms for the dis
play, i . , . f ;
Docs This Interest Yon? -
If you are looking for a job, or
if you need to employ help, use the
city, free employment bureau at
the YMCA. Adv.
Women Wanted : j j
To work in strawberries at Starr
Fruit Products JedCor Church
& Mill Sts. Report 7 A. M. Adv.
W40v Ieet Today
-The - Highland - Parent-Teacher
association will - meet at tke
schoolhouse this afternoon at
3 : 3 0.' Ther,e will be election of
officers. Superintendent Hug is
expected to be present. : '
Attention Elks
; The regular Thursday lodge
meeting has been postponed to
Saturday evening; at which time
the Portland lodge will put on the
inititaory work. , : Adv.
JONES In Long Beach, - Mrs.
, Sarah ' A. Jones (Aunt Sally)
age '80 years, a resident of Sa
lem for 48 years until 10 years
ago when she moved to Long
Beach. An aunt of Miss Eliza
McTier who . accompanied the
remains to- Salem Funeral ser
vices will be held Thursday,
- June 7, at 2 p.m'from Rlg-
- .don's mortuary. Rev. J. J. Ev
ans officiating, interment IO0F
: cemetery. ' '
HAGEMANN Charles-F. Hage-
man died at a local hospital
June 6. 1 9 2 3 at 1 : SO a. in. at
; the age of 51 years. ; He is sur
vived by his widow, Mrs. Mil
: dred Hagemann, three sons.
: Charles, French . and Frederick
? Hagemann, two brothers, John
V. and Bryant L. Hagemann,
one sister, . Sophia Hagemann,
and his mother, Mrs. Loulss
i) Hagemann...', Body at the' Web
Funeral Parlors. vi. Funeral an
nouncements later.
Webb & Clough
LcnrHsg Fcitral
Expert Ecb&bstrs
Rigdon & Son's
Will Is Admitted ) i , ' L
An order admitldg the will 'to
probate in the estate of Mrs. Fan
nie WOlf, was signed Wednesday
by Judge Wl M. Bushey. The pro
bable value- placed upon the es
tate was $5000, in real and per
sonal property. i j
Notice El Kara Grotto
Will have a dinner for its mem
bers at the Marion hotel, Thurs
day, June 7, at 6:15. Wear your
FEZ. Order- of Monarc. - Glen
C. Niles, Sec.
A Classified jAd .
Will bring; you a t buyer Adv.
Liquor Brings Fine
' Gustave Albin Lind was fined
$100 on a charge of driving a ma
chine while intoxicated, and $50
for having liquor in his possession
by -City Police Judge Poulsen
Wednesday. Lind was arrested
about 4 o'clock Wednesday morn
ing by Sergeant! Minto, ' Officer
Shelton and Alderman L. J. Sim
eral. while driving his car on the
Portland highway.
: .;,.: .
Legal Blanks- '.-'..
! Get them at The Statesman of
fice. Catalog on application
Adr. V i
Pay Your Irrigation j BUI
Flat rate irrigation bills due
and discounted 10 per cent if paid
on or before June 10h. Adv.
Speeder is Arrested
Ward South worth, 1105 Mis
sion, traveled 28 miles an hour on
North Church street 'yesterday. He
will tell Judge Poulsen all about
it at 11 o'clock this morning.
$150 Vlctrola
At $115. H. L. Stiff Furniture
Co. Music Shop. Adv.
Portland Elks Coming
U Portland Elks will be guest's of
the Salem 'lodge Saturday night,
according to Max Page, exalted
ruler of the local lodge. The -officers
and drill team of the Port
land Elks will attend and will be
in charge of initiation. A class of
15 will be initiated. Among the
officials to visit in Salem will be
Barney Goldstein, exalted ruler;
Joe Heich, leading knight; Milton
Klepper, loyal knight, and Judge
W. A. Eckwall, lecturing knight.
Dr. Mendelsohn is Back V. -;:
i If 'you have any trouble with
your eves or classes, ohone 723
for appointment. 210-211 U! sJ
National Bank Bldg. t adv.1
Llvesley Will Appeal
i An appeal will be taken from
the decision of the Canadian court'
In the Horst-Livesley suit which
was decided against T. A. Livesr!
ley of Salem. Mr. - Llvesley says
that the case will be appealed in
the near future. A copy of te!
decision has been received in Sa
lem. The suit Involved a hop
contract between the T. A.. Lives-
ley company and the Horst' com
pany. 1 : '
Wanted, Experienced "
1 Waitress at Elite Cafe. Adv.1
Women Wanted
: To work in strawberries at Starr
Fruit Products Co. Cor. Church'
Mill Sts. Report 7 A. M. Adr.
Settles In Trouble
Joe Bettles, former baseball
player with the Chemawa school
and rarious Salem teams, was ar
rested in Pendleton and lodged In
the Umatilla county, jail on a
charge of having contributed td
the deliquency of 1 a 17-year-old
white girl. Bettles is playing
baseball In Pendleton.
Historical Pageant
A historical. pageant will be stag
ed at the Oregon School for the
Deaf Friday - night of this week,
beginning at 8 o'clock.
Gregory Indorsed
i Atthe Parent-Teacher -meeting
of McKinley and Lincoln schools
held Tuesday night, a number of
civic f questions were brought up
for general discussion. One mat
ter that came up for action was
that of a candidate for school di
rector at the coming city school
election. P. M.' Gregory, for years
an active and efficient worker in
the Parent-Teacher association, its
secretary and a general enthusiast
for better . public service along
helpful lines, was proposed to fill
tho, vacancy that will be left by
fBef expiration- of the term of Di
rector Paul 1 Wallace or Walter
Winslow: He was given the unani
mous and hearty endorsement of
the association for the-position. ,
Federation : WU1 Meet
Because of the absence of Dr.
Henry J3. Morris,! president, the
Federated Clubs of Salem had ex
pected to hold no regular session
Friday night, the regular date for
such a meeting, j But a number of
important matters have, come up
for consideration;, and t it is now
announced by circular letter from
the secretary," Miss Mirpah Blair,
that the meeting will be held on
the regular schedule. ' '
Booked on Drunk Chargi
P. J. Kelly was arrested about
7 o'clock last night at 260 Center
street by Police j Chief Bfrtchett
and booked at the police station
on a charge of drunkenness.
Good Drill Held t
A good drill of the Cherrlans
was held last night; good enough
to warrant the officers in saying
Just what they'll do with the prize
Committees' Named By
. Chautauqua Officials
r A meeting of the Salem Chau
tauqua committee was held Wed
nesday night at the Chamber of
Commerce to organise for the
coming Chautauqua : season. The
season opens, on .Tuesday, June
19. with the play, "Turn to the
Right," and gives a full week of
high class entertainment and in
structor f.,. j
.' A committee was. named, Qtto
K. Paulus. Dr. E. E. Fisher, Mrs.
William Everett : Anderson and
Dr. B. F, Pound, to present the
Chautauqua announcements to
the cfty schools.' ,U. G. Holt and
Joseph Barber will i look after
large announcement signs, Fred
A. Legge will attend ! to auto
stickers and small announce
ments, and 1 Frank Wagar and R.
A. Harris will see to .the tickets,
posters and programs.
Tickets are to be offered for
sale by Patton Brothers, the Op
era house Pharmacy, Moore's Mu
sic House, Perry's Drug store; The
Spa, the Graybelle, The Ace, Geo.
C. Will's Music store, the Com
mercial Book store, Hartman Bro-
Portland Rose fair pays up its
promised rewards for merit. They
are to drill 'again in full regalia.
Including white shoes, - Friday
night, and King Bing urges the
boys to be sure to use foot-ease
on thelr feet, for the tight white
shoes, after being packed- or
pickled away for a year, are likely
to hurt the feet terribly if the
owners do not watch out.
Rlely Improving .
Charles Riely of Portland, who
had been reported dangerously ill
at his home,' has taken a turn for
the better, so that lie is now un
derstood to be on the roa to a
speedy and complete recovery.' "
Speeders Are Arrested i
Making 35 miles an hour on
North Summer street about 8
o'clock last night resulted in the
arrest of E; S. Ferguson and Royal
Christofferton, route 9. Ferguson
was released on $15 ball and cited
to appear at 10 o'clock, June 9.
Christof ferson was cited to appear
at 9 o'clock this morning. : His
car was held by the police. ;
Speed Is Too Great J
Thirty miles an- hour on North
Church street at 5:30 o'clock yes
terday evening , will bring F H.
Ayers Into police court at 10
o'clock this morning on a charge
of speeding. . '
Rev. S. J. Chaney, pastor of the
Methodist church at Astoria, was
hih IBexlty "yesterday afternoon.
- 'J. K. "Keber." banker of Mt. An
gel, was attending to business mat
ters in Salem Wednesday.
. George i Hubbs of Sllverton
transacted business ' before the
county court yesterday afternoon.
I. G. Ferschweller chairman,
John F. Manning and Joseph Ru
bens, members of Jthi St. , Louis
school - board, were in to ee the
county superintendent Wednesday.
William Gaskill, an onion grow
er from Brooks, was In Salem yes
Wday:..i I "
Ralph Thompson went" to'Alrlie
yesterday on business. ' '' " : -
Mrs. Wilflam Pollock and her
daughter, Dorothy, are home from
Tacoma where! they visited rela
tives for two weeks. ;
Chinese medicine office has
good medicine which will cure
any ;' sickness.
264 N. Commercial St.
In Ktvong Fook Co. Store
t At Rear
Friday, June 8
j Your Last
' " . .
i !' to:i:vy;r-
- , . , -jh f
thers. and Kafoury Brothers.
Other sales places may be added,
besides the personal agents ' who
are already in the field. .
: It is announced that after this
year, there will be no more Sun
day Chautauqua programs in Sa
lem. This year, a partial under
standing of that' kind has been
reached, by giving a lecture and
classical musical program Sunday
a ternoon, with nothing for the.
evening, to interfere -with church
services, . The Chautauqua has
regularly used the Willamette
athletic field, : through the court
esy of the university, but always
with- the hope of the university
that the Sunday programs would
be found unnecessary. This un
derstanding is made definite, that
hereafter the Sunday programs
wil be omitted.
Nine More Recruits Are
Wanted By Company F
There Is still room for 9 more
recruits to "Company F, Oregon
national guard. The company
wants to have at least 75 men to
go to the annual encampment at
Camp Lewis, and this many more
will . be needed. Six good men
have been added within the past
few days, so there will not, be so
very many vacancies left.: While
as many ex-service men as possi
ble are wanted j any good young
men who look as If they really
meant it will be accepted. A
number of aplications from boys
of 16 or 17 years of age have been
turned down. , The boys might
become the finest o,f soldiers, but
the officers are looking for more
mature material.;
The company will go with the
Oregon troops, more than 2000 in
all, , tp the great encampment at
American Lake, leaving Salem, on
Saturday, June 15th, for a 15
days stay.
. DO? V -rrt-'i
V-l : (No. 2) ; ' j":
You and Waldron are part
ners in the automobile busi
ness. Waldron orders a set
or- expensive r Cord tires
which he places on his own
ear. The tire company tries'
to hold you ps - a partner
liable for the cost of the
tires.. tWould you refuse to
let the partnership pay this
We do not teach our stu
dents to be - lawyers. ! Bot
we do teach them to know
what their rights, are in '
various business relation
ships and to avoid interfer- "
Ing with the rights of others..
New classes will start Mon--day,
June 18. Write or call
for information. ,
Capita! Business ,
- CoIIeze ; :
Hign, and. Ferry
Peoples Cash Store Is
Closed; Trustee Sought
... r i ".. . . . .
R. H Sabln, receiver" In bank
ruptcy, yesterday closed the doors
of the Peoples Cash store, on
North Commercial street. Sabin
is also attorney for the Portland
Credit association. A member of
the store management said last
night that it is probable the store
will' reopen, and it is said efiforts
are being made to secure a trus
tee. . .
Dried. Fruits.
NEW YORK, June 6. Evapo
rated apples," dull; prunes, juiet;
apricots, easy; pleaches, dull.
U s a feig &tj':
From the North Polo to tfca
South Pole, but Rof-al Bak
ing Powder went with Ad
miral Peary Amundsen ha3
it with him now. It went with
Scott to the South Pole.
Stanley had it in darkest
Africa. Royal is the only
baking powder you can buy
anywhere under the sun.
Made from Cream of Tartar
derived from grapes t
Contdns No Alara Leaves No Litter Taste
Genuine White Kid Pumps $9.50
The new Cherie strap white kid graduation Pumps
are here and they indeed are the last word in shoe
making. 1 i r . , ' '
The new Egyptian; heel and cut-out - effect will
appeal to every girl. i See them now !
White Reinskin Pumps $5.00
New fabric Pumps in the finer qualities. Vaughns
white ivory soles and heels, kid lined heel quarters.
One strap in novelty design. Priced moderately.
.' White Oxfords $00 to $9.50
White Oxfords in both fabric and leather in neat
serviceable styles. Finest ;shoe tailoring at prices
that ae within jeach of all. . . . - A ' "
All Footwear carefully fitted, r r .
': Mr. . Dunn ' stood ; up In court,'
charged, jwlta disorderly conduct
his head swathed In bandases.
and demanded a trial by Jury. . .
. "It,s only a minor offense," fid
ylsed the Judge. "Why not plead
guilty, pay ' small fine and get
it over" . :..
No.-. judge." replied Mr. Dunn,
determinedly, "I want a trial by
jury. -The " last .thing I remem
ber was wbeuTV"was standing
peaceful like on ( the corner and
that big guy wandered along. The
next thing was when tVo doctors'
were rawing me up. Unless 1
have a trial and hear witnesses I
never will find out what' I called
the big stiff."' i
June Lariat
On Sale at THE ACE
News Stnd
Fifty , Beautiful Western
Poems. .. i: ,' . '
Forty New Books . .Re
viewed. ' ' -'-
- Jllusic and Art.. Depart
ments. "
Wordsworth and His Aiv
nette. t . ,
.': M'-sU '-'-.' - - -
Fifteen Features
5 !
. . 'A
money again this year when th?