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yy I
San Francisco (Evens
With Salt Lake and Ojak-
r ; land With Angels
vn -s u
PORTLAND. May? 4. Portland
won Us fourth straight game from
Seattle today in another batting
bee, 13t 10. The Bearers an
nexed a six-run lead off (Gregg
-In the second a ud third, but the
Cuds came within one of tyikig ott
Schroeder in the fourth and fifth
and ha was relieved by - Eckert.
Plummer meanwhile, having re
placed , Gregg. ' In the f ree-ror-all
h itting scramble that ensued ; the
Beavers nosed out ahead. I I
: Score- v It. III. E.
Seattle f......, L.U..10 l2 4
Portland ..... . .N . .13 18 2
Gregg. Plummer, Rigg and To-
' fcin; Schroeder, Eckert and Br
f ... Sacracuto 11; SalT Lakft
. Sacramento won itsjthjrd straight
from Salt Lake foday. 11 toj 9. A
home ran in the fifth with the
' bases full b Siglin was aj feat
ure o( a. hard . 7 hitting contest.
Lewis, Strand and Cochran also
' knocked homers. i
Scored i II. II. E.
Sacramento . . . . . . . 1 1 jl 3 2
Salt Lake .... 9 15 1
- Tellowhorse. Penner and jKoeh-
ler; " Blaeholder, Singleton
, r IrYbfO 4: Angel 3
" Francisco won the third game of
, a series today by defeating: Los
Angeles 4 to 3.. The Seals hunch.
i ed hits in the fifth and sixjth ln
'nings, t scoring two runs In each.
Snappy fielding by the Eeals pre
vented .Los .Angeles from, scoring
.heavily on 13 hiu which thy ob
tainedV from Geary, i, , Crlggi Los
'Angeles, rapped Geary for ajhome
' run in the sixth, scoring Twomb
ley. v .
Score-1-" ' ' R. P- E.
Los Angeles .... . 3 13-0
an Francisco . . '. . . . . . 4 $ 0
Ponder and Daly; Geary! and
:;: . Vrnwa 7; Oakland 5
-L03 ANGELES, May 4.--Ver
'ndirtook the fourth game ojf the
series with Oakland today? to
B. Jevenlng' up' the' eount. pThe
Oaii ' took f the lead Inr thf first
Inning, ' scoring one run. : bat D;
Murphy, catcher for 'the Tigers.
' tied , te Ully ' in the third by
" knocking ' the first pitched ball
over, the fence; for a- home run
' After that. It was Vernon's game.
' Score : v 'rtV- R. ' iH. E.t
. Oakland 5 9 2
Vernon ''. . .... ..... 7 12 5
JiallsMurchio; Weils, Ele
Thomas. Baker: ShellenbacfcJ
D. Murphy. 1: " -
i KV:i?i St.' Paul 4; Milwaukee 1.
k At Indianapolis 4; Columbus 11
I J At Louisville 3; Toledo 4.
At! Minneapolis 6: K. C- 3.
lav Conference of
I ; 1 High Schools suggesiea
j rvi I ; yiy:
1 That a more equitable schedule
.of football and other athletic
' '" games might be arranged, there
is talk; according to George Hug,
- superintendent ? of the Salem
schools, of .forming a Willamette
valley conference of high schools.
I Schools that might enter the don
I ference1 are said to be Salem, En
gene, Cottage Grove. Albany; qor
1 valiis. Lebanon.! Fortst Grove,
i McMlnnville and Newberg.
, 1 Boston, Washington and St.
M Louis All Stand Even inj
a ;
, i: American . v
CHICAGO. Mar AariChJtaso
. i i--j vu. i.ltl Vrncia. wildacsi
aa4 ahat dut" Detroit 4 U thf
Sm of ae aane. -K rler was
(in (ona a4 wu kia'firat, gama of
mini 1 i attempta. '
Detroit .
0 7
4 10
Franeia, Moora and Baler; 4'aber, d
' Hchalk. - " :. t - - " '
:. Waahlnctoay, Beaton 4.
I ' Rtt vr?fV ' Kit 4. i Amariean)
Wakaiagtoa took Ua opcoine gaae of iht
aarlea Irota Bolo todays T to 4.. K W
a fnsahittiDff. UoIy pitehe ml lM
. nA a... mine tivai harlen. wad cot
km. mi mi'r tha right field fo. f
W.ahinronV J ij-U T 11 J
1 Tarrnaon Piercr, O'lXnii. FillerUm
Btaek 4 rnah; H11infnirorh. Iftia
! Rt Imla 9. ClTla S.
r "TL EV i3 ASD, : Ohii. sMr:4 (Amerl
n Fonr.komo rt Itftd todaj'a
beta-Ma Kt. Loots and t3Tln4,
.kirk'ih Kri wwn t 3.' Km W!il
1 ... mmdm ' fci fcUth of tbo aeaaoa by
drivl in router and Jacobaoa. ahead jot
hiin In tbo aenth.
; :1a-4he-firt pker it-l first kao
ran ef Vjt ea te lofI groaads.
fctndiuz AVamby ahead of biia. , i f
: i Touia " 1' 15 t 1
fjefelaBd. .
-.5 11 2
'. Shacker sod errid;
-tei- and O'Seitt. . .
CoTeleskle. Ue-
t Philadelphia 8, Kew York 6.
f NEW YORk. My 4. American)
Late iuniuj , rallief by the Philadelphia
Americana enahlrd them to, defeat New
York here today ia a 10-inniag game. M
to 6. . McOowan'a home run ia the ninth
tied the aoore far j Philadelphia, and his
kingla in the 0lh ' drore ia ll.auaer and
Miller wiHi the" winning runs.
Score I R, H. E.
Philadelphia i-.....u.i. 14 O
New York ..J.. 6 lO 3
Harris,: Kinney, Ogden and rcrkins;
Hoyt, May. Jones aud Schan;. t '!
- : h:
rACiric coast leaoxte
- .33
: .429
1 .333
Portland ... I
Vernon i...'..,....
Salt Ika ..
8a n francisoo : L
Harramento 4 ,.13
SeattU i ,..l2
Los Angeles 9
Oakland ;.U......j-10
New York "... u.-...).. 13
("hieago ... i ...10
Itoston 8
Pittsbarg .. 9
Bt.r Loan .... i y g
Philadelphia :
Cincinnati '.. .'. 7
Urookbu :.. -4
' - . i a a.
Oatroit ....! L
New York L
Clereland -..l. ..X
Philadelphia i....i
HoUB . .... ..
Ht. lonis
Chicago ...
Chicago, Boston and Pitts
burg Also Winners in Na
tional League
PHILADELPHIA. May 4--(Na-tional)
New York today won the
opening game of the series from
Philadelphia, 1 1 fo 9. In 13 in
nings. The visitors won the game
In the 13th when Frisco, singled
and scored on i Young's double.
Young took third on the throw to
the plate and scored on a wild
pitdt by Hubbcll. ( - .
Score . ; 1 , -,R. I!. i
New York ......11 13 1
Philadelphia . ; . . . i . 9 16 2
Nehf, Jonnard. Scott and, Sny
der; Meadows, ttehan, Hubbell,
We'lncrt and Ilenline. j-
: ChJrgo 2i St. LuN 1
ST. LOUIS. May 4. (National )
LCallagan. stole home in the tenth
and Chicago defeated! St. Louis
today. 2 torii. Miller, batting for
Aldridge in tbe eighth, tied the
score with ,a home rum into the
right field stands. . : v
Score j f It. III. E.
Chicago 2 t 3
St. Louis i . . . i ?, J. 1 : 0
Aldridge: CJieevea and O'Far-
rell; . Toncy and
Clemons, Ain-
Itostcm 1; tllroukJyn (
BOSTON, May 4.-1 National.)
Marquard ' pitched. Boston to a
12-inning 1 to 1 0 victory over
Brooklyn today. The winning run
came with, two! out. I Marquard
opened the 13th with a single.
Nixon sacrificed Southworth was
walked purposely. With the count
three and two, Henry went In to
run for Alarquard. Henry then
was canght off second by a snap
throw. Boeckel walked, and Mc-
Innis singled to left on the first
pitched ball, scoring. Southworth.
Score, I R. H. E.
Brooklyn I .... j . 0 6.1
Boston 'A i . 1 9.3
Reuther. Smith and " Taylor;
Marquard and O'N'eill.i
Pittsburgh, II; Cincinnati o :.
nal.) The Pirates pounded four
Cincinnati pitchers hard today
and won the second game of the
series, keeping their j home slate
clean with five j victories and no
defeats. The score, was 11 to' 6.
Ortnxm slammed out a three bag
ger, making- U '17 straight gam 63
In which he haa hit $arely. j :
Score R, E.
Cincinnati v . , . ... . . . 6 9 -2
Pittsburgh.. .j. .11 17 1
i ,: Riser.' Couch. Abratns, .. Harris
and Wingo; . Glaxner,
Bagby and
Schmidt., , - . , i
McKinley Juniors Win -
, From Washington Team
! - !
The McKinley junior high
school baseball team of the Junior
High School" league defeated the
Washington school team yester
day by a scoro of IS to 2. Mc
IKnley made 27 hits and three
errors and Washington made only
three hits and. five errors. Fabry
and Baker were tbQ4 battery for
McXlnlerl Jid: riiJllb. 'ud t.
Hunt and Vroby for. Washington.
Grant school has norw- won two
games? and, lost i none; McKinley
has, won one .and loist one, and
Washington has: wonj ? none land
losi two fAx gamed . are sched
uled' for the ; season . McKinley
will play Grant next Tuesday. '
it'"' V''- J j:"!.'
Genuine pearls bought with
false prpmise
bring bap-
SQUIRE EDGEGATE He ThroWa Bit of Symprthy to Charles, But It Seems! to Fall
Laurence Purvine of , ;
Salem Among Graduates
Icge. May 4.-Laurence Punrine
of Salem, son of C. D. Purv'ne,
will be graduated this spring, re
ceding his degree In" industrial
arts. Purvine is a graduate of the
Salem' high school.
Purvine is1 a member of Psi Chi
fraternity. . He was
for two years1 during
in the navy
the war and
has had two years of practical ex
perience at the n&chinis s trade.
' Approximately 5.15 students will
be graduated in Purvine's t claps.
This will be the largest number
to receive diplomas in the history
of the college. The combined
schools ofT engineering will grad
uate 131, agriculture 112. com
merce 91, home economics 41 J vo
cational education 27. and .for
estry 17. wh'le smaller numbers
will . take their degrees from I the
other schools.' i '
Visitors Have Heavy Hitters
- and Pitcher With Tre
A mendous Speed
Saleni hgh met and vanquished
its hardest competition for the
year Friday afternoon by defeat
ing the Newberg team 13 ta 7. It
looked more like defeat for Sa
lem up to the sixth inning, when
the visitors were 6 to 4 in the
lead. And they were hitting the
ball like Ken Williams or Babe
Ruth. They are the star batters
of the intcrschoiastlc eague, so
far as Salem has seen them this
year. ;' " : 1 : . . ; . S ? J'
They showed poor judgment,
however, in shooting their, heavy
artillery down towards Paul.tGir-
od, the diminutive second-baser.
He pulled down three of the hot
test liners, ever hit on Oxford
field,, besides others that were
not quite so' dangerous. . He" rob
bed the visitors of every chance
that they sent his way. The visit
ors put In a Walter Johnson pitch
er who showed l a . tremendous
speed that at first bad Salem ut
terly wild, but finally his speed
failed, and they hit hfm heavily.
Coach Huntington says he lias the
greatest speed he has "ever, seen
in a high school player. .
Louis Glrodjof Salem, first man
up to bat, hit f a homer in the
first inning and Rex Adolph.who
got four safe hits in the game, al
so hit one f four-baggerJ A New
berg batter also hit a home run,
with one man on the base.
Salem is to meet Woodburn this
afternoon on Willamette field, for
a return game. The last meeting
at -Woodburn was excessively dis
astrous to Woodburn. It only
went seven innings. - f '
- Following this game Salem and
Silverton high will hold a track
and field meet, on the same fijeld.
They win stage practically every
thing ever given in such mets.! ex
cept the pole vaults and the hur
dles. - The relay will be 800 yards,
with four runners on each team, to
cover 220 yards each. It is not
knawn what Silverton. can offer In
any of these track events. The Sa
lem team will put in a number
ot consistent performers who will
make hot competition.' 1
California Car Registers i
Here for Third Season
? ; i . -
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Clark ot
llermona Beach. Cal.. registered
last night at the Salem Auto park
for the third : season. They are
making, a trip through the north
west. Seventeen cars. were. listed
among the "holdovers" last night
while six new groups registered
lor the first time. : ;j ;
; New registrations included Mr.
and Mrs..-John Gillette. 'Ontario,
Can; Mr. and Mrs. jl. Ross, Bozo
man. Mont,; J. M. Moberly. Bioux
City; Mr, and Mrs. MJ. Clark.
Hermona - Beach, Cat.; touring
northwest; .. Mr. and (Mrs. . D. . R.
Davis,; Hollywood ; Mr. an d M rs.
J. R. Roughton, - Bedro Wooley,
Wash. -
- i - - gIL mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm BMBaMaaawaMaawaaaaa : --
Dr. 0. F. Willing Is Loser By
Single Stroke Francis
Ouimet Is Champion
i SANDWICH, Eng., May 4
By i the Associated Press.)
Francis Ouimet of Boston; who
has been both amateurand open
champion of the . United States,
today added to his golfing glory
the- most prized possession in the
world for individual ; amateur
medal. play the St. George's chal
lenge cup. ; .
By the margin of a single
stroke he defeated his compatriot
Dr. 0. F. Willing of Portland. Or.j
with whom he had tied in the
regular 2 6-ho tea of stroke com
petition on Wednesday and Thurs
day with a score of 132. Toda?
Ouimet took 77 and Dr. Willing
78 , to ;corer the course over the
sand dunes on which, a year agot
another, American. Walter 1 (agen
won the - British open cnampion-
1 'lay-Off TciMe
Dr. Willing made a courageous
?ffort to He Ouimet again today
at the home hole when he nscd
all his skill in aii.cffpt toV-Mnk.
a chip snot or 36 -reel and lalieo
by only three inches. The west-'
erner never got In the lead, but
be was in the fight "every second
until the last shot, which thrilled
the gallery: as it rolled straight
for, the cup and come to a slow,
disheartening stop less than the
length of a finger from the goal. -
: The sure, steady Ouimet, flaiM
fng the ball with fine precision;
always set the pace a pace that.'
Willing with less punch and accuracy-
in his hard strokes, found
it difficult to follow. But on the
short approaches, and especially
on the green, the Oregonian got
his opportunity to catch up by
delicate and carefuP manipulations-,
of the clubs. Of this be
took every advantage. . i
J Five times he sank f his first
putt, 'while the Boston star need
ed at least two on every hole but
one. and three on two of these.
In this way the westerner, unfal
tering, in his dogged attempt to
keep up with his brilliant pace
maker, succeeded in doing so al
most until the end.
".Veteran golfers . who'; followed
the match under the dazzling sea
side sun. alt agreed that- they had
never seen a tenser play-off.
NEW YORK, May 4. (By the
Associated Press) Louis Angel
Firpo. South American aspirant
to the heavyweight champion
crown of Jack Dempsey, was
matched today to meet Joe White
of .New York, who virtually is un
known at Havana. Cuba, June 3
Firpo is to meet Jack McAuliffe,
II, of Detroit, in one of the milk
fund bouts here. May 12. . -
NEW YORK. May 4 Fred Ful
ton, Minnesota plasterer, and Jack
Renault. Canadian heavyweight,
today were matched by Promoter
Tex Rickard for a 10-round con
test onlhe milk. fund card at the
Yankee 'stadium. May 12, as a
preliminary to the Firpo-McAu-
lifie and Johnson-Willard bouts.
University of Oregon
Again Beats Pacific
EUGENE. Or., May 4 - Oregon
jtook the second game of the'r ser
ies,, with Pacific University by a
score, of' 7 to 6. The contest
went!' 1 1 innings. Amburn who
worked the entire .game for Pa
cific pitched 'nice ball In spite of
the fact that he was minus a fin
ger: nail on his throwing hand
that. rail his' fingers were taped.
. Score: ; " R. H. E.
Paclf Ic . Id, S
Oregon " . . . . . . . v. i il T"Tg
"Amburn. and Roberts; Baldwin
and ook.
There amid Everywhere
Washington State Again
Defeats Oregon Aggies
PULLMAN. Wash. May 4,
The ougar baseball nine again de
feated the Oregon Aggies today,
score 5 to 3,- making it two
straight's tor the series. Quite
the reverse of yesterday's loosely
played game the contest today was
tight with clean fielding and only
one error. ; The urst score was
made by WSC in the sixth. The!
Aggies got two tallies in the sev-j
entb, then the Cougars took over'
the diamond and-made four runs.
The last score for' OAC was made
in the ninth.
Score: , R. II. E.
Oregon Aggies ........ 3 8 0
Washington State . . . .5 6 1
Young, and Duffy; Ruley, Pick
ering and Sandborg.
Score 10 ior5 in( Long But
k Interesting Diamond Con
test I Yesterday
r - ,
Willamette lost to the Salem
Indian school Friday afternoon In
a ' long drawn though not ' unin
teresting game The Indians es
tablished, a good tead early in the
rame. working it up to 6 to 2.
In the seventh the Bearcats made
a rally and put, over three runs,
making the score 6 to 5. In the
disastrous ninth, however, with
two out and Chemawa wobbly, a
bad throw to first let in a ccore,
and then! two more bad throws
counted for two more ; two-baggers.
The Bearcats, who batted
last, failed to raise the score, and
the game ended, 10 to 5 in favor
of the Indians.
Zozel of Salem was tue.umpire.
The players were: .
Willamette Edwards, If: Cor
yell, 2b; Wilkinson, ss; ; Isham,
Sb; Robertson, cf; GIHett, rf;
Shepherd, lb; Mootry (Ellis) c;
Ellis, Bobbins, Fisher, p.
. Chemawa Buchert, 3b; At
kins, c; George, ss; MJnthoru, lb;
Norwest, 2b; Brandoble, cf; Clap
lanhoo, rf Depoe, If; Phlnney, p.
Willamette goes today to For
est Grove! to hold a track and
field meet with Llnfield college.
High School Baseball, Team
Defeats Stay ton First
Time in Six Years'
Turner high school baseball
team, Friday afternoon, took re
venge, and in a real batting feast
walloped Stayton to the tune of
12 to This is the first baseball
game Turner has taken from Stay
ton in six years, breaking the spell
of the; wool city Jinx. By virtue
of this win Turner is again in the
running for county honors." .
. Stayton opened the onslaught by
crossing the. home plate three
times in the initial inning. E.
Gath, pulling out of. a hole, struck
out th? last two up in masterful
style. -The Turner boys began
pounding Zuber. of Stayton in the
third, rcglsterin ga tally, and con
tinued the circut-running the rest
of the game.-' ; "f ' .
. The seventh was the fatal hour
for Stayton. j whqn Zuber was
touched for five runs. Stayton did
not prove dangerous until the
seventh and t eighth., when they
took three runs in each frame. :
Gray, who relieved E. Gath for
Turner In the. fifth, 'was always
et(cctlve in the' pinches. ' In the
last half of the eighth and the first
of the ninth both teams. tightened
an djhey were scoreless,
f Score - It. . II. E.
Turner .... 12 ; 10 4
Stayton f . .y. J". . . . . . 9 " 675
and L. Miller; Zuber and Mlssler.J
Paddock Again Stands
Out as Star at Meet
! PARIS, May 4. (By the Asso
ciated Press) Charles Paddock,
the only American competing in
the international students'1 athlet
ic meet, was again the outstanding
star in the second day's events at
the .Porte Doree! stadium. '
He won the semi-finals in the
100 meter, dash handily, his time
being lOO 4-5 ; seconds, or two
fifths of a second behind his own
world's ' record. Then running
against time, with nobody to urge
him to greater -speed by compe.
tltlon. he broke the world's reoerd'. nloo rin i nm and
for the 75 meter dash. His time
was 8 2-5 ! seconds, or four-fifths
of a second better than the pre
vious record held "by Engdahl of
Sweden. . ; .: i -'-
Washington State Wins
Track Meet From Idaho
PULLMAN. Wash , May 4
Washington State college ath
letes niet in both varsity and
freshmen duki track meets here
this 1 afternoon from the Univer
sity of Idaho. The varsity score
was 98 1-5 to 32 4-5, and the
yearling score 7?W to 534.
The Cougars gained a big lead
in the opening ) events and kept
It throughout. Washington State
college took all firsts with i the
exception of tho 440-yard dash
and the two-mlUe run. while the
Idaho Vandals took the relay. Mc
carty, Love and- Kirkpatriek tied
for high point ' honors with 10-1
points each. Purnell came fourth
with eight points, and Douglass
fifth with. 7 4-5. L Casebolt was
Idaho's high point man with 6.
Under a recent conference rill
ing time was, figured in tenths
instead of fifths. j
MONTREAL, May 4. Kid"
Roy, local fighter, won the Cana
dian, featherweight title tonight
by knocking out Curly Wilshur of
Toronto in the second round of a
scheduled 10-round bout.; Each
man weighed 124 1-2 pounds.
I In all matrimonial ads it is our
idea that the words, "no nrevious
.cute ueceasary, - woum neip
a lot.- Exchange.!
t wem lMM: y
- ; :3Eipp3 f: :j
-:ivy--':y.yiyy.y--yy. . " .. , '
Willamette Wins From Bap
i lists By One-Sided Score
s i Yesterday ; :
i Willa mctte, won a one-sided I vc
torr over Llnfield college Wed-
' nMloir aftornrtrvn at McMlnnvtlle.
s,u7 , wo-a voia o 5 - -
'the Baptists securing- on,y 'ur
counters. .. . - .
Johnny Robins, who pitched,
made it the star game of his 4ar
eer. The eneaayigot no hits until
the fifth. Inning, nd only three
for the whole game. Willamette
made the fiftli inning a regu
lar hog-killing time. They had
1 4 ; men at bat,' and they scored
nine run? in that one dreadful
session. Isham. was the 'star bat
ter for the day, with one", three
bagger and three- 'hits In all
Wilkinson made three, hits. . Oli
ver, Wilkinson and Robertson
each landed on a good two-bagger,
i The game was not," free
from errors, six bungles" being
charged against; the Hearcatx and
more than . that? against - the Lia
fielders., ' o ; '; - v ' : ; .
W'illamette plays the Chemawa
Braves Friday I afternoon at 4
o'clock at the college grounds.
The Indians, are putting up a
red-hot game' this' year, and th
collegians will have to play their
level "best' to hold them level.
Willamette ban ' still another
laeet this, week.! a dual track and
Held. meet with, Llnfield at For
est Grove Saturday afternoon
From what the Llnfield team
rhowed in basketball It is shrewd
ly suspected that their may hav
come real stuff, in general track
athletics "f '
PAUL, Minn.. April 4. In
a slashing 10-round, no-decisipn
bout here tquight, Bermondscy
Billy .Wills. , welterweight cham
pion of England, shaded Jock Ma-
jione or St. Paul, according . to
newspaper critics. .
Welcome to Our ; City
Ypu'll FinlNo Belter Clothes Than Those Sold Here
Manager of Heavyweight
Champ Will Afix Signa-
ture to Gibbons Bout
; CHICAGO, May ,4. (By the As
sociated Press.! -Jack Dempsey,
world's1 heavyweight champion,
will j receive $300,000 for riskin;
his title against Tom Gibbons, tts
St. Paul challenger, in a 15-rounJ
contest to a decision at Shelly.
Mont., July 4. while Gibbon, wi::
gamble with the promoters for IU
share of the receipts, it was re
vealed tonight. Jack eKarn
manager of , the champion, will
receive $100,000 in cash' tomor
row, as first Installment of
$300,000 guarantee and will at
Jach: his signature to the articles
closing the match, f
4 . .Oiir painting Is perfect to
; the veriest detail and Is
perfect underneath the fia
ihing c-!t where you can't
isec but where the work must
be perfect If the Job is to
be a lasting, beautiful one.
V" Nothing inferior in work
manship, paints, or varnishes
if WE .do. the work. c
Reliance Auto PafclcCo .
; PHONE 037
, 210 State St., Cor. Frout