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iwr tr aph1- 1923 : ' !
Susdsy iiljr. .......ieiir
and elgawher la
, Marion ad Polk CouniW ,
Xesrly eTerybody read
The Oregon Statesman
" . ,, . . . , . tj j
Aver? r ending April 'DO,
. iJ3: . ... :;. . : .. i
..... ....-...4.ois
,. ....-...,......... 5489
IHily d Outlay
1 i i ' : : ' : - : ' : : .' . , , -! " t - ..':' " t '.'v.,,-.- '
"' 1 n n v n - i i i i -. .-.- s . .- . i . - i . . i . i
i J-Llil UL. ui ; M
Hi'pture Is Feared as Con
.. sequence ? of Radical Dif -Jcrences
Between Jurks,
,;:::es andu. S.
Sp;Mfc IUustrious Potentate Hal T. Hutchinson of Al Kader temple, Portland,
and, right, William Bell.of Salem, president of the Salem Shrine club. Center, left to right,
aamtes rv Mof f ett of ' Portland, imperial rep resentative ; Harvey Beckwith, recorder, and
A. H. Lea, imperial representative,: Bottom, George L. Baker, mayor of Portland and
.i.ipcuai representative of the Shrine. ; i
Moslems Refuse to Hake
Further Concessions, May
'; LAUSANNE, My (dr th
Asioclat(Hl PreiS.) -Tb puite
ftates has leea dragged . fnto a
coa.troYersy that . threatens i to
canse tbo collapse of the (Recool
Kear ' East pear coBference. The
delegates re desperately ebeking
a 9olutioa oil the situation to pre
tent the rupture feared in conae-
qnence of radical dif ferenqBS, be
tween . the Turks and ' the! allies
and the Americans over ; the spe
cial 'legal 'guarantees to pe ac
r crded ; to foreigners, Instead of
the.fprmer consular court1! abol
Ishd bT-Turkey as part jpf -ithe
rapitnlatjons. . ' '
TJie; coptroTerpy hinges Ian the
anioritytoberxranted "jU tort
ei?' l?a.i aoTiPer lunej psin
I o mV ' oy, and "alsoupon the pos
Vi".. i Obligations incurred; by the
ai: s Jo beir feverish actititlest
i i lalt' confereace,r ynen the
Tr'nchrand Italian, aided
Ar rieaa .". represientatlTe, '
v 1 at the last minute In
fi .iOil attempt to prevent the
Ot'ihV coa t erence , , i
X- Offer to Sign I
-I 'T' :Tsmt Pasiaf agaiilS today ofc-
! which, was accepted then du$
-wIpK tbi allies now navdf with
drawn.' , the , British never ihavlng
rflfiMi it. , Ismet declared today
taring' the proceedings that the
s . Americans W diatlncUy( Ippror-
d the Italian drafts v j
" RTt-1 Horace Rnmbold. the Brit?
K teh high com mlaslonef t Con
; '.tftntinnnle. said the tompromlse
I ?Had heen! effected after Lorft Car
J t ...oonnAr : Tberefore. it
I f ;r.. ..r.ihA AlosA.of the confer
on. n wa ot binding.!' t
fiJ5lr Horace was suppoted jby
r.ono-ral Pelle. tne xtcucu a-
by the
: .
, I.
I 1 1 1 11 " ' ' - ' - 1 . t " I 'I
1 iv:.. j
Only Seventyl-Two, Instead of
25,000 Parade to City Hall '
in New York
Seattle Council Member
Sees Salvation for Younger-Generation
in Places of
Worship (
, - t
Interest of Child Is ' Held
Paramount By Local Wel
fare Workers
(Continued, oa page J7.)
Radio Received at Honolulu
Unable to Lead uoserv-
I -v i ers to rosmuri
l f w!ria mMsaze saying that! the
1 Swedish steamer Anna-I sentj out
1 a radio meseage . f roman "e
1 4 termined location that! she waa
? slaking, was ieceived from Jlon
Jolula ioday bytthe marine depart-
ment of the
I merce.i The
of Corn-
m,t narinA observers there
were IS unable to determine the
f Anna's position from the .distress
fealls.: -: ' v.- f..r.;--;-S
According to the nharine de
partment no Swedish steamer
Icanied8 Anna la due at any Pa
f cine port. -There Is !no record
? that she sailed from any Pacific
1 port lately. There la Ja SwedUh
irteamer'by, that-namei however,
fa cargo carrier ol 4P0 tjna, ,
President Tells McNary and
Stantield 1 They Must
Reach Agreement
WASHINGTON, ;May 4.- (Spe
cial to The ' Statesman) No cus
toms collectors has yet been ap
pointed for Oregon. President
Harding told Senators McNary ana
Stanfleld Thursday that he" would
not ' make an appointment until
they have agreed on the man,
and they have nbt yet agreed"""
The above j Wformaflon from
Washington, leaves tbe"( matter of
a, collector for jOregon much in
the air, if, the Information is correct.-
It is : believed, however;
that the two senators have agreed,
and that the president .will' make
the appointment in' a fey days. T.
M. Ilurlburt of Portland appears
to be leading, though Jthere is a
chance for Wheeler present ap
praiser of customs. , .
While the; senate , confirms or
rejects the appointment, made by
the president; the main appointed
can go ahead and serve in the In
terim before the convening of the"
new congress, so there. Is little
daflger that th appointment will
be long deferred. ' r ; ;fi V '
Portland Terminal to
v: Be Given Investigation
OREGON: Saturday,
:i ally cloudy.;
:jj;v - (Friday)
Maximum temperature, 81.
Alinimum temperature, 46.
River, 2.7 feet; falling. 1
No rainfall. ' ! '
Atmosphere, partly Cloudy,
j Wind, southwest. 1 ' : t
On grounds that conditions In
the union depot yards in Port
land'' are hazardous to a degree
because of poor regulations rela
tive to the! movement of trains,
the public service commission yes
terday issued notice inves
ligation of the service and facil
Ities of the; Northern Pacific Ter
minal company, The hearing will
be-thi3 month4hutv the, date has
not been fixed; ; one complaint is
that switching! is often In prog
ress in the yards while passenger
trains are being- sent out. ' The
Investigation, will be on the com
mission's' own! motion." .
More than a year ago the ter
minal company acquired right of
way in Portland ' over property
estimated in value at $3,000.00,
and, it is said promised to make
certain, improvements whipi have
not been made. -
Methodist Episcopal Delega
tion Not Influenced By
Moscow Bishop ,
i i -
SPOKANE, Wash., 'May 4.
Dances In" the public schools and
li the churches it necessary, as
a means of providing wholesome
recreation for young people "were
recommended to the annual Wash
ington conference of " social wel
fare workers here today ' by Mrs.
Henry Landes,'-president of Tthe
Seattle women's civic league and
member of the Seattle; city coun
cil. , i:-' i: ' !-
VEverv school and church
ahould be used to its full capacity
for the benefit of the community,'
saldi Mrs. Landes.' "Dances in the
schools will s save our young peo
ple from the menace of the down
town dance hall and vicious mo
tion pictures, i I am , a church
member, a Congregatlonalist from
New England and yet I favor
dances in the churches It need
be." 'i .,, . , ': ' . j .
Mentally Deficient Few i
The afternoon session, at which
Mrs. Lanes spoke, was devoted to
4"soclal service and libe .-commun
ity' v The : morning Session j bad
been devoted to discussion of pub
lic health work and disease ! pre
vention. - 1 ,' i ;
Miss Evelyn Qardiner. execu
tive secretary of the social welfare
league of Seattle, following Mrs.
Landes, referred to family welfare
work as "citizenship work." .
"Our poor are not a class apart
NEW YORK, May 4. Seventy
two Instead of an announced 25,
000 women paraded to city haU
today in protest" against the hlxh
price of sugar, and prices of raw
sugar features recovered ' from
yesterday's slum and : v climbed
from ; 4 1 to 5 C pqi n ts d u ri ng the
day's trading. ', v
The protest parade led by Mrs.
Louis Reed Welzmiller, deputy
commissioner of . public ; markets
and leader of the local . buyers'
strike movement was headed , by-J
a squad of mounted police and the
police band of 50 men, and in
cluded 35 marchers and 35 women
in six motor Cars. ,' ;
At the city, hall the paraders
were joined by about 50 men and
ISO more .women, s i - )",-;'.
Mrs. Welzmiller urged the wo
men to . support the federal gov
ernment's injunction j against the
sugar interests. She said, she had
been informed directly by federal
agents that the women s ; sugar
boycott had been the direct cause
of thai drop in sugar prices. . The
local jniovement.; she ', added. ; In
eluded 5,000 actite workers and
1,000,000 women supporters."
Mayor Hylan 'pledged the sup-!
port of the city r administration to
the boycott. - -'
Nftrthwesterrl YOUth D e-as some of ; us are apt to think.''
' iA ltA!ftn 4 lMI she declared.! "The, degree
dared Intention to
Self Many Times
normal families' is high. , There
are not many mentally deficient.
Work with the adults is Just as
worth while as work with the
CHICAGO, May 4. The mys- children."
tery surrounding the death of I - Miss. Gardiner also quoted fig
Leighton" . Mount, " Northwestern I ures from her organisation show
universitp Jtsudent, whose skele-jing that the cases of family trou-
ton was found beneath a pier near I bles as follows
the Lake .at Evanston, Monday,! Physical handicaps, ; illness, 6,-
. . '. . . lilt 4 J V - 1
was aeepenea toaay ny tne ques-1 "i aueuxu i ueiecu,1 uuuii mai
tioning of the state's attorney's 1 mentalities. 7.5 85;- industrial rea
office of more th'an7l60 under- sons, unemployment, 7,272 : and
graduates. 7 ? I moral problems, 2,427.
After 'insisting for days that I , Kev. J., Wt Hawk, superintend-
Mount, who disappeared in Sep-jeht or the Montana children's
tember. 1921, fatter taking .: n" a I nome society,;toid about the work
class rush,; had met his death as lor tne national, children's home
a result of hazing land that his I ana welfare association,, of which
body had been hidden by fellow j the states society Is a branch. He
students,' officials tonight said I empnasizea the importance of love
that the theory that he commit-1 " the child.
pd siiiefdfl "does not now seem I Love in a home means more
so improbable as
Florence Youthi Kills
Self After Beach Party
EUGENE, Or., May 4. Halbert
Hemliardt, 27, committed suicide
by shooting himself, through the
had with a revolver at his home
at Florence,- Lane' couaty. last
night, according ;to w6rd ' received
here : today. ' He had attended a
high" school party - on j the ocean
beach during the evening ' and
upon his return home ho went to
his . room and ; shot himself. He
was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Rob
ert Bernhardt., pioneer residents
of that section and was a veteran
of the World war', having suffered
from shell shock I while in France.
Vancouver police and United
States Immigration authorities de
ned here tonight that Edwin F.
Morse; an aleged embezzler of
Denver, Colo., had been arrested.
it did at first." than money' he said. ,
er of times dur- "I'd rather place "a
WICHITA, Kaa, May 4. (y
The Associated Press A resolu
tion recalling the Methodist Epis
copal delegation to Russia and re
fusing to accept responsIDiirty JOr
any of the purported rejnarks ot
Bishop Edgar BJaker at i Moscow
was adopted by the board of bish
ops, of which .Bishop Blake is a
member, here late today. ' H i
The Methodist Episcopal church
of the United States neither sup
ports nor derenas tne soviet suj-
ernment of Russia as Bisnop
Blake of Paris Is represented per
sonally to have assured ; the ay-
Russian ecclesiastical council 91
the living church i Mosow yes
terday, " the"' resolution delares.
' i'. H - " A 7'7T '
Cottaae Grove Boy Is
Killed By Automobile
v-.H r.-.-j ' -7 - :-
. EUGENE. Or., May 4. Shelby
Curtley, 12, wa3 run over by an
automobile v driven1 by Horace
Page.. IS. of Eugene, at: Cottage
Grove this afternoon and s killed'.
Page and a number of companions
had attended a baseball 'game at
Cottage Grove and as Page back
ed his car out of the grounds the
Curtley boy. was . struck. He fell
"beneath 'the wheels and died a
few minutes? after.,. He was the
son of John Curtley. a mechanic.
That on a .number of times dur-1 ia ratner place a cniid in a
ing the summer of 1921 Mountlumoie nome where ove rules
had told i her he was dissatisfied I tnan in a ricn home where only
with conditions in his life and had 'be advantages that money can;!
eood notion to do away with bay are offered. The child is our
himself" was the testimony oll"w important asset ana must oe
Miss Doris FuchsTa friend of the nanaiea carefully.. The supreme
dc-ui shident. Th eirl testified I courts 01 several states nave held
that Mount had told her the flignt l interest of the child is
he disaDDeared that the class -rrauuni
rush with its attending excitement
might give him an opportunity to Funeral 01 MaTV Bliell '
"do away with himself." ' - 11.11. ., '
"That! night-he sent me a note
in which: he warned me to' keep
'as quiet as a snake," she said.
Mrs. J. L. Mount, mother, of the
dead youth, said that Miss Fuchs
had told r herof ' these ' conversa
tions with her son at the time ot
his disappearance but added that
in her worry she probably did not
give the worda a great deal of at
tention. . 1
Another Cookinq Club
- 100 Per Cent Perfect
COLLEGE, Corvallis. May .4.
The : Cooking; club at. Buena
Crest, Marion county, has ; com
pleted the work and is now a 100
Is Held at Silverton
1 SILVERTON. Or., May 4.
(Special to The Statesman.)
Funeral services of Mrs Mary
Buell were held from the Silver-
ton chapel Friday morning with
Kev. George Henriksen officiat
ing. Miss Esther , Larson gave a
vocal solo, f She was accompanied
cy Mrs. Lawrence Larsen
MrsBullwho died fey 2 at
Hood River at the age of 61 years,
was formerly a Silverton resident,
having lived in the Silverton; hiljs
for many years.
EUGENE. Ore., May 4. -Lieutenant
John Benton and Sergeant
Klnt. of the 91st aero squadron
or the United States : army..- sta
- s
- - - -
I - I
Decorations Pronounced Among Best Ever Seen in Ore
gon Trag 110 Warehouse Transformed into Imnisn:2v
Dining Hall Brilliant Parade to Start at 1 : 33
200 Novitiates to Cross Sands v
When you see today a picture of a dry dromedary gazing
vacahtlytoff across the burning: sands, ana a burnoused Arab
praying; al 40 knots an hour, they are praying: mostly that the
south wind of Friday doesn't turn Into a rainstorm before the
Shrine" ceremonial is over Old Grandpa Gloom, and his son
Gloomy Gus and his wifes Aunty Doleful, have prophesied
rain ; the true Shriner is praying that they are liars and that
Friday's beautiful weather may be repeated,
y 7 The city of Salem is decorated magnificently for the
great: Shrine ceremonial. Past Illustrious Potentate Frank
S. Grant of Portland, who has been city attorney of Portland
for pleasure and Shriner for a steady business for many years,
says that 'the -Salem civic decorations outshine everything:
ever before shown in the state," except at the, great national
conclave, in Portland three years ago. V ; 7 7 '
Flags, bunting, banners, window
displays, .window cards and signs,
all have given to the city a beau
tiful gala apeparance. - A Shriner
may be no richer or fatter or tal
ler or Btronger than other people;
and maybe he couldn't Jaza aa
long on the dance floor for a fool
endurance record; but it rnakpa
him swell up to feel that they're
doing all this for him. 7 -
iBggest Ceremonial Vet . (
It Isn't for any one Individual,
however. There, are 6000 members
in the Al Kader temple, and this
is in honor of all these good fel
lows- . These r ceremonials are
passed tout over the Btate. .They,
havevi3lted . a jiumtber of othes
towns, as far east as La 'Grands
and as far west as Astoria and
Mirshfield, to give every locality a
Cuance to see Shrine" activities a 5
work. . 7 '
. The present ceremonial Is the.
biggest yet, outside of Portland. It
Lwill have more than 200 novitiates
to be inducted into the order. It
Should - bring i 5000 people to Sa
lem today. It is to cost the Temple
t C AAA A ' . n
the huge affair. ; '
The Traglio warehouse onSoutii
Liberty, has been transformed into
the greatest dining room In the
west. It will seat every Shriner at
once. The army ot 'waiters, and
cooks would loo kalmost like the
Army of American Occupation
crossing the RJiine. The foods
they-will' prepare and serve and
- (Continued on 'page 4)
.--'. -.;vr; i-v.-.,.
Ezra Meeker, Pioneer of
Plains,' Of fers to Go Along
or Next Flight
SAN DIEGO," Cal., May 4.
While hundreds, of telegrams of
congratulations continued to pour
iu from all parts 'of the wof Id,
with ! the , knowledge that the
United " States congress and sen
ate are planning tp honor them,
Lieutenants r Oakley Kelly "and
John A. MacReady today rested
on. laurels well earned. Mac
Ready was at' the home of ' hl3
parents in Los- Angelesand Kelly
with friends here. r
The - filerai received and sent
two Interesting telegrams; " One
front Ezra Meeker of New York
(Continued on page 4)
Paul Wallace Announces That He Will Not Run Again
Winslow Not Committed Faction That Supported
Bond Issue Expected to Have Ticket in FieldElec
tion Only Few Weeks Away.
With the election of two new school directors for Salem
city schools little more than one month away and with the
question mill f already busily turning out rumors the who,
when and why of prospective candidates is beginning to as
sume concrete proportions. .
f . - ; . I - :: VltVU UbBltg - HI tUJ Kl V.
per cent club. Mrs. Myrtle Peck- j tioned at Crissy field, San Fran-
ner is ciud leader; u;uia lecsner , ciscp. left for the Jiome station to-
president; ,"Doshia ., Penny..' vice
president, and "Edith Larson sec
retary. Other members: are Alice
Zielinski and Gladys Rogers. , ,
day after; "having! completed C the
work of making ' aerial maps in
various. , parts ; of Oregon ' and
Washlngtoa for the 'army. .
To begin wtth. Paul Wallaee
has announced" that he will not
. i . . .
be a candidate! for reelection.
"I believe tjiat I have served
:" . - - " ,
long enough' Mr. .Wallace said
yesterday, "and that someone else
should have a. chance at the
Wheel." ; .. 7-;7-
This 4 leavesf W. C. Winslow,
whose ttrm empires this year." as
the onlyiotberboard member who
has not9 yet ; committed himself.
Mr.i Winslow opuld not be reached
last night and lit is not yet known
whether he) wll proclaim himself
a candidate for reelection or not.
It Is rumored, however, that 'the
faction who put the bond issue
over will propose a ticket of its
own which it twill support to the
last -man. -;t"r' :"A7;
One of these who have' been
suggested . as prospective candi
dates Is - David Eyre,r president of
the United States National bank
Mr. Eyre, because of his standing
in the community, and long record
ot faithful service, woulcf make an
Ideal "director!" many point out As
yet; however.jMr. Eyre has not de
clared his' intentions of running
for 'the 'iK)sIttL',"7.:;-? f" -f
CHICAGO,: May .- Through
an error fla transmission an item
sent April 2 S at 10:45 p. m. stat
ed the "SeTenth," church of Christ
Scientist had filed a voluntary
petition In bankruptcy The story
should have read seventeenth
church, which ody lr not ' recog
nized by thef mother church. -
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