The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, April 29, 1923, Page 3, Image 3

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'Mitchell reports Accident
it; Cwiiitche:
: ported'that as lie was rabout to
i park -en' State street near Lib.
i erty yesterday he was struck by
:a unidentified motorist, Little
amage was done. - 1 J
ts Accident J The Frsach Shop 1J5 High -St.
II of route 6, .re. Adv. j, , ; v. I- . .
The Season- :
V- - Most unusual -Bale
,ery dresses, capes, coats, furs.
of . mlllin
ts, furs.
: t Many specials for Monday's sell?
( ing., Dresses regular 335 to $55
. .value now S 19.50 to $39.50.
' i j . .
Jnlcc 1st Wanted"?"" y t -!
Mrs. . C.j tl. Cochran and. others
who" ' live t on; Logus road, ' Mult
nomah i county,,,, have, petitioned
the1 pubha service commission to
require i'thas ...ii Portland Railway,
Light & Power company to ex
tend - Its electric 'service to the
resident ;oij that district.
Cocoon i-
I imported 3 . English.
I - -
a I
; vnimsi urn
J, if. i .. f v 5 . I ' U . . . " V
. .yTHA-T a boon it 13 to sufferers from dental
.. , trouble to know that NO Witney can
lave any dental operation performed entirc
ljwithout hurt 1 ; " ' '
; ' I - - . . l jjt j .
i This Is Llade Possible by , V
, TLa Kew 7onderful. Fluid--'
4 '
WT11J I f lrfa4M L t
: ,-;t v jfORlTHE TEETH j . ; -
It PutS'tke Teeth to Sleep and
S:.,;Xkere Is No Hurt .- -"
' TwOfghf Sleep lT)ehtTltryl Is1 avait' V t
; ' : abler; in;, tWs:;;city,70NL.T ' at our r ; 'fSS?
: ' Open Evenings Until S O'clock -
Utterly Painless Dentists
I I ' ' i
Bank of Commerce Bids.
Colujnbi Bldg.
Krst National Bank Bids.
SUUi and laberty 6t4 W. Park Wahinftn Sts. Firmt Vjuliington St.
Broadcloth, shirts.; Made of Tlhe
long .Uustroua -Jgypian . cotton.
Wears -longerthan silk or - anyhot rhlle the remainder "Of fcrop-
simllar fabric. All fast colors.
$3 at Ed. .Chastain . Clothing Co.
Adv. .
Express Company Reports -
The net income i of the -American
Railway Express company
for 1922,. according to its an
nual report filed with the public
service commission, was $2,773,
719.49. Other statistics In the
report are: Total operating rev
enue. ; I152.503A7M8 1 operating
expenses, $149,142,021.17; taxes
$2,213,985.96; oprating Income,
$1,107,579.16., '
Dr. Mendclsolin
: About ;- yourt eyes and .your
glasses. ; TJ. S, National banK
bldg. Adv., " '
Hearing is Moikaay
George. Stonier1 and Jack Bach
elor, .who- were taken into cus
tody .- by officials operating out
of the sheriff's office.' Friday
ater ' a still and mash " had been
dlscoreved . in i their f possession,
both pleaded not guilty when ar
raigned before County Judge, W.
M.' Bushey Yesterday. Their bail
was set at $ 2 5 0 : each . and .. trial
set for t Monday at "10 o'clock.
Bachelor furnished his bail f and
was released, v Stottler is being
held in the ; county i Jail, upon
failure : to furnish " baiL )
Dr. Mendclsoh
' Is back. Adv.
School Standardised -
Rural -jBchool Supervisor '.. "W.
IL- Baillie returned .from an ex
tended visit i throughout the coun
tr yesterdayrduring-rrwhiCh' time
k. : Un4ar.dijre4. M , rQadacres
school. . Evergreen.. will, be stan
dardized Monday '-and -Belle- Pass!
May 4. Word from Four! "Corners,"
the other school to be standard-
Iflzed, las ; not been received as
yet. .
ins .toJhewiu Jhewid'QwNoraJaett
Kirk,-wiU-iBherit -4 he house -and
arwawwwy uovauoo UL Lilts Ull"
' : ..; i.
Legal nisntes . .
. Get them at The Statetsman of
fice. Catalog on application.
Adv. -
Captain J. Roy Neer" is here
from" Portland. ' - '
plot-is; -logical though highly.
s. Classified
WilL bring you a, buyer. A4r
versa; American desire to ob
erv the life of -the Idle rich
with all its luxury.! The setting
is one i ' of i truly : royal magnifl-
eence,. and elaborately artistic
scenes, with kinira and rantnlns
of industry for heroeic n a n
lu.-, .-. (
i; American girls as heroines.
Oregon Ffeshmen.Win FTve
Cornered Track and Field
i; Sports at Eugene s
EUGENE, Ok, April 28. The
Oregon freshman track squad- to
day won the .'five cornered track
and field meet' staged on ' Hay
ward : field with . a 'total score of
74 points. 4 Corvallis high school
finished second with 38, l-J
points, Llnfield college, of , Mc-
Minnviiie. tnira wiin 4"
points, Salem high school fourth
with 14. 1-3 ; and Eugene fifth
wit,h two. points. Walt Kelse,
Oregon froah was' the star of the
meet with firsts to his credit in
the 220 yard low hurdles, the
120 ' yard highi hurdles and the
broad jump for a total of 15
points. ' ,p '
Try Our Fig Bread .
, Made from delicious California
prepared figs i fresh v from our
ovens every day. ' Dixie pakery.
439 Court street. Phdne 954 .
Adv. : . ' -
Will Probated
The will of John Kirk was
filed for probate in the county
clerk's office . yesterday. ; Accord-
t rr
i i
W SU3T3: i
i -.' GOAT
$1950, $22.50
Whipcord Worsteds
See 7fcJc:.7 Display; - One Week (faly
The reason fori this sale is that
we have decided to carry ) only
-r-Thereiore all other makes on
hand must go at a s$
Complete Range of Sizes for
' Men and Young Men
Masonic Temple
! !
Suit Sa5e :
. ........... . . .i. ... . , Ul .a a Tin
'SO :'?y-".4i-"
- : v
v-'vfeaj ii -
-fcl:i J.;.'!
- "' , " -
- (I .' f I) - sJl& -
f ' - - . k ' III
(Continued from page 1) .'
Ing rapidly and will be virtually
normal ; by .Monday,, police and
shipping men declared toiug ai.
Offshore shipping was moving
without interruption v late Uoday
and nearly all the 20 coastwise
lumber steamers in" . port had se
cured crews and were being, disv
charged, according to 'Edwin
Nichols, manager of the Shipown
ers association. -; Approxinvately
50 Ostrikers have already returneft
to work, Mr. Nichols said, and It
there example is followed by an
other 200, there will be no danger
of a serious vtleup of shipping.
Jfo Violence Yet. . .
So far the progress of the strike
has been marked by an entire: lack
of "violence. Although a speci&l
detail of 50 patrolmen was being
held. 1n- readiness at Central sta
tion tin icsei. Captainr; Clyde I Jk.
Plummer, head of the port police
division; ; should , need, assltahc
the harbor police tonight said they
needed no help. . ; .
"I have not added an extra1 man
to my force here, and I ,don't ex
pect to," -Captain Plummer; was
auotedas saying. ; 'A
Three Arrests 31arieit
' i SEATTLE Wash.,' April 28.
Threearre8ts today made a total
of five .here -; growing out ,of :ja
marine and lumber strike : called
Wednesday by - the Industrial
Workers of the World as a protest
against, i the detention of persons
arrested during the war E; Hoi
derman. a seaman: 'Carl Kogald. a
woods. worker,rnd, John ,Klu, ' a
laborer; arrested today, were re
leased uader. $50 bail, each'to ens
wer .Monday charges that they
were distributing Inflammatory
handbills. v
Through ; a mistaken idea tit
advertising ."Adams Rlb'f tM
photoplay now running at the
Oregon, is billed as-an extra va
ganza of ? the s first water,; with
pondrous allegory and spectacu
Iar trappings enough for sev
eral ordinary plays. However,
for ."a wonder, the allegorical
features Tare not overdrawn. .. the
', S i i ; .
- 5 h '
.tils I
Open Night and Day
A Good Place TSai
Chicken Dinner EveryjSznday
. - i. (
- - ?
' '-,4' '!
8 P. M.
All Gifts, Framed Pictures,
Etc y2 Price!
r 548 State
. Opposite Court House
j makes -"Adam's - Rib') -remark-
a pie, . for ... as.a ., super-spectacle,
it is 'exceeded by many, less
worthy productions. Only, good
acting- a f straight line - plot- and
harmonious , surroundings ' Create
Its - appeaal.: . The moral , of the
pre-eminent ' parable could be
told in i one short sub-tit ie
though ; the Woodland scene 'is
lovely and, realistic. .;The gowns
will convey, many new . Ideas to
some, others will learn new ideas
mostall will ,be affected by the'
skillvul. acting of the - principals.
: It cannot, be blamed ; to "Cecil
DeMille ? that - the moral ; lessons
ofuch plays 'must; be hammered
in .with such broad .wedges; the
American public has decreed that
all points must be abnormally
stressed for average ; audiences.
Following : this principle, the
purist ! In art : would complain
that "Adam's , Rib" is too .ob
vious and too coarse. , isevertne-
jjressipa-ea. .-JI t
audience. - -
S1LVERTON, Or., April 2- .
(Special' to The Statesniau.r-
The .Sflverton OAC club er -; 1
a welner roast at the Cii.
camp" grounds Friay- ni?:.
short " business meeting, was
and the remainder of the t -y
nine was soent 1 around, tiie -
Jt to not any new thing whica for parties and balls,1 while a!- less, It intakes a satisfactory. lm- roasUag weiners 'and taU. :.
We BeKeveivAeVrWomeh of this Community Wan
the Best of Modem Conveniences So-VelBoiight
brMod! of the iP'omGcuo
c a-,
5- k
Flour Din -
Automatic Uase "
Shelf Extender, ,
Drawer Section
Sanitary Stain-Procf
White Porceliron. , .
Work Table
Ant-Proof Casters
Altogether FiTteen
t Famous Features -combined
in no '
Other Id tchencabinst
RemarUobly Xb wPiices, and Special Offers TfuHng Tliis
Thousands of ;wcrnen know
that ihsir kitchens Lave made
' . tneni old, tired, lifeless. This
i$ not the fault, of. the kitchen .
! nor of the: workl : -For Uie
kitchen jhould be Ihe happi- ;
' : . est iSpot iaJthe:hcjae. It is. the
i fault of the methods, -
' , You need modern .convea
r lences. You need, most pf all
this' great, modem, scientific, :
mechanical servant to calie
; ' your wqrk easyTn.tSr.rt?
thehonrs--to mslie cach Xzilz.
'a pleasure,
" ,That is . why we have ?pnr
' chased a whole carload of the
famous -' Sellers prcnounced
. "the world,rs .most convenient
kitchen cabinet" at "special
I j ' quantity priceslvl yXi I'SUl
A bPlaTntHsieatvCariQad
; Lot Sale we are of ferinj these
beautiful ead ccmplete cabi
nets atjthe lowest prices we
: have nxada ila yedrs -
Read our special offer below. It is janother inducement
made especially asf a feature of this great sales event. Take
advantage of it now. Come in today an4 let Jus demonstrate .
the cabinet-antf its wonderful features toJ you.
This gives you a chance to do something for yourself to "
: make your pwn. work - easier-your . own days happier. Come r
, in' and pick, out the Sellers' you want on Jthese special terms.
..-.. . . -. ,
r. v
puts a Sellers in your
kitchen. .
I?ay balance in small
amounts to suit your
: . income.
Puts It It
Your Kitchen
.day Tots "
- -.'-(-
fl "
'V ...
j -
&04?EECE GET d fPTl
Come in tomorrow and
pick your -Cabinet
tyjm - ucwmis wamues , sWcao.a
18 'Pterer asniustrstea. "Heavy rtong-wearing guaranteed by the -manufacturer
: , CoT 20 ye" Absotutely free with each Sellers purchased during the Carload gala
. . . - , . . . -
s -
1 J