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(; Empire of 300,000 Square
Miles; to Be, Provided With
, Transportation v
:.V4-': ,v r .;;;:;f ::'-r -
ANCHORAGE, Alaska, April U)
' : i-proTldinu an empire of - 3.00,000
sqaara ' miles with a complete
tranaportatlAn-syBtem, .which dif
fers ?rom anything in America
In that it embraces conditions and
problems noteeonntered at any
other point on the western hemis
phere, la the wort partly accom
plished by Che joint actiTitiesi o(
tha Alaskan Engineering cornmls.
sion and the Alaska Road ; com
mission, f f - 'irK; -V-. i -f -;. v
' To grasp the magnitude of the
work performed, and being per
formed, In Alaska que ' most re
yert to a period of but two years
Ho when to. penetrate the great
hinterland. ' of , 'Alaska' Entailed
months of travel and a thousand
i ' hazards Ter; deep snows and In
i ' low temperatures. : Travel y was
conducted in, winter when rivers
were frozen and; the great 'tun
t draa and swamps vfera coated with
. ice. To undertake such a trip' in
summer was fraught wlthr greater
difficnltnes. , 3 ,
Iast Trench Remalms'
j The army that has been shov
ing the. lines of ; transportation
I and modern conditions - into the
heart of Alaska has taken all but
', the last f trench oand in the con
I Bolldalion of the treathes already
taken have gained ; command, of
. one of - the most - hasardons and
- complex 1 transportation problems
ever confronting a nation, aqqerd-
lag to leadtog engineers. The
' last; trench k a matter of some
, 4 0 miles of t narrow gauge j rail
: Toad to be , standardized when
every obstacle to reaching; . the
most " remote regions of the ter
. rSJory will ' hare been ; removed
jnd supplanted by a transporta
tion system, which the engineers
lay will be second to npnel . ,
The 'Alaska, railroad is ye key
to the entire situation. ; This
key, has unlocked the door., to
river transportation on the, Tan-
and Yukon xiyers and. their
. t Notaries, ; It isTnow; possible Co
travel aa all-year pen seaport at
Esward .to Fairbanks by rail and
at the Tanana river, lying': in the
great hard wheat belt or Alaska,
steamers will be ready in sum
Jtfrr to take pa9seng4s ' and
freight via this stream to the
Yukon, up the -Yukon; to 'Dawson,
and down the Yukon to Fort St.
Michaels. (
l' Mining Industry Aided j
Aside; froiiv Us .other functions
the . government" j transpprtatlon
system .will enable gold ; hunters
and placer operators to penetrate
farther into he. arctic, something
f mailing several jyears" time and
untold hazards but two years ago.
What was isolation is now acces
sible to almost anyone who cares
to venture into hitherto myster
ious and unexplored regions.
' I In speaking of the activities of
the - Alaska Road - commission, ot
which he is; vice chairman. Col
onel John Gotwals says:
"The solution ot .- means ot
overland transportation is at last
receiving the attention that it de
serves in Alaska. The construc
tion of the railroad, magnificent
piece of. work that itils, js a to
ken; of .the alms of the govern
ment in this respect. . ' This strnc
ture adds a: gigantic link .to the
primary transportation . line upon
which -odr present, economic sys
tem, rests and upoa.,which.lhe fu
ture commercial activity,, greater
than anything iseen in the past,
will -arise. But to bring on this
greater day still ? another ; link
must be added j tying our produc
ing centers together and with the
great , outetde; 4 that Is, the com
pletion, of tthie icessary : trails
and roads to reach the railroad
and : the interior river isysCem
served - by ' boats operating from
the railroad. u", .
. '
The Portland Wool Warehouse
company, capitalized at 1300,000
filed articles j of incorporation
here yesterday. : The ; incorpora
tors are X W. Creath, J. V.
Burke and; Oscar Furuset. ,
i. Other articles filed were: . f ,
American Educational club,
Portland; Incorporators, Thomas
Blagteh, Steven D. Adrian, Steto
Evanoft;- capitalization $1000.
; City . Messenger & Delivery, com
pany,' Portland; i .incorporators,
Karl Herbrlng; Neil Halarkey O.
Ohle; capitalization 5q00. rl
David Ocean Log Rafting &
Towing company, Portland; in
corporators, G. G. Davis, . F. : A
Douty, C." N. Wonacott; capitali
zation 1 50,000. . .
Great Western Coffee company
Portland: 1 ' incorporators, R. ; M
Caldwell, Yiber't Hunsaker; Ger
trude Caldwell; capitalization
THE first formal1 dance of the
season) was given last night
at th Illahee Country club. : JThe
affair was , proceeded by, a num
ber of smaller dinner parties and
a few informal arupepr t parties
were delightful affairs 'following
the -dance, j. i ::" . '.,"1
Mr. iand Mrs. John J. Roberta
were hosts of a dinner party pre?
ceding) the danoe at which covers
were laid for 2 8 guests.
j -::f 5 ;": vj'H
fir. and Mrs. A. N. MooresJ
have as I their " house guest' their
daughter, Mrs. Robert Kinney of
Astoria.-,'-! ; : :.ii--h
- -, '-' , L ' 4 1 - ': i il !
Mrs. W. E. Johnson was hostess
yesterday at a ,,500" . party in
honor of her house guests, Mrs.
A. L. Johnson and Miss j Cecil M.
Davis of "Santa Cruz, el. Mrs.
Frank Schafer I won high score,
and " he : consolation -prize went
to : Mrs. H.j H.; Corey. ; i
.The rooms -of the r Johnson
home were) bright with potted
plants and spring blooms, in yel
low and white. Four tables were
in play during .the ., afternoon, ';
; The gueste iieluded, besides
the guests of honor: Mrs. - Rome
Hunter,. Mrs. H.'.H-, Corey, Mrs.
James Godfrey, Mrs. Frank Scha
fer, Mrs. W F. ' B uckner, M rs. ? O.
P. Hoff, Mrs. Ida aBbcock, Mrs;
W. W. Moore, Mrs. Miller Bevier,
Mrs." Walter Smith, Mrs. Carrie
Fowle, Mrs.) Margaret Montgom
ery, Mrs. Alice Coolidge,, Mrs. D.
B. Jarmlne, Mrs. J. A. Bernar-
dl, Mrs. Grace Johns, Mrs. W."'A.
Johnson and Miss Leila Johnson
.. ;, I k y .
The T OAC ,club will be enter
Urineid next week at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis D. Griffithl
The regular meeting of the club
is tonight, but it, has been post
poned until next Thursday night
' - J;.
Mrs. A. N. Bush will be hostess
for the i Thursday ' afternoon club
at, her home this evening. Joint
hostesses for' the afternoon j are
Mrs F. A. Elliott. Mrs. 8.' C.
Dyer and Mrs. Charles Park
Mrs. E. Van Slyke i Is . hostess
today for members of the Golden
Hour club. . - it 'i- ) A' .
The womeM of the' Central Con
gTeeational church will give a
; . Today ...
WRC, Aid society, all day
at armory. . ' . " - "
; Thursday Afternoon club,
I with Mrs. A. N.-'Busbfq V ;
YMCA auiillairy It YMCA.
f v : - Friday ;-
Three Link Club.
' ? Salem Woman's cjub. '
; Ladies of GAR. !
supper at the church early next
week.-.:--1 , -j ,s ' , J - v''1.-""v
j..;- : '
The first J two lecture on the
Tombs of Luxor were .'given . yes
terday by Mrs. Alice H. Dodd,
under the Sponsorship of the Sa
lem Women's club at the Lib
erty theater. Mrs. ; Dodd v was
handicapped yesterday by the
fact .that the electric current went.
off at the beginning of her lec
ture, and she was obliged to talk
for "aiwhile without illustrations
around which her tIK was built.
Those . hearing her, . however,5
had the opportunity.. of hearing
many Interesting things which
ihe wonld have been obliged to
omit had the lights' enabled her
to -continue; her 'lecture;.. 1
AJ double quartet from the Sa
lem Women's, club chorus I sang
Where My Caravan" Has ' Rest
ed," and responded wrth an en
core, "The Night Has a Thousand
members of- the quartet,
i j exceptionally well , bal-
and sings well together, affafrri
.w iwi a ant 1
. llrl is most remarltable. photos ever .taken of Ian automobile accident during
25SL. kT5.. r"JJirA"nf .n,nety me ln hour when ths ieader blew a tire C.U
petitory right behind, is seen making heroic efforts to aveid the crah.
an exciting race on 'the Ormond-Davtona. Fl ,
(shown cominx ott And mViAAA fit
He suffered three broken ribs, while the leader got only a bad shakiinr v
are Mrs. L. M. Gilbertson, Mrs.
Merle 4 Rosencrans, IrrsJ John J.
Roberts and Mrsv ; Ada ..Miller
Harris. ; MIsl Dorothy Pearce
played ' the accompaniments.
Mabel Marcus Sings at
Glee Club Entertainment
COLLEGE, CoVvallis, April 11.-4-Mabel
E. Marcus of Salem, sopho
more in physical education gave
several1 soios at' an entertainment
given at 'shedd. Or., by the Glee
club arid Madrigal club of the col
lege. Combining the men's and
women's voices in ,the looncert
gave -ft i greater variety than
it would haye otherwise had, ac
cording to W. T. Gasklns, pro
fessor Of music, who directed the
Chief of Police andeFighter's
Manager Negotiating
- Tor Quarters r
HAVRE, .Mont., April JO. Jt
the proposed' Dempsey-Gibbons
heavyweight champion bout is
fought in Shelby, Mont., on July
4, Tommy -Gibbons, challenger for
the title, will train in Havre, ac
cording i to James Moran, chief
of police here. . ' ;
Chief Moran and Mike - Collins
of , St. Paul, Gibbons ; manager,
held a conference here recently
on the prospective bout and train.
Ing quarters,. Only aj few years
ago Chief Moran was a flight
weigh tV boxer- with ; headquarters
in St, Paul. Two years ago heri
a newly elected mayor decided on
a reform administration, he found
the proprietor of a ranch .near
Havre was an ex-pugilist. A, This
rancher was Jimmy, Mora A and he
accepted the ' post of pollcechief
with the stipulation j that he was
to be given unquestioned auth
ority over the , police tf orce.- ; ;
Recently Moran turned up -with
the knuckles of one hand ban-
daged. His only explanation was
that ,"two fellows In . th railroad
yard thought. I ' couldn't arrest
them." The two fellows, it seems
were mistaken.; y -
So when t Mike Collins went
through Havre to see if the $250,-
000 offered for a bout was real
money or merely conversation, be
was -greeted by his pal, Moran,
and accepted Moran's ; proposal
that : Havre beV made , Gibbons'
training quarters if the (fight is.
held here. :;r---C; . ! . j .
Catiforrifa Courts Vill
Eliminate f.'r. Fixit's J
LOS ANGELES, ! Cal.. April 1 0.
-"Fixing It with the Judge" -will
soon be a fdrgotten art among
local traffic law violators if a
campaign inaugurated by Chier
of Police " Louis D. j Oak s met la
with success' here.' Chief Oak3
has issued an . ultimatum against
attempts at Intervention In spec 1
ing cases, accompanied by a warn
ing that any member of the police
department caught ! acting as a
"friend on the force" in, bshalf
of erring automobnists .wil) ba
sSspended. ' -.'- '. 1 .' 4 ' ' I
t :
5 Water Pover Plants
4 Steam Plants U
HI .448 Harse Pom
' ?1 fcsst fWM
Nature Helps Build Up
Your Earning Power
a f il M
Y7Y7 the securities of a great and growing puDiicraujy
V V like this Company, which supyjlies-electnc ' light
and power service to nearly 40 communities, even Nature
contributes toward increasing your dividend earning power.
This Company now has in operation, and devoted to the servfce of over
330.000 people, five large water power plants and four modern stsaa
plants, with capacity of 13 1 ,448 horsepower.
i Yet the demands for our light and power service are. growing so
rapidly that we are now. engaged in the construction vof one tagle ,
hydro-electric power project which wilt have a capacity of about
105.000 horsepower much more than all our present j five Ajrater
power plants, and when completed, this mighty undertaking wUl have
? cost -approximately $12,000,000. - v ; , ' '
Wlin ybi subscribe for a few share, 6f r 7 Prior Stocky
U now offered you at $98 a share, par rilue $100. you may rest "iidt-t
! your money is safe and that so long as people need electric semce. your unrest
tnent will draw dividends regularly every three months.
! You may buy these hares for xaih. or da eaay-ternlO down, pei ,
' an? $10 a month. tiU paid for. and your payment, draw mftemt at 7?J tJ
the thares.are youra. 4. ' j ' . n v ' 1 V. ?fc .
t Why not investigatm thU splendid pporttxtdty today ?-
5 3
Portlaht! RaHivay, light tind
f Power Company
! . .1. J - -
' ' ' B""
..A. TV T- TV T ! TT. T TV T" 11 1
oi Interest to
" will : build a car for the multitude"
5nd Henry ford in 1903 Redd how the fulfillment
of 'that prophecy is now made possible through the
. i. , f 1
". ; .. :-i !
' ! . - - : - i
- "r
. . . '. - - .-. , i
?';Vr!-'-;'.;j J.;; ..... . 4
For many years it has been Henry Ford's personal tambition to make the Fori the nnx-
versal family car to put it within the reach oi thje millions of people who have never
been privileged to
enjoy the benefits of motor car ownership.
-arnur the past fifteen years over 7JS0 OfiOO Ford cars have been placed in the
hands of retail customers more than a million and a half of them within the past twelve i
monA and yet there are still mUUons pf 'famUhs ioho are hopefully looking forward
fo the day when they can own a Ford. j . . 4 " I ;
-4nd nouJ fAe nxiy is open. '
Under the terms of this plan you select your Ford Car, et aside a small amoenlr
eiicn lieelt endj yon iwM oe surprised how soon you will own it. In the meantime yesr
nioney will 6e safely deposited to your credit in one of the local banks where it will drew
interest. j- ' . I I ; . l..;;;:": -.;...V.-:X.:l:'i
Think it over. Five dollars will start an account. The whole family can partici
pate in itfather, mother, brothers and 'sisters each doing a little.
tVnv hof sfarf today. IStop in and talk it over with your local Ford dealer. He will
6e glad to fully explain the details (pf the plan, and help you get started toward the
'ownership of a Ford car. fij
Ford Motor fOompamu
" i--':J.''j- ' -i - 1 f"i ' - '' !: i -'ft I --'1 .' - ; '
...... - :- . I --i r .
' JO l ; '
... ''. .- ! . ;;- " . y, !! ...
. - ' V
; - ; ""
Detroit, Mich.
f . -: , ,
Salem, C-
260 N. High
f. !..
: -; - ."i ;:- -:?
- '''"'C m
1 f - -- " ". T" ' " T.T" T ' .. " .'