The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, April 12, 1923, Page 3, Image 3

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Xacks license
U. L. Davis was;; arrested yesterday-
by Traffic Officer Nichols
or driving with improper license
plates. He was fined $20 and
0StS.' ,-
gtstenaent Piled
A statement showing the total
value of the estate of Mrs. M. J.
Hove, was filed by appraisers in
e probate court yesterday. The
entire value is placed at $7400.
fjpralsers are Oscar Gingrich,
1. H. Savage and Paul Stege.
u, . ,:-; . ; ; ' ; " n: . -;
"j-Itt7eeper : ";": K "': : 1 4.;
i Iti-grade chicks tor leas at
li&ms. 658 Stat street, Or
r early.-Adv.
-Jer Fined
t ;cil: Calkins was arrested yes
L., iay tor speeding at the. yate
cf 3 8 miles, an houri. He pleaded
v fflilty, when arraigned in justice:
) e?nrt and was Uned $15 rR.B
Campbell was arrested I by Traf-
:ic 'Officer Earl Houston - yester
j tor driving a ear without
i cense plates. He was fined $10
Tjia justice court. .. " i
l;nc and Card Party
McComack ball, tonight at 8:30.
. : ' ' Adr.
Car fUolen
jV. D. Edwards rt Turner re
ported i thai his Ford, car was
itolen - from his barn ; yesterday.
Ik was a 1917 model. : j '
2ectroaic Reactions of Abraxns -'Dr.
White. 506 U. S. Bank bldg.
yesterday brought criminal action members of. tbe board are yet in
against Lewis Russell in the Jus- a doubtful mood. One member,
tice court. Russell when arraign- Paul , Wallace, believes it could
ed In court stated that he had be used if the school board were
another ntnmr YT-U..J -t-.j I u'ljt 11.1. 9 i y
hoi sumy. Tne trial was set for
2 p. V m.T today.') V fnrv in ya. -
ieciea earner in the day. Rus
sell was released on his
Attention BPOE! . .
Special . entertainment . in the
own re-1 lodge rooms this evening. -Adv.
Attention BPOE! ;
Special entertainment
lodge rooms this evening.
. 1
in tbe
Will Discard Garb
Catholic nuns who are teach
ing in some of the public schools
In Marion county hare agreed to
discard their; religious .garb after
William " Cnlrer, roadmaster, who
returned from Jefferson yesterday
where Chey Ylsited the exHcommis
sioner for a time. Mr. BeckwltX
appears better and was in good
spirits according to the Marlon
county officials. Mr, Beckwlth is
in his. 70's, .; rt
Will Return Home.
" Mrs.' Mary, Steele of Carlton,
who has been visiting with her
daughter, Miss Gladys Steele,, su
perintendent, of the Salem hospi
tal, will retnrn: this week to her
home In Carlton. 1 She underwent
an operation at the Salem hospital
recently. : i
F r e
hundred pounds of lea
Chion Depot Vante4
merce has placed before the heads They wish to ; complete - their " idr
Of - raftmata j i I i j - . I company. aut.
v-www , uuca bliiih - s ii ran v n i n nnm m v arm a r m n i n nra r wn - f
that City 1 the ". nrOOOSal tht I Mmnb Hli h lir miut 'Irani . -L .
anion denot . w -II" "1 " 7"r;: oratorical contest Toaay
."ie tiijr io Bccom-iDe permtssaoie lor. inem io . ao
May 24, when the, new anti-garb wnh rh' tpfrirPrtnr iturrhased
taw sues into- eueci in wresoa.
modate a the Portland
Light & Power comoanrJ
lamette : Valley Southern,
southern Pacific
Rail way. this by special dispensation.
the WI1-
test at the high school will be held
this morning. 1 The points won by
each - class will be added to Tbe
class rivalry series of r points
us n
Mrs. Martin of Turner Elect
ed President of. District
Organization "
A Classified Ad -
; Will bring yon a buyer. Adr.
and thelVlck Barquist and J. Ferrell
New proprietors, barber bQP.. which runs throughout the year
341 North Commercial street.
AQY. I pnit Xfmn ltnYa Promtrtv
J. W. DeLan of Polk county re-
Globed Stolen .,, . ; I Owen V. Thomason 'of Turner. K9if o tmft noor thA st'atA hos-
fTiaeniiy tne worn of , the same renorted tor the police yesterday I nHni Tiich fnrmerlv beloneed to
sneaK thief, r two Salem men re-1 that as he was driving from Tur-' a e. Chenoweth.! Mr. ' DeLap
ported to police yesterday thatlner on thel Turner-Aumsville I pald $5000 tor the Salem proper-
Maui eioDes irom tneir I cars had road, a small boy jqmped ; on. his I ty and expects to make his resi
ueea sioien. , w. ti. snerwood of car. unknown to him. and later debce there, in th: near tntu re
rntlta ' awA Tjrn. r'r i -. I . . .... ... i-.i; ': I . . , .. - i
..u ouu iicruiau v uk l o i jura Den . an wnus . inn . car vai .-?. v i
1644 South Liberty, both renort-1 eoine. Th bov was stunned but I rronrt.v ErrfiaBired -
ed thefts, i J Iwas Vot hurt to an v extent: i :R. W. Gill of Vancouver. Wash..
was In Salem this week on du si-
Free l . I , I F rR , ness connected with the transfer
Five ; hundred pounds of icei Five hundred pounds ot ice I of a 85-acre farmtnear Salem to
With : each refrigerator nurchasAd I with each refrieerator nnrchased I P.' J. Lafkr for $8,000. A Port-
ncads Kot Guilty' .
Alleging that he obtained lodg-i-Si
for the night' then, removed
!s baggage without paying i for
ia roomr'Marlon E.' OIeson.rpro
jfietor of the Cottage apartments
Csteopathlc PhysMan 'and
" 4 -.Surge -5.
- S2S Oregon BuUdln2
Phone 253:
rc2 curra that xjtzt
1 Jewelry and Saverwarm.
Kione 1255, . Salein, Oregon
. Day ' oc JMs.';;':
173 8, liberty tti
Cslza. (.!: ; Ore.'
AH kinds cf icri and
trtcsd-ksjid , cocd We ,
215 Cnter Sfrcsl ;
this -week. H.I U Stiff Furniture
this week. H. xl Stiff Furniture
company. j I Adr.
this week,
this week,
H.L. Stiff Furniture land residence yalued ! at $3,000
H; L. Stiff Furniture I was taken by Mr. Gin in exenange.
Childs & Bechtel made the aeai.
Car Shortage. Reported
The Southern Pacific company
Divorce; Case Argued i
The contested. ditorce Case ' of
yesterday reported to the pub- - w- Brown against Rina Joseph
lie service commission a shortage
of 40 refrigerator cars and 1 3
flat cars on Its lines In, Oregon
Ine Brown was argued throughout
the' afternoon In the circuit court
yesterday. " I At the cUwe of the
Minlsiw Visits
Rev. H.- B. Elworthy. a retired
Spokane, minister,! who formerly
lived In Salem. , ift here lor a
week's visit. He formerly taught
school in Salem, i
Th rommiuinn rntHn.. flday tne case was taicen nnaer aa-
from - the; shippers of khe state Tlsement Circuit Judge Percy J
relative to 1 their need of oars. A
circular letter twas eent out yes
terday to shippers throughout the
R. Kelly,
Former Reeldent isitt
Mrs. -Myrtle- Bernard, .former
ly of ' Salem and now located In
Caldwell; Idaho, where she Is
county treasurer, is visiting in
' A district convention of the Re
bekah lodges, of Marlon county
was held April 7, at Scotts Mills,
with present representatives from
ambst every lodge in the county.
Following a brief musical prog
ram. the1 official reports of. the
district were read taking np, most
of;,; the afteisioon.At . 5:3f. - a
cjitcken dinner vw. : served Try
hena lodge, of Silvertqn, exem
plified, the degrep , work. Mrs.
Mildred McMahan, president of
the easembly. was' present, also J
Miss thel. Fletcher, vice' presi
dent, and Mrs. Elsie Siiaeral pres
ident, of. the Ladles Auxiliary,
deputy council of the Patriarchs
Militant. Salem : sent over i a
large delegation Including a drill
team. The next convention isj. to
be held in Turner; In April of
. ft A J i ' i: -. - - - ?
The following officers . were
elected;, , Chairman Mrs.1 Martin,
Turner;! vice Chairman, Mrs.
Ralph Collins,. Gerrais; secretary
Mrs. Elsie Simeral. SaLem; mar
shal, Iza' iMalone, Hubbard; con
ductor, Velilah jLong, ; Needy;
chaplain, ! Florence Sperry, Ger
vals; inside guardian Carrie Jen
nings, Scotts Mills;- Outside
guardian. Mrs. Charles Hartman,
Silverton.. , ' -
is of - land in Oregon devoted to
the proper , rotation of -f crops.
Perhaps so. V But' the Salem dis
trict is - getting to the front in
h Is respect faster than any other
section. The great Interest In
the acreage . here devotod to le
gumes and corn amply 'proves
If the state Industrial . school
for boys ' can be made ,- self-supporting.
-t with the i right land ' and
the : proper crops grown on the
land, that is ., Interesting. It : is
Important because: of the. money
that would be saved the taxpay
ers. . It Is still: mere . important
because of the greater percentage
of reformations that - would -re-:
suit from keeping all . the boys
busy ell the time 4n the school
rooms, In the shops, . and on the
farm: with ,of course a part jef
the time spent In play.
t Well, on the Slogan piges Jfhis
morning there is a plan (or mak
ins that institution self-support
lng, from the, best use of good
land. - You are invited to read
itr to discuss i it;! to find fault
wlth . lt. If it i cannot be done.
why not? - , I
Beware of political propaganda
being dosed outi especially In Sa
lem. Mark Twan once said that
a ' composite: . picture ; ot. an men l
would'' show a man jyith .an . axe
on his shduldef going tpiyardi a
grindstone, There .are sp many
axes .to grind.
SILVERTON. Or.; T April 11.
(tecial to ' The ' Statesman.)
The Benson pheasant farm, wan
the scene .of a large . string, of
tourists last Sunday, , . brought
there by the article which, recent
ly appeared in the Sjunday rOre
gonian about the pheasant . farm.
M. C. Woodard is on a business
trip in the. east, He will be gone
about three weeks. ; "
The first, baseball game , of. .the
season . for t4 pie Silverton high
school will bel played on the Sil
ver. Fals diamond 'Friday" 'after
noon fwhen Gervals comes hereto
meet !the local players. . ,
. i Miss Esther JLarson l taking
a vacation from the Bruce Mil
linery shop.
TjCsI Blanks
Get them at The Btatetsman of
fice, v Catalogs on application.
AdV. ' :
License Issued- ;
A marriage license , was issued
in the -county clerk's office yes-1 Salem,
terday afternoon ' to x Gordon f E. I i
Tower and Florence iE. Hawk of Accidents Reported
Salem. ' This is a case of remar- Lea A. Goldade ! of 497 .Nortn
rlare. it Is said to.comnly with at 18th etreet reported to police yes-
legal technicality relating to pro- terday that as ne was going soum
perty rights.
Farmer Suddenly Dies .
Frank H. Kntfths, 66 years old,LT ..-i 1 fWmfi..Mi.i..'. J New House Ready for To
Salem, ; was found .; dead In his
barn yesterday by Mrs. Knuths. It
l Sr. s .
Just' completed; on 5 acre, tract
5 . room ' bungalow, modern -every i
J8nbefved he. diedrom heart trie JTights, on navement, beautl
5w1Urw., Xl8 W:Idow and ful view, close to car line. '.Indian
Hill Farm tracts, T.r L. Davidson, l
owner. Adv.
frve children. -1 The children are:
Fred of Iowa. Charles ;of Salem,
Mrs.C -Mary I Heath, i Mrs, 1 Tlllie
Zielinskl : and Mrs. Cecil Barnick Beckwlth Is ' Better-
on ' capitoi street i yesieraay ue
wes hit by T. G. Harris who was
going west on Center. Each ar
had ; a wheel f torn off. Frank
Damiano of Antioch, CaW while
going north on the' Portland road
yesterday hit another Car which
was! parked at the : Valley Pack
ing company -plant j '.-Minor "dam
age was -done. .
of Salem.
J. T. Beckwlth former county
i commissioner- of . Marlon county,
well known to Salem residents and
$TOO "Player Piano" '
Like , new; ' Excellent, tone and
action, .$3.32. ; Don't . miss .this
bargain. Terms to! suit your poc
ketboob Tallma4 Piano store.
3951 S. ,12th street 1 I Adv.
$500 Used Piani
High grade, in good condition. I those Urine In tha -vicinlfy. has
$135; terms . like rent. Invest!-1 been confined to bis. home on ac-
gate thls Tallman Piano store, count of sickness for the past sev
395 S. 12th street. Adv.I eral months, -according to ' T. " J.
Hunt county commissioner ; and ( Triple Accident
Bible, Study fa Doubt . . I ... . . , , , -As T. W. Stephens of. 429
The .Ministerial union - of Sa- t - , lhAtAiAU , i 14th street was about to park in
iem Is attempting ; to have ;'; : .. - jl front of r the. Marion hotel, yes
Bible study and religious lnstruc-I The funeral -or 'Mrs, Ads m. terday on Ferry street, he Was hit
tion placed on the curriculum of j Nicholson." ;who died Tuesday, wUl by a passing, car.! which J in turn
Salem's ; nubile schools, the sva-lbe held- this afternoon. ' at 2s30 naQ- . . ki , nn rvther car
tern used at Gary, Ind., being fav- froni Rdon s.i ;Rey;J.fJ Evans already; pariced. . The passing car
; The legume's. the thing " "
i It . is the prme necessity of ro
tation farming; of intensified ag
riculture. : . , .
I W - S -Some
.one connected with the
Oregon Agricultural college , said,
eome time ago, that a strip ., less
than three miles; wide running
from Corvallis to Portland would
contain, as much acreage as there
Try Grandmother's Old Favorite
llccipo of Sage Tcja
' and Sulphur
. . WITI 3.' Hale, ' former superin
tendent of the ( state training
school for. boys, attended the .Con
ference' with the state board of
control ; yesterday relative to the
boys training school. V '! ;
B.. T. iYouel of Silverton xwas
In the city yesterday. . ; j :
A.' R.: eigmond of; Gervals was
in Salem yesterday. ;
. Charlie ( Heater of Sublimity
was 'in' the city yesterday.
nrd. Th ronrA wnnM aln-.lWlU OlllCOate. UUfiai in IU8
tlve and interdenomlnatlonaL The (Mission, cemetery.
Has Moved to His New
Location t :.
219 Sol Cottle Street
' Phone 1182
I suffered no damage, although the
fender of the Stephens', car was
damaged and the front end of the
parked car." r I ' '- .
' Stop Cough Following Flu "
:. Stop coughs resulting from
Fin, : Grippe, ' "Whooping Cough
Asthma and Bronchitis with Fo
ley's Honey ' and Tar - "The Flu
left me with a severe cough
which : was a quickly relieved with
Foley's Honey and Tar,, writes
Mrs. K.; D. Drake, Childs, Md.
A few cents worth! of Foley's
Honey and Tar will offset ser
ious diseases by, checking , your
coughs - . and colds, .saying you?
many dollars. , Contains no opi
ates; ingredients printed on
wrapper , Insist upon Foley's.
Refuse ' substitutes. ;,j Sold every
where. -Adv. :J.';'iz.i "
' Almost everyone ; knows ' that
Sage Tea', and Sulphur, properly
compounded, brings -back the nat
ural color and lustre to the hair
when faded, streaked pr gray.
Years . ago the only way to get
this mixture iwas. to make it at
bme, which' Is mussy and trouble
some.. Nowadays, by asking at
any drug, store for "Wyeth's Sage
and Sulphur Compound," you will
get a large bottle of this famous
old j recipe, - improved "by the ad
dition of other ingredients, at a
. small cost.-;. ' . ; - !
Don't stay gray! -Try itl No one
can possibly tell that you darken
ed your hair,; as it does it so nat
urally and - evenly. You dampen
a sponge oreoft brush with it and
draw this ? throughxyour hair,
taking one small strand -V- at a
time; by . morning the gray hair
"disappears,-andoften another ap
plication , or j two, your ; hair , be
comes beautifully dark, glossy
and "attractive. Adv. "
"Don't Be Too Sure
until you have tried
Hccre Tlusic Ilcuse
415 Court St.
Phone 983
Saturday and f.nady f
The State School of Auto-
i motive Engineer
now have a. proposition, whereby ,
the student may earn while he
learns. For further particulars.
see ...
r - L. U. EYERLY ;
173 8. Liberty
should have a practical bus
iness education, no matter
what special line he intends
to follow, so he will not have,
to trust the every day bus- .
iness situations that arise to '
.subordinates. r
- . Every Wcrsn
... : t -. ..h .
ihould have a business edu
cation.' The woman who
stays at honfe is thus able
to understand her husband's
problems as well as manage
her home In a more syste
matic manner. . The woman
who must work finds it 'ab
solutely essential. . i
Capital Di:;:ne:s
High and Ferry
You Gan Save
If you never have, you can now.
Send Jfor your Government's New
tree Book vvhicK shows you how to
t .i '' '-' t "'
accumulate money , saieiy tnrougn
Treasury Savings Certificates. Send
for your. copy, today and take the
first step towards independence and
- success. - ,
. . - ( ... .a -
T mr fu Iwtnlc Buil . i .
Tht VmUtd States Gortnilmt AUrtn-
r oanngt System f
j a - -. -
., .. .
Students 50c.
.Adults 75c
No Reserved Seats
Doors Open at 7:30
Eitied 1EG3
1 1-
- Ctzrtl EistK Bcatb ;J; : f C::
Officii Hccra frca 1 a. tC fa 8 o.
KMUTH& At; t"he residence, . five
miles ' northeast of Salem on
thoSilverton road,' April
Frank II.- Knuths, 5 years of
age4 '-Survived by f his widow
and, five children. Fred of Iowa;
Charles of. SalemMrs4 4 May
Heath, Mrs. Tillie.ZieUnskl and
Mrs, Cecil Barnick,-all of Sa.
lem; fbTs mother, Mrs. Dora
Scott of Salem: I three brothers
and; three l sisters, Mrs. Wesley
Pease, Miss Dora Knuths of Sa
lem; Henry Knuths, Aunue
Tville; -Ivan Knuths, Doos, Ia
Mrs. Emma FoxWilHams, Ir.;
Robert ICnuth.f Gillette. Wyo.
The funeral will be held Friday
at 2 o'clock from RIgdon's.
. i
Vadw V. a. 0vni m aayssvlatoa
ask yourself why it is men get ahead in
.business?, ,
Isn't it because they prepare themselves
for better' thingsnot only mentally but
financially? ' i '
r With the same equipment you can pro-
: gress just as rapidly if you cling, to this
9 principle: ' - . -
"Spend less than you earn and brink the
difference." Y
, This hdpful bank invito you to--.
United Statc3 National Ba
i The Banlc That Service BuiHi7rf
vr "jciirrsl Es'serVa frtert
L.ATODRELL.E Ernest Xatour
elle died at. hlsi heme in the
Salem Helrhts district. April
10, 1923; at the age of 53 yean.
He Js survived by! hi widow,
Mrs. Tena Latourelle, and three
sons, Milton. J Hbmer. -Duayne
TIatourelle, all of Salem. ! Fu
neral services will be held In
tbe chapel ot the Webb Funeral
parlors April 12. 1923 at 10:30
a. m. The body will then be
shipped to Portland for crema
tion. . , , j ;
4 1
CEREGH1NO Mrs.- Josephine
TJereghino of Portland died at
a local hospital April 10, at the
age of . 4 S. years.! Survived by.
her husband and five children.
Remalps shipped to Portland
for burial by tbe ; Salem 'mor-
tuary. I ' r ' . ' ' .
Webb 5 Cloush
; Expgrt Enba)biM!
Rigddh '& Sorts
Cncqcaled Gcrvlca .
Additional Bargains. for
' Hon$ekeeper, Week
6. A
In Salem's Orchil
Economy Bascnient
0 M I N
- Values to $2.25, heavy grade
convex and colonial ' style
ALUr.HNUf.rW ARE, each piece
solid with a money-back guar
Double BoOers i
Dish Pans :
ty-pt Water Paib
:' , - . . - -- i ; i; ,.
Percolators i , :
5-qt Sauce Pans : -
Double Roasters "
Tea Kettles . ,
'.,!-'-. - ... . ' - :- . . - . . ! . -. '
i , . . i
' '1
; With every ounce of energy we shout and exclaim
this The Greatest Aluminum Sale in the history. :
No housewife will overlook this opportunity: which
seems next to an impossibility. ' . (t
NOTE: Every piece offered' is good quality pure
Aluminnm, sold with a money-back guarantee, , v
Never before a sale Eke it
so extraordinary and so : cut
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never before in Sdcni's Li:tcr7
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.'.. t : t. - -.- . : " -
like this occiirred, Tea : ICcl-
v - ' ' ' ' ' '.' . ',i
Hies, Double ' Rcaslcrs, 5-M.
Sauce Pans,- Percolatcrs, 1C
S Yater PaiI$rDhhPcn;, D-.
ble Boilers,,
See the Display in the
Court Street Windows
Thursday Only in the Basement
M :Tr:1:
The Candy Dept. Offers
Jumb q Jclly E zz
Regular, 30c I?er Pern i
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; 16c pound 7