The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 31, 1923, Page 7, Image 7

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. nuGii . .
II'ppodrone Vaudeville
' road tliow, four acts. Mar
' tin Johnson's 'Jungle Adven
tures." ' ... '' .
'' Crowd In Slum Scene ,.
Can sheets at me-tion "picture
' studios are funny things. For
Instance, here's one for ""Kick
13.' new ; George FlUmaur'ceJ
I'aramount picture, reaturlng Bet
ty Compson, Bert Lytell and May
SIcAvoy, which eomes to the Qre-
'gon theatre Wednesday.- It calls
for the following: i. -.: -.C$.V,X
Three Flip ' girls, . six Typical
Jewish -women.; 10 Irish women,
1 29 women all agea and aes
(!),. one hroom peddler with
brooms, on Tee-wagon, fUjll, and
yl driver, one streetcar totor-
man, one typical Italian - woman,
able to - carry, basket on . head.
- one ; umbrella mender, one Sab;
k vatlori, army lassie etc., ad infin
itum. ; Th's motley group was
.gathered to portray a New York
jslum scene. '
Though Miss Dorothy' Mackaill
. was born and bred in England,
'she declares that in the two years
she has been In America she has
.become a real American and does
not like to De called an ' English
'.actress,.' In fact, she likes Ameri
ca so well that she 'has Drought
iher mother over, to' live with her.
.Miss f Mackaill' has .the Heading
role in - the forthcoming ..Edwin
Carewe production, "Mighty Lak
' Rose," a Ffrat National ' release
t to be 'shown at the Oregon tbea
tre" next week.' w ,
1 In addition to . enacting ; the
stellar role in her latest Tiffany
production; "Jazzmanla, present
.ed by. Bobert Z. Leonard through
Metro at the Oregon theatre,
( Wednesday, Mae Murray took an
active part in designing 4the un
usual settings for the picture. 1
Miss Murray's Interest, in In-
terlor decorating has led , to her
1 taking an active hand in deslgn
Ing .the - art'stic - v backgrounds
which .have ! been, 4 so : favorably
commented yipon fn vher recent
' photoplays, distributed by Metro.
Robin Hood
'TBsSuEful and
"Robin Hood"
v In
The Most Unusual
Coniedy arid
IT O T7 Q : , 30x3 $12.80
Lliii-sJ ; 32x4 ;JL$24.00
Our Guai'antea is back of
"Jawmania" gives Mlsa Mur
ray a wide range for her artistic
deas. tThe action of the picture
laaes place partly in a tiny king
dom In Europe, and thus novel
ties in setting ; and in costume
were to be expected- The scene
snitts to, Nsw York for part of
the time, and I here, too, lavish
sett ngs are seen. .
The photoplay was written by
Edmund Gouldlng,- and directed
by Robert Z. Leonard. The set
tings were , .executed by Cedric
Gibbons, M. H. Hoffcnan Is vice-
president of Tiffany Productions.
Inc., producers of M'ss Murray's
photoplays.' '
Another i four act vaudeville
road show opens at the Bllgh
theatre today featuring "Todes
ca and v Todesca." sensational
trick cycjlsts, "Brown. Jefferson
and KunC a singing, talking
com e d jri "Darktawn C a fe,"
"George Hussey," "Huckleberry
Finn" j and "Wally and Edttn
Ryan,' in Tickles, Tunes and
Taps. i
.-Bessie the Orang-outang cap
tured ; by Martin i Johnson whMe
he v was in; the wilds . of i JBorneo
making bis motion picture "Jun
gle Adventures," is, now, in a
New Ybrk" soo.: This remarkable
an'mal was easily tamed, and be
came a great pet. . Bessie showed
great interest in the motion pic
ture camera, and appears in
many of "Jungle Adven
tures," which will be shown to
day at the .Bligh theatre.
, 4
The following Oregon concerns
Med - articles of incorporation
her yesterday: f ' : : ." V V s7
Lamm Lumber company Kla
math Falls; : Incorporators, W. 13
Lamm, Joseph. S. : Kent. Edith
Limia; capitalization 1500,000
Homebuilders , Service. ' Inc..
Portland; I incorporators, G. :, C.
Friable. Wiiram Palmer, Marvin
K. Holland; capitalization $1000.
, Notice of increase In capltall
rat'on. from" $2 6.000 to $100,000
was filed I bv ; the" Oregon Milk
company of Portland, e. ...,; 1 si '
. Notice of : decrease in capitali
zation from $1,500,000 to $1,000,
000 was filed by the Buehneti
Lumber company -of, and
from $10,000 to. $5000 by the
Orchards Water company of Port
land. ;;..";,;;..:;-;.-: , . v ,.-;-- 2 'i
Notice of d'ssolutlon was filed
by the Pacific Malleable jlron
company of Portland. ! .
A nermlt to sell stock in the
sum of $24,000 was Issued do tin
Smith Long Laboratories-of , Port
land. . - , .
Valley Packing Company
Buys Dallas Establishment
DALLAS, : Ore.1, March 3 6.
(Special to The Statesman.) The
Dallas Meat company has;, been
purchased by the Valley Packing
company of Salem, the new pro
prietors taking charge April 1.
Ed. Shaw, who ha been' em
ployed by the old company, will be
the -new manager1 for the Salem j
concern. , -
- - The -,r
Z f FINN .
Romance Ever Screened
Western Feature Too
Evenings y
r 40c
Spring is here and you will begin to
buy tires. Make no mistake in this re
gard. Get your : money's r worth.
Give you full value and more for your money Out of nearly;
1000 tires .sold only one tire returned for replacement We ;
invite comparison of this record. , ' . r"
V ( PP
ths Beaut i fin. and Damned-
mm film
Every- Jnch of Spape Taken
ax Local ineatres tor
; Crusade Story
The Douglas Fairbanks ."Robin
Hoqd" picture, showing at the
Oregon and the Grand, has ap
proximately 12,000 feet- of film
It has 1000 actors; it cost, a' lot
of money to stage, and it takes
almost two hours to run. It rep
resents a time about 700 years
ago in England. Quite thrilling;
sn't it? : vr r
- But It is the story of the Cru
sades, when men clad -in steel
mail "set out across Europe to
wrest from" the infidel Moslem
the- tomb of the Ho'y Lord Christ
and the . Virgin . Mary, j Brutal,
raw meat eating men," swearing.
man-killing men, , took their . oath
on their cross-hilted : swdrds to
serve the Master In this pitifully
misguided but - sublimely earnest
way as If the God : himself had
not the power to save his own!
There never was such a marvel
ous picture of life on its way up
out of , the darkness, of love, that
dies not. of brutality that tri
umphs for a ' whi'e and is then
overcome by "good. ; !
Richard the lion-hearted reach
es down through the 700 years of
the Dark Ages, of the Renaissance
to the; real ; Christian era and
touches with the arm and soul of
nower the life of today. There
is nothing finer than courage, and
strength, and honest friendship:
the lion-hearted Being -w3th - Ws
-inscles of flint and'hls heart of
'ire is as much a king of today as
he w(s of Sherwood Forest in the
days of the Crusades. Lady Mar
fan floats down on the wings of
love as pure, as beautiful, as in
spiring as When her scarf bonnd
her true knight to her service in
the wars for the Sepulcher, and
her prayers and her love brought
him home. - ? - ' 5
I Robin Hood is as real a char
acter . in the spiritual eye of the
world as George Washington: or
Napoleon. He stands for the re
volt against kingly wrong, against
i .-ft -if":
1 With :
TAPS . ,
; Bargain , '
f . . . :
33x4 1.
35x5 ....
every itire.
the rule of I ; assassination . and
treachery and' greed. '. One," does
not quite see Robin Hood,' or the
Crusaders, or ' the ' lion hearted
king as figures on the screen; one
teels them as the soul within and
the soul leaps to meet them as
on the wings of tight.' .
- The real mechanics of the pic
ture are truly magnificent. ' No
such play has ever before been
produced. And yet the lmpres-sion-is
not of "art" In the presen
tation; it Ms that of a, moral at
mosphere that grips and will not
let go. A whole nation has ob
jected to the Arbuckle pictures,
and wished fox something fine
and I clean. - Here it ; f s as. cle'an
as the heart of valor and the soul
of love. v '-? t -..iCk
Organist r Charles W.. Hawley,
Jr., ? presented the audience an
audience . that Jammed the last
jnch f (the . playhoase with a
magnificent new military march
of his -own (composition.-. It is
not yet even" named. But those
who heard it would stand for
something big, as for the coro
nation of Jhe American army from
the 'fields of France four mil
lion men, some wounded, some on
stretchers, some present only; in
the spirit while their bodies were
under the sod In j Francefbut; tri
umphant ih the Job they" set out
to do, the making or a world safe
for common men and5 women and
little children. S l
Take . Tablespoon! ;ul : of Salts
If Back Pains or Bladder
i la Irritated. -
; Flash your kidneys by drinking
a .quart of water each day, alsc
take salts occasionaly, says not
ed authority, who tells ns that to;
much rich food forms acids whicl;
almost 'paralyse -the kidneys
their efforts to expel it from th
blood. They become sluggish and
weaken; then you may suffer with
a dul misery In the kidney region
sham pains in the back .or sick
hA9rh dizziness, vour stomact1
sours, tongue Is coatedl and whee
the weather is bad you have rbeu
matlr twinges. . The nrlne get
clohdv. full of sedimentthe chan
nels often eet sore and irritated-
obliging you to seek relief two pi
three times during the night.
Td help neutralize these irri tat
Ing acids: to help cleanse the kid
neys and flush off the body's nrin
ous waste, geff our ounces? of Jad
Salts from any oharmacy here.
Take a tablespoonf ul in "a glass'pl
water before breakfast for a few
days, and yonr "kidneys may then
act fine. This famous . salts
made from the acid .of grapes and
lemon juice, combined with llthia
and has been used for rears
help flush and stimulate sluggish
kidneys ; also to : neutralize the
acids in the system : so ' they nc
longer Irritate, thus often rellev
Inr bladder weakness. .. , .
-Jad Salta Is inexnensive: cannot
Injure and makes a delightful ,ef
fervescent lithla-water drink ' Bv
al means have your nhvsician ex
amine your kidneys at least twici
a Tear.v. ; -Adv
'The Beautiful
and Damned'
r.larie Prevost
Supported by. Kenneth
Harlan; Harry Meyers,
Tully Marshall, "Walter
Long, , Louise - Fazenda,
Cleo Ridgely and many
others. . '
A - powerful story of two
souls adrift on the shin
ing sea of luxury.- '
Last Timks
One Business : Block and
Large Number of Resi
dences. Contemplated
DALLAS, Or.. March 30.
(Special to The Statesman.)
Last year Dallas underwent one
of the biggest; building booms In
its history .when about 20 new
homes were erected during -the
year.- This-year, from all appear,
ances, will be a better year than
last for building, and already a
number of new homes are being
contemplated and at least one
business block may be erected.:
.Mrs. ,B. Hr McCallon, owner of
the property on Main street, for
merly occupied by the Mott sec
ond hand store, is contemplating
the erection of a modern business
block and the figures on the
building are now being prepared
by contractors. ' V "
C. L"CrJder is remodeling the
tnterior of his store building and
Tonight at 7:30
Topic "Being the Goat,
or a Hard Thing to Say.".
. , - Think of This v ;, u
Guaranteed F1SK Tires at the low prices -
. For Example, :,x . ..
30x3 No. S6 Fabric $9.50 ;
; 30x3y2 Premier Oversize Cord $12.65
See These Tires
"JKI" "''"!' "BILL"
125-147 N.
Use Our Service Flivver j
: Shows Saturday and Sunday
1:00, 3:00, 5:00, 7:00. 9)0 ,
Loge3 .
moving the office up in the bal
cony In order to make more room
for the display, of goods on the
main , floor. vThe Dai:a Cty
bank expects to start next week
the work of remodeling the b&nk
ing room at Main and Mill streets.
A new vault will be built to. take
care , of . the increasing business,
and other improvements will be
made to the buildtncr.
Among the - residences' to . be
built wil be one of the most
modem; in the city to be built by
Mrs. A. J. Rhodes of Se.ittle for
her sister, Mrs. Ethel Woods. The
home will be of brick and will be
located at ; Court and ; Church
rtreets, on the site of the old Wil
liams home.5 The work on the
new residence - will begin about
May 1. The old Williams resi
dence will be - moved to a lot on
Levens street just west of its
present location. ; r ; i
P. A. Finseth of-the Bee Hive
store has purchased pronerty . on
Main street and may build, a home
this summer.. Several new houses
In , various parts of the city are
now under construction,, and the
outlook Is that carpenters will be
busy the entire season on new
homes in ' Dallas.
Jury Finds Mitchell ' :
. Guilty in 5 Minutes
WACO,' Texas, March 30. Out
five minutes the Jury in the case
of Roy . Mitchell, charged with
killing Harrell Bclton, convicted
him late this afternoon and gave
him the - death penalty,." the fifth
01 its Kind returned against mm
in a little more than two weeks.
As" District Judge , Monroe came
down ; from - the bench Mitchell
told him that he wanted to ap
peal the case. Judge Monroe re
plied that court was not In ses
sion, would have to take up that
part of the proceedings later.-
Hifrh St. -
, ;
'Phone 44
How Showing to
' HONOLULU, - March 30, (By
The Associated Press. ) -The su
perintendent of police ; of Tokio
has Issued an' order making it
The three things wanted by the modern t::ycrs
are quality,, cleanliness and price. Tho Pr-Iy
carries a stock of groceries thdt ennn-t L 2
excelled in quality or cleanliness and sold at a rr.-r-gin
of profit lower than the service store can c:r-ate-a
few Piggly Tfiggly every day prices :
liartonV W Hams, Ih.-i...i.i2.:..:...,......;27c
Swift's Picnics, lb. ...
Swift's Premium Bacon, lb. '.;;...;;;...r..........'.42c
Swift's Premium Sliced Bacon in cartons, 1 lb. AZz
Pels Naptha Soap, bar ....j....... ......GM:c
Crystal White Soap,.bar 4Y2z
Royal Club Maine Corn, per can ... ..17c
Del Monte Extra Special Sugar Peas, can ..ZZz
2-in-Ji Shoe Polish, each ....1.;.....;...... ...12c
Shinola Shoe Polish, each ........
Horlick's Malted Milk,
: Large size,' each ...r........:............
Ttr . a
wesson uu, pmt. eacai.:M? 1 c
: Quart .... ........ .....
;; V-2. gallon, ach
Gold Medal Flour, 49 lb. sack, each ......1. '..5 l.C 2
With each sack of Gold Medal Flour ve will nr. "
a post card entitling you tq enrof lha fan:c;:j CM
Medal cook books. '- - ' ' ..
v i Free delivery on orders of five dollars cr. ever.
Orders of lesser amounts we will ma!:e a cl."rc- el
one dime. This applies to all parts cf lLs clly.
456 State Street
Enthusiastic Crowds
Shows Saturday and Sunday
... 2:00,4:00,7:00,9:00 ,
Prices Saturday-Sunday-Matinees: Child's
Sat -San. Evening: Child's ...'...:..
Adults, down stairs, .....-...r;...
(Prices Include War Tax)
unlawful for to j
swords exceeding time a.l (
half Inche In length, accord.
to a cable dispatch to th .Ni; ;
i i
Jiji. The : iolatioit of th.' era
If punishable by fini or Ir s; ri-(.
mertt frT)oth, the d'spatch Btatf
hospital size. 'each-;
r5 n
r 1
...... w
r ?
1 Ifc.- tl
r r
r Serve yours ell znl cr.o
(Prices Include War Tax)