The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 31, 1923, Page 5, Image 5

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" iterate Entered (
Mike Paneks of 1895 State
street reported to police yesterday
that his garage had been entered
last Thorsday night and several
tires and tubes taken, as well as
" a AVeatlngtaouse battery charger.
Officer ThompBoa investigated. ,
Old King Tat
Never ate at the Valley. GrUl.
nave you? Adv.
Dr. 61aurhters - Offices ' :
Closed afternoon ot Tuesday
and rnaay. Aav,
Tire Stolen . . .,
f Mrs. Harry Rolph of 434 UniQn
street ; reported yesterday- that
someone had stolen a Goodrich
cord tire -from her car which was
parked In front qf her house.
Framed Picture- ' ;
; At cost. Mrs.. Trover's
Shop. Adv. . . . . ; ,
f . p. I 1 1
Dreamland IUnk j
Dance fvery , Wednesday
Saturday. Floors resanded.
newly ; decorated. Adv.
Accident Reported . .
L. (W. Gleason ' ol) 3 2 5 South
Fourteenth street reported that
while going south on High yes
terday in front of the Terminal
hotel he ran into S. R. Self er of
Gervais who was Just leaving the
enrb. -Little damage was done to
either Car.' " . .-'!.-.'
Special Saturday" and Monday-"
Electric Curling Jrons. Guaran
teed, f 1.96V' Halick's Electric
Shop. ( 337 Court St.
Many New VlrriTala
la Millinery. .The French Shop
115 HJgl St. Adv. i
f A petition for' appointment - 'of
an administrator for the estate of
the late! George F. Scholl was
1 filed" In the. probate court yester
day afternooitThe estate ia Tal-
- ned at , $2,000 j in real property
and $3S0 in personal property.
Sleirs are-' Anna Scholl. widow of
SAVE ? $ $
j buyinjr your hardware &na
furniture at The Capital Hard-
ftr&ra & Furniture Co- 285 No
Cosznerda St. , Fhona 947
Diamond, "Watches, - '
-A?Jeirelry ad Sflverware. .
mone oaiein, i vreBon
at1"" - 1
3 IMssi Aatralance Cerrice
ll 1 PIssne 666
178 8. liberty Be,
Capital Junk
. All kinds of Junk and
teeend-hand coods. We
pay fell raise.
; ?15 Center Street
i ' ' Phone 838 v
-3 V
General Bxrtklux Bcdaesi
Offlee Honre frosa
- "t - - . - - -I ; !' .
Ste inboc k Junk Co.
-.'u nt;.,.r. hr-.;.. i- . ,,
Buys all kinds of Junk, Rags, Paper, Rubber.
Sacks, and Bottles. r ' v r
We also buy .Furniture and Cooking Utensils.
402 N. Commercial St. j Phone 523 r:
House of Half a Million and One Bargains.
Saves your moncy? on used
Springs, Lights, Etc;
i I buy all makes of carsParts 1-3 to 1-2 Off
A21 N. Commercial Street.
the deceased, and four children.
nenore. Elvira. Irene and John.
All Art Goods
At half prcle.
Gift Shop. Adv.
Mrs. Trover's
Oh, Boy! Pedigreed White
collie pup, Showmont stock;
master, special only S25 each
Flake's Petland. 273 State. Adv.
Marvin Shepard of 1045 Gaines
avenue wa arrested by Officer
Shelton yesterday for speeding on
North. Bummer street. G. W.
SIddell was fined $10 In the po
lice court for speeding. .
For Easter Ullea
Flake's, 273 State. Phone 656.
Adv. ' - -
Exposition Pottftible
; A Home Beautiful and Better
Business j exposition may soon be
staged in Salem, according to the
announcement from the Realtors'
committee to which the matter
was presented for endorsement.
The plan contemplates the use of
the armory for a whole week, as
a comprehensive exhibit of every
line of business carried on in Sa
lem. This form of home show has
proved very popular in other
cities, and it is believed that it
can be staged in Salem as well
as anywhere else.
Swinging Frames at Cos
Mrs. Trover's Gift Shop. Adv.
New Shipment
Of Meadowbrook bats for Eas
ter wean The French Shop. 115
High St. Adr.
Legal Blanks
Get them at The Statetsman of
fice. Catalog on application.
House Being Mored ; l
. The old Thlelsen house at
Court , and ; Capitol streets, that
was purchased by T. G. Bllgh. Is
being mqred away to giro place
for the new Capital apartment
house that Is to be constructed
this summer. " 1
Daughters of Veterans .
Cake sale. Today at. Song Shop.
Opposite Court House. Adv.
Beds Granted
Sleeping accommodations for
the following were prepared at
the police station Thursday night:
F. Faller, C. Johnson, H. Coer J.
COO. V ';,'.',. ,;'-, '
. f . .
Chinese Bazaair'tvni Remain?
. In-the same location as former
ly. Due to our paying increased
rent we are not forced to move.
Adv. "i -.;'- '
V ,
Goes Too Fait .
Ij. P. Older of 613 Catherine
street. Medford, was arrested by
For Sale Kalsoxnine
Aanc Quality, 6c per
lb. ! Also Barn Paint
Junk Company
402 K. Cornl. Phone 623
, j S ... . . ;: . .. I ;
Osteopathic Physician and
- -s Surgeon -'
r. 228 .Oregon Boildlng
I i Phone 258
i . V
Eatabllahed 1888 , J
10 a. el to 8 p. n.
' j- , :
Bearings, Gears, Wheels,
Phone 523
Officer ; Shelton. yesterday for
speeding at the rate of 36 miles
an hour on North Summer street.
He was released on $10 baiL
Daughters of Veterans -
Cake sale. Today at Song Shop.
Opposite Court House. Adv.
Oswald's Great 10 Serenadi
At Dreamland every Wednes
day and Saturday. Adv.
Booth Given Credit
Governor Pierce, in comment
ing today on the outcome of a
conference In Portland with the
Oregon Automotive Dealers' -association
when it was decided
by the dealers to drop the refer
endum against the additional one
cent tax on gasoline, gave the
major part of the credit for this
outcome to R. A. Booth or eu
gent, chairman of the state hign
way commisson, but who is about
to resign.. Pierce declared that
Booth had the facts that caused
the dealers to decide to drop
the move to kill the tax.
Special Sale
On taffeta dresses, very smart
models. Made of Malinson's taf
feta. The French Shop, 115 High
St. Adv. i
Easter Lilies-
Hydrangeas, hyacinths pott'ed
Also cut flowers appropriate' for
Easter gifts. Plant Floral Shop,
185 S. Commercial. Katty cor
nered from Marion hotel. -Adv,
Throe Fatalitlea Reported
During the week ending March
29, 567 accidents wee reported
to the state, industrial accident
commission of which three were
fatal. The fatal cases were: How.
ard House, Gresham, chaser; Olaf
E. Peterson. Sumpter, laborer;
John Heterson, Sixes, ; Or., pow
derman. Of the total number of
accidents reported 529 were sub
ject to the provisions of the
workmen's compensation act. 33
were from firms and corporations
that hare not elected to come
under the act and. five were from
public utility corporations that
are not subject to the act. ;
West Salem Easter Service
Services tomorrow at the West
Salem church will begin-with the
morning watch at 7 o'clock in the
morning. Sunday school at 9; 45,
Rev. ; A.' Hawthorne, the pastor,
will preach both morning ; and
evening and , his subjects will be
"Resurrection Forerer ' and
WOODS Mrs. . Viola R. Woods,
73 years old, died at Corvallis,
. Or., Thursday, March 29. The
body is to arrive in Salem to
night, to be cared for ' at the
Rigdon mortuary until Sunday
. when funeral services will be
held at 1 o'clock at Zena, and
burial will follow in , the Zena
MUTHS At the home In Lincoln,
Polk county, early Thursday
morning. March 29th. ; M r s
- Annie - Muths age : 68 1 years
wife of Charles A. Muths. Also
survived by two sisters, Mrs.
Emma E. Frink and Mrs. Mary
Working, residents of. Kansas
and two brothers, John . Grosv
nor of Nebraska, and Frank
Grosrnor of Spokane. Funeral
services Saturday at 2 . p. m.
from Rigdon mortuary. Burial
in City View, cemetery, t ,
POST At the residence, 1396
south 13th -street, 'Thursday
morning. "March 29th, M-r s
Hattie.May Post, wife. of Levi
J. Post; mother of Mrs. Sybil
Getty ofLakevlew, Or., Mrs.
Cecilia Belton and Miss Leona
Post of Salem, Claude," How
ard and Lester Post all of Sa
l lem. Funeral services ; Satur
day at 3:30 p.
don mortuary.
View cemetery.
m.i from Rig
Burial in City
PARIS Ro$ie Paris died at a lo
cal hospital March : 30, 1923,
at the age of 31 years. He Is
survived by his two brothers,
t Sam and Tony Paris, .both of
Salem. Body at the "Webb
L funeral parlors. - Funeral an-
houncements later. ' ) ''
Churchill died at her home. 333
Division street.' March 30, at
the age of 41 years. .She is
survived, by two children, Eve
lyn and Dean Churchill; her
mother Mrs. H. M. Perry, and
one brother, J(. C. Perry.! Fun
eral ervice8 : will be held in
the chapel of the Webb I Fune
ral parlors March : 31, '.at 3:30
p. m. Rer. J. J. Evans ! will
conduct the services. Interment
will be In City View cemetery.
Webb & ClougH
Leading Fcrtrtl
, Dxrectert
Expert Enbafcicrs
Rigdon & Sorts
i Untfjuakd Serrlet ; i
"The Ever Present Christ." Bap
tismal services and ; reception of
new. members will be features of
the day's - service. Epworth
league at 6:30. The public is in
vited to attend.
Alliance Meetls
The Woman's Alliance of the
Unitarian church was entertained
with an Easter party yesterday at
the home of Mrs. S. Kubin in
Polk county. Accounts of mod
ern plays were given by Mrs. J.
B. Pollack. More than 20 women
Easter Breakfast Announced
Rev. tj. J. Evans will speak at
the" early prayer meeting Easter
morning in the First Christian
church. ' Easter morning break
fast will be served at 8.16 in the
church following the prayer ser
vice. ' Cooking Club Formed
A cookihg club, composed of 26
members, has been formed at
Wood burn, the only industrial
club In that vicinity, according to
W. H. Balllie, rural school -super
visor of Marion county. A series
of 10 lessons in cooking will be
given to be completed by May 1
The leader of the club Is Myrtle
Clark of Woodburn. The club is
composed of both boys and girls.
For one week only 5 loads
16 inch milljwood $17.50. Im
mediate delivery. Only quantity
rate that will be offered this
spring. Snauldfng Logging Co.
Adv. i -
Easter Lilies
At Maruny"s.
Boys Take Hike .
Ronald Haynes and Tristrum
Edmundson, members of Boy
Scout troop No.' 1, are Just home
from a three day hike to the Lit
tie North Fork of the Santlam
! rfi I'll Aw a K Sin a m o
mavca uc w c u w J aa-ia v ca s ana
as Elkborn and hiked into the
mountains past the Lotz-Larson
mine. They went a distance be
yond, the snowline. r '
Van Damme to appear x
Charged with manufacture and
possesion of intoxicating liquor.
Emit Van Damme, a resident of
St. Paul, was yesterday arraigned
in the Justice court before Judge
G. E. Unruh, asked for time in
which Jo plead and was ordered
to appear this morning at 10
o'clock. His bail was set at
$250 which was, furnished later
in the afternoonj Van Damme
who was arrested by Officers Co
vey and Culbertson of Woodburn,
was found to have one barrel of
mash and a gallon of hard cider
on his place. i
. Colds Are Contageona
Coughs and Colds are conta
gious and require , prompt, treat
ment' as. they spread or" develop
into Flu and Grippe.- Take no
chances when you' can get Fo
ley's Honey and Tar . for a few
cents and quickly check coughs
and - colds ' The constantly In
creasing demand for Foley's Hon
ey and Tar for three gener
ations, , has made it the largest
selling cough medicine in the
World. Contains no opiates :
Ingredients are printed on the
wrapper, f Refuse substitutes in
sist upon Foley's. Sold every
where. Adv. . v "vi
That the people of Salem and vicinity appreciate our
Specials that we run from, time to time, is evidenced by
the large'increase in business of each succeeding bar
gain day. While we realize that the exceptionally low
prices we have been quoting has had considerable to
do wijlh the steady increase in our business, still there
are other features that the public demands; that is
- The bargain specials offered by us are not second or
third rate goods, bought at a cut price in order to mis
lead the public, but the very best that money' could buy,
and the kind that have made a reputation for quality
for this store 1
Remember, we guarantee entire satisfaction with
each and every order, or money refunded. .
. 1 1 i
Sun Maid Seedless Raisins, pound .1 10c
"" Best Italian Prunes, 3 lbs. for ! .....25c
T- . i ; i
American Beauty Oysters, No. 1 can, 15c; No. 2 can, 30c
' - - -
Libbys Fancy Tomatoes, 2y2 tins ...... ...,...15c
Royal Club Pepper, 10c size : 5c
1 7 Bars White Nap t ha Soap !- 25c
" " ' - : 4 :
Damon Grocery Cd.
We Deliver
Chamber of Commerce Plans
; for Unique Affair Paul
Petri to Sing
At the. Chamber of Commerce
luncheon Monday a made-in-Sa-
lem dinner will be served in
quantities mat will make a com
mon banquet look like the last
end of a hardwlnter. , -
Here is some of the bill of
Cascade ham, baked and embel
lished like a diamond watch with
platinum filigree: royal Parker
buns; Royal Purple prunes, from
the Producers Canning & Pack
ing company; broccoli grown in
Salem, and from the Oregon Grow
ers' sales branch; strawberry
Jam, from the Northwest Fruit
Products company; Bing cherries,
canned by Hunt Brothers; black
berries, from the Starr Fruit
company cannery; Bartlett pears
from the Oregon Packing com
pany; King dehydrated pumpkin
pies;; Stolz ginger ale, root beer.
Whistle and coco cola to drink;
home made butter and nuts. They
will not serve tea or coffee, for
these drinks violate the basic
principles of a made-in-Salem cel
ebration. " x
There Is to be some good music
also. Paul Petri, of Portland, di
rector of ' the Salem Women's
chorus, is to speak on "Better
Music". The Woman's Club
quartet, Mrs. Donald Wayne Rid
dle, Mrs.) Jean Franklin Rahn,
Mrs. Ward Willis Long and Mrs.
Merle .Rosecranz, are to sing.
, The program begins promptly
on the stroke of 12, and closes
just as promptly at 1. The early
birds i are the ones that will be
lamette university, .'plans to spend
the week-end visiting relatives at
Amity, i
J. M. Devers, attorney for the
state highway commission, is
back at his desk in the state house
after a short' illness. "
Charles Smith of Sublimity was
a visitor in tne city yesteraay.
Lvle McCroskey was in town
yesterday from Stayton. .'
Clyde Cutsforth of Gervais was
in the city yesterday transacting
business at the court house.
Frank Klrsch of St. Paul was in
the city yesterday.
John Kuschnick of East Gervais
wa a visitor in the cty yesterday.
Joe Hendricks" and wife of Stay-
ton spent the day . in Salem yes
terday. v
W. W. Chadwick and Richard
Shepherd, both of the . Central
Stage Terminal returned last
night after several days spent In
Mrs. Mae Young, secretary of
the Salem Associated Charities, is
sheading a short time With her
father. D. M. Whitlow, who Is 111
at Falls City. ;
Miss Edna Stanton, nurse at
the Corvallis General hospital, is
visiting in Salem. rJ
Alias Grace Shields is a guest
of Mr. and Mrs. E. K Lee on Mar
lon street. :' : -
Prof I' and ? Mrs. . E. T. . Brown
8D9 N. Commercial St.
have returned from , Centralis,
Wash., where they spent part of
the week vacation. ;
Ruth Kuhn and Margaret Camp
bell, Salem high school students,
were in Corvallis yesterday taking
part in the typing contest being
given by. Oregon. Agricultural col
lege in conjunction with the busl-
hess sbow-
Oregon Alumni to Meet
In Salem Monday Night
There will be a meeting of all
University of Oregon ex-students,
alumni and students who are home
for the spring vacation ' at 'the
Chamber of Commerce next Mon
day night at 8 o'clock, for the pur
pose of adopting a constitution
and of determining whether or
not the glee club shall be brought
to Sale'm April 10. This decision
was reached at a meetine of the
Oregon executive committee which
met in the Chamber of Commerce
rooms last Thursday night.
All alumni ane active students
are asked to attend. ;
According to Lyle Bartholo
mew, president or the local al
umni association,- the University,,
glee club has not been brought' to;
n Swallow slowly small pieces)
rnh well ever the thmaK
Omt Million Jan UteJYuuiu
Adder and Lister
F.' O. B. Chicago
.Call or Write for Circular
; Describing. . , -
Don't Bay Till You See It.
216 North Commercial
i mi
457 State Street
Salem for the past seven years. A
program printed In detail will be
released at the meeting Monday
Members of the executive com
mittee are: Mrs. Lawrence Har
ris, George Hug, Grace Snook,
- MorrelTs Hams for Easter
Mdrrell's Hams and Bacon are packed in the heart of
the Corn Belt where the packer-can select the best of
the 'hundreds of thousands of hog3 offered in the
market; This and the many years of catering: to the
best trade of the country places Morrell's in a position
of packing the very besthams possible. You will want
one of these hams for Easter.
Whole Ham 30c lb. 10 to 14 lbs.; Half Ham 31c lb,
. . .i
Home Made Cakes and Pastry J
Cakes like you bake at Home can only be produced
when, you use the very best possible ingredients. We
use the best our store affords, experienced home-trained
bakers prepare them and they are baked in a modern
lectric oven. - For SaturdayAWe will have our full assort
ment of Prune, Angel, Sunshine, Nut Cocoanut, Choco
late, Lady Baltimore, Cake3 and Jelly Roll.
Real Cream Puffs
Our cream puffs are filled with cream, not custard.
A large assortment of different shapes and makes of
French Pastry especially for Easter, 2 for 25c.
Hot Cros3 Buns ;
Made in our own baking department, 25c dozen. .
: ;'u . : -. - ..! Vegetables I .
New Asparagus, Rhubarb, Head and Leaf Lettuce,
Peppers, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Celery, Cauliflower,
Spinach, Green Onions, Cabbage. '
,' " " 1 .
. . ; Fruits 1 '
Sunkist Grape Fruit, 3 for 25c; Hood River Newtown
Apples, $2.00 box; Oranges 35c, 40c, 50c, 60c, dozen;
Bananas, 15c pound ; Lemons, 40c dozen.
' - .-'-.:!' . . ' ' . .,; ,
' . '. . King Products Demonstration
. Come in and see and sample the large variety of fruits
and vegetables dehydrated in the Salem plant of the
King's Products Co. Have a biece of the pumpkin pk,
some' spinach, stringless beans, prunes,1 loganberries,
apples, soup vegetables.
Thirty Day Account Service
Begin, the new month by starting a thirty-day ac
count with us. Phone in your orders if you wish to pay
the account at one time the first of the following month. 1
New accounts opened with responsible parties furnish
ing references. -
Phones 1885-6-7.
Made of best materials obtainable
butter (the same as you use on your
Sun-Maid raisins, fresh whole milk,' etc
Jack Eliot, Ray Churchill, Agnes
Churchill, Ha Gilbert, secretary of
the local association,' John Glesy,
Hollls Huntington, Dwlght Parr,
R. J. Hendricks, vice president of
the Salem Alumni association and
Lyle Bartholomew, president.
No charge for delivery
; pure fresh
own table) ,
- A '.' .
Thone 268