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ILocal Militia Unit Ranks WaySp in Eft IciencVIembership Includes Many Soldiers Who H iv: Seen War Service
New System of Paying Members for Drills Lends Zest to Observance of Requirements Soci l Stunts Hold Appeal
Salem Civic 'and Business Organization Puts Real Pep into City's Affairs Sponsors Movements for Municipal and
Community Advancement Organized County Federation of Community Clubs with 26 Towns as Active Members
, "V r-9t
1 3
: j
1 1
Salem has one of therltvest mili
tary organizations of the whole
Oregon National guard Company
F, Infantry, Capt. Paul Hendricks
In command. :'.",-.;. ,-,;.r
V"' There's always been a military
company In Salem, from the "days
"wfien the Rogae River and other
Indians called for military; organ
lzation. There was a Salem : com
pany in the Spanish-American war
a Salem company fn vthe,:Mexlcaa
border dispute; a Salam -company
inths World trarn
on in the days after the war. with t
all the enthusiasm of a clean.
patriotism. - -a-...-V
Company F bas ' made tra
Company F bas ' made t rather
more of a social development than
r some other military. organisations;
: that is tone of u its ? elements -of
strength "It has a little ifeed!
- every drill night; star ting atf6:I5
the boys are served vwith the : es-
' sentials of a; genuine man a meal,
a help-yourself, come-and-get-it
ioneal that lasts '.up ' till drill hour
' at 7 30.' This1 was adopted tomM
the nceda of the many boys who
find that by the time they go home
from ; their v day's werk and -pick
bp a meal' there they are too late
for'drilI. Th: attendance records
since the meals-furnished plan' was
adopted, has been gratlfylngly iri-
creased.: !- ' ;iHV"-t :V h;
. There; are- 20 -Salem high: school
boys in 'the:preseat'eompanyrros
ter, 'and 10 'from' Willamette uni-t
versity. 'The 1 present pay iof the
national "retard ) makes the "work,
i nottnore physicatlyfattraetive.for
x boys never - needed much encoar-
- agement to'like'army rdrill ; " btft
it does make it a werth-whlle ' f 1-
1 Haneial considerations The base
pay 'for an enlisted man -is $1.00
, per drill. Capt.-Hendricks figures
I it 'that a' private in the' ranks, say
a hoy In high school,; could carry
tra -'"his drill through 1 th high
school and .: on through the - uni
rersityand even as'i a private -for
- -seven years, he could havia $500
". "bunding' and loan policy ypatd- for
and a cash asset at the time of his
cohe'ge graduation.-' It he became
a corporal for most of the timer he
would add practically -60 per "cent
to bis cash capital; as a sergeant,
which", any earnest" man would
jrufely be for part of t nia seven
Vlck Bros. Do Big Business
in AntoCTrosTfeUors
r Vlck " Bros, have adopted ,;aa
thelr slogan "Quality Cars. sCThia
explains ia short their-business,
thit ' of selling " quality tears and
then giving their customers qual-
ity service which they-deem as Im
. pdrtant a phase of their business
as the first sale. . Vick (Bros., vol
ume . pf business ' has reached -its
present size largely; because of
. their interest in their customers
; after the day the 'car was sold.
j The ' VIcks -; make it --jkaowa ' jlhat
they stand back of everything sold
out! of their place of business.,
" Vick Bros, have a strong aales
organization consisting of George
F;-r Vick, sales manager, and six
'salesmen:. Morris Race, Byron C.
'Wright, Goodrich CsMolr Robert
H. Savage, Carroll, pk-Va ;Slyke,
and Ernest O. Hawes. Chas.. H.
Vick haf charge of Hhe,nhsed 'car
department.1 T' " - :, ,'-:.; : -,lhljs
a firm has ; automobiles 'of
, every . price class." Including the
Qverlaadi i Willys Knight, Jewett,
' Paige and Oakland, t Their time
payment plan of selling makes it
easy to buy cars of them Vlck
! B ros. ; also sell ; the Barn son True
tor r and Samson and Federal
trucks. ' n 'J :Vy:"'l"r:i:
A .battery -department has re
' cently been added In order jtd give
complete service. t It Is prepared
to f tike care of all trouble in
starting, ignition systems, and is
in i charge of Chester ? F. Way, a
competent man in his line. ; i
- The - parts', accessory and tire
-departments are presided over by
Rnsael Smith; who takes pleasure
. in acconmroda ting all 'customers in
his departments. . His motto is
"Service with a Smile." '
Wlllard Tinker, shop foreman,
is a Tinker by name as -well as -by
nature. This is another depart
ment which believes" in "Service
'with :a Smile.".. ... .; 'rvM
j 'Vick, Brothers .have a garage
; building which is second 1 to none
in the state. They own their own
building which was built at a cost
or aoout sxoo,ooo.oo.
Every indication for 1923 points
'ta the best, year yet. In the motor
car business. We are selling bet
ter than, two icars , per" day,V says
Mr. Geo. Vick, "nearly half of
which are enclosed cars."
- 'The Willamette ; .University,
-around which Salem was built, is
-the oldest educational institution
-' of . collegiate grade, established
west of 'the Mississippi river. And
one 6f its-students, Uncle Joe Ba
ker. of Salem, is still living, after
having attendedo the venerable
oid school in the year 184974
years ago. I ' .
' There will be work for at least
2oOO.pecxIe in the -Salem cannerr
Is, when, the fruit season is at Jts
best, during June and September.
years, be might; make -his endow
ment up to $1000 cash as gradu
ation present. , ' '..
.The . pay is made in cash every
quarter; one could take it and
torn It in to a building and loan
policy or into a- home, letting his
time stand as a pleasure and phys
ical benefit and not -as earnings to
be spent; and It would ran into a
worth-while capital. Not one col
lege graduate . In 100 has $1000
of his own earned money as ca pl
start in life at the time of
his ? rraduatibn. " The national
guard offers the i physical exercise
as itsown .pay; it offers a splen
did patriotic opportunity for every
young man to get ready to aerve
his- country in time of need and
it ,can be- made to provide every
young ;man ,wlth working capital
the minute he is ready to leave tor
good. . : A -V--;v 'i -'---'i-' -
There -are - some Jf Interesting
characters fa Company (F. f There
Is one soldier, who might be legal
ly: '25 ; years bid," but who has
had all the experiences that other
men ot $0 years ; ever - have. , He
served- In the Canadian cavalry,
and knows army life under more
than one flag. There are 1. ser
vice men from the late world war.
There are others -who lhave - had
various national guard and other
military - training. Two members
have served on the rifle teams
that have competed to the "nation
al. rifle championships, and have
made -conspicuous records. . One
can get almost .everything of life
in the company personnels -''-
i There is no - target range neat
Salem, and the boys are - anxious
to do a lot of target shooting this
seasons It might be possible Uo
go -overi to Dallas, : where there is
an especially attractive 00-yard
range, though there are only wo
targets, not a very large number
for a whole company shoot. They
may -have to drive down to , the
official Clackamas range, 35 miles
away; there they iil have ranges
for. "every distance, and enough
targets to stage a match in short
; time.-. .:Vvvv- ; '.' V
The ; company, drills on .Monday
nights ; on oceasl ons when It may
be -cecessary.; to change the date
r the drills are held t on Thursday
Recent Improvements ' Give
Jewelry' Store -Big City Air
One of the -most modern retail
establishments; in : Salem la the
jewelry store tot Hartman . Bros,
company, 'it is decidedly metro
politan in ' its appearance, la its
equipment and in its arrangement
and is worthy of a commanding
place ; among the large establish
ments of the leading cities. - -
i It was last December when the
proprfetors put . the ; ' finishing
touches on the interior., of : their
store, although,; the , arrangement
and the finishings were, very at
tractive previously. . V. a
t The store i ;now . occupies a;
ground floor space with a 'deep
balcony over the. rear and along
the west side, i One of the impor
tant additions was the, continua
tion of this balcony from the" rear
end to front- of the store.-. Other
tmportant '-changes were made .In
the arrangement of the I floor
spaced T :.:''J : "''''"- '
Intthe new "part or theTbalcony
is located the watCh repafring de
partment in which the firm does a
large business. '. A number of expert-workmen
are kept busy there,
but' the head watchmaker has1 his
compartment on the ground floor
directly underneath i and t at the
doorway, where he can come - in
contact with the customers. . '
Beautiful show cases in three
main groupings, one along each
wall and ; the. : third,.; a horseshoe
shaped one In : the ' center, adorn
the store and. contain the Jewelry,
watches and cut glass stocsks. ; On
the ground floor opposite the head
watchmaker's department, is the
"diamond room" where purchasers
and prospective ' buyers of these
precious "gems can examine the
large array and make their selec
tions in privacy. ' This feature is
highly appreciated, by the buying
public, many "people desiring ; to
maintain privacy in their dealings.
1 O. A.' and R. W. Hartman are
the proprietors. ?The latter, waa
associated with the former owners.
who established the store years
and years ago; and after the
death of the founders, lie availed
himself of : the opportunity to be
come. its owner. He, obtained the
asscociation of his brother, who
had been in -the -jewelry business
at' Los Angeles tor years. These
two men have been sole proprie
tors for the . past' eight years and
are making a big success of their
undertaking.' , Standard - quality
goods." rightly priced and guaran-
teedr are bought when - purchased
of Hartman Bros, company, ; .
tSaTem's population-1 is estimated
at 20,000 and it's rapidly grow
Salem'a pppulatlon is estimated
at 2 0,00 0 and it's rapidly grow.
nights. A The company has main
tained a regular club room ser
vice in the armory basement
through the winter. During the
spring and summer, while every
body is busy the . club room ser
vice will be given only on Mon
day nights. 1 i f
Company F is recognized by the
Salem boxing commission as the
only authorized promoter for box
ing and wrestling events. Some
whirlwind events have been staged
here this year, that have attracted
much att t.e n t i o n from outside
sportsmen. Through, the Company
F. smokers ."Phil Bayes of , Salem
has-been developed intd, a legiti
mate .contender for vthot-feather-
Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Kiwanis and Iiions Vie-
to Keep Community on Forward Path-
It's a good thing that the vari
ous dinner clubs of Salem are ex
clusive in their membership, so
that no one can attend all of them
and founder himself. There are
fife . regular dinner clubs, all of
which have established - reputa
tions for their : cuisine and their
good fellowship that tends to over
indulgence. He would have to be
a -grim ascetic or an ostrich who
could stand all these good things,
and live to tell the story.
On Monday the Chamber of
Commerce serves ls weekly lunch
eon, at its own rooms. ' These din
ners run the whole gamut of food;
chicken dinner, ' baked salmon,
ham-and, boiled, dinner, Swiss
steaks, and the whole range of
flesh and fowl foods; honey, mince
and pumpkin pies, .fruits, cakes.
ice cream, fruit: Juices, and all the
trimmings. The dinners, however,
are only a part of the attractions;
a widely varied list of important
public matters' have rr been discussed-
schools, Easter observ
ance, good roads, obedience to law.
fish and game, ana many tnmgs oi
vital importance to the community
life. Some notable outside visit
ors have appeared to address the
diners on particular topics. The
Chamber of Commerce has aimed
to make all these speaking en
gagements interesting and instruc
tive, and has succeeded admirably
ln'st) doing. : . ' n,4.;!j" "; l
. On Tnesday the Kiwanis i club
meets' at the Marion hotel. This
club has a membership approach
ing 100, and it is a shouting, fight
ing force for civic betterment, The
club has taken lip a number of es
pecial community needs during the
past year, and devoted itself whole
heartedly to service which is its'
motto.: Some. excellent music has
been presented by the . Kiwanis
club guests during the year; al
ways something, well' worth the
hearing. But always before mu
sic or speech, they eat; eat hearty.
men's size meals, regardless of
dyspeptic or nltra-dajnty restric
tions. The Kiwanis are hearty
men; and their dinners are hearty
and wholesome and nothing ' lack
ing to make them memorable.
The Rotary club, the oldest of
the regular dinner clubs, dines on
Wednesday. There are more of
the older med here; men who have
come to 'the executive Btage of
business, life,-., where the ; swivel
chalrl and the . lengthening trous
ers' belt and the slower, heavier-
footed step marks the man who
has ''arrived.' r -There - are some
of: the youngest middle-aged men
who ever saw a good lIme;j.iV
royal, loyal . good, community
bunch, and its 'programs 'fairly
groan with good things. Big prob-i
lems of state' and nation, broad
matters of r education, vital mat
ters of local ' concern, - are ; dis-
rrRH man in man mnA manv st
mlarunderstanding has been cleared
up at these dinners. ; 'Also, - they
clear np . their , dinner, plates of
Bome wonderfully 'good meals; but
they'd give a lot to be able to eat
np the last of their pie as do the
Lions or as would a bunch of news
boys.. F That's one of the penalties
for dignity v. . ..
The Marion-Polk County Real
tors hold down the Marion dining
room on Thursday ' noon. : They
have one of the livest little, trade
or professional i organizations on
the tjoastend the regular lunch
eons always have something of. in
terest in a citizenship or business
way. j They have an occasional
musician, but usually the program
Is sober business; the attendance
and. Interest is remarkably good,
considering that It is "a'stralght
professional, organization. This
ctub i opens its luncheons to all
comers who may, be Interested in
the 'subject announced for the
day's discussion; some wonderful
ly interesting programs have been
given, on subjects that are of genT
eral appeal.
; On Friday the Lions club dines.
also at the Marion. The Lions are
the youngest in point of age," as
well as in actual years of Individ
ual age; , they,, are,, the, younger.
more restless, -more volatile busi
ness men of the city,,, and, they
certainly, make the most of their
opportunities. ' When pie appears
weight .Championship of the north
west, wLen he gains a little more
experience. Bill Hunt,' also of Sa
lem, has yestablished more than a
local reputation as a heavyweight;
through tbie start and the support
lie has had! from the local soldiers.
A number V of basketball ? games
have been rJPayed during the win
ter. V J - ' V
i Paui HenAricks, ' Its captaia, is
showing a pta'ttcular ability as a
commander, aU d the company mo
rale is said toK be about the best
la. the whole st te military prgan
Itation. John Elliott is first lieu
tenant, Paul F. Burris is second"
lieutenant, and A. Rings first ser
geant. All are ei t-service men.
-Members Dirie
on their bill of fare, they eat it,
ajid dare old Oyspepsia' to touch
'em',' or even to look cross or
they'll eat a whole pie apiece and
show him who's who. They have,
had some remarkably -interesting
local business talks, where , local
manufacturers, or J professionals
men with some fine, unusual spe
cialty, have explained the process
and told what can be done with it.
These local business lectures have
made a great hit. ' They usually
put on some special music, invited
in from the outside. Recently the
Lions1 put on a great minstrel show
for the benefit of the Salem Boy
Scouts', , bringing in several hun
dred dollars net proceeds tor; the
Scout fund. The show was repeat
ed for the Turner Scouts, where It
netted almost $100 for the boys.
One speaker, appearing before
one of these dinner clubs, thanked
God for their coming. He said
that they, marked the. dawn of an
era of friendship and cooperation
and community understanding,
that the sordid, individualistic
American didn't know existed.
They pave the way towards the
universal brotherhood of man, ac
cording to this speaker; and he
would be a foolhardy and perhaps
a criminal missntbroDe who
nhmilrt trv fn' dlanrnra tha. at a oi I
ment. ' - - -.- - '
- - - " " V ' - "-- . x : v . .-. .. - ,
Diamon ds Wa t c he s; a n d J e welry
The Store of Gifts That Last :
Visit our newly remodeled store. Our. prices arc very
attractive. Sterling ware, Sheffield plate, pearl
neck pieces. Platinum and white gold
' . jewelry
" -S-erviec a E f f i c i e ny
' mm ii iimwi m i a
Z ,,i?nir -
It is a common saying that the
average capital city Is prone to sit
around on its hunkers and wait
for "George" to do it, whatever
it is that needs doing. Politicians,
ex-politicians, ' short-hour 'clerks;
retired people, climbers, flock to
the average. capital city; and, they
blanket its industries . and ' they
smother Its aspirations and yowl
about, its' taxes while they wait
for the state to make them per
sonally prosperous. An average
capital city is about as progressive
as a broken-legged snail chained
to a stump, i - . - - v ' '- '
It might be hard to prove that
even ' Salem wasn't one of T these
waiters for George States to make
it prosperous. But "them days ia
gone , forever," with the Salem
Chamber of Commerce and the ac
tive industrialism that it stands
for. :l . ,f '. .. . .. ." ... ;; , '". .
The Chamber of Commerce' has
done as good work as any similar
organization in the northwest;
better than any but one or two
others .that might' stand near the
head of the list. It has thrown
off the old, snail shell; girded up
its ' loins,' spat upon Its' capable
hands and started out to do real
things ia a ; spectacular way. ' ,
The Salem Auto park, that is
known all over the west as one of
the finest municipal camp grounds
anywhere, .Is the -work of .the
Chamber 'of . Commerce. More
Americans' I have stopped there
than ought in the Revolutionary
war; and they were a lot better
treated, and went away happier,
than , the Minute Man with his
flintlock rifle and a ' handful - of
oCntlneatal i currency and a red
coat bullet through - his leg. . The
service is the best anywhere on
the coast. The Chterrlansv the
dress degree, of the Chamberpot
Commerce, make this their, espe
cial work during the summer.: -.
I The Chamber of. Commerce
repenty put over -the - big cam
paign for the city:rschools,TWith
its authorization of bonds' 'for
half a million dollars for school
building purposes. v SA far smaller
bond issue proposed by the school
board, two years ago, failed, and
the schools have been terribly
crowded because of ? this : failure.
fThis year the Chamber of Com
merce took tap the campaign; and
put it over. The Salem school
system has1 always, been the envy
and the despair ' of rival cities;
Of all drugless health methods, Chiropractic leads. From nothing a few years ago.
it exists today with' 18,000 .practitioners and millions of followers. Why! Sim
ply, because it is based on merit. It is-logical, reasonable, and produces results.
As Chiropractors we know that; our greater service to humanity in the future
( depends on our ability to restore,, health to the siclft of this community. .That
we can be depended upon to do this is vouchsafed by our satisf ied'patienti. Ask
them "about W' " . . - 1
U . ' -
Resolve that you, -too,"
physical troubles.
3 Office hours: 10 to 12
this new service by the chamber
put 8 it even farther in the - lead
than ever' before. '
The Marlon County Federation
of Community clubs) is perhaps
the. biggest and finest thing that
any chamber of ' commerce inthe
northwest has ever put over for a
purely unselfish motive. This is
a federation of all the communi
ties in the county, 26 of -them
now being members,1 for the pro
motion of business and society in
terests land the establishing of
friendships to make for happiness
and progress. Th Idea started
with' the Salem bocr, and was put
on with real enthusthrsm.1' It' func
tions precisely as ft was dreamed
out in the beginning; it is the
finest big club of the kind any
where. "- ; '- . 1 1 -
. They of fleers are passed around
from one community to another,
to promote 'Interest- and to pre
sent new problems, and solutions
for the general notice. The meet
ings are held once a month, on
invitation from the various, com
munities This year, a "definite
On Steep Side HiU$or in Cram
essajy or in Iaw Beaver Dam So
Hillsides, no matter how steep, have no terrors for the. Cletrac owner. Built on the
plan of the famous war-tanks, the Cletrac can work and work most ' efficiently
wherever man can gain a foothold, without danger of overturning: :
Or, if the field he small and. constant turning be necessary, the 'Cletrac owner has
no worries. He knows his tractor can turn around in less space ind 'he smiles as. he
twists his way around corners and trees and, as he turns at 5theend of the field.
No matter where the Cletrac 's job lies, the: Cletrac will proceed to its task and in
jts -'.regular, efficient, matter-of-fact way will do its work to the complete satisfaction
of the jpwner and the envy of the neighbor. ' .
1C A. ' TANX-TYPB 'liiW'.Tfif:Stl .feto-i'i-T--J
The Cletrac is most happily adapted to use in the "Willamette, Valley. It is ideal for
the general farmer the Standard size is large enough for-11 his :needs and jret not
large enough to. be extravagant in its cost and upkeep. It is ideal for the orchardist,
for the truck gardener, for the hop yard, for the dairyman. i does the work and it
goes where other tractors do nottread. In the BABY type, th.erelis.a tractor especially
designed to meet the requirements of the sail acreage tiller. ; '
And don't forget this important item: ; $
: The : small : farmer and orchardists cant afford to feed ihorses' iy Jthe :year, nor can
they afford to hire, teams during their Jmsy seasons. The Cletrac doesn't eat when
.it's not in use I -'V:'"-:- - ' '-r A. ..'
Service is a most desirable faetor and; we give almost complete, efficient kind of serv
ice. The Cletrac owner knows that whatever 'needs he may 'have, in this line, are
.adequately met" by ms. Our mechanics are the best and our whole organization stakes
its ultimate and continued success on the maintenance of able,-courteous, smiling, wel
come service. , . ' ' 1 ; . .
-May we; not tell you anorc about the Cletrac! 1 i' - ? . ,
44 Ferry. St.
1 Palmer Chiropractors
will have, your spiue analyzed to find the cause of your
J.MS'!5j3Wi3 -J5j r. 1
Telephone 87 for an appointment.
2 to 6.
program , has ''been promulgated,
covering a number of Important
subjects for public Interest
roads, taxes, potato Certification,
fruits, and many others. The an
nual:1 corn show, that promises -to
become a state wide farm exposi
tion Is supported by the federa
tion. j - The Chamber ' of Commerce
maintains its rooms for the gen
eral public benefit. Hundreds of
meetings and conventions are held
there, every year .covering a vast
number of social, business and
charitable subjects;. The weekly
club dinners', served -every Mon
day, bring together a fine, body of
men who are keen to get-acquainted
with the big problems of the
day, and! to realize on the biggest
asset " In ' the world personal
friendship. Some noteworthy ad
dresses have been Jmade : In this
luncheon series. : , r
There is a reading and game
room at the club quarters, and the
place is wide open, to all visitors.
It is. the headquarters; for indus-
( trial and social information of the
Tanktype ; Tractors Excel Them All
Cletrac Sales Service
I Farm Implements
. in
416 U.;S.;Bank Bldg.
Salem area; some strllcing new lit
erature Is to be Issued soon, to be
ready for the . armies- of tourists
who will soon be traveling through
and stopping over in Salem.
Salem sees i
.(Continued 'from page 1)
which the building boom contin
ues. Lumber, labor, plumbing and
electrical supplies, every' item in
the construction of buildings, has
gone'up under the pressure of de
mand; and still the demand holds,
and grows stronger. The call for
homes has had no let up; there
are still' not enough good homes
to care- for. the people who want
them. The -: -schools are beins
crowded, "the Churches are "filled
to - such limits as they never . be
fore knew, the lodges and the
streets and the theatres' and the
stores never before' knew what it
was to be crowded, but they prom
ise to Ttnow ft this year.
It looks like the record year cf
all time for the city of Salem.
: a
Made in two mo'Jch :.
the avera-e fzmcr.
BBY: JFcr ihs
mall acreage
Phona 210
m a
tO suTer-
5 f
. f
v7' urj
" 2