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    1 1
SPRING TIMK has entered the
socjal' world and entertaining
nas reflected the happy sea
son of Kuushiii$ , ,and -blossoms.
Easter music 1 ia taking the time
ot a' considerable number" of the
eoc'ety maids and' matrons. and
the Toming week will be dull so
cially. ' J . !. - . i . ) v
The wedding of Miss Inal 't'ro'e
: tor ,;was al interest , to many in
Salem. The Woman's Club
chorus will J sing Monday night
with Miss Florence Matbeth at
the 'Grand theater. ( . .
The May Festival chorus prac
tlce ris progressing and the date
has , been set for May 26. The
exact time has been" uncertain for
Rome time and has been finally
settled, according to Mrs. A. IN.
Bush, chairman of the genera!
v.''.V-.7v.'--,' I ..:-.".:..-,...-:-.
Honoring Sftss Flora Newman,
whose marriage to , Henry Becker
of Portland will be an event of
the near future. Miss Mary Fos
ter "entertained at a miscellane
ous i shower last Friday evening.
A delightful evening was spent
. 'With, games ' and watching : the
bride-elect : nnwrap jhe gifts,
which, ranged from a silver buf
fet feet to a little Malere kitten.
Dainty refreshments Were served
at tf- late hour." .t 'I -T V -
Thoe present wefe, Ftlora New
mart.Elti Piatt. Esther Bell,
vCla(a . M'ller. Myrtle Reeves.
Mauda Stenstrom, -"Anna iArms,
Anna v Aline, Lari'la Perry Viola
Nag$I Gertrude Hartman,; Aman
da Alne. ; Detonia Byrn, Goldie
Witttel. I Rose " Aline, Mary Foster,
Mrs: Wiir rOobert,. Mrs. Roy
ShidsJ MrsH Wyant, Mrs., Ruth
Robert." Mrs. Marion Putnam and
Helen Putnam.-
I i : r ' K .
Miss Ina Proctor became the
bride ptjMare Latham of Silver
ton yesterday at 4 o'clock. The
cerenVony I was held In the First
Method 'st, ' church and came as
a surprise to their many friends
in Salem.- Mr.' Iatham was leav
ing soon for Santa Barbara, Cal.,
and; the wedding whichT was to
hare been an j event of th$ com-
I f i ll1 sjf .
ing summer, was hastened. . .
Miss Marv ' Bavne " and IlUKh r-
Latham were - the attendants at i
the. pretty wedding , seij-Yioe. Rev. j
niaine E: Kirkpatrick officiated, j
Miss tJretchen Brown played the
wedding march and Mrs. Donald
.Young sang "At ; Dawning."
The bride wore a frock ot
Brown canton crepe -anf a cor
sage of pastel shaded blossoms.'
l!or hat. was brown . to match the ;
frock. Miss Bayne w&re ten can
ton crepe. ; . .
i Amonrf; thof . attending the
wedding j were' Mr. and Mrs. 11.
11. Latham , of Silverton, Mr.
Latham's paj-enfs. ' Mrs- E. - !
Proctor, The bride's mother is
vis'trng- In the east','."' '
Miss Margaret j Gobdln,- a soro
rity sister from' the .University
of Oregon came1 home for the
Both Mr. and Mrs. Latham at
tended the University of Ofe
gon last ybar and Mr. Latham
wis a-member ot the graduating
classof 1922": Mrs. Latham at
tended the Oregon Agricultural
for two years before going to
the univars'ty. : She is a mem
ber of Delta Delta Delta and
Mr. Latham s a' member of Phi
DDelta Theda.
They left last night for Cal
ifornia where they will be at
home in Santa Barbara.
Three local' gfrls appeared as.
soloists for the Symphony orches-!
tra Friday evening. Miss Iva!
Claire Love, violinist, charmed!
and delighted her hearers and
graciously responded with special j
numbers. t
Miss Ruth Bedford,' pianist,
whose ability as; an accompanist
is well known in 'Salem, demon
strated her talent as a piano solo
'8t, at the concert. i , :
MJss Sadie Pratt, wbb is a stu
dent at Wl'lamette university,
sang with her usual charm and
accuracy. ; . ;
The orchestra j Is itself an or
ganization of Salem's younger mn
sicians and one which those who
are backing it consider . has not
received the material endorse
ment which it might from Salem
people. t
' - ' i
rA spring time , tea was given
Wednesday by Mrs. William H?
Burghardt. Blossoms In a col
orful array werej used about the
nretty living rooms of the Burg
hardt Borne. Peach. , blossoms.
f 6 0 0 "1
v .
t ! : '
tives beginning tomorrow. Del
egates will be in attendance
from every localv organization in
the state.
The convention, in addlt'on ' to
lis regular aunes, wm eieci uei- i
egates to represent Oregon at
th international convntion to be
held at Los- Angales and San
Francisco in May and June when
the association's 30th anniver
sary w'll be celebrated. During
this time ,the Woman's eBnafit
association has attained a mem
bership of 300,000 extending into
every state of the Union and the
provinces of Canada and Includ
ing 20,j00 Junior members. i
Mrs. Minnie Aydelotte,- great
commander for California will be
Rotarians Make j."
Macbeth Member
rrocnws. daffodils . unit vinlpta
ine gnesi oi nonor ana a re-
lini. trim Jines of youth pre'
krved and enhanced . by
roper corseting. - Frolaset
Corsets are scieniif ially de '
tign6d to rend$r support
. rhere it is needed and to
kiant freedom, $&Woifeafet: '
i' TTv;V' :, .dt r; I ,'. :'a".?vi
r 1 Froletla't:c Girdles
I "for all types of figures.
7;Renska L. Swart
T tVrset Hpet
'i 115 Liberty St.
created a charming atmosphere
of the early springtime. '
Mrs. Frederick Thfelsorl and
Miss Nancy Thielson assisted
Mrs. Burghardt and Miss Mabel
Robinson poured during they tea
hour. The burs were from four
to six o'clock. r ;
The, guests bidden for. the af
ternoon were M4ss Mabel Rob
ertson, Miss Marie Churchill,
Miss Louise Corbin, Miss Frances
Schrode, Miss i Helen u Pollock,
Mfssr Melba : Davenport, Miss
Alice t McKinnori Miss Mary Mc
Kinnon. Miss Charlotte Zieber,
M'ss Margaret Stoltz, '.'Miss Ruth
Griffith Miss Florence? Jones and
Miss Lenta Baumgartner
; i ' . . j ,. .
Mr." and Mrs.' F- J. Irons are
entertaining Mr. Irons' cousin,
Mrs. .'WaRer Sharp of Fjuitvale,
3. C, who has been spending; the
last three moritns vUIting " rela
tives in Minnesota', i Sbe-4s?
en route to her home vrr
:' k t ,' i - - .'.'.
. Miss Clara Follbrecht of Coop-
erstown, N. D., recently arrived to
"is't at the home of Mrs. J. D.
Foley .for the summer. Miss Foll
brecht may decide to locate per
manently in Salem. -- '
'. The state conyantlonV. of the
Woman's j Benefit.,", association for
Oregon will hold its ; sess'ons
nvrt? in me nouse 01 represent
The Spirit of Easter
' .-. ..... ' . i - ... . ..
A gift of f!ow.ea'at Easier will bring so much happi
ness to those dear to you that you will be glad of thid.
reminder. ,
r i
1 f . -
V :
April 1st is Easter Sunday
. i ' f " " i ' '. - . : "i
Flowera may be delivered within a few hairs to any.
d'lrebs in the United States or Canada by. iaeas of the i
I iu ist'a. Telegraph delivery service. , j j-
Salem's TclegrajHT Florisi
1,123 Si Liberty
nione 3 HO
ception and banquet will .be held
at the Marion, hotel in .her honor.
The, general committee in
charge is "composed of; Mrs.
George Miller, Mrs. H..A. Smart
Mrs. . JL D, Chambers, and Mrs.
Joe Bernard!. Those in charge
of the Marion reception are Mrs.
Bernard!, Mrs. F. E. Schaffer,
Mrs. II. D. Chambers and Mrs.
George Miller.
The reception .committee whicb
will be at the state house in
cludes Mrs. Will Purdy, Mrs.
Bernard!, Mrs. Caroline Bushhell,
Mrs. F. E. Schaffer. Ushers will
be Mrs. Leonhart, Mrs. F.iBor
'npi Mrs. B Peterson, and the
girls of the color guard will be
in charge of the decorations.
Mrs. George Miler and Mrs.
Caroline O'Brien will be in
charge of the program cQm'mit
tee. , S-The pages Z&fQ be Mrs.
Foyd Smith and 'Mrs. Edward
Shank- Thfe txv K rft'on com-
mlttee is -.composed of Mrs. II.
D. Chambers. Mrs. Rosella Cros
san and Mrs. George Miller. I
Mrs. W. H. Stensloff and Miss
Dorothy Steiislof V are" spending
a few days in Pacific City.
' -
One of the paisley shawls used
on the stage for the Snikpoh Ut
erary society .play Friday night,
was loaned for the . occasion j by
Frederick Brock. It is more than
180 years old and has always
been in the family.- Another
shawl, more than 100 years oll
was the prrvperty of Monroe Gil
bert who decorated the stage for
the group.---
i ....... I '.
Mrs. G. V. Couson or Corva'l
'is is a guest of Miss Hazel See
ley. ;
" Frank "Rollo " wbb- host to the
members, of the GAR at a chick
en d'nner . followlnf the meeting
of Sedgwick , post Saturday.
March If, celebrating the occa
sion orfiU" Etgbty-thlvrd birthday.
DinneT-ws servd,by the Dangh.
ters . of Veterans; plates bu'ng
laid for :4 0 guests.;.
The tables were arranged In
the form ' f a large "V" and
were? artistir-ally Hworated with
daffodils. The color scheme was
also carried out in the large
birthday cake which adorned the
hoad of the table. Individual
akes also marked the places ot
several members of : Sf dgwic'k
nost who have .had b'rthdys
since the first of the year. Dur
;ng the evening the string trio,
composed of Avery. Hicks,1 Del
Iwrt Mxre and Byron Arnold
played, and a pleasing solo dance
was also given by Miss Eliza
beth Waters.
Classified Ads In The 2
Statesman Bring. Results
To be a leading grand opera
star is some distinction for an
Americari girl, but Florence Mac
beth, the famous soprano of the
Chicago Opera association, takes
just as much, pride in her many
associations with the social, bad
ness and charitable world. vt;
Her honorary membership kf
'.he St. Paul- Rotary club Is partly
unique, for she with Schumann
Heink are the only two wohifen
Rotarians in the world. ;
The past summer she was In
ted to the Elks convention 'at
Atlantic City, where her hom'ei
own band was one of the- final
'sts in the band competition, and
'here the supreme ! exalted ruler
resented her with a card of hon
irary membership. .
In October this year the Camp
Fire girls, at ' Mankato, Minn.
held a solemn conclave. One of
!heir number some months before
'iad been ill and past hope in the
hospital. She had so looked for;
A-ard to going to an adjoining citf
'o hear Miss Macbeth.1 The prima
ionna heard of this. With a da.y
to sparey she took the train to
Mankato, and at the hospitaf,
imid the tears of the' relative
ang songs of life and hope for
he dying child. From that mo
ment improvement set in and tins
Mtt'e girl was among those who
bestowed honorary " membership
in Miss Macbeth, and the name of
Ka-Wa-Tan-Ya. tshe who groli-
le thfi ffift nf 'annr V '
Proud, but unspoiled
11' 4 -1- C
11 A I
Xyh t is your daughter's
ace? Four? Or . ten?
Or eighteen? ,
Nj matter- what her age
Js, here's a lovely Hat for
The prices will certainly i
give you a pleasant sur
prisewn do not remem
ber ever being able to of-
fnr HatH so smart as .
theso, of siich good ma
terials, at price so low.
H. P. Stith
... -
233 Slate
Salem, Ore.
Macbeth believes success is found
only iii service to others, and 8he
is - convinced that not all the ge
nius in the world is of the slight
est value unless with it there is
a heart fu 1 of self-sacrifice.
Mi.s Macbeth will sing at the
Grand. Monday evening. The pro
gram - for th concert is as fol
lows: i
(a ) Viking ; song, Taylor: (b)
Dear Lad o" j Mine, Foster: (c)
Louisiana Lullaby, Brapscombe,
woman's club, chorus.
Aria, "Shadow Song," from Di
norah, Meyerberg, Miss Macbeth.
"From ; the Land of the Sky
Blue Water," Cadman; Tht Moon
Drops Low. Cadman, Woman's
Club chorus.
(a) What's Sweeter Than a
New Blown Rose, Handel; (b)
Vesper hynm. old Eng'.ish choral:
(c) Kalina, Russian folk song;
(d) Le The,, JCoechlin; (e) Kum
Kyra (Norwegian Echo song);
Thrane, Miss Macbeth.
(a) Prelude, Schytte; (b) Ori
ental air, Bowen-Fultoni; (c)
Staccato Etude, Rubenstein, Mr.
(q) Song of the Waiting One.
Strickland; (b) Pierrot. 'Roberts:
(c) Sakura Blossom, Ross; (d)
Hayfields and Buttoxfils, Del
Riego, Miss Macbeth.
"Huntingtower," a novel by
John Bucban.
"The Van Roon," a noval by J.
C. Snaith. ;
Children's Book
"Rootabaga Stories," fascinat
ing tales for the little ones, espe
cially good to read aloud; told by
Carl Sandburg.
"Fairy Tales from Far and
Near.'f folklofe from many lands,
told by Katherine Pyle.
"Helga and the White Pea
cock," a play by Cornelia Meigs.
'Og, Son of Fire," a story of
primitive man by Irving Crump.
"Peggy Raymond's Way," by
Harriet L. Smith. j
'' '
Hayesville Sunday School
Convention Opens Today
.The Hayesville district Sunday
day School convention will .con
vene Sunday March 23 at the
(Baptist church at Hayesville.
The following Is the program for
the day:
Opening service by Allen Mc
Cain at 10 o'clock. Quarterly
Review of S. S. Lessons," W. C.
Andrews, C. J. Baftruff. Mrs. C."
Sherwood. Music by Hayesviile
Sunday School. Address. Bas
ket dinner at noon and business
meeting of 4he delegates after
noon. Devot'ons. Business
meeting and County convention
reports. Music, Kaizer male
quartette. Address: Revj W. T.
Milliken. Address: Rev. Thomas
Monsignor Lane of Albany to
Speak Tonight at St.
Joseph's Church,
New Books
"McKinley and RooseveU Ad
ministrations." a new volume by
James Ford ' Rhodes. This car
ries his studies of the history of
the United States to 1909, the
earlier volumes of his work be
gan the study at 1850.
"When the Wrest was Young."
tales of pioneer days in the west,
especially in and about Arizona,
many of them thrill with excite
ment, told by Frederick R. Bech-dolt.
"Child Training as an Exact
Science," a phychological study by
George Jacoby.
"Books and Characters, French
and English," literary criticism of
i number of authors, including
Shakespeare, Voltaire. Blake, Bed
does and Boyle, by Lytton Strach-
ey. ,
"Impressions and experiences,"
3ssays by William Dean Howells.
"Esther and Berenice." two new
t)lays by John Masefield. j
i "Locusts and Wild Honey," s
uiys by John Burroughs.
"Confessions of a well-meaning
Woman," by Stephen McKenna.
"Jeanne-Marie's Triumph," a
tory by Clara Laugblin.
Holding A Husband
(Continued from page 1)
were ready to snap so tautly
were they drawn. But the strik
ing of the clock which Katie had
set going in the kitchen brought
me to a realization of the social
duties before us. The bride's
home-coming must not be mar
red by . a conjugal row on our
part. On her account, I did
what I have never done before
I played the role of a meek,
coaxing wife, when I did not
feel the part. Going up to Dicky,
I slipped my arms around his
"Don't be cross," I said.
"There'll be no hammer and no
'I told you so club. Kiss me.
and then let's hurry and dress."
He held me off from him and
looked steadily, quizzically at me
until my eyes fell and I felt;tbe
hot color mount into my cheeks.
"You feel a lot like kissing
me," he said mockingly. "You'd
much rather exercise that fist or
yours. But I , never decline a
lady's challenge."
He clasped me roughly in his
arms and kissed me, smiling
h a 1 f-tenderly ha 1 f-maliclously
when he had done tso. -
"Now there won't be any dan
ger of a scrap when the dear
bride and groom get home," he
said with a comprehending grin.
(To be continued)
Holy week services will begin
in St. Joseph's Catholic church
today with the blessing and dis
tribution of the palms. The Pas
sion will be read at both masses
today, - with no sermons, and to
night Rt. Rev. Msgr. Arthur Lane
of St. Mary's church In Albany
will preach a sermon following
benediction at 7:30.
Holy Thursday, when the insti
tution of the Lord's Supper Is
observed, the members of the first
communion class will receive their
first communion. Mass will be at
8 o'CcIock'and the solemn proces
sion in honor of the Holy Sacra
ment will be a part of the serv
ices with special music for the
Good Friday will be observed
with the mass of the presanctlfied
at 8 o'clock. . The three hours,
from noon until '3 o'clock will be
observed with the Wa yof the
Cross and prayers in the church.
Evening services at 7:30 will con
sist of a sermon: by Tier. J. Keen
an, assistant pastor, followed, by
the. rosary.
Holy Saturday will be observed
with the blessing of fire, the Eas
ter and babtismlal water which
will takelace before the 7 o'clock
Everyone is invited to attend,
any or all of these services.
England has made her first
payment of the debt due the
United States. Form In line,
boys, and give the other nations
who owe: us money an oppor
tunity. :
Operetta in Two Acts by W. Rhys
Herbert, Will be Presented by- .
. . . - -.
S. H. S. Music Department
The setting of this .operetta. Is taken from -the
sea. I r !
. .Y '; . " - -
Eleven principals with excellent youthful solo
voices and a chorus of 130 voices directed by
Proceeds of operetta will be used by the de
partment to purchase music scores.
This department ot the school Is self-supporting
and the fact that in the past two years $425
has been earned by public programs attests to
its excellence.
6 -
The occasnonon which you, like all other women, will eagerly
pay homage to Style by smartly decking yourself in her most
distinctive creations and joining the Easter Parade
Choice $19.75
One Rack Full
Taffeta Dresses with
their basque waists and
full skirts, a,lso lovely
dresses of soft silks and
some with wool skirts
and silk paisley tops, you
will find this assortment.
Camels Hair and Polo
Extra Special
$24.75 and
Swagger and swank, soft
ana nappy, bomei are
belted and others are not.
Other topcoats of tweeds
season's new shadings. 1
You'll Find Here a
Of High-Grade
Styles That Are Different
Gala Assortment
Silk Dresses
Dresses of Canton Crepe combined with printed crepe in brilliant oriental colorings or of flat crcne
in the more quiet shadings, dresses of Krinkle Knit and taffeta, good looking things that are beyond
words. Dresses you'll be proud to own and wear. YouVe sure of satisfactory selection from this
, , . group
Easter Gloves
" Neckwear
Silk Hose
" Veilingi
" . Handbags
Salem Store
166 Stale St.
I'ortland Silk Shop
383 Alder SL
t I
': 1 1
4 .
t 1
I b
: ! I
! ,i