The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 17, 1923, Page 5, Image 5

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Attend SUte Meeting i
;:w Miss Marian Wyman and Miss
Jeanette Kletslng accompanied a
group of , high school girls to
Portland yesterday. .Theyiwill at
tend the state conference ot Girl
Reserves in Portland" today. :;V
gartner is a, well known resident
of, Salem, having been connected
with the banking firm ot Ladd ft
Bash toe. many years prior to his
connection with the Salem Hard-
modifies from Portland to points I rats are doing damage in Salem w"e company. lie baa -recently
on Grays harbor and Wlllapa bay to tn extent or ,uo , a year. - " ,, , .,
which are competitive with rela- In 10 years he said this would ".it-.'iV!!
Uon to Puget sound cities is 30 amount to as mucn as me ssuu.- 1-, " "31,1: "V"
cents a . hundred nminda' in leu. 000 school bonds autnonzea Dy -. e. " . - V"
than en ints the Deople at an election
i The Fishing Season Will-- - j V
. . Soon be here. Now -is the time
; . to buy that used Ford or Chevro-
let to gei out to tne wiiy . iroui
i on Apru la. come to our usea
1 ; Car, Sale for we hare the car you
want at the price you want to pay.
s Salem Automobile Co. Adv.
Printer IU r
i Lowell Unruh, apprentice print
er at. The Statesman office, is
v'v seriously ill. ; lie has been unable
: , .u nuik iui ivicki nu ....
, 1 W Buy aW Sett4 lff 7-- '
"Used' f arnitureV Glese Furniture
r Co., 372- Cdurjt1 street Adv.
'To bo'-Iarrie, rX.
"?s A' marriage -license was Issued
in th county 'clerk's office yes-
terdiy to Thomas Osborn of Sa
;"lem and Sarah H. Ridings of Ger-
Talss ; -' r.' .i. -t r L-r
Remember the Used Car Sale
At Salem Automobile Co.' place
Tlio Used Car Sale at Salem
Automobile Co.'s is worth your I to health
time to investigate for there are
some real bargains, in fact every I Buy Used C
car offered i la a Kanraln. Salem I From Salem
Automobile Co. -Adv.
Monday. Mr. Hug further-asserted
that the rodents are- a menace
last I buslness ot the American' Life In
surance company In this territory.
Automobile Co.
now. ,Tne otner ieuow nss siooa
the depreciation. Take advantage
of it. Salem Automobile Co.
AdV. , - . .
Sues to 'Collect .
Suit for collection of $ 4 7 0, al-
laMFAf " . a VtA Inn r - f4Cr rl it a wb a
ao-va- , M msu a vua scassv w w I f. g m
commenced in the circuit court l .
yesterday by Margaret Wittscher Sunday school COnTene aJ
araiilst-ILewia E. tJudson. Ac
cording to the complaint a farm
owned by 'Mrs. Wittscher, consist
ing of .14 5 acres, three miles west
of Turner, was leased to the de
fendant' on October 1,1918, for
9:45 a. m. with Matt A. Good
speed superintending. At 1 a. m.
the pastor will preach, subject:
The Christian's Guide." At 6:30
p. m. Mias Bertha Inglehorn will
lead the Ep worth League devo-
. t - a . j a a I r
a consiaerauou oi a year. tlonar meeting. At 7:30 p. m.
All payments were made as pro- sinforoea Tadilla will preach, sub
vlded for; until , the latter part of My wandering Boy." Pub-
izj, ,me-compaaint aueges, wneniIIc inTtted.
1200 became due. of which only
$130 ,was iaiid. Later ,the lease Dalrymple Takes Post-
was eztenaea to , uciooer, ivz, i a m. rninrinni nf saiom v-
for an agreed consideration of I terdav became commissary and
$400, no part of which the plain- J steward at the state penitentiary,
Three Fatalities Reported
: Three fatal accidents out of a
total of 577 industrial casualties
were reported to the state indus
trial accident commission for the
week ending March 15. The fatal
cases were: E. J. Kennedy, Port
land, laborer; R. G. Campbell,
South Beach, timberman; Percy
Thomas, Brookings, carpenter. Of
the total number of accidents re
ported 520 were subject to the
provisions of the workmen's com
pensation act, 40 were from firms
and corporations that have reject
ed the provisions of the compen
sation act and 17 were from pub
lic utility corporations that are
not subject to the act.
Dr. O. II. Kent, Osteopath!
Physician and surgeon, 408-3
Masonic Temple. Phones, office,
16; residence, 644M. Adv.
tiff, asserts was paid. The plain
tiff asks that $470 now due with
appointed by Warden- Johnson S.
Will Visit Project-
In an endeavor to bring about
some , method of settling the
on North High street." This -sale', interest ' be granted her by. the
Smith. Dalrymple has long- been Warm Springs Irrigation district
f commences, Saturday March 17
: and lasts for one week. Store open
v' evenings and Sundays. Adv. - .i
i Certificate of ownership of the
'Home Bakery was filed by Harry
Stevens and Sylvester Stevens of
Woodburn ' In the county clerk's
" of flee yesterday.
Oswald Greater ' 10 Serenaders
Floor newly sanded.
crbwd"-Adr. ir-ifN
Follow the
"SC Patrick's y ' ? T
i This is St. Patrick's day, but
-aside from. some, small social func-
tions and . the special : decorations
to be seen in some of the business
houses : there Is no observance of
; the day in Salem. The Catholic
people are not celebrating the day
idue to the fact that this is the
r Lenten season. when there. Is :,a
. cessation of social activities among
- the people of that church. -
Wo Have Never -
.' . Put'' on a Used Car : Sale that
iwas not a success. .The one we
are staging at this time offers
snore, real bargains than any sale
prior to this .one. Prices from
; $100 up. Salem Automobile Co.
Adv. . ,. , v t - -.v' i .'
; For gal
Chicken' coops, formerly used at
i poultry shows. Half original cost.
I -V Salem f Chamber of , Commerce.
. i phone 203. Adv.
Portland Wins Victory
t ,4 Portland wholesalers: and Job
bers bare won another victory In
obtaining at tentative decision
from the. Interstate commerce com-
' mission : placing.- that . lty on a
Something New Jn
Electric sewing machines. Giese
Furniture Co., 373 Court st.--AdV.
; .
identified with Democratic poll-
tics and is -secretary of the Marion
County Democratic Central com
mittee. He formerly was commis-
sary at the prison. During the
Wilson administration -he was em-
In - Malheur county. Governor
pierce. State Engineer Percy A.
Cupper; State Superintendent of
Banks Frank G. Bramwell. W. D.
B. Dodson of the Portland Cham
ber of Commerce, William Hanley
ployed in the internal revenue de-Jof tne State Chamber of Com-
St. Patrick's Dance
At Dreamland' ring
partment in Oregon.
Hall' newly decorated.
Saturday I Appointed General Agent j
Improper Parking"1- '
The following, cases are lo be
considered by Judge Martin Poul-
sen In the elfy , court today, deal
ing with Improper parking: O. L.
Martin of 412 North Eighteenth:
Nors Clemment, 910 North" CaDi-
tol, C. Wilson, Jr., of the "Wilson
4 v '
Get Out Into the Country -.
? . Enjoy life. A You Mve but once.
Buy f v used Chevrolet, Buick or
Ford from Salem Automobile Co.,
at their Used Car sale now. Treat
your: family to an outing.
Joseph Baumgartner has ' been
appointed general agent for west
ern, central Oregon for .the Am
erican Life Insurance company, a
strong old-line, legal reserve com
pany of Detroit. Mich. The Am- j
erican Life has recently entered
Oregon with a very attractive line
ot low-priced, life Insurance con
tracts, with guaranteed costs and
guaranteed results. . which have
the approval ; ot the state :' insur
ance department and will merit
the v attention : of prospective buy
ers of life Insurance. Mr. Baum-
merce and Wiliam Pollman of
Baker will leave Monday night
for an inspection of that project.
The governor believes the pro
ject should be' divided up into
small holdings. Pierce,- Cupper
and Bramwell are members ot the
state irrigation and drainage se
surities commission. State Treas
urer Hoff and Attorney General
Van Winkle are-also members of
the commission, but will not be
able to make the trip.
About School Bonds -Editor
- I understand that some ot our
leading taxpayers are dissatisfied
in fact are disgruntled over the
result of the recent school elec
tion and are 'seeking: means to
overthrow the favorable vote for
the bonds. It Is asserted that a
very large number voted last
Monday who were not qualified
to cast, a ballot from the fact
that they were, not taxpayers. It
is stated that the judges
three of 1 whom were women-
permitted all to , vote who apr
plied for a ballot and who claim
ed they were taxpayers. ' The
judges, they say, -did not ques
tion their right to vote, did not
verify their statements as they
had no register or a poll of the
qqalfied and legitimate voters at
the booth, as required. . : For these
reasons it is claimed that the
election was invalid and of no
effect and that the Issuance ot
bonds can be successfully en
joined. ; v
Do you think, Mr. Editor, that
there are any just grounds for
snch a claim?
Salem, March 16, 1923. :.u
State Penitentiary AQrees to
Take Production of Val-
ley Association.
A Classified Ad , ,
.Wiil bring you. a buyer.-
cars are cheaper than ever be
fore. Adv. ; i
Dr. Roy Smith, who died Thurs-
Used j day at Eugene, was a former res-
Cars Collide
s J. "iK.; Sampson of 594 North
Commercial street reported that
while going east' on Statehe:colT
lided with' a car which wis mov
ing : norths. on High at the inter
section. Slight damage was don
to the cars. .
ident of Gervais but had made his
home in Eugene for the last 1 1
years. The funeral win oe held
at Eugene, but grave-side serv
ices will be held at the Bell Passl
cemetery; near Woodburn, at
o'clock this afternoon. The fun
eral precession will leave the Rig
i don chapel at 1 o'clock.
Leg? .Blanks . ?.
Get them at The Statetsman of
fice. Catalog on application.
Adv. , . !..
LoHes Coat-
Mrs. Roblin of, 737' Center
reported - that a ,brown ." overcoat
with a black seal collar and brown
silk, lining, was taken from her
parity of rates with those from home; yesterday. It was said to
, y Puget sound , cities! to points on have been, loft out of doors over-
Grars harbor . and Wlllana bayjisht and in the morning had dis-
The new rate proposed to be ap-PPared.
plied 1 to groceries.' Iron and steel :
,i. uiibicof yauci - uu uiugi . ,wu
i:; p , ' ;
SCOTT At a hospital March 16,
1923, Elizabeth Jane Scott, age J
80 years, i Survived by two
sons, Walter F. of Sheridan and i
U. F. Scott of Salem; a niece,'
Mrs. Ed Gillangham of Salem,
and a sister in Tennessee. The;
funeral cortege will : leave the
Our Furniture and , ,
i Rug prices hare not advanced.
Giese Furniture Co., 373 Court st,
Adv. ; , -
! : i . , i
Pilot Butte Case tp 1 "f
- Officers of the Pilot Butte1 irri
gation district will meet hero to
day with the state irrigation and
drainage securities commission to
present a proposed contract with
the North Canal company whereby
the latter would irrigate the. pro
ject. 'The contract provides that
the North Canal company shall do
the construction 'work and.' aeeept
the district's bonus, in payment at
$75 ah acre The Pilot Butt,e pro
ject contains 13,000 acres east ot
Bend in' Deschutes and:; Crook
counties. It is proposed to irri
gate a part of the land in the Cen
tra ' Oregon irrigation 4 district
through the North Canal to. oe
constructed by the North Canal
company, and In turn to utilize a
part of the Central Oregon irriga-
MARION Potland: W. E.
Hoff. S. C. Barten. R. H. Steb
bins, A. M. Olsen, Lois Burris,4 A.
W. James, F. N. Williamson, T.
L. Lestoe, J. L. Kelso, Scout
Kent. E. E. Brett. C. K. Saun
' Medford: John W. Johnson,
Scott Davis, Russel Coleman, N.
French, H. B. James, Mr. f and
Mrs. C. T. Noe, J. D. Golf in, Eu
nice Davis, Chester Hubbard, Har
ry Shuger, Lester Bennett, Bruce
Motfart, Howard, Glancork,
Charlie Fredenburg, A. C. Allen,
Mr. and Mrs. JJ H. Hibbard. Rus
sel Hibbard. Paul Gannaway,
Harold Riddle, Mike Jacobs, Mr.
and Mrs. Roy Prultf. Mr. and
MrsJ T. F. Brumbaugh, Albany;
Mrs. Mary Cook, The Dalles; O
Wright, Alfred Coats, -Jr., R
Moore. Tillamook; Ed Eben, Es
ther Eben, Joseph; Roy E. Eng
bretson. Astoria: Mr. and Mrs.
Campbell church, Eugene
U BLIGH H. V. Holler, Stuart
Nicholson, Medford; J. R. Wyatt,
M: Byrne Albany; J. W. Derby.
Grand .Ronde; L. C.Alford, S
Fullerton, Pendleton; E. M. Sted.
ham, E. B. Moore, Portland; L.
H. Judd, Molalla; C. R. Williams,
Los Angeles; R. E. Engbretson,
John; Ehassen, Astoria. . , . ;.
TERMINAL Frank Bates. As
torlal Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Fields
L. IL ParUr. Portland "J,"
Root; Marshfield; " Roy (Spec)
Keene, , Corvallis; V. J. Chase
Los Angeles; J. S. McMahan, Hal
sey ; David W. Leclair, Portland
- It
hj buylss your Hardware find
furniture at The Capital Hard
Wnf Cl Farnitnre Coi, 285 No
ftemercial St; . , Phone 947
' - Diamonds, atcueu, V
Jewelry and SflTerwmrt
Phone 1255; SalccL Oregon
C'alsn Anbulance Certlee
" Day or Night .
Pkose 666
178 S. liberty BC
,8alem ' Z , .' - 'Ore..
Capital Junk
;yt'k CO.;
': AD kinds of jrmlc and
Itecchd-nand eoodi. We
pay fu3 raise,
215 Center Street
- Ptcna,CC3 ,
TerwiUIger i home at 10:30 to
day for Sheridan, where serv- tJon gystem to carry water to the
ices wui ue aeiuinua uwnwiH Powell Butte district.
maae. . i ,
Mrs. Brown, 202 Blasonic IUdff .
Hats to order ' or remodeled.
' i
Collision Reported - " ,
L. M. Bailey of route 9, report
ed to police headquatrers yester
day thaC while driving his car
south on Church-street yesterday
he collided- with Fred Forester of I -
SMITH -The remains of , the late
Dr. 'Roy Smith, a former resi
dent of Gervais. who died " on
March 1 5 at Eugene, will ar-
rive at the Rigdon Mortuary I Adv.
Saturday morning, ? March 17.
-Graveside services will be held
at 2 o'clock at the Bell Passl
"cemetery, near Woodburn. Fun
;. eral procession will leave Rig
don chapel-at 1 o'clock.
Swedish Graduate in Massa
Visits patients. Orders taken
for .beauty preparations. ' Advice
on oil and idry.complectlona. Dr.
Ruth Brown. Phone 1265W.
Road Hard
. Salem may join in a movement
with other. Willamette valley cities
to) turn morel business to the 'Ore
gon Electric railway because oi
? J? f fng eMt PAH LG REN At , Chemawa.' 1 on I atatemepU made in Portland to
i nn vr n Rnfn t far - Ann - l. mm . a . m
Church. 'Both 'cars were ' consid
erably damaged. No injuries
were. reported. -
March 16. Kattie Pahleren. 16 I lP effect that the, road, .u pres
years of age- Funeral services ent V conaitions continue, musi
wiil Ka hoi s.tnrHor ntfavoh I cease operation or go into a re-
Now da the Time -
To buy that Used, Car. The
prices are; rights "The quality of
the, cars are ; right, and the. terms
are attractive. Salem -Automobile
Co. -AdVi : : ; r -
.17, at 9 a. m. from the Che
mawa Catholic, church. Inter-
, ment will -bet In the Catholic
cemetery at Chemawa. Ar-
rangemnts are in charge of the
Rigdon mortuary. - ;.
Hoase Broken Into '
W. A. Wilcox of 499 North
Nineteenth reported to police yes
terday morning that his home'
had been broken Into the nighfbe-
f ore; but that nothing was taken.
HOLLOWAY Eva Loretta. wife
of Elmer Holloway, age 26, died
at her home. 1363 North Sev
enteenth street. She Is survived
by the widower, two children.
celrer's hands. In some cities. It
Is said .a movement is under way
to divert patronage from motor
stage lines to the electric rail
road. It is probable that a re pre
sentative of the Oregon , Electric
company will be asked to explain
the situation to the Chamber of
Commerce here at an early date
Will Show at Turne:
The 'Lions' club minstrels that
Kenneth aged 5. Dorothy aged made 8nCh a hit with the Salem
Trade Your Old Foriiitai
On new.i- Giese Furniture 'Co.,
373 Court street. Adv..
Rats 3Icnare Salotn . - -
As a, result of an address .be
fore the Lions club ; by ., George
Hug, city " Bupe'rlnfpident , of
schools yesterday the club may
undertake an - anti-rat: campaign
in Salem. S Mr. Hue declared that
3, and four sisters, Mrs. Clara
Needham., Salem; , Mrs. J. A.
Allison, Mill City; Mrs. Celiia
Sterling. Lebanon; Mrs. F. A.
Perry, Dallas; three brothers,
Melvln Blinstou, - Saiem Dpl
bert, .Jefferson, Arthur, The
Dalles and father. A: M. Wins
ton. Funeral jjervices from Ter
wllliger hon e Monday at 10
o'clock, Rev. Chapman, of f iciat
" ing. J '.,!-; 1, ; , I...: :
Osteopathic lliysidan and
. v i Surgeon'
' ; 228 Oregon Building
. - t. Phone 258
I CHANNETtS Elmer Louis Chan
cier, at nome, xzy xuarion, age
4 -years. Private funeral ' ser
vices from Terwilliger home on
Saturday at 2 o'clock.
public in their appearance a week
ago, are to go to Turner ; for the
Boy Scout troop- ot Turner, the
night of .March 27. A. D. Gray,
banker of Turner.' and an enthus
iastic Boy Scout leader, attended
the concert here and liked it so
well that he prevailed upon the
Lions to come "down to his own
home town for a show. The en
I tertainment will be staged In. the
new high school auditorium thai
seats between 4 00 and 500 neoDle
and they promise to, fill the place."
to the brim. Mr. Gray was a vis
itor at, the Lions luncheon. Friday
Thfe'Stata.of Oregon will buy all
the flax raised by , the Wll'am-
ette Valley Flax and Hemp asso
ciation this year, according to
the contract entered into Friday
between Warden Johnson S.
Smith for the state and President
George W. Eyre and Secretary A
C. Bohrnstedt'tor the association
The association has 1000 acres
or flax already contracted by its
members, and expects to increase
this acreage to 1200 or maybe
even 1300 acres this year. r,
Benefit to State
The state finds it of vast bene
fit to its new flax Industry to
tind this large acreage, already
organized and ready for contract
They have their seed and ground
ready, and - warehouses at Rick
reall and Turner where the crop
can be stored and brought in to
the prison factory as it' is needed,
If the season should prove pro
pitious, the yield might be wen
in excess of 2000 tons, even up to
2500 tons from this acreage. The
association will offer the use of
Its two storage warehouses at
Rlckreall, and its warehouse and
tow plant at Turner. It may be
found desirable for the state to
take over these utilities, espe
cially the tow factory , at Turner,
and partially work up the fibre at
that - place, sending only the
treated fibre r ready for twine
spinning to the prison. ' .
r " Growers Gratified
The flax growers are "well
pleased with the present develop
ment. ' They had planned to raise
the flax to Bell commercially, 'un
til they can bring the industry up
to the high point of a real linen
factory In the valley. With the
state taking hold at this critical
point, and furnishing a cash mar
ket for the flax as it is delivered.
the growers can with one good
crop get ready for the larger
acreage that will call for a larger
ractory service than the state can
W.'W. Westinghouse of Liberty
was before the county court on
business yesterday.
Otto Wellman of Crooked Fin
ger Spent the day in the city yes
terday. J .
jfJay Kinser of Crooked Finger
was in Salem on business yester
day. .He Js a. member of - the
Crooked Finger school board.
Senator M..R. Klepper was here
yesterday from Portland.
Mrs. Jeanette Burkholder of
Portland, formerly Miss Jeanette
Allen, a Marlon cou'nty teacher
was In the city yesterday.
John Plas of Crooked Flnge
was a visitor, in the city, yester
day. . He is clerk of the school
district of that vicinity.
H. G. King of Bethel district
was a visitor in the city yester
day. . , , :
With the coming on of warmer
weather and the doffing of vests
what is. to become of the old-fash
icned man who used to use that
piece of men's wear as a gravy-
- General DsnUas Business
Office Hocn frca 10 ei. to 8 p, n.
Webb & Clough
Leadla Fcssnl
Directors 1 v
Expert Erabaiaert
Rigdon & Son's
TJnequaled Service -
Cut This Out It Is Wortn Monrj
.Cut. out this slip, enclose with
5c and: mail it to Foley & Co..
2833 -Sheffield Ave Chicago,
III., writing your name and. ad
dress clearly. You will receive
in return : a trial package con
taining Foley's .Honey and iTar
Compound for coughs, colds and
croup; Foley Kidney mis ior
pains in sldcq and back; rheuma-
tism. backache, kidney and blad
der ailments; and Foley Cathar
tic Tablets, a ' wholesome ' an
thoroughly cleansing cathartic
for constipation, biliousness, head
aches, and slugeish bowels. Sold
Adder and lister
F. O. B. Chicago
half ot J per cent; purchased from
Stark ey & Hubbs Inci i .
School : district No. 4, Multno
mah' county, f 5000; , to yield 4.75
per cent less a discount of one
fourth of per , cent; -purchased
from Western Bond A Mortgage
company. -.- . , w, . - .
School district No. 9, TilUmook
county, $10,000; to yield 4.90 per
cent; from Blythe, Witter & Co.'
School district No. 14. Umatilla
county, $10,000; to yield 4.80 per
cent; purchased frpmBlyth.: Wit
ter & Co. -: "v.
School ; district f No. 31,, Tilla
mook county, $4) 00 to yield 5
per cent;' purchased; from Blyth,
Witter & Co. :. '.i ' :
School district No. 53. Klamath
county, $5000; to yield 4.80 per
cent; purchased from Blyth, Wit
ter;& Co. '. : "''--
School district No. 47, Colum
bia county, $14,000; toyieM 4.8"
per cent less a discount of one-
half of 1 per cent; purchased
from Ladd & Tilton bank.
School district No. 1. Deschutes
county, $10,500;' to yield 4.8 per
cent less a discount of. one -ball
of 1 per cent; purchased from
Ladd & Tilton. bank. ,
Union hiSft school district Nf.
1, Grant county, $10,000; to yield
4.85 per" cent less, a discount - of
one-half of 1 per cent; purchased
from Clart, Kendall & Co. '
Union hlfeh school district No.
3. Umatilla county, $10,000; to
yield 4:7 o per cent less a discount
of one iourth oi l per cent; pur
chased fro.n Clark, Kendall & O-.
Bids Vm Cs Opened
: by County Court JcC-j
Today at 1 o'clock bids for tha
county wood supply, crushed roc'.;
for the roads and hauling con
tracts will be" opened and consid
ered by the county court - -
A total of 700 ords of wood
for'the county's pavthgr plants will
be purchased. At the Mount An
gel plant 7000 yards-f crushed .
rock will be needed. 'while 6000
yards will be' purchased , for the
Stayton plant. In addition to the
abova purchases a, contract tor
the hauling Of gravel will be let,
Although the time for submitting
bids will not close until this fore
noon,' County Commissioner J. T.
Hunts Mates that a number hava
already bee a received. .
eliminate C. E. Gates of M&dford,
who was appointed on the board
by Governor' Olcott aBI later re
moved by Olcott because of Gcte;;
connection with the Ku Klu:
Klan. ' .
A meeting of the . 6tate fair
board that was called for today
has been postponed Indefinitely,
pending appointment of new mem
bers by the governor. The resig
nation of James R. Linn and II.
C. Marsters reached the governor
yesterday, but It was said the res
ignation of II. E. Browne had net
yet come in. .
State Commission MakesInF
vestment, of Accident
v Commissidn's Moneyr
- The state bond commission has
invested $127,000 of the state in
dustrial ' accident commission
funds In school district bonds.
The - investments were:.
y Scho6l district No. . 2 5,. Morrow
county. $14,000; to yield 4.85 per
cent, less a discount of one-half
o 1 per cent; r purchased' from
Starkey & Ifubbs. Inc.
School district No. 107, Wash
ington county, $25,000; to yield
4.85 per cent less a discount of
one-balf of 1 per cent; purchased
from Starkey. & lubbs. Inc.
School district No. 30. Jeffer
son county, $8500, to yield 4.95
per cent less a discount of one-l.
Governor Pierce .Expected to
Appoint R. C. Marsters
of Roseburg.
No "cure tmr neips to re
duce paroxysms cf coc'-L- -,
D UUi .
Cher 17 A3wan LW Ytz.
In official circles it Is felt reas
onably ,- certain that Governor
Pierce will' retain J. E. Reynolds
as a member of the state fair
board ' and that he will - appoint
R. C. Marsters of Roseburg, for
merly a member of the beard un
der the Withycombe administra
tion and part of - the Olcott 1 ad
ministration.'' Both are Republi
cans. - - " "
Marsters will represent .south
era Oregon on the board and Roy-
no ds eastern Oregon. '
' The governor is casting about.
it Is understood for a member who
understands the race horse game
and another who is familiar, with
the cattle and dairying business.
The governor intimated yesterday
that one ' member should be - se
lected -from Portland and " two
from the Jieart of ' the" WHlnm
ttte - valleyT-- He- added Tthat one
need not necessarily-be from Ma
rjon county! as has usually been
the rule, -v - V'i, ' ..f
Should the; governor select Mar
sters it is presumed this would
' At 7:30 -.
First Baptist Church
- . Topic.
'The ThsalreEnd C12
r Dance Qucilicn"
Filled .with high grade
- ' assorted 5 "
In half pound and one pcuri
- '-' boxes :
; The ACE is the Tlace
. 'C ' Masonic Temple. ,
. - A Lecture to Be Given by S
" ;. REV. J. XL iBUCK
,r - .... --Pastor.of ' "
Corner of Cottage and Chemeketa Streets t
- - SUNDAY EVT5NIXG, JtfARCM 18th, 1023
lr 2 Music by St. Joseph's Choir -: . ' ;f
Come and Hear the Catholic Side of the
Question Agitating So Many Just Now';
( Call or Write for Circular (
Don't Bay Till You See It,
210 North Commercial
i r
That are just a little differ
ent than the usual collec
tion ; j ust that something
that gives them individual
ity, whether it's the tailor
ing, the : trimming or the
materials; is not just known
but its something. .
Materials are of Polaire
Polo, Home Spun, Brushed
basket weaves, camels hair,
etc., in O v e r p 1 a i d s and
checks ' '!' 'h 1 "
Plain colors, blue, deer, tan,
brown, green and huff. -Trimmings
are large but
tons, inlaid with silver orna
ments; buckles carrying de
signs of Egyptian figures.
Others are beautifully em
broidered. : '
ii ill ii n
everywhere. Adv. '2TiJa