The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, February 21, 1923, Page 3, Image 3

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1 fhy' 'Sl
,,. ... ' Today r vr
Story telling group, at library.
Women's Auxiliary of St. Paul
. with Mrs. H. B.' Thlelson.
... Circles of First. Methodist Aid
scciety. v South Central, : Mrs.
Carle Ahrams, ; 1 0 4 Wilson ; ; West,
Mrs. Grant Day, 640 Chemeketa;
East, v Mrs. R. - .L i.' farmer, 9 0
I Chemeketa; Lucy Anna Lee,' Mrs.
v"H. L. Marsters,?; 1656 Court;
Naomi, Irs Rit-V. HoTlenberg,
292 ' North Twentieth; New Park,
Mrs. E. E. Gilliam, 776 South
Twelfth: 'Southeast, Mrs. . M. Cw
Halvorsen, 14S4 Terry.
I' " . Thursday f
,- - Dedication of DAR memorial In
- Willsonpafk at 1:30. . : .
- - 'Friday"' V .' -" ; "; '
First Presbyterian -Aid society
! at church. ; - .
- Saturday
. vDAR- with "Mrs. Henry Thiel
..: sen-: . ' - -
The DAR will dedicate the
memorial to , pioneer : fathers and
mothers tomorrow afternoon at
1 : 30. The memorial which "is
fa; the form 1 of a great boulder
Is on the - Willson park grounds
close to the stats house grounds.
Patriotic ' societies of . Salem
' are Included in the Invitationto
attend the services, according to
; Um, TT.; 'G. TShlpley, recent or
the . local chapter.. - Governor
Walter M. Pierce will talk on
George Washington and George
, H fines of the Oregon Historical
"y society will also address the as
sembly. .
, ' ' '
Mrs. Asahel Bush and her
mother. Mrs. William Boot,- left
yesterday by automobile f o t
southern California where they
' mill rfsit lir seraral weeks. Mrs.
Boot wills visit Whn tn San
Francisco, Iwfth another daugh
Eleanor rETerall was hostess
Satarday at a. . pretty . birthday
tarty.' : The guests " wero enter
tained at a line party followed
1 1 1 1 ii 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1
vV cot
AV twites hrccXhbb
tyMsiiii.Sto.irt !
Regular $9.00
Very Special
Stylish Stout Corsets are
made for the . woman of -stout
or near stout figure, ;
who i -etenniaed to be smartly dressed. A
stylish stout corset proves that "no woman is
too stout to be stylish." They do satisfy for
they are well made b every particular.
New Coats, Suits and
Dresses Are Coming
in Daily j j
It will be a pleasure to show them to you.
-rZr crrsJL -
l . .iiTff ii nTi iiiiiiumTn iTiTlTt ii Yii CiYi i Yi'u t
room of the :Spa. 1 . m
The guests; bidden r foir the oe?
casion included ' her sister Ruth
Kuser, : Lorraine ; Pierce, : "Rosalie
Puren, Margaret , Millard, and
Viola iUssenbery,1 Dolores Wil
liams,' and Orma Mclntyre. :
Mr. and Mrs. Lester I. Pear-
irmine are rejoicing over the birth
of a son. Lester Sykes, February
20. Mrs. Pearmine twas formerly
Miss Nell Sykes. r ; .
tz i I . .l '
. Mrs. George . Rodgers has as
her house guests Mrs. Winifred
Abbott and Mrs. P. W. Lon.d6h
of Vancouver, B., C- Mrs. Lon
don formerly-. lived in Salem and
has ,T many ..friends who "will , bo
happy ; to .renew., old , friendships.
They will ;be here for a few
days. , ;.. . -
Mrs. darl' Gregg Doney la oh
ofary itnfetaher bf the new soro
rity. Alpha Phi Alpha, which has
just been .' announced at . Willa
mette university," V ;
With Mrs. Doney, the 21 mem
bers of the new group, banquet
ed in the Rose -room 'of the " Spa
Monday evening. The table fwas
lovely Vlth virile fofaed blossoms
and was illuminated' by candle
light. - 1 '
The girls later went to Laus
anne for formal pledging' Sep
vlcet Itj Is' understood that the
group Will not ' m6re out of the
hall, thlsj befng part of the agree,
ment 'under which they were giv
en " perinlssfon 'to organize. -
Four seniors are Included, in
the group. They; are :Erms' Hard
in,' Spokane; T Harriet ;Van :Slyke,
Chelan, Wash; i Louise " Rumohr,
Leavenworth;' j and 'Esther Mc-:
Cracken.Prosser j .. -: -
The ; three 'juniors are Irene
Walker, Eugene; ; Jewel t Delk.
Drain; and Alice Sykes, , Hood
" Sophomore members are Esther
Moyer, Roseburg; 'Juanta "Henry,
xaano tans; uiancne Jones, ure-
gon City: (iidrea Draae, Yam
hill; Marian Wyatt, Walla Walla.
rresamen gins inciuaea are
Lucille Wyjie, Eugene; Hazel
Malmston Anne Silver, New
berg; Marie'- Rostein, . Mildred
Hansen : . and Dorothy Ersklne,
Salem' Nora ? Pehrsson, Alberta,
Koontx. Halsey; ' Maurita Miller,
Topplnish, Wash. .; 4
Three Bills Vetoed ' -) -':
by Governor Pierce
So- far1 during the legislative
session Governor Pierce has ve
tced only; three bills. They are:
6, ' U. 17," "Opt on To - exempt
the charitable fund created ;by
the will; of i Bernard, Daly, trom
the inheritance tax. ;
H. B. 28,' Kuehn Prohibiting
the changing .: In, party registra
tion - within ,30' days : prior to pri
mary' elections. '
H: B. '352 ways and meails
cemmittee- Authorizing the state
to purchase Astoria bonds In the
sum f -$ 25 0,0 bo; " ! - ; t,W
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 n n n 1 1 1 i i i i i i-
yesterday a ITaicdca
, 'A'iblll i 'providing $275,
000 lor surveys of western
reclamation projects ; ' was
sent to the president. ! J ; .
s President -s .Hard! ng ) ,J was
'said confidently to , expect
constantly progressive ; Im-
proveneht in : enf orcenyent
of 'prohibition. ; ?
, Senators ' hostile t to the
shipping bill continued ' their
:. filibuster , with , proponents .
' threatenng' to force am all
night session. a j .
The house J passed iand
sent 'to the senate - a 'strong
bTIl Iflcreaslng from SlO.000
. to 116.000 the maximum' of '
l5d bank loans to f farmers.
'SupporterE'0r"ew restric
;tive Immigration j legislation
- were said to be eonrineed
.it is dead o far. as jthe pres
ent session of congress is
concerned.1 '
President . -Harding was ,
'.assured -by Chairman 1 Meyer
t"of the .lnterstaie. commerce
c6mm!ss!on that no section
"of the country was in dan- .
gW of distress due to coal -
( Unanimously 'a aenate fin
ance - sub-committee ; voted
an adverse " report ;;on the
Bursum bill , proposing a 4
"o'nfe-binlon dollar govern
ment loan to 'Gernlany to . .
finance purchases Of Ameri- ,
can commodities. "I :
."Requests for a hearing ,
Were rflled with the ' senate
oil investigating committee
by the Standard , Oil om- ;
pariy of Indiana which de
clared charges 1 made against
It by Thorns S. Black of the
Western "Petroleum 1 coin- ,
v pa ily of Chicago were "fla
grantly 'untrue : 'V .:.
Valley of Dry Bones
Liked by Salem People
What is believed to be as ef fec
tlveevangellstle preaching as was
everyone in Salem, is being done
at First Methodist church, by Dr.
E. G. Hickman president of Kim
ball School of Theology.. The of
ficial board felt that there; might
always be certain Objections to
Outside ' evangelists, "but in Dr.
Hickman they 'believed they
would 'get everything 'that any
evangelist could bring power and
sympathy, and the sterling' 'man
hood that everybody could see and
approve, Jevery day, in ,the year.
Their choice has been wonderfully
justified,' for the work ; of : Dr.!
Hickman has been Of afine, schol
arly, but strikingly $ effective ha--
ture. " ; - ; f'; , . i
; . Last v night, r . - Dr. , Hickman'
preached on. "The .Valley i of .Dry
Bones," a powerful presentation Of
the Vivifying effect of spirituality
In thfe 'iiead 'life of rri aiterlaHiim.
Tbhlght Is "Old1 People's Night"
to which all who ' are of the riber
years 'areesp'ecfally "invited. "Any
body knowing ot old people, who
could come If they were called for
In cars, are asked to send In the
names and addresses to phone 974
or : 1766W; and ; a few ' more : car
volunteers are also asked for. Fri
day, will be Sunday school and
young people's night. The music
all through the series has been
very eff ectlve.s "It Is conducted by
Cyril Mee,,' an Australian soldier
singer of rare ability.
, ; On Sunday. 'afternoon, a mass
meeting for men.. - in connection
with the city YMCA is to be held
at the church, .when Dr. Hickman
is to speak on "The Sins of Men."
It will be open to all 'men.
Says Glnsn of Salts Helps to
" Overcome Rheumatism i '
, Acid. ; . ! .
Rheumatism is easier to avoid
than to cure, states a well-known
authority. We are i advised" to
dress warmly, keep 'the! feet dry.
avOId ' exposure, and above all.
drink plenty of good water and
avoid eating sweets of all kinds.
Rheumatism Is caused by body
waste and acids resulting from
food fermentatlou.. It is the
function of the kidneys to filter
this poison from the blood and
cast it out in the urine: the
pores- of the : skin are also . a
means otf freeing the blood of
this Impurity. In damp and
chilly i cold , weather the skin
pores fire closed. , thus forcing
the kidneys to do double -work ;
they .become weak and sluggish
and 'fail to eliminate this waste
and - acids, which - keeps accumu
lating . and . circulating through
the, system,, eventually settling
in the, joints ; and - muscles, caus
ing stir mess,: soreness and pain,
called rheumatism i
At the first twinge of rheu
tnatisni ' get from t any pharmacy
about four ounces of Jad Salts;
put a tablespoonful In i glass
of water and 'drink beore break.
fast each morning for i a week.
Thla is helpful to neutralise
acidity, remove waste matter, al
so to stimulate the kidneys, thus
often ridding the lood ) of rheu
matic poison, , " - .
Jad Salts is Inexpensive, and
is made - from the acid of grapes
and lemon j nice, combined -wfth
llthla; and is vsed : with excel
lent, results toy thousands - t of
folks who are subjoct to rheu-
I , I
fil 4tmmmmmmmmlmmmmmmm
x George Larkin, Eva
in ''Barriers pt Folly.",
U' the 'Brothers were Valiant" -
with Lon Cbaney and Billie
1 Dove. -
liberty '
Clare KImballl i Ybuifgt in
Straight from Paris. - ,
'zr -ii.- H:,:.:
Starting next Saturdayand
Sunday t the BHgh i theater: .ill
present the first of, the seasons,
vaudeville 'road , shows., These
shows 'consist of four jtickea acts
ahd from 'advance reports ' front
thfs'first Bho'w it will surpass ahy-
thlng that has ever oeen In Sa
lemj Manager '- BTigh has been
striving f or montha. to get a -het-.
ter class of Vaudeville for his pa
trons .and he,. now feels that he
has reached his goal.
The VgreattUttlet hero of the
movies" George Larkin, has made
a picture , that . outstrips all , for
mer efforts of his In the way of
action. , In' ' the .'beginning, he
knock's the villain down! In the
end he repeats the treatment,
only With 'a little "more - force
George's fight ' technique Is as
good 'as his ability to act. - His.
latest; film, "Barriers of Folly,1!
opens at. the Bligh theater, today.
It doesn't need a press agent to
tell you. that Eva Novak is a star
fn her 'own right. . "She stepped
Into "double : harness" "however.1
for the ' period of the making of
"Barriers of Folly.
The supreme test 'of true love;
is the subject . of Clara 'Kimball.
Young's new -photoplay, ''Straight
From Paris,'!, now playing at the
Liberty theater. .. , s
A the nlain. nnartificial Lu-
cette i Grenier, t French milliner
the role taken by Miss Young, we
are 'introduced to a .succession of
throbbing ; circumstances that
sobh lead to "the -crisis' of the
story. In her unadorned beauty.
LUcette cannot 'help- attracting the
attentions.: of aristocratic : -mem
bers .of sociey. In . the web of a
romance which she cannot con
trol, the shop, girl hides her, iden
tity for fear of . the .scorn that her
Wealthy admirers would, shower
upon her, once . they learned that
Lucette was riot -of their own set,"
but an ordinary working girl. The
inerftable fdlscbvery "Is made, and
here T ;'Stralght , From ? Paris",
reaches its climax. . Shall .wealth
and; social. standing be ; the cri
terion , of . marriage? Is It what
the' girl has, or what the girl fs.
that , decides? . 'Straight n f rom .
Paris," with .. a. variety, . of ausnp-
tuotts 'scenery and costume fgive"
the -most -'convincing answer to
this hll-Impbrtant question that
a "picture "has yet 'presented.
"Come on, .you - Hottentot!
Come on boyr Ride- em,i Sam!"
"The Hottentot wins! Hotten
tot! Hottentot!" ... r
It would , take , a "whole .set of
exclamation points and Egyptian
hieroglyphics to do Justice , to the
steeplechase in Thomas H. Ince's
ridw cOnledy, & creeh version of
'The Hottentot A modern type
set Is "totally, inadequate. -
As a jaugh -maker the picture I
even - funnier than" the Stage play
of the same name. . ..
Thomas H. Ihce .picked, a win-
ner wnen., ne . oougnt tne ium
rlghts to the3lay, for ,121,000.
He has prod ued a 'thriller in the
picture. It's the cleverest com
edy, drama of the season. -
The palatial steam yacht Casi-
ana, owned by- E. Doheny, Los
Angeles oil magnate, was used in
the yachting scenes of Marshall
Neilans production of "The Stran
bera' Banquet," ; a Goldwyn pic
ture, coming to the Grand theater
Saturday for .two days. . The Cast-
ana, a 1227-ton all steel yecht,
254 feet long, later took off the
280 passengers and the crew of
the Ocean liner. City of Hon61ulu,
when it burned 500 miles off Los
Angeles harbor.
- . Eleanor Boardman, . appearing
in . Marhallf Neilan's ."The: Stran
gers Banquet," which comes to
the Grand theater, on Saturday
for. .'two days,, has discarded the
shoulder straps on her evening
gown. Milliners paste keeps the
town where It (should 1 be and 4
eliminates a lot Of annOyance
caused by the falling straps.
The smashing blows ' from the
flailing flukes "of a, wounded 50
ton -whale in. Its death struggle
came close to 'crushing several
members of the cast of ."All the
Brothers Were Valiant.' i the Irvih
Wlllatfoddctlbn Tor Metro. no
presented j at the 'Oregon theatre.
The episode took place during a
recent trip., to the . Farallone Is
lands- otf 1 the rchllfornia coast.
Mr.' Willat wanted 16 show the ac
tual hunting ahd killing of a
whale from - small boats, and he
succeeded, but almost at the cost
of many lives. . v . .
This was only . one more . in
stance where members - of i the
crews that manned the twenty-eight-foot
power -whale launches
risked their lives in order to get
the "thrill " registered by the
camera for this Metro special pro
duction of Ben -Ames Wi'llams'
powerful sea story In which Lou
Chaney, Billie Dove. Malcolm Mc
Gregor, Robert McKim and WiM
Ham" Mong have leading roles.
During the. morning, a-week
after the arrival of the whaling
party, they , sighted, a ''single;'
then a; "pair," and finally, another
"single." . ."' v
"We'll get that or bust.": grimly
declared Mr. Willat. The two
small 'power .boats were loaded.
One had a harpoon rifle mounted
in the bow .and was . manned by
Bob Kortman, Vincent Higgins,
Jack Graham, John Hanson and
Otto Hansen , , , r
, Both boats chased the whale for
an hour, the cameramen stationed
On the "Traveler" cranking now
and again. Finally Bob "Kortman
fired a onepound shell Into the
under tside of the . bull and he
sounded. By.?thls time the other
boat had reached .the spot. The
men stood, harpoons, in hand, and
when their prey came up, again
it was at a distance. - The : next
time hie came 'up they were more
f brtu'nate" and one launch - was
able to and him two harpoons.
'A few minutes later the men In
both hoRtn sat ' scannine the sur
face of the water for the first sign
of the - whale's. .next , appearance.
The engine of one launch had run
out of, "gasoline and was stalled
While the . crew was' "engaged In,
opening the reserve tank. Sudden
ly Hfggius cried . ';'
"Her he comes!' He's right
under us!' . ""'
Powerless to escape, the men
had : nothing" to do : but wait.
Whales,, although they can hear
Jh? . .; revolving propeller,3 pl ? a
steamer at a distance of 12 miles,
are, to tall . practical purposes',
blind. .This one did not see the
launch until he was almost at the
surface.' ;" :
Finally, weakened ; through' toss
of -blood,, the bull dame ; to the
surface and stayed there for. per
haps three minutes. "Red'! .Thomp
son, in, one of the launches, or
dered Richter, the first mate of
thet "Traveler," to guide the
small craft ' alongside. When this
was done he Jeaped to the back
of the animal, maintaining a foot
ing by laid of his spiked J boots,
and r scored the -! death ' blow, a
thrust throogli the', lungs.
Blowing a, ; spay. of blood, the
whae etarted on.-its final, dive.
Thompson's ; launch was several
rods, dlBtahtand, he was forced,
despite fhls 'heavy clothing 'and
boots, to leap into the blood
stained seal : Some ' minutes later
he was; hauled aboard, i ' -
Income Tax Bill Made i '
Special Order i Today
ti :-.w-i
v The income-tax bill, H. B. ?50,
will be a special order in the sen
ate at 11 o'clock today. ' This'. was
moved- : yesterday by Senator
Tooie. ' There was no inclination
in the senate to act on, the meas
ure yesterdAy for "the reason that
tew of the i members had ' made
themselves familiar with the eplah.
" Screen -Snapshots
. 1 .
fgl George
Larkin ;
P ' 5 - Bautiers
I Follv i
VT' II (Jonierlv I I I
i TKe Interlucle of &bpicai romance and
'is lut one vivid bit in the photoplay of
' v' ' '
jMrs.f 5immon8':ihill providing
for a physical examination . and
blood test of I both - male - and I fe
male applicants' for marriage
licenses was' defeated In the sen'
ate yesterday ' after a warni de
bates with only Farrell; KJnney,
Klepper, f Robertson, Staples,
Tooze. -and Upton voting for ; it.
Farrell . made - a -strong speech
for .the bill and Ellis spoke
against - It... ; Jc seph . assailed , the
bill, , calling 11 : Impractical .and
declaring It yf ould only drive
more marrla'ges" ; to- the state , of
Washington. "Moser; declared it
would be a mistake t to pass the
bill, 'called It absolutely ridicu
lous and. said it would not reach
the., persons Kilt lis- supposed to
reach.. Klepper -declared the ob
jections ' made ..t were . absolutely
fallacious and calle4 . "all bunk"
Senator Ellis', statement that the
examination 'proposed . would i be
an Insult to the ' female appli
cants. -'Dennis" ridiculed the bill,
calling it" 'the product of the
imaginary - Drain or a 'dreamer.
.The following seriate bills were
passed by the senate 'yesterday;'
; S. -B. t 22 , L Moser To regu-
late . .the . manufacturing land, sale
of bedding. , ; '
S. B. 229, - R6bertson To re-'
Imbu'rse "First. National bank of
LinntOn: in' sum of $85 for cou
pons, lost while ; being transfer
red from state -treasurer's office.
" By 'indefinite i postponement
the senate killed Representative
Gfaham's -'-bill proposing : - to
create- .a . 'maintenance and : bet
terment account In state highway
funds, segregating part of ... the
gasoline tax for , that purpose
and providing - for its use in the
upkeep : of ' public highways of
thei state.' -i''
:s The following ' house bills were
passed by tha senate Testerdayr
; H. B.1351, Committee on fish
eries Providing for the payment
of $2736 to :W'illIam Hunter as
bounty on sea Hons" vl
H. B. , 2 4 ':, -Mott rProviding
for a larger.. return, from . taxes
on s foreign insurance corpora
tions. . :,"tjj ')'h'-
H. B. 366, Committee .on elec
tions Prohibiting changing of
fcarty affiliation within" 30 days
prior to primary- election day.f
: ; Senate bills 2 3 0 and " 2 3 1 , , both
providing . for . Astoria relief from
the highway funds and through
the "'state highway, department,!
and both signed by more than
20 senators were introduced . yes
terday.;': It Is5 understood Gov
ernor I Perce will; give these bills
right of way ' by . vetoing . the
measure empowering the state to
i. t
In his last Picture
-.-.., v '. f - '.V -.'..
' r t -ify v
III 0!fy ;
FEBRUARY 21, 1923
purchase $250,000 . in Astoria
bonds.' , -;; , , ,
..' Senate bill t215 whleh'V. failed
to pass yestorday,. and which
proposed to -place bond houses
dealing in . municipal " bonds", un
der, the state., corporation de
partment, will be reconsidered.
This was voted yesterday , and
was rerefrred to the committee
on revision of laws.
Representative Watson's bill to
provide for ' the appropriation, of
$50,000 .'annually fo- a sinking
fund to build .institutions for. the
care - of dependent children, was
indefinitely postponed yesterday
by the house, y:: . :.' j ' '. ,T ;: . ."' -r J
Following a .hearing at which
representatives - of . thie I City ' of
Portland, Multnomah county and
a number ' of county courts
throughout the .statej, the house
committee on assessment and tax
ation last night voted to report
unfavorably on jSenaljpr Dennis'
bill ; to reduce all levies in the
next ' two years by i 0 per cent
Over the levies for 1923.
-Echoes of the controversy "be
tween the residents xa the shores
of ,; Oswego Jake : and ,,the? Oswego
Log and Boom company of Port
land, which ' occupied , jten . days ' of
the public service cbmmisslon's
time in Portland -: in " December,
were heard last? night in the house
of representatives in the ' discussion-
on Senate bill 2 2 introduced
by the Multnomah delegation.
The bill was passed! . "
; Representative Huston, - secre
tary of the boom coimpahy in
volved, charged that Walter p. La:
uocbe, 'former city: attorney of
Portland and opposing counsel in
tne bearing before the commts--fi
sion, was , at .it least tnriethical"
when, he caused this bill to be in
troduced. .4. ii " -1 i i- i
The'blll eliminates Oswego lake
from the' jurisdiction .of the 'pub
lic service commission J in booming
questions and will "settle the case,
pending before, the commission. In
which' Huston and LaRoche- are
Involved in "faror of tie lake' resi
dents. ; .. , . ;:.r
y Efforts to? prevent khe 'passage
of " H. ; B.-3T7 j by thel Joint r ways
and means committee which pro
vides that the state industrial ac-'
Cident commission ; shkll beaelf-.
supporting during .'thel comfne "bi-
ennium, .tailed ln'thej house 'yes-f I
terday. ; The bIlFpas9ed; wlth vthe
provision that no' moniey "front the
general fund should tie used dur
ing 1924 and :1925 -fo p. the operh
tiion' of r the commission.; Repfe
sentatires Woodward arid : Kay led
the tight against' the removal of
state 'aid.' -, ,' ,'..-'.'
,Am6ng other join : ways and
jneans xcbmmirtee ;bills - subjeeted'J
? v :o ,
to -.attack yesterday aftcrnor
house iblili 3 8 7, providing for t.
appropriation of $36,000 for t'
salaries of the master fish war J : .
and -his assistants, came" Li I . r
heated discussi9n. . ,T.he- ;d!-r
over the bill arose over the fills-:
of a letter the-commJssiojT, yvitli
the legislature two, years ago la
which it was agreed that no mon -7
Would be asked-of the present ses
sion fpr hatchery expenses. Sor.:i
of the members "understood tLl 1
as a pledge that no funds for an
purposes would be requested. Ca
the strength of a pledge given c:a
the, that by7 1925 tl.3
commission would be entirely sell
supporting, the appropriation ws 1
granted. ,
, Poets ' always see pearl3 I:
tears; in life they are more oftc
drops of blood.
you are
liArrr4I rl
J 'adore 0
-"virtu -'
. f love youj '
I r m
!; lUi.tUuuU J "
Thef installation of
new- projection ma
chines, making our
picture "presentation
the best.
1 v. ...
1 ) V
-1 f -- . '
.sr-, ....