The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, February 16, 1923, Page 6, Image 6

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Bill to Create Conservation
- Commission, in Each
"'' County Is Passed, ;
A bitter fight was waged In the
senate "yesterday over house bill
140, Introduced by the committee
on 1 assessment and taxation, that
provides for ;a tax supervising and
conservation commission In every
county "of the state, identical tit
function with that in Multnomah
county. It provides for the ap
pointment of each commission by
th governor. " "The bill passed. ' ;
Zimmerman first assailed Tthe
bill, declaring it would gire more
power to "the governor : than", any
one man ought to have.
, .if- rTicioos, Says' Joseph
v "! He Vwa followed "by Joseph,
who declared the bill one of the
i most fricious- he'eTer had seen in
an Oregon legislature, j V . ' 1
..'The bill," said Joseph, "gives
control to a central commission
at fhe slate capital. I. X. Day
might be named on that commis
sion, How -would you like to
have I.. 'IT. Day get a strangle
hold on you? He had it once and
we partially , kicked ' him loose,
then he was. tacked on again by
Governor Olcott. - Thy, . such - a
commission as this could strangle
amy Municipality in the state."!
'.TUtner supported the bill, sav
ing tne Taxpayers' league of Uma
tilla "county- wants It. J j '
Corbett declared, that Joseph
was ' mistaken, and "that the till
does "h6f ''provide, for ! a central
commission. r j i - , .
' V- : Staples -Assails Joseph
Staples likened , Joseph to a
bull on' the farm where i he was
raised. - - ' '
..rThe builpr isaid Staples. "was
a tame 'ereatnre until "some man
no. day prodded him Srlth' a pitch
fork. After that, 'whenever the
bull , jsaw, ' that r man 'he wpuld
' make -a'' rush for anybody who
.happened d be nearest him.- And
when' Joseph 'sees I.JN. Cay any
where 'fi$e 'starts in to gore who-'
ever is nearest at hand. ; V tr
Senator ' Dennis charged that
Joseph, ; because of - personal en
mity toward IiN. Day, would de
feat for'the whole state '"what he
admits ia good ' for Multnomah
' county "-' " . ' ' " ,
Joseph Cites Instance '
. - Joseph declared that; Day -had
held up and-adjourned one meet
in "of the 'Multnomah commission
to prevent Walter M. Pierce, now
gTeTfidTPTTrom Toting - on a" cer
tain question.- "It was 'one of
the" most " ' low-down, dastardly
pricks I have- ever known of," said
, tu 3 cIfaISj ri kr b w w
: t Continued from, paga. !)
entrance to the Straights of Juan
de ca;"sawTagJ'e evidently
- from a -steamer afire - - ' ? i
s Coast GnkrO. Goes" Out
Shortly after ; 3 o'clock j; this
moming,f the Santa - Rita broke
Into the aerial v conversation.7 1
"We will be there at 4 o'clock'
said the Bata Kita'8 key. !.'
An hour later and the " Santa
Rita had" struck a . Vancouver
Island Jedge,. and . vras ; ' herself
calling 'for" help. . ' ' . 4"
Another can came. s.. V
"SOS Tttscon Prince ashore
lat " the 'wireless failed.
"We are breaking up fast, we
are going down" said,,' a v second
faint 'message , ' '
VSanta Itita1 off Tatoosh on
rocks; sinking, receiver brdken:
cannot hear anyone work.' Cap
tain saya'ehewon't sink but the
, water is rough. : Asks is anyone
The wireless had picked up
another call (for help.. , j
""VS coast guard cuttef Al
pouquln off Columbia Tlver, at
tempting rescue Tuscon Prince."
All Are Sawed
' ''Santa Ritas receiver in com
f mission again. 7 v.
' Commercial" messages filled the
air again, and then eme the Sno-
. ; homWh: '.-; -rVv-.?, t .
."Rescued total crew of 3 4 men
' from burnng NIka. " Now stand
ing by wreck. .Will give f obstruc
tion jeport later V ' ?
Bad news came: from ; the Tac
scn Prince. "Number lives prob
ably lost whenf Tuscon Prince
, vantaahora nearEtevan. -Uo-irg
to vessel's aid' said a mes
sage ;Xrom the Xlllicoi tug. 'Sea
Monarch - which had . been stand
fng-brrthe- Santa-Rita.; The lat
ter veaset at that time was re
ported ln no danger. f 1
, -j Continued from page.l) .
be- used in the. services 'for the
: The Eastern Star ladles are to
, be " given special receptions by
the 'local . hosts ' and' r hostesses,
' with, a delightful series of enter
tat amenta that will make it
' real Eastern Star event.-
The . plan is jfor ' the visitors
' to "stay over 'night and spend
Sunday, May 6." as their own un
cificlal "Blossom dayVin the or.
rhards tributary to Salem." . '
' At the meeting last night Jus
tices Bean, Burnett and Harris
. of the state supreme court ' and
- George Brown, grand' commander
of Ue Oregoa grina? lodge? Were
local guests and spakerB. Com
mittees ; to'-carry oat -lavish
clan ' for; the biz ; feremoniaff Srd
to be named atid' to feet 'to orfc
a. aqfttir as possible One - prelim
Snary Is a- big Shrine dace. at
Ine rarmory, April : 7. ! to -assist in
raising funds for the great show.
Looks like a hold over-
Either this, or the longest Sat
urday in the history of Oregon.
The members of the legislature
will receive no salary after today;
their munificent salaries of $3 a
day, will stop automatically. But
the 15 and 10 and 120 a day
obs of the clerks and .officers
will go on as long 'as the session,
lasts.-" 1 i .-. -. j . " "
The penitentiary was well man
aged under the superintendenCy
of Jim Lewis; in the' matter of
good" disciplined in keeping the
men in order "and the premises
Clean and sanitary, and all that.
: v
But when Superintendent fSmitb
took ' charge he wiped the slate.
He made everything start as Of
that date. Bygones ' were ' made
bygones, with .the inmates. " This
order released one man from the
bull pen," where be had been
kept In solitary confinement for
months and 'months "on ' end ; the
Bits for Breakfast "man does not
remember how many months. This
man was considered a most dan
gerous criminal." He was. His
record showed It. His conduct at
the prison proved It. .,' But the
wiping of the slate released this
man; about as near a human skel
eton as one would want to
or as most of us would not, want
to see. Well; that dangerous
man; that human hyena and mad
monster is- now working in one
ol the shops, and he has given no
trouble whatever, lie is as tract
able as a child. This informa
tion ' does nOt t come" ;' from Mr.
Smith: Iterhaps 'he would not
want It given out. It does not
come from any. one ' employed at
the prison: It comes from' a rank
outsider, but: it comes In such a
manner that the Bits for Break
fast man knows; It is accurate
absolutely. And he does not In
tend to tell how. he got the in
formation. 'The spirit, that now
prevails at the Oregon penitenti
ary, 'given means and power and
authority to ; work . itself out, as
the legislature Is now on the
point of doing, will make that In
stitution not only self supporting;
it will make it a ; model "prison;
a prison in which there will be
rib human hyenas held in . "bull
pens" ahd In slothful and'.rotting
and festering idleness, gathering
the gangrene of hate and revenger
it wui give ' every man work to
do, and a small daily wage 'for
his' work, in order - that he may
keep his home together on ' the
outside;' may blnnt ;, the edge of
disgrace for the innocent ..victim's
of his misfortune; may return the
man to society a law abiding and
useful citi2en in "at least 85 per
cent of the oases, as is the rule in
the prison at ' Stillwater, : Minne
sota, 1 which has this system that
wilt, now be Inaugurated in the
Oregon prison. 4 r
.Governor GIff Pinchbtt o J Penn
sylvanla has cut his salary from
118,000 V tear lo $l(T.00O. How
ever, as Gift has a big fortune
from his grandfather, he doesfr t
need the money.- t
Take Salts 'to Wash Kidneys If
"Back I Pains Yon or ."
Bladder Bothers
Flush your kidneys by drinking
a quart of water each day, also
lake salts j occasionally, says a
noted authority, who tells us that
too much rich food f orms acids
which almost . paralyze the kid
neys in their efforts to expel it
from the blood. They .become
sluggish f and J weaken; then you
may suffer with a dull misery in
the, kidney region, sharp pains in
tfce bs fck or sick headache, diizi
ness, your stomach sours, tongue
Is coated, and when the weather
is bad you "have . rheumatic
twinges. The urine gets cloudy.
full of sediment, ' ' the channels
often get sore and irritated, obllg
iflg you to seek "relief two or three
times during the night.
To help i neutralize these irri
tating acids, to help cleanse the
kidney's and 'flush of the body's
urinous waste, get' four ounces of
Jad Salts from any pharmacy
here; take a tablespoonful in a
glass of Vater before breakfast for
a few daysj and your kidneys may
then ' act fine. This famous salts
is made from the acid 'ot grapes
and lemon juice, combined vUb
lithla, and has . been used foj
years to help flush and stimulate
sluggish kidneys; also to" neutral
ize the acids In the system ao
they no longer irritate, thus often
relieving bladder, weakness. .
' Jad Balls Is ' inexpensive; can
not injure and makes a delightful
effervescent lithla-water drink.
Byall mean have your physician
examine your kidneys at .least
twice a year. Aflt.
' 'EMfJIlIO ffl
Points to Be Observed Care
fully Whenever the Ameri
can Flag Is Used.
(The ioliowing, I which is offi
cial, is given to The Statesman
by a friend and subscriber, witn
the roquest to publish:)
Sunrise is the proper time for
raising the flag, though It may
bet raised at any time of the day.
Sunset Is the proper time to
lower the flag. It should leyer
be left out at night except; when
it is under an enemy's fire. '
When the flag ; Is lowered. It
me - KTOUna. UUl suum ue
ceived in Che arms and f careful
ly folded.
The flag is hung at haM-mast
when some public " servant dies or
on- Memorial day. To fly 'the
flag at half-mast first run it to
the peak of the staff and then
lower it a distance equal to its
breadth. In returning the Hag.
first run it back to the peak be
fore lowering it to the ground.'
On Memorial day the flag Is
kept at half-mast 'only from sun
riso to noon; during the 'after
noon and until sunset the flag is
flown from the1 peak;
When the f lag is carried past
in parade, if you are walking,
stop, and in any case stand with
your hat off.
When the "Star-Spengled Ban.;
ner" is playeM or -sung, always
rise and remain; standing until
it is (finished. Do not talk while
the music H- befrig played.
The flag should not be made
a part of" a costume', in whole or
in part. , It may be worn as a
badge, and then it should be car.
riedron the ieJt breast over the
heart. "
It is the rule and a rule of
ten broken- that the flag when
used as a decoration should
never be ' f eetooned or draped.
but should always be hung flat.
This Is because "the normal po
sition, of a flag is flying from a
pole, -and the aim in decoration'
should be to copy that position
as nearly as possible.
If hung against the wall with
the stripes horizontal, the union
should be in the "left upper cor
ner.. If the flag is hung against
the wall perpendicularly, the
rnion should -be In -the right up
per corner. ' ' ; : -:
If the nag -is ' suspended over
a street running east and west,
the union should be to the east;
and to the north, if the street
rung north and seuth. s f
The only case when the (flag
may be flown reversed is to sum
mon help at sea. . -
Higher Prices Will SbowBe With ts
Take Advantage of the Situation
i ; , and Buy Now 1 ; t
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Bed' Spreads, plain or scalloped and Cut Corners
4 j Iiirge Sizes ;.
Mercerized x
Table Cloth
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Millinery Department now opened in rear room.
Early Spring Hats, Straw Braids and Hat
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Artificial Flowers; Big Display, quality and
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'The national flag'shoUld never
be 'fastened to the! same 'halyard
with another' flag, buti iit they
are "hung from1 the same pole,
each should have Its ' own "halyard.-.
- ' r: : '
' When tha flag has been, used
to cover a statute or monument,
after the unveiling the flag
should not be allowed to fall to
the ground, but should t be swung
up aloft, flying, there for the rest
of the ceremony. ', .
If the flag is placed over a
casket, the blue field should be
placed at the head. If it Is used
to cover an altar, ' the union
should be at the right as one
faces the altar, and nothing but
the Bible should be allowed to
rest on the flag. .. .
The'.flag should never be plac
ed below a person sitting,
i If carried in parade5 with
other flags, the national . flag
should always be on.the right
This rule applies also when the
national, flag la. used with other
No-other flag should be flown
above the American f lag. - The
only exception to this rule I3 the
church flag, which is hung "above
the national flag while religious
services are being conducted.
There are severe laws against
the mutilating erf the flag, defac
ing it, . or placing upon it - any
advertisement or any words ' or
designs whatever. These- , laws
also protect the flags of foreign
Xo Comparisons, Please
, . A few years ago a case came
before a recently elevated judge
in which the accused, was in ex
tremely poor health. - In fact, the
defending lawyer saw fit to call
the attention of the .jury to the
condition of the prisoner.
"And, gentlemen of the jury
he' . wenti on,'a8 I : stand at this
bar today in -behalf of a prisoner
whose health is such that at any
moment he may. bo called before a
greater Judge than the judge of
this court, I " f " . . 1
Hep, rap, rap, went the gavel.
The lawyer stopped and" looked
questionlngly at the man on the
"The gentleman said the
court with dignity, "will; please
confine himself to the case before
the jury and not permit himself
to indulgej in invidious compari
sons Judge.
JL Hill' Handy. Stop Colds in 24 hours
v-rim ro a aavs. btaoaara remeer
fbr two generations. No bad 'after
effects. Safe and depen dabM. xjemand
red box bearing Jdr. Hill's portrait and
At AJlDrvgeiatd30 Cenfs--
tied .Blankets
' Feather
' Pillows .
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f 100
New Carded
Best oil the
Gowns .
Flannel, i
Good i
BERLIN. Feb. 13. Tubercu
losis has i made such heavy in
roads on Germany's .population
recently that cries for additional
financial aid are going up re
peatedly from the official and un
official relief agencies.
A short, time ago more funds
were demanded for the state in
surance department -which minis
ters to the tubercular. Its aid ex
tends this winter to 50,000. fami?
lies. One bf the department's
regulations : requires that, before
a family can claim ls benefits, at
least one. member must hold a
state insurance, policy.
Now a plea- for - further public
subscriptions has been raised by
a relief agency -which confines its
activities to- members of the mid
dle classes and operates largely
through public funds to aid per
sons not covered by Insurance.
i Among the agency's beneficiar
ies at present are 1654 federal,
state and municipal officials; 119
proressors, ministers, attorneys,
doctors and students; 153, teach
er; 88 Journalists and actors;
133 widows and orphans; 562 in-
aepenaent : hand-workers and
tradesmen; 1,364 employed sales
men and clerks, and 789 mer
ivsununuea irom page 1)-,
her." . i
, f.i
Sees Reds Applauding
Representative Vinson. J Dam&
crat, Georgia, made- a liken-
um.i;mt:iu, uecxaring ne Cada I
A Close Out of All Odds and Ends at Prices Far
Grade of Footwear.
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tation free. Consult him
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moves corns, treats bun
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ports. All foot troubles
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brother whose ,bIo6dT was .spilled
on the battlefield "of France."'
"X am for - France- and - always1
will be for France, said he.
Replying later .to Representa
tive Knutson, Representative Bul-
winkle, Democrat North Carolina,
, i . .. . - ' . . .
I , 1h CUiarautced to Contain
j " Minimum of '10M Protein ;
;';vMtoimliii.:o -.S'.OO Fat
. Maximum of 3.00' Fibre "
-. . Maximum of 2.00 Ash " - '
' : Ingredients
J Cracked Wheat. Cracked Corn, Cracked -i.
' Oat -Croats, Cracked Hulled BarleyT -
:;"lri-T,Z; racked Green Peas. -
When the'little chicks arc'sveii days oid they -need a combined-ration' as shown
above, just Nature's demand supplied with supreme quality, packed in" sanitary sacks,
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close-out at
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at - - 1- :
Maa Shots
ft ?mfg ,
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who ' served fn" the;' "WbrrtfT war7
told the house that "Grover Cleve
land Bergdoll and all the other
of that whiteiyeredJyeUow
streaked race'" will a pplaud and
say Jthe American ; congress is "In
favor of ua." . , . ' ; ..' ....
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Below What You WoulrJ Expect trPay For lliis
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M5dBoof -
Representative Llnebarger, .
pufelicknr Ca lifor nlalscr a TJ" .
.war1 VeferanT "declared Mnr-Ilz
sorT; hadl;'.v','runTturlecl,afthe Cert
imperial standard on the floor c
the house of-.representatives. .
, Is Guaranteed to Contain
Minimum of 15.00 Protein
Minimum of 5.00 , Fat "
Maximum of 5.00 Fibre
- . Maximum of "8.00 Ash " " ,
;-".. : Ingredients '
Ground Oats :. "Groats. - Wheat MIHrun,'
Ground Corn,' Ground r,,Hulled. Barley;;
Meat .Meal, Linseed OU' Meal, Bone Meal,
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