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1 '
Thirty-nine Will Take Part in
Chorus in May Festival,
-Is Latest Report. !
Thirty-nine ot the members: ot
tLe Apollo cluh have signed up
for the chorus in the May Festi
yal. that is to be presented here
In - Salem again this year. The
splendid musical presentation of
: last year made each a . profound
impression on thef musical people
of Salem that it was not dlffi
. 'eultto bring In even "so. busy an
' organization as the Apollo club
to-'ioin. " , ,
.The- Apollos hare one more
. concert that also comes In May
though : it will In no sense con
" flict with : the May 'Festival, In
date or In character of program.
The Apollo club has bean gain!
lag steadily In . chorus ability.
. The .program. "Wednesday night
showed? . quality " of sustained
singing, especially In the lighter,
fcofter 1 passages, that would Hot
, hate - been possible a year or two
ago. The? organisation Is gain
ing in singing experience and in
reliability; like a , baseball or
'basketball team, where they
stick; together long; nough to
know instinctively what the other
fellow of the team is ighing to
-mJo. .' Whatever the older "singer
inay 'lose of tfresnnessk of'yolce
and individuality of style is much
more than made up, la accuracy
'and placement. . t -
. Said Well Dialed j
i : At they're not' allgrampaws,
ln the Apollo ranks. There are
'Borne,' boys there with cheeks as
"soft an$ rosy as 4 a girl's ; there
.'are pompadours that 'are a full
half century from thefrost line.
Some of the members, were sine-
";ing both 'bass and tenor at once,
.'such a little while ago! Some of
"em won"t get .over the pinch
back coat for yeafs and' years;
'ind two generations o'f eye-glass
Wenders would starve to .death
before all-of them will jwant
L" glasses.' ; k ,.m -,;. tv'.l '
f i The 1 third program for the
J. i jyar has not yet been -definitely
r : 4 arranged, though they are start-
V-log in at once jto get it together,
t I Dr: John Sites, the director, has
I tcertalnly gotten together an ex
ceptional bunch of singers,' - has
drilled them wonderfully well in
the correct Interpretation of mu
i Hie. and together they have built
r 4ap a . musical organlxaiion that
t ranks with the best of its kind
4 tnyn(here ' in jhe t northwest. -
f Continued from page 1) ',
' t office and "then do"' as I" damn
.please.'.' , :,; ; ' '. T "
-Although the ;, three cohsolida-
tion bills senate bill 205spo'h
; sored by' 17 senators' and' having
the vapproval of OoVerttor. Pierce",
the Hall bill Intrndncfei Aarlv In
;the sessioni and" the 'Carkinv bill
" that passed the house Wednesday
vwer set as a special order at 11
f o'clock yesterday they .were not
reached until 11: 45. ''After Sena
tor Garland had completed his re
. marks he movedadjournment un
;t til 1:10 o'clock and the noon re-
cess was taken.
.j benator Eddy suggested that
by unanimous ' consent lall the
'- bills be 'discussed although only
f ft o.; 2 0 5 was nnder consideration
This was agreed upon. ; Eddy
'. moved that the! senate rule limlt-
. Ing speeches ny the senators to
?rfiro minutes be waived. Thls car-
. : . Tied. ' . , . . , r'
i ; "The lid Is off,' gentlemen.
aaid President Upton.'"Go as far
s you like." ' '"i. ''
' Mdy Opens Discission ; '
. "There Is some misapprehen
sion," said Eddy, launching into
'his speech, ''regarding issues in
Hie late campaign. There was
nothing said as I remember about
any particular form of state gov
ernment.' There was much said
about consolidation and economy
' in the administration, of state af
fairs..! TJut we have had the Hall
1 bill proposing a' commission form
of government and the Johnson-
Carkin bill proposing ' a cabinet
. form. X cannot see where the
present system is extravagant or
1 where the systems proposed could
save, much money. The statement
lnade in a public hearing that one the bills (the Hall bill) would
$ave ,11,000.000 a biennlumfc was
aosafd. iYet we were criticised.
for laying that bill on the table
.Had - we passed it with" the 'expec
latien of saving such ' a sum It
would have been the worst thing
'that could have happened to the
governor, for he would have fail
ed' to save that sum under Us op
Washington Case Cited
. Eddy declared that the Wash-
v' lugton state system has cost $90,-
000 a year more than the old, sys
tem, and that tho commission
form in the city of Portland has
proved more costly than the for
mer system. ... '' ' - : ": ; ":
Assailing the cabinet " system.
. Eddy made similar criticism, but
- said it was prefe sable to the com
mission system." He declared. In
' oppoalBg-it, that It would place
i too great power In the governor,
It would amount almost to a des
potism, tg.foid.Cr ' V
-. " . i - 1 im j 1 ...
' '. r ---' -:-' '-
r ;-VST' . : : vr,;:
r . JEUU Compromise "
A 'He referred Q r senate bJU ;Q5
as. In' the nature jf a compromises
emphasizing that the state, board
or control will "remain intact.
"To turn the state institutions'
over to . the "governor alone with
the expectation ot his saving 'any
money would be" an absurdity,",
said Eddy. ' V1
Governor's Amendments Accepted
He mentioned that the bill
would create the welfare and the
agricultural departments, and
enumerated some of the depart
ments that wbuld be Included "un
der the consolidation. lie called
attention (o the amendments de
sired by the governor which haye
been accepted.'
Senator Eddy laid emphasis on
the . provision " that the three pub,
lie service commissioners shall be
appolntivebyi the governor at the
end of the terms : of the present
members.'!' , j j; I "
The nro'visions placing the tat
commission, ; the fish commission
ahd the -banking department tin
der the control of the governor,
with . power .to remove the super
intendent of : banks, Eddy .said,
were placed in the bill at the re
quest . of the governor. He ex
plained that the bill would, out
of deference ! to State Treasurer
fHoff, ; leave the office of sealer
of weights and measures under
the treasurer until the conclusion
of his term. !
Others lectared Expensive ,
Eddy objected to the 'Carkjn
bill as proposlag too ambitious a
scheme of - government, and aver
red that tha Hall, the Johnson-Carkln'r-
the "Carkin bill would
be -exceedingly expensive. t
, Bill 205, Eddy, called hp prac
tical solution1 and " made no claim
of perfection. ; . y
Senator.; Far r el I asked Eddy ,U
the 1? senators had' estimated any
saving .under the lill. . 1
"Wa have not," said I ( Eddy,
and I confess that it would-be
small.".: .. ; ' t ..
' Johnson Speaks
Senator Johnson, at the outset1
of; his speech, said he would, sup
port the bill because it . approxi
mated his own Ideas,, but that he
could not agree with Eddy on the
question of power of the: gover
nor. Johnson is one of the auth
ors of the t Johnson-Car kin bill
whioh he admitted "has no. chance
to pass,. j . "'. '' . '
"I am thoroughly sold,' I . con
fess," said. Johnson,, "to the cab
inet form, and Oregon will adopt
it In i a y ery : few 15 years. In ten
yjears I believe there will ?be tew
states : that do not have It. ' The
Carkin bill 'more' nearly, meets
my ideas than bill 205, but I don't
know that I am. ever going to get
a , ohance . to" vote either for k or
against' it, so I am going to sup
port 205. I ; J - -
When the Carkin bill comes up
I am going to vote for that too.
I am going down the line." -
tiaving pjp toruovernor
Johnson declared that saving
is .possible under " consolidation,
but said ;BI11 205 doesn"t go far
enough to save money. He enu
merated some , minor departments
that are not covered.
:"The-(fewe8t number of depart
ments ever created under a con
solidation plan in the United
States,' said Johnson,-: Is eight.
Senator ? Clark asked Eddy If
he understood him; to say there
would be f no saving under -' the
bill. i -:-
Eddy Teplied that - It gave suf
ficient favor ' to the governor to
make the saving if it Is possible.
3foser Asks for 'Dlscusskm -
"If there is no -chance to save
anything." 1 replied Clark. "I
don't see any . use In consolida
tion." 1
Earlier in the aifternoon when
it appeared that there was to be
little discussion on the measure,
Senator Moser urged the -171 sen
ators .to defend if. Referring to
this action 1 of Moser, Senator
Hare said- that inasmuch as the
Multnomah-senator had practical
ly defied ,'the sponsors ' td "ipeak
he felt, called upon to say a few
words. J'l -.L- i 4
"If we were to bring forth
all the authors of the bill." said
Hare, we would ' bring in ex
ddvernor West and ' Governor
Pierce. The governor asked for
the tools to work with and we
are attempting to give .them to
him. ;
"Inasmuch as. - the governor
When you are suffering with
rheumatism so you can hardly get
around just- try "Red -Pepper ;Rub
and you will have the quickest re
lief known.! : '
Nothing has such concentrated,
penetrating! heat as red . peepers.
Instant ; relief. ' Just as v soon as
you apply Red 'Pepper Rub you
feel the tingling heat. " In three
minutes it Iwarms Jthc sore spot
through and through.- Frees the
blood circulation, breaks up the
congestion and the old rheuma
tism torture is gone. T "'- ';. .1' '
' RowlesRed Pepper- Rub, made
from red peppers," costs Httlo nt
any drug store. Get a jar at once
Use it for lumbago, neuritis, back
ache .stiff neck, sore muscles,
colds in chest. Almost instant re
lief , awaits i you. Be sure to get
the genuine with the name Row lea
asked tools with which to work,'
continued Harev "we believed ex.
Governor West might be the
Moses to lead us put of "the wil
derness. u Tho . original bill 205
was- drawn y htm in Governor
Pierce's office. We assumed this
would be satisfactory to the gov
ernor. But back came the word
that he wanted' control of I the
backing, the fish; departments
and the tax departments. ; Why
he should want the banking and
i he j fish departments I r don't
know, but we gave them to him.
Portland Paper Hit
"It has been charged that a
certain bos3 has had too much
to eay about the banking' depart
ment. I don't think this is true,
but- we hav forestalled such; a
condition by incorporating In
this! bill a provision that the at
torney general must be the legal
advisor of all state departments.
I hope that after the legislature
ha adjourned the governor will
tell - the Portland. Journal to go
plumb to helL . ' .."
Much of politics has entered
into this subject c consolidation,
and the Oregonian has suggested
that the Hall bill be passed up
to the governor so he might try
to make good under It."
Moser Opposes Bill ;
Senator Ellis said he would op
pose the bill. 1 ' m
Senator Moser declared that he
could not " understand how 17
senators "had been Inveigled In
to Introducing such a bill as
this. .
"At the beginning of the ses
sion," said Moser, "the ; gover
nor said he wanted : tools to work
wtth and the Hall' bill was one
of the tools. I am for the Hall
bill. I wonder it the governor
has evert said that he prefers
bill 205 to the Hall bill. I won
der what good can come from
this , bill when even the senator
from 'Douglas can't see where' it
13 going to save anything."
Machine Said Possible
Moser charged, the 17 senators
with "surrendering abjectly to
Governor , Pierce." "When the
Hall bill was , first introduced."
said Moser, ' "some of these 17
senators came to me as a repub
lican and said that bill would
enable the governor, to build up a
great Democratic machine.; I re
plied that the governor was elect
ed on a platform of economy and
that if the Hall bill enabled him
to institute economy In the state
didn't care how big a machine
he built up or how many times
he was elected.! I
iuoser nuiqqiea tne dhi in re-1
anarks addressed to Senator Eddyi
declaring that tbeonly consolida
tion effected ; In' the .bill. is to
transfer the state board - of voca
tional . education to the state su
perintendent of schools, ''the ver
man who is so disliked by Senator
Eddy -that- he flayed him In steak
torian tones a few days ago as a
sinister power In Oregon politics,"
. " Sees One Good Point - j
"Oh, this is a . good -bill arid
there isn't a bit of politics in it.
jeered Moser. . , f
' '- The provision to make the pub
lic service commission appointive
at the end -of -Its present term of
office, Moser said, was the only
good provision in the bill. t
Bramwell Lauded
Moser referred to as "jokes'!
the provisions ,. placing the fish
commission and the banking de
partment under 'control of the
governor," and said the fish com
mission was the biggest joke of
the two.
; Relative to the banking depart
mentihe said, it-would be calami
tons, for the governqr to be able
to remove at will Frank C- Bram
well," superintendent i of. banks.
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" (, ! . " " '
1 " ' J - . ' 1
- ; f - - i
A Big Lot of Goods For Saturday
u- Vr; ;' I Seizing . g
! 1 . overstuffed davenport, 3 rockers, 1 library
taole, 5 room sized rugs, l bookcase, 3. stand t ;
i tables,! 4 pictures, 11 Morris chair, a3 exten
sion tables, 2 sets diners, 1 organ, 1 buffet, .sew- V
, ing table, 3 heaters, J CongoJeum rugs, 2- ranges,
2 magazine racks, 2 kitchen cabinets, 9 kitchen
tables, several remnants linoleum, 5 iran beds, i
5 sanitary- springs, 2 coil springs, 4 mattres'ses, I
2 dressers, 3 commodes 2 cots, 3 bedroom rugs,
' wash bowls and pitchers, 2 clocks, dishes, uten- .
. sjls, tools,; musical instruments, 1 settee, baby- ;
; carriages and thousands of articles too numer
ous to mention..
tiAtAlkeeriers. losrsrincf camns
these sales an economical way
miss one. New furniture as
Court and Liberty -' x
Auctioneer .
1 l
pEDERATED women's mission
ary societies of Salem chyrch-
, es will meet today at the First
Christian church. . The session
will be an. all-day one and a pot
luck lunch will be served at noon.
Mrs. W. C". Kantner will pre
side at the sessions which will
begin at 10:30 o'clock. The pro
gram includes interesting num
bers from. different denominations
in Salem , and it-is expected that
the day will be a most interest
ing one. ', - f
The program for the day is as
i 10:30 a. m. Hymn. Scripture
lesson, "The Woman who Gave,"
Mrs. W. ;D. , Clarke. "The Pom
an Who Prayed," Miss Hazel
Long. "The Woman Who Loved"
Mrs. F. A. Elliott. Prayer, Mrs.
C. A. Park. Solo, "All's Well'
(Terese Del Rigo), Mrs. J. J.
; 11:45 a. m. Round table dis
cussion. "The Best Thng fln
Our Society," Mrs. O. K Neptune.
Election of officers.
I 12 noon. Dinner. The Chris
tian church ladies will furnish
coffee, sugar and cream. Each
lady will "be expected to bring
sandwiches - and one other dish.
1:30 p. m. Devotions, Mrs. A.
H. Dodd. Missionary .address,
Mrs. C. E. Powell; solo, Mrs. W.
W. Long; missionary story, Mrs.
John Humphrey; open parliament
discussion on young people's mis
sionary work, led by Mrs. A. A.'
Lee; offering for missions; clos
ing' prayer service and benedic
tion, in charge of Mrs. C. C. Po
ling. ' V '
Helen Walcher was the honor
guest at a birthday party Mori
day evening, February 12, when
a number of her close friends
were invited to her hbme. Games
and music were th pastime of
Round Trip
Portland ..jJ. . . $2.25
Dallas M
Albany ............ $1.15
Engene ...... ..$3.50
San Frandsco $37.6 0
Corresponding reductions to
all points where one way
fare is J 4 1.00 or less.
Sale Dates Feb. 21 and 22
Keturn Limit Fel). 26th
For further particulars ask
ticket agents. Southern Paci
! fie Lines, or
' General Passenger Agent
; Portland, Oregon .
Lodging" house proprietors,
and new comers, will find
to purchase furniture. Don't
well as used.
r (li nesI J
the evening. ' At ' a late hour
dainty refreshments were served
vy :ue nostessy mother. . ' :
" Guests who were invited for" the
evening were Marie "Riley, Anna
Mqlfctjjre, Cecil Pelley, MyTtle
Brown,; Melba Robinson, Helen
Walcher, Garleii, Simpson, Win
field Clarke, Perjy Walcher, Har
old Burns. , Harold Kelley r.nd
Kenneth Seeley. !
;"'-V' :
, Silver Bell circle and the Thim
ble Bee club will sponsor a card
party and dance for the benefit
of the Woodcraft home this af
ternoon and evening.
The committees in charge are
Mrs. A. Busick. Mrs. Orin Wat
kins, T'jMlss Eva Perry. Mrs. J."
Vaughlin, Mrs. T. W. Davies, Mrs.
Irene St. Helens and Mrs. J.Nei
hart. Miss Florence Elgin is" in Med
ford for "a few weeks In connec
tion" with business for the Termin
arcompany. Her father, Charles
Elgin, has just recently returned
from an extended trip to Califor
nia and" into Mexico.
The Knights of the Maccabees
held an open meeting and enter
tainment in the Elk's hall Wed
nesday evening. The chairman,
W, W. Craig, in a few . well
chosen words, outlined the object
Iff ifflfRI F-TT f :-:M;
IVii ID) IrL Jji iLa 444
An-Extraordinary Purchase
Only once perhaps in a life time will such an offer be
presented to Salem and Vicinity as is offered in this big
group of factory sample silk' Umbrellas. Every one of the
260'if bought in the regular way would be marked from
$7-50 to $15.00. Eyery one would eaSiry bring those prices
if we placed them in regular stock. Miller's1 believe in
i giving - the benefit of . their unusual good buyst to their
patrons, hence this big salei You will have an opportunity
to buy that good quality silk umbrella at way under factory,
price. Plan on ; coming to Miller's Saturday morning; lie
here when the store opens.' - -
Values From
.1 ?
Buy one,; two or three
yoall not regret the invest
ment '.y
An oDDortunitv of a;
None Reserved,
Umbrella Handles Part of Costume
. Nowadays
The Umbrellas handles are Just as much a part of
costume ornament nowadays as milady's earrings or the
pendant that swing from her sautoir.
-"-This important lot of umbrellas offered in this sale
are featured with gorgeous handles of every, description.
Massive Kings of Bakolite, Amber lined.
Parisian Ivory in Novelty Carved Designs. ..,"'
RoMewood in Natural Finish With Sterling Mountings,
llakolite In Colors with Sterling Silver Inlays. ' '
Ring, Cane and Xoop Designs In Novel Effects.
' J
of the meeting and extended J a
hearty welcome to visiting friends
of 'the Maccabees. ' , 'I
The 'program Was as ''.follows:.
Everybody joined in singing "Th
Star Spangled Banner." music by
Miss Mary Mcllroy; violin solo by
Miss Ruby Howard, .accompanied
by Miss Margaret Hogg, was very
much appreciated arid enjoyed by
the audience and was-loudly en
cored. Miss Howard, one of Mis
Levy's pupils, and Miss Hogg,
one of -Prof.. R. Harr's pupils,
proved to be a splendid combina
tion. Piano solo by Miss Grace
Henderson, ""'.Last Rose of Sum
mer," encore, "Come Back to
Erin." Piano "solo, Miss "Mary
Mcrlroy, "Over There;? - encore,
"Tuck Me to Sleep.' Piano trio.
Mildred Zelner,' Eleanor Hender
son and Edna Raymond, as 'ar
ranged by Prof. Harr, was some
thing different, and the perform
ance, by such, young pupils was
much appreciated. A violin solo
by J Malcolm Steinbock, a very
small "Toy and a -pupil of Miss
Levy., accompanied ! by Miss Mar
garet "Hogg, was outstanding on
account - of the age of the boy.
Piano solo. Miss Margaret Hogg,
march- from - Tannhauser, (R.
Wagner) encore. The Bjreak
ers," . P." F. Thomas and Zena
Thomas. " formerly of Corvaliis
but 'now violin and piano teach
They ; Are,. JuM
life time to buy Factory Sample Umbrellas at such low
None Promised
"Salem's Leading
It I' Good Gooda. K
ers of Salem, gave a violin -and
piano f selection, . "The Mocking
Bird,"N and were; vigorously en-;
cored.. ; An Interesting diversion
from the usual form of program
was a "three-round -boxing match
between ' Forrest Pollock and
Myron Jones! The honors were
almost ' even, but Pollock had a
little the best of the match. The
two boxers also amused the audi
ence by a boxing exhibition when
blindfolded. "
Mr. Smith of Albany, deputy
state commander of the Macca
bees, gave' a short address on
Maccabee work. " The serving of
refreshments concluded the pro
gram for the evening.
' .' ;.:-'
- Miss Hester A. Hogan ' of Al
bany, grand chief of the Pythian
Sisters in Oregon, ' and Miss Ce
cilia' Bollman of LaGrande. -grand
Junior for the state, .were .guests
Tuesday evening of the local tem
ple. A social hour followed the
lodge ; work - and : addresses" ' were
given by the Inspecting officers.- -
Hue Si'ffi
-. Umbrellas will no doubt be -higher priced before the
end. of this year, therefore we claim it is . economy to
buy one or more now, especially at -this -price, when
you can buy two for the price of one. ' " ; - . . '
This store is known for ' values'! that are-safe and
sure, we gladly foster' the attitude on the (part of the
buying public to let Us assist them in spending their
money wisely, and to keep'faith,wc provide values that'
children can buy with as much safety as can grown ups.
Fir si Here, First Served I Come Early
Colors Were Never Better
The best eolors you could possibly buy are all,
shown in. this sale. ' ';' "
Navy Blue, Browns, Taupe Gray, Beds,'
.... Greens, Blacks and Purples
Silk Taffeta Tops that will stand severe inspec
tion, t ops j that, will give good, service.- V
Ferrules and tips are Bakolite or Parisian Ivory :
in different styles to match the handles.
Department Store"
Mrs. George -3. - Belton gave a
Valentine party for her daughter,
Rosallei, Wednesday afternoon at
their residence on Capitol and
Cross streets. Red and green
colors were used' in the decora-
tions. The afternoon was speat
In playing games .' arid - later, a
light luncheon was served..
Those attending were Eoe Dan
iels, ".Rachel Pemberton Marjorle
Humphrey. LorQthy Judson, Hel
en Winger, Mona Peterson, Wll-
lamina Helsicker, .Lora Flagg,
Bernice Eyerly, Harriet Howard,
Eleanor Twingle, ; Adell Joy, and
Wilbur JPeyton, Marvin, Flagg,
Joe Ralph.' Charles Perry, 'Bobby
Long, Robert Hugg, Jack Bush,
Holter In grey, . Floyd Townsend,
Harry, Lee Eyerly and Miss Mary
Wilson, i -
It is reported that Mrs. Annie
TJrauhart Stillman is going into
the millinery business. Them that
has. gets. Exchange.
For Cougha and Colds, Head-,;
ache Neuralgia, Rheumatism ;
' and All Aches and Pains ;
3Sc and 65c, jars and tubes
Hospital six, $3.00 '
v3 .
Values From
i if
S . .
.Wonderful .Silks
Beautiful Handle
on each. package.--Adv.
... , V. j :,.. ..Sr. i
' ' ' i .