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Woman's . Alllan
The . Woman's Alliance ,ef the
Unitarian church is to meet Prl
day. from ,2:30 until :G:00. with
Mrs.: llallle Hinges, of 507 Ceo
tf street.' Mrs. E. . Anderson is
to. be the .. principal - speaker on
the subject; ''The Relation of th
Church to the .Community.! "
V.'atih Millenn r tr:
'Liberty Street window for Big
Surprise. Adv. 7 V r -. :.-
. In the windows or Hartman's
jewelry, store are being exhibited
the trophies won by D. W. Eyre
and F. A. v Hansen the champion
doubles team in the recent hand
ball tournament. '. The' trophiee
are of gold, showing a handball
In desperate action on one of the
ccurts, . and are fine little sou-
tealrs of a . hard-fought, sports
manlike, enjoyable -tournament,
that attracted crowds of visitors
V and no ' end of - vicarious enthu
siasm, ,,-: - ; ' . . ' : -
Attention JtoM
' ' . Big meeting at the Masonic
Lodge rooms tonight, Feb 15th.
Potentate Hal T. 'Hutchinson,
Chief. Rabah ..George L. Baker
and AsBis't.- Chief Raban Joe
McAllister will - be there. Come
and help boost for- 'Salem's big
ceremonial. -Adv. ; i .
Personal -
. Dr. B. .II. .Vhrte' Is la Portland
today attending the state conven
tion of v. Osteopathic Physicians
and Surgeonsj - -.. '
1'on U ry-keepers-1- ,
1 Ill-grade ehtcks, for less at
Needhami, 568 State street. Or
der arly.--Adv. ...
Firemen's" .nay '
: "The Third ."Alarm.? a "what
in big: firemen's story is to be
f town at. the Grand,- starting
,Ei2:ra Antzlcs Csrrics
Day or Nfcht
FLcss COG.
173 8. Liberty St. r
Zslezi . . Ore.
To Ztzzzzd ia TLb
V.Vrl J Yea Hurt. Net ,
: It you have 'imperfect '.vi
rion and wear cheap, inferior
glasses you cannot expect to
compete with the man who'
wears the best.' -
C01-3 Oresfon'Bldfr ,
. ' . - i ,
, , Oregon's Ltargest Optical
..-.. Institution .
Ilione So fur appointment
' sa1l::j,. oiutgox
: n
. - v"asfc--4ia .
Crhei 1ZZ3. ' !
r fjtztpmi na?v-3 Drr!r.f7i
. . C:IIz3.Uzzt frca 10 a. tL ta 8 p. a C-.
1804 J
r You can do so by means of a Checking -
Account.' Few bandits will take the
'trouble- to "go after" a man unless they
w ? h are reasonably certain that he carries
f V- - cash., ., 'v' L:,. i r;7;.7: -, j ;.
" A a Knon" n vrn . nrnnim Vit rnniilgiinn V
"il - of carrying your money iii Jhe" form of
t cash,: you acquire a magnetism ' for r
i -J bandit3'and burcrlars- - : u ' it :
" j i
. Dont carry cash ! -
W cCornein-today ' andf
.: : ;-;u.vTLt" Eiri ThiV Carries X3sHt" c
, v Member Federal Reserve System J ' -.-: ! v - :A
Friday night, It la partly in col.
laboralion with the f Salem fire
department; ' a, series -of local pic
tures were taken here, a few days
agor to be shown with this great
spectacular .film. Some of the
proceeds of the seat sale will go
to the firemen's . fund, as a rec
ognition of their public services.
The photoplay la one of tho most
spectacular and thrilling movies
ever staged. ' j J ; i-r; : i - , -
ln. lleisley and Helsler i ?i
; Physical. Clinical, Laboratory
practicing the Electronic Reacf
tlons of Abrama and . Osteopathy,
Silverton. Adv. :: : i
t ,- . : . - ' ;
N'ew Pastor Arrtvea . . ' . '
Rev. T. V. Kennan, who -was
recently ordained In Portland,
has arrived in Salem where he
will be assistant pastor . of St.
Joseph's1 church, i A ' .reception
will be held "at the rectory Sun
day night from 8 nntll 10 o'clock
to which air are being invited lp
order that they may become ac
quainted with i Rov. Keeney. He
was educated in " St; Patrick's
seminary. Melrose Park. : His par.
ents reside in Portland where he
recently said his first mass.. St.
Joseph's church ; has ' oeen with
out an assistant pastor since Rev.
Roach was i takem seriously -ill
last . summer! I The5 Holy Name
society and the Knights of Col
ambus ; are sponsoring the re
ception for Rev Kenney.. Sunday
evening."'"' - ii. v"f
Hogs at' Anctlon .'-C
' Today at the fair grounds, 30
head big type ' Poland " China
sows ' and gilts bred to winning
boars : also a few selected . boars.
Sale ? starts at 1 o'clock. C. ' K,
Loe, : Owner; Satterlee " Auction
eer. Adv.' ; -r
Married! Tuesday- . :j-i.r.
Miss .Edith Shepherd and Leo
fa.don .were married .-Monday if-!
ternoon at St. Joseph's rectory.
Rev. ,J. -R Buck officiated. They
jll live at .Prattum. . ;i
-. : v ,
LfCl Blaitki . . ,
. Get them at The Statesman of
fice. Catalog ea application.
California. Girl fkr&d ,
J Miss Rhoda Hodges' of Los An
geles, died on Sunday, February
11, of what is said to , be some
form of poisoning'., -ptomaine- or
otherwise, afte ran: lllne3s of rtwo
days. The exact cause has no yet
been determined. The mother of
the deceased girl.- - Mrs. , Stella
Hodges, was 'the Cousin of "Murray
Wade? of Salem, cartoonist, artist
ahd tuaswjne ? pubsbar,1 and
daughter . of the late Senator Al-
Onr.o Gesner. a f Satemj)!0":
Capital Junk
' - -
AH Ida da of Junk and
, icccnd-hand goods. We
pay f raise.
215 Center Stmt
- - Pbcae SC3 ,
Ua4r U. sV 0vmaat fjyrrtata
4 'i.'..
i -.
On'tha Bandits j
-Carry; a bankbook! :'-"
- i - v : '
The young lady was a harpist, of
renown. ; Her father was at one
time mayor of -Boise;' Idaho, where
he was in business. The family
mpved to Los Angeles a few years
ago, especially to give the young
lady musical advantages .
Dr. B. H. ' White, Osteopatlilc
i' Physician and surgeon. Diag
nosis by electronic ; reactions : of
Abrahams and oscilloclastlc treat
ment. Adv. . " ' i - 1 '
GAIl KntertaJned "' I, ;
. The oflricers of the ,WRC en
tertained" with a Valentine party
for the members of tho GAR and
WRC. - Games and the. singing
of ' patriotic songs - occupied the
afternoon hours and ' lunch was
served to ' more than ; 60 guests.
The ' heart shaped cookies iwre
presented by the Cherry : i City
Bakery ; company. , A Valentine
box In which were valentines for
all, was a feature of the enter
tainment. ' i . : 'f ; ; ' :':
Watch Blillem , ' ?
Liberty. Street window for Big
Surprise. Adv.
Program Saturday '
, The GAR and the WRC will
sponsor - a'-- Lincoln-Washington
program at the McCornack hall.
Governor WJalter M. Pierce will
deliver the address . and . special
music will be provided. The pub
lic U being invited. ? -
V-t. . ? v.
Caiicer Removed '-1" '" ,
' Yesterday by. the use of medi
cine Dr. 4 8. C. Stone removed
a csncer from the face of ; Mr.
unaries - isner. Adv. - i
. . . - ..." -. i ' v.-
. The following were gtven beds
at' the station yesterday evening';
Frank : Gannon, ; Itlin .Dow, D
Christensen, Harry Johnson, 1 N.
Tennant, II. ?McClaIn - and M.
, 4. -I
Leaves Package
F." IT. Jofys 6t 1 6 9 5 South Cot
ta ge left his packages In a ear
parked In front of the Central
Cigar- store .yesterday ,;by i mis
take. " ' . ...
lack's Cafe -
-113 S. Com. St. A good place to
eat. Tables and counter. Adv.
Will Bring In Tracto:
. Arch'e .Elliott, one 'of the 1 gen
eral ,waitersat the .White-House
restaurant has-taken- a two-days
lay-off to go out to the -W. !. P.
George ranch one - mile west . of
Liberty and - bring in a tractor
It's a, new 'business ifor, him . and
he t carried widely varied as
aortment of equipment to: use in
case the; temperamental gas-horse
should have a notion to act up.
' . i t
Mawdfled Ad
; Will brlnr 70Q buyers Adv.
Suit FiTed .
Suit was filed by t the Credit
Service- company, against 'Mark
and Ada Bklff in the.. ; circuit
court yesterday. ' 'According " to
the 'complaint : Lang & Co. sold
BECK Maud . Myrtle Beck "at a
local hospital February 14, at
.7:30 a: m., aged 29. Survived
by parents, Mr- and. Mrs. A. S.
Beclc of Grants Pass, Or. Body
at Webb & dough. Funeral
announcements later. ,
MCCARTHY Seeley B. McCar
i thy of Portland died at a lo
cal hospital yesterday. He
was a Civil', War veteran and
member of. Summer post He
was 76 years ; old.
; Remains
will be forwarded to Portland
this afternoon by; Terwllleger
."one.; . -7
LATHROP In. this city 4: y e s
f; terday, Fefb. ,14. Frank W.
: Lathrop. ' a - resident of f the
i ; Aumsville' ; district, at the ' age
of. SO years.- Deceased is sur
7 yived 'by two sons,' Earl it., of
l Portland i and - George ',1 HJ . of
Aumsville; two -Tflaughters,
Mina C. and Erma E. Lathrop,
: both of-Aumsville; three broth
: era. Kasper: J. of Salem, Chris
7 and P. M. Lathrop of North
7. Dakota, and two sisters, Mrs.
' ' Louise Cohn of California 'and
r Mrs. Sam Garrett, now living
in Canada. Funeral . services
7 be, held Friday. Feb. 16.
at T 2. o'clock from the Rlgdon
mortuary-' Interment will be
In the City Vlew cemetery, .
OSWALD--Body ot E. J. Oswald
who died at a local hospital,
Feb. 11. will be shipped to
7 Eugene for burial. . Airange
- ments in .charge "of. Salem
Jklortuary. ' ; '
Dircctsn v y '
r Expert EctiLstrf
'Rigdon '& Son's
Uneqcaled Scrriea .
ta the defendants on May 6, 1932
goods to the. value of $251.73 of
which $200 was - paid, i Judge
ment for the remaining $51.73
Is asked.' f" i 7 i '
AttenUon Nobl
v Big meeting . at ; the ; Masonic
Lodge rooms - tonight, Feb.- 1 5th.
Potentate Hal ' Ti Hutchinson.
Chief Raban George L. Baker
and Assis't,. Chiefs Raban ! Joe
McAllister will be there. Come
and., help . boost for . Salem's ' big
ceremonial. -Adv. ! . ' - ,
Speeder Flned--. . '
-'It; .Lucas of. 1642 Saginaw
street v was arrested by 7 oficer
Shelton yesterday - for speeding.
He was released -on . $ 0 , bail land
was, later, flned $5 by I,1 Judge
Mark ; Poulsen. ? ; . v V ''
Vagrancy Charged V-7 7 ' "
V. 7 Ireland .wis arrested for
vagrancy, 4y V the 'police ; y ester
Assault . Case Dismlsaca U ' .
The assault and 1 battery case
filed against Roy Walker In' the
Justice court by Frank S. Tyrer
was.: dismissed yesterday. . Walk
er was :- accused of asaulting . Ty
rer on February 5.
Case Continued.
The case' of Fox vs. Fox for
divorce I and ; desertion waa.' con
tinued yesterday unti Saturday
when' final arrangements will - be
heard. . Taking of testimony
was completed -yesterday r morn-
Inr ' ' ' . 7 ' - 7
.';7, ' ; -i KIDXIStS V7: :
"1 have had kidney' trouble for
twelve years, writes H. P. Plnk
ney. West Jackson, Miss. "Pains
in back, Joints.' catches in the
hips, run ' down and - getting up
too much during . the night, But
since taking Foley Kidney Pills,
my suffering Is over, and-1 feel
like a new ' man. " Backache
rheumatic pains, kidney and blad
der, trouble quickly . relieved ' with
Foley Kidney Pills. Refuse sub
stitutes. ! Insist , upon Foley's
Honey and. Tar. Sold everywhere.
AdV. - . 7 ' . , :
.. -.u
Dozen Senate Bills;
-: :Pass Third Reading
'.The following s'enafe. bills pass
ed "the senate ivesterdav; . . . "
S. B. 197, Klepper Relating to
the; quallficaflohs - and 7 appoint
ment' of guardians of minors. '. . '
S. B. 19t, Klepper Relating to
organisation of state board of
aeronautics. - - - 7 - '
S. B. 2 0 6, Klepper Relating to
registration-of aircraft. ;
S.'B. 1203, Moser Remedial
bill relating to adoption law.1 .
S. B. 201, par land To define.
prohibit and provide penalties, for
certain wrongful and criminal acts
la the circulation 7 Certification
and filing "' of initiative, referen
dum and recall petitions.
B.-46,' Senator Ellis and Rep-
resenfatlve i Lackey To . repeal
section . 9294, ', Oregon Laws, , re
lating to levying of tax for. pay
ment, of bounty on certain .wild
animals. ?
f S. B. 214. (substitute for S. B.
68), .committee on Judiciary Au
thorizing - and directing the state
land' oard to select indemnity
lands. - . .-. - . ' .. .
S. B. 118, Brown To' prevent
fraud in milk. products. i:7 --.
S. B. 207, Committee on roads
and highways Relating to prose
cution of violators of act to regu
late transportation for compensa
tion. .. ..' . . . ' ' ' .;s.
6. J B.' 208." committee on. roads
and highways Providing "for ac
quisition J tit rights of way by
county courts for; public high
ways by condemnation, and de-f
curing an emergency. ;
S. B. 121, Staples (by request)
Defining Industrial loan com
panies ana nroviame for tneu in
corporation, powers and supervis
ion.;; '- -. ; ' 7 - r ,
S." B. 127,' Joseph To .reauire
persons In employ of the state or
county who perform .marriage
ceremonies during office hours to
pay'' to the . county treasurer the
emoluments received. . " 7
Important Changes Made
in ' Projection Machines
Some radical changes are being
made this week. In. the projection
machines In ' two of the Salem
movie theaters. The Oregon has
Just installed two of the very lat
est, large Motlographs DeLuxe
projectors: they were Installed
over Sunday, and" were ' given
their first run on "QUincy Adams
Sawyer." The pictures are won
derfully well ' brought out; thejf
are , calculated to receive at leas$
25 per cent better Illumination
than even the other Simplex ma
chines that were installed there
only a short time ago. The Sim
plex machine? from the Oregon,
which 'are still almost new and
next to the Motiographs, the very
best -there Is In the market. -are
being insUIIed In the; Liberty, in
place of the .: - older ones ot- the
same model! The Liberty . was
4afk last niht for the change-V s
; .The Oregon is to have a Mary
TJekfbTd picture,? "Tess ot fthe
Storm Ponntry..k,on Friday "night,
one of a 'Beiies of three' especial
big pictures that are to be shown
soon; "Quincy " Adams Sawyer" j
being the f$f it of this series. "Peg
o My Heart," an Irish play. Is to
Te shown on St. Patrick's day; f i'
i 1 i. " . ... . ... .'. .
t ' ... - .-. , -: . I f
Compromise Measure Gets
by Representatives With
: One Dissenting Vote.
The.Carkln consolidation bill, a
compromise between the Hall and
the. Johnson-Carkln 7 bill, passed
the house yesterday with only one
dlssentinc vote.- A4 h '::-v7- 1
Passage of this bill, which pro
vides a cabinet 7 form of govern
ment, transfers the scene, of con
troversy- over consolidation from
the house to the senate; and com
plicates to an additional degree
the strained . situation existlne
over this problem. ; Consolidation
mils will be a special order today
in the senate. I'lS-77 7 : h ;7
The effect On the position of
Governor Pierce of the passage of
tnis Dill is problematical.
Pierre Gives SuDoort
Two weeks ago; Carkln, ; after
a conference with, those close to
the governor.: introduced the bill
which passed yesterday and at
mat time announced that the bin
oore the endorsement ot the. gov
ernor . : . 77-
i : ; In a conference with the 1 7
senators who have indorsed the
senate consolidation hill. Govern
or Pierce Tuesday lnslated
tain ; amendments and after their
inclusion, grare his Indorsement to
the senate, consolidation bill.
Governor Pierce . has not .with
drawn hia , support from Carkin
compromise 7- bill, and daring the.
past two weexs Has been dictating
tne tactics of Representative .Car
kin in delaying; advancing hnd
holding the Carkin bill nn'.th
house calendar, ..with the result
mat the 'question ' ndw heard' nn
every side, 4s, "To which bill will
Orovernor Pierce now lend his sup-
sort in tne senate?"'
r Creates . Fire DMartnMnt
- Briefly, the Carkin bill creates
live .aepartments, as ' foltdws : -y;l
A department of agrlcul
llIM . '". - . - . E . 1.'.
-" 2 A' department of. ' business
control. .
V 2-r-A 'department , of. labor;
A department of public wel
fare.' .
6 A department
works. .','
of f 'public
.The head of. each department is
w oe appointed., by. the. governor
and each Is to bear the title ot
secretary i.. of " vi - Tansrmn
These secretaries' shall " receive
bucu eaiaxies as xne executive may
fix, and the 'secretaries -in. tnra
shall .fix the compensation of. the"
various bureau beads over .which
they exercise jurisdiction.
' The executive,- however, cannot
xix the salaries above maximum
set out in the bill. .
Under the Secretary of aericul
ture is placed the dairy' and food
commissioner and state veterin
arian, and provision Is made that
the: present food and dairy com-
missioner than serve until the ex
piration of his term. ; Under the
secretary of business control fa
.placed ; ..the superintendent bf
banks, corporation "commissioner,
Insurance commissioner and the
public service commission.
' .Provision is ' made 5 that the
present public service commission
ers shall serve out their .terms,
after, which the. commission is ap
pointive by the secretary of. busi
ness. control. Under the commis
sioner of labor; is placed the In
austrial accident commission, pro?
vision being 'made it shall hm wl
-diiced to a. single - commissioner,
ana aiso tne . labor commissioner;
? -Under l.he - secretary of public
welfare are placed the state health
activities. ? 7 f'l-iiQ'j L,x.
Under Ihe secretary o ;pu'bic
works is Placed the highway ddm
mission, provision being made, it
shall be reduced to a' single com
missioner. Under this department
is -also placed the state forester
and state engineer.
' " Bitter Mght Expected
In view, of the far-reaching'ef-fecf
of 'this measure, the politicaj
controversies involved, the con
flict of interests between those af
fected adversely By "coiisolidation
and. 'those who expect beneficial
results - from such a' move, it is
certain that the most bitter fight
that .has been : waged' to; the sen
ate in the present session will be
provoked Jby the . debate on 1 con
solidation.7 -7 ' ; t . ,
The chief arguments ' ad
vanced, by Representative CarVln
In support of the bill were that
nearly a dozen states have already
adopted some consolidated form
of state government, that nearly
that number of states now hale
under consideration similar bills,
that thla "corporate" form of ad
ministration has proved ' success
ful in the growth of business -corporations,
'that he consolidation
form of government will af ford a
less, chance ofbuildlng a political
machine that the present system
of 'appointing to fill these 100 or
more boards and that In view of
he ."playing of politics" with the
consolida tlou bill in , the ; senate
the house might not. get another
ahce to; saUify 'the -folks: at
homeby .casting fa : vote for con
Jidationv.::.' f,- f.f .'I i ' :
fAratnl -Atiep."!!'''...-'
n ;tJarkln Jmade - It plain that he
had ino . intention to make cx
ira.vj.gant claims about ' ' the
amount ' of money that could be
saved under such a consolidation
plan,? but gave? It' as his opinion
that-Vsome" governors" could 6avei
1200,000 a year, while "some gov
ernors" coould not save so much.
Objection to the Hall hill was
found by Carkin 7 for .the reason
that it Interferes :wlth .constitu
tionally created ofrics; 7 "
. 4 Efforts of members to secure
amendments which would 'exempt
the labor commissioner;' the state
industrial: accident commissioner
and .the food and dairy commis
sioner failed to materialize be
cause it was pointed out - that
amendments would undoubtedly
be made in the . senate and that
ample opportunity wpuld be given
for consideration . of these pro
posals In the upper house. . 1 . --
UtigatTon Avoided . .
- In answer to 'questions pat ' to
him by Speaker ; Kubll. Carkin
stated that the possibilities of ad
ditional litigation;,?' a referendum
to the people with the consequent
special election and also the pos
sibility, ot the governor .being
forced to call a special session to
take care of appropriations made
at this, session, had all feeen care
fully considered and avoided in
the-bill. ;; ' r ' ,
7 When . Representative - Wood
ward suggested 4hat the members
bear in mind that a consolidation
bill was' part of the governor's
program and Implied, that it was
the duty -of the house to past
such a bill. Tlepresentatlves Gra
ham and Kirkwood made it deal
that as far as they were concern
ed the. governor's wishes In the
matter made little difference' to
them- as. long as it was beneficial
legislation. ' ' ' " "7 - ?
. Mrs.; Simmons pointed out that
If -"attention' was paid to the "re
quests ot all the commissions and
boards affected, there. would be no
consolidation and said that "con
solidation ' could; only. c6me with
consolidation.'" .7 : .. .' - ';. v;
Wth Representatives Bolton,
Campbell, ' Hunter of Unlonl arid
Wallowa, McMahan of Marion and
SchUlmerich; absent, every vote
east except that of v Representa
tive Bennett of Coos,, was cast for
the bill. : .".7 f 7-i?
Dr. J..M, Valters Soeaks on
Ethics and Being in Lbye
, '5 v 11 1 (.11 o JVUI - T
,7 Dr.' J..M.' Walters', pastor of a
church in Eugene.' was the prin
cl pal; speaker a.t the Rotary club
meeting; -Wednesday ' noon. He
chosen Rotary ethics, as : his topic,
and spoken at length and with
splendid effect on' the importance'
of being interested in and in, love
with one's Job. To be at work fbf
the money there is in the job, is
something;.. 'to ' work "because ' the
boss is looking, Is something; but
to work because one's work is on's
own contribution to all, human
kind, is the whole thing ot life,
as he presented the Rotary creed.
1 "It's a great thing to get aboard and 7m6ve with it, in
stead of getting off it and having
it run! past; you," said the speak
er. He hasn't. very much use for
the plain or fancy - hollerer who
does nothing much but yell and
make a noise. Some, of them even
are In the' legislature, he said:
there!, and -elsewhere, there are
loud raucous-voiced men who do
practically; nothing else but hol
ler, they don't know what for.v
: 'The . strength of a nation Is not
In Its- numbers, or in its armies.
but In1 the breed of its people,"
was . the : speaker's conclndlne
thought. "It is our Job to Improve
our breed, 780 that .. wqmen and
cmiaren and Everybody shall be
safer tand better cared for, be of what we have done fox
sbcietr at large." - ; ' 7
Several visitors were present.
who wre 1 introduced by ' their
sponsors. Dr. It. C. dinger pre
sented the matter of the great
Tacoma ' Rotary .- reunion: for
for which a number of local Ro
tarians pledged their, attendance.
Claim Death of Libby r r
3 uue to Own Negligence
That death was due entirely to
the carelessness and negligence of
A C. Libby. who coUided with a
Southern Pacific train January 8,
1922, and 'who died in: February
of the same year, is contained In
an answer to, the complaint of
Grace Libbr. administratrix of
the estate, filed by the Southern
Paelfic mopnay . in circuit "court
yesterday. -: ,
The "defendants state that the
engineer who was ' approaching
Jefferson, saw the oncoming au
tomobile but expected , that it
would slor upV When It failed
to do so. the engineer stated that
be applled.: his brakes but not in
time to avoid a collision: .
The ehgineer stated that the
automobile driver 'gave no heed
to the ; blowing of the engine
whistle. ' Dismissal -of the suit
and. costs are asked; by the (com
paay." 7,7 . 1 -v ' - -'
t ' - ,-'- ' . v i ' "
SPOKANE. Feb. 14.r-runUng-
tpu-Taylor7of;Couer d'Alene.' Ida
ho, r was elected president; of the
Western Pine Manufacturers as.
sociation here this afternoon. R.
E. Slaughter of. Yakima was elect
ed vice president. Leon Stodard of
Baker, Or:, was elected treasurer.
. bo;:us FAVORED
Legislature Would Extend
Benefits -to. First Men to
; Enter Service.
House; joint, resolution 1 No. 7,
which would refer to the people
the question of amending the con
stitution so' the benefits i of the
bonus and loan act would be open
to Oregon soldiers who, anticipat
ing the war went Into the army
prior to those now benefitted by
the act, and also opening it to sig
nal service women,' who - hereto
fore have 'been 'held to have been
civilian employe's was adopted by
the senate yesterday. It is said
that about 200 men and only' five
or;ixwomen-would be affected
by the amendment.;.;
The senate adopted house con
current resolution No. 5, . which
provides ; that a' commission be
named to conf er with a like com
mission from the state of Wash
ington to investigate Into the
feasibility ot building an Interstate
bridge on the Lower Columbia
river. . , : . . -'
Spirited Argument Precedes
yote Taken in Senate Yes-
terday Afternoon.
; Representative Gordon's! con
current resolution having as its
purpose the ; authorization for a
corporation ' to be formed to put
on a . World fair in ; Portland In
1927 - was adopted in the senate
yesterday. '? i-''.-,' 7
It' came on the door with a dl4
vided report. Ritner, Moser and
Magladry, a. majority of the reso
lutions committee, , recommended
that the resolution , be . adopted
with amendments providing that
neither ? the legislature nor . the
state - be obligated to make any
appropriation. Dennis and Cor
bett. signed a. minority report rec
ommending' that? the: resolution
be not adopted-, - 7 . '
The .resolution would make the
governor;; the secretary of - state
and' the . state treasurer , members
of. Che corporation'.
. The resolution was debated at
considerable length.;, Senator Sta
ples" said that 75 "per cent of the
business men of Portland want a
fair, -' ' .
' Senator Moser said the resolu
tion authorized the three state of
ficials to enter the corporation but
could not compel them to.,
The adverse, minority- report
was beaten by. a vote of 20 to lo
when a: .roll call 7 was demanded.
On the majority favorable report
the vote wasu ,
Ayes Clark, 7 Eddy, Farrell,
Garland Hall, Hare, Johnson, 'Jo
seph, Kinney. '.Klepper, LaFolIetf.
Magladry, Moser, Nlckelsen, Rit
ner, .Robertson,; Staples, : ;. Tooze,
Upton.. ' - ;'- - "
77froes--Brown, Corbett, - Dennis,
Dunn. : Edwards. .- Ellis, Fisk,
Smith,. Strayer,' Taylor; Zimmer
man. - ' ..;--.; . . . ,
New Fire Pumper Is
Given Exhaustive Test
7' An exhaustive test of the new
gasoline - pumper . for the Salem
fire department was given " Wed
nesday afternoon, from the canal
on North Church street. The big
machine was received a few days
ago,' and has been given good
once-over- to learn 3ust what its
habits are likely-to, be. The. water
pressure -was aepi up to zuv
pounds per square Inch, and 500
gallons , per ' minute was run
through one nozzle, at. that pres
sure. .The stream woul d d o h y
draullc mining or house-wrecking
at that pressure; it would, rip a
board! house almost to pieces, and
would throw water to the 'top of
the", tallest, buldlng in town, in a
fire-drowning i volume that looks
like, a great Investment for the
city.' '7 '
- Good Position Secured
. . - ....
i A business man In this town
had two applicants -for. a
worthwhile place in-his of-
; iice.; rr;-'''":. 1
, His advice to them was to
attend our school and better
prepare themselves for busi
ness. One of them enrolled
the next day; the other
thought he could do without
. training.' " -. ;. ;, ; -
r :- - 7- -' .; " '7. J .
7 In three months - the man,
iwho had kept ia touch, with
the "first, boy's ; work - gave
. him tho desired place, lie is
now; conipletmg his , school .
V at-night, 1 . . .
, r
. Which of these boys are you
guiug to-emulate? - . '
- - - - 7 . . : '
Capital Business
i lllgh & Terry
Cary Fox, found guilty of Ille 1
poserolon , of : liquor in the Just; :
court here" year ago, wo 3 his
appeal to the superior court tLis
afternoon. . The Jury reversed
the previous decision.. Fox wtj
fined 250 and costs on his Hr-t
that "ItH" rcz2y is hurr.
after all, end doss er.jc
good crokins. ;
For years ths hs seen L:
mbther take down a can 1
Crescent Bakir 3 Pov,
and has known that zz
thing good was in th3 rr.t
ing. . , . " ' ,' '
So her first erociry cr
starts with "Crcrr.t I"'
ing Powder, pleas r,' H
ed -by years of rjiti:f,:,c.l:
ia homes cf the Ve:t
No Bitter Tcsln l
Crescent 7 :
Manufacturng J
Seattle, Wash.
.; i3iw v .
1 B
Is the ripe tins to-
just" what you v.zzl i
eatables - and wcsrrJL!
A vtjemendous surplus
stock '.of goods to do 0
we have . ,
. '...'' . - . . ,
n 7-7
. -
And so deeply that in
. . ... -. 1
many instances there is
no resemblance of a pro
fit. I n fact we have
o. "
Our entire surplus stock
so . that it , will ; move
promptly. '
Read iho Classified
ff "J C . :,,.-'.
i 0 1 Him - -