The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, February 03, 1923, Page 2, Image 2

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Here, There, amid Everywlhiere
signing for a fight, he said.'Demp
sey might turn to motion pictures
for occupation. ,
ftv ion; Rnutn
L C- MIC 'C "
OF tJUKSTS o 71 1 v
Filipino Lightweight ;
I7,HIS fCCtiUAlT -Boot
- T MUS T HAVE Vfftt
7HIS ?2OC.t VCO 7M
out or his 'Rocm-bt
A 1 Cl &UE SS Vou v r j Surt I Too V- . J
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Final Score is y34 to 25 -1
Game is Warmest Seen
, in Armory, for Years.
Salem High defeated Medford
.High by a .score of. 34 to 25
, Friday night in one of the hot
test basketball - games seen here
lit years. . The score . does not
indicate the quality c(! the game;
for the score see-sawed back, and
forth, being1 tied three , times.
- and with Medford four points in
1 the lead at one stage in the first
- half- , " Vf
- - The locals looked for a hard
game when ' the visitors were in
vited to Salem. They have
ma do a great record In their
own district and they hare scor
ed "freely enough against the Sa-
lem - wonders that they mast be
good. . Salem beat them twice,
lu their trip down south last
week, .but neTer by runaway
scores. ; It 'looked like a treat
1 to the local basketball fans, to
- bring so strong .. team here,
and so I the southerners came.
Visitors Clever Passers '
Th?v lived up to their reputa
" tioa. They play ; a iwonderf ully
effective guarding -fame that
- only the' cleverest pass'ag can
get past. They blocked scores
plays 1 that looked safe, and
they, pass and run tho ball with
skill. In ' charging for the ball.
att the basket or in a fceneral
wU-op, they rather have it on
the ' localsexcept -Patterson and
Lilligren. The visitors have not
quite the speed in getting down
v the, floor In a broken field.:
They do not have quite the fin
ish that the Salem team' shows,
and they -do not ; shoot quite so
well. ;;' .;"" ' ; -
At that.' Salem did not shoot
w'th quite' the usual rirle-like
eecuraey; a lot of them missed
' the basket. X Close guarding pi
'the part of Medford aavei a real
, runaway ' score.
. Reinhart High Pointer
. Reinhart was the high point
man thai game with 13. Ho
went out for part of. the last
half. Fallon taking hia place.
Adoiph substituted for Oker
ter at center during the last
few minutes, piaylng: a good
tame and making one fine field
foaU ' - Brown . made one (field
' .oat.:, and played a consistently
safe,, fast game. The work of
;the two guards, LUligren and
Vatterson, was beytmd; criticism.
They ought to rank with the all
star team ' when it c is chosen
" from the stata tournaments Every
Faleni player, except Fallon, scor.
ed A and .be was itt for ; only a
little while. . v ' ' ' -''"'
,' Medford made the first goal
'and played throughout with dash
; r.nd determination. Slnglen made
i tflvft, field goals and. Baughman,
their star center, made four field
crnals and one foul basket.' Been--i
ty,- forward, scored four points
and ' Cbastain twoT V 7
Referee " Glenn 1 Gregg ' didn't
call Vtn too closely, and there
were oaly a .few penalt'es in
. fflicted. Salem scored- only two
; fouls; and Medford one.
' The game was well attended,
- the biggret basketball crowd in
Salem this yean "
The players; are: , , '
' Salem; Forwards, Reinhart.
frown;'' center, Okerberg; guards
Patterson. LlUlgren, Substi
tutes: ; Adolph for Okerberg;
! Fallon for Reinhart; Reinhart
for Fallon. ;,-
Medford: ' Forwards, Singled.
Peeney; center,- Gaughman:
gards. Williams.. Chastain Sub-
Etltutes: Watson for Beeney.
Salem Plays Silverton -
' At Mill Town Tonight
. -Salem High' Is to go to Silver-
ton tonight to meet the mill
town, hlch school basketball
team.' The SUvcrton boys are
believed to be 'formidable, and
they: may upset! the dope;- -On
Tuesday; the Ashland team
: comes up to Salem for a -return
g&mo aTtor the beating 1 Salem,
bhnded them at Ashland last
week. -Ii wasn't enough of
leatlng to insure that It can be
repeated; The Ashlanders were
dfitte - champions last year, and
th Snlem team got out' ahead of
thenr only a little ways In the
flash -'last week: It ought to be
' a: brlll'ant game.' There should
'br ' nothing finer In tbe state
toarnamrnt. where the two team
Br likely- to moot again, who-
; 6T?f wns. ,h3 secoad 'Encounter.
New York Athletic Head Op-
posed to Both Harry
. Wills and Willard '
: ; RtfOOMINGTO.V, Ind.; Veb. 2.
imam - A, Ingram ot Jeffer
convllle, Ind former naval acad
emy, football s star and head coach
at William and Mary college last
season, today signed a contract as
bead football coach ! j at Jndiauo
universityi It was announced here
tonight by E.,0. (Jumbo), Steihm.
director of athletics at Indiana.
KBW YORK. Feb. 2, Jack
Dempsey's chances of defending
his heavyweight title this year, ai
least in New York state were re
duced to a minimum today as a
result of the decision of William
Muldoon, chairman of the state
athletic commission, not to per
mit contests with Che two men re
garded as leading challengers.
Harry Wills,; New Orleans negro
and Jess Willard, former cham
pion. Excessive financial, demands by
Dempsey's manager and alleged
commercialtstic methods employ
ed by promoters seeking to stage
one or both : of the bouts, Mr!
Muldoon declared, prompted his
attitude. Staging of a Dempsey
Wills or bempsey-Wlllard bout In
New York state, he said, would be
detrimental to the boxing game.
On the surface it appeared that
Muldoon's edict would eliminate
the only definite fight proposition
now being considered by Demp
sey an offer by Tom 'O'Rourke,
Polo Grounds matchmaker, for
bouts this summer against Wills
and Joe Beckett. O'Rourke and
Kearns, however, denied ' the bid
had been withdrawn.1"'"5 f
Meanwhile, neither Jess Wil
lard nor Kearns appeared discour
aged by obstacles set, in the path
of heavyweight title toiafches this
year. ' , . ; . ,
Kearns reiterated bis desire for
bouts with both Wills and Willard
and hinted .that an effort, might
be made to stage .one; or 'both at
Tijuana, just across thelCallfor
nia border, lit not successful in
Defeated by J. Dundee
NEW YORK, Feb. 2. Johnny
Dundee, world champion at
pounds, defeated Elino Flores,
Filipino lightweight, in a
rouud title contest ton'ght at
Madison Square Garden, receiv
ing the Jr.dges' decision. j
Flores barely escaped a knock
cut, going to the canvass for the
count ok nine four times in the
last three rounds.
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74. Thia Includes $4,074.818.
358.44 in the principal of the sev
eral loans made under the .Lib
erty bonds acts permitting the'eX-'
change of financial aid to Ameri
ca's associates in the war, togeth
er with $62;836. 106.99 In i ac
crued interest less payments to
talling $100,000,000 made by the
British last October and Novem
ber on the interest total. '
U. of W. Triumphs Over
Washington State Team
- . :
SEATTLE, Feb. 2. Leading
from tart to finish, the Univer
sity of Washington basketball
team defeated Washington State
college 29 to Inhere tonight, j
Crawford of the Huskies was,j
the high, scorer of the game, niak- i
ing 13 points. Following him was '
Roberts of the Cougars with 9. !
For third place, Frayne of Wash-
ington and Friel, Pullman, were
tied with 8.
Afr 1 " r ok - 1
Corvallis. Aggregation Wins
by Score of 42 to 33
Game Hard Fought v
(. In Brooklyn, N.Y., a brewery
concern has . been permitted by a
court order to sell 36 saloon prop
erties. And that is another , Seas
on behind the growth of the ipro-J
hibition sentiment. ! .
CORVALLIS, Ore , Feb. 2.
In a rough and hard-fought game
of basketball here tonight Oregon
Agricultural college won from the
University of Oregon by a score
of 42 to 33.
. Notwithstanding the decisive
ties of the score, the contest was
full of thrills. From the first tap
off hard, fast playing with bewild
ering passes and spectacular in
dividual work kept a crowd of
4 000 in shivers of excitement.
The farmers showed a master
ful attack at all stages and they
put up an almost impregnable de
fense whenever challenged. Gill.
Ridings and Hjelte kept up a con
tinuous barrage of loops, shoot
ing field goals with remarkable
accuracy both at long distance and
short range. ' . . '
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These lines, rthe French are oper
ating. In the Mayence the strike
is in full swing owing to the
French refusal, to obey an ultima
tum of the failwaymen that they
release strikers under arrest for
sabotage. :
The mining operations today
reached the lowest level. In an
endeavor to solve the situation
created by a shortage in empty
cars, instructions have been is
sued not to send out from the
Ruhr more loaded cars daily than
empties were returned. .
Leniency Advised by
Jury in Clark Case
PENDLETON, Or., , Feb. 1,
rA verdict of manslaughter with
a - re'eommendition that ejetreme
leniency be shown by he court
was broughfi in today by the jury
ip. the murdej- case in which L.
D. Clark, cjtyj marshal of Helix.
Or., was charged with second de
gree murder for the fatal shoot
ing cC Harryj E. Rose, October
28 of last yejir at Helix, during
a f'ght in Rose's pool hall ' in
Helix, the state contending- that
the -killing jwas without justifica
tion, and the defense contending
that the of if icer1 acted within his
rights and in; -self defense.
A good sten9grapher ought not
only be able to spell well, but to
help out the boss when he gets
stuck on a i word. And they do
(get stuck, if anybody should care
to inquire.
Seaside Dominie Rejoices
n New College Flivver
Revi. Alfred Bates, pastor of
the Warrenton Methodist Episco
pal churchij writes to The States
man that ills, friend. Rev. J. R.
Jeffrey ofpaside is delighted
with the stine new Ford sedan
presented him by Willamette uni
versity and the citizens of Sea
side. .' ' r, .
ilevs. Mr.: Jeffrey, Al f red P.'
Bates ; and John Woodfin were
canvassing for" subscription lor
Willamette during the endow
ment campaign in uecember, and
all three preachers were staying;
at the Welnhard hotel. Astoria,
on the night of the fire. Rer.
Jeffrey's auto was in the base
ment of a garage across, the street
from .the Weinhard hotel, and
when the fire started the electrie-j
ity was cut off, and was impos
sible to get the car out. Willam
ette university gave the Seaside
pastor a check for $200 toward
a new car, and the citizens of Sea
side raised ; the remaining $500,
and now he has a fully equipped
1923 Ford sedan with all the
During., the rush hour on the
car the other night we ' dropped
a mouthful of chewing gum -and
the conductor , immediately took
on two more passengers."; -"Exchange.
- . '.- -. v "'
At Stanford UniversitT iJ
University of Southern Califor
nia 14. .,..--;.- ; - . .
At Missbulaf University ot
Montana 27 ; Pacifio UUirersity 7.
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pair of manicure scissors to treat
a sore finger nail for the chief,
forthwith receiving permisson for
the "chldren's passage.
-Hearing that his charges would,
be massacred by "Peg Leg," a
bandit.- McAfee siught this hill
terror, telling him he was the only
person worthy,' because - of recog
nized courage and valor, to con-,
duct the children safely. "Peg
Leg' assembled his band to escort-the
youngsters' safely almost
to Beirut.
. In ahotber Tillage McAfee res
cued, 8000 orphans, threatening
the governor with the vengeance
of Mustapha Kemal because of un
sanitary conditions.
Of the
1 1 1
ju. JSC V
f ff
i day .
Special Popular Matinee Today 2 p. m,f 25c. .
Nights and Jundays-j-Kiddies 25c; Adults 35c
Evening Shows start , at 8 p. m.; Sunday 2:20, 5:15, 8 p. m.
IT 1
Everyone should see this, not only from an amusement viewpoint but from
that of education. It is perhaps the most complete and thoroughly satis
fying production ever screened. We are giving Salem this popular priced
opportunity and presenting "The, Four Horsemen' as a premier, "road
show" attraction one matinee show and one evening show with orchestra.
Nothing will be cheap except the admission. If you want lower admis
sions show it by' supporting this engagement.
. !