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Mla TricoTette Drops a Genflcliiat
trip- on ra
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. PON T ' THt?
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laho vMachine-Works , as
f Smooth a$ - Usual Bear
I cats- Put up Game Fight
Salem High School .Quintet Boxing and .Wrestling Are
Leaves tor- Invasion ot . Acmea 10 lisiot neg-
Medford-Ashland , ular Athletics,,
..4. i i
It aia't 1 human, ni6 way that
I kn Fox of Idaho Joggles the bas- j
3thall. "Maybe they . fed it to
Km just -for the privilege of es-'
. bllahlng a.Vecord lOce some of
; ie fake home runs etc la base
ulL Such things conld be done.
' at maybe again he's the original
Izard, and that ' hit, teammates
imply Jcan't- help it, - tor he's
ahnny-at-ha - rathole, .trhenerer
lere a a snoot. .Any-
ow, ne made Z9 ; points in tne
a me asainst ' Willamette last
it night. Edwards, his running
Hate, made 5, and Telford 2, a
htal ot 46. . : : ! .,: ; .;
Willamette . made ; 12 points
i very one of them earned against
a smooth playing team as erer
, ppeared on ther , Salem ' floor,
'oach. Bohler warned the people
f Salem to be looking for a fin
bed team, in the; Idaho delega
,on; h.e knew. They are- not
aster than Willamette;, they are
afdly belter, in . passin g the ball,
mt they f hare the years ot , ex-
erlence and the shiftiness bf the
lead-surr player. Willamette was
: learly no match for the rlsitors
' ' a'" experience." .-- -.' -. .f..
i i But the--local 1 team, played a
ame that ought to lire In the
I ana! Willamette tor its fierce
t ineffectual fight against certain
efeat. V The guarding of - Stolx-
.else and lattba was something
6- cTow-AhoTit like MGlraney in
; Soldiers ;.Three," who "was
drp'rU . wanst,rannyhow.M Stolz
;eise, a freshman, was In a "rar
ity came for Ihe first; time. ' He
lacks all the finisb that the Visi
tors show?- ut he's goiag to see
the day when he' will outplay1 the
est of . them ill except perhaps
that Inhuman Fox. - Emmel, inch
smaller' than the least of the
visitors, and with only minutes
'experience .where they 'txre
months, played , a. furious, came.
Once he really learns shooting, he
will ba..jnjrtar..v ,'rf'
1 f IdlwTeDa Ileavy
f - Cauglilih :played :ihe best game
of his life.; Qutreached. by . Inch-
'es, he -matched Fitzke - play tor
,lay alb through the same. The
visitors were looking for Logan
and he ifailed to score, except on
four fouls; but his game was tall
bat" his best ' friends v; erer ex
j ( ected fast, i accurate nd ' ag-
i r essire. , Patton was the star
! corer 'for the locals with three
' leld goals. . - It is Very doubtful
t . tvether the rlaitora had his equal
la simllat position, v - '
, iiumette was - Ahead $or a
I while In the first half, with the
t score standing 8 16 7. But the
far lighter team had to work hard
experience. T; t5radually"s they , lost
ppeed, and they played on cour
age atones .:":. -i:
'63 Tries BUdo v
A number of fouls were called
on Willamette, which was a" dead
loss, f6r Fox conrerted 411 'but
one or two, making io points
from free throws. Logan did re-
markably well on- free, throws.
I making four points, "(about 'the
begt -toulBhooung. tbst a WI1
' lamette "Shooter has. madq in
3TC3LF3 --4-k-v
i With their skill, height, wtiigh
I the rlsitors were able to force the
fight most of the game. They
I madeS tries tor field goals and
I scored 18 goals, or 27.6 per cent.
"Willamette tried, 29 shots, scor
' lag four goals, or 13.8 per cent.
; The visitors shooting was just
twice as etfectiTe as the locals.
tlnivrxfJtv hf AVashirintnri
i 1 Plays Bearcats Tonight
l Tb University of Washington
- which defeated Idaho by s narrow
I margin.' plays the; Bearcats here
tonightt The . game last - night
; does not tell anything of tonight's
; ; struggle;,, the locals , might . eveit
I i ran the visitors ragged, for com
; j parative- scores are as i.deceptive
i as moonshine bootet Thb' Bear
l cats can veil, expect to' give the
visitors k bard ' battles With no
I I one hurt frotavIasi-'nighiViaer
vrill have gained some valuable
experience, and they ought to be
faster and 'more dangerous than
ever, ..... ; ... . . , ,.-v. i
The .game starts at, fr'o'fclotk. !
Would Make Law Comply, :
With ActualSituaton
v " : . .' - . t
'- ' 1 i - f . . - , .-. ,
. An effort to make the- law com
Mr with the, actuat situation - Is
the1 basis ot the bill introduced
by Representative Lee by request,
relating, to the granting of water
right Certificates. The bill places
te state engineer, instead of the
w ater board of control in 'charge
ct granting certificates, and .lur
thr provides that" for valuation
for rate, making purposes of the
I roperty, ot the : bwnerJ oL tany
i ach rights, no value shall, be
( !alzned - or allowed ' tor ' sucn
r'Tita la excess ot the cost cf c'
Salem hign school starts, its tn
vasion of lower Oregon this after
noon when .Coach Hollis Hunting
ton and seven of his I likeliest
VAAnttfAM ?A4va Hf AflffiTif a nrf
Ashland to Play a series ot three
They take on the Medford team
for . Thursday and Friday nights;
then they go to Ashland for Sat-
urday night, and return home on
Sunday. .It gives them a rather
formidable schedule, especially as!
tney taxe only two spare piayers
ana tneres to be no sn mB J
as a rest-uo until tne series is
over : -1. : I" .:
Both the southern V teams are
top-notchers. Last year Ashland
won the state high school, tourn
ament In impressive fashion. Sa-1
cm wu eiiminatwa vnrij vj, jxb- i
toria. tne runner-up. baiem naa
a , good, team, last year, though
perhaps not quite af the quality
ot this year. Most of the players
were on the - team last sea-
and they have gained notably
by the year's seasoning.
Salem still has the lead-pipe
cineH on the district champion-
ship, and expects to be able to
get j Into- the- state -tourna men V 1
even, though one , game waa lp8t
ny a one-point margin to mcaunn-
vlUe. outside of this district. The
ganies in the south j$n this trip,
being in the southern . district. I
wold not count against SalemJbIg .nns light heavies, who look
chance to get into the state meet, I iapaDU and promising, Winston
wwu6ii v-w uujm Dwiuiu iun. Burris. "Chuck" Coffey and cnr
every bne which -they are -not ford Hulsey. If the outside teams
expecting to do. And they expect win Bend in enough men to meet
to Wean up thejMeMinnviHe team them Salem may have a whole
by a . decisive acore when they delegation of this weight classifi-
uiti. igvu uere '
The tourists include Rinhart, L
Brown and Fallon, forwards; m -
: r . - ; rt i. I
.1:7" . r.
ion xni
necessary. He will not equal most
most of the . other centers in
height, but he has a spring like
a f wildcat, .andta a very capable
player anywhere.
t ' J. :"' 1
Salem hlgh wfil lose all buttwiol
iuo ae(B, x uuu uu rikiierf
son, by graduation, ' this year.
Coach Huntington says he haS: a
0n bunch growing np to carry
on thefr traditions, and' with FaU
ton. and Patterson he will cer
tainly have a good start for , an
other winning team, but some of
these lads, are pretty hard to re
place., ' . I i ; ;
; (Continued front page 1) (
hotels, apartments - and second'
hand stores are operated or leased
by J apanese in Portland and. that
95 per cent of the violations of the
narcotic laws j occur within these
T . v " " 1135, pounds ; ciniora ; uooas jia a
rds. and Okerbetg center. Fafclj aDoat 128 pounds
might to as change center, or less, and Paul Chenowetb U
placesand.tha the experience ot erican league probably will have
other states ihaa been that what an nnderstudy this season. It was
hppeared to be only a handful of announced today. Itt would be
Japanese t has doveloped , rapidly thft first Umo 8iace staler became
IntOift menace. ...'. regular first baseman for the
The Japanese are not planning Browns 'in 1018 that a second
on tomorrow or the next day? stiing first sacker- even 'has been
Tyndall told the committee, "but considered, it. was said-v -they
are working on a colonization Consideration vt an understudy
plan that covers the next 100 ft was explained was "given only
years; on, thelPacif le : Coast, ac- after- it was beliaved , th- Injury
cording to
the statements of their
own newspapers ' and periodicals;
Lcfa be f glad that there- are so
few bow and .let's 'strike while the
iron, js hot and prevent their fur
ther' Intrusion. i -The ' Pacific
coast Is holding the most advanced
position in the national defense
and the passage of this Jaw is a
measure, of national defense.", :
i ,
! No Immediate Crisis
..." According, to. Dodson ; and .G,an
ong, the state la not facing an im-
----- . 1 & fir
mediate . crisis, xnere nas been
j nor great Increase In Japanese
population within the past
years, they argued. and, nrged:
that the, national government be
permitted to' complete, the forma
tion of a new treaty with Japan
covering the rights of ..Japanese
within this, country ! which, the
speakers' , have been led' to. Re
lieve will cover the Issues Involved
in this bill. '
; Suzuki and Company.' one of the
largest. Japanese shipping', com
panies moved Its head offices from
Seattle to Portland recently, and
according to Ganong,' the passage
Of the Washington alien land bill
was one of the principal factors
actuating this move. " . " ff"
', ' Canada CpoeedTo Jiips ' ,
Passage of the act might drive
some of the shipping front Port
land to Vantouver, British Colum
bia, tho-chambcr of commerce ar
gued, but the Legion representa
tives claimed thai Canada's known
opposition to the Japanese would
prevent this.
i The bill was Introduced by Rep
resentative Bailey and Huston and
is modelled , closely after the'
Washington and California; bills.
W- --
i . .-4.
; 'I'
' r Salem High Is to take on a new
branch of "regular" athletics, two
of i them,, in fact boxing and
wrestling. -The boys bought their
gloves and lined up their perfor-
program "for the year's ; activities.
Th. hoD to take on the Hill
Military school of Portland as
tneJr ffrst opponents about. ; the
lllJrf w-k ,n . February. Later.
they wat to meet BOme of the
lpOTtiand high schools, Columbia
uniTGrsity of Portland, Mt. Angel
college,- Chemawa. ' and maybe
some others not yet named. I
., For the wrestling squad they
will have Blenkenship and Noske,
both of last year's' bone-crushing
Both are capable per
and .stand! a chanco
against all comers.- Randall and
Purdy are two others who. expect
to enter. Purdy; is the .midget
of the' squad, but is fated, high in
ability. Post, who" starred last
year, will probably- not enter, as
he is busy for the season in bas-
There are more'!boxers than
the educational . woods
.m tA be full of mltt-slinrers
who are willing to take chancea
with the Dest hlt-and-runners that
Lh nntldftra an brine in. "Bill"
Fra8er wni head the squad at
- tlon. Tod Kplaev will class as
.tAAM.t itr,- nna n:n
lflMBa. - kiiffnrd .i,.. ;!. w
r . , . .
135 pounds; Clifford ; Goods 5ia a
a flyweight. : s. i ,;';; ' 11.
Goode is said to be one of the
most promising ot all the lot;
fast and clever, and one that the
outsiders might about as well tor-
TU - t A wSi' h!tW !- ? -
Last year Salem took on the
Chemawa wrestlers , with, next , to
disastrous : results; " for 'the ; IfldJ
ans brought... a tigerish; strength
and agility" that all ut wrecked
the local team. This- year Ellis
White, captain of last year's mat
squad in : Salem ; high... is giving
the Chemawa boys three nights
a week, and he reports that they
are going wonderfully.
4 V 4--f
Famous First Baseman
May Have Understudy
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 23. (By the
Associated Press. ) George Sis
lex, who has been voted the groat-
nat all armind nlavnr 1 n tho Am-
Isisler suffered, to his risht shoul-
der last September ma cause him
some annoyance this season. I
Conditional Sales Bill
Draws Fire of Merchants
.The conditional sales bllL in
troduced by Representative Bailey
and McMahan of. Linn was with
drawn today . This bill drew the
fire of Installment plan merchants
in all parts of the United States,
and. was intended) according to
Mi? authors, to prerent the loss ot
1 m . ., . . . . . .
a targe poruon os.tne toiai, cosi.
of goods paid by persons whasub
sequeniy-.. were .unable , to ., com-.
plete paymenUV -f-,i -i
Face, Xeck, and Ariutt Fkisily Made
bmovfl,, Says HiH-fialist :
i Any breaking out ot the skin,
even fiery. Itching eczema, can be
quickly. orercome , by., applying a
little Mentho-Sulphur declares a
noted akin- specialists Because of
its : germ destroying .properties,
this sulphur preparation begins at
once .to soothe irritated skin -and
heal eruptions such asvrabh, pirn-
pies and ring worm.,. -,, 5
r It peldom fails to remove the
torment and disfigurement,: and
you do not have to wait for jHet
from embarrassment. : Improve
ment quickly shows. , Sufferers
from9 skin trouble should obtain
a smalr jar of Rowles MenthopSul-
. : 1 . i
Meriting of Champion, -With
; Kearns and Rickara is j
Planned for Today . ;
j . -' . . . i
NEW YORK, Jan. 23W-:Ex-pressln
his' eagerness "' to. S meet
any aspuraints for his heav:re!ght
crown, Jack Dempsey and fhis ad
vance i vintourage includtogthe
ChamplonVs ;pet - pedigreed . bull
dog. "DiaVnond Dick; Jr.;"? reach
ed New York today. ? "
Kearns, Is due to arrive! tomor
row and in the alternoori a con
ference is i scheduled with , Pro-
moter Tex- Rickardaf which ne-
gotlatuns j xpr tne , uue nouiers
expected program, of acfloa-dui-
Ing ,,the .outdoor, season may
reach, a act inite basis. -
Rickard said today ho would
submit two . proposals to Kearns
and Dempsey, one calling Jor a
match, with Jkss Willard. probab
ly June 30. and the other with the
survivor of -a heavyweight elim
ination series among Floyd John
son, Tom Gibbons and 'Luis' Fir-
J0. the Argentinan pugilist. -The
atter contest may occur in Sep
tember.. ,f-ror Wi :t iy,f.A V
U. of 4. junket Nettles
Jaylor , and La Folletf
t -". t
The senite yesterday accepted
an''lnvitatiOhvf rdm the University
of Oregon and the Eugene Cham
ber of Commence to viiiit thi" uni
versity Wednesday January 31.
Senator La'FolIette opposed ac
cepting the : invitation, declaring
the legislature was to jme' wfied
and dined to get another appro
nrlation. ' " ' "
Senator Taylor tbbk' k' similar
stand and both demanded a roll
call oh the vote of accepting the
invitation. 'Taylor predicted thd
junket, as he termed it . would dot
Influence the legislature so far as
granting an appropriation is 'Con
cerned. ""- , - --
Senator. Johnson '.replied that
the. institutions at Eugene and
Corvallis aire not asking appropri
ations for the institutions them
selves.' .
.. Jill voted for the trip except La
?T?eU?,Ta?J1S.&, .Straye ,
Roosevelt Coast Highway
: y Bill Gets Introduction
The Roosevelt J Coast bighway
bill.. aimed to save for the state
the $2,500,000 - bonds approved!
Ty the electors several yearsrago, !
was Introduced today bearing the
names df Senators Eddy, ' Hall,
Magladry Flfticrifthnlon; Stapled
V Giehuine i
mm Fart
, .'- , !; , ' I: - - -i . -.
All made of the highest quality material by j
.rood vbrkmen and by the most efficient methods.
From the smallest sear to the motor block itself, ;
f you would get the utmost taltxe for your money
.- .- 'V,:' !" . ' : '
Demand ; Genuine Ford jParts
Buy them from us and you are assured of
m mm
2G0 IL Ifch Street
1 ,n::;7 V
mum! mm
J .. ' : X:t Z?"-: ''
"' L
4 - -
'Sol , Seeman ot New York city,
former- amateur champion, who
has cleaned up the lightweight
crop of the pacific coast. See
man won seventeen consecutive
bouts before : losing his first
bUtie, ;;,..!-, ... ;
and Mrs. Kinney, and Represen
tatives .Jones, Bennett, Hurd,"
wieler; Pierce,- Fletcher ani
Watson'.'- I'-P j- ' ; '' J
The bill would amend , section
45 28, Ore won laws, to permit the
governor to (sell, , whenever neces
sary under the other provisions
of the act, 12,500,000 of state
bonds, and that the state high
way, commission may,' whenever
the United States . government
;phalt .appropriate money to the
construction of. the ' Roosevelt
highway or any part of it. match
219 State St, '
Cor. Front St Phone 937'
the federal funds with this ?2,-
500,000. ' , '
.The commission could, not ap
propriate more money - than the
government provides. - .
NEW YORK, 'Jan; 23. Harry
Greb '-.ot Pittsburgh, will .defend
his American flight - heavyweight
boxing, title January 30; against
Tommy Loughran -of , Philadelphia
in- a 15-round,bout'at Madison
Square Garden,.,' " . : V ,-t
Orchard Lien Measure
Is Passed by Senate
, , - ; '
Senator Eddy's bill to include
persons, who perform labor on an
orchard among i those ( who hare
the privilege ot lien on thejerop
passed the senate yesterday. It
effects persons who labor at prun
ing trees, cultivating the orchard
and helping to produce the crop. -K
A bill to prohibit any court or
judge from dismissing suits, ac
' tions and proceedings" without
giving the counsel on respective
sides 30 days notice, passed the
senate yesterday.' Otherwise dis
missal Would be allowed only on
motion of one; Of . the parties to
the! iiugatton.-;.'
- - I " - '
il ' .......
'' '.'""' ' 'Yd ; '
In this value you are getting more Suit", yesrcaUyicrc tliin
; '
.a suit.";"H-- ':J:;:;: -''i - v-: i ;::.-"'
s more
trousers. Really a
.AU: Wool Fabrics fine tailormgtyles
men " ' ':: ",:: ir': ';-.- ;:;-?-v-.
w- s '
ome in ana see
1". ' ..J
.5l-i'SStnTWJ5?DC' ilT tfOC
v a
I ' i'r - S
hi ' tM ' . an- -i
im .
Released Convicts - Will A
. Be Sent to Native Lands
John Stramann who was condi
tionally pardoned from, the; state
penitentiary December 27 by Act
ing Governor .. Ritner, and . Jesus
Forfon, who was yesterday pa
rorod by - the .state parole board
for -deportation, will both be de
ported tonight, the former' to Ger
many and, the. latter to Mexico, .j
; Stramann was convicted .in
Multnomah ?' county fpj , .assault
with intent to rob andseptenced
to 'do 26 year8." IIe has served a
year.. He was not released after
conditional pardon i but has re
mained at the prison awaiting de
portation.' ' Forfon waseonvicted
in Malheur , county for ; larceny.
His minimum was up January 13,
NEW YORK, Jani .23. The
executive .committee ot the Unit
ed States Golf Association, it ' was
announced today, has rejected the
proposal of the professional goiters'-
association for holding east
and j west sectional qualifying
tournaments ' preliminary . to . the
national, open championship f 'on
Long Island July -9 Mt .13. t -
p , -; ' ' '
.Read, the Classified' Add
- - j - - --
1 a,
suit in the quality-more than
sreat investment In f.lnrrioe
'uiu -nx pctu, you clJiU.
, a
'? t"--ii"-
f .
- a
Hospital Contracts Are '
T'Opjjosed by Working Uzn
' .Senator .Hall will, introduce a
bill, demanded by a large petition
of .workers of the Coos Bay dis
trict, providing for . abolition ' of
the 'hospitai' contract system in
connection' "with operation of the;
workmen's compensation actl Un
der s the hospital contract f system. :
Injured workmen ate compelled to
place themselves in charge of cer
tain physicians and hospital asso
ciations with whom their employ-'
ers ate tied up by contract, llan'y
of them 'prefer to use their own
judgment In the selection Of phy
sicians? or bospitalsj f .
.- .
4 7
. SAN ? FRANCISCO. Jan. 23.
A dividend Of . 5D cents 1 a.Lshare
was "declared by. the.,board of
the Standard Oil company of
California payable March 15, to
stockholders of record ..February
20, here today.
- ...
..rpioxxxiciiAssirpc:! :
V EUGENE, Ore., Jan. 23. Isaac.
E.' Stevensr one of the best known
pioneers of-- this 'section ' of -.'the'
Willamete valley, died at hisbbme
at Sprlngfieldr Ore., today at the
age of 88 years. ' He came to
Lane- county in "IS 4 7. , J'
?: y-n- '
a suit in the extra
f 7? flfi
for msi aid
.. .
J rfV !
T4 -
i . Sdzzii Oregon
phur from any good .druggist and
ts- -n i.xe coll crca?n. -:v.