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    I r - : I
Elsie Ferguson in 4Outcast."
- SiiirteyU lason in 'The New
Teacaer." '.Vr, -H't
- bl!;ii '
Hickman Bessey Stock com
pany presents "Puttin It Over."
Lois Wilson in "Broad Day
light.' - ' -. ;
i ;uani ;
p. -Elsie Ferguson wan the first ae
' tress to portray the role-of"Mir-l
Iain in. ,"0utcat Hubert Henry
j Davlcs famous play, in the screen
! version c which she is at the Ore
? gon theater starting today. It was
1 lu 1914'that 'Miss Ferguson star-
red frf'thtf play An, Miriam she is
; believed by many to have, scored
f her. greatest Btage success, and a
like' claim is now belnjr made f or
the pieture. This ought to crcat
' special interest, for those who saw
! "Footlights," ."her last Its picture.
'.I The story of what happened to a "high flyer.
114 11
( No screen star has ever ap
' proached the fearless, ap
pealing: portrayal of a des- I
. .' titute woman's 4 soul that
Miss Ferjjuson 5 gives in I
"Outcast." Her most popu-"
lar stage play is by far her
greatest Picture. Both
her ragrs and shimmering:
Paris gown the star is mag- :
; miicent.
nmwk- Tii rrw lanmim j... . lr. , . ,- , , I ' ' " "
The stofy Is "Ja powerful one.
and a glance at the cast indicates
that the production has been im
pressively done,
She wanted an opportunity to
aid the people of Xew York's
slums, and it came to her. How
she found love ; and adventure
tnid t ho degradation nnd squalor
is told in 'Th i NV;w Teacher,"
which conies to the liberty today.
The 'fascinating 'Shirley Mason ia
the star. j
i The Hicknian Hesscy .Stork Co.
opened their lth weekly engage
ment at the Bligh theater last e've
ning with one of the best comedy
offerings they have given us yet.
On the same program is an excepr
t tonally good movie. It is '"Broad
Daylight, a vivid story in strong
tones of the underworld, written
by Harvey Gates and George W.
Pyper, both ex-newspapermen and
crime investigators. Lois Wilson,
Jack Mulhall and Ralph Lewis
have the leading roles. Cummlngs
ha3 iwt acted upon the screen for
over a year now. though be has
been it one time vi e of th-most
popular men in - fllmdom. "Ht
played on the stage also with such
stars as Lillian Kusscll and Henry
Miller. This, same show will be
here agalirlonight and tomorrow
night. 1
Scenery never before .captured
by a camera, is an added feature
of "The Fox," Harry" Carey's Uni-versal-Jewel"
piloted rama. which
ia to have its local premier at the
Bligh theater, beginning Friday.
The dramatic story was Mimed
near the spectacular Tainted
Rocks'on the Mojave desert, i
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that night, but he saw him Ithe
next morning, and having leearn
ed of the kidnaping the night be
fore at church, he had twitted
Gray and had 1 expressed the hope
that he was not a member of the
hooded band. ;
Gray, he saldr made no com
ment, but stated that he was not
held up on the highway as were
many citizens, explaining that the
kidnaping wan. over when he ar
rived at the scene on his return
to Bastrop.
The following art'cles of in
corporation were filed yesterday;
Bewley Creek Water company.
Tillamook: incorporators, Karl
H, Porter, Theodor R. Peterson,
Hull Johnson, It. C. Neilson. W.
L. Harmon; ! capitalization
51.000. "
Oak Grove Mercantile com
pany. Oak Grove; ' incorporators,
Karl Skaggs, William Johnson,
O. W. Barnett; capitalization,
$15,600. j
The Farm Utilities company
ol Portland filed notice of In
creaso" in capitalization from
$10,000 to $25,000.
Notice of dissolution was filed
by the Taylor-A kers Printing
company of Albany.
Bcsscy ;
rrs a .
, f . it i: I I
Charlie Smith. Dispenser of
Stomach Warmers, ? Be
v lieves Business Better
llot Chicken Tamales!"
llow many of these red-hota
does Charlie Smith. veterau
tamalc-maker. sell In an evening
from his copper stewm can there
on the corner of Commrectal
and State 1 i -
He'd sell two times as many
a the wildest tfreaiuor ever
thought. . - Ou seems to almost
never see anybody buy; but they
do buy, from pSeven to 15 dozen
cf a nighty On Saturday night,
he ranout of goods, early and
just as he was starting home
a man hailed him for a score
more of the toothsome chickeny
rolls. The people were out
hunting tamales that night. He
thought he'd have sold 200 if
he had had them to sell, -which
would have bewi a record. One
other night however he sold 166.
"1 used to sell tamales when
the saloons were running:," he
s&id. "Then the night crowds
on the street used to buy pretty
i well. When the drinking
places closed I thought ;there'd
be no more night crowds and
I quit. But a few weeks ago ,1
thought Id try it once more
and it has been a surprise to
know that business is better than
it ever was in the old days.
'"The chickens cost 23 cents
a pound, livewedght and they're
leal chickens . too. I have the
general cooking work done but
1 m the only one who knows
the genuine tamale filling that
makes m good. Anybody could
cook chicken and corn meal to
gether but there's something
lacking If one hasn't the genuine
fecret: The corn husks, come
ir bales from the corn states of
the Mississippi valley and they
cost 26 cents a pound. If . i
bady believes it's all clear gain
and that the rain Is all. fun wh"n
ou have to stand still i in it
he's got two more guesses as
different as lie can make 'cm
, . "Hot chicken tamales!"
The parent teachers meeting
will be held Friday night, .'Jan
uary! 20. -v-,:.: iCt '
Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Pettya
spent Friday, Saturday and Sun
day in Portland with relatives.
;Mrs. Blodgett and Mrs. ttley
are in I'ortlaud.
Many Brush Collcgt people en
joyed' the program at Schinidlers
hall last Friday night. ' !
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kepper ot
Turuer spent Monday with their
pareuts. Mr. and' Mrs. , W. M
f Catherine Singer Is "suffering
with an attack of eczema and a
severe cold.
Kdna- Bliven started to school
here1 last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Crabtree of
Stayton were Sunday visitors, at
the It. A. Grote home. ,
Mr. and Mrs. L. Crawford of
Salem were recent guests of Mrs.
J. -U Oliver.'. . . . j ' -i" i,
Miss Autonio Bayer is spend
ing a few days in Portland.
Mrs. Karl Harritt made a large
oil painting, of Mrs. Hoag's
father and prwented' it , to her.
Mrs. Hoag, whose father died
recently, is one ot ' the teachers
in Brush 'College school. The
picture is said to. reflect great
credit ipon the artist.,
Mrs. C. C. Page was - an all
day visitor at school last Thurs
day. The school has extended
ar invitation to others to do
Ruth N'ewbill is able to be In
'school after, a week's illness.
Mr. and , Mrs. George Shaffer
of Salem visited Mr. and Mrs.
J. Hades pek Sunday. '
L. Himmel Is visiting friends
and relatives in Vancouve(r.
Mr. and Mrs. F. C: Singer' vis
ited Mr. and Mrs. Sadax of
Liberty Sunday. i
Maybell Bsrkvi-" of" SaTci spent
the week eud , with Mildred
Alex Muuaoft who,' Uvea cast
of Salerii yisitcd at Ihe F. tW.
Jkunson borne last wec-k.f
5 Ralph McCall of SaJonx is
staying at the - Utlcy-Blodgett
home. 1
Milo Bliime spent Sunday
with his mother, Mrs. J. L.
Smith of Salem. j
Mr. and Mrs. W. Poorman of
Salem and Mr. and Mrs; ; Al
Ste'ner aiid children irc din
ner guests of Mr. and Mt. Wil
liam Mean la-t Thursday cve
niug. '
; Cleo Sclicy of Salem was a
guest of ; Bob Lehman (Sunday.
Jefferson Holdup Men
Taken in Portland
Two men. who burglarized a
Jefferson slore Friday night, were
captured in Portland : yesterday
and will be returned to Salem.
The men gave their' names as
Charles D. Morrow and.,. Lewis
Havera.-v t, .--v
The J. If. Rowland store was
the one entered at Jefferson, It
was said that little of value was
House bills Introduced ' yester
day:. - . !. I
IL. B. 122, by Le (by re
quest) To amend section 57 2 H
Oregon laws, relating to water
light certificates.
It. B. 133, by Huston -TO
amend aecUon ,-2420. Oregon laws
pertaining to , summons, how
served and returned.
II. n. 124, by ,4 Huston To
amend section f4. Oregon laws,
tinting lo who may bo served
with summons.
H. 11. 12.".. by Cramer To
regulate false representation re
garding funds to pay wages and
providing a penalty, therefor.
II. II. 126. by Blowers To
r strict the, use and possession
of plslols and revolvers to bona
fide, residents, defining such
weapons, iprovidmg licenses .for
carrying and sale by retail deal
ers.' It
H. n. 127. by Lackey To
authorize school districts in
counties bordering on the Oregon.
state line and not having high
schools to enter Into contracts
with school districts having high
schools outs'de of the state
II. B. 128. by Senators Eddy,
Hall. Magladry. 4ohnson. Staples
and Mrs. Kinney and Representa
tives Jones. Bennett. Hurd. Mott,
Wheeler, Pierce, Fletcher' . and
Wtataon To amend section 4a28
and 4535 Oregon laws relating
to the construction of the Roose
velt Coast Military hoghway..
II. B. 129, by Shelton To
amend sections 5834, &840. &KiZ,
5854, 5855. and 5856, Oregon
laws, relating to freight rates,
H; B. 130, by' Watson (by re
quest) To provide for. the em
ployment or assignment of coun
sel for the conduct of legal bus
iness of stata offices, boards,
commissions or departments.
H. B. 131. by Love joy To
tegulate the conduct of collection
agencies, bureaus or j offices.
II. B. 132. by Graham To
provide for re-Issuance of high
way bonds for the construction
of primary market roads, their
betterment nd maintenance.
II. B. 133. by Hard To des
ignate the end of the Lewis A
Clark trail at Seaside.
II. B. 134, by Lee To pro
vide an excise tax on the sale
of distribution of gasoline, dis
tillate, liberty fuel and other
volatile aad Inflammable liquids
used by motor vehicles.
H. B. . 135, by Keeney To
amend section 4999, Oregon
lfcws, fixing dates for local and
county teachers institutes.
II. B. 136. by Jackson To
provide for the office f state
market agent and" prescribing
his powers and duties.
H. B. 137. by Ezell To amend
sections 6. 7. 8. 9. 10, 11, and
23 chapter 265, general laws of
Oregon, 1921, relating to school
districts. .
H. B. 238, by committee on
assessment j and taxation To
provide a uniform system of-accountancy
for certain state of
fices, boards, . commissions and
departments, and certain political
H. B. 139. by committee on,
assessment and taxation To re
quire each tax-levying body to
provide for the mortization or
retirement of all authorized
bond issues of the political or
municipal subdivisions represent
ed by such body." , "
H. B. 140, by committee on
assessment and taxation To
amend the' title and . sections 3
and 4 chapter 208, general laws
of Oregon 1921. relatlnz to
county tax supervision and con
servation commissions. i
H.' B. 141, by committee on
assessment and ' tatation To
amend sections 4187, 4226 and
4 287 Oregon laws, and to re
peal section 4286, Oregon laws,
and defining the powers of tix
H. B. 142. by committee on as
sessment and taxation Provid
ing for the keeping of certain
statistics by the secretary of
H. B. 143. by committee on
afcsessnvmt , and taxation To
prohibit the expenditure of pub
lic money for any specific pur
pose In an amount greater than
is estimated .and appropriated
therefor In the budget.
IT. H. 144. by committee on
assessment and taxation To
piovlde for the asnessment and
taxation of forested lands.
H., B. 145, by committee on
assessment and taxation To
provide for requiring true con
sideration in all deeds.
.11. B. 146. by the committee
on assessment and taxation To
amend sections 1193-95 and
1197, Oregon laws, pertaining to
inheritance tax regulations.
H. II." 117. by ' committee on
aEsessment and taxation To
provide for a flat rate state in
come tax.
H. B. 148. by Lovejoy To
amend section 26. chapter 371.
general laws of Oregon 1921,
relating to ' registration and
license lees and , taxes oh ve
. 8. B. 68, Clark J by request).
To authorize the" state laud
board to Indemnify persons,
firms and corporations for losses
sustained by the failure of title
ef lands purchased from the
state.- I : : ,- y - . . .
S. B. - 69. Joseph- To amend
Cabinet Meeting Cancelled
and No Definite Date ot;
Return is Fixed
WASHINGTON. Jan. 23 Pres
Ident Harding declared by hl3
personal physician. Brigadier
General C. K. Sawyer, virtually
to. have recovered from the attack
of grippe; which be contracted
more than a. week ago, remained
In 'seclusion today at the Whito
Houee to rest. - " ' ' - .
The usual Tuesday, cabinet
meeting was cancelled as also
was the scheduled meeting with
newspaper correspondents. No of
ficia Is papers were sent to the
White House for presidential ac
tion and no visitors were permit
ted to s'ee Mr. Harding.
it had been Indicated yesterday
that the president would be back
at his desk today, Mr. Sawyer
said, however, that be could not
tell at this time when the presi
dent would be permitted to return
to the executive offices.
, The president, he explained has
had no rest for more than a year
and on account of the strain
would naturally feel any after ef
fects of the grippe. It Is Dr. Saw
yer's desire that the president
have as-much rest as possible for
as long a time as his patience will
1921. by providing that bail or
bond In certain cases may be
deposited with the court instead
of with the city orrcounty treas-
. S. B. 70, Corbett- To amend
section 2743, Oregon laws,- defin.
ing .securities' :to t Include ' those
acceptable to the federal gov
ernment for securing postal tsav
ings deposits.' i;
S. ill, Corbett Making se
curities acceptable to state treas
urer for deposits 3 In Oregon
banks' to Include those accept
tvble to government for security
of postal savings.1
S. B. ,72," committee on ; as
sessment and taxation Provid
ing for Income' tax.! r
S. B. 73, committee on as
sessment .and taxation rOefining
powers of state tax commission.
S. B..; 74.. committee on as
sessment, and taxation Provid
ing for . assessment of deforested
lands. , . .
S. B. 75, convmittee on as
sessment and taxation 'Requir
ing statement of true considera
tion in all deeds and other "con
veyances. "
S. B. 76; Multnomah delega--tlon
To amend section 4365,
Oregon . laws, making deeds on
foreclosure on delinquent ' taxes.
" S. B. 77, - Joseph Allowing
circuit"1 Judges from outside
points when assigned to work
In Multnomah county $5 a day
iu addition to regular ' salaries.
Reported by Union Abstract
W. B. Richardson and wife to
J. E. Booker, land in claim 63-10-3.
$2500. , .
F. Cornell to Emmet M. McCoy,
land In il-9-3-V $10.
George W. Hubbs and wife to
P. O. Bowman, lot 13, block H,
N'prth Side addition to Silverton,
$10. i.,rtV: -'. - '..-.'.,-..,.,
L. Qeeders to Maria PietrOk.
Says We . Must Keep . Feet Dry,
Avoid Exposure, Eat"
f , , No Hweets
Stay off the damp 'ground,
avoid exposure.. keep feet dry. eat
no sweetsTof any kind tor a while,
drink lots ot water and a bore all
take a spoonfgul of 'Jad Salts toe
casionally to help keep, down uric
and toxie acids. ; : ..5 ; t
.Rheumatism! is caused, by poi
son toxins, called acids, which are
generated in the ltowels and ab
sorbed into the blood. It is the
function of the kidneys to filter
this acid from the blood and cast.
it out in .the urine. The pores of
the skin are also a means of free
ing tire blood of this impurity. In
damp and chilly, cold weather the
skin pores are closed, thus forcing
the kidneys to do double 'work ;
they, become weak and sluggish
and fail to eliminate this poion,
which ; Irceps accumulating and
circulating through the . system,
eventually settling In ' the joint
and muscles, causing stiffness,
soreness and pain, called rheuma
tism. :;.:- i' i ' ' .
At the Thirst twinge" ot rheuma
tism "get .from - any pharmacy
about four ounces of Jad Salts;
put a tablcspoouful iu a glass of
water and drink before breakfast
each morning for a week .This ia
helpful to neutralise acidity, re
move body waste also to stimu
late the kidneys, thus helping lo
rid the blood of these rheumatic
poisons. . ..... ;
Jad Salts is inexpensive, and 13
'made from the acid ot grapes and
lemon juice,, combined with 11th ia,
and is used Mith excellent results
by thousands of . Xolks who are
lots 7 and 8; tlock 7, Holllster's
addition to Stayton, $ 400.
Ford W. Cox to T. N. Ide, lots
and 2, block 11 Capitol Park
addition to Salem, $1.:
Minnie Av Cex et al -lo ?T. II,
Ide, port of lots 1 and 2. block
11, Capitol Park addition to Sa
lem, $10. . .; i ... . '
K. E, Sawyer and wife to T. H.
Ide, part of lots 1 and z, block
1 1 j Capitol Park addition to Sa
lem, $10. - -' , I -r.
C Van Patten and wife to ,M.
Christine Howe, lot S J block 17,
Capitol Park addition to jSalem,
$10. : "' . . - !
Motier Howe, and wife to C. L.
Howe, lot 9. block 6, 1 Yew Park
annex to Salem,' $10. j - ; -
Thomas E. Lyons to Julia Ly
ons, north half of lot7, McDon
ald Fruit Farms, $10.;
B. McRae and wife to A. L.
Murphy, land In claim 10-9-1-W,
$10. . . ' ' ..".' :-
. A. W..BIxy to S. F.r Clodfelter.
land in claim 17-8-3-W., $10.
Q. W. Jenkins to B. B. Smith,
lots 4 and S, block ! 2, . Smith's
addition to.. Jefferson, $10. -
N. Glen and wife to Joseph,
Barber, lots 1, 2, 3, 10, 11 and
12, hldck 10, rthoten's subdivis
ion of blocks 8, 9,10, Nob Hill
annex to Salem, $10. V
S. . F. - Clodfelter to B Bixby,
part of lots 1 and 2, block .11,
Capital Park addition to Salem.
$10. ; '"h ' 7
Truth-in-Fabric Measured
Adopted in State Senate
' The senate yesterday adopted
Senator Zimmerman's joint me
morial to congressurglng passage
of a pending oill known as the
'Tmth-in-Fabricr bill, - requiring
that manufacturers j of woolen
goods label them to show the ex
act percentage of pure virgin wool
contained In the goods."
Values You've
For Years
To tlie man wtiu appreciates the utmost 'in quality, t)1e
a'uJ rompleitrw Tills sale with its fine selection of .mtrchan
dlse at prices that are af f Iclcnt Inducement to bring big
crowds. ' :- -
v Underwear
' Merfs $2,00 Values
s Men's heavy wool finish Union
ally sizes, go at per suit.
...... $r.i9
Men's $1.75 Values
; Famous makes as . Chalmers.
Haines, and Mesco, durby ribbed
at " ...yy
Men' $4.00 Value
Z0 percent wool union suits, famous
Springtex make, perfect cut garment.
Special at
: 100 Per Cent Wool Imow
Gray, white and flesh 100 percent
wool unions in all sizes. $5 values at
Wright's All Wool i
Union suits for men," $6.00
value; . all sizes, on sale per
$4.39 . :
' In different shades and color combi
nations, large shawl collars and V necks.
On sale at . ; ; j '
Talk About Values! Read This Carefully
All Wool Overcoats
Values to $25.00. Sale Price
- v;:' '-; . $9JS ! : : . :
Men's all wool Ovcreoats, -famous Kangaroo and -. other
makes In belted models. Every -.ono -good , in styles, perfect
value and good In workmanship. Closing them, out at $9.73.
Men's Gowns
Of heavy-grade outing flannel; made with bilk frogs.
Values to $2.50 on; sale at- - . -
- "-, ,$U9 - y': f:
. dating SkirU " ' .
$2.25 values in men's heavy Outing Flannel Shirts, full cut
and well made; on sale at . - :
i v-"V? t..:i'::-yy.i$1.19' ' '
TiK!gn5griT Fin n?L"
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were found In a gratifying con
ditlon of efficiency the school
work going 'forward in an art-'
inirable manner. McBrlde llali,--the
g'rls dormltoryf - should be
at once enlarged for the accomo
dation of , 60 more pupils and the
dormitory lor the. larger boys
should also be Increased In ca
pacity. The dormitory for the -yon
nger boys is 'old Inconvenient ;
and unsanUary and it Is recom-.
mendftd that a new one be buUt
promptly., " j - - ' '
"It I also earnestly recom
mended that the ; eleventh .- and ,
twelfth1 grades be' "added to thi ,
c&iirse at the school, with , full
vocational grades. The comrner.
clal' course should be offered tor
the boys and normal courses ad
ded for the K girls. The older
pupils should be encouraged to
stay, at Chemawa and attend the
high school and -college in the j
neighboring city , of Salem. Tha
government, can well afford to
give these older boys and girls
board and lodging. ;
To what extent -the recommen
dations of the board of Indian
commissioners-may. be .acted up
on remains to be seen. The. re-;
peri goes: on . to recommend ap
proximately the same course for
the Haskell schoof In Kansas,
which ' with Salem would give
the whole 'Indian population of
the country adequate facilities
for higher; school work, one
school In the southeast and the
other at Salem.
The reference to the Salem
high school and to Willamette
university are especially gratify
ing to the people of Salem, as
national recognition of superior
merit..' ;
, Mayo,
- . L -:
Men's Sample lint
High grade union-suits, very
tinest wool textures, assorted
sizes. All priced at
Half Price
Heavy Wool Sox
: On Sale et, par
Big Lot Men's
AU Wool
Cl3 '
taken. .
: '-tiW- fickspteTjOa, laws ot
cPjeci to rbeumatiSRi. .Adv-'.: