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i Entered at the Postoff ice in Salem, Oregon, l as second class matter
: '-. ' . , v f v .. . ,. ;. . ,-. I , v ,: '
f v ? A foreign service unsurpassed by any other nation is the
object of a bill in Congress v i -
- 1 A foreign service that will be our first line of i defense
and our advance guard of commercial expansion. .
It is the "dollar diplomacy" of the McKinley administra
tion, with a college education;, organized; made effective.
The bill reclassifies and reorganizes diplomatic and con
sular offices. It puts the two services under one head and
one roof the1 foreign service.' All below the grade of am-
hoassador and minister are to be Jcnown as "foreign service
j of fleers," from the entering Class 9 for young men, at $3,000,
! to Class l; at $9,000 per annum. ?; ':: i
I." "x The measure proposes to -make the service sufficiently
attractive to draw the best talent in this country to it as a
permanent career ; to jnake it democratic ; to humanize it.
The measure has the support of the President, the Sec
f retary bf State, the United States Chamber of Commerce,
! and many other organizations. ! i - :
; The attitude of mind in' this country that has been dis
posed to let foreign relations slide' is passing. , It will have
well nigh disappeared a decade hence. .
"We jnust not become internationalized; we cannot be
come insulamed;" this sentiment is being expressed gener
ally throughout the country now". And there is a growing
knowledge of the fact that the danger of our country becom
ing internationalized has not at any time been either real or
imminent.. .. ..:-:- M - j-. .
' , The United States is approaching the tidal flood of com
mercial competition. False lights and deluding buoys are
on every hand to lure the Ship of State upon the rocks. The
nets of international intriguers are spread to enmesh the
propellers. I The "Red" rats (walk the hawsers whenever the
good Ship docks. The pharos of amity and true cooperation
"is occasionally discernible. The "Red", the wecker, and the
. intrigant inuat be spotted. j The friend and ithe competitor
should be signalled. A high-power foreign service is the
. searchlight for the job. The bill presents specifications for
the Twentieth Century; model. With a trained body of men
;;and .women for Qurrforeign service, co-ordinated anJ working
an harimony, every American interest 1 in all the nooks and
. corners of the world will have watchful care and there
could be no greater, force for mutual understandings and
peaceful solutions. . . j !
' The "voters of Illinois hare, de
feated 'the proposed new constitution."-
It is mighty hard to
change the constitution of. either
a 'state or an Individual.
- -If the flax industry at the pen
itentiary Is developed- there,
' JBBrr 5r Triday ElTia M. Owt,
' "national ewmmaoder at Amaricaa Lrgioa.
! - t h in Salem. , ' - j - , - . f
y Jansary S Monday Inauguration of
'Governor-elect Walter M. Pierce.' Vj ;
V, Jilurr ft. Moniay Lettnlntwrw met..
'b frrrirr j
' 6PORT3
Copyright, 1922, Associated Edit
First Steps
(Mr. Harry Davenport, who
has been an actor for more than
' fifty. : years. gives ; In : this article
some pointers for the boy an.t
girl Interested in amateur acting.
Mr.":' Davenport is a .character
actor, -and Is at. present taking
tha part ot a minister in -"Thank
U," ..ia comedy I now running in
Chicago.) :
r ; One of' the ; first thing i you
should learn if you are. interest
r ed in acting is how to makeup-
Of course-the art of make-up Is
different for -the stagets of big
( . a m a. a., . : i aV
t ineaires oecause Or mo amuurj
and red lights- used; .which 1 do
j away with grease-paint; -' How
I ever, for ordinary ' performances,
L grease-paints ' are necessary.
! In making np the", girls should
t- use a lighter color than the boys.
Boys musC guard Tagalnst using
' 1 too light a grease-paint Jin the
flesh color. ' To make "wrinkles,
UBe " " maroon-colored g r(e as e
paint. Blend It f Into the flesh
color, w that there is no har4
i line vbetweon the wrinkle and
the flesh. . Always put lighter
-j touch of grease-paint alongside
' i the wrinkle. ' j: '" jr : . '
. .V; Biena Colorf Carefully
'' ilalf of th art of 1 make-up
lis in the blending the "colors
smoothly.. : Before putting on the
make-up ' rub .the face . well all
over with cold cream, using the
hvy theatrical,' cream, which
nn b bought at any drugstore.
Then . wipe 'U - off with a oft,
owel. Be careful nol to pui "
Uo much rougerrhut spreaa n
......... .....Manager
...... .Managing Editor
.............. .Cashier
.......Manager Job Dept.
as ' It should be developed,
It Is capable of paying the
whole expenses of the institution,
with the working of not more
than the ISO men who are now
idle there besides paying a small
wage for evryj worker at any
task there from the sales of
twines. There could also be de
veloped there, with very small
cost, the making of rugs, and the
manufacturing of crash toweling
for the . use of all the state In
stitutions, and : with a surplus for
Tlie Biggest Little
in Acting
over the cheeks evenly to give
a glow. i i'
In making up the eyes, just
darken the lashes and put - a
light line above and below, trie
eye and a touch of rouge on the
lids. ; Do - not carry the black
grease-paint away up onto ' the
lids. . ' ' ' i :
.. j Make. Your Own Mustache J ,
If a .mustache is required in
the make-up, try this, j- Get some
crimped j hair - and comb it oot
into aV comb the width of the
mustache you ' want, Then take
a pair of scissors and cut oft
th back part against the comb,
and the long hair will be on
the other side. Slip I the hair
right off the comb without dis
turbing . it, which leaves you a
perfectly- flat surface' on the- top
parti;.". ' -: j ; -' : , ,
5 To" attach tne. . mustacne, giue
the fla aide r onto the side ot
a piece of courtplaster, then
moisten the sticky side and place
it against your i upper 1 Up. Take
a pair of scissors ; and trim your
mustache - to the desired shape.
'I - ronder." 1 Donald v- mufed
softly to hUnseU." "I wonder:
Maybe there arc fairies, after
alii - Just because ho j one' ever
saw one. that .doesn't prove any
thing. No- one evor saw elec
tricity eitheT. " And queer things
do hamen. " Anyway, how - does
mother always know just what to
do and when to do it? She eays
sale In the markets. And in time
some of the lighter work ot mak
ing rugs .and towelings, and other
manu fact urea of flax fiber, might
be transferred to the other insti
tutions, . such as the one for ; the
feeble minded, and the. state
training (schools , for" loys and
girls, and those for the deaf and
the blind; and even to the state
hospital. IT there is a way to
secure the money for the cost of
the machinery on state deben
tures, the Industry ; at the peni
tentiary will '-be capable of pay
ing back all the cost, and inter
est on the money. This has been
the experience at the Stillwater 1
penitentiary in Minnesota, with
the twine factory: there, making
mostly binder twines, and secur
ing the raw materials in Yucatan,
Mexico, -and! in the .Philippines
the sisal and the manila hemp.
We' hear a lot about New Year's
resolutions 'and nothing about
Christmas resolutions. Yet most
of us make more good resolutions
in the days just after Christmas
than at any other time in the
year. i - .; j ,
"Next year," Everyman resolv
es, "I'm gqing to start a Christ
mas 'fund January T and keep
plugging aWay at it all year. This
thing of being unprepared and
therefore $eing plunged a mile
in debt by j Christmas,! has got to
Stop." ' j ! '
"Next year." Everywoman
vows, 'Tm going to start ' em
broidering 'comeback gifts as
soon as th winter ? white goods
sales are over, so as not to be
caught short again." .. f J "
"Next year," Everymother
sighs, "I'm going to see to It that
the children are not allowed to
eat such an awful mixture. This
thing of having the doctor as the
most ' Important Christmas guest
is getting old."
"Next year," Everygronch
swears, "I'm going to get a sawed
off shotgun and shoot every sin
ner who tries to sneak In here
and give the kids noise-making
toys." . -j y '
, "Next year," Everydad. growls.
"I'm not not going to be maced
into giving a darned thing to peo
ple I don't like. Just for family
or social reasons."
"Next year," Everysanta gasps,
"I'm going to wear. f asbestos whis
kers If I live." 1 '
'And so on and on. We all make
'em. But they are like New
Year's JresoluUonsmighty few
bf us keep 'em. " ' '""' '
They are) making more buggies
now than they were a year ago.
It was thought that the sidebar
buggy had gone into the discard
and that its next appearance
would be in! the American museum
of antiquities. : The horse and
buggy of the mid-Victorian days
Paper in the World
the 'fairies tell her, and I half
believe they do." . v
"Of .course there are fairies,"
Mrs. King told Donald. "There
are always fairies in happy fam
ilies:! j It's the fairies that tell
you What ! to do to be happy, and
how to make other people happy,
which is all the same thing.'f
DoUald looked serious. "But
reall and truly now," he asked.
didnTt you . make that candy
that Bud and I found under out
books last night?" I III
"His! mother laughed, "JVell I
may have helped the fairies,"
she admitted, -"but they jtold me
where, to put It." ,':.
Donald wished the fairies
would help f him to do something
nice for his mother. It hardly
eeemod fair for them to give her
all the. Ideas.
"If i only had some money
now," Ibe thought.' as he fell
asleep, j"I could buy her a beau
tlful new dress and 'hang it In
her room, where it would sur
prise' her. Or if I only knew
how to cook I could( get dinner
while she Is at club." Ho de
cided there was very , little that
be- could do. Of course he could
polish her sho, but that was
suchj a little thing she - probably
would never notice" It. '5 --
"OhV'dear," sighed lionald. and
It was then that he Urst cau.1it
sight of the( lUtle fairy on the
end of his b"!. ""
" "You. -silly lfrtlevboy,n eald.
ot bej often
but there, is still a ha'-o .of ro
mance about the combination that
time cannot wholly dispel. Most
of the buggy and wagon builders
went into the motor game early
this century, but se me of them
clung to the old lnc ustry and ! it
now appears , that these survivors
are doing an increased, business.
In some of the eastern states
notably Pennsylvania. Ohio, . and
West Virginia, the buggy is stag
ing a come-back, ilost of the
rural roads, are merely of dirt
construction and' there are a great
many small hills. In wet weath
er these conditions call rather for
the horse and buggy than for the
gasoline chariot. Likewise Dob
bin starts easier than Henry on
arfrosty morning, j So there is an
increasing market for the old
fas Wort dbuggy. It Is known
that a vast number of farm wag
ons are rtill being made and that
there are almost as many horses
In the country as there were ten
years ago. Now the buggy is
renewing its iouth. The baby
buggy we always have with us.
The circumstance of a woman
seeking a mants place is no new
thing, but a Ftrange angle is giv
en to it In Ct lea go. There the
daughter of former Congressman
Mason is being
sor to the
urged as a succes-
ate Congressman
Mann. -Mann's was a man's job.
but it may be filled by a woman.
dd part
of it Is that the
n In the e
se. Mrs. Winifred
Ma.o$ Huck, ib
already In cop-
She was
rhosen to fill the
by the death of
vacancy caused
her father, wha was a congrcss-
fronv the ; state ot
Illinois. She
merely for the
was nominated
short term, which
expires -next jaarcn 4. , A man
was chosen for the full term. But
Mrs. Huck resides in the district
which Mann so long represented
and now has the Inside track as
his successor. She has had Wash
ington experience of many year's
and the recent campaign give her
valuable, publicity. She! may
make the goal.
Mussolini is not much of a-So
cialist now. His former opinions
seem to have been vastly' amend
ed through circumstance. He is
in mood for a dictatorship. It
peems odd that when Socialists
gather a little power they drift
naturally Into autocraey, which
is as far removed from true So
cialism as night varies from day.
Lenin was once a champion of
equality and popular rights. Now
he Is a dictator trying to make
terms with capitalists'. , :v
The new Russian basso Is said
to the most formidable trench
erman In opera. He stands six
Edited by John H. Millar
pointing its finger right at him,
"don't you know that all bg
tnmgs are made up of little
things?" J I
; uouaia was very much sur
prised. He eat up in bed and
rubbed his eyes. "You do the
little things," the fairy advised
him, "and the fairies will I take
care bf the rest."
. The next morning Donald was
up bright and early. ; He .care
fully turned back his bed to air.
After; ho was dressed he straight,
e ned, up the room-and put every
thing in Its place. Then be
fore he went downstairs he. made
his bed.
V Later in the morning his
mother came up as usual to
straighten ' up his room. . "Well,
well,' she cried happily, - "the
fairies have been at 'work in
here. I've always wished they
would start to work - in . your
Donald laughed.' He was per
fectly willing that the fairies
should have the credit for do
ing all the work. Jt it hadn't
been for them he would newer
have thought of doing the little
things. " ;.;- :, H:
k - " "."
WKat 4 American Poetaare these?
Answer ti yesKrJay ': Wovdrow WU-
ofii courtship- may
seen-on our--mode
jo wmms
... . ;. i
reetfour Inches In 'hi socks and
his appetite is even more Impres
sive, than i hls frame. Me will
never sing without pay, but he
ijbas sung for his supper. In Rus
sia he would get 200.000 rubles
for aX appearance, but the prico
is not nearly as Impressive as it
sounds. He would rather have
had a ham and a dozen of fresh
eggs. He has sung. for less than
that. Now that. he is in America
he gets both money and meals
and plenty of both.'
: 1
v More than 60 per cent of the
high-priced automobiles and 30
per cent of the Fords are now
made in Inclosed styles. This
means1 that the use of the buzz
wagons for pleasure Is becoming
year-round affair the world
ovenjsven anocjyajnAl-Jtllzzar
in j Montreal or St. ( Paul cannot
keep all the folks at home. Even
the humble plumber in Oregon
now keeps twp cars -the open
faced one for sunshiny use and
the hunting case for night prowl
Ing. !
First Christian Church
Holds Annual Meeting
!-.The annual meetins of the
First Christian church was held
tMonday following a; fellowship
ainper , at noon. Reports from
the various departments show in
creases along all lines. A living
link missionary. Miss . Hattie
Mitchell, a member of the local
church, went to Africa in Septem
ber and ils now at work there,
supported by' the congregation.
New Bible school rooms have been
added to the church' equipment.
making the plant one of the very
best for Bible school work. About
$9875 was raised bv the church
during the-year, nearly 1 2500 of
the amount being given for mis
sions and benevolences.
More , than 80 were added to
the membership during the year
and more than 300 have been
received during the present pas
torate of J. J. Evans, covering
a I period of little more than two
years, j
. W. O. Osborne, James Camp
bell, John L. Rlggs ! and Adam
Burns (were elected elders emrl
tus. p. J. Hull and Barton Z.
Riggs were elected to the active
eldeshlp. Earle Brunk, 'Will
McMorris and Dudley Taylor were
ejected deacons. ( . j '
K . just now the congregation Is
In an enlistment campaign under
the leadership of the special aer-l
vices of H. M. Barnett and J.
Frank Harbison.; They are show
ing themselves capable and ef-
icient and conducting a spiritual
Vnd . helpful campaign. The
ihurch is expecting large results
luring the next i few weeks.
the events occur.
M,:1,,,, r,. ',:i.7 ,r,i':Ll,nilri'".-i.' L-1L ' .'Maw ' U"
i m . . . . . .. .... i . . ' t aii
WEDNESDAY MORNflNG;- JANUARY 3.' l923ll--- ' ' Jl
New Classes to Be Formed
Advance Made Through
out the btate i
With the passing of the holiday
season, renewed interest is being
shown in the varios classes .or
ganized in: vocational work in
Salem and elsewhere. l .
' The various groups in sewing,
dressmaking and millinery under
the instruction of lira. P. E., Bar
ker win meet as formerly in the
Red Cross rooms on State street.
Both day and evening classes
will be conducted . and women
wfshfnjr tflpenrolt shouttfTfpnlytifcaia,,
once-to Mrs. Barker in order that
the various groups may- be ar
ranged to suit the time and con
venience of those interested. The
classes for the Aurora and South
Salem Communities will also! reor
ganize for advanced study. -
In-order to meet the increased
demand for similar classes else
where. Director Elliott of the
state board for vocational educa
tion reports that arrangements
are being completed to place ad
ditional instructors in -the field
who will organize and conduct
such fcj asses in centers which, may
be grouped In circuits, thus per
mitting; he Instructor to conduct
several ; classes consecutively.
information regarding uch
plans may toe obtained by confer
ring wflh.MiBs Louise Wood, Cor
vallis, rwho i$ the' state supervisor
of home economics for the state
Van tbon Gets the Medal
Most Important Book
"Story lot , Mankind," by Hendrik
Van iibon . has been voted ' the
most Important book published in
1921 by the Children's Librarians
section jfot the American Library
association. jOut of 212 votes re
ceived by the chairman of that
section, Van Loon's book received
164 , with nd other book receiv
ing more than 22. , .
In accordance with the vote,
Mr. Van Loon was awarded the
John Newberymdal, the gift of
Frederic C. ilelcher, by the Chil
dren's Librarians section' at De
troit. It fa J considered j probable
that the medal will be i awarded
annually in the future by this section.-1-
; . , I- - i . "-I
Those whb are
so ; ready to
of their mind
give others a piece
seldom havs it to. spare, -The
Lord knows j they need all j the
mind; they have and it is of
dubious quality at that.
The wearer of the ''seven league boots - could cover miles at a .
step. But he didn't have a thing on you. : ' ' :
i A glance through your paper and you jump from New York to
San Francisco, Philadelphia to London, or from Montreal to iTini
i v: i :.. ' L-a iL. .:..jj : Li ;i 1 . ;
iuu luiun niiai guuig uu
Turn to the advertising columns and you are transported to
grocers, the clothiers, the music
manufacturer, or talk with the maker of a new household appliance.
Right in your own arm-chair, unhurried, unworried and
out effort you can make your choice of good merchandise.
, r . I : . I :
Merchants and manufacturers who put advertisements in this
paper are progressive, j They must give good value.; They know
that advertising, by increasing the number of sales, will lower prices
and give you more for your money. j ' -
The advertisements are miles ahead of
"seven league boots" Read them. !
. . . ... . .... 1 . ! ' ' ." : . . i " . . I .. . - I t
lflfJ!"'WKvTO-'"-'' - ....... .... ...
ll if it iy
niiiiif -
LLLLI 1 V it z r rf '-ts IF
x ' w 4 e,f4i
- plctUre shows the court house at Marlon. IU.. where teirtlmonvls
bein-nrSnnleaTn the first of the five. trials to determine the respon.I
bnit? for the mine massacre at Herrin, 111-; some months ago. f The case ,
is tvDifild bvThe State prosecutor not'as a labor-capitai dispute but as ;
nPi for the five miners held onicharges of murder
assert thaV hired gunnien; provoked
Some rain ; V" '- ' " "
- w -w
the weather Is always fine
And some bfus with webs on
our feet who are loyal to the Mist-
land land, think It Is also line
when it is raining, l'
i ..jj . V .
The Salem district ' has tajken
another world record' in a laying
contest and is on the way toward
copping brf a IcouplepioreV. Grot
to do it, iri 'brder.te prove that
we have the best poultry country
on earth. " It is a fact," land Xl this
thing keeps up for a while longer
everybody " will know. It. Then
the present poultry boom will ex
pand and BurpriEo the natives. ".-
"K - ' c
Will the friends oI the Slogan
editor please remember" thai he
has got to prove this Is the best
pear country in he :world, in the
Statesman of tomorrow- Afid
this is the last day for their, help.
, "k , - j
Some progress In the prepara
tions matter. When the size; and
the terms. get down to th ability
of Germany to meet' .them, J the
whole ii world will begin ' to I. bi
stabilized.-' " " . f
Japan has proved that ! she
would rather keep a promise than
a province'. - And. that raises her
reputation- mightily . In the- estim-.
ation of 'the' rest of, the - world r-j
outside of soviet Russia. ' . j,
'-I: : .- ...i-..-4-.ri.l:--f
Just! when-people were feeling
' - .', !
J. if
iuc yvuiiu uvcr as sooa as
store; you visit
the factory
- -
TiTi - ,
l:: W"?
' & .
I f
the massacre;
better toward! Germany, shebe
gins ( exporting ; musical ;insfrut
ments, "" - .! -s v. ' . ' ' "',
MUllonalrs ! Gowen, , f. New
York, i home again after mak- '
ing a trip iof . 42.000, . miles
around the .world with; bis ,wlie
and a party of friends .and ; he
says that he would not'haVe
missed it. foir $5,0Q9,OO0,. bjit
that, he" would not do . It oyer
again, forSOjoOO.'.OOOjH. ' J.,
sT headaches.
Return Engagement' f
; -'THE OLD J l
. Starte j Tomorrow , . :
Popula jh4ces v VV
of a
,V ' ' ' " a , ' : '!'