The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, December 31, 1922, Page 9, Image 9

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SUNDAY, MORNING. DECEMBER 3i, , w ; ; V . ; -
lan Maid Wihs mghtimrs ;
in Engineering at Univefsity
if ' I ' '
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- .-I,,., .n' fc,iu,'it.t;vi s4.'' t . . . X. ir
.. IT i I muni i i i m i i , -
III I mil I mill II II if ;m ' """'IJW"w:ftWtsi:a
. M.iMn ia iutto, juarKuerua jaeisari or iJru88ei3, only 22 years
old,.who has (akeo. her diploma inr engineering at. the Brussels
f Free University. SheVls the first Belgian vomaa to obtain such
high honors. .
Remainsi of Prehistoric
Man. Are Found in Malta
YALETTA, Malta, Dee. 28.
Scientists dlgglngfor, prehistoric
rtcords'in a cav bnUhe island of
ralta have found teeth which
) they helleve belonged to a maa
whp lived contemporaneoasly with
the .'-Neanderthal jman-tV The
'" Neanderthal skull was found ' in
dpraany in i 1 86, ,a,nd. J eal Iq
be the.; oldesi record of vthe human
, ace in ' Europe;'. Xr"'.'; h - v
The teeth' were f ound lie fc"te-
mote f section "of th much fre
uented cave..atled,' GharDalain.'
The "visit ot many souvenir hunt-efs'havV'rnade-tobredllflcntl
tabors 'of the investigators, ' but
nevertheless they are preparing
to excavate, farther In the hope
. t finding more evidences of pr
historic-life. - M
: '' , ' - ,
' 1.A tower more than 140 feet
high, with 60 beUs.whJcb It Is
ejaid, will form the, finest .carillon
In Europe, lis being erected here
as a war memorial. It -wlH cost
' dbont $75,000, and. the bells have
eben- donated by the'-. Various
.trades In Loughborough. The
Mussolini, Once Known as
Socialist, Lays Axe to
State Utilities
ROME, Dec. 19. Benito Mus
solini, Italy's new prime minis
ter, who. until nine years ago
was known as a Socialist, has be
gun his tenure of office by inex
orably laying the axe to the root
bf ill public service institutions
owned Or managed by the state,
such as railway telephones, tel
egraphs, letter and parcel posts,
which show a deficit, and even
some others which are more or
less successfully rbn.
. State Management Weak
The railways in Italy are per
haps the most striking example to over 10,000 lire today
of the difficulties and weakness
of state management. During 1?
years of such control, declares
Professor Ugo An'coua, an expert
on financial Questions .they have
ceased to be largest producers
of national prom, ana are today
virtually . owned by the railroad
men. Before the great war the
railways brought in from 40,000.
000 ., to I50,0p0,00. lire a year,
which might be taken as . interest
on the five and a half billion lire
which had been spent on con
structing them. The deficit in
1921 was over a billion lire, al
though the price of tickets is now
three times what it was, and it is
said that the deficit for 1922 will
be still greater. - . t ' .
Disorder. Everywhere .'
In fact, says Professor Ancona,
the net result of government man
agement is disorder on all lines,
deficiency of material, deplorable
condition of running stock, service
deteriorated, -and discipline en
tirely .wrecked. ; ; The number of
employees and their wages have
enormously. Increased; the aver
age rate of pay having risen from
2000 lire a year before the war
To this
should be added, the greatly in
creased bomber of strikes, and
the fact that thefts on the rail
way which nsed to amount to
about 10 millLonJire a year, have
now risen to over one hundred
million. Fire billion and a half
lire were spent In 60 jxara In or
der to construct the railways; two
and a half , lire have been spent
during the 17 years of state con
trol merely to enlarge them.
"".- Conditions riry
Professor .Ancona says further
that these trouble aredne In
large measure to the fact that the
Italian railroad lines run through
sections of the country each with
widely differing -economic, social
and climatic conditions,, thus, cre
ating a complicated and difficult
system impossible for the state
to manage successfully. Political
interests have been permitted too
much influence In deciding where
new lines were to be built.
Eight Hoar Day Hurts
Another great drawback to the
prosperity of Italian railways Pro
fessor Ancona says, is that the
workers have insisted eVan eight
hours day, for an employee, even
for those whose duty consists. In
opening and shotting a gate it a
level crossing once or twice a day.
This eight hours . question has
added 40.09V -or 50,000 to the
number of the personnel, and
something like 500 millionaire to
the expense of operation. The on
ly remedy likely to bring In
reign , of economy and efficiency.
according to this financial expert.
Is , the radical ' ue"crVri Hy
ceding, to dirterentrrivate com
panies; the lines wtlcjr,.' is one
great ' whole, have ' bee cnoh f
faMnre in the hands of tneVtate.
The Prince of. Wale la jarring
aristocratic England with
democratic ways. - Possibly he
is getting ready to ran for' sefilf
thing. . r,, T ;
Read the . Classified '. Ada,
Young Woman Serves as Head of
Division of Internal Revenue
tmpoftaiit to ail Women
Readers b! this Paper
V Thousands upon thousands of
women have kidney or bladder
trouble and never suspect it.
Women's . complaints often
prove to be nothing else nut kid
ney trouble, or the result of kid
ney, ok bladder disease. ,
i If ina kidneys are not In , a
healthy condition, . they may
cause the other organs to become
diseased. v ,
Tou may. suffer pain In the
back, headache and , loss of ambi
tion. , , ... (
T Poor health makes ' you ner
vous, irritable and may be de
spondent; It makes anyone so.
But hundreds of women claim
that Dr.'; .Kilmer's -Swamp-Root,
by restoring Oiealth t4 the kid
neys. Droved. to:be Just the rem
edy needed. to overcome such con-1
ditions. - y v f
Many send for a sample bottle
to see what Swamp-Root, the
great kidney, liver ; and- bladder
medicine Vui'do for them. s ; By
enclosing iert cents to Dr, Kilmer
& Co., Dinghampton, KY., you
may recetvosa,mple sise bottle by
Parcel Post. Tou can purchase
medium; and Jiosa eUahatts at
all drug stores. Adv.
' ww.i.ji,w.iw.'.',i.i.iiiiiii -.j-jMiii ..Miw.'j W'f rii.i.'.'...u.i nf.''"l
V " tXA it? A l
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; x ',; Jll
i v-' il
I iUxwX) i J iii yilii m-m.aMmmmammmmmmmmmmmmm4MMiiifiriirmtmmmmmmmmmj:
Iiwijkiwo ii,trn.inLmii.Jnui .JiLjii.iwya.i--t'.iii..'il iM.l.w.lIM
MMMlMMiMWMwaiwiMMiMMiaMiMaw.ittfcMih nfi'iiirrn-yifiiwi-niii-imoi imfcfriV m.s jwmtwuwJ
Miss Katherine.Salak. newiy j appointed chief of the Division;
of Statistics, Department of Inter nal Revenue, Washington, D. CJ
She has the distinction of being ' lheryoungest woman to receive
such an appointment in the Government service. She is 22' years'
of age, and her home Is in York; Pa.
I !K A NATION-WIDE . . ;ti . ' II
o v i - y
Chain f
i 160 N. Liberty, Salem, Ore.
J. C rermey Company, or
Mation-WMe Importance!
.... ,w
Specialization in our merchandising and ietttng plan ivll! inark bh-fpreUnUloniroQ
the year 1923. In certain weeks, we propose to concehraVe, In a afge wslyt upon certain lines of
merchandise. 4 " , S
We wSl have "Outer-Apparel Weeks," "White &oods Weeka,w iGiniaWyi iertaU Wiet '
'Kdsiery Week," "Notfoh Week," "Work Cloihe WeeWH nd & on. - ; i
Each occasion will be an event in itself 1 , o
Our Buyer in New York have made extensive plan to provcle this $tc m 3?6 bther .'
Stores in this Nation-Wlde institutiori, with large,, new, hivh-rade stocks 'fdr eatH octaion;, Al
ready, large lot of new goods haVe been receivod. ' .
, These "Weeks
ily the concentral
Qaantitie of merchandUe, make possible.
- - -. ij-
Watch our adresuif Ina wnoW dUpUy. lor eUiU.
" wUl not be W In kny V&tr
only the concentration of wholesale buying for all our Store and their requirement of enohnoul
: 1
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, - 11.1
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ij,,, j ,ln ;,;;:.i:iif iL-,,,,1 l h ,., mi iLffiMMlllI
I y
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V- 4'.
jWi'milinniiiiiWiiiiiiiiiiii) iiuwii. iMmiiniiiii. mi iimn
TSolene HuJdi&p pll
The Oa With a Guarantee
rajk -c X: i u .ii
1 -'I
Lubncation Not Jifst Oil
; 1-
-' V
Y" 1:
I,ii.iwiiiffiinniniiiiinni'nipiiuniiiiMiii iwu in jwumnwunmui mwnni mi i .inn. .m.wi iMiiiiiiwipiji .iiiiiBuiiiijijiuijrf
iti 11 iiiitiiSit-'iililT-';t ItiltHi.htliMtiiiMti 'wi'iti li-f-at urttiM y.. . iimm -trnft" mi-i i 11 nit,irnrii',"i'i r rii'liiiiiliiilliilliiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiil
, Wishes You All
I t iK"7U I
1 ... t
j iMnffifi
r - 4
WfSW(l ( ! PSjniff IflMW
167 South Liberty Street
Salem, Oregon
.. minwiiiimi' iiMiiiwiiawlWiiiiiiiAAAiiiH B
q'--" :" " -1 iiHini I i hi " 1-1 'In, T 1 11 ' '- ' ' . '..1 1
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