The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, December 31, 1922, Page 4, Image 4

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Salem Life-Saving Home
..-Needs Money Due 1
J. January first
i -
i . .
4 i Hoping to start the' New Year
la a splendidly helpful, L humane
wax, the Salem hospital board
earnestly urges all subscribers to
the hospital fond to take op their
$iptes and pledges the first of the
coming week .The Ward is ready
U go ahead with the last lap of
the hospital construction that de
pends on the cash payment of the
pledges now-outstanding. They
have to have the money In light,
16 do the construction work.
; i They hope to hare the funds
ready to begin pouring the floors,
?n, Monday, January 8 th. The
loora are to be concreted, with
all the. wiring, water pipes, air
ftucts, telephone Conduits and
other communications completely
covered. The tile partitions yfor
the separate rooms are ready for
setting and 1 this work Is to be
pushed along as rapidly as pos
sible. " Indeed, If the subscribers
pay up thejr pledges the , whole
hospital will be finished ready for
Use within a very short time.
p Plans have '.been accepted for a
new sterilizing outfit for the- sur
gery, the finest of the kind-that
modern science -, knows. This
will do the sterilizing tor all the
operators 4n the whole., surgery,
where aYmany as Tour orflve op
erations can be carried on" at one
time. - There will nerer be a case
Of surgical contagion in the new
fialenl hospital when the splendid
ew life-saTing equipment is la-
stalled . ,.-;.
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looked as k though she might be
the advance guard of a waiting
arty, tripped up the - steps.
.Social editors peering through
the Iron fence,' said $, waf Mrs.
(Martin B. Pike. -
Poet Come
i( A second car ! arrived. , ' Miss
'Harriett Monroe, poet and editor
,of a poetry, magazine followed
'up the red carpeted , steps. .
A long wait. . Two o'clock
'tame and passed, then ' three
empty cars appeared and Mrs.
.McCormick accompanied by sev
eral friends came down the steps
and ; wero whisked away while
reporters raced for a nearby
taxicab fleet. The chase i ended
when Mrs. McCormick was dis
covered entertaining' her friends
la her box at the opera, watch
ing Foedor Chaliapin. the Rus
sian basso, wield his broom in
the Brocken scene of Meflsto
fele. . Breaks Traffic . Rules -
While breathless reporters
heaved a sigh of relief, the hotel
guard was discovering it had
misplaced Mr, Krdaa again. Four
minutes later he -was found
stepping into his" coupe.- Motor
mounted police trailed the-elusive
Swiss into the Loop. He
parked and went Chopping: for
two phonograph recerds. walked
about ' a bit and admired - the
store windows, theft returned to
his car where an Irate traffic
policeman .was waiting; with a
slip directing Mr. Krenn to ap
pear n court Tuesday and ex
plain a violation of the traffic
Bfeesages Waylaid
Next the chase led back to
the radio shop. A short wait
and the caralcade returned to
the hotel, .when Mr. Krenn went
up to his suite. There a much
flustered Mr. Dato who had been
waiting in his employer's rooms,
burst into roluble French. Some
Remingtons $35 to $50
Underwoods $4Q to - $60
V: $Ve rent, sell, overhaul
l and rebuild all makes of
machines. " "
Agents Remington, Stan
ard and" Portable type
- writers. - -
, Happy
:iWew Year
- . It is our sincerest desire on this occasion to express
our appreciation for your cooperation in making this store
a success.
.. This New Year finds us ready to meet your needs in
all kinds of footwear, newest styles at popular prices.
Featuring only the ktest styles direct from Eastern style
centers, lor. toe 'coming year,
To Our Friends and Patrons
: "... . . . .
Be a happy and prosperous year for you all
-.We offer an expression of Appreciation of
your generous patronage and best wishes for
s . -o the New Year
4 4
Vm. A. Zozcl
416 State St,
Ellis E. Cooley
of the newspaper guard who had
remained to' watch the hotel
suite, volunteered explanations.
Correspondents seeking private
interviews had hit on the expe
dient of sticking notes under his
door, but watchful rivals prompt.
ly fished them out again. Mr.
Dato, waiting within, had been
vainly trying to catch one of
these elusive envelopes as it ap
peared and disappeared. There
fore he was puzzld and baf
Mrs. McCormick has been free
to marry again since Thursday,
when one year had elapsed since
her divorce of Harold McCor
mick, the harvester magnate
who last summer married Gana
lYalaska, opera singer, in Paris.
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Read the Classified Ads.
defendants "each knowing well
the premises aforesaid did unlaw
fully and feloniously conspire
to defraud, the United
States by unlawfully and corrupt-'
iy delaying, impeding, obstruct
ing, perverting, prejudicing, con
travening and defeating the ad
ministration of its laws and law
ful regulations
Violations of federal statutes
relating to the procurement of
services of contractors for the
building construction program of
the war department was charged
in one count. In this reference
the indictment said the defend
ants caused all competitive bid
ding to be done away with in con
nection with the administration
of substantially all building con
struction which involved expen
diture of hundreds of millions of
dollars. and included among other
things, sixteen national canton
ments, sixteen national guard
camps, huge port terminals, many
warehouses, hospitals, aviation
fields, ordinance plants and for
tifications, comprising over 590
separate contracts.
Officers Deceived
The indictment recited the
names of numerous army officers
who, it was said, were deceived,
misled and overridden by tfie de
fendants, causing great waste of
money appropriated by congress
and unjustifiable profits to the
defendants and their associates.
Officers regularly reporting before
the administration of construc
tion work who found themselves
out of harmony with the plans of
the conspirators,-the Indictment
continued, were replaced by oth
ers, as a part of the program of
the defendants to "procure con
trol of the determination of the
policy and plan to be nsed in the
administration of said construc
tion program of the United States
and for themselves and the other
Daugherty Silent
Forty-seven overt acts were en
umerated and others without
number were charged in the gen
eral accusation.
In a formal statement issued
tonight by Attorney General
Daugherty, it was said the in
dictments spoke for themselves
and the responsibility of future
action now rested upon the
courts. . .
"I feel that it would-be highly
improper for me to comment upon
a grand Jury act,on., Mr. Daugh
erty saidi "it iso. wouio ,oe
manifestly improper for me to
discuss .. what . further similar
steps may be taken or are in con
templation by the department of
Limit Weight of Traffic
Oh Central Howell Road
So numerous have been the
complaints coming In to the
county court regarding , damage
done to newly constructed roads
by trucks that the county has
decided to .limit". the- weight of
traffic on? certain roads- Here
after according to county offi
cials, only a maximum of 4000
pounds Trill be allowed bo tho
road north from Central Howell
school to the,
1 ;
ferry Xrom
prAlri - :H 'i'i,n.
Yesterday , a' delegation ? bet
with the county court, calling
attention toj the condition of
roads. Furtier meeting ot com-,
mittees are ftxpected to take
place In regard to the Wood
burn district. . ... ' . I r; vtj
' The recent heavy .frost is said
responsible fri the loosening
up of the. road's, ' although tht
rains are expected 'to beat ths j
gravel back. ,' .
4 . "
1 1 1 ' ' ; s --v . il
j; J 3 s Q
; -
eady Growth for Seven
ears ; Indicates I
r c
Seven years ago Dr. barker opened his office in Salem. He had a
new idea in dentistry an idea that the public could be served better,
faster, easier and at less? cost by what has since come to be known as
group dentistry (a number of specialists practicing together under one
head) than under the old method of one man, in one office, handling all
the various branches ' of jflentistry alone.
Largest Dental
Organization in
the World
25 Offices on the
Pacific Coast
Large Offices in
Over 1,000,000
Patients Cared For
35,000 Treated in
Salem Alone
450 Dentists,
Norses and Em
ployees working
under cooperative,
profit sharing .
Work done by
specialization, as
suring better
Organization, big
purchasing power,
system, permits
most reasonable
Work performed
on sensitive Ueth
without pain
Guarantee on all
work, good in any
He was a keen student and thinker as well as a good den
tist and business man. Statistics showed that 80 per cent of
the people never went j tear a ' dentist people whose health
and very life were threal end by neglect of their teeth.
. There seemed to-be three outstanding reasons for this con
dition fearjof ain--ccjst of dentistry and ignorance. Dr.
Parker believed there wis a remedy for all three, and there
was, as he has since demonstrated. Dentistry could be per
formed painlessly and he perfected a local anaesthetic that
permits working on the most sensitive tooth without pain by
' 'A'
simply blocking the nerve at the base of that tooth. By a
system of organization, grouping a number of specialists to
gether under one roof -with but one overhead expense, buying
supplies in large quantities and handling more patients, the
cost of good dentistry was reduced very materially. By public lectures
aid distribution of booklets on the care of teeth, by paid newspaper
space and other means of advertising, it was possible to inform the pub
lic of the necessity for the proper care of the teeth.
There were many doubting Thomases in those' days---folk who said
the idea was not practical that dentistry was a profession and to mix
business with it would ispoil. the whole scheme of. things. They even
went so far as to say advertising dentistry was a crime in fact there
are still a number of the old school who have not learned that adver
tising is the most powerful force for the development ,of the good in all
things. No service or products will stand the searchlight of publicity
if it hasn't solid worth behind it.
Like any new idea, it tdok a long time to make other dentists believe
in the E. R. Parker System. They disliked the idea of joining forces with
someone else. It took a lot of work and patience to convince them
that by associating with a successful organization they could do -more,
for their profession, the public and themselves than-they could alone.
The old idea was for a dentist to try to spread himself thin over all
the branches of dentistry. Naturally, he did some things. better than
others and just as naturally the things he didn't do well were slighted.
They did not understand the: logic of specialization as practiced in the
E. E. Parker System, Here each man was given that part of dentistry
to do which hex was best adapted and. naturally he became ; highly
skilled and efficient in jihat work. Here dentists, through !'
association, had the advantage of study and comparison' of'
work. ' . . L. 1 4 ..aJ.V.
Dr. rainless Parker
practice together and to attract the' most skillfni 'dentists -v'
to his organization, Dr. Parker nut the business 'on a cooper- :
ative basis. He made partners of all his associates, and while
,;, . , . f . .- 4.. .. .
he still maintained control of the E. B. Parker System, each
dentist was permitted to buy an interest. ' . r
"" . . m mm m . a m ' a mm -
xms step naa a great eiiect on tne morale 01 me system.
, ' -..,...-
Every member is constantly striving to better his work, in
creasing his own efficiency and that of. his associates. The '
E. R. Parker System is his business and he guards its good '
name as he does his own. " ; ' A" ' '
' - -
. - . ' , , . I
growth of the E. R. Parker System both here and in other large dues.
(See list below.) In seven years 35,000 patients. have, had theirjleflt,
wants cared for in Salem alone. This new office is located at corner '"
State and Liberty streets. if 'mf:''3' '
... . r ! 1
The offices of the E. R. Parker System are different 'than the average
dentist's office. Here you will find no elaborate furnishings, no costly
rugs or pictures but, and it's a great, big but, too; you will find every v
modern and scientific appliance, including the X-ray. There is nothing
here for show; the offices are plain and simple, but the"y are comfortable ji
and scrupulously clean. There are trained assistants who will take care .
of your every want, down to minding the baby when necessary. There's ?i
a cheerful, clean, glad to see you, willing to help, come again atmosphere
that youH like. c f L"
.... . . - y'yLC.
You are cordially invited to call at our Salem offices for examination
of your teeth and advice. There is no charge oi- obligation for this
service. ....
i " i
205 Gray BIdg., Corner. State and liberty over Man Bros. Jewelry Store ;