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StfjrEntered. at the Postofflce In Salem. Oregon; a second emBB matter
If i, i.
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4 There is a widespread feelinz that the world is verv bad
i and sadly needs reforming, and every man seems to think
it his duty to be grin with his neighbor. Seldom is a man
. 4 found who recognizes that the chief trouble with the world
"1s himself, and that there is no place where his efforts at
?j ' reforming it are more in demand than right at home. If
most of us would nake an honest inventory of our beati
V etudes and look ourselves squarly in the face we. would be
-, j obliged to admit that there is ample opportunity for the
exercise 'of our spirit of reform and our evangelizing, zeal
, without going beyond our own selfish, weak, sinful, unre-
"generate selves. ; .')
J ''".yH Many centuries ago the very highest authority is re
(l;ipored,tohavesai:' :
;!,; ; " Why beholdest tnoil the mote that is in thy brother's
eye,.but perceivest not the beam that is i nthine own eye?
4iMfEither how canst thou say to thy brother; Brother, let
me put out the mote that is in thine eye, when thou thyself
' beholdest not theubeartl that is in thine own eye? Thou
''hypocrite, cast out firs the beam out of thine own eye, and
'.''then shalt thou see clearly to pull out the mote that is in
rUthy brother's eye' ;) .
st ; Yet this striking admohltlori, this positive command,
seems to be wholly lost upon us. We go on in spite of it
with our thou-art-a-sinner, I-am-more-holy-than-thou atti
V tude, just as men calling themselves Christians have been
if' going: on for centuries. More or less indifferent to their
own spiritual condition, we ; hurl our ' maledictions against
' : those who do hot see things through our own sin-obscured,
worlds-distorted vision. Those who profess to be followers of
Christ not only have their opprobrious epithets for the sin-
f,ynerbut they pf ten call each, other very bad name's. Arro
i n gating 'to themselves' and their sectarian aggregation ex
' ( elusive' possession of the absolute truths, they engage in
5 unseemly quarrels with their neighbors, Christian as well
j v as non-Christian, to the delight of the heathen, the enter-
'tainment of the Binner, and the utter discomfiture' of ;.the
' ; Is the time" fiev6r fo come when all professed lovers of
's Christ will stop forever these factional quarrels,' these selfish,
come fromwhere they
5 are glad to enroll a willihg soldier from any camp in a real
: i; , army lot righteousness . and,-, unmindful of , verything.,el3e,
i all unit ! f or a. well-planned, !determihea, ' square-toed fight
. withnhe hosts of sin? It will never be done untiljt is more
: g-cnErally recognized that verbal professions of religion do
;t pot 'necessarily make of one professing it a loyal and efficient
ldir.of.thejcros3; that "empty words are not the projectiles
that;'are tawin the fight against Satan, and that "in every
v--E3lifi3lhe.Jthati f eireth .Him .and worketh righteousness . is
'.nepted with'Hini.:;:r;t,:Jv''t'- "
c -l puring;the recent war in the United. War Work drives
We saw 'the Catholic and the Protestant, the Jew and. the
.:!QOtHjctaTianlIdver;'of his kind all working harmoniously to
' gether for the moral and spiritual benefit of the boys "over
, thereof! It Was a most inspiring spectacle to those" Who hope
j Cpijrit, iCSa, Aaaodated Editors TIU Uttle Papsr la the World
ijjjB '
. .. hoe:S?iling
(Complete the big: drawing by
, lines,: shown In the series
i " t a J,The " holiday season was nearly
-i over,' "Say, we've got to do some
,!ratinVexcitlng before we go back
to school, announced Jo Col
lias, theleadr1 of the gang VWa
haven't' had any fun at all. Ot
it-sf. h ' .ft"-'-.
St. Salem. Oreron
Trade Buildm. Phona Automatic
- 92
San Jose Mercurv.)
adding, one by one, the various
of. small key pictures below.)
course If the girls hadn't discov
ered that weak spot in the ice.
that would have been a circus,
Gee, wouldn't you have liked to
have seen" Clementine Saunders
break through ' and get her
Christmas fttrralVwetf
! If Uncle Tom hadn't told
yher, complained the other ; tel
low....,."Say,.let tlo something
to Uncle Tom. He's such a fanny
j.'m- ' i t i'-V
one day to see Christians stop fighting over theological non
essentials and get together in this same broad spirit to work
for the regeneration of the world. What U to hinder ?
Nothing; nothing but the selfishness and. narrowness of
many of those who think they are followers of Christ.
For what is Christianity today halting and waiting in
this and every community in the land? Certainly not for
an old-fashioned religious revival with its excitement and
appeal to fear; nor yet for a great money-making preacher
evangelist to come among us to gather up the shekels and
eloquently expound to us medieval theology that makes of
God a rare combination of weakness and cruelty, and that
often, instead of attracting men, has the effect of repelling
Nothing of this kind is to give to religion a new and
permanent impetus; for it may as well be recognized that,
in this land at least, nfen have grown far enough beyond the
childhood of the race so that theological scarecrows and
hobgoblins cannot longer frighten them to fly for protection
to the church. The threatened burning lake of fire, Resided
over, by the devil with his cloven hoof and horns and his
fork upon which he is to catch the unrepentant sinner hurled
from the earth, has lost most of its hold upon the imagination
of this intelligent and. matter-of-fact age. In the future
men are to be attracted to religion if they get it at all, and
are not to be. attracted by moving picture or vaudeville
shows either, but by the drawing power of harmony, love
and righteousness.
Religion. is today waiting for more humble, every-day
evangels of "righteousness; for more individual men aod
women who have overcome themselves; who are sa; wholly
dominated by the love, the spirit of Christ that they are
willing glad to give, not only their money to the church,
but themselves to the world, and who in their daily life
exemplify to men the beauty, attractiveness, power and
glory of the truly Christian life. Enough of these is
Christianity's greatest need.
Are you trying to become such an evangel?
Among the missing again this
year Tom and Jerry. Anybody
seen 'em?
For Salem 1923 will be the
best year yet. Though 1922 was
not half bad, in material prog
ress. A windy day yesterday. But
the real thing will begin a week
from- Monday, under the big
bronze dome.
The New Year resolution this
time will no doubt be a swearing
off from buying any more moon
shine that is just as likely to kill
as not.
There is a local clergyman in
thtis town too popular that a
member of the congregation was
never known to pull a watch on
him during a sermon. Los An
geles Times.
If 1923 can start-the peniten
tiary on the way to be .self sup
porting. It will be a 'great thing
for the taxpayers and for the
penitentiary,- ;too, and the men
who serve time there.
Made your plans for the new
A mighty good 'plan Is to have
a plan, to khbw what you are go
ing to do, sayg a well known
writer. Not only resolve to do
certain, things which, you know
you ought to do, but also map
out. a-schedule or blueprint -and
old duck and thinks we're all so
crazy about him, it would be no
end of fun." .
"Say, that, is an , idea. Let's
fix up a box with a lot of trash in
it and make ,him think it's some
thing swell we are giving him.
Joe can jnake . the presentation
speech and we'll go and see the
fun when ,4.he, ( old man gets
fooled." ..,v
"AH right," agreed Joe. I'll
tell him we're even crazier about
him that he thinks we are. He's
kind of cracked, isn't he? Tells
at the Post Office how all the
boys Just worship him. Say,
we'll have some fun with him."
The boys soon filled a small
box with stones and started up
the hill to Uncle Tom's. "Gee.
what are you going to say?"
asked Boyd as he trudged along
beside Joe.
"Oh, I've got a good line to
hand him," Joe replied, confident
of himself. And indeed he had.
He told poor old Uncle Tom how
much the fellows all thought of
him and how proud they all were
to have him for their friend- All
the time he held the littlebox of
stones behind his back. Then he
told how they had wanted to give
their old friend a little token of
their love and respect. Joe's fa
ther was an after-dinner speaker
and he had often 'heard him make
such speeches.; 4 J , ;
M ' -.,this i ha rhearia the fellows
giggle,, but. the old man's-, eyes
follow it. That's1 the way folks
get things done, and it's the way
you will succeed In getting them
You have visions of. what yon
would like so much to accom
plish in this life. Well, decide
how what it is that you would
like to achieve during 1923.
Write the whole thing In black
and white and look at it and thnk
it over seriously, then resolve
that you will do these things. As
the weeks and months' of 1923 go
by you can check off the items
This Is a wonderful plan and
will prove a decided help to' you,
if you will be earnest and strong
willed about' it and if you will
follow the plan.' Don't be a quit
ter. Be game. Be" a eport about
it. Think what disastrous results
would follow if aa' engineer failed
to adhere to the blueprints of 'a
bridge the construction of which
he was supervising.'' ,
Let's get down to-brass-tacks
about this success schedule for
the new year. Suppose you take
pencil and paper right this very
minute-and write oat you Bched-
ule for the month of January.:
Do you wish to start a, ; savings
account? Jot it down and then
be sure to start it. But. have a
December 81, . Snndaj Etk "Mid
Bight Follies," Grmn4 theater.
Monday. Jan. 1. Y. M. C. A. "Open
Honse," for unjbody? Kew Year' day
afternoon and evening
January 5, Friday Elvin M. Ow!ey,
national oommander of American Legion
te be in Salem.
January 8, Monday Inangnratioa
GoTernor-elect Walter V. Pierce.
January 8, Monday Leeialatnre meets
Edited by Joha H. Millar
were fixed on Joe's face. Joe
thought he had never seen such
kind and sympathetic old eyes.
Why, there were actually tears in
them! He had done hfa work too
well. He talked on, repeating
what he had already said. He
could not bring himself to hand
the box of stones to the childissh
old man.
Suddenly Joe stopped talking.
He transferred the box of stones
to his left hand and his right
went deep in his pocket. "We
couldn't think of anything good
enough to get you, so we are just
going to give the money and let
you buy what you want." He ex
tended a crisp new' ffve dollar
bill, one of his Christmas pres
As the boys walked slowly
down the hill, Joe still carried
the box of stones. "I couldn't do
it." he said. "He's just like a
baby. I was glad to spend my
Christmas money that way."
"Well, you needn't think we're
going to let you give it all." said
Boyd. "I guess not," chorused
the others, their hands all In
their pockets.
Frem tac
Anave to feiterdar'ac. Hydrant, hi
naftimer," haa; faajg,v kaok, head, fcaad.
a3 -: istft -
definite "thine that yon wish to
aave your money for. Say, for
example that yon will safe and
bay, e eood encyclopedia.'" That
will be one concrete thing tht
you can accomplish daring the
new year. Or it mi?ht be that
yoa would want to save up
enough for your wife to have a
vacation the coming summer.
Now If you will divide January
into weeks and make a page for
each week it may be a. more con
siderable help to youl Following
this, you could subdivide all of
the remaining months of the year
Into weeks. Yoa would then have,
a schedule of 52 pages. Yon
might plan to accomplish one
thing for every week of the year
and by December 31 yoa would
have achieved 52 necessary
things. .
Think what a wonderful com
fort this would give you. It would
mean real progress.
You did not accomplish much
last year, did you? Try thla suc
cess schedule for the. good year
1923 and see how strong and re
sourceful it will make you.
Are you game?
Then keep it up for the years
to come.
Don't expect to win a battle
unless you draw the plans of bat
Everyone wishes everyone else
a happy New Year; and with good
reason. This happens wherever
a new year begins, for people are
much the same wherever there is
air to breathe and the sun shines
enough to make life possible.
The real sentiment, . not actu
ally expressed, is usually that you
may have a happier new year
than the one just ended the bulk
of mankind never being so happy
that an Increase of happiness
would not be welcomed. But
"Happy New Year" is obviously
the - right thing to say, since it
contains- no hint that you recent
experience in the world might be
made more joyful. We can al
ways say, "Happy New Year,
with "God bless you" added, it
you please, with offense to no
body and' cheer to everybody
The Chinese, whose new year
cornea early in the spring, as our
own did as late, as 1752, when
by act of the British parliament
March 25 was displaced by Janu
ary 1 the Chinese have for al
most countless generations , gloVi
dusly celebrated their new year's
day with festivities and flre-
rworks.' The Chinese are a wise
folk in their peculiar -way. They
have the keenest sort of humor
and it is part of their practical
religion to extract from life all
the joy in it. If they had not cul
tivated this gift, they must have
expired of their many miseries
in war, pestilence and famine,
The fact that they never miss the
opportunity on their new year's
day to liquidate their sorrows, so
far as may be, reveals the prac
tical virtue in a new year's day
as a moment ior relaxation ana
If there were no new year's day
by decree primarily of the solar
system and the endless round of
the hotand cold seasons, it would
be necessary to invent one. The
calendar brought order into the
world by giving mankind a sys
tem of reckoning time. When
the human race discovered that
there were approximately 365
days in the round of the four sea
sons, .it became ready for busi
ness1 and started the series of
causes and effect that finally
produced Mr. Rockefeller, Mr.
Harriman and railroad time ta
bles. We became a going concern
her on earth, and that was a very-
great and practical achievement
But the calendar did more than
that. It gave us the new year's
day and the new year's day
brdught with it that priceless op
portunity to address ourselves at
regular intervals to the ameni
ties of life. There Is something
divine in its good temper. Its high
spirits, its perennial hope of bet
ter things .and its
the end of
forward march"
We are glad to see an Ameri
can institution adopting the style
set by the Greeks in the case of
unsuccessful ministers. A dis
patch from Beaver Falls. Pa., an
Bounces that the failure of the
Hobart college football team to
win glory this year has caused
the resignation of Dr. A. A. John
ston, president ot the college, and
of the professor ot mathematics
as well. That is something like
It puts football where it belongs
as the paramount issue in our col
leges and it teaches these profes
sors that if they insist on keep
ing the football team busy with
studies they do so at their peril
Let the team fall, down and off
goes the head of the president of
the Institution. That will im
press on the faculty that they
would better look out. First
. t . .4 .
imngg must, come nrst. Kansas
City Star. ? - . f
A Providence preacher Is beta?
sued for divorcend the wife in
cludes the names. of 122 other
women In her- bill of complaint.
She says her husband has a mag
netic personality. He must have
all of that unless the wife is
merely jealous. So far as press
dispatches go, this is believed to
be the longest roll, of "other wo
men" yet offered in a divorce
court. The preacher must have
been flying in the face of Provi
dence. This never could have
happened In Hollywood. Los
Angeles Times.
A. good, churchman expresses
himself enthusiastically over the
advantages of the radio. He says
he can sit in his arm chair on
Sunday ' morning . over a late
breakfast and enjoy a good Ha
vana and at the same time "list
en in" on the service as it pro
ceeds in his favorite church. And
when he hears the rtiink of the
coin falling in the collection bag
he can do his share of the contri
bution by rattling some change in
his trousers pocket.
Independent Artists
Regulate Exhibits
PARIS, Dee. SO. The Society
of Independent Artists has just
resolved to regulate Itself. Its
principal ; characteristic, hereto-.
fore, has been the entire absence
of regulations froto its annual
salon. Members Bent any sort of
a picture and it was? hang in any
sort of a way without, regard to
its class, merit or subject.
The eccentricities of the Inde
pendent's salon sufficed to make
it a success, and with, success
came the necessity for regulation.
The regulations, however, amount
to little more than to limit the
number of pictures sent in. The
quality still depends upon the
taste and talent of the artist.
There will, as of old, be no jury
mercilessly to, reject, and the art
ists will be permitted to -set a
price on all pictures. shown.
Much Enthusiasm at
Convention of Growers
MONTREAL, Dec. 30. Much
enthusiasm wis evoked at the
fall meeting of the Pomologies 1
and Fruit Grpwtng society of, the
Province of , uetec by the an
nouncement' of tie discovery at
Abbotsford of a seedless and
coreless variety ot the Fameuse
appje. .
Professor F. C. Sears of the
Amherst (Mass.;' Horticultural
college who - was - present, ex
amined the fruit and pronounced
it Fameuse .in every essential
detail! He said if it could be
reproduced', it would prove of
great 'value;
The seedless apple was dis
covered by accident and the ex
hibitor had no idea4bow it was
developed. He believes, how
ever, .that the variety could be
perpetuated by grafts.
Orderly Australia Is
Alarmed at Crime Wave
SYDNEY, Australia, Dec. 30.
So accustomed is Australia to
having a law-abiding citizenry,
that a total of 654 persons charg
ed with crime in six months in a
city of 800,000 Sydney is con
sidered a crime wave, and the pre
mier of the state has called a con
ference to deal with the problem.
It will be proposed that the
minimum jail sentence be six
months. ' Although all but 18 4
of the 654-persons arraigned were
convicted or pleaded guilty, it is
felt that the judiciary has shown
undue leniency in dealing with
criminal eases.
grateful thanks a very large patronage from this
Udr merchandising
of lnrnmp anri lnrliitfrw rpnrptntpr' in th rr
served by our stores. The farming, the railroading: stock-raising, M
mining, fruit growing, lumbering, fishing and even the commerce jJ
of the seas, have all played their part in helping SKAGGS STORES W
give to each community uniform, low prices, based on a general low
overhead cost
We enter the New Year with the determination that our stores
will be the stores of continued community service and to merit in
every way the patronage we hope to receive.
Here's wishing a Happy and Prosperous New Year to alL r
HIM; TUD tT .-.!
nllllUHLMIUIll I : .
Organizations Join in Mak
ing Arrangements for
ior Yearly Event -
Eighteen .organltations will co
operate in putting: on Thrift
week - in Salem this year. Plans
for the , week's, campaign were
made ;t V" luncheon at the Y.
MiC.r-A." - Friday - ;
jAjaong those:. representing var
ious clubs and crvlc units, were:
D. ; W.' Eyre, chapman for the
tankerai. George Griffith, Ro
tary dub: N. D. Elliott, Klwanls
club i Allen Kafoury,. Lions' club;
: C; ' Bohrnstedt, Realtors : R-
EL 'Duncan, - Chamber ot Com
merce? ' Boy Scouts". Howard Zln-
ser; Building & 'Loan. T. M.
Hicks: Y. W. q. A., Mrs. Alice
H. Dodd; city library, Miss Flora
. Spring
As a prophecy
uy"A L i i 11 -.... -t i -..l
It!! J u iv in
1 1923
ISl Happy New.Tear - i 1
3 May. the coming year erase your- (
c$ i. . troubles.;and sorroSv, briri'clieer.-' . . 7 kfy
' hppines3 'and prosperity-. n:yeryj.. -XP
side. ' "N:; '. ' - "P
- This is the heartfelt ' wish fejf " (j
ES Miller's. ' , .'. -
&3 s. in
, -. - ;.R
-1923 :n;;.::-t
'win uuminaie me new- sensoiir
initial . display -of Spring .Dresses .
fortell the season's style trend.'
This showing of Jovely taffeta ,,
silk frocks for Spring is a triumph! :
It proves Miller's reputation for.'
accurate style prediction.. - ; , ...s-
1 1923
alem's Leadinj
"Liberty at
'oday the personnel of SKAGGS STORES
area has grown very large htis year. Every kind V
Case;' BusIaeM Men's" league, , M.j
Ti . Madsen; "Mintsferlan "assoela
lion, . Rev. W. N Loai ;- Ameri
can . lfkn.", George Griffith; :ity
schools. Supertn ten dent I . George
Hug;, Underwriters, : J. HT Nich
olson; Y. M C A.. C. A. Kells
. Working committees were
mil a T.llowlli . : Publicity.
George "'Griffith. Paul Wa!lac, J
If. Nicholson C:" Finance, - for es-.
say prizes, David Eyre. , Minute
men speakersT Div IC E.? Morris,
Allen Kafoufyl Essaya In schools
George- Hug. 3P iT. Hicks: Book!
and. lUterature, - Miss Flora Case ;
Ministerial -t4 churches; Rev I
W. W. ImtV; f ? V '
? These - committees will mee'
again next: week; tof rplat whai '
they havej oa tltoed in their sev
erat 'depirtnjeaiti 11:? '
'Spend Time and, Money, Wise
ly. - the motto of Thrift - week
Is ; 9 be explained" andurg
from & number ;ot angles.' Owr
Yoar Own Home,- 'Start JPDl
Account; "Make a, WI1U' tin;
eurance," and other ayi to b
stressed,, indicate some of th
features. ' The whole" prograri
will be announced later, -i ) '
Tinie ; - ; f
of the ideas which " I. Lli
Court Street
acknowledge with'
community in 1922. ' A
- it nnrfhtiratf wat M
. 4
nair, ami.