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Protests of Salem Food Dis
pensers Unavailing Legis
lature Gives Approval
flPPR Tl
A restaurant will be conducted
In .the basement of the state
' Plan Jorv Settlement, Ger house during the coming session
manY S War Debt 10 Belbf the legislature, despite the pro
c..t,rSrl Drivier. Ponl twt : persona engaged In that
resentative.; r ;
Three-Day Storm Calmed
! After Borah - Withdraws
Amendment House Pro
vision Left Out.
4. it
j i'y.i r '. 'i"ti wttS ?. , .
business in Salem. . , - .
A committee of restaurant own
ers conferred -with the secretary
of state yesterday and offered ob
jection -to the. proposed feeding leu ippiwri RLL IS
of legislators and their employes I DCAnV CflD nCRATP
.v. f n.f.t, AnmnA- I IllMU I I VII wwwm.
tition. '
The Secretary of state inform
' ' VnShiiift of Deadlock at ?d is audience that in installing n0 important Changes
v nJSSlQUUj Ul: "CrtUIUUIV rtl . restaurant in the basement aim:. I Uol( AJrl
Paris' Feared-Result
Not Forecasted ;
. !- t'
LONTOtf,:fDec.f 30. (By : the restaurant were placed In the - WASHINGTON, Dec 30. Af-
i ,As)clated.Presa) out oiwxe -"'--Z-ZZyZZl":. ".I 7-.
mass of unconfirmed rumors con- r.uua inree-aay swrui "'""e,"
"" , i ttiments. U19- session of the , legislature. drawal by senator Borah, Bepub-
? .. fvi.-i- .utamn nmA and the restaurant was installed itftan ot Idaho, of Ms amendment
I u. ul"u"ia":r..:. r;.; orlota the 1921. meeting of, the nroiMie . a world's economic
Premier Bonar Law would go to lawmakers. It has been enlarged conference, the senate today pass-
H Paris Monday with a new plan recently ana win .now accommo- ed the 1325,000.000 natal appro-
tnr final and complete settlement uie,i, - lpnation dui ana uju.u
the restaurant in the basement
of the- capitol he merely had fol
lowed the instructions of the leg-i
islaturev Copies of a resolution
directing the Installation of the
Million and Half Add
ed for Costs
Medicine Man and Chief of
Weather Forecasters Dies
Indians Need Guide I
j Stranger Gives Lavishly to
Local Charities But Re
fuses to Give Name
Assistant Secretary of War couldn't give a little money to
ahd Other OfflCialS Are helP someone to a New Year's
Charged With Plan to De
fraud U. S. Government.
PENDLETON, Or., Dec. 38
Indians -of the Umatilla reserva
tion who still follow the adrjee
of the-medicine -man were today
worrying about the power of win
ter, now that there Is no one to
bring the balmy chinoofc winds
to this section.
Alfalfa Jim died today. He
was credited in the Cayuse tribe INDICTMENT FIRST
the grip of winter . was hardest
and manv a purse was raised by
Indians about this section for Ai- All Competitive Bidding Done
Away With Millions
the wizard did not mix hh medi
cine' right. In such - cases the
chlnook wind was long in mak
ing- Ha appearance, the Indians
Saturday a Etranger called on
Dr. Henry Morris, of the Asso
ciated Charities, and asked if he
dinner. Being assured that he
could, he turned over a $10 bill
for the happiness fund.
Said Squandered
WASHINGTON. Dec. 30. Ben
edict Crowell, formerly assistant
It is operated as a concession, I jew Year's day.
and not at. the expense of the
. House Provision Ignored
Debate on the Borah amend
ment was not resumed and the
Although there has been an increase of S23,717Q in the
sounty school and library fund, interest on bonds and high
school and county school tuitions, theslanon county budget
a mtie later, he came back to which was approved by, the budget committee 'yesterday.
ask if they; could find him somejjhows an increase over last year of only $10,316.63. ;This
little gtri who hadn t had enough I is due to the fact that through strict economy, expenses in
kite lauvus cuuiiij vinvca HiV4 afivttaviuu ibtiiio
ander the general .fund were cut approximately. $13,000.
Tht year budget i caUa lor
a taxation or si,io&. set. t as
against $1,096,047.76 j last year.
The county has nothing to' do
with appropriation a of . cities,
school districts, special taxes and
oad districts. It was the In
creases in these various depart
ments, all added to the . county
budget, which , caused the alight
increase In this year's budget.
The county school " and ; library
of a Christmas to last
dreary year to come. They found
a little girl who thought Santa.
Claus was dead and buried, and
that Christmas was forgotten
He took her around to some 'of
the stores and bought her $10
worth of glad raiment.
Then he came back to the Asso
ciated Charities, with a smile
that wouldn't come off. "I want
the addresses of two families that
need a New Year's dinner, and
secretary of war and six other
war-time officials of the war de- n going to take the stuff my
partment were charged today ia - Fellows, this is the most I DivOfCed Wife Of. Harvester fund increased $5,026.20. iriter-
lun lve naa in years: Ana n . 5--- rinopo Uh Ho lMt W
bought almost a waronload of
an indictment returned by a spec
ial grand jury here with conspira
cy. to defraud the government and
with delaying and defeating the
administration of law.
. Contract Fraud Charged
The seven doiendants were
said by the jury to have partic
ipated unlawfully in the award
bill also was passed without men-j ajj MorehOUSe Settles DOWIl of contracts let by the government
for Friday KluxTtenks,
Said Diminishing
of Germany's .war obligations,
s Concession limit Reached
After the breakdown of the al
lied nremlera' discussions on
December 11. It was nopea in
Downing r street "that the yrencii
attitude '-would change to agree
with that of the BrltisH govern
ment. The last fortnight, howev
er," hag shown even greater sep
aration between the policies of
thi two rovernmeuts.
a & result he British premier
esterdavt subniltted tfr.hir aom-
. . t,irk it is stated, raarlts h,
C b m ia v " ,i ' " . a ' . - ' " n 1 I a . ' - - I a-u " - - 1 -
the llmitUn Britisn concession-. LaSt 'MinUie hUSn rrevailsl France and lUly wun a view xoithc-ute in the Morehouse ia- nrm 01 starrett and van viecK
in Mfttnr nonartmpnt-i. Ugreement limiting vessels under Inaplng and murder cases. - land Thompson, Starrett company,
til-i.iww.- ........ l.oAft alr-f not eor. .m. .th-rtite-
goodies and chartered a taxi to
take them around.
"But he wouldn't tell his name
"I'm a Goodfellow from Oak
land." he said, "but you
need to know any more."
KinfJ Goes tO Opera While t on bonds voted by the peo-
Ronnrtorc Hunt Hpt Pw $Me.oo ana high school
uvpvi tviw . .nt count school tuition 110.-
025r making a , total , Increase of
12S.717.20 which was rnt down
CHICAGO. DeC ,30. (My in m tKltg' Ikrnnrrh MnnAm
don 1 1 Associated Press.) Newspaper- . . ...- in other denartment
mpn keeninE vtxu aooui . iu
tion of the hoose provision re-
i questing the president , to negotl?
kte with the principal naval pow7
ers for further armament Umltar
tlonl This provision remaining
In the bill will go to the presi
during the war and after the ar
mistice involving expenditures
totalling hundreds of millions of
dollars and in which some of
their number had a pecuniary in-
BAETROP.La., Dec. ,30. (By I terest. ..Those named as conspir-
dent ' and will not eome Before-1 v Associated Press.) More- 1 ators with Mr. Crowell were:
the senate and house conferees. I Bouse settled down tonightltol William A. Starrett of New
It requests the president to nego-1 ftWait ihe coming of Friday wfcen York, engineer and architect, said
Hate with ' Great Britain, Japan, ! the state' would lay its cards ; on to have been a member of the
lake shore mansion of Mrs.' Edith!
Rockefeller McCormlck, watching
0 T
In its broad principles the plan
la said U be w follows:
- ' iPirat. any -reparations program
" agf adr: poir ! Paris' tnust be
ii -4ne.. whkb, willv put a del-
llnitft end. to the . wrangling; of the
42,100, Apply
10-000 tons and aircraft not eov-.:-Th-.fallore of the" state toetl Inc., and later associated with the
ered'by -the arms conference motion its dragnet during the I Oeorge A. Fuller company, gen-
treatles; :i ; ' ; ' Dart week. Has given the imprest eral contractors. He was chair-
Benator King, Democrat, Utah, I Bion -that additional arrests will man of the war department's com
A total -of ;42,100. -applications I jj.o offer his amendment pro- not be made before the day of J mittee on emergency construction,
Tftftr-vnree -rears mnd-gtve anop- . 192S "motor vehicle licenses (., - iand and sea armament tho nnon hearinefi connected with the council of
j portunity for the general econ- had been received at the offices limltatJon c0nference Klan Busy national defense.
omlc reconstruction of Europe. 0, the gecretary of state last night. Shipping Bill Due ' The Ku Ktux Klan of the Mny latUcted
Hontoriom Needed Of these, more than 900 applica- nassjge of the naval bill, realm nf Louisiana also had ag- Morton C. Tuttle of Boston,
CAiir ft moratorium ior uer-iti0ns were receieu uci
BCWUVI " . ... I .
PnpUs f rncrciw ; s: v
There ,was an ( increase this
ivo-ucr "'"r:; "-r: year in county; school pupils of
for symptoms that .her rumored ( ..ed
marriage to Edwin Krenn, young 1 - :i,V'
'.WWII w. ahnnt to the OSt f Of School tuition, f TO
. "Inff.At (Mi r.M mAa.
fruitless day. 1 : -
? ir.t . iti.. tMA-ratnaT aava
fc.VV , J nd ilhotoJ Pnmnt.l , county rshtrif ts of Hce.
paperraen and women and P0to-i ....v.
graphers surrounded ! the honso u - '
at every vantage point, wttn aa- Y, -:,r-'w::ri
through cutting1 down expend!
.1 fures In j, the circuit 'court de-
ditional - details stationed across
district , Attorneys , office., and
ond, moratorium for Ger- tlons were received over m fa administration shipping ; bill Unts in the field.-lt was reported, Mass., said to be general manager
. I . . .tt.tnd Mff I ...!. .tho atnta. nenartment. 1 . . . I - ... ln . V. AKo.thon. rnnav.,n(nn
many is essential ur , i,uuis' . - which ' has - been taia.aBiae em-t0 learn If tne organizations were i wi "
from twQ to four, years in which it W estimated by porarily was placed in poslUen responsible for the outrage on the and formerly a member of the
time OermWT mnDuw.u ury w m.v . " ' or resumption of debate when Bastrop-Mer Rouge highway otf emergency couMrucuuu cumwn
t.hilfCS tne mir? UUU license iui """" I o, mam .7. n nntWtd. tv. lr. 91 when fl-m M-ee
undergo general financial reform will be issued during the , Protracted sDeeche re- Lher. nf old - Morehouse fam-
nnder allied ..uperrlslon. but lot uu. 1"w"Klon.g "United In a charge by Senator
r allied irecelvershlp. l . the year 1921 a total of 54 .0 71 1 -Rnnhilcan. Utah, that fll-
. After Three Yfiars Ser
vice; to Enter Business
and auditor for the state corpor
ation department, has submitted
his resignation to T. B. Handley,
state --corporation dommtesJo(nflr
to become effective at once. Mr.
i.500,000.000. wnicn y at tne . Ts-i ter Senator. Smoofs statement. all returning from the Bastrop cele- Iana
forthcoming after Germany ..- venice u. u0 w. . VgaTnlof fenators. uniting In expediting bration and witnessed the high-
en a fair chance of make good her UpM ISMa or a fallal the naT&1 bm fc mob waft gene
questions, will' be obtained by 15.798 over the year it. - nonhn-.. waRhIn- m-iv.n imU Cl
Protracted speeches re- members of old ' Morehouse fam- Siemens w. iunaon oi Lieve
chare- bv Senator nw kldnniMd. two floceed I land. 0hio' sald to be vice Dres
under allied ; receivership, j .-V the year 1921a total r "' ' Smoot, Republican. Utah, that til- and two murdered. ldent nd KeneraVmanager of the
Third, reduction, of the' repar-UppUcatlons for 1922 motor ye tw.,,.. nf th rnort made bv Crowell-Lundorff-Little company.
0n. .;t0Ut0Ua.PP .topped soon af- the score, of persons who were XSJZ
was a member of the emer
gency construction committee
obligations, wlll'be obtamea w iiw over ine ""' or Jone8t .Republican, Washing- robed ad masked reaUa slmi-l " ?lT' P". " J
. .cendln scale of ? economic The secretary of tate announc vr ,.t. f .innlr U:. V. .t. v. .v! Trn irm Canada and formerly associated
" . , .. . ; '- I - . l 1 . Ik.ft ; MAIAM ,V.n B L LUU. . llkt VIW1B v -l--- O I 1411 LU LllBh 1, u WJ. mw (- I ... . t c j
- -..i i-. -r- t- i gfl-iaBl mgub iuk ia" i . , . . v. I ... . wi -a an a-r I wiiii ino iuumpauu-oitirreii nuu
'....',. j.,nnn . . rV hnTA annlied lOriDlU. S uunvc, I rviau u 6w . - n0r A Fnllor onmnatilo.
British official circic iuwv.. --'- -' . MT WAdn.dav he would caU no !n InTMtlratoni into More. I" "
- . f.nm faria iu lueir,i - l . . . .. . . ... . I . - i ouu niau niiu iuc eiuciscui, tua-
tj. , v,-rormed aeiimte. uu-inoi. nT9 ucou v..-,4 -i . I . tumiu.nco.
iVnr to bo enforced 1 be molested by the Jratfic officers, commmee w .u l' ' v. . John H. McGlbbons of Balti-
!r?-.K...n.- beginning nwhers ot cars who have not rules with a view to cnecKing iu- culaUon that the raembersnip or
more and Chicago, said to have
P.ftrnnrfltinn flffir.ial IpavoeL Mr irnn'a eonnty surreyors office, tin ad
. I I iflMnn nii wava wsHa am aasin
"Knrai ",n,B . Total expense of the county
At 10:30 their watcninirwau-i out, of the. general fund i es-
Ing had Its first Jolt, when them mated at S403.SS9.54 less $2 8,
vw j T7 oru m. 41ia a I o -, " I s w u'vu : tw f ci o ' itci. ' iAicrca
. ' r.rCJ ' :::mr;:: Host Mr. Krenn., Five minutes on.county deposits, etc.. or l
found four blocks away strolling I which will bo expended for tUM
down the avenue. Reporters and purposes is estimated at .1X78,.
photographers lell into une anai 265.60, for county? school anl
tne procession movea on. ai nisi library fund, 1150,834.40; , I ot
ronirt innn n ta riraf nnainPH.ii.ii. . . .
oi in i . x. i iuikii bculwi luna idj.juu ana
ou.w w. venture ln America. Mr. Krenn for . reeral road fnnd for dl
rr flur vnrir ntv An nrivnrn nni. i . -" - .
."1 ' k. .,, "; T" rl8l0ppea Ior coherence wun tricts otside the city of Saletn
;'to acot a resale Pol ?Wl!L ?!?:Lkln5 total of ? I. -
- ilia wuiciuiiio uic'i . iuoj l ma, 36f.4f.. - :,'f. -, : .. M
sinoii nov yei ouuuuuvcu. 1 bundled the shon's books under
r. onaw s remKuawuu WBBi their arms and -departed for ! the
filed witn me more tnan a year i McCormtck mansion, where the
ago," said a statement Issued byUntire newspaper guard mobilized
Mr. Handley yesterday. "binceiand stood at attention.
it l..lA4 I "
men hb uu ireueuu iuoibicu i Tt MAn't h Innr in w1t.
upon being relieved of his duties. I Shor., twn nnlfoPme-, footmen
but realizing the importance of unroUed tne red partT carpet
tne position to wnicn ne naaoecn down the front 8tepa and erected
the Morehouse klan is dwindling
represented a bonding company.
against; tne - - " for licenses ind tare fiUbnsters.
January 18.; ' 7 r Li. in ooeratln their mach- x0 Cbanees Important s through resignations of those, it. . h . f contractors and
-J' VV. the American jnes after midnight tonight will No important changes ln j the 1 is Bald, who do not want the no- k 8sociated during the war with
rretarv of state last night is be subject to arrest and prosecu-1 paval bill were made by the sen- toriety tnai mignt iohow the construction committee.
, - -mi.i- -.--.- ... - i tn extent tne addition or. i- ugu im uptu T a .
t Viin nr't na urillSu i lvu. - - i ... . . .a vI oiucs a. incoio, uuofcuu uu
"4ortVielstand. Mw reserve train- are expected to be Springfield, Mass.. former general
recommendation for a non-poUU- ;t .Because otne usuai i, purposes iw ioa.u.,a- r manager of Fred T. Ley and com-
- ' " . - , 1 IhA I .nnrutlon in ine moior c-1 rtlt Innal Tor fftrnedn COnSirUCllOIl. I luuuceui as, n en as e-"' -J
cal board OI exp Li.i. j i m h moret.i i.(i... ii..iniiui m.niin Imav Ha mad
1 CLtion ii not new. the BrlUsh hlcle department, it more I the utter -designed to.maintaln may be made to suffer.
I onrSatblsTstatn places than a -week before some of the the Newport.1 R. 1., and other 0 r-
consldentaat.nia iAt Mor whosa aonlicatlons are Bf,t,ftn- . it:I ..ll jf l--.
Olftlt WnHUb lb1
. ii.i T,nlHon. lonerators whose appiicauons
France, ia an MAi their nlatea. ,- -- i-'--- , 1
nrltlsh jofflclauipmr ia wi"ainow uu . I The senate rejectea an amena-j
to consider the posslbilty of aiMore than iuu persons ment hy senator McKellar. Dem-U
deadlock at Paris, tor such a re- of 19Z3 licenses w iu. -f ocrat of Tennessee to cut the
uU would be regarded as disas- the hall, of 'the-capitol building tsonnel ot 86.
Uous; The allied representatives when the uto-rtm"'?n: 000 men, authorized by the house
mnst arree among themselves ior, ea ior bu;u. lo CZJ to 67,000 men. The present
ur ippi.wiu " ... I strength is' 86,00
assigned, I was reluctant
cept his resignation.
Work Praised
"The position of examiner
o ac-
over it
a gaily .striped awning.
Guests Arrive
A bulletin was dispatched' to
the r newflnanea- nfflren. ' Photo-
not as enviame one ana tne au- Rraphers climbed nearby trees 1
ues are noi anogeiaer piCaBi. Bearch of better vantage points.
In the performance ot his duties Next a ljm0U8lne arrived and a
Mr. snaw nas Deen vigorous auu a8hiona51 gowned guest, who
inorougn, ana nas necessarily in
Harding! Will Release Agita
tors from Prison if They v
Leave Country .
i i. nninted out there Is no
"of assistance from America.
British ly ,
as the day progressed, and it was
necessary, to .keep a Jorce ot em-
,000 men.
The BrttSi deb funding tomM at work rjr th? oon
.T.f J -miotea to obtain hour. Clerks remained on duty
" i rVhich could pos- until six o'clock last night
-ihi have a beneficial effect upon
: .i.ti... v tannarv 15.1 ..a: ..
Fans nesn"wuB-"' -i -t7 l."
when the temporary moratorium Ufiather CaUSeS Number
tVSSZ of r Accidentsin.Salcm
reparations schedule ova?2ya - - . ' - - - -volving
the payment 0f 100.- . accldent8 were re-
paymentsmcn ru.u'" " . riii. ons.have been more nam- OUccu uuvciio ia
L 'I".- " ,nt Indebtedness to collisions - -
"""-T- i ... totut of erous than, usual. Mnuoww
Grew uniarn aio - - r- r. collisions, reported:
Should no; agreement be reach-
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' OREGON: Sunday, fair.
v (Saturday)
Maximum temperature, 62.
Minimum temperature, 45. : v
River, 11.8 above i normals
Rainfall, .71.
Atmosphere, , cloudy.' ;
AVI n A vnh
pany, inc., general contractors to
whom the first contract for con
struction of a national army can
tonment was awarded. He was
secretary to the construction com
mittee in the war department dur
ing the war.
First Returned
The indictment was the first of
its kind to be returned as a result
of investigations of war fraud
cases initiated by Attorney Gen-
Qnprial ' Dlnnpr; Pr02ramSieral Daugherty. Others are ex-
bpecjai.umner ciogidnio ed to follow comp,etion of the
presentation of evidence by de
partment of justice agents whicn
is said to be rapidly approaching
the stage for jury consideration.
After identifying the defend
ants, the indictment recites at
and Entertainments to
Feature Day
curred the displeasure of some
persons bent on conducting a
shoe-string business in thlst state.
I have received much commenda
tion of his work, and he has made
many friends for himself and this
Salary Low
"Mr. Shaw has made consider
able sacrifice in remaining with
the department in that the iwU-
ary is low when compared with
the duties performed."
Mr. Shaw is a resident of Til-!
lamook county. Before entering
the employ of the corporation de
partment he worked in tho Ladd
& Bush bank in SaSem. and other
lii-.i.'. 1
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Special dialers, nvslcal and
ti4.M : Mwan on1 . rwml
Uierij yv.u, " I the Amprnrv Ttem
ftours will leaiureine UM. ...v. brouht aDout DT the ,war and
of Newf Year at the various state I J goyern.
m.iuu. ment labored, particularly em-
At the penitentiary a vauae- j the lmportJtnce to the
ville performance will be staged .JX" nf
financial institutions
J. A. McClaln of route 3. col
lided with Karl -Munainger . w,,, n..,i- waa eleo.
was riding a. wheel at State and 8Ute tax .commissioner, to
Church w street,-.jauna.nBe 8BCceed Frank K. Lovell, who has
handle oars were 4 J reigned .because of ill -health
Dr. 5. r. scou ot " . - Mr. Fisher has served as dep
SUte collidad with another man commissioner for
In wteo gave,nis , nam - vmr. , pfior to
asWilburMUler. .; 1 Lit.. L Lum he wa. ronntv
W. C Prlvett of route 9 re- vw""" wm,: J" "
ported an accident on the high- fr V uu u"1'
The other -man s nam was lven .w- , the state tax
"suUed " . " cWmission. compoVd.ot thfe, gov.
E. H. Mclntyre of route 3 re- ernor,
j - f wfwen Com-1 treasurer. Jr. rianer WHin:i.-
. ... - ji I construction Drocrara out ot
In the forenoon, unaer me aircv-i " .
v.v n ttltch manaeer wmcn grew me greai J.i.u-
- i . i . ...
. i.i tliMtor A anee al din- lonnieuvB. uu8c icimiu.,
cs a v -
ner will be served at noon. In houses and nospuais.
the afternoon the convicts Will be Each of the seven defendants.
given the freedom of the yards. I the indictment asserted conceiv
- New Year's dinner at the Ore- ed the fraudulent scheme and
gon state , hospital here will plan of getting control for their
served at noon, followed by. ! Dr0fu and benefit and
moving picture show, in the audi- fQT tne gaint profit and benefit
torium of the institution. - thrir nagt and future clients
Other institutions which have j . empioyers and their friends.
arranged special program ior if tne administratIon of the im
tho holiday Indudevvt&e state emergency construction
home for tw feeble minded, etate i m o the united SUtes
... .. ... . . i !!--
school jor tne oiina, xuoercuioBi dur,ng the wgr
hospital, state training school ior Millions Wasted
boys, industrial school for girls I jt wag next charged that the
ami the state school for the
Olcott Expected Home
Tonight; Gone Six Weeks
Acting Governor Roy Rltner,
who has been occupying the exe
cutive chair here for the past
three weeks, departed last night
for Pendleton. Governor Ben W.
Olcott has telegraphed that he
will return to Salem tonight.
Governor Olcott has been spend
ing the past five weeks in the
east attending the governors con
ference and other meetings. f He
spent Christmas with his parents
at Long Beach, Cal., and was a
visitor in San Francisco yester
CHICAGO, Dec. 30. A robber
this afternoon held up Miss'
Katherene Donovan, head book
keeper of the Palmer House, fa
mous old hotel of world's fair
days, knocked her unconscious
and escaped with from 15000 to
U0.000 of the hotel's funds.
WASHINGTON, V: Dec. . 30.
Eight former members of the
Industrial Workers, of the World,
sentenced four years ago to. vary
ing terms; in Levenwortn peniten
tiary . for consplacy and yiola-
tton of wa-tlme legislation, ' were'
offered freedom today by Presi
dent Harding on condition r; that
they leave t tho United States.l
Sixty days were allowed - for
the - prisoners to . arrange - their
I ncomes Show 8.ffaIrs to ; dyoru
tvon, a dobqi oeing reqairea uur
Ing the interval which - will ; en-
sue before their sailing tor tome
foreign', land.. . XU. V;. .
According to orriclals of the
department of Justice the decis
ion to commute the eight senten
ces to expire Immediately- was
reached after a'rovlew of reports
made to ! President Harding in
scores of jesses' the view, of the
prosecuting attorney and tho pre
siding Judge being .attached in
each case; ."" . : ' ''"l.- .
Large Increase Strike
Causes Some Loss
the basis of telegraphic reports
from the national railways, Juliui
II. Parmalce, director ot the bu
reau of. railway economics today
predicted an era ot prosperity
for the railroads for the coming
Net operating Incomes increas
ed $145,000,000 during the year.
Mr. Far ma lee said, and represent
ed a return of 4.05 per cent on
the valuation fixed by the inter
state commerce commission. In
1921 the rate was 3.3 per cent,
while the previous year it was a
small fraction of one per cent.
Gross revenues were greater than
in 1921 by $30,000,000, he said
while operating expenses have
been reduced nearly $ 14 0,000,-
000. Taxes were the heaviest on
record, being 120,000,000 great
er than in 1921 and reaching
nearly 1300,000,000.
The shopmen's strike cost ? the
systems heavily, Mr. Parmalee
stated., and the passenger traffic
was the smallest since 1916 for
the year, but the latter service,
School Superintendents t ;
Gather for Week's VVcrk
County school ; superintendents
from all sections of Oregon gath
ered in Salem yesterday prepara
tory to grading the papers ln the
recent teachers' examinations, i It
will require a week to complete
this work, the rstate superinten
dent ot sfchools said. - -Part
of each afternoon during
the next week will be given over
to meetings of the County School
Superintendents' association. The
speakers ; will Include "J. A.
Churchill, I state superintendent of
public instruction, and other ed
ucators of . prominence , in th3
he added, now shows an-increase, northwests
blind V ( m
minor damages, - . v .