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is i;i ra HAfjos
B;;;Lc-St&vesv and W. W.
; Moore; Will Remodel Prom-
' JnonT C)ffl"m I firArr'rV i
w, DrBl SteeTei. prealdeijt of
the Salem; ank of Commerce, and
Moorp, one 9f.H0 bank: di
rectors, .nate MqCot
nack block aiCourt and iJbertyv
.The; basement and , street, floor
of the , building 1, now - occupied
by1 the Miller Mercantile company,
,Tbe second floor Is la offices., and
' the' third floor Is lodge quarters;
If H planned, to leare ' ihe lower
f loot aa'ly Is,' but to .4Wte the
entfrrf ttpstalrs to, hlgn 'class1' of
; flees:' . 'The Miller company j-'Vill
continue to' hold Its present quar
ters.' ": - .,
; To building Is one of the land-
mark of Salem., At one time It
contained ReedY Opera house. It
ha stood. for. more, than SO years,
with1 a. considerable rarlety of
tenants.. When Mr. ' IfcCornack,
' the1 builder, died a fef year ago;
the :ptoperty went fnto the hands
ot hls ta.te,.a. Jarge number of
, helra being Interested. The sale
price at this time 19 said to be
approximately i 8 5,000. it will
cost something like ( $50,000 to
t?18. ftlteriilloni contemplat
ed, but. the new owners hare tfiat
much: faith, in the present and the
future of "Salem and are rti
, ahead with their plans to make
- ,vy 1 oesiraoie
properties In the -whole business
-district." -rv
The -reported sale of th hniU-
ing now occupied by the Stiff sec- t
, ono; hand .department to the Owr
i Drug company. Is denied by JohhT
H. McNary, owner of the building.
: Valuable Aeronautics"-, t4 ' X
: . Book Held in England
i) LONDON, Dec. 2 .-rThe Counl
v " of tao Royal Aeronautical
, society , announced - recently: that
through, the, generosity of the
trustees of the - Carnegie .United
Kingdom, trust It has .been . able
to arrange,, for, the purchase of
. Jar;- number i ofv taluable his
torical f books v ,pa aeronautics
which would otherwise, hare been
sold to the American company.
, ,The hooks are of , Interest "as
they were written before the pos.
slbJJlty . of aircraft were -fully
realised, and there-are remark-
ably few copieaT known" to be in
existence. r - f ,:.''
. .These works, together withthe
Jibrary already posseesed br the
society, makes its collection of
early and.," modern i aeronautical
literature; c probably 'unsurpassed
- In.; this , or - any other - eountry,'
1. The- hooka In the society's' li
brary 'are; araliable to any stu
; dent ; In the British , Isles. , 4
' ' t-l il&Al COSTLY ! '
RIVER ' COLONY. : Dee. 1 1 2 e.-a
Two hungry natiTea recently stole
a ram, killed It. and had a feast.'
The : animal, turned out to be . i
prise , winner, owned by! the' gqf
ernment, and .valued at ' 26qd.'
Today , thenatlTes .' are ' In" prlsbn
and confront" 18 months at'.haid
ubor.; :r .zxifi
1 ' A A , 1
r - t
Awards Made in Letter Writ-.
- ing Contest Put on by
The Statesman
.The , following persons have
been, adjudged the winners of the
Statesman Christmas letter con
test and awarded places as , fol-
lowa:.. . .:4 :
irst prize- Mrs. George H.
LeaTeU, 1445 South Fourteenth
street. Salem. , , , .
:,: Se cond ..prize Viola Hoover,
404, .South Seventeenth strest,
Third prize Dorotha Sneed.
Route 6, Box 122, Salem.
.-.Winners of $2 checks It. E.
Fuspn, Box 235. Salem; 31inta
Tarls, 341 . North Commercial
street, Salem; Mrs. Allan Brown.
1335 Madison street, Salem; Lou
Vina Harper Macleay, . Ore.; Mrs.
A. V. Davidson, 1534 South Com
mercial street, Salem.
Specialty 3ftoW to Have
New Location at Once
SILVERTON. Ore.. Dec. 23.
(Special to. The Statesman) The
Women's Specialty shop closed
this, morning; and will be closed
until (t;opens. in the new location.
The shop will be located . In the
store rqora west of the Coolidge &
McClalne bank in the new bank
building. i? L. F. Evenson will
also mbye Into a small store room
lpvthe ner bank building directly
between the specialty . shop and
thebank. For, ,the ,past few
ye1ajrMr.. ETensont.has had ; his
Jewelry business in the Gem
building on North Water street.
Operations of Six Members
for One' Year Produce
Remarkable Results
it A'
i - The Salem Pig club. In exl
ePce .t or one short jear and
composed ;&f oaly ,sii members
at, this time,, has made a- ree'drd
Which, , In 1 proportion ; to iU size.
am peen, unequuea oy any other
One county, In. the state, accord
ing to W; H. Bailie, rural school
dlreetnr.' ; i , . i
.vpigures Vbrnitted. by Mr. Balj-;
ue , snow ; that ,the . club has won
tf . pwzes , aunng , tne past
year., raised ' ii sirs . and. made
a net profit of ..$814.50 , or ap
prpxunsjteiy, $135.60 for each
, .Of these amounts .,11, ot the
hlJr ' ilL-J til 1 -. t" '
fa vj ,y one , oor.
Homer Bray of ; Salem I, , tn d-
' dltion he fa reshnnlh1 tar tsxs
of4 the irlzei and $583.50 oVthe
total , ne profits. , He j entered
the Pacific' ' International,' Spo-
uo vt c3iciu , xvojb.1, ana uro-
ot8Hi6.g;ana;$i:44 respect-,
etaRetms means
of conveying our
tiue wish tot
t . i 1 . 'A i "
iyely. The prizes Included one
first, six, seconds, two thirds, one
fourth and. one fifth In the Pa
cific International; two firsts
four seconds, two rourths and
two fifths in the Spokane Wes
tern Royal fair; and three firsts,
tlx seconds, three thirds two
fourths and one fifth In the Ore
gon Stat fair.
A statistical record of the
club's activities for the past year
show that .22 pigs were raised,
costing $280. Prizes won were
$462, while sales amounted to
$355.50. Invoice was placed
at $270 and net profit $814.50.
Homer Bay disposed to all of his
stock for $300.50.
'..'Mr. Bailie, who has sponsored
the club from its infancy, states
that although the present mem
bership Is extremely limited there
are openings in the organization
for two or three more enter
prising boys who can show abil
ity to produce results. The, pres
ent members of the club are:
Lyle Rains, Lester Rains, Leslie
Davis, Glen Mathis, Carl Ram
seyer and Homer Bray.
farmer gives
money Away,
think crazy
Santa Claus from Idaho Hands
Chit $1,000 BiHsj Turned
Over to a Hospifal
CHICAGO, Dec. 23. An excess!
of Christmas good-will - tonight
landed on G-us- Mallackas, aged
43, who says he is an Idaho far
mer, in the psychopathic hospital
En route to Chicago on sT Chi
cago & Northwestern' tralii Mal
lackas, carrying $ 1820 In cash
and two suitcases! ' secured with
a huge padlock, began distribut
ing his .money among the passen-:
gers and crew. t The . conductor,
after receiving , a $650 present,
collected the , funds . again, and
turned the farmer oter to the po
lice. At the station Mallackas
handed the - captain's secretary
$1,000 and. told him to go but and
buy a turkey for Christmas. ,
t4 'V
- j.
Grateful to the public for its
patronage, we wish you,
one and all
A Mgrry Christmas
- and- V;
Happy New YSar
Merchants Unable to Fix
Time of Transactions
Notes New and Crisp
LINCOLN. Neb.. Dec.. 23.
State Sheriff Gus Hyers has re
ceived information, he announced
this evening, . to the effect that
two five-dollar bills, correspond
ing In serial numbers with those
stolen by the. mint bandits at
j Denver, were expended Friday,
one at Hastings, Neb., the other
at Aurora, Neb.
In each instance, according to
the sheriff's information, the cur
rency went over the counter of
merchandise establishmets in pay
ment for purchases. Discovery
of the bills was not made until
Friday, and suspicion was not
aroused when the purchases were
. The merchants In the two
towns could not, according to the
report, fix the time of the trans
action, nor did the clerks han
dling the money pay any atten
tion to it at the time it was. re
peived. .According to the report
reaching the state sheriff, the
bills were new and crisp.
When told tonight that police
authorities at Hastings and Aur
ora denied knowledge of the pass
ing of bills corresponding witli
those stolen at Denver, Sheriff
Hyers said he was not surprised
at the denial, nor would he at
tempt to explain it.
"My information came from a
man of unquestioned reliability,
and I believe it," the sheriff said.
"I cannot now say the source of
my information."
Prince Aage Decides p
Returnjo French Army
Prince Aage, son of Prince "Wal
demar of Denmark, who fenouno
ed his throne to. marry an Italian
countess, has accepted a commis
sion as major in the French col
onial forces.
Prince Aage, some years ago.
was an offieer of the French for
eisn force?, bnt left to Join his
own regiment ot the Danish Roy
al Guard. He will be sent to
Morocco and will be accompanied
by his wife and little son.
Shooting Follows Altercation
Between Rival Bus Line
, BEDFORD, Ky., Dec. 23.
Five men were wounded, one
seriously, in a pistol battle here
tonight. Three of the wounded
men were bystanders.
Those wounded were M. E.
Sanders. 45, and Sam Boatwright,
34, said to have been principals
in the exchange of bullets and
Vivian McManis, Charles Tingle
and Claude Hackney. Sanders,
the most seriously wounded, was
struck by two bullets, one pass
ing through his right lung.
The shooting was ssld by spec
tators to have followed an alter
cation between Sanders and Wil
liam Hood, rival operators of
automobile bus lines. Boatwright
was declared to have become in
volved in the. light. ,
We are
fully worthy
To You and Yours Mfe ;;v v,-
.Merry ( ' :
Christmas t v 's M. I
HVI W n - - r- ' J
I P Ur Big sPecial Christmas' Offering .. . '
! S 2? - I
11 ' wmm r mrnrnl. 1 ,, , a5S3r
Aged Slayer of John Becker
Freed by Governor Rit
ner Yesterday
Morrison Campbell, 72 years
old, who was serving a life term
in the state penitentiary upon a
conviction of murder in Douglas
county, was late yesterday par
doned conditionally by Governor
Ritner, in time to spend Christ
mas with his aged wife who is
now a resident of Salem.
Campbell was received at the
state prison June 30, 1914, and
most of the time since has been
a trusty at the prison. At one
him to go home unguarded to
spend his golde-n wedding anni
versary with his wife.
Campbell killed a man named
John Becker. There were no
eye witnesses. After the shoot
ing Campbell gave himself up to
the officers. He claimed that
Becker was in the habit of driv
ing his livestock upon Campbell's
property. It was during an al
tercation over this, Campbell
claimed, that he shot and killed
Becker. He claimed self-defense.
The shooting was near Melrose
in Douglas county.
After C&mpbfiU's incarceration
Have And To
proud to present this splendid picture to the people of Salem. It is
picture entertainment the type of picture that everybody likes and
of the Christmas season and spirit : r
The Theatre
his wife moved to Salem and his
been in almost destitute circumstances-
for some time. It is
said they will continue to livi
The pardon was recommended
by the state parole board.
The condition attached to the
pardon Is that if Caanpbell
should commit another serious
infringment of the law he must
go back to prison. His citizen
ship Is restored.
Yesterday in Washington
The senate and house, aft
er a brief session, began their
Christmas recess and the
i government departments took
a half holiday by order of
President Harding.
Secretary Weeks disclosed
that much progress already
has been made on the plan
for industrial mobilization ot
the nation's resources for ser
vice in a national emexgencq.
President Johnson of the
railway machinists' union
charged that the railroad
companies are "squandering
money in a fight against their
employes who went on strike
last summer.
Chairman Curtis of the
senate rules committee order
ed the arrest of all bootleg
gers found t in the capital
building regardless ot who
may Intercede in their behalf.
Senator Johnson of Cali
fornia publicly, attacked the,
Betty Compson
Bert Lytell
one of the greatest romances
proposal .of Senator Borah bt.
Idaho,. another member of the :
Irreconcilable group , fo a
new economic , disarmament,
conference here. 'r, ,...,. ,
Tiervttk, itmf&t mi frittiemtnurmit
Gril, Ekctr McUnical, Wlnlna ,4
Ardutecmnt Iaiiwiag. .Spciloumia .
AutwaotMl EogiaecriAg, MacUaa Sop,ita '
Scndcats gtt practice wiuVicaiaint, .
A Vnhmily Ctxrtt la all tli'nVlmei
dab. Dccrtcamatedto AiU crane ai.Hick
chool men caa, . coapleta our tnguvxant
eounes ia 04 aibatht actuilftuSy andcow '
intensirs methodj.' Send fdt fret Cttaloy.
ralrtoekah 1 &kgaj EackMsiff -?J ,
MaalMbiSk ' CUUUtO. CAUT.
PAINTlKfi co;
219 State St.' a
- r '"''." ri" i- --
Cor. FiwiSt;;Pkoiie937
evet written.
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