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i First Brealc in.Senatr"lrrer
conpiiaoies 7giea i wo
Formerly Held Steadfast
Allies; ;
iti .'j
Many: Fatar -Reservations'.;
--Cancellation of Debts
, IS,' DiscOOraged
.. WASHINGTON, .Decif.
X3. Toe
r. proposal ot Senator , Borah, Re-
publlcan'of Idihd," tor aa econom
a 1 1c and Biaartfiament conferenco to
. be called by Prftident Harding
' waX assailed tonlgnt by Senator
t . juuoiuu, xktsyumiuita vt waxuornui
who said . In a public itatement
mat th plan: would !'dtnm:lnto
': America's lap - the economic Ills
of Europe and, the reparations
muddle. . . , - v
Two Once Alllea r , , (
-' Senator , Johnson's statement
was the first outward'eirldence'of
a breach. In the ranks ot the sen
ate "lrreconcllables" orer; the
Borah proposal now pending on
an amendment; to . the-' naTal ap
: propriauon diu. Benaiars isoraa
1 and Johnson were steadfast Allies
throughout the long tight against
the league of tat Jons and on many
I other questions .of rfore1gir aid
domestic - policy -they '- hare acted
-v togetherv-pthert-jt-ihe..irrecon-
night to ' be opposed ' to Senator
I Borah's amendment which, latp
. oome veiore senate wpooii
reassembles next Wsdnesda and"
Senator Johnson's - public attack;
V " ftT ftfttftVftVIWkVW ! MWOTftvB
Senator Borah, had . n tSt conAnltfetl
I with colleagues' before orfertng-
the' proposal, . .
j Harding Noncommittal
.The administration's attitude
toward the bill has not been dis
! - closed, but ; senate ; Republican
, leaders' expected "'to "confer" Srtth
'President Harding before It comes
7, to a vote. Senator Watson, Re
. publican of Indiana, discussed the
amendment with the president to.
1 day, bur safdVhe v did net learn
. Mr. Harding's posUipn. Atte hfs
y White House Tisit, however, the
A Indiana ceaator saldhgxwould
not. support the amendment in Its'
present form, but WoulCfavVr
'Wservatlons," declaring against
r cancelling Europe's debts to Am
t erica : and . also against commit
ments under the treaty of Ver-
-.ailje.., ,.;, , ? : I !
-The Democratic position on the
plan also la In the maaing. Host
of the Democrats have beenex
pected tq give it their., support,
although some have said previous-
y they decided an European eco
ipmlc conference la this country
wouIi be impractlcaL In other
; Dembcratle ; quarters the' Borah
plan is hailed aa an endorsement
, ' et the Democratic position for
X American cooperation in Europe-
' ' ' bng DeSaExjpMtecT -K,
Prolonged.. ftifcussion ..otthe
Borah and similar amendments is
predicted generally x Senator
' Xing, Democrat of Utah, T, has a
Conference amendment f' pending.
' ssd the btir already, contains a
Bonie 1 provision' requesting.' the
president to' call 'another -naval
limitation conference to deal with
imall vessels and aircraft not
regulated by the Washington na
tal treaty.
EUGENE, Ore., Dec 23L The
t itate' convention of ' the Tarmers'
5 iJnlonL. f or. 1923, will neld In
Eugene in' becenSber, according 16
anouncement .ot , Lane , .county
,whd returned today
state convention . at
from the
Lebanon. '
OREGON: Se rday fair ex
; cept rainni northwest por
' tion.. jf '; V' i-y-;,, '
Maximum temperature, - 53.
Minimum t emperature .i35.;
River 4.5 feet above" normal
lereV; falling, i : v4'.-:-'..-.-Rainfall.4
'.03 1 inch.
Atmosphere, partly cloudy.
t Wind, south;
'Twas the night before Christmas,' when all through' the house.
Not a creature was stirring, nbt'eren' a" moaie;
The stockings were hung" by the chimney with care,
1 In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there;
The children were nestled all snug in their beds;
. While. visions of sugar-plums danced through their heads;
And mamma in her 'kerchief, and I In my cap.
Had Just settled our brains for a long winter's nap,
When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.
Away to the -window I flew ltk'e a flashV
Tore open the' shutters and tfcrW up the sa'sh.
The moon, on the breast of the new-fallen snow,
Gaye'a lustrVof midday to objects below;
When .what to. my wondering eyes should appear,
But a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer.
With a little old driver; so lively and quick
X knew in a moment it must be iSt. Nick.' 1
More rapid than eagles ,hls coursers they came
And he whistled and shouted' anif called them by name:
"N'oW,' Daaser! now, Dancer! now, Prancer and Vixen!
On, Comet! 'oh. Cupid! on, bonder and Blltzen!
v To the top of the porch, to the. top of the wall!
Now, dash away, dash away, dash away all!"
As dry jeaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
When th'ey meet with ah obsU'clermouiit to' the sky.
So,' up to the house-top' the courses ttiej flew,
With ' a sleigh full of tbys',-ani .it. Nicnofas too'. , .
Arid then In a twinkling I heard on the roof
? The pranemfg and Rawing pf each little hoof, y ;
As I drew in my. head arid was turning around,
' Dowtf the chimney St, Nicholas came with a bound. C
He was dressed all in fur from his head to his foot, -And
his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot;
A bundle of toys he had flung on his back.
And he looked like a peddler just' opening his pack. .
His eyes how they twinkled!; his dimples how merry!
His cheeks were like roses,' his nose like a cherry;
His droll little mouth eras drawn' up like' a bow
' And the beard on his chin was as white, as the snow.
The stump of a pipe he held
And the smoke it encircled
. He had a broad face, and a little round belly
That shook, when he laughed, like a bowl full of jelly..
He was ahubhy, and plumjj-a right Jolty old elf '
v i. - i Ano. i jaugnea wnen i saw mm in tpiie ok wijoil.
A witfk'of his eye and a twist of his head
Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread.
He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work;
And-filled all the stockings, then turned with a jerk,
'i' An'd Kylng his finger aside of his nose,
And giving a nod, up the cnimner he rose. f
He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle,
$, iAn-J they all flew like the down of a thjstle. , ,
v. v- 6ut i heard him exclaim, 'ere he drovebut of sight :
"Happy Christmas to all, and
Protests, from Pulpit orr.Ar
buckle Avail Little-rBi- ?
: v lie"Ves Action Fair '
Is 'decision
refusal lo reconsider his d
srantina Roscoe Arbuckle a
chance to return to the films was
contained in a message today from
Will "H. Hays, chief of the movlni
picture industry, to the session of
the West Lake Presbyterian
church and various Los' Angeles
pastors who have protested against
Believes In Falrplay
Mr. Hays' message to the
churchmen, which closes with
ahdeslwlPersbnaI'' regards an
best, wishes lOTLa h.appy. Christmas
to you all," says in part:
"Everything which I said last
Sunday, night is reiterated and
emphasised. ,. 5?
"Aif Uiat time I declared and dd
no asserand have .always and
shalt; always insls:" 'Any evfl
which is In motion pictures can be
removed, and all the good r
talned at the place where the pic
tures are' made, at the time they
fare made by the men who make
them and" no" alibi, is possible.
TThe purposes ofvour associar
tlon are: Establishing and main
taining the highest possible artis
tic and moral standards ot motion
pictur production and4 developing
the educational as well as the en
tertainment value and he gen
eral usefulness of motion pic
tures. . r '
' "Would GivV Chance ! j
"This is no reinstatement of
Arbuckle nor any attempt to re
Instate him. Neither ydu npI
can do that jiThlsis slmpl-a
declaration' that I shalj not stand
in the way of this man having his
chance to go to work and make
good If he can. , . T
-I neithet ;;. sponsor, him - nor
sUnd In his way, but in a spirit; of
Christian charity and American
(Cpntlnued on para a).
tight in his teeth,
his head like a wreath.
to all a goodnight!"
RoDDers; smash window in
Jewelry Store in Broad
Daylight and Escape
NEW YORK, Dec. 23. - De
scending; from, an automobile into
the midst of the throng of holiday
shoppers... on iJTppec . Broadway,
three men tonight smashed the
window of a jewerfjr store With a
brick wrapped in towels and es
caped with seventy-one diamond
rings which they snatched ,. from
trays in the display windows.' The
rings were valuedNit 316, 000.
Brick Hurled
The robbery was carried out
with the utmost daring. Parking
their expensive looking car in the
line of automobiles which stood at
the-WriV twq,ot., the;tbandits! a
ahionably attired, strolled non
chalantly toward, , the j jeweler's
display window; leaving a , third
companion at the "wheeK
f Aldose n persons were inspect
ing the iewels.tehfnd the "glass;
when one of the new arrivals
quietly drew from under his arm
what appeared to be a parcel the
brick wrapped fV towels. oW
any of the pedestrians realised
wha was happen loir tfie parcel
was hurled at the windowTahat- L
tering the thick plate .glass, and
making the gems readily . acces
sible. ': ' r
-' .
I ' Alarm Too Late
' Gathering up two trays' ;Con
talning the seventy-one'" vatuable
rings, the bandit pair quietly
withdrew to the curb', climbed
into their car and disappeared
into the sireim of traffic' alone
the"brliliantly lighted thbrough-
fara -?-''. -j. i-.. .h b
Two customers int. eigh't clerks'
were in thq atort when the rob1
bery occrfrre A vToo laie how
ever, to frustrate the. robbery or
enable the police to prevent their
escape,' the clerks gave' the' alarni.
SUM OF $100.00
Check for Willamelte Univer
sity Endowment Comes
from Commerce &e?y
"Just to show my sympathy, 1
enclose a small subscription ' for
Willamette university," reads a
letter i received yesterday by Dr,
H. E. Morris' from Herbert Hoov
er. The check Inclosed was for
Secretary of Commerce Hoover
stated in the letter that he was a
member ot endowment , commit
tees of two other colleges, to saj
nothing of several relief commis
sions, "until my income is ab
sorbed." A number of small subscrip
tions have- been received since the
actual campaign closed Thursday
night. Many of these come from
over the state, while a few are
local, one for 1 50 having' been re
ceived yesterday.
Indian School Expects to
Put Out Championship
Team This Season
. Salem Indian, school at Chema
wa is putting wrestling on ita
regular athletic course this year.
Ellis White; former, captain of the
Salem high school wrestling squad
and one of the best heavyweights
ever developed in this part ot the
state, is coaching the team, giving
the . grapplers three nights ' a
week. They : are said to oe de
veloping rapidly into a team of
rare ability.
The Indian lads, with only a
little coaching, took on a series
ot high., school meets .last year
that .practically gave ; them the
interseholastlc championship on
their record. They decisively de
ieated Salem high and the Oregon
City team. They had only a
light schedule., but they made the
most of it while it lasted. They
fad ,ftpmeI.nieiiVwho,: with'. proper
coaching looked capable of wor)d
championships within their weight
classes;, last',., hard'; powerful lit
tle, men .Who looked able to win
uny where . in, the world. Not
many of lasl,year's,,teauv are bajk
in school this year, though' Bry
rOW,' one of their-best, is to return
after the holidays.
A series of meets is being ar
ranged to include among others
the freshmen from both O. A. C.
and Oregon, Oregon City high
school and some matches from
the Portland schools.
On Christmas day, as one of
the student sJuiM at the school,
the Alaska Indians are to meet
the wrestiers from "the states."
While several of the champions
of last year were from Alaska,
they were nt all from Polarbear
lantL. and the. states team is ex
pected, to put up a vigorous de
fense. 300 Prisoners Released
In Dublin iff Fortnight
: DUBLIN, Dec. 23. - (By the
Associated Press) Nearly 31)0
prisoners' have been released in
the past . fortnight, it was stated
at Free State military headquar
ters today,. Although the, major
ity of them were .given, pielrff rpe
dom in the last few days it was
1c no wise a Christmas arrange-,
ment. ," ,
The. course of signing, a pledge
nt, tOj beaarms against the gov
ernment had been opened to all
prisoners for. a considerable time,
the officials said.
Peasants Believe New :
Star of Bethlehem Herb
. ANGERS. . France,. Dec 23.-f-The
superstitious peasants in tnl
district who are preparing to cele
brate Christmas, are mystified bj
a hpse bright light which has ap
peared in the heavens" for' the past
two days and are asking' "is) this
a new star of Bethlehem?"
The light hat a varying appear
ance., now like a luminous star
'and agin like small crescent .of
the vaoom 4Th official meteotOj
logical' services are, puzzled and
thus far have been unable to ex
plainlts prolonged presence, al
though attributing it to a meteor
r ..J . U i J - ft, ... . . ft i . .MMMMHfttlMa -- ' -. ... .
Marion' Coun Qrganization
- With 700 Farmer Mem
1 bers- Wiir Back Proposal
Here to Limit.
Progress Toward Greater
Membership' and Better
Financing Reported
, The Marion County Farm bu
reau", with 700 members at pres
ent, and af campaign in sight to
Increase the . membership largely,
is,' preparing' to back with all
Its might the; proposal of a coun
ty farm .agent. .
. A meeting of the bureau, held
Saturday at the Chamber of Com
merce rooms, devoted most of
its time toMhJs matter of a coun
ty. Agent. In" eastern Oregon,
where the bureau Is- very strong,
the "County agent is found to be
the Ideal executive for the bet
ter-farming work ana most of the
counties have such public offi
.Fanner Support Asked
It has not appealed Quite so
strongly .to, the Marion . county
cout,; which took ;the, ground
that .the farmers themselves had
not' spoken .decisively in favor
of "'the expenditure.,' The bureau
isttow.. nlan'alng ja secure the
farmers endorsement of, such
an; appointment, beginning with
Its own membership, and spread
ing to commercial clubs, coopera
tives .and whatever organized or
unorganized' influence can be en
listed. The bureau believes that
a capable county agent is an ec
onomic investment In any county.
. Five years ago, when the Sta'te
Horticultural society met in Sa
lem, the delegates from one of
the great fruit-growing counties
of southern Oregon insisted that
their county agent, an especially
capable expert, had been Worth
1400,000 a year to their county.
That's a lot of money but they
stuck to their figures and all
over the state the bureaus claim
profit like in Kind though
not always so remarkable in
The meeting discussed briefly
the State Chamber of Commerce
pia'n to advertise the products
and develop the markets ot Ore
gon outside the state. This was
taken up at length at the recent
slate farm bureau convention in
, Plans for a better financial
standing1 and increased business
activity for the county zoiye
were" discussed. They will be
elaborated upon at the next meet
ing in January. The bureau ex
pects to get on better financial
basis and carry on a more ag
gressive campaign of farm- mar
keting betterments.
Sidney Miller of Woodburn is
president and H. G. King of
Salem, route 6, is the secretary
of the Marion county zone.
Ebert Acknowledges Private
Financial Relief for
Teuton Needy
JBERLIN, Dec. 23. President
Ebert. In a Christmas communi
cation, cordially acknowledged
private financial relief from the
Unjted States for the benefit or
Ge.rmany's hcildren, invalids and
needy. The reports received to
date Indicate that the foreign
donations for this cause far out
strip those of last year.
The New York Staas Zeitung
alone collected $45,000 for Ger
many and flS.OOO for Austria,
these sums being converted re
spectively into 500,006,000 marks
and 100,000.000 marks. Street
collections In Chicago, and. Phila
delphia netted libera sums.
Other I generous J contributions
were received from South Ameri
ca, Norway, Holland and Switzerland,-
. :
Wanderer and Four - footed
Pal Snooze Together, and
Have for Four Years
"Can ye give me and me pal a
bed?" . -r
The question was put to cTief
Moffitt at the police station' late
Thursday night. It. came from a
"floater" who had wandered in to
escape the cold night air. Appar
ently he was alone.
The chief looked surprised.
"Who's the pal?" ho asked. The
floater pointed to the floor.
By his side was a little brown
shaggy dog with wistful eyes.
The chief found a vacant cot
for the wanderer. Early in the
morning the night sergeant had
occasion to enter the Jail. A
strange sight was there for him.
Huddled up on the small cot lay
the "floater" and his little four
footed friend, sound asleep. Only
the little animal's head and fore
paws were visible above the cov
er. His body, man-like, was
stretched out in the same man
ner as his master.
In the morning someone asked
the knight of the road how long
the two had been traveling to
gether. "Oh, about four years," he
answered. "We always travels
together an sleeps together."
The floater's name,' according
to the police book, was George
Anderson. His little friend for
got to register.
Declares She Did Not Wit
ness Girl's Murder
Found m ir With Body
x PORTLAND, Dec. 28. Mrs.
Helen Leary, police officers said
tonight, has modified her story
of the alleged murder of a girl
on a houseboat here last Septem
ber by Cah Weir, 65-year-old
riyerman. She now declares", ac
cording, to, the officers, that she
did not witness the murder but
that she found Weir In the house
boat with the girl's dead body.
She fought Weir, she said, and
blackened one of his eyes. Her
original story of the disposal of
the girl's body by Weir and his
son, Cept. Earl Weir, remained
The two Weirs were still being
held In Jail tonight, the father
charged with murder and the son
with being an accessory after the
fact, but the officers said Mrs.
Leary's? modification of the origi
nal story had weakened the case.
Alaska Shivers With Zero
Temperature and South
America Swelters
Christmas weather Will ob
served in various manners
throughout the world, depending
to a large extent upon the tem
perature which will rary from
zero In Alaska to balmy summer
weather in South America.
The thermometer stood at SO
degrees today at Colon, Panama,
and swimming parties and out
door church services will appar
ently be in order there on the hol
idays. Similar and eren higher tem
peratures were reported from
some South American countries
and from southern Europe. On
the other hand, bob-sleds and
skates are expected to be in evi
dence in some western and north
ern states of this country with
the mercury at the freezing point.
Across the Atlantic. London re
ported a temperature of 46 . de
grees while it was 40 degrees at
Paris and 38 at Copenhagen.
. Temperatures in the United
States today ranged from 76 de
grees at Los Angeles and 61 de
grees at Jacksonville to 32' de
grees at Salt Lake City and - at
Buffalo, N. T.' -"v.
ran to ir
. LOSS IS $35O03
LOS ANGELES, Dec. 23. Fire" at Universal City.' a
Suburb, late" today destroyed 1,100.000 feet of; film at the
Universal, studios, gutted one building ; and : resulted in the
injury of one man. Damage was estimated at $350,000, including-
the value of the, motion picture film: v '
Between 35 and 40 productions' were included In the" de
stroyed prints. The negatives from which the prints were
made.were saved.
Workers of Salvation Army
DistriDUte Baskets to
Poor in Salem
I Christmas cheer was brought to
many yesterday through the Sal
vation army. - The organisation
was used as the distributing agent
by many. Among the many who
helped distribute the- Christmas
baskets all reported that the poor
who received the baskets freely
expressed their gratitude, f; ' v,;;
. Each basket contained tugar,
rice, beans, i corn, celery, jar
honey, canned fruit, potatoes, ap
ples and roast beef or chicken and
fn some cases there was also but
ter and bread; coffee and milk.
About 9D Imskrtswere sent out
and there are a few who have sent
in their names since the distribu
tion, and Captain Holbrook says
they will not be forgotten.
People' Are Loyal
The newspapers, according, to
Captain Holbrook, were a great
help in making the day's festivi
ties a success and he says that he
reels grateful to the good people
of Salem who stood by the Salva
tion army in its e forts to reach all
the needy in the city. There was
hot a name of a person given in
but that was personally visited
and efforts were made to provide
for all. There was a, big gather
ing at the hall for the big Christ
mas tree that was a sucess from
every point of view. Candy and
fruit were there for all and it was
a happy gathering of kiddies and
how they did cheer when Senta
made bis appearance.
.. The" program was given by the
Salvation army Sunday school and
the children played their parts
Program Given
Captain Henry J Moris acted as
chairman of the evening and the
folowing program was rendered:
Loyalty class, "Silent Night";
recitation, Colin Morris; dialogue.
"Mr. Cigarette"; Solo, Grace Bar
ker; recitation, Harry Todd; song;
"Sunshine", class; recitation,
Louisa Mayou; solos, "The Deaf
Little Baby," "Beautiful Christ";
recitation, Mary Albright; recita
tion, Francis Mayon. There were a
number of other songs and recita
tions by Tommy Todd, the Barker
family, Audry Jefferiea and Fanny
The goodly amount of provis
ions that were given to the Salva
tion army shows, . says Captain
Holbrook, that the people of Sa
lem have not forgotten the work
of the organization.
Xceds Not All Met
. Mrs. Captain Holbrook is a wel
fare worker with a vast experience
having always shown that she
knows how to reach the hearts of
the poor and needy and is always
willing to give her best for their
help, and comfort. And as lon
as there are goods to distribute
they will te given and the. Salva
tion army officers in the city will
do their best to see that all is
done to alleviate distress regard
less o the cause.
. There is still some need for
furniture and baby clothes.
CHICAGO, Dec 23. Several
persons were shaken up when two
passenger trains were involved in
a minor accident at Mossville',
Ills., today bat no one was seri
ously Injured, according to offi
cials here today: One train was
sideswlped by the Other as it was
Uaking a siding.
. , - . - ....- -
Besides the one man.' Edward
Bush, a film ' cutter, who was
said to be seriously injured,' four
others were slightly burned or
overcome by smoke. They were
Norman eKrryV an actor, fred
Archer, head' ot the art title do-'
partment and! Frank Atkinson
and Edward Curtis, film cutters.
How the fire started " could
not be learned. The flames burst -our
suddenly and the studio fire
department, assisted by "extras".
property men-and actors, waged
a sharp battle ' tot extinguish
them: ; The V? prints . destroyed
were all insured but. Universal
officials said , their . loss would
defer the release of productions
at least a month.
Former' Deputy Sheriff Be
lieved Connected With .1
Death of Men-
BASTROP, La Dee: J 3. With
a tenseness unequalled so far in
the kaleidoscopic developments of
the last few days, citizens' of thii. ,
community tonight learned - of ar
arrest this afternoon on a murder .
charge In' connection with - th
death of two men presumably af -the
hands of a white robed sanl' i
masked mob. tT, J. Burnett ot
sykea, La'., wai the tman arrested, j
The arrest here Is believed the
forerunner .of many' more"; . Buf- ,
nett is a former deputy snorlff. ,
' Gnu 3Iounted -
Machine guns were mounted on
the jail this afternoon, and.
arrested! will , face: 4 the : u bp
opening .
hearings, ordered today by the at
torney general, .under guard , of
state troops. A .
The Monroe national guard on
duty at Mer Rouge in connection
with the efforts tof-locate'.' the
bodies i?bf Wat Daniels,,! and
Thomas Richards, alleged victims
of the mob, are en route here to
join the New Orleans machine
gun company and the Alexandria
infantry company tented on the.
courthouse and jail square.'.
An Inquest was conducted be- '
hind closed doors at Mer Rouge
this afternoon over the - bodies t
cast up by Lake LaFourche yes
terday after unidentified dyna-. -miters
had made an effort to re
more them from their . watery
grave of four months. '
New Orleans pathologists con- -ducted
an autopsy to determine
how the men came to .their deaths.,
and declared the examination re
vealed that the men had- been
flogged and some bones broken .
before they died. :
Trouble Exprctal I " : . r ';
The bodies were turned over to
relatives and friends today.'- The
dead men were members ot fami lies
who were pioneers in this
parish and their acquaintanceship
is numbered by the hundreds.
Many relieve the surrender 'of
the bodies to the kin and the de-.
parture of the troops may kindle :
the outbreak between the hostile "
camps created V at IMer Rouge -since
the August kidnaping.; -
Trouble started in Morehouse 1
last summer when an alleged at
tempt was made to assassinate
Dr. B. M. McKoin. former mayor
of Mer Rouge.
Orrille P. Walby, was shot and In
stantly killed tonight by a Jrob
ber, Who paused to take' about
2 In small change before he
fled. Walby was standing behind
a counter, his Tands ra ised in the
In the S
.The (
in the!
air, when the gunman ttreA.
bullet struck: tne grocer
heart and he died Instantly,