The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, December 02, 1922, Page 8, Image 8

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'if a man can write a better book, oreach a better sermon, or make a better mouse trap than his
neighbor, though he build his house in the woods, the world will make a beaten path to his door.1
Schedule Drafted by Inter
national Commission Af
ter Six Months
SHANGHAI, Dec. 2. China's
new tariff schedule drafted by an
International commission that was
In session la j Shanghai , for six
months and designed to fix an
effect We .5 per cent ad valorem
tariff, will to Into effect Decern
ber 1 with the proviso that all
goods consigned, to China, ship
2ed and en route before Decem
ber 1, shall be permitted to, enter
the country under the old tariff
It is estimated that tinder . the
newly fixed schedule China's rev
enues will be! increased by be
tween ten and twelve million dol
lars, Mexican, a year.
The revision of China's tariff
i la accordance with the pro
gram laid down at the Washing
ton disarmament conference. Fol
lowing the tariff commission con
ference that was held in Shang
hai, another -commission Is to sit,
probably early next year, at .Pe
king, with the purpose of effect
lng a further increase of 2 per
cent, eventually, according to
the program, a final. 6 per cent
Increase of the country's tariff Is
to be brought ! about, being auth
orized when Hkin the term ap
plied to inter-provincial duties
Is abolished. .4 r.-
The 'final Increase, according to
estimates, wilt considerably more
' than! double revenues over the
annual total returned under the
old schedule, even, if no consider-
foreign trade derelop. .
STAYTON, Pr., Nor. 29. Jaa.
Mielke and sister Clara,- 'Miss
Mary Tate and Norval Fisher,
"students at O.-A; C, arrived home
for the Thanksgiving holidays.
E. B. Walters, Stay ton postmas
ter, la building an addition to bis
home; which ' will give an added
attraction to the outside and com-
'fort to the-Inside, .. i
C. J. Thomas of Mill I City vis
ited, ar few days last week at the
liome of his sister,' Mrs. W. H.
Hobon;, v ..'.
, . L. A. Darby and wife, and Mrs.
Effle Miller drove to Albany Sun
day, returning home In the eve
ning. , ," . , . T
k. . H. J. Bowe has made several
trips to Salem this week where
he la bating hU little daughter.
. Dorothy's, ayes treated. ,., -Z I
. Mr. and Mrs,. W. T. Buckle, In
company with Mr. and .Mrs. J. A.
Richards, went to Mehama Sun
day where they attended! the tur
key . shoot I Each of the women
won a nice, chicken, while Mr,
Richards eaptured a fat goose.
Peter: Diedrlck and family went
to Portland the tint of the week
whea Mr. r Dledrlsk bought the
opening stock of drygoods for his
new store. K
Mrs,; Hattle Chance has accept
ed a position at the Bon Ton con
feet lonery store and assumed her
duties there Monday morning.;
Mr. and Mrs.-Louise Sestak ar
rived here from Montana the first
of the week and are visiting at
the home of Mr. Sestak's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sestak. The
Sestaks have disposed of their In
terests in Montana and may lo
cate in the Willamette valley.
Prof. O. V. White, principal of
the Stayton schools, and his corps
of under teachers, -are In Salem
, this week attending teachers in
atitute while - the pupils are en-
Joying a week's vacation.
V Miss Clara, Minden. who held
the ; place of 'bookkeeper for the
Brown-Petrel Lumber company
for the past year, letft last week
for Oervais where she has accept
ed a position In the Oervais bank
Mr. G suit of Portland now has
charge -ot the office work here
at the milt
. Mrs. William; Crabtree was in
Albany first of the week visiting
her parents, 4 Mr, and sMrsj Pow
ell. . Mrs," Crabtree returned home
Tuesday., accompanied by his sis
ter, Mrs. Vidato, who will spend
the Thanksgiving holiday season
, here. ;" -'.'., . ,-?v..; .,, -
, .. All about : town Thanksgiving
dinners and parties are being ar-
.ranged. Many out-of-town peo-
pie are expected to spend the day
here with friends.1" - .
Elva Rlggs Is spending the week
with her parents, W. A. Rlggs and
family and will Temain till after
. Thanksgiving when he will re
turn to his work in California.
Mrs; E. L. Shepherd and daugh
jter Violet have moved here from
5 Mill City. Mrs. Shepherd Is Mrs.
William Councilman's mother.
; The Eastern Star club held an
: other of Its benefit card parties at
the Masonic hall Friday evening,
which proved to .be a charming
success. Ten tables of five hun
dred were played.! t The - honor
price, a pretty hand embroidered
towel, was awarded, to Miss Dor
othy Buckner, . and the - consola-
! tlon was drawn' for by Mrs. J. S
Mays and Joe Fery. . Mr. Fery
getting the ' prise, which, f when
opened, caused much merriment.
Popcorn and: apples were served
after the same.
: Mrs. u.;H. Massey and son
.'.Floyd drove oVer from Woodburn
Tuesday And spent the day visit
Jng among friends in Stayton, .
r - arm ? 1 - - - mm
2 L
Regular Value $3.50 each, special
All sizes in the lot sold for 88c with other
purchases in the store amounting to $10 or over.
See column No. 3.
Turkish Towels
3 large size 24x45-inch heavy jrratle Turkish Towels.
Regular $1.17 values. on
Special at 00 C
36 Inch Scrims
I A yards light ecru ,white and fancy bordered 36
1" inch Scrims. $1.60 values. - rift
inch Scrims. $1.60 values.
Imported Pongee
Iyard 12 mominie regular $1.25 grade
Pongee. One day Saturday,
36 Inch Percales
6 yards of light or dark colors, best scout 36-inch
Percales. $1.50 values. - QQ
Special 00 C
Store open
9 p.m.
Curtain Marquisettes
C yards 36-inch regular 25c yard, fine grade mercerized Cur-
aj tain Marquisettes. $1.25 value.
Ripplete Cloth
'C yai"ds genuine old fashioned grade, blue, pink, yellow Rip-
O plete Cloth, $1.45 value.
Special at
36 Inch Kimona Crepe
3 yards regular 29c grade, fancy designs in this 36-inch
Kimona Crepe. Regular $1.17 value. QQ
Silk Tubing
Iyard regular $1.49 yard underwear Silk Tubing. OO
In all colors - OOL
Column No. 3
Sugar Purchases Not Included
Values that Will
Make You Stop
to Catch Your Breath in Astonishment
The articles listed in this column are sold t
88c with purchases of 10 or over. Prices guar
anteed as long as given quantity lasts.
Sale Begins 9 a.m. Saturday
5 "
5 bbls. best Valley Flour, value to J 1.50
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Special each OOC
10 dozen Carnation Milk,
dozen value.
Special at
$1.50 per
... 88c
5 cans of No. 10 Pail Lard, regular
price $1.50 per pail. QQ
Special for -v OO C
10 pkgs. 6 lbs. each, Economy Coffee,
$1.50 value per package. qq
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10 dozen cans of mixed Staple Groc
eries, such as Pork and Beans, Corn,
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120 Sale Price Packages Listed in This Special Feature
XOTEi Each sack of flour, each dozen cans, each sweater, etc., are listed
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as usual
of 50c
or over
Georgette and Radio Silk
Were Priced to $5
(2) (2)
All sizes in the lot sold at 88c each with other
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See column No. 3.
Men's Wool Sox
3 pairs heavy quality gray, white and blue Men 'a Wool
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2 pairs fine quality assorted colors in Men's Fibre' QQ
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From Every Angle This Will Surpass
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Corduroy Velvet
yard blue, coral, rose yellow, red
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Eighty Eight Day
Special . . .; ,
36 Inch Lingette
yard ot the most popular under
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yard brown, navy, black, maroon
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ues in the lot tqtfvi "QQ
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yards of dark colored, much, want
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Co) (o)
o fo
Will Do More Tomorrow than Dol
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25 Dozen
Mina Taylor
Fine tailored, nationally famous Mina
Taylor Dresses, in many new patterns and
Values to $1.7.1, special at
12 lbs. Cane Sugar 88c
5 lbs. Economy Coffee 88c
11 lbs. Cocoa la bulk ..88c
6 lbs. lard in bulk :88c
S lb. pkgs. Velvet Tobacco 88c
Brooms, value 1 5,c each, 2 for 88c
S sacks Cornmeai- 88c
100 lbs. best Spuds 88c
50 lbs. Dry Onions 4
22 bars White Wonder Soap , . . . ,88c
88 c
Men's Leather Gloves
2 pairs fine 65c quality, all sizes,
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Special ,
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In every instance large stock of the articles advertised, we reserve the
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9 cans Pork and Beans . .
7 cans Standard Tomatoes
13 lbs. Hard Rice ....
13 lbs. White Beans . . .
15 lbs. Oatmeal
9 cans Milk, tall
8 cans Corn ...
8 cans Salmon .
........... .".88e
16 American Sardines