The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, November 29, 1922, Page 8, Image 8

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.-: ' : pessimistic
American Insistence of Open
Door Policy Affects
Calm of Meet
LAUSANNE, Nor. 82. (By the
AMocUted , Press.) A spirit of
uncertainty and "a note of pessi
mism are apparent in the Near
Eaat conference, yet the chief
delegations bare pointed out that
the work of the conference was
1 steadily continuing and the vari
ous delegates were gradually and
helpfully getting a closer under
standing of one another's views.
Gloom Apparent
The gloom has been due to a
variety of causes, most of which
' are outside the conference itself.
Reports of French precautionary
preparations for the occupation of
Ruhr, rumors that the Brussels
reparations conference would be
postponed, the announcement that
the, revolutionary tribunals at
Athens had condemned the lead
ers! to death and the Insistent
claim that the Mosul oil dispute
was seriously holding up the work
of the frontier commission, all
, hare contributed to make Lau-
sanse oneasy-
Furthermore, doubts as to the
exact role Russia will play at the
conference hare excited appre
- fceneions. The Russians hare an
nounced their actlye support of
the Turks In all Turkish claims,
and by some are expected to plead
the Turkish cause as If It were
their own. To what extent they
will be able to participate in the
conference still remains In doubt
American Policy Affects
England and France seem de
. termined not to permit more than
a discussion of the Straits, hot
it is reported that actual discus
sion on the Russian peittion is
held up until the Italian dele
gates hear from Premier Musso
lini, who has been advocating
great freedom of speech at Lau
' sanne..-'. . r ;
t American official Intervention
-insistence upon the open door
policy In the Near East contin
ues to affect the calm of the con
ference. It appears especially to
hare afforded a great moral sup
port to -the Turks in their general
demand for treatment on a basis
of equity.
. Turks Welcome Americans
Turkey will .be glad to make
a general treaty with the United
States, and will be happy to be
gin negotiation at any time. Ismet
Pasha Informed the Associated
Press tonight.
The representative of the Kem.
alist government has not yet be
gunany treaty pour ' parlors with
Ambassador Child, but said he
stood ready .to Inaugurate an ex
. change of views at the first avail
able moment.
"We should' have a new trat
dealing with commercial and con
sular matters." he continued. "I
hope, above all, that American
will not worry about the future
of educational 'and philanthropic
Institutions in Turkey. We want
them to stay, and have no inten
tion of adopting laws which would
embarrass the continuance of the
admirable American altruistic
work among our people."
Court Said Fair
Ismet seemed anxious over the
American attitude 'toward the
American attitude toward the
Turkish demands for abolition ot
the capitulation, saving".
"We Wish to establish our own
courts and try all cases. Foreign-
ers may be assured they will get
a fair trial. We have heard that
Americans and others . object to
our courts, as founded on the re
ligious tenets of Mohammed. This
Is not true. Religion is one thing
to our country, law, another, and
the law will be fairly and honest
; ly administered.
. Armistice Still la Force
Ismet Pasha objected in
Near East conference to refareno
to the Mudros armistice (signed
i oj me auies and Turkey In 1918)
and insisted that the Mudania ar
mistice,! relating to the Turko
Greek war, was regarded by the
Kemallsts as the only one under
which they were operating. This
brought a protest from Lord Cur
son, who said that Great Britain
; certainly 'regarded the armistice
which the Turks made at the end
of the great war as tm in force,
and could not accept the sugges
tion that . mention be made only
: of the armistice negotiated at the
end of the recent fighting between
Greece and Turkey.
Moslem Want Reparations -
., ,Thls difference arose at the af
ternoon session, when Turkish fin
ancial and economic questions
were under consideration. Ismet
Pasha and former Premier Venl
xelos engaged in a ions; discus
sion of the claims Turkey and
Greece have against eaca other.
Ismet Insisted upon repraatlons
from Greece for the losses suf
fered by Turkey when, as he put
it. the Greeks retreated recently
and destroyed the Smyrna area.
Execution News Stirring
The news of the executions of
the ministers at Athens r caused
TT?at cUemcnj 'among ft? Rele
gates to the Lausanne conference
tonight. Former Premier Veni
zelos of Greece denied himself to
the newspapermen. The other
Greek delegates said that without
official information they were un
able to say whether the executions
would have any effect on the po
sition of the Greek delegation.
they figure that to send the lads
to the nenitentiarv would be
Baptismal Service to Be
At First Christian Church
The special services conducted!
by Dr. F. Betts under the Chris
tion and Missionary Alliance,
that have been going on the past
two weeks in the W. C. T. U.
hall, are expected to close Thurs
day evening with a baptismal
service in the First Chirstian
church. Center and High streets.
The Christian church people
have loaned their church to the
Alliance for the baptismal ser
vice. There will be preaching
by Dr. Betts at this Thanksgiv
ing and baptismal service.
The public is invited. There
are two services- a day, Tuesday
and Wednesday of this week in
the W. C. T. U. hall. The ser
vices have been marked through
out with a spirit of fervor and
praise, and have been fruitful.
Some have entered the Christian
life. Some have ben healed of
physicist ills. The Alliance will
be in the W. C. T. U. hall from
this on. Dr. F. Beth is being
urged to remain over Sunday.
Helene Gregg entertained a
number of her girl friends from
Salem over the wek-end with
a house party.
Sam Newby is confined to his
home on account of sickness.
' Esther Heckart had the misfor.
tune to fall at schol Wednesday
and break her arm. She is get
ting along well.
Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Chandler
visited relatives in this neighbor
hood Sunday.
Earnest Pearson. has been on
the sick list for about a wek.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hastings
were in Salem Saturday.
Mis Grace Chandler spent last
Sunday with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. W. S. Chandler.
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Chandler
made a trip to Salem last Satur
day. W. D. Edwards was In Salem
time to an explanation of
the school needs.
The cottage system, he showed,
brings to the boys the one thin?
that most of them need mere
than anything else real home In
fluences. A man and wife, to be
I ralner and mother to the bovs. lads of the school would be a
Superintendent KllSer Of jmost ol whom come from orphan- moral crime and they are left
Rnvc' 9rhnnl npakpr st i- divorced or broken up homes. : sometimes to grow up unchecked
I V opedKCl U and t0 care f0r them lQ fm&u iQ tneir own 1013 rather than
LUnCheOn lUSSOay 'home groups., he holds to be the. send them to the congregate
i only possible way to bring the school. Yet to put them into cot-
I boys to social normalcy. The tage gToups and give them home
The first Thanksgiving turkey ! present collective or congregate influences would in many cases
dinner of the year, so far as local ; 8Tstem' with aI1 the J"8 111 one . bring them back to normality and Heterogenous neap, ne cnar- save tnem to society.
acterizes. as the surest way to
ruin good boys and to make bad j A physician in the middle west
ones worse. j has discovered what he calls "fa-
Superintendent Kaser said that ; tigue intoxication." Just what
there would immediately be a ; sort of hooch is necessary to pro
large increase in the number of ; duce the result is not known.
boys in the school if they coaid j World Champion Wrestler
"! and Former Champ to Meet
that need segregation, bat i
ST. LULIS. J40., -s. -Ed
"Strangler" Lewis. world"s
divided, 75 per cent to the
and 25 per cent to the loser
wronVi to send them to corrupt "heavyweight wrestling champion. ; decmg
the IHtle. homeless. ont-oMuck and Stanislaus Zbysxko. former ipionsh Ip bel L It was an
.w v., k. . chamDion. were signed to mwt insthat a purse oi
a championship match here De-j
cember 14. it was announced to
night. The conditions of the. ,
match provide for a bout to thej The Standard Oil of New
finish with two out of three falls j sey apologises for keepiar u
deciding the owner of the chain-j stock dividend down to 40 Jt
nounced cent, mis musi oe a stmre
would be real grief to the stockholders.
chronology reports, was that
served to the Kiwanis club Tues
day noon at the Marion. White
meat and brown, genuine old col
onial stuffing and gravy, pumpkin
pie, new-fangled ripe olives, po
tatoes mashed white as snow, and
cranberry sauce and lettuce
leaves, all were on the bill of fare.
It took a longer time than usu
al to dine; and hardly a word
was said except "Please pass
things!" until It was all over. The
club passed a vote of thanks to
Manager Pierce for his thought
fulness. Those who couldn't speak
made signs, and it was absolute
ly unanimous.
Albert Gille presented two vo-
cal numbers, "Life's Perfect Pro- j
mise" and "Thank God for Gar- j
dens," with Miss Findley as ac
companist, that were finely ren
dered and received with genuine
W. L. Kuser, superintendent of
the Oregon boys training school,
was the speaker of the day on
the, general topics of "Boys."
Because of the approaching ses
sion of the state legislature, that
is expected to take up the ques
tion' of a new building site for
the proposed new boys' school,
Mr. Kuser devoted much of his
Ladies' Handkerchiefs
Plain and novelty handkerchiefs for women.
Dainty colored, bordered, sheer fine quality hand
kerchiefs in pink, blue, lavender, rose, green, etc., fast
Also plain white cambric dainty embroidered de
signs in one corner.
10c to 59c Each
Buy them by the piece or fancy boxes.
Commercial and Court Streets
' " " ' "
' 4" '' ' - i' -s if -t( i J s,., HATH vtt&Kn
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If you have ever wanted freedom from your
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This Week
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This $7.50 sot
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These tools fit compartments in a special
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at each tool even when the work table 13 extended!
You can furnish your
home for y from our
Exchange Department
Good Furniture
Trade in your used
goods as part payment
on new.
W saving hhim wwwaU. stfm j j
20 Skaggs Stores
In Oregon
Is the accomplishment that SKAGGS UNITED STORES have achiev
ed since their entrance into this State, covering a period of less than
18 months.
This success is only made possible thru the confidence of these thou
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and Cane .... $1.49
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Cluster After Dinner Raisins,
package . 25c
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Skaggs Meat Market
Has grown in accordance with our grocery department By the
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