The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, November 17, 1922, Page 8, Image 8

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J V ' . ,. .. - - ' ' . ;'- :"W ,.V . ' J.:':' . B
1 The TJ. 8. army dirigible C-2 in her flight tronv Langl--- Field;
Va to Bom Field. Arcadia, Cal., naklng atop at Atom. OMe:' Fort
kuu una.: Broomeia. Ban Antonio and D Paso. Tex. and Ynma. Arts.
, ThU above the C-2 in her flight across the Western plains ta the first
fusmpc or a cingiwe to make a cross eovntrr flight.
N ati ve Riflemen Unable to
Closa'One Eye Without
-:t Closing the Other
Tn - preparation for the first na
tional rifle-match to be heldiir
v. Haiti, - this' 'American- officers of
the Haitian gendarmerie are En
grossed in teaching' their native
. riflemen ; tow ; to r wlnk; When
rifle , practice was taken njt In
earnest for., the first tlm( this
; S&fkfaoftt ':iti$: nat-Jre ! (troops.
their Instructors Immediately were
confronted. with the 'practically
unireml failure o( the gendarmes
to close their left eye when sight
ing along thajspringfleld barrels.
Experlnients Jgliowed Jtl?t ;they
. .were unable to close' one eye with-'
out closing the otherr pr to open
one ye without 6peaing the oth-
- er ' At first tna. expedient of put
ting a patch over the left eye,, or
" tying a handkerchief across it,
had to be 'resorted to. Ai' this
did not prove satisfactory. Gene
ral Douglas fC. MacDougal, chief
o tbe gendarmerie,4; had a. shot
of .national reputation In the
United States, lnstrocted his Offi-
. cert to teach .the gendarmes the"
principles otwinking, . . :-- f
Gold Watch Offered . v
' At , the f . recent departmental
shoots; held to select elght-mah
teams for the national match,; the
scores made by tte leading genf
darmes would haVe compared very'
creditably with that of . the morfj
darmes are . absorbed . In. their
newly found skill, and the spirit
of rivalry is 'a ke - that Presi
dent Borno has .offered to the best
Individual shot a gold watch and
aa autographed; letter of commen
dation. With that championship
will'go tie unwritten title of the
most expert winker In a country
where' wtnkiny has been a ''lost
art nntil the last few weekj. "
"Case Mot Held Guilty by
Jury 6n Cruelty Charge
- , - ; George WC Cose, charged -frith
craelty s to an animal,' was ' ac
qulted by Jury tn the. Justice court
yesterday, after less than ten
mjqtttes of deliberation. v Case
,wa accused pt : leading a cow
, from his automobile until if be-
rEat Leas Meat,' Also Tak Glass of
Salts Before Breakfast ' r
Too much meat may form uric
acid, which excites the kidneys;
they become " overworked; get
sluggish, ache. and feel like Jump?
,ot 1 :; lead. v , The : urine', becomes
cloudy;) the bladder is Irritated,
and: yon may be obliged to seek
relief two ar three times, during
the night. When the kidneys clog
you must help them flush off the
body's urinous waste' r, you'll he
si real sick person shortly. At first
you feel a dull misery. In the kid
tey region; you ,' suffer . from
backache, sick - headache, dizzi
ness, stomach gets ' sour, 'tongue
coated 'and you feel rheumatic
twinges when the weather Is bad-
Drink lots of .water; also; get
from any pharmacist four ounces
' of : Jad Salts; take a tablespoon-
fur in ; a" glass of water bet ore
breakfast for a-iew days and
" yenr, kidneys mijr then . act fine
This famous salts is made from
the acid of graphs and lemon
nice, - combined - with lithia. and
bas.been.nsfd tor generations to
clean clogged kidneys and stimu
late-them to normal activity.' alio
to belp neutralize the - acids in
urine, so it no longer is a source
or lritation, thus often ending
bladder weakness. '
' ; Jad Salts' Is laexpenslve, can-
xnot injure; makes a delightful
: euervesceni nth, water drinlt
which everyone should take now
and then to help keep the kid
neys clean and active. Druggists
here sa they i sell U lota of Jad
feaits to .'oiks who believe tn cor
reeling kidney trouble while i it
came exhausted and then drag
ging It Into a ditch.
Case contended that the . cow.
which belonged to James Felers
was trampling on his eloVer and
that he was taking It home when
It became stubborn and refused to
go further. Tie stated that he left
the cow In a ditch temporarily to
teek necessary help and that
while he was gtne the cow was
discovered by the owner. The, evi
dence was not held sufficient to
convict the defendant of craelty.
Wrap Well, Mail? Early
Is Posjlaf Admonition
"Wrap well mail early!" This
noW familiar Christmas slogan of
the postoffice department already
has started across. Expecting an
extra heaVy Christmas . business"
this season, department "of ficiala
are warning' postmasters to : lay
their plans early. .1? " v
J9a : well has the postoffice ' ser
vice been organized of Jate years
tlat no new methods' wilt be fifed
this rear; Postmasters' whose
'patronage-Ms so large thit great
ly augmented working staffs are
needed, have -been directed4 td
give-, first ' preference"' In employ
ment to men with families, and
those long out ol a Job. .
.Christmas always costs' Uncle
Sam beUeen f 6ur and fife nrii
Hon dollars for extra clerks, car
rfersV trahsportatlda facilities and
renting of 0ttr;; qdartctrst'5'
Bradstreet Report Says ' -
Building Snows increase
KEW Y01&C Not! 16.4-Bttlld-
Ing operations show increased' ac
tivity for thfs season of the year,
according to .rBadstreets'a" report,
Issued today and -based on retarns
from .181 cities.- - For October,
.building '.Expenditures totalled
$ 2 0 4,2 6 0,1 S 4 as . against $ 1 9 7
62,'498 in September, 1922. knd
15 5.5S 6.555; fo Dctober,-192 . -'
uniy two groups of cities,- west
ern and southern, phew a decrease
in building- operations in October,
1922, sis compared .with tho pre
ceding month. All groups, bow
ever, show an increase. In October,
this year over building expendi
tures in October, 1921 .-
Pope PfuCondemned for
Stand ln MacSwmey Case
r , r men?, presioem; oi law .Am
erican Association for the recog
nitlon of the Irish Kefublic, sent
a cable message to Pope, Piuel. at
Rome tohlghtni: reference to Miss
Mary MacSwiney, .who1 Is 4 prison
er of the Irish. Wee State and on
a hunger' strike 4n h Dublin pris
on. . The message said:' '
"Liberty, loving people through
out the world view with conster
nation and horror your permitting
Irish clergy to refuse- sacrament
to Mary MacSwrney, thus outlaw
ing to the whole world means of
moral force and' leaVong no alter
nativq except dependence solely
on physical ' force ;
Fishermen's Paradise
Is Destroyed by Fire
glers, guide and sportsmen gen
erally, who are interested In con
serration of the country's Inland
game fish. supply are warned by
the bureau of fisheries to take es
pecial pains to prevent forest fires
as these have been responsible for
widespread destruction of fish.
Streams that once teemed with
trout now have not a single fish
as the result of a forst fire, bu
reau officials say. . They - believe
their destruction resulted from the
increased alkalinity or the watej,
due to the leaching out of the ash
left by the fire.
- f
Live Fish. Transported
Over Long Distances
TOKIO, Nov. 19.A method of
transporting live fish ; long dis
tances has been discovered by Dr.
Chtyomatai' lshika wa, . jprofessor
of the Tokio Imperial university.
by infusing a quantity of oxygen
in the water of boxes df ubly lined
with sine in order to prevent any
leakage. The method proved suc
cessful and will be again tried
with "ayn.r a kind of trout which
H hitherto has been believed lm
possible to transport alive. It is
very important for the Japanese
people to' obtain 'i fresh fish, one
of the national dishes being raw
1 . " " ! ...... t -
Desoiate Stretch in Indian
Ocean to Be Explored
by French
PARIS. Nov. 19. Kergnelon
Land, or Desolation Island, In the
Indian ocean half way between
South Africa and) 'Australia, is
soon to have one of its infrequent
visits from the white men.
Trip Opposed
A, French expedition now is be
Inr organized for a six month3
stay, bent on making the bigge
possible killing of sea elephants
and sea leopards, two types of
large seals found In those waters.
Opposition to the trip has de
veloped among humanitarians and
scientists, for the sea elephant In
particular faces extinction. The
last expedition In 1908 killed 2,
249 sea elephants in ten days'
work, and brought back 1 50. tons,
ol valuable oil.
French Flag Foand
Kerguelen Land has a cprjous
history. Captain Cook, the Brit
ish navigator, while , cruising In
the Antarctic sea-suddenly came
upon this dreary island, covered
with moss and unproductive, al
though long thought fo b under
laid with coal beds. He landed
and was 'about to take possession
if It tn the name Of his king when
he found a French .flag flying,
raised byt Da KergueW shortly,
before, probably about 1772. , The,
British' sailor swallowed his disV
appointment and in his log-book,
recorded only that hie had landed
on "Desolation Island," Ignoring
the Frenchman's visit, "
Island Identified"
' Tears-later an inquiry reached
the French vtaval offices asking
for information about the island
or, Kerguelen. vThe naval depart
ment searched Its records, high
and low, but found nothing. The
question was referred to the Brit-
isn admiralty. wljn a request for
an answer; which came in a" few
days. The island was identified
by the British as the one regis
tered onFrench charts , as .Deso
lation; island.'; . ,
American whalers visited the is
land early in thC8th century for
old blubbers stations with cauld
ron's marked "New London" were'
found' there in 1825
ShoDkeeDeY'5 Blamed
"for-Allowing Students
;V . 'Too Much -Credit '
K-r r
fj$t'htor,' 1 &--Mnch criti
slsm -has been directed againsfc
the faculties of Cambridge and
Jxford, xas being responsible for
the extravagant life led hv mm
f ihe undergraduates of the vnt
rersities. The subject ' sained
wide-jpubllclty recently when a
student committed " suicide - be
Sanse of financial difficulties.
Oxford ytiiyerslty, ixi his addrws
ai toe opening or tne rail semesr
ter,r.s.ald .he had to admit tbatj
compiaiptstCl occasionally - loqgQ
. ;
ft Wffl Be
"Ait nnnit
When You kead
1 jKSrTTK-'. .. -to,
. STT. i. , - ff , - - - N
- - ... . . j
. -a
The old United States warship
i v- ...
-;:'i "hi
when, guided by wireless from a destroyer, she wUl become the target
jf the Atlantic and Pacific fleets at the Pacific- entrance of the canal
during the ioint maneuvers scheduled for February 19-Marcn S0. C
against' undergraduates of extrav
agant' living, were not altogether
without,' foundation. He. blamed
the local shopkeepers for giving
students credit, and - urged ' that
students be limited in the amount
of money allowed them.
Dr. Farnell pointed, out that
Miff r'VffHif
Protect Your Home From Cold
; Old King Winter may lay his icy hands on the out- '
tide of your borne but hell never get inside the bouse
if you have a Sunbeam Furnace there to protect it,
j The Sunbeam" ccverts the cold blasts of winter
into a gentle circulate of , healthfully wanned air.
No tnatter.what the Weather may be outside, it will
aiaintaiathe desired temperature in every room in
the house with a sxirprisingy small consumption of
fueL Come in and let us shWyou why. There's still
355 CrieifleKeU
.... ' .v 3
Take our tip and 1
WabcftfoF it
Is thus shown as she will appear
the days of "Pendenais," . wh.en
undergraduates were allowed to
have parties in their rooms1 aid
to be without restrictions &
school hours, had gradually -come
to an end, and he said that now
adays cases of drinking . among
students were almost unkaown.
Phone 1906;
ujusw-a ' 'inrr
-., v. ill
h Hr . r T't-i
fsV: - J 1 '' '''-:"Sf:-
v m II
Leeal Representative De-
x; dares Combining for Ef-
ficiency All not
WICHITA, Kas.. Nov. 16. Op
position of the national grange
to the proposed merger oi me
Armour and.Merris Packing corn
Denies was voiced here tonight by
T. C. Atkeson, Washington, D. C,
legal ' representative of the Na
tional Grange and member of the
executive committee. .
"Our general attitude through
out the history of the grange has
been one of opposition to monop
oly in anv form. We believe that
a there is an increase in- monop
oly, there must be a likewise in
crease In , government control or
ownership. f"or the more" the peo
ple give up protective competition
the more they, are glring up their
only means of protection. Mr.
Atkeson said: "Merging ror
greater efficiency and to give the
common people better prices is all
rot," he declared.
Mr. Atkeson made his report
before the session of the work
done'during the past year by the
national office in Washington. He
felt that the interests of , agricul
ture had received much consider
ation and that the farmers had
been fortunate In the matter or
the tariff.
A tickless clock Is the latest in
vention. But who wants a tick
less clock? What a friend the
kicking clock is in a still night. It
is as if there was sbrne one else In
the, room. Exchange.
A ST &
oPhonbC.O.D. Orders 186-198 . & r
Our regular "every day f prices kwill fsstye ymjffif
Peotfie fdr miles around ire taking
prices and' many
pays them well tor the long distance
Vim Flour. . . . :$1.85
Cipwn Flour ;v. $1.S5
Dari Gold, MM, 10c per
can; ICt pans . T. . . .95c
Carfiorij Alpine, Bor-
derfsf llc per can, 7
.cans . , ......75c
' m..
8 lbs: Snowdrift . . .
4 lbs.- Snowdrift .... .74
3 lbs. Crisco .... . .67
6 lbs. Crisco . . . $129
9 lbs. Crisco . . . . . . . .J.87
7f hs always been the policy of the BusickiStdres to
give i;he customers the best prices po6ei jf .;iWany
'manufacturers special advet- ,
thing allowances. ?''Mayslor(ss; do noiipass these
specials on to Xheif customer;. The following items
are specials forriSay and Saturday. : r t
Creme Oil Soap, 3 for .15
Palm 6ir?e, 3 ar ...20
Fell Naplha, 10 for.65
Crystal White Soap
6 fcr .25
1 II I ' " II Wl M -
La3ies';New Skirts
' -Just Received
- .3 I i " I
?f, it --J ; '
bs M
"' T'v -X'. '
Time was when the separate skirt wis more or less
a makeshift in the wardrobe, but no longer so, and the
Visa of today must have at
wardrobe is complete. 1 . . ,
New Wool Plaids and Prunella Stripes are all the gtx
Two Qaa&ies-Specially Priced
$3.98 and $6.75
oi our customers teff''mg:
Our Regular Everyday Prices 1
Campbell's Tomato
' Soap, 3 for ....... 5
JelM), 3 for . ........27
Calumet Baking Pow
der .... .. .. .. .26
Clean Easy, 6 for ...1.25
I11 I
least two smart skirts if her .
arid Court St. ft? I
they have to
Fancy Maryland Sweet
Corn, 7 can lie; :6 .
cans . . 60c
Golden Bantam, . . , . ,256
2for.. :;.7c
Crosby Corn ,18c, 2 for J3
ITtahFhcyRipe'Red To
maioeSjNo. 2 l-2can&al
Fancy Cut String Beans
2 cans (tot . 25c
Keliogg'sCorh FlalzasJOc
'3 ftellogs Corh Flikes
... .. 25c
3 Post Toastiei. . .25c
PL Wesson's Oil .....25
Qt Wesson's 03 .....46
y2 gaL Wesson's 00 .89
1 gaL Amber Karo .....55
2 pkg. ' Argo Corn-
, Starch .... 15
. 1
- t