The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, November 15, 1922, Page 6, Image 6

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'"0nr of "ltegtsTiow "they
t hare .giYen us yet" was the popu
' lar'yefdlct of the'large crowd that
nair -The Girl or the Flying X,"
presented by the Hickman BesBey
'stock company at the Bligh thea
ter ijast evening. Mr. Hickman's
' character impersonation of a red
headed, freckled facdt stuttering
cowhoy is one ot the ' funniest
-things, that we hare aeen in
- months, and created a riot of
. langhter. Thla show will be pre
sented again ton'ght and tomor
rownigbt and it in expected that
from the reception it was given
.ytrt);3nicef- RraemW
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oameo j tjrooKa naa
iTOtherrQ4 .now, w he
yoke ;cf a- nevr.Jottjnd lov!
iOAt: ne as sworn ojiicer,
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' .: . ' ' ' " r : t . - . . . .S. .... t.
" . UJ! " ' - j -in t i i -i i u ,u ' i ii i.i , - ,
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; 'Ji' ' V r' i ';'? if J S:-i "fi' ' - . ' ' ' ' '
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x ; r-'t-,. ..pi :' v "' ' . v
" ''"W. ' ' ; . "; "X' .:.- --.c -
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rv. .- H i v;tf-. igA r i-Kflpw . I -1
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'-"'' li"V t-" ? . tr.t.f'-'rv. ... ; : , , .
.i I ' ' "XFVA.-y li'iT '' " j . .. - i- I
.! " Til .1 lUtT. '! ' ' i . H "I
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last evening there, wilt be a. packed
house each performance-
From seven in the. morning till
eleven at sight makes up the nor
mal working day for Charles Ray,
ecreen ataif; and producer, when he
la working on a picture. During
the screening of. the film version
of "A Tailor Made Man," the first
of Mr. Ray's bigger and- bej-ter
productions under bis new c6n-'
tract whlch'i ia announced as the
feature attraction for next Satur
day evening at the Oregon ' thea-
Man's Law and God' 'Thou
Wdt KilT;!' iT TV ' v
causea vtjie aeaiti .o; ?uruce s
had the man In his -powr.:..the,
commanded reraintiing hra
or tne law. . !:!
V.!. .- f' I I i
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'r- 41 nil i jr
pomfort f and Courtesy
YOU'LL BE delighted'jjnlTi thja new Short Coat
(Jacquette), fashioned rpm silky mole, sil
vered Astrakhan and other beautifnl plushes.
Sleeves in mandarin' or tight cuff styiei Beauti
ful linings of brocaded silkamtelUc brocades, etc.
Some with fur collars. See them today. , "
"Man Law and God'
3odV and!
'mher subjects. ;
r bligh ;
Rndolph Valentino in "Rogue's
Romance" Hickman Bessy
comany in "The Girl of the
Flying X.K
House Petera in "Human
Coming Saturday and Sunday
Rudolph Valentino in his
greatest success "Blood and
ter, thia star pat in from 14 to .16
hours daily.
House Peters has always played
roles on the screen that were hu
man and natural. Seeming to have
a- penchant for illuminating the
commonplace with Tays of his own
vibrant personality be makes the
ordinary seem attractive in nun
man nature as he portrays it on
the screen. The latest and most
typically American of bis roles is
that of Tom Logan m "Human
Hearts." It comes to the Oregon
theater today as a de luxe attrac
tion. The struggle of two strong wills
for supremacy is the theme of "A
Rogue's Romance" which will bo
shown at the Bligh theater today
and tomorrow. One is represented
by Earle Williams, who portrays a
super "Raffles," in Monsieur Pla
card, a famous French thief. The
other is portrayed, by that favor! t
ot the screen, Rudolph Valentino.
Valentino is cast as The Ferret,
an Apache, dancer in a Parisian
cafe. t He represents the power, of
brute force and brawn., William
on the other hand represents the
cunning and craftinese of a pol
ished crook, , who tdoea as much
good as be does evil. ,
There are pictures which leave
the- pectao,r -. depressed, others
that" leave jlm with' a problepj on
his mind, still, others which, leave
JMm with a happy feeling so that
when he leaves the theater he' Js
full of the Joy of living and the
corners of his month curl upward
with a smile. Of this latter class
very much of it is "Man's Law
and God's," In which Jack Living
stone and Ethel Shannon are star,
red'. It being shown at the
Liberty theater.
"Rose o the Sea." Anita Stew
art's attraction which Is coming
to the Liberty theater, is unusual
for vtwo reasons that are quite
apart from i the remarkable plot
and capable direction which the
picture 'presents. The ifirst- of
these is the reappearance of Ra
ndolph . Cameron, former leading
man. on the screen. The second )
unlgae eompaet of a star Jhalng
her own leading man.
"Chuletas,"i . . ..
- bn, may haye thenvand don't
knowUti, They're not a new . va
riety of stnafl-poxnst Very, fancy
sldepurns, a 'Xeatnre of , Rudolph
Valentino's get-up as the toreador'
nero in "Blood and Sand'lris firtt
Paramoirat' starring picture, a
Fred Nfbso production which Is at the Grand theater for
t wo' -ys fe'efein nhis ISatuiday
After a brief visit at the home , salesroom. They are anxious to
of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Fletcher.! contributions of clothing for
13ST North Winter street. Mr. andle sale- The group, plan to, hr.U
Mrs. C L. Woodward and children a bazaar and cooked iood sale IH
and Mrs. Laura Woodward of!cember 2-
Walla Walla left yesterday for
southern California. Thy werej The Story Hour section of the
iv,i,ani kr !. i .io! arts league will meet tonight ia
Fletcher. The party Is
the trip by automobile.
Mrs. A. Phlminister Proctor
was entertained at lunrtieon yes
terday by a group of members of
the Salem Arts league,. The party
was composed of Mrs. John W.
Harbison, Mrs. Gertrude Robin
son Ross, Mrs. Byron Brunk. Mrs.
John M. Clifford, Mrs. E. C.
Richards, Mrs. F. S. Barton, and
Miss Renska Swartfc
Mr. Proctor was entertained by
the Kiwants club at their weekly
luncheon in the Marion grill.. Fol
lowing Mr. Proctor's, talk at the
library Monday evening an infor
mal reception was held in honor
of fr. and Mrs. Proctor The
guests gathered around the fire
place and an informal social hour
was enjoyed.
Mr. and Mrs. . Proctor are on
their way to California where
Mr- Proctor plans to complete his
statue, the Circuit Rider, which
will be unveiled on the state
house grounds in Salem next
Mr. and Mrs.. W. J. Savage
were srprlsed by a group of their
friends Monday evening at their
'home on Garden Road. The occa
sion was their golden wedding
anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Savage
have lived in Salem for several
years and have many friends here
who joined in eongratulating'them
tfi their fiftieth anniversary.
Three children, Verne . Savage,
Ennig Savage and Mrs, Del Stoner
alj live in Portland.
Supper . was. served during the
evening for the guests yho includ
ed. N-.7ViMaguper, A. Ricket, Pul
Staler, "Charles Ellison, Albert
talker, N. S. Savage", J. E. Sav
age, Mjs. SlVWalker, Mrs. C. F.
Lansia. R. , S., Stoner, Marie Ser
gent,, Mrs. C. H Aubel, Mrs. J. E.
Savage, Mrs. W.E. Savage, Mrs.
Korma Stoner, Alice E. Ellison,
Aa Simpson," Miss Esther Noff-'
ziger, Mr. , and Mrs. C. E. . Sieg-t
mttnd, Donald Slegmund, Wilson
Siegmund, Margaret Siegmund,
Anna Gleason, Mrs. M. JAValkerJ
Miss Ettle Bradford. Miss Willa
Stoller, Mr. and Mrs. William ..Mc-
Gurn,, Mr. . and Mrs. Stark, Mr.
and Mrs. Conrad,- Mrs; "H.,W, Sav
age. Mr. and Mrs. Rickett. Mrs.
Ellison and Mr. and Mise HoriWd
Noffzlger; George Cavanaugh,
Dan Mtirphy,.Mr. and Mrs. 48. M
Dingee, Mr.' and Mra;. Kostenbor
dr, Mr., and Mrs. Ed Yoang Mr
and-'Jirs. E. G. Cnrtls, MIbs Su-1
sanae , Stoner, Mis .. Ernestine
Stoner, Mr. "and Mrs. O. E. Stoner;
Mr,, and. Mrs. C. F, Lansing, Mr J
ana Mrs-iN. S. Sayageiss Eu
genia Savage, Miss' petty "Savage,1
XLatf . Mabl gayagei Muss, -Myra I
Gleason, Mr, and Mrs. A. Btolrer
Mrs. A, N. Bush will entertain
at a tea Friday for her.' house
guest, Mrs. Warren Truitt ot Mos
cowlda. The hours will be1rom
3:$ aill 5:30. Mrs. TruUt , has
many friends in Salem, where she
has visited before.
f; . . .. . J
A proposed Eymphony orchestra!
association will be considered at
a ' meeting Thursday evening in
the Chamber of Commerce rooms.
A group of Interested men. and
women-in Salem art back of the
prosed organization. It is
hoped to put the orchestra on a
paying basis and encourage the
young musicians who ' are mem
bers. Mrs. Carlton Smith; and
Miss Qornelia Marvin are among
the group backing the movement.
i The second party of the season
wasgiven Monday everiinr by the
Monday Night Dancing club in the
e-nte hall.- More than 40 couples
were present.
, Hal Hibbard Auxiliary will be
hosteBs for all wives of Soanfsb
War veterans at tea Thursday aft-1
ernoon in the"armory. Mrs. C. O. !
Wilson, Mrs. Barthleson and Mrs. i
Susie Nicholson will be hostesses
for the afternoon. : ,
The War Mothers are planning
to hold a rummage , sale a week
Any breaking out of the skin,
even fiery, itching eczema, can be
Quickly overcome by applying a
little Mentho-Sulphur, says a
noted skin specialist. Because of
its germ destroying properties,
this sulphur preparation instantly
brings ease from skli Irritation,
soothes and heals the eczema right
up and leaves the skin clear and
smooth. ' -''flfc
It seldom fails to relieve" the tor
ment and disfigurement. Suffer
ers from -skin trouble should get
a little Jar of Rowles Mentho
Sulphnr ,'frOnv any 'good druggist
and nso It like a cold vream -
1 1 - - -.. .
from todav
the library.
Story Telling secrron of arts
leaguii'ai library at S o'clock.
Lefclie Foreign Misionary socie
ty with Mrs. S- LowrjV 153?
South High street.
West Central Circle. Mrs. R. K.
Ohli'nK. i2o N. Tourth.
East Central Circle. Mrs. J.
Kiss. 960 Center.
South Central Circle, Mrs. B.
Kirkpatrick. 636 State.
Southeast Circle, Mrs. E.
Swafford, 190 S. 17th.
Yew Park Circle, Mrs
J. J.
Mickey. 823 . Twelfth.
Naomi Circle, Mrs. K. B. Mil
lard, 2011 D street.
Lucy Ann Lee Circle, Mrs. R.
W. Marsters, 1475 Court.
Chapter G ot P.E.O., with Mrs.
D. X. Beechler.
Symphony Orchestra Associa
tion meeting in Commercial
club. .
Hal Hibbard Auxiliary tea at
armory. Z
St. Paul's auxiliary' with
Frances . Newberry,
Faculty Women's club with
Richards, Lausanne hall.
Jason Lee Aid society at
A.A.IT.W. in Commercial
' rooms. .
, W.R.C. at hall.
The 36th annual convention of
the Woman's Home Misisonary so
ciety of the Oregon, conference of
the Methodist Episcopal church
will be held Thursday and Friday
of this week in Forest Grove. Mrs.
William - O. Shepard, president,
will preside at the sessions. Other
officers are Mrs. E. S. Collins, -recording
secretary; Mrs. G. H. Al
den, corresponding secretary, and
Mrs. K. P. Staples, treasurer.
Thursday morning will bede
vpted to , reports by the heads of
various - departments. Japanese
wprk will be the subject of the
f teraoan session, when Mrs. E. H.
Garton will - speak .on the .topic,
."Ouf JapahWe" Work.'' Miss Olla
G. Davis will report work done in
the Portland settlement center
and Mlrs. A. B. Manley will outline
plans fer the center for tha com
ing year. Miss Davis will ..-be the
.speaker Thursday night and her
topic .will be "Our National Con
-Election of officers and depart
ment secretaries is set for 9:15
Friday morning. The work ot the
old people's home at Salem will be
told of by Mrs. F. W. Selee, and
reports of district corresponding
secretaries will follow. A meeting
of the executive board will be held
at 1:36 o'clock. . "
Out Sizei
Full figured women win
find a special satisfaction
in the out sizes of R. A.
Underwear, both in unions
and separate jarmentx.
R. A. ' oat size garments
are full wfaer fnTlncmm is
needed without the usual
' , bunching and so will resist
strain and wear.
The outstanding featorta'
of all R. A. women's gar
meats is the long, wide,
curved gusset, which, gives
room and prevents gaping.
No bindine at the arm
holes, which are careiolly
R. A. Children's Under-'
wear is made foil in the
seat, to give freedom with
out, strain, has special but
ton holes that stay bat
toned and is made of
warm, durable fabric.
Ask the clerk to show yon
the Eight Points of Excel
lence of R. A. Underwear.
in the O. B.
Half Dozen Opinions
- Handed Down Yesterday
The followlne
handed down by
opinions were
the supreme
court yesterday:
E. ii. Radke vs Moses Tayior.
appellant appeal from, Umatilla
count v; action to recover money.
Opinion by Justice Harris. Judge
T. E. J. Duffy reversed ana case
John Irwin vs Klamath county,
au,ellant : appeal irom Kianiaili
tounty motion to dismiss appeal.
Opinion by Justice bean. Motion
Fred W. Durbin. appellant, vs
W. Jay Beuhanx; appeal from Mar
ion county; action to recover
money. Opinion by Juttiee Brown.
Judge Percy R. Kelly reversed
and case remarfded.
E; J. Fischer vs J. C. Bayer,
tiustee Eastern Irrigation. Power
and Lumber lompauy, appellant;
appeal from,' Wasco county. Action
to enforce performance oi coip
tract. . Opinion by Chief Justice
Burnett. Judge Fred W. Wilson
reversed and case remanded.
J. J. Wurfel vs Charles Buckler
aud Tone Bockler, appellants, ami
the Ralph C. Aekley Land com
pany, respondents; appeal from
Clackamas county; action to en
force performance of contract-.
Opinion by Chief Justice Burnett.
Judge J. l Campbell' reversed
and case dismissed.
In the matter of the petition
of Blinn S. Bryant for a writ of
habeas corpus, appellant, vs Sarah
Dukehart; appeal from Multno
mah county; action to recover
possession of child. Opinion by
Justice Rand. Judge W. N. Gatens
Petition for rehearing- denied in
State vs Frazerf
. MotfOn to - dismiss denied in
Irwin vs Klamath county, Wilson
vs.,Medfordf and Outcault " Adver
tising Company vs Jones.
' CLOVER DALE, Or.. Nov. 14.
L. E. Hennis returned, to Portland
Wednesday, where he 'has been
working, having conie home for.
the election.
Arthur Kunke 'spent Friday in
Mrs. Caroline Smith and Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Haling of Port
land motored Jiere Saturday to
visit 'a few hours with their
mother, Mrs. Caroline Drager.
Miss Rosa Drager, who is teach
ing In Wasco county, came home
Date Saturday evening to spend a
In the human body if you will ntf
Trunk Prescription. It is ridiculous,
absurd and preposterous. In fct, it it
pity and abm to-utfer with ltt
Itaarmatory, muscular, iciatie v or anj
otfiPr form of Kheamatisra.
Ttia. prescription DOES NOT ruin tin
art. Eat all the meat anA il
you wish whit, taking Trunk's Prescrip
tion. It DOES OX cpnain arcotici
?L"Di.r mi; tut . posUiTely overcome,
any kind of RhBnm.tii . r.J"
erth. WHAT MOiiK Twi VnnT,. ',
TT) nothing ju$t as good, and' it is
impossible to . mm.tMn. r. "
sale at Perry'? 5n.r Store! 115 S."" Co!
""""M Ht.. SHlem Or.
Reception at the Grand Theatre
November 21st at 4 P. M.
Get your tickets at the Buster Brown
Shoe Store for the reception
few hours with hr -mot ner. Mrs.
C. Primer, . '
Mrs."W .F. Wright, who has
been sick for several weeks, is not.
imprtfvtng &aUfaetrily. -
ChariU lrkef. or Portland
came Sunday morning to visit
with his sister, Mrs. U. G. Hadley
and Lunily.
W. J. Hadley. who has been
failing slowly all summer, became
bedfast this week.
Mrs. May Hadley. who became
suddenly sick Sunday evening
last, is Improving and will be up
in a few days.
Mr. 'and Mrs. Carl Wood of
Salem motorxl oat Sunday to
spentf (he day with Mr. and Mrs.
t A: Wood. - -
It is Mffiriiu-d nnd denied that
Sir Thomas Upton is coming to
the dear old United States to lift
the America's cup. So far as re
sults are concerned, it doesn't
make much difffreirce, but pos-
fribly his tea business needs the
Pure Linen Handkerchiefs with the3 finest'
Irish and Swiss hand work in many pretty designs.'
$1.50 Handkerchiefs
$1.25 Handkerchiefs .... ...
$1.00 Handkerchiefs .... ....
85c Handkerchiefs
65c Handkerchiefs .... ........
35c Handkerchief s,3 for ....
Gift Shop novelty gifts consisting of useful ,
' . . ' i --V-.4;
and unusual articles like Lemon 'Forks, : Olive '
Spears, Cookie Cutters,
Sets, Ash Trays, etc, all
greatly reduced prices.
iRflpert Hughea saysb'gH t
early days of writing, rossibi.
the editors.On ilm jcu r.oware ; f
as clever as their predecessors.
Monthly ;pa)nv
.ceuralgici" sdaii
and -rhenmnti
pains, headache, backache1 V
all other aches, are 'jfjuickljfH
lieved byr , :, . . '
Upntam rvo ; danerdus'BaBlt
try them? , .mi
,;Q Air 1.
. .
Jelly . Molds, ffdr- BrJJge !
in individual? boxes, at
: 'V '".'v- '. .
' 4 "
..... . '
' r
i '
' i
I Ml
. 9.
" i-' '
, . ...
r.v - rT
.-.. - V - . . . .