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SQUIRE EDG(j ATE This Wonderful Man Measures Up to the Height of Precision. Eh?
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COLLEGE, Conrallts Nov. 14.
i JA Homecomlnic week-end to make
; the whole state resound Novem
ber 17. 18 and 19. Is to be built
ground the annual plash between
i the . football teams of the mate
! university and college in an ef
; ffort to break the two 0 to 0 ties
played In ,the past two years.
The far reaching effect of the
Homecoming time extends to er
s ery little town in the remotest
: torner of the state, and to many
i students outside the state, accord
.'Ing O letters pouring in to the
'.Greater O-j A. C. committee.
Caravan In Two Sections
j An auto caravan from Portland
made up of more than 100 cars
(will come to Corrallis in two sec
tions, and reports that several
private caravans are coming from
.'southern and eastern Oregon have
jbeen received. Personal literature
'sent 6ut by students has brought
,an unprecedented list of answers,
iind' fraternity, houses, hotels,
foalls and private homes will be
'taxed1 t&r the utmost to provide
accommodatlona. ,
. J "librae to Victory we'll romp
y on, the green." is the official war
- cry, adopted by the committee in
l ' charge. Seats in the huge, grand
' jltand are going like hot caks.
.according to Carl Lode 11. student
jbodjr manager, and-the thousands
' it football fans expect to see a
thrillfng struggle, say letters ac
companying reservations.
m . Corral lis Prepared
?v , Corvallls wil. blossom out In
, and black, . everything on 1
, wheels in the city to be pressed
"jUito service, decorated in college
H'blors and used in a' mammoth
'Agle". , march . and ' parade
.Ibrough. the streets. ..
,Tse college band will lead the
jparade to the bonTire prepared by
4ha VTotoks." When the flame
t --Z L.
dies down the crpwd will go to
the armory,, where the old time
gridiron warriors will instill
"old fjgbt" In" the student body.
Freshmen and sophomores will
stage their, traditional bag rush
Saturday morning .on the .jast
campus, and the college soccer
team will meet North , PaclHe
Dental college of Portland at
10:30 o'clock.
Luncheons Scheduled t.
Three luncheons at 12 o'clock
Saturday will bring together most
of the prominent persons of the
state. Nearly 0 editdfs will be
entertained by the student body
or the college with; Sigma Delta
Chi. journalistic fraternity, ac act
ing hosts. Their, wives will be
feted by Scribe, women's Journ
alistic society, and the entire col
lege tea room will be, tarAed over
to Alumni for the alumnf hanquet.
. .' ... . j t s .,,, ,
A cross country- run" between
the University ' of OregW and the
college teams will. , precede the
football garnet' The; pvade, of
all letter metf" efer graduated
from the college, apd all now fit
tending, will be one' of the fea
tures of the afternoon.
Underclassmen Banned
The "Beaver eed," , at i
o'clock will bring iogether many
persons interested, fn the colloge
regents, faculty members, alum
ni. 'students and friends for a
grand spread in the college ta
room, promise the Greater O.A,C.
committee.- Speeches and toasts
make the occasion.
Growth in. attendance at the
Homecoming dance each, year has
made 'it necessary to f ban under
classmen. Only Juniors and seniors-
will be . allowed to gather
with the alumni and friends of
tile,, college tor the . danee. j Un
derclassmen will dance taj separ
ate halls.
Cue and Ivory Artist's Daz
ing Speed Completely .
Masters Horemans
iuuiiunud iron page ,y,
In that Jni-box and jweighrtSe
- eeviaencfl dispassionately. ? ;.:
i ' Rhymo andT Reason, Too,:
: -"jf AJid .there's another dark secret
ibout- tfijs JJ'proor: Ottoman's
- .culpability V in Jirfshiag To hlrk
- tnrr 'duty.;; :Th ' ; men-i-ah,' the
' . men! 3 1 i:rCA'
f When: thg. 'atHnn sun's a-shfn-Ing
:on jths shiny; Ch'iny bird, and
the squirrel's Tahlppin ' loudly
' it h ti challenge most absujrd, and
. the applo - trees are 4 laden with
1beir-kiadJSof golden fruit, and
.tho smooth , highway is sounding
o theflt,o toot-to-toot, and the
, -VanderUsfis r tlngUng In each tt
. wanaeriuster s toes, ana ope does
Vt care a copper where h tomes
or where, he goes, then the men,
-too,' thtnk ihe. sheriff is a scoun
drel grinj. aad i black, when h
comes to serve. a summons to the
Jury,- 1ox and rack. They , would
- Shoot him,' bum him, scalp him,
drowii s hlm" in the deepest ! sea,
when he comes to mate 'em Jur-
ra in nis icgai majesty, ir meyi , K.num.ifM hoxer who re
1 jeonld. they'd all escape him,-leav. Jturned today from the Cuban
ling George to do the work and lMrtttfti Re'.mer chareed that the
this Georg would ie,the woman boxing commission had
only 'iSiror-fWhafsljappened
to'them scofhd r'els, anyhow ? "
frtnth' Champion ' Beats ? r
American in Billiards
NEW,4- YOltk; iov. 14. Roger
ContI, champion OX Francedefeat-
ed fyelkei' Cochran of the United
Siatae.n 50a to 376,. this afternoon
in. the second iaatch of the inter
national "18.2 " halkline MUiards
tournament at the Hotel Pennsyl-'Vania-
''''' " , (
f 'Cohtl,s,'a,verage tras 29 1A1 and
his bMt' Vuns :wre 141,103 and
85."'', Cochran finished with an
average of 2 -2-fl and high runs
. v - . .7-
- 1-f
American Pugilists Are
' Without Funds in Havana
XEW YORK. Nov, 14. A num
ber of American pugilists art
stranded in " Havana, without
funds because of inability, to col
fleet their "share of fight purees.
recording io Joe'Selmer, New Jer-
Whom they say's aJury, shirk.
-j - 4 Comparison Not Pair , ,
It Is the' opinion of .the court,
that if the bars were let down as
far for the men as for the wojnen.
tney a have to agree to Juries of
bo or three in a case, for there
! wouldn't be enough brave, 'patriot
ic; Jury-serving men left at the
"court house to say "Gentlemen of
'the Jury" to. The court would say
For Kale by
All leading Dealers
takes no steps to see that
Ajnericans were reimbursed.
NEW YORK, Nov. 1 4 . Willie
I Hoppe gave one of his most im
:pressive exhibitions with the cue
and Ivory globes tonight while en
gaged in defeating Edouard Hore
mans, the Belgian champion. It
was" the first appearance of the
dethroned champion in the inter
national aikline billiard cham
pionship 'tournament. The ap
pearance of Hoppe in the compe
tition to regain the crown which
Jake Schaefer took from him was
marked by brilliant and sensation
al play as he outplayed the Bel
gian by the score of 500 points to
177. ' '
Hoppe ma.lntaine'd. close? forma
tions . for his compilations
throughout the contest. Much of
manipulation was balkllne nors
ing of the truest type. While not
entirely free and fluent of stroke,
for there was a propensity to fid
dle on -occasions and especially
when attempting a masse.
Hoppe's employment of English
angles and" speed so completely
mastered Horemans as to leave
him hopeless, trailing after the
early innings.
Hoppe's average was 53 5-9, the
best of the tournament so far. -and
bis high runs 134, 99 and 97.
Horemans did not employ his
famous masse with the usual suc
cess. His average was 19 6-9,
and his best runs 7(0, C2 and 25, '
Champion Senegalese
Also Taboo in Italy
ROME. Nov. 14.7 All efforts
to arrange a bout between "Bat
tling" SikP and Guiseppe Spalla
of Milan have resulted in the
closing to the doors of every box
ingclub in Italy against the Sen
egalese. ' '
The" Italian boxing federation,
learning that Siki's friends in
Milan, where be Is well known
and has. appeared several times,
were making overtures for a bout
between him and Spalla, Inform
ed all promoters in Turin, Milan.
Naples and Rome that their licen
ses, would be revoked If , the
staged a match In which Sikl
participated. .
Stabilization of Mark Said
to Be Impossible Until
Reparations Suspended
Butte Boxer Too Much
for Terrin ot St.; Paul
BUTTK, Mont., Nov. 14. After
Joe Simon ich of , utte had taken
every round by a wide margin
from Bammy,Terrin of Si. -Paul,
Mike "Gibbons, manager of the
Minnesota boxer, who was in dis
tress, ended the fight In, the 10th
round, by tossing at lowet into the
ring." 'Simonich weighed 145 and
Terrlh 147, Si monich, carried the
tight to Turin from the start of
the bout, which was scheduled for
12 rounds.
Farmer Lodge, 222 pounds,
also a member of the Gibbons-
Collins St. Paul stable, had things
his" own way in what was sched
uled for V' 10 round go with
George Pappas. 188. of San 'Fran
cisco,, and scored a technical
knockout when the fight was stop
ped lrithe second round.
Johnny Goggins. 129. of Burke.
Idaho, won a six-round decision
from Buster . Brandon, '126, of
BrahdonButte, -and Youn? 0Dowd
scored a technical knockout over
Dubois ot Butte in the third round
of the curtain raiser. The last
two were matched for four .rounds
at. 140 pounds. f ' X"'
At Provo. Utah ,
Young University 7;
of Wyoming 0.
- Brigham
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dier, during an altercation with
Codd. The state charged that
Codd threw-Brinton down a light
well in a local lodging bouse. The
defense contended that Branton
slipped and fell.
Claims Aitirle Biased
Mr: Edge's petition illeged that
(he defendants "had caused to ba
published a scurrilous and inflam
matory article, with false and mis
leading headlines, calculated to
excite prejudice' 'against the six
teen charged with subornation of
perjury, 'In the pinds ' of the
iurors then in attendance on the
court," to make it imposs'hle ror
Edge and ths others to ha,ve.
fa'r arid impartial trial."
: The V petition . further allege!
that the article m question had
neen tae culmination of a cam
paign of . propaganda'', against
Codd, his attorneys and witnesses
commencing immediately after
Uio acquittal from the murder
charge. ;
, WASHINGTON Not.. 14 Defl
Rite announcement va made to-
fore mixed courts, with their own. 1 day that WilUam R. Hearst had
country participating,' or hefore (purchased the Washington Her-
consular courts. The demand ofiaM, a morning newspaper, and
the Turkish nationalists for com- will assume control on November
plete judicial ; Independence and 1 19. The purchase, wi"l give the
suppression of the capitulations ! Hearst interests two daily papers
would wipe Out this protection. In the national capltol. .
to an announcement today by ' Matlock of Oakland In the male
Katsuji Debuchi, head of Japan's ! event at Vernon tonight
Shantung commission.
Wasserman Found Dead in
Tub Preceedmg Failure of
New Tark Bond House
BERLIN'. Nov. 14. (By the
Associated Press) The German
note to the reparations commis
sion made public here today con-
ends that final stabilization of
he niaik can only be possible
after the reparations question has
been definitely settled in accord
ance with Germany's capacity to
Since Germany cannot await
uch a final settlement, she pro
poses a provisional one, but even
to achieve this foreign assistance
must be forthcoming. The Reich-
bank is declared t0 be in readiness
to place &00.000.000 gold marks
at the-disposal of the government
for the purpose of stabilization.
Offers Terms
The project, it is set forth, de
pends upon the following condi
1 Germany must be freed for
threa or four years from all pay-'
meats in cash or kind under the
treaty of Versailles, although she
will continue to make deliveries
n kind for the devastated areas so
far as these do not entail any in
crease in her floating debt.
2 Germany considers she
should receive a minimum of 500,-
000 gold marks from foreign
The foregoing conditions the
Reichsbank considers necessary
prior to giving the gold from its
reserve. The-money to be ad
vanced by the Reichshahk and- by
the foreign banks would het ad
ministered 'by an independent
board. When the progress of
stabilization is sufficiently ad
vanced, the German government
will issue an internal gold loan.
Budget Claimed Unbalanced
Half the proceeds of the intern
al loan and the full yield from the
foreign loins will De utilized to
cover the payments in cash and in
kind due under the Versailles
treaty, and the ether half of the
oroceeds of the internal loan will
e applied to the requirements of
Germany's own budget.
These measures, it is declared,
will enable Germany to balance
"ier budget, check the increase in
her floating debt and discontinue
discounting treasuiy bills with the
NEW YCTRK, Nov. 14. The fin
ancial affairs of the stock broker
age firm of Wasserman Brothers
collapsed dramatically, tody after
the head of the firm, Jesse A.
Wasseman had committed suicide
in his upiown heme. -
Shortly before last midnight a
maid found Wasseman lying part
ly submerged in his bath tub, with
a bullet in his brain and, a revolv
er nearby.
House Fails
At noon today the failure of
Wasserman Brothers was an
nounced from the rostrum othe
ftew York "stock ecfiange. Short
ly thereafter co-partriers in the
Concern, fearing a run of credit
ors, accepted without protest the
appointment of a receiver in an
involuntary petition n bankruptcy
filed in federal court by a client
to who tm hiefr mowedoa-,'8w
to Whom the firm owed $42,000.
Unsecured liabilities were esti
mated at $750,000 while available
credits of about $500,000 with
which to meet outstanding claims.
Japan to Return Kiachow .
, to Chinese in December
PEKING, -Nov. 14. By Jhe
Associated Press. China again
wiU become "mistress in her own
hour" at Kiachow December 2,
or poss,ihly December 1,, according
They are
aw. o
Here's a
Suits With
Two Pants
Fifty Patterns
To Select From
Blue and grey herpes, fancy worsteds and cassimeres,
made in any style you wish. See them in our west window,
then ctnnMn and let us show vou.
Scotch Woolen Mills
At that time the former Ger
man leasehold, taken 'over by
Japan when the latter expelled
the Germans during the World
war, wi:i be restored to the Pe
king government. Japanese al
ready has selected her consul
general, who will represent Tokio
in Kiachow when the Japanese
civil authorities withdraw.
The semi-tinal Frankie Nova,
Los Angeles bantamweight defeat
ed Bud Manning of Seattle.
Criminal, Long Wanted
Located in Portland
PORTLAND, Or.. Nov. 14.
Charged with brutal assault upon
: I his former wife, Ernest Crabtre
Ihere today after a search of more
GEORGE WIXS OYER MATLOt'K tnan two year3.
In addition to facing a cbargo
LOS ANGELES, Nov. 14.--'of assault, being armed, Crabtru'
Young George, Los Angeles mid
dleweight, won a decision over Leo
also faces charges of robbery with
David Mason, with whom he was
arrested and who is alleged t
have implicated Cratree in a stga
ed confession made to thr police. -Mason's
alleged confession it
reported to explain the robbery of
about seven stores in scattering ,
sections of the state during tb
past six weeks. -
YAKIMA. Wash., :Cov. 11. .
Junior Vincent was killed lata
this afternoon on his ranch, 13
miles south ot Yakima, when, a
tractor ran over him. 1U was'
alone in the field when the -accident
occurred. His body "was dls.
covered by a neighbor. 1 .
What you should pay
for a rubber boot
When you buy boots you should pay enough to get a pair that will
give you most wear per dollar. Buy them as you would tiresl Cheap
boots which last only one season actually cost more in the lirng run
than a better pair you can wear for several seasons.
Be sure it's Pure Virgin Rubber
Be sure you get pure virgin rubber, Virgin rubber, you know is
newlively rubber that has never been used before. It never takes
on a dull lifelessness, color that reflects inelasticity. -It is never
honey--conibed with the small cracks which become big cracks, v ;
Goodyear Gold Seal boots are made
from pure virgin rubber. v We vulcan
ize the layers of fabric and rubber by
special vacuum pressure process.
put the ribs and reinforce
ments where the bending
and the wear come. Gold
Seal boots are crack proof 1 j'
We first made Gold Seal
boots back in the seven
ties to withstand the gru
elling use of miners and
fishermen. Today they
are still the standard.
Gold Seal boots outwear ordi
nary boots. Good stores all
up and down the Pacific Coast
- sell them in various weights
and heights. Men who are
out o'doors a great deal wear
Gold Seal oiled clothing, too.
We are the original and only
Portland and San Francisco
No connection with any other firm
using the name " Qoodyear" ,
We Sl V
TbU b Am only Gold I I ' '
Scml mdcoutk V i I j i
mmi Jmdiol4colord. I ?, " 'I , i
Always look for this 1 ' 1
guarantee of the prof I I
er price to pay for a t tS ;.r "A - ? t i
rubber boot, k stands I I . f "' I : . I I
for pure vrrpnrubba. ' K S
Authorized since the 7ffs to use the name of Charles Qoodyear, inventor of vulcanizing
- ,
JEi , ' 1 ii -mi iiii.iiiiiiii.iniiww.iin"iwiHi,iiiiiiiMllM IIM.IflWilWIH
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