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Entered, at the Postofflce In Salem, .Oregon, as second class: matter
f Off-year elections are traditionally disappointing to the
party in power; and the election of the 7th was ho exception
td this rule. Both houses ,of Congress will be Republican
. But with reduced majorities-- ' j, ; ,
f 'And many familiar faces will be missing when the ses
sion opens on March 4th next. But the losses of the notables
"are fairly distributed between the two parties. -
. These off-year elections are seldom decided on par
tisan issues. When the Presidency Is not at stake, locr.l quar
rels and petty disputes occupy the attention of the elector
ate. To appreciate this one has but to reflect that Senator
Hitchcock, Democrat, -"of Nebraska," who led the fight in the
senate for .the.ratificationnf. the League of Nations' covenant
without reservations was defeated for r reelection ; ... while
SehAtof IgHh-mbitteTed personal and political enemy
of President Vyilson, narrowly' escaped defeat in'Iassachu
seiiv .. -V" ::--y -v--'. '-h
',-. rlii New -Jersey the election hinged on - the wet"-and
"dr":; Issue; and former Governor-Edwards, who-rnakes a
parade'ol this pp'psitiontdvthe"eighteehth amendment, ;de-
crys; . -; .. ....
4 ' .-Fetor Republcian tears ViH beshed over the loss of sen
atorial seat, in Maryland. Senator France, although running
! ort the Republican ticket, is known both as an extreme radi
cal antfa-"bitter-ender."-J4 was awed witn wonnson, uoran
and LaFollette m his opposition to the four-power treaties.
Republicans of. Maryland refused,a 'candidate who
usm the party name as a mask for this radicalism. His op
ponent is -a conservative, and will .vote with the present , ad
ministration, except-on strictly partisan measures;.
- .: Republicans of North, Dakota joined with the Democrats
to ttefeat a Republican senatorial candidate who captured the
nomination by reason of the direct primary. He is a member
of the notorious Nonpartisan League, and his defeat was In
'.rcLlity a defeat of wfflcalisjn:
; .' Ex-Senator Beveridge, a. former .Progressive lately re
turned, to' the Republican fold, went down to defeat Jn In-.
di:a. -By defeating Senator New in the primaries the Re
publicans of .Indiana lost the senatorship. Mr. Beveridge led
Via revolt in the Mdidle West against the Republicaa! party
in lf)12. iand thus lost the rizht to make an appeal t6 party
- - .
loyalty uux xne real reason 01 ius aeieat waapruuaui vhcj
uB6licitedendofsenienf whichTie received fronmal&rnlaiq
American alliance. mat endorsement cor, mm many unny
phchated votes. '
; ' Senator Pomerene's defeat in Ohio was a personal vic
tory for President Harding. The Democrats centered' their
attack on this senatorship. claiming a victory for Pomerene
would be a reDudiatlon of the Harding administration.
Taking the results as a whole one discovers that the
electionlwas not decided on national issues. Not one of the
.Republican policies has been repudiated; not one of the Dem
ocratic protests has been vindicated. V;
! "At, the time of the primaries there was a great hue and
cry about the gains made by fformer Progressives in the Re
publican ranks. : But the results In the general election in
' dicate that: former Progressives are not as successful against
the Democratic opposition as Republicans whomever deserted
. ths fold, rf .- ' '
fT ,. ..
'4 t vr;
. kcwXg
lk;;int, 123. Aocialwl Editors
Getting the Most Out of Haps '
j (This 4s Jbe seventh of a series
of arUcles Vhl'ch'wilUhelp tonus
students' to- learn more anT get
betteif tradea by - showing them
how to study more efficiently.) r
: : When you are directed to locate
eonlethlngLonj Kthe rvmap,, do you
simply; flndi It, j point to u .wltn
ypur pencil and note briefly", the
state or country it is in, or ..Jo
you locate It in your mind as
well as on the map? . If you are
driving an automobile, you soon
learn to locate certain routes j by
landmarks. A special house tells
' ' ; ". r ' . r s ; ' ) ' ;
you where to turn; a bend in the
roai reminds yon - that you- go
; norla at the next '.crossroad; -. a
I bridge tells you how near you are
, to the, next town. . -s.-,,'
i t'e similar landmarks In locat
ing points on the map. ''. C
, yOjU will find, that, once you
havB located a place, you can find
It a gain easily If you remember
that ( It was a certain distance
aborb a bend in the Mississippi,
; or fipar a peculiar looking hook
on .,he ' coastline. Then . if you
haf?j to 'locate, t on a blank map,
you can do it eiactiy. :.
: t ; A BLiike" Your Own Map Tf"'
a learn -to use. 'a map, .you
h( U!d be "able to make maps also.
In flstodylng a lesson which has to
do,.wtth geography,: you can learn
- metre s quickly, if you buy large
blank;maps of the state or coun
try : you are studying abou,t. Tlin
as. yotiodyjCwrJteJn; names.iJf
tow'os, products found la certain
Trade Bulldlrig. Phone Automatic
- 93 1
............ Managing ioiwr
.......... .....Cashier
r i J I .
Manager Job Dept.
a. .. .t a.1 ' 1
The Biggest Little Paper la the World
parts of the countries, and other
main features. - , , , ,''
" 'Do! not rlmply copy.: from a
map in your boo'k, K'UjiJf,
1. Locate the town or river on the
map in your book so L that you
have it . clearly In mind. It It is
a town; try to figure why it was
located in that V particular : place
and why certain industries are
found there. Then look away
from your v book ..and locate JbB
place on the map you are making.
These blank, maps mre inexpensive
and well worth getting as sindy
help. - ' s.v-' :i'
. .. Try BeiniS m "Suryrjof. $ i
, One boy who had to learn to
draw the outline of his state
fixed it in his mind by staking out
the boundaries in his back yard,
He took Bome.strlng.Tsome smsll
wooden pegs,; and the map'i : :He
used a scale 'of five miles to the
inch; that is, where the boundary
was two. hundred miles long, he
staked out a line forty inches, or
three feet and four Inches. 1y
careful measuring he laid -out the
curving lines' and soon had , the
state complete. He liked doing it,
as he Intends to be an engineer
some day, aad be found it agood
way to fix the bouirdariea Inhlsl
ui -. ... ,
Getting Billy's Goat
What a life," sighed William
Goatr-gazing ftK.crnftfl..tliharn.Thpr rffrftr-f Irmk nn thBrh-thvM
yard. "Here I am, growing old,
Sophisticated Doliticians
little to do with the defeat of
Second Oregon district; and less to do with the election of
a Democratic Gfovernor of Oregon,"fa the face of a Republican
registered vote in this state of
tered Democratic vote
And in many states there
to tell, or known to the wise birds m politics. .. .
One result of the reduction of the Republican majority
in the House of Representatives will be a tightening "bf the
Republican ranks. In the last
jority was so great as to be
factions. The farmers bloc
cost the tjartv at least a dozen
that the Renublicans will have
er house of some twenty votes
conducive to party unity. ? Representative government func
tions best where there is a dominant party and a strong op
The vets are now, blaming; the
Harding administration with. n-
d ncin g the Kemallsts to make
Thrace dry. .
Colonel Bryan announces that
he will deliver no more lectures
on Darminlsm. It possibly Is no
longer a drawing card.
With the retirement of Associ
ate Justice Clarke and the resig
nation of Justice, William R. Day
from the United States supreme
court bench there will be but one
Ohio ' man on" that 1 tribunal -
Chief Justice WHam H.dTaft.
Ain't that awful! Something will
have to be 'done about It. Ex
change. I - ,1- ", -vp--
Kind' women " are? on" trial
throughout the United States for
shooting at men. Evidently the
right to shoot' Is one of the new
ly acquired right's of the sex.
The heaviest rainfall In October
for 33 years, with three excep
tions,, was recorded by -the soils
department of the Oregon Agri
cultural cortege In Corrallis last
month. The precipitation of 4.88
Inches was ?.0 3 inches In excess
of the mean "( normal . of 2.85
Inches. : ;'J- ' 1 '
The penitentiary flax plant, as
has been related in the cblum of
The Statesman several times, has
realized a profit of '85 per cent
in working up tfie crop of the past
season, which! was a, poor sea
son for tfha production of. the
best fiber, owing . to the dry
weather during the growing sea
son. But there was one crop on
which 114 per cent was real
ized. This after the state was al
lowed 75c a day board for ' tfife
men, and the men allowed 2 5c
day for their work, and all over
hea'd charged up. "And the galea
of the products have been at ab
normally low prices, top. There
is . no doubt whatever that the
flax plant can . be made to pay,
just as i Js ? But why leave it as
t KrmW H. Mody SaettUk , Bit
Itmu I ant ia Balam. -
NotibW 14. Tued7 ReprfBUtiT
W. 0. Hawler t tpik Stlea Six
O'clock elK Tint' MaOwlirt ehmrch.
November 17. Friday Football. Wil-lam-tt
mnirermitx and Pacific aniTertitr,
St Foreal OnT.
Nevambar 10. Tanradar Tasaksciriag
laf. - ' " '- -
lemmhi9 t, Batarday Baaaar, :8t
Paol'a Caarek. 580 Chaaaakata.
and Ive; never been' oft the farm.
Kever had any adventures. I
wish I conld see something of
lite before I die." The more he
thought about It, the more deter
mined 'he was to cut loose from
the farm. I -M.
. So next morning "he slipped
through a hole in the fence and
went oft down the road. All day
he kept on his way, and. late in
the. afternoon he reached the edge
of town. He tried to make friends
with several people on the "way,
but somehow-they avoided hlm.x
. William wandered . a - while
around tha outskirts of the town
and then decided to enter boldly.
By that time It wa almost dark,
and "he ' was getting hungry; in
spite of lunches he had picked" up
from, tin cans on the; way. I
think' I'll go dp ,to one of these
hAuses,. he thought, "and ask for
a hand-out, t he way I've ' seen
tramps do at bur farm: 111 bet
I have "better luck than they did.
I'd like to see any one sick a dog
on me."
' As he spoke he was passing, a
graveyard. It was all so still that
he felt lonely, as well as hun
gry. He resolved to stop at the
very next house.
The house he chose was set
back from the road amid a tangle
of vines. It. seemed quite; desert
ed." except for a glimmer of light
in one of the front windows. Billy
went bravely up to the "porch and
looked curiously in the window.
Two men were insIde.'Brin; ;the
light over Tiere, Jake, said one.
"Let's "go through this desk.
C!mon, make it snappy. . I dont
like this Job. It's too spooky
around here," ... I
ii wonder what they're saying."
puxzled Billy. "Maybe I'd better!
knock at the door." - j
V Suddenly one of the . men '
looked in his dfrectlon, and made
a very queer noise. .. "Look! ,
Something white a long beard!
I have any sympathy for a hungry
know, that political jssues had
Congressman McArthur in the
some 135,W0 above thej-egis-
. ' ' tl
is the same or a sirriflafr story
Congress the Kepublican ma
unwieldly. The party split in
brought about a division 'that
seats. The returns indicate
a working majority in the low
The menace of defeat will be
it is? It can be made to pay aU
the expenses , of the lnatltutlon.
by adding the spinning of twine
to the industry. And this woald
be a great thing for our fisher
men and farmers, and it- would
help to build up the greatest in
dustry In Oregon.'
The new British premier has
''tranquility for a platform 'and
a slogan, but; thus far the 'only
place in the ' world where fran
quillty can be found is. In .the
dictionary. : .--i, -
What has become . of the . old
fashioned girl who bobbed, her
hair and wore short skirts? Chi
cago News. . .
: .Pity the poor property "owner
In Vienna. He was forbidden,, by
law during and after the. war to
raise rents. Apartments of two or
three rooms 'arc bringing In what
amounts to 3 cents a month in
Americjtn money, There y ara
hardly., homes enough to go
around, but the : - families that
were housed at the time of the
vrar . cannot be put out very. easily
nor can their rent be advanced.
The man who owns the house i is
the one who suffers. ; He .must
take his rent at the old figure
end it is In paper crown that are'
worth less than nothing. Mean
while his own taxes, have been
boosted to the skies. Better f is A
dinky little lot in Highland addi
tion than a palace in Vienna.
I According to . recent rresfefarch"
as recorded in the dispatchesthe
women of iTtorkeyi are not-all
giving . three cheers for their re
cently acquired '' independence.
Most of the old-tlmerl are still
strong tor the harern -Now. a, lot
of them have to get out and has-,
tie for : their meals. In4 the u old
days all they had to do was 'to
sit on upholstered cushions In a
nice warm harem and munch ho
cojate creams. They could push
the buzzer for coffee whenever'
theyr felt -like it and. the- hours
were spent In gossip and em
Edited by Joha H. Miliar"
goat, Billy thought?
drcwinto.the, shadows. -
A side door was thrust violent
ly open and two men almost fell
over each 'plher In their haste to
get v away from the "haunted
house. '' "Wonder 1 what's up?"
said Billy. "Must be some excite
ment, and I've just missed it.
Isn't that the worst luck! . It geU
my goat. Seeing the world isn't
what it's cracked up to be. Guest
I'll go back to the farraZ
Aw i l,it puiale. lit iOre
broidery.- To ; go forth. Into a
rough world and put In twelve
hours a day In some factory or
shop for the joy of being ind
pendent does not appeal to all of
them. They are aighlng for the
good -old days when Mustapha
rhelira. provided a nosebag for a
whole flock of houri and oda
lisks. It seems to be mighty hard
to please all the women In the
Down in New York a Tammany
man wanted to lick Mayor Hylan
because some official communi
cation sent from the, mayor's of
flee to his wife was signed by the
mayor as "Tours Sincerely." He
thought the Gotham executive
was getting too blamed Intimate
with his family. Hereafter . Jhe
mayor will never be ,more than
Yeurs Truly" to anybody.
It has comeat last the suit
by an aggrieved radio fan at
Omaha to -enjoin the big radio
Companies from taking all the
air. Free air has a different
meaning now from what it had
when it was . used for breathing
purposes only.. 0ome day breath
ing-air may become a public util
ity and be municipally owned and
commissioned and "bloced" and
placed on the ballot and then we
shall all be able to turn politi
Leprosy, the scourge of the
ages, is apparently near its end.
After 'raging over the A world,
probably since the beginning of
man,. ; it is at last being con
quered by modern science.
Egyptian prescriptions for the
disease have been found dated
4600 B. C. Literature from
Bible times to the present Is fill
ed, with descriptions of lepers and
hcw they have been stoned, killed
or avoided with the utmost, fear
rtnd disgust.
In the Middle Ages the disease
became extensively diffused in
tttrope. At this time every town
had its leper, house.- No means
were found to conquer it, segre
gation seemingly having no eJ-
fictr. Yet strangely during the fif
teenth century the disease under
went , a remarkable diminution
hhd practically disappeared from
cfvMted parts of Europe.v . 4;v
7 At the cresent time tanrnqrv
prevails extensively throughout
Asia ana m Airica. it stui exists
n Norway. Iceland, along the
shores of the Baltic, in South
Russia, Greece, Turkey, Spain
and jPortugal.' ? It Is found In
tetfly all parts of South and Cen-
t a! America and In certain parts
ht North America. Isolated cases
thought to be imported appear
In the Hawaiian Islands the
disease, unknown before 1848, is
believed to have been - imported
by Chinese, so that by 1882 there
were reported to be 4000 lepers
there, . .
Because the disease seems to
affect Islands and the sea coast-
more than the interior an an
cient belief Is held my many, that
it Is caused 'or fostered by a fish
diet. But leprosy is (found In the
Interiors where fish is not an ar
ticle of diet. As 'yet no theory
advanced for its cause appears to
be bullet-proof, but a cure does
seem to have been found. It is
Chaulmoogra. oil, an oil derived
from the' flower of an East'In
dian tree and given internally to
the patients. '
i This treatment has been ad
ministered at the leprosy settle
ment ' at . Kalaupapa, 'Molokai.
6lnce 1919. The number of lepers
thiere. la reported to . be steadily
diminishing. Just recently the
lerritorial board has recommend
ed for "parole" sixteen men and
When you are suffering with
rheumatism so you can hardly get
around just try Red Pepper Rub
md you will have the quickest
relief known.
Nothing has such concentrated,
penetrating heat as red peppers.
msiam renei. just, as soon as
od apply Red Pepper , Rub you
"eel the tingling heat. In three
,.n mutes it warms the; sore spot
iyrough and through. Frees the
blood circulation. - breaks "up the
congestion -and the 'old rheuma
tism torture is gone.
! IRowles Red Pepper Rub. made
from red peppers, costs little at
any ; drug store. ;.Get a ; Jar at
once. Use it, for lumbago, neur
lis, Ducaacne, buii neck, sore
nuscles, colds in ctaesU ; Almost
infant' relier awaits - you. ,.Be
s'uTe to'get the genuine, with the
nane Rowic3 on each package. -
three women who have long been
Inmates of the settlement. They
have" been found free of leprosy
so far as tests can determine.
A-definite end . to this worst
of all possible diseases U It
sight; -;'. ,' : ;
Good id
To get extra fire department
equipment at the earliest possible
Strawberry Industry in Thurs
day's '.Statesman. If yoa can say
something worth while about this
industry, pleare do so. Today or
tc morrow.
: mm
ia And the autumn leaves are
falling, falling; falling . every
where. With apologies to 'Gene
Field... v -: . '
. It-s reported that the ex-kaiser
wa4'a wn?rtBl lOT maker.
WeUbQ had. nothing else on his
bands? ,
y-tJ-.VV.v- ,
A lot of people in the United
States, 'are laughing their heads
oft over the fact that this coun
try ;i-'not mixed up In the Near
East; troubles. But may we not
be, .if they get" out of hand? And
is there any one simple enough
to ttflnk that if the United States
had 'had a hand In directing af
fairs'; in that region, things
wduld ever have come to such a
pass?T '
5 ;';- v- . S S
'. The 'ostrich never hides his
head, in the sand. a some one said
in .the long ago,- and everybody
has-'repeated . since But the
Unlt"ef States," If it follows the
lead -Of the provincial and little
Americans, will be like a bird that
would be foolish enough to hide
its head, in the sand, thinking it
secured safety from such a trick.
. S W
If there are any flappers in this
Toothiomc, nutritious, nicely browned, Hillman's Health Bread-
is a product of health
? i
v) whirW l4i hnman tvtlam maiim ' -
Months of testing and study by leading dietician of the Pacific J
Coast have resulted
which contains grain, fruits and nuts. Its delicious quality imparts
zest to ones eating. .1 4
-- 4 ' ' - ;'" ' ' " - ' j ' 4 ' '
r olt has an appetizing taste that is always just as good the next -M
It gives the very
ffec ost careful conditions, and that its bakers
their art
NOVEMBER. 14. 1922
town or country, ; perhaps this
from the Loat Angeles Tunes wui
be new: j "Jusi now the flappers
are busy trying to fasten hair on
to their bobbed tresses so as to
The Economy E3f
iiaV VJ LM1 CJ lUi VJ
fiealtn l
containinc iust trip rnmrf
in this perfectly balanced Health Bread a bread
impression of being kneaded and baked under
Yours For Health
a .
Hillman s Health Bread
do away wltn the short effect.
And they are having their trou
bles. The bobbed-hair faid did not
last long.' .i
because it has moxQ :lhc5
the ordinary leaveninr '
strength; it raise3 milliona ci
bakings every day to a liht,
perfectly bakedx perfected ,
that cannot be equaled. ,
because it contains rh!t52
nfVtrtr the vital element tR
gives TJie jaouwivw uiso
tion aeainst ' usinff a
MtlHi Vo- VlOQ lACf ffO'
nal leavening -strengths It
assures light, tender, tectcfd,;
things every time you bc!a
-"-because it is ecoriomiclJ -pure,
sure and wholesonis.
That's why the sale of Cdal
met is - over 150a crcx
than that of any otheritzi-
ing powder. ;
A pound cm of Calantt crrv
tains fall 16 ounces. Som I z&
ing powder com in 12 cmct
inmtead of 16 OtmCJ CORJ.. 12 '
gore yoa get a pound when yea
want it.
l st site', I"
are the masters of
H !