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LOSER 26-0
) av y CCES
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Willamette Bearcats Win
Easily, But Are Sur
prised Frequently
'" SEATTLE, Wash., (fct 21. Oregon Agricultural col
lege's "dark tiorse" football team came a cropper in the sec-
ornl half of today's coast conference contest with -the Uni
vcrtsityjf Wgiahtr&ton -eleven, and Coach Bagshaw's recon4
struct el Ptu jiLt' and Gold machine came out on the long end
uli a J 1 to scoro. It was a fight, from start to finish, with
lh? Wellington men developing the scoring wallop in thf
in th first two frames the Agjjies harl all the better of
it. The Beavers started off with a rush and early in the sec
. ohd period scored their only marker, Garber placing a drop
kick straight between the goal posts from the 20-yard line.
Through the efforts of one Leonard Ziel, newly discovered
Washington punting genius, who outkicked his Oregon op
ponent, Gill, on qcariy every exchange, the Purple and Gold
men kept the enemy from scoring a touchdown, but the
Washington backs seemed unable to find holes in the Aggie
line, while Tousey, Gill, Garber and Miller were able to make
long gains through the Washington line and around the ends!
The break came Just before the
end of the first half. The plung
ing Aggies carried ' the ball- to
.the Washington seven-yard line
and the fans stood up to cheer
the expected O. A. C. score. It
never .ctoe. "
The Huskies held hard, and the
angles, after seven hard smashes,:
gave up the ghost on the Wash
ington one-yard .line. .The whis
tle blew a second later.
1. Washington kept -the ball in
Of. A. Cy territory most of the
third and fourth periods. Wash
ington's first score came in the
third on a touchdown by Ha!l,
right end. , Zlel had punted far
down the field and Garber, O. A.
C. quarter-back, fumbled on the
45-yard line. A moment "later
Ilall grabbed -a long pass out of
the air and scurried 10 yards Jo
.the final white line. Ziel scored
.the extra point on a place, kick. ,
Pass , Intercepted ' '
:The Huskies chalked up their
t second touchdown ' in the final
'period. ' Abel intercepted an P. A.
C. forward' pass on the Aggies'
30-yard line and a 20-yard pass.
"Zfel to Hall, took the ball to with-
. in . striking distance 'of the goal
'Abel, on a straight lino play, caf
ried It across. ' v
" An analysis of the play shows
' that the Aggies made Ilrst downs
9 times as compared with 6 by
Washington: , The ' Beavers com.
trtffAt turn trxrm -rA naaaoa f W a
i U -. V u vs to
total of six yards, while the pur-
Ule and gold's two successful
passes netted 35 yards in all.
O. A. C. gained 110 yards on line
bucks, but lost 57 in unsucessful
plays, while Washington gained
105 yards and lost 31. GUI of
0.,A. C averaged in the neigh
borhood of 34 yards on his punts
as compared with an average of
37 by Ziel.
Lineup and summary:
Washington 14) O. A. C. (3)
Petrie ....... If . . .McFadden
Grimjm It Locey (c)
McCreary lg Ash
Walters c Rich
Kuhn f'r rg Clark
Ingram (c) . rt ,Mickelwait
Wastrom re . Scott
Haley q Garber
Beck Ih Miller
Ziel rt half Gill
Harper full ' Tousejr
Summary Washington scor
ing: touchdowns, Hall, Abell;
points from try after touchdown,
Ziel, 2.
Oregon scoring:, goal from
field, - Garber. Referee Varnell,
Chicago; Umpire, Strong, Ober
lin; .head, linesman, Perkins,
Notre, Dame
Substitutions: Washington
Lillis for McCreary f ; Bryan for
Harper;' Hall for Westrom, Hill
for Beck; .Abel for Hanley, Har
per for" Bryan, Sherman for Har
per,- Christy for Grimm. 0."A. 0.
' McKenna for Garber.
Wm. A.
Willamette Bearcats won a de
cisive victory from Linfield Sat-J
urday afternoon at Sweetland
field with a 26 to 0 score.
Linfield has not p'ayed football
for 16 years, and they are not
star team workers yet. The"
have the making of a real team,
however, :or time after time they
held the, Bearcats for downs, or
forced a punt or a pass on the
fourth down. One time, they got
the ball yithin a yard of the Wil
lamette goal line. It was -a scary
minute for the Bearcats, but the
visitors tried a forward pass and
lost it all.
Linfield Works ihim
Linfield does the forward pas:
even better than the Bearcats.
They made yardage a number of
times. This apparently is not a
favorite of Coach BohFer's men.
They got little satisfaction out of
it yesterday, and the home crowd
almost got the d. t. fearing for re
sults. Patton made one or two
good gains on this play, but the
overhead route was mostly closed
for repairs and no turn-out.
Zeller, Willamette, was the
bright particular star of the
game. He made all four of the
VVilamette touchdowns and
kicked two goals. They carried
h'm off the field t the end of
the game to a Roman triumph.
Three of these touchdowns, were
for runs of 80 (yards or more.
The first cameon the very first
down, after Willamette had re
ceived the ball on the kick-off.
Second String Mm Used
After getting the gam safely
inband, Coach Bohler sent in a
number of second string men.
There was more fumbling on
both sides than at the S a 1 e m
high-Albany game on the same
field, the day before.
The Bearcat backfield was per
haps the least sure o holding th?
ball. In one play, where th
Bearcats lost the ball on a fum
b'e, they recovered it the next
play, when a Linfield man was
over-anxious and failed to hold it
There yas not much punting, and
for these and for the-,, kick-offs
the catching generally was rag
ged.; In the Salem high-Albany
game the day before. Brown, the
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Colonels Overwhelmed in
First Periods, But Valiant
Toward End
CAMBRIDGE. Mass.. Oct. 21. ,
(By The Associated Press)
Overwhelmed by a first period !
collection of 21 points, Centre !
college was defeated by Harvard
here this afternoon by a final
score of 24 tol0, but the figures
do not tell the courageous battle
staged by the Southerners' in the
lotts. ncrlnlo nf nhv , a hattlo
which lifted the game fram a
- .
drab defeat into a thrilling strug
gle that clamped 50,000 specta
tors to their seats until the clos
ing second of play.
For more than two hours.
lapred time considered, the two
elevens battled in a furious mix
ture of bad and brillant football,
Salem quarter, caught more kicks
than were made in the whole
game for Saturday, and didn't
miss one.
Men Mostly Tyros
Fumbling and nervousness,
however, should be expected in
this game for it was the first for
ilmo3t all the Lln'ield players
and for more than one-half the
Bearcat. The game was listed
as a "practice" meet, but looked
like a real football battle.
Isham, whom with Zelter has
been thought to be harm-proof,
was hurt in the first play, and
had to retire. Warner, who
proving to be a stone wall in the
game, went out for a while with
a bad knee, though he was return
ed towards the close when' the
Linfield invasion came within a
yard of the Willamette goal
Cramer, who was hurt in practice
some time ago, was back in the'
ine-up yesterday, and made some
oowerful line plunges. Booth and
Sherwood both showed real
strength in line bucking.
Byrds, a new man at tackle,
made a fine showing, as did Stolz-
heise, the strapping freshman,
ft was worth the game to see
Stolzheise racing down the field
U interfere for Zellerman, one ol
h's 85 yard runs.
Coach M. E. Pettit, for Lin
field, was well pleased with the
showing his boys made,
Hollis Huntington, Oregon of
ficlated as referee; George Hug,
Oregon, umpire; Harry White
McMinnville, head linesman, L. H.
Springer, Salem, time keeper.
Willamette plays Chemawa
next Saturday, on the home
grounds; Whitman, at Walla
Walla, two weeks from Saturday;
andu Pacific, at Forest Grove on
November 17. The Whitman
team was barely beaten by Ore
gon had already beaten WHla
mette in the first of the season
by the disastrous score of 37 to
0. The general "dope" is that
Whitman has a strong team, but
Why Have
Wet Feet
When you can get a
pair of our
247 No. Commercial SU
is beatable, and
may do it again.
and It was in part careless hand
ling of the ball in crucial situa
tions that brought about tht
dowall of I he Dunville, Ky.,
Rattle Becomes Thrilling
Three times in the first period
of 15 minutes actual p'.ayihg time.
Harvard crossed Centre's goal
line, due in part to the Colonels'
inability to hold the ball and the
Crimsons' almost uncanny sense
of ball following, plus super
judgment as to when and how
to strike for scores. The team,
which a year ago defeated Har
vard 6 to 0, saw the Crimson
score within two minutes after
the opening kickoff. almost a gift
touchdown at the very beginning
of play.
Yet in the face of this gridiron
disaster. Centre came back and
not only outplayed the Cambridge
machine in the final periods, but
scored a touchdown in addition
to an earlier field goal; It was
the wonderful spirit of courage
and battle to the end that thril
led and roused the thousands of
l?-S.C. 6; Nevada O
LOS ANGELES. Oct. 21. Uni
versity of Southern California de
feated University of Nevada 6 to
0 today by a desperate attack in
the Ian five minutes of play. The
Trojans were on their 3a-yard
line when Left Halfback Camp
bell shot a 40-yard forward pass
to Quarterback Dolley. A series
of line bucks and end runs
brought the ball to the Nevadans
two-yard line and Dolley scored a
touchdown on a"quarterback
sneak." Wayahan missed a drop
kick for the extra point.
Puget Sound 20, Normal 6
TACOMA, Wash., Oct. 21.
Displaying a complete reversal of
form over early N season games,
the College of Puget Sound de
feated -BUensburg Normal 26 to
6 here today. Ellensburg's only
score came in the first penoa
when Barnes, left half , intercept
ed a forward pass and raced 55
yards for a touchdown. . There
after Ellensburg never threat
ened. Mich. Aggies 7, S. D. O
EAST LANSING, Mich.. Oct. 21.
Placing a practically recon
structed eleven in the field, Michi
gan Aggies defeated the heavy
South Dakota football eleven 7
to 0 this afternoon. The score
came in the first few minutes of
play, Fullback Burris ; ploughing
through the South Dakota right
end, following two fast forward
passes.. He also kicked goal.
Yale 28, Williams 0
NEW HAVEN. Oct. 21. Yale
swamped Williams here today 38
to 0. Led by their returned cap
tain, Jordan, who scored two
touchdowns before being replaced
by Cochrane in the second period,
Yale showed improvement today.
Coach Jones used 25 players.
Vanderbilt 20, Texas 10
DALLAS, Tex., Oct, 21. Van
derbilt outplayed Texas university
on the gridiron here today scor
ing two touchdowns in first per
iod and one in the fourth, with a
total count of '20 to 10. Texas
hung, up a field goal, kicked by
Stacey. in the first period. In the
second period Culp went over for
a long horn touchdown. Resse of
the Tennesseans made all three
I Navy 13, Georgia Tech O
ANNAPOLIS, Mr., Oct. 21.
Smashing down Georgia Tech's
much vaunted "jumipshift" and
otherwise slashing offensive and
at the same time unleashing a
more consistent attack tbem
relves, with remarkable success
with the forward pass, the Annap
olis Midshipmen triumphed over
the Southerners wiore a crowd
of 20,000ron Farragut: field herj
today by a score of 13 to 0.
It was Tech's first defeat of th
season. , It was a splendid game
Irom start to finish and in which
modern football was a big out
standing feature.
Chicago 12, Purdue O
STAGG FIELD, Chicago, Oct.
21. Starting with a team of sub
stitutes with two exceptions, Chi
cago' defeated Purdue 42 to 0 be
fore 20,000 people on Stagg field
today in the last game before the
important intersectional . contest
with Princeton next f Saturday.
Coach Stagg held his stars on the
side lines until the second half
as he did noTcare to risk injur
ing them. He used nearly three
complete teams in the long drawn
out game, which required two
hours and three-quarters to play.
Chicago did all of its scoring in
the first half.
Carleton 42, Knox 7
NORTFIELD, Minn., Oct. 21.
Completely outplaying their op
ponents in every department of
the game, Carleton college foot
ball team today swamped the
Knox college eleven of Galesburg,
111., 42 to 7.
Xebra-ka 48, Missouri 0
LINCOLN, Neb., Oct. 21. Be
fore a record breaking crowd
here this afternoon the Nebraska
Comhuskers in their first game
of the Missouri Valley conference
series humbled the Missouri uni
versity Tigers by a score of 4$
to 0.
KJjijr S06,s Lenoir O
BRISTOL, Va. Oct. 21. A
high mark for football scoring
was registered nere today when
King college defeated Lenoir
206 to 0. The score might have
been even higher but the King
college backs became exhausted
fiom sprinting. ,
Oklahoma 7, Kansas Aggies 7
NORMAN, Okla., Oct. 21.
Staging a desperate fight in what
appeared to be a hopeless , strug
gle, Oklahoma tied the score, 7
to 7 in the last two minutes of
play today when "Peter" Ham
mert skirted the Kansas Aggies'
right end for 11 yards and put
over the lone touchdownto off
set a similar run by Stark of the
Aggies in the first quarter. Bowls
for Oklahoma and Sebring for the
Aggies booted goals from place
ment. Utah 3, Colorado 0
BOULDER, colo., Oct. 21. A
drop kick by Captain Smith gave
Utah university a 3 to 0 victory
over the University of Colorado
here today. The kick was Smith's
third attempt and was made from
the 15-yard line in the opening
minute of the second quarter
with both sides resorting to kick
ing. Both teams also attempted
many forward passes but few
were completed. The last half of
the game was played In a driz
ling rain.
Iowa 8, Illinois 7
URBANA, 111., Oct. 21. (By
The Associated Press Illinois
fighting a desperate football game
and playing their heavier Iowa
opponents to a standstill, lost one
of the hardest fought football
battles ever staged on Illinois
field 8 to 7.
Army 83, N. Hampshire O
WE19T POINT, N, Y.. Oct. 21
The army defeated New Hamp
shire state here today 33 to 0,
but iwas forced to Fend in first
string men at the opening of the
second quarter after using suo-
stitutes in the first. Twice the
visitors Bad the ball on the army's
10-yard line but were unable to
score. The, army displayed a
pretty forward passing game in
which Gillmore starred.
Wisconsin 20, Indiana 0
MADISON. Oct. 21. Wisconsin,
trounced Indiana today 20 to 0
in the Badgers' first conference
game. They had the Indiana
team, completely outclassed dur
ng the second half when all of
the scoring was done.
Captain Williams started Wis
consin's scoring in the second per
iow when he took the ball on a
trick play and ran 16 yards for
a touchdown.
The second touchdown came op
the first play of the fourth quar
ter when Tebell blocked Han
ney's attempted punt, picked up
the ball and raced over the goal
Notre Dame 34," Depauw 7
SOUTH J1END, Ind., Oct. 21.
The NotreDame 34. to 7 victory
over Depauw here today, achieved
after the Tigers had held a sec
ond string Notre Dame backfield
in the first quarter, was featured
by the brilliant running of Jimmy
Crowoley, who broke loose with
frequent dashes that included
stabs of 65 and 35 yards for
touchdowns. Colney, who worked
at fullback because of the injury
to Castner, returned the opening
kickoff of the second half 95
At Tacoma College of Puget
Sound 26; Ellensburg Normal 6.
At Forest Grove Pacific uni
versity 67; Mount Angel college
At Fargo Montana State 0;
North Dakota Aggies 54. j
At St. Paul Hamline 2; St.
Thomas 7.
At East Lansing Michigan
Aggies 7; University South Dako
ta 0.
At St. Louis Drake 31; Wash
ington 3.
At Boulder University of Utah
3; University of Colorado 0. "',
At Stanford Stanford Univer
sity 9; St. Mary's college 0.
At Seattle Washington 14;
Oregon Aggies 3.
At Hanover Vermont 6; Dart
mouth 3.
At Los Angeles-University of
Southern California 6; University
of Nevada 0. ' ! -
At Portland Multnomah Ath
letic club 35; Gonbaga University
At Worcester Boston U4Jniver
sity 7; Holy Cross 7. t
At Haverfordt Johns Hopkins
16; Haverford 3.
At Logan Colorado School of
Mines 19; Utah Aggies 0.
At Dallas Vanderbilt 20; Tex
as 10.
At Norman Oklahoma 7; Kan
sas Aggies 7. " j
At Berkeley University iof Cal
ifornia 25; Olympic Club 0.
At New Concord, Ohio Musk
ingum 15; Broadus 0.
At Cambridge Harvard 24;
Centre 10. sii
At Missoula Montana 15; Ida
ho Tech 12. '
At Notre Dame-Notre Dame
34; Depauw 7.
At Chicago Minnesota 7;
Northwestern 7.
At Beloit Beloit 0; Law
rence 0.
At Waco Baylor U. 60; Ar
kansas 13.
At Stillwater Oklahoma Ag
gies 21; Rice Institute 0.
At Decatur, 111. Wabash 55;
James Milliken 0.
At Fort Worjth Daniel Baker
college 21; Texas Christian Uni
verpity 13.
At Lawrence University of
Kansas 32; Washburn 3.
At Charlottesville, Va. Vir
ginia Military Institute 14; Uni
versity Virginia 0. ?
At Andover Phillips-Andover
0; Princeton freshmen 0.
At Ithaca Cornell 14; Col
gate 0,
At Cleveland St. Ignatius 19;
St. Vavier 19.
At Cincinnati Ohio Wesieyan
14; University of Cincinnati 7.
At Annville Lebanon Valley
40; St. Josephs college 0.
At Philadelphia U. of Penn-,
sylvania 14; Swarthmore 6.
At Oxford Miami 6; Ohio
Northern 0.
At Charleston West Virginia
12; Washington and Lee 12.
At Hartford Connecticut Ag
ricultural college 18; Trinity 7.
At Orono Maine 19; Bates 6.
At St. Louis Cumberland
St. Louis 30;
At Syracuse Pittsburgh 21;
Syracuse 1 i.
At Sta?e colleg Penn State
33; Middlebury 0.
At Minnleton Wesieyan 14;
Hobart 0.
At Detroit U of Detroit 10;
Boston college 8.
At New Haven Yale 38; Wil
liams 0.
At Pittsburg Carnegie Tech
59; Thiel 0.
At Princeton Princeton 26;
yards for a touchdown. Ifitzpat
rick, Depauw quarterback,' cross
ed the Notre Dame goal line for
the first time this year after a
65-yard run around the Irislr end.
Mine 10, Utah Aggies O
21. The Colorado School of
Mines, today at Logan defeated
the Utah Agricultural College,
present conference title holders,
13 to 0 and practically eliminated
the Utahans from further cham
pionship prospects. In spite of
the fact that the score; seems
rather one-sided the playing on
the whole was quite hard and
for half the game favored the
Aggies, The Coloradoans took
the farmers off their feet in the
first period and in eight, minutes
scored- two touchdowns nd: kick
ed a goal and in the final period
scored a third touchdowns
Maryland 0.
At Amherst Massachusetts 1 -
Aggies 10;, Amherst 6. "
At West Point Army 33; New.,
Hampshire State 0. 1 '
At Cornell, U. Cornell 14: V
Iowa Wesieyan 0.
At Des Moines Crelghton
Des Moinea University 0.
At Bethlehem -Brown 6; Le '
high 12. .
At Cleveland Ohio UnlTersltjr
37; Western Reserve 0. .
At Valparaiso Valpariso 47;
Crane college 6. ,." ,1 ,
wich 0.
At Waterville -Bowdoin
Colby 6.
At Atlanta
Furman 26; Oglfi
thorpe 0. , i
At New Brunswick Bethany'
14; Rutgers 7. - T.
At New York Georgetown 28; y
Fordham 13. .
j At Easton Layfette 28; Buck
nell V - "'; - ', :.; , , " '
At Fort Collins, , Colo. Colo.
rado Aggies 0. Colorado college 0.
1 ; T""" -, ' t f
. - V
More Than 65,000 Specta
tors. See Dedication of .
: New Stadium - .
COLUMBUS, Ohio, Oct. 21.
(By the Associated Press) The
Michigan Wolverines tonight
stood triumphant over the Ohio
State Buckeyes. ' While the great
est football crowd the middle
west has ever known looked oi .
this afteroon. Coach ,Yost'l
team defeated Ohio State" at all l
stages and won 19 to 0.
The game marked the dedica -tion
of Ohio State's new stadium i
and the crowd overflowed the
confines of the giant horseshoe's
63,000 seats and spread out la
temporary bleachers along the "
eidelines and into every nook and
cranny of the big structure from
which a view could be obtained. .
More than 65,000 persons saw the
contest,' it' was estimated. '
Michigan, ' by winning ' today,
avenged three successive defeats
at the hands of the Buckeyes.
But the retribution came at a
heavy cost. Roby, star Wolver- f
ine halfback, and ' Vandervoort,
regular tackle, probably will be
out of the game for the remaindf
er of the season as a result of
injuries. - ' i '-'
Captain Goebel also limped off
the field with a sprained ankle.,
Eugepe High Wins from ;
' Cottage Grove Eleven
EUQENE, Or., Oct. 21, The
freshman football team of the
University of Oregon and the Co- u
lumbia university team of Port- 1
land played a 7 to 7 tie game here
this afternoon. , ' t
EUGENE, Or., Oct. 21, The
Eugene high school football
team this afternoon defeated the
Cottage Grove high team ,by a
score of 6 to 0. 1 '.
Multnomah Clubmen Win -from
Gonzaga University
PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 21. i
The Multnomah Amateur Athletic
club football team here today do
feated the eleven from Gonzaga
university, Spokane, by a score of
35 to 20. : i'1
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