The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, October 22, 1922, Page 10, Image 10

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Beginning the sixteenth year of
its existence, ' The Merry Go
Round club met (or the first time
this-fall Monday evening at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. William
Brown. ' Officers for the coming
year were chosen 'and live hun
dred was played during the eve
ning. W. ,G. Allen was ejected
president, and Mrs. John McXary
anl Mrs. ! Wihlam Th'.elson were
cii'osen for the other offices of the
; , The membership , of the group
wti.Yh has been in exletance for
move tiian la years is composed
of a gioup of more than 30 of the
older residents of Salem. Includ
ed in the membership are Mr. and
Mrs. John McNary, Mr. and Mrs.
W O. Allen. Mr, and Mrs. Will
iam Thielson, Mr. and Mrs. Rollin
K. Page, Mr. and Mrs. Russel Cat
Hn, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Spencer.
Mr. and Mrs. Max O. Buren, Mr.
rnd Mrs. Robert Flemming, Dr.
and Mrs. C..H. Robertson. Mr. and
Mrs. V.. O. Shipley, Mr. and Mrs.
Reuben P. Boise, Dr. and Mrs. J.
N. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Kay.
, Mr., and Mrs. A. N.' Moore and
Mrs. Frank, nedecor. .
Cerebrating the ilfth wedding
q pry io9fil
1 Gained by wearing
FroUaet Corsets
Renjka L Swart
Corset Fiwcialist
JIB Liberty Street"
anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. G. F. i
Chambers a masquerade party
was siren last night at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. V. II. Steusloff.
The guests included Mr. and
Mrs. Albert Anderson, Mr. and
Mrs. C. Headley, Mr", and Mrs. L.
R. Chambers, Mr. and Mrs. Mon
ro Gilbert, Mr. and Mrs. F. E.
N'eer, Jos. W. Chambers. Clarence
Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Law, Mr.
and Mrs. Braz'er Small, Mr. and
Mrs Phil Newmyer, Mr. and AIr3.
Carl T. Pope, , Mr. and'Mrs. , A.
Creeey, Miss Dorothea Steusloff;
Miss Ilazef Seeley, Mr. and Mrs.
It. E. Shinn. 'Guests from out of
town were Mr. and Mrs. E. G.
Bates. Gearhart; Mr.; and,. Mrs.
George H. Otten and Mr.' and Mrs
R. C. Day, both of Portland; Mr.
and Mrs. Ed G. Anderson Albany,
and Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Pierce.
AumsTlllc. ' ' ,
Mrs. B. C. Mile3 and Mrs. Rob
ert M. Fleming were hostesses
this week for the Thursday af
ternoon club at the Miles home.
Kenneth Allen, a nephew of Mrs.
Miles, sang Several solos for the
guests. He is a member of the
Wh'tney Boys chorus and receiv
ed an ovation when he sang with
them last week.
Mss. C. P. Bishop poured dur
ing the tea hour and Mrs. Flem-
mlne cut the isea. Guests of the
club for the afternoon were Mrs.
W. P. Lord and her gust, Mrs.
E. P. Murphey o,f Portland Mrs j
B. E. Carrier and Mrs. W. G. Al
i len.
., .. The Women's club chorus, a
group o 36 of the younger sing
ers, which has been practicing
with Paul Petri of Portland, will
give a benefit concert for the Old
Peoples, home in the near future.
It will be given in the First Me
thodist church. -
The music department of the
Salem Women's club under, the
direction of Miss Dorothy Jearce,
s making plans for the division
of the town into districts to the
end that Christmas carols will, be
sung in every part of town on
Miss Marian Widden, First Woman
Manager of a New York Hospital
Only S5 down, 5 month
We are closing out our entire
present stock, of Pianos. Five
pianos for almost 'half price.
$5 down buys any piano., Come
cow, they are going last.
See ad on page 3, second section.
Gee. C. Will closing old nation
ally advertised line of phono
graphs at half price. 11 down,
1 weekup.' ' m
See ad on page 3, second section
Christmas eve. This waa done to
a certain extent last year but it
is hoped to carry it out more com
pletely this season.
Mrs. Fred Klein who will leave
soon for her new home in Phoe
nix. Ariz., has been the inspira
tion for a number of social affairs
during the last week.
Mrs. 'James Nicholson enter
tained the members of the Wed
nesday bridge club in her honor
during the week. Mrs. Nicholson
Drew and Mrs. Iee L.. Gilbert as
sisted Mrs. Nicholson durng the
afternoon The serving table was
prettily decorated with yellow
and white.
Those bidden to honor Mrs.
Klein were:
Mr. C. Q Ke'ley, Mrs Paul
Hauser. Mrs. L. F. Sheldon. Mrs
J. C. McLeod. Mrs. Charles Wh't
more, Mrs. S. Culver, Mrs. E. A.
Skelley, Mrs. C B. McCul'oug
Mrs. Nicholas Drew, Mrs. Wr. D.
Clarke. Mrs. Charles Stricklin.
Mrs. Kenneth Hall, Mrs. Lee G'l
bert. Mrs. W. H. Steusloff was host
ess at a party for Mrs. Klein F-
day afternoon. A number of her
co-workers o' the First Preshv
terian church were :'nvited in for
the afternoon.
Autumn flowers were ned
about the rooms of the Steusloff
home. Th hostesiCwai assisted
by MJrs. H. J. Clement. Mrs
George Pearce and Mrs. Mofflt.
Mrs. F. H. Berger and little
daughter. Virginia, and Miss Mar
paret White spent Saturday in
Portland, driving down for the
Mrj and Mrs. Hary MrDanie1
and M'ss Florence Elsrin will bo
joint hosts this evenin? at the
home of Mr. and Mrs Charles
E'lgin. The occasion is the th'rd
wedding-anniversary of Mr. and
Mrs. McDaniels and the birthday
anniversary of Miss Elgin.
Autumn flowers and foliage
will be used about the rooms. A
bowl of yellow marigolds vr'M
center the supper table. Eigh
teen guests will help th honor
guests celebrate the occasion
Music will be provided by a small
stringed orchestra.
Committees for the First Con
gregational church bazaar were
appointed by Mrs, F. W. Steus
loff at the meeting of the Wo
men's Union Friday. The bazaai
will be held December 6.
Chairmen of the different com
mittees as appointed are as fol
lows: Mrs. H. L. Clark, cooked
foods; Mrs. G. O. Brown, fancy
aprons; Mrs. W. I. Stanley, hand.
g-f( n .. V.ii.i....t.. .I., n Li . " '! i u i
& "V - '
-i a tiwii t
n . i
rj - m
coming year was held. The mat
ter of the Oriental women's col
leges for which a financial drive
will be made soon was one of the
possible objects discussed. It was
suggested that a study be made
of the various state Intitutions
and that the branch have those in
charge of these different institu
tions tell the women of the work
beinj; done.
The possibility of having a
speaker at each meeting was dis
cussed and seemed to meet wth
mo6t general approval, the wom
en seeming anxious to have this
feature. It was suggested that
the local branch take a special in
terest in any legislation which
i might come up this winter before
; the legislature which would be of
interest to women or of educa
tional interest.
r The membership of the local
branch is njore than 30 now al
though only 30 women were pres
j ent at the luncheon yesterday,
; many finding it impossible to at-
tend the first meeting.
Miss Marian Whidden directs the operation of one of New York
city's great institutions and is the first and only woman to hold
such a position among the many hospitals in the city.
kerchiefs; Mrs. Robert Fleming,
utility aprons; flowers, Miss Oda
Chapman; Mr a. K. Graber, re
freshments; Genevieve Endlcott
and Constance Kantner, candy.'
The Women's Union will meet
again this week in the church
Friday afternoon.
Henrietta Bishop and Kather
ine Elgin will be hostesses at a
hallowe'en partyn ext Saturday
Mrs. Catherine Willard Eddy,
who is in chargt of foreign ser
vice work for the Y. W. C. A.,
will be in Salem during the com
ing week. -.She will talk to the
high school girls Tuesday .and
Wednesday will talk to members
of the association and the board
members in the association room
members of the association
She is considered a most force
ful speaker and it is anticipated
many will take advantage of the
opportunity to hear her. Mrs. E.
Christie of Portland will accom
pany her and wMl tatlc' orr'he
"Assurance Policy." Mrs. Chris
tie is general secretary of the
Portland association.
College Women 1
Elect Officers
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maker would. And the French ways
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th nocjtiag 1m cu
jut taaa.
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Wmm. with aoo
Court and
Liberty Sts.
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Salem's Leading Department Store
.Miss Frances M. Richards wa3
chosen president of the Salem
branch of the American Associa
tion of University YVomen atthe
meeting held Saturday following
a luncheon in the Pied Piper.
Other officers chosen were Miss
Marie Churchill, vice president;
Mrs. Roy Klein, secretary; Mrs. J.
H. Fairchild, treasurer.
Mrs. William Cooper, president
of the Portland branch, was
among those attending the meet
ing yesterday. Mrs. Cooper told
the Salem women of the work
taken up by Portland women and
the ways in which it was accom
plished. rA discussion of the things
which the local organization
might take up as its work for the
Vachel Lindsay
Comes to Salem
s Friday Night
As its initial offering for the
season of 1922-23, the Salem Arts
League announces the appearance
of Vachel Lindsay, celebrated
American poet, next Friday night
in Waller Hall of Willamette uni
versity. The league is cooperating
with a committee from the uni
ersity in bringing Mr. Lindsay to
Salem. He was to have come late
in November., but owing to
changes in his itinerary the new
date was made necessary.
Mr. Lindsay will read from his
own works- works that have
placed him at the front of . the
rank of contenrpoirary versffyerS.
Probably his best-known book Is
"The Congo." with "The Chinese
Xight:ngale," outstanding as an
individual poem.
Several of his books art; to be
found on the shelves of the Salem
Public Library, and tne about
him "Tramping with a poet in
the Rockies," by Stephen Gra
ham. "My companion has two
voices," says Mr. Graham. "One
ir. that of a politician, harsh and
strident; the other is that of a
Homeric harper and ballad chant
er of the days of old."
Officials of the league feel es
pecially fortunate to be able to
present Mr. Lindsay as its initial
olfering this jear, and so that
everyone may be able to hear him
tickets have been placed at fifty
cents, with a special price to stu
dents of twenty-five cents. '
TVide-read interest has al
ready been manifested in the
poet's evening here, and it is ex
pected that the seating capacity
of Waller hall will' be taxed to
the limit. Tickets for the affair
will be on sale the first of the
week, and may be procurable
from any member of the learue
or at some down town place of.
business which will be announce J
later. - . ...
Former Premier Clemenceaa
will reach this country on ;Nov- -ember
18. Just in time for a
gli rtous Thanksgiving feast,1 Pass
the white meat. Georges, dear, al- ?t
so a bit of the dark.
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