The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, October 21, 1922, Page 8, Image 8

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: -: , . buy your Hallowe'en supplies and decorations now-see thedisplays m the basement ; "
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Every department is crying for more room, we are constantly shifting and re-arranging the stocks that our marvellous increase in business' de
mands' The Big Store is piled full of seasonable merchandise. To move stock more quickly we are inaugurating this make-room event. .
14,000 Yards of Heavy Wilton
A heavy grade, a 25c quality that is known for service;
that of Wilton Sheeting which will go on sale Saturday, spec
ial, at ,
Per Yard 14c
Men's $1.75 Flannel Shirts
Brown and gray mer-'s heavy Flannel winter Shirts suitable
for work or dress. Tn all-sizes '.from '.14 to 17.- This big
value at ..,.-,.;,.
Special 98c
Men's Winter Sweaters
Ileary winter Coat Sweaters large, convertible raff neck
collar; large roomy pockets. All sizes, 34 to 46. Special
daring this sale at . ... '
i f - -
Special 98c
Over 750 Ladies Gowns
A heavy grade ladies' nightgown. -Made of fine quality
fancy or plain colored flannel. Some are embroidered and
others plain style. This exceptional, value on sale at
Special 98c
Lace Curtain Goods' .
Curtain Draperies, at prices never before equaled. This
6 Be value goes on ale Saturday, at '. ,
Men's $10 Union Suits
A heavy fleece lined union suit for men and boys. Reg
ular 11.60 yalue, closed crotch, perfect fitting garments. On
sale special at per suit
Per Suit 98c
Ladies Winter Unions
Ladles' winter union suits, full fleecy white ribbed union
anlta full lAnvth' loci an1 full e1oV0S All ftizen fOT Small.
medium and large ladles. Regular value 1 1.65,. at
w .
1 ' ' r t
WooTMix Dress Goods
For school children a dress of this fine material will be
suitable and lastfng. . -Values to 11.25 a yard,' special at
Per Yard 49c
3 pound Cotton Batts
The basement stock offers bargains a plenty. This is one
of them. Cotton Batts that regularly sell at 1.25, special at
Special 79c
, .. an AWE-iNspntma .
Sale of Silks
' . h'' ' v ' i 1 ' 4 " -'
' Valuei to $2.50-.
40-inch Crepe de Chine, 36-inch Taffetas and Messalines
All new colors. Th!s .extra large line of all pure silks.
These are absolutely of first quality. : Many values to 12.50
special at 1 . ; 4 j ...
Yard $1.49
Free Deliveries
FEEE pEtlVEEIES with purchases of $2 and over
Ask for your premium coupons. They are valuable .
i ''';' ' ' ' '
In Saturday's
Sale at I
mm i
Only Two- to One Customer
All Wool Plaid
Regular $10.50 Value
Men's $7.50 Dress Shoes
Made of (very fine quality kid
leather with cushion soles, rub
ber heels and oak tanned oater
sole. Comes in blac' QO
and brown,, special at.. vOIO
Boys' High Top Leather
School Shoes
$5.50 values. Special QO
at ..... J $OV0
Ladies' Dress Oxfords
In black and brown. Regular
$5. Special
Girls' Sport Model Oxfords
' Special for college and school
girl. S5. 50 values.' &n
special at . i
Ladies' and Girls' Heavy
School and Work Shoes
Regular $5 values. All sizes
from 2 to 8. Special
Men's Solid Leather
Heavy Work Shoes
$5 values. A good, reliable
work shoe;i black and brown,
both pegged and stitched. Solid
leather soles and heels .and stur
dy uppers.
Special at
Values to $35
1 o
Just twenty-six coata in this lot. Velours,
polos, tweeds predominating s Many with fur
collars included in the lot; you will also find the
new Fur Collared Mannish coat the very, last
word in new fall coats. . These coats are priced
for quick disposal and -they're : going . mighty
quick, be here on time. J j
, i -1
Men's $25 All Wool Overcoats
Smartly tailored in belted and con
servative models. Every one is a late
fall style that we know will appeal to
every man and young man.
Special at . . . . .
?.".: $12.75
One lot of men's wool and all wool
Overcoats. Values to 1 15..
Opening sale price at . . .
Men's AU lVool Mackiaaws ;
Famous Kangaroo brand all 'wool
mackinawsv : Beltea back .and full, belt
ed models, with and 'without Inverted
pleats. ' Large. shawl and hand' roll
collars, ' Regular $12.50 values. I Spec
ial at - ' - ' '
j $4198$7.50
Coys', all ...wool Mackinaws In ' 'the
same style; and make, special at I '
$6.50 - r $3;98z$5.50
' ChUdrenYHeayy Shoes
" dze from' lto id,'7 special at
Men's High Top Leather Boots
Regular $8JS0 yalue, 8pecial at
Y $4.75 , .
flSVfc lbs. Cane Sugar
With the purchase of $1.00 or over
Northern Flour, 1 sack ,$1.90 1
Blue Ribbon Flour, guaranteed for j
" 'good 'bread ?or money back
; sack .... .... J....... : ...:$1.49 !
Waldo Hill Flour, 1 sack ...$1.30 (
1 sack Oa Meal :....r.r...i .t.45c j
il sack Corn Meal .......29c
1 sack Cane' Sugar $7.29 i
5 lbs. 30c Coffee $1.00
5 lbs. Cocoa 40c j
1 lb. Gunpowder Tea 1:29c i
10 cans Milk, tall ...$1.00
10 cans Standard Corn .$1.00 i
5-cans' Sainton l55c !
5 cans Sardines 1123c
Tobacco, Star, Horseshoe, Climax,
1 plug I. ....... .... .. .72c
8 5c Cigars 25c!
Velvet, 2 pkgs. 25c
100 lbs. Spuds 95c
50 lbs. Dry Onions 75c
Celery, large bunch 17c I
Caibage,5qibs:.;...t ,75c
Lettuce, 2 heads 1... .1 ...15c
Guaranteed Eggs, 1 doz. 36c
5 lbs. Lard 75c
1 gaL Best Cooking Oil $1.35
8 to 12 lb. Armour Star Hams,
lb. ...... .......35c
Fine Breakfast Bacon, lb. ...J28c
Summer Sausage, per lb. 38c
Bacon Squares, per lb.
Salt Pork, per lb. r. ..,:........21c
Cheese, Veribest 29c
Brick Cheese .30c
v Womenalls
Regularly $1. Sweet-Orr
Wojnanalls in tan and blue,
with adjustable ankle. Sever
al pockets. Cfl
Sizes 32 to 44 OUC
Wash Skirts
Less than half price. Odds
and ends of wash skirts of
cotton suitings, gabardines.
etc. Sport
Were 79c. Women's outing
flannel Petticoats in gray,
blue and pink stripes. Made
with deep flounces. '
Sizes '2 5 to 23
Women's Sateen Bloomers,
with elastic at waist and knee.
Reinforced.l Sizes 25 f?A
to 29 OUC
" 7 Yds. Calico
Regularly 10c yard. - Stand
ard Calico Prints in gray,
black and navy. Full bolts
and mill lengths.
Limit 21 yards . .
Children's heavy sateen
bloomers with elastic at waist
and knee. Double stitched
seams. Black and white.
Broken sizes,
4 to 14 .'.
Outing Gowns
Were 98c. Children's out
ing flannel, gowns in vlte
and colors. Long sleeves style
Broken sizes. K(in
Some soiled: OUC
3 Yds. Percale
Regularly 25c yard. Stand
ard percales in stripes, figures
and floral (designs. Some mill
lengths. rn
Some imperfect OUC
-1 : ' -'
2 Bloomers
"Women's flesh knit Bloom
ers with elastic at waist and
knee. Regular sizes.
Some seconds
Were 79c. Women's medium
weight cotton vests and pants
in regular, and extra CA,
sizes. Each OUC
2 Prs. Hose
Were. 39c pair. Women's
heavy, fleeced cotton hose with
ribbed tops. Regular and ex
tra azes. Cfi
SoiyB seconds ' wUC
Heather Hose
Were 79c. Broken lots of
women's wool heather mixed
hose. Nearly all sizes and
colors. Cfi
Some seconds OUC
3 Prs. Hose
Women's black cotton hose,
with ribbed and hemmed' tops.
Regular and extra sizes ff A
Some seconds OUC
5 Yds. Outing
Regularly 15c yard. 27-inch
medium weight, fancy jfn
striped outing OUC
Union Suits
Were 75c. Women's cotton
Union Suits in low neck; sleeve
less style, with cuff knee.
Sizes 34 to
44 .
3 Vests
Were 35c each. Women'
medium weight' cotten vests
In low neck, wing sleeves
style. Sizes r
34 to 44 OUC
2 Vests,
Odd lots of women's low
neck sleeveless " bodice-top"
vests, some with heavy crochet
yokes. fA '
Sizes 34 to 50 . . . . . . OUC '
3 Prs. Sox
Were 25c pair. Men's heavy
wool mixed sox. In black, Ox
ford and natural. CA
Regular shjes OUC
4 Prs. Hose
Clearaway of boys' heavy
cotton ribbed' hose and girls
mercerized ribbed hose. Black,
white, cordovan. Regular Bil
es. Some ' Cfi
seconds OUC
Men's Ties
Were 69c and 89c. Four-In-hand
silk and knitted ties in
plain colors and fancy
combinations OUC
5 Yds-Scrim
Scrim, voile and "marquiset
te' curtaining with hemstitched
and drawn borders. White,
cream and ecru. 36 rk
Inches wide ......... OUC
10 Handkerchiefs
Were 10c each. Men's large
size white cambric CA.'
handkerchiefs ..... ... OUC
Work Gloves
All leather gloves, adiusta-
ble one finger style, with ad
justable wrist. Sizes
9 to 11
Sale of Caps
Mens and boys' wool mixed
caps in solid colors and mix
tures. One-piece top style.'
Regular r
sizes . DUC
Dress Goods
i Were 69c to $1.25 yard
odd' pieces of cotton, - plaids, -
series, suitings, etc. 36 to 48
' inches
f Regularly 75c. r Good weight
aluminum saucepans in '2 -quart'
sizes. ' CA
With oovers . . . . , . . .V UC
i ' ' : .
Window Shades ;
I Were 75c to $1.50. Genu- Y
ine oil and water color shades.
Mostly 36 inches wide. Green, '
white,. tan, buff,1 CAu '
gray OUC -
3 Y air ds Muslin
(Regularly 20c yard. Fine
quality 36-inch soft finish
bleached 1 ' CA
muslin . .....Y.L OUC (
Glassware ;x
1 Half price and less. A clear-
away of odd pieces glassware
from regular
?,,r......... 50c
Surprise Table
Regardless of cost, former
selling prices or present worth,
we offer a miscellaneous as
sortment of usable articles for
men, women and . CA
children at ...... OUC
3 Pillow Cases
Were 25 each. Bleached
pillow cases in size 36x12 in
ches. - rfft
Limit 3 .'.OUC
. j . '
. Clearaway of odds and nds
ini women's, muslin chemise
and gowns. Broken CA
Sizes, 38 to 44 ..... OUC
A big counter, filled f nil of
Feather Trimmings and
values to 98c to go at, each
10 c
Men's Leather 1 Faced Canvas
Regular price 35c per pair; spec
ial in the basement, Saturday
i " . 1 only, per pair