The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, October 01, 1922, Page 14, Image 14

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Corner MaeteeotA and Ferry. Claytoa
nl suiter. Bandar school end
ehereh. eombsaed aervire, at 10 a.m.
ifnk'B. B.'Ewarda, superintendent. The
new lessons befia Sondey i ao it is im
portant for-all pupils to e present A
baptisms) service for chiMrea will ba
aeld. Ohriatiais eneeever at 6:30. lead
r, Helaa Band. A (root ' ntmtinar
aaanrvd Eveainc wwreee. and qaartarly
romtmaotea at 7;30. nolo- by .Sire. Hasel
Neureii Sermon ty the pastor. A nam-
Of eew ssembers-will 1 be received
lot fellowship. Yoa ere ialwajra wal
ceraa at oar service.
lint Ooerxerrtionel-Cnter end tih
' iatrawta. W. O. Kaatner. miafster.
101a.m. flaaear i eeaeol -with' alamo -for
ailiasje, n. naws, Npcnannawk
lljejw enooa '"The Loaf ed-fo Pay."
(:IU pA. ;oaf prople' earviee.-'Coaie
anl enier it. 7:80 p.B.-eernion-( "The
'Li$inf ap of the Galea." Yollewins;
tbe service pirtarea ;t Ira atre ting the life
mi work e(3bakespeera. Prayer neet
nf Thursday at 7:80 p.m. Further
etugleaj of tte Book at Bodu, ' '-
- 1 . ' .B APTIf I r' " ' : -;
Vini eptis VfflHaia T. Millikeo,
Maiater'.v,"'Moreif worships at 11, sab
Jeet ."How Caa 1 rind dl" iEw
tnr - werefifp -at 7:80.'; Sermon t "The
Eternar Name." Wbla aohool .at :5.
Edward BrJienke, ' superintendent. Grad
ed dnparaneata and ebwsos for all area.
J T.T lr. -at t:HO. T1m ymmr ' people
-1, 1 ' IV 1. J ' - -
i ; v .
r :.w j, : ;
i lingr a rebuilt macjiine. We l-kayefj i
. . " ' a h o" fr . " ' 1 ' ' '
f ; a large ftocK ot Guicrcnt,iriaKc$,' ;
Ur .t. r 11 ." .-' - i o - T. - . '
Am 1 1 - dwnwMOAA4 ksl AVSSS .nMASS . '
C 1aa1:
ranged to
5peaal attestlcn to engraving, embossing acclsteel i
, : dim WArlr I . t
- lOvVJ I
;; .SwiSS A I 1 - High at Trade Streets
.I' 'iROApSTER;:'- V 'il I A t l it i f Itk
;:: , SEDAN - - , . ; ! VrrVX'- r-Zs-
: s?iisr3 4?
4 jr" " Waav. -. : Now' j VV:;i!i ?
."" V-:. 'V-' ; . -."' . ' i f ' V'.--' '" , ' 'I' : -.' :.
1 -i' :t.;Z-V - ..!;i-uFV OB.-SAIiEM :?--v-; , . .
;' T" -l V- i-?'-.. -r -I' "-"r -------';.w;.':-.:i'" ; ;
' J -r - '- - " . r ' . -; - ; V . .. - y ;
X ' " .T-i '',tr"7u 7" - '"T ' T'" "i4 i,i n w.inn immii .i i . y au.n p., a i 4 ... , .
arc eoaaeaeaags their Iwinter'o' ' work
Wxf aspect ' on entaeatistio i rally for
Monday. InUllattea of the B.Y.P.C. of
ficers at evening arv. On Taeeday
the Brotherhood'. wM hbld . their first
autatnn eeaetoa. - ThorstJsy the themo
wilf bo "What la 'the arcli" This
it the reruW prayer and prsise service
of ! the oharch. . r'ridav, evening Bible
aciboola teacher and offiiera cooneil will
bo held at chorea bniidic t ,
Salem - Friend-Coraar
(onuDercial - and .Waahjnctoai . ; atreeta.
Nathan hwabb, pastor. Phone 1S20-J.
boodar acoool at- :45 hJ.- 'Praaeonna
serrieo at 11. Chriatiaif eadeavor 6.80
pjn. Eretiin aerrico ,f;36.- s Pray or
iitetinf and monthly tnoetiof Thoraday
7 :30. , t ' ,d - .
I!ie1n4 rrtaiKto JUgWand Arenua
sad North ChorHt atreet. I. G. and Ida
J. Lao, miaisterh. ,- BeMe achool at lO
aja aifton..Roae, itfperintendent. Morn
in$ worohiip aad preocfeinr at 11.-C.
at 6 p.m, freachlTi(fiat-7:30. Prarer
mretioi; Thursday at 7 :30. The pablto
in eordiaUy iaoited to any and all aer
oieoa. t . . V ( ...! -
Court .Street Christian -Corner Kortb;
flsoTenteeatk and ' Oonrt;- atreeta. ' Biblo
school :45 .m. The ati-aa)oon , rep
resent tWe wiH not ie with na untiil
ono week later. "Ouar fall Campaign'"
will be considered by ;, the church in
thv Tnoming. AU comft Kyening; ser
Before placing yoiir .or
der for personal greeting
"cards be swrg; andVe pur
iline-lt id thetnos com-'
lem-j-all 'mounteq for
your inspection. , J -
- i.l.e.-ii i -j !
suit purcKa$er.
., ., a --.. v4 .g, r . at v- r gvi 4 i,
ires ehanao Intorsaedlato S :SO, aenior
6:30 and Tfelitie aerrica t T:30.
Hoar the ! etiw of aermona on TKa
X. T. Chnrch" by pastor. . Thoraday
7:30. Pereonof ovaagVliam elasa start.
Willamette atodenta and friends Inrttel
to the aorricea. R. L. Putnam, pastor.
Firs Cbriatiaa Center and Hijh St.
J. J. Erans, miniater. The Bible school
ia increoaint; each Sunday and plans are
being made for frost rally day on tbo
15th of October. CWsaea for all ages
ia deparOnsenta and roma. Toe boor is
0:43. ; The . school assembly . period is
followed tmaaodiately by ehurea wursbt
at 11 o'clock. The pastor will preach
morning and evening: "Miracles and
BpinUnal Values" will be the morning
topic; eTooing, 7:80. "lasssas from the
Life of Usttkew." -Mrs. Alice Weager
will hare charge of the masse. The
yoBC -people ieet ot 6:30 pjn.
LeoKo .MeOsodist . Epiacopal South
Commercial and Myers atreeta. H.'- F.
Pembertoa, - pootor. -Bondoy acoool 0:45.
Epwortn.: teagoe, :30. - A live, interest
ins; - and - entbasiasaie meetlna ' for youac
people - Morniag worship - ll - o'clock.
Hernfoa oUDieot : ' "liJo - sJhnsttanj Ke-
ligioa for onr Own Times." ' There will
bo - a -cordial welcomo "for yon" at thia
aerrice and aleo at tbo evening meeting
at 7. - BuDject: -Tat Treaxtouu of a
Lifetime Ideal." Come with us and
tort onother week right; .
Scandinavian Methodist Episcopal
Fifteenth and Milla streets. lavid C.
Ilassel, pastor. Bondayi morning service
at 11 o'clock. Sunday school at 12, Gust
Anderson,- superintendent.- Evening ser
vice at 8 "o'clock. Prayer meetiag anl
Biblo study Wednesday eveainc at 8
o'clock. Monthly Sandsy school meeting
Friday evening October 6 at the home
of Mr. Md Mrs. G. Aderaon, 10th and
Iraae atreeta.
Center Street German . Methodist
North 13th and Center otreeta, O. S.
Boeder -minister. . Sabbath -ssool 10
o'clock. Teachers for Emclish aad Oer
maa-'Brblo;--elaaeat" Preaching aervieea-
H a.m.- and 7:90 p.m. I Tbo monthly
meesmr of the women a Joreiira Mia
siomry .society will meet at the home of
Mr.- J. U. eJeethoii,-" Thoraday afternoon
Joson. Lee Memorial "Methodisr Eois
cbrmf i- North Winter and Jefferson
streets extends a ' cordial . invitation to
tbo pablie.. i Sunday school 9:45 ajn.
Public service at 11 a.m. . Junior cbnroh
wh Kev. Officer in chsrre: auditorinm
with Rev. W. H. -Hertiog, Kimball 6ool
of Theology), occupying tn parpit. -1 lp
worth leasTua aervico 6:30 p.m. Meet-
inca of vital interest.'. Even ins- evancel-
ittie aervico 7:30 p.n. lr. Uickmaa
will be present and wiH preach. Good
amc by the choir and services thst are
lull of interest. ' Jaaior-ond adult prayer
servicea -Wednesdai evening' at 6:30 and
.1 ;ou rewpecHvoiy. !
' First . Methodist ' Epiacopal Blaine E
Kirkpstrick, . minister.-' Class 'meeting
i:ia m u toe northwest corner room
downstsar. 8ndat school '0:45 a.m
BheMoni -emckett, - aupennteadea.' - Bally
day-1 ia next- Saadey, - let no get a good
start vf turning out in run force,' Morn
ing worship 11 o'clock. - The Tastor-will
preaett ea the subject "The Tread of a
Conqueror." The -choir will aing nnder
tho direction -of lrof. JC. W. - Hooaon.
Thia ia the caarcK of good music. ' Spec
ial invitation is extended to stadeatt
of the anioersity. Thia ia affiliate mem
bership Sunday and opportunity will -be
given to any ' who desire - to- aaito with
the churcb. Epworth lcairue friendahip
ihour -'at 1 5:30' o'clock -and -devettoaal
meetings'" at :80; - Bruco White- leader
of aenior enapter. - The rntermediatet
meet - at the aame hour. ' Evening aer
vice 7 :30 - pos. Hb - oermon - by - the
paator will be oa the subject - "The
Kurbt Time to Dig WoMa.J. There will
bo an opening 'aong'terviea and special
rauae. . The - new ehruch - night -program
begins on Thoraday evenin with -picnic
supper- at B o'ctoek. tdy' -elaaaea at
7- and ' devotional period at 7:45. 1 A
largo enrollment ia 'expected.
'First ' Cfcurch - 44 -Ohemekota St.
Sunday nserotag services at 11 a.m. Sob
jeff ef lesson eemoa:' ("Unreality."
Sunday sdaool at 0:45 a.m. Wednesdav
evening -testimonial-moeoing at 8 -o'clock.
neaaing -room, zuw Jiasonte '1 empie, open
every day except htolidaya and Sunday a
from 11:15 to 6:30 p.m. All are -cOr-
aiaUy invited to oar reading roorn
'.--';'::" r b. s. a.
. JBWIintlvull .XIUI snmssu JUBDCH'
ion,. meets every Sunday la Derby haH.
comer Court and lfirh streets, for Bible
study. Honrs from 10 a.m.. to 12. All
interested m Bible atady -weKomed.
i .ATiavwfiUi
St. Paul' a Churoh ' Tha Little iTfinrcb
Around the Oorner." -IUt. H. Soaeaa
-iMmeera, , roetor. Holy endasriea 'at
7:30 a.m.. Cturrh aphnnl at O-Jt B..
end celebration of .Holy .Eucharist with
sermsB-st -n -a.m.-f-it ts OTpected that
, - I. . - " aii-Ktivr
Ih f - ' - '- , " J
& a: ..v.w'kv-i-rt. 4 W
if r 1
Defeat of the Greek' f Drees in
Asia Minor, caused the downfall of
the Greek Cabinet Rumors per
sist that Constantino may be
driven from the throne. It is also
rumored that he will abdwate-
tK Rev o. W. Taylor, rector 'of Grace
Memorial ehrwh, Portkand, will be tue
apeaker. The first meeting of the yoong
nosia I socsety -win oe eio; av o.ou
n m 'Tb nreeddent IkSs called a meet
ing of the cabinet for 5:30. It ia hoped
that oil young people will attend as it
it desired, to arrange the season' s work.
Htranrera mine env -win iuw a wel
come at St. Pani c, - and all other us
well. '
322 State street, upstairs ia Fatten
Building. Oar: speoisl evangelistic ser
vices are atill cotoar on. in tuu force.
bat will close with the Sunday evening
service. Come and bring your lunch and
stay all day and enjoy these feasta with
. Daring roe course 01 tne oay -urotner
Wie-gina wrli preaoh on li vine Healing
and other truths from She Bible. Bring
your ick. we tray- for- them God heals,
Sunday school at 10 a.m. - Preaching at
11 ajn., '8 and . Weekdays: Bible
study Tuesday evening at 8., Evangel
iatie service Saturday evening at 8. Heat
ins roodis lopen every afternoon from 2
to o. - jx iyon are aick and not able
to cosno to! ua aad will let us know, wa
will be glad to go and pray for your
heaBng. We make ao -charge. Supported
oy tree wnu oiferinga. i ah are welcome
- ' ! s ' -
Unitarian Churcn- -Cottsee and Che
meketa streetss Rev. .Martin Fereshetian,
minister. Co arc h sohool at 10 a.m. Urad
ed instruction. The reformation in Easv
land will be the aubjeet of lecture 'and
diacnasaon) for the adult class. Devo
tional aervico at 11.. Sermon aabjeet
TT Cross or the Crescent!" This is
, vital odeatioa a millions of 11 oh am -
medana are challenging . Ohriatlanitv nod
Christian t Civilisation. Which wiH tri-
wmpni Lwaat ia the eatlookt The aer
moa will be urastratedv by a map and
the relation, of the various nations will
be pointed, out. Mrs. 31. Fereshetiaa
will offer4 a a solo "The Uord ia Mv
Ugbt." Mrs. W. A.' Deo to a at the organ
The Salem Ministerial aaaariation ' will
hold its first meeting for-Shis fall and
winter Monday' mornina- -at 10:80 in
tmo, full aueadance of all min
iatera ia mrged.- Xew ministers in town
are- invited- to meet - with oa- thst day
Plana for the fall will be discussed., '
Christian 1 and Jdjiaaion&rv . lliini,
Mr. and Mro. H. E.'Csswell. 423 North
Winter street, leaders. TJaual service.
thia afternoon at 632 JSouth Commercisl
atreet. ; -Sunday aehool t 2 o'clock, fol
lowed br the rerular Drearhinr .' ei-vl.
t o. aim as ine- asme piaee on next
Thmreday, meeting beginning at 2 :ku.
a very , cordial welcome to all these
first Cm twl iratlirml nn Vnrth
Cottage atreet. - near Center. Serricet
iRu rorenoon as follow: Kuiwlav aMutol
at lO o'cioek aa osual. At 11 o'clock
Miss Bertha 'Miiiipm. recently rtirn.,i
oiissionary -from China will oecuoy she
iruiyu. . ah cvruiasiy mviea. ,o even
ing service. " :
East State and Eie-htenth iln.ii
beo. Koehler. auoiater. Sunday srhvol
:45. ' Divine service in Enelish at 10;SO.
subject . f the aermon "T4i Inin4t
Vahie of a Soul." , Church council meets
at i:4a. . xoung people' meeting at
2:jo. 'lopic "Uetting an Education.
Bible school every .. Saturday 8-13 a .in
r-verj'oooy invited, -
' ReV. J. v R. Buck, psstoiv Sunday. ' low
mass at. 8 and higb -mass with aermon
al iu. ttenedictsoa follows last ir.ass.
Jn first .Friday of the month commun-
on will be diEtriboted at 7 and m
win exposition at 8. (Benediction a '3
o rioca. tmiraren-s confession on Than
ay. aiier smoot.
rirst Freabrteriam :4.1 a. m ft,,
smooi. Classes for all ages. 11 o'clock
c-- J. hub ton. representing- the anti
saloon league; will apeak on the sob
ject "Saving the Nation." 8:80 BJn
Junior, snterraediate. advanno Ut.m
diato and aeaior C. E. 7:99 v.m. Tan
"lar evenlna: service. - Good ummir md
roagreaat'ional sinxinc. Short sdilm. hv
toe-pastor on the topie "The Debt We
Owe." Service closes at 8:80. "Come
inoa wiia aa. -
CUemekcta Street P.-W. I-auner. pas
tor., ecrmniv at 11 am., subject "The
Workina- ChrtsF." Knrnnir ,i a n k.
Sunday school at 10 a.m. Th. nniu -
mr keooi: -ui rime for Keal s
T? - K" Stroosbougti will fd ft'.e
i.-i: aai,7 o'clock. Bible study con
ducted by the president. Prayer aer.
vices at 7fSO Thoraday evening, aJao
t!r second quarterly eonferenea will
hold its meeting. Sermon at Fruittand
a a i..m. . -
Black Bear Kiiied
By, Silverton -Hunters
.-a ;r-'-7
SIL.VERTO. Or.", SepL: 3.
(SpeciaV; toTTe ;5t4tesan)
A black bear weighing- 42 nound
was h'of 1 and killed ) niae miles
cast .of Silverton ;Th.ursday by a
group of Silvertpn' hunters.
For some time now the bear
has been feedine on "the .fat of
the -land" at night and i eluding
the Silvfcrton' hunters in the flay
time. - One - nlnt it ' raided the
pig; pen ;belonini;to Perry -Mosr
and did away witi two f ull-sized
hog Another ifsht H robbed
a ' beehire, and fnany nights it
visited the prune orchard belong
ing to William McKillop. i
For some tim It seemed satis
fied .with breakng a few limbs,
from 'trees and picking its own
fruit but more recently it -discovered
the picked prunes in the box
es were Just as palatable, and
much more easily, obtained. S(l
rerton hunters became greatly
interested. Finally 10 of tb,fi
most enterprising hunters got to
gether and purchased the j00
hound "Traiior." from tl. A
Ames, a former government hunt
er of . Estacada. Early Thursday
morning "Traiior" let the men on
CI (a
1 )el
S a a - ! ' . . . .. "
BT m as I tit n V. I fr w a J. W 'v. B - - --aVaBBia, SW ar al . . . r X aVA sr " . BBk ' aa
J '
sssaaaaaaaaaaaamaasaaasaaaaaMaaamaaaaaaasaaassam V ,
From " Western Autp
if ti
It "matters not whether you ' drive a ' Rolls-Royce.
Pierce. Chevrolet, or Flivver, yott will find fast exactly
f ' 'l the tvoe of ecruimnent
-tie! "
Genuine Champion Plugs
Only 38c
L B at
AGAIN! we are . offering this won
derful value - to ' the motorisii " A
t tl etenuone Champion Spark Plogthat
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t1 ridiculoosly- low sum of 38c. I Get
yours today I
Toar faa cm aft km the motor eal
with worn-oat- f aa sett.' Carry
ia extra one In fear car toe, for
enMrawacX's aake. We hscw tbem
29C tawHSw
f Master
'4 t7! f anotMiaea. da to Js
fvJ' I I J - Its . basssT
.I bj "aelf-olllna." , kaw-
i '1 J na; the pump leather
1 il V aUable. tbereb
Kl I 71 f aurlBsT perfect ' oaa
Zk ll II tiioo at alt tlmasv
fill V .riew-
aP f F am as am - - afaswa sWawaV-,
w - a a UTonu - v
?) je rj Protect your clotbee I Rad
If" - Jf7-'" -tsr st bom or msk I 'sak ' 'iT V' - assv. '
f'fl OS taa- thoa. araaraw,! v7?grv,
r.asi tst ttrf r-H LJk vy-" . .cK-u-. v. -r,.,. , ,-rr- . .- ll
im - "TOT , -To .i?oae ''ia j wheel pises r ; ; 3
He) I7 1 I Prtee ef roor car.' Star be nendl , either - ' : i -STaSKs N " ' : Jaj :
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J fort&ble; complete, 2Z0. A.:,, ., ..... t for Worda. jt Tb oajajrty ta the iett
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the I tracks of the bear, j .Finally
It was Voiiered; and Georfe W.
Steelhammer . of SilTertoajjeot a
shot which wounded the animal.
It gashed for TVUi who tired
the ahot which brought it , down.
It i reported that more' bears are
browsing in the same community.
Valuable Cow Swallows
Piece of Tire. Is Dead
giLYERTON. Or., Sept. 30
(Special to The Statesman)
A piece of rubber tire caused the
death of a valuable registered
Jersey cow, Oxford .Daisy Sweet
Maid, belonging, to the Golden
Glow dairy owned by. M. DeGuire
of Silverton. J A post, mortem
showed that she had .swallowed a
piece of-rubber tire.
sappMes mm.
AT'WESTEKN AUTO" niotorists ,llnd tost pai and ow
prices do go lraBd in hai
can be deeded on always. In other ,wc, motqnste find 'estern: AxAsf Sho
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Radiator Hose
the radiator host on roar
car need replactx7 Doa't
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and' laUt sell yon some real
prtca per ft...... ,m)h
a. .
i i
wbe aaklaa- for ta riakt
Pestra-4a etsas- 441ft
aWf U
De Luxe il
- U Prtaa
OCTOBER 1. 1922
jDR. 8. F. SCOTT, 8. a
Graduate of. and until recently in charge of the clinics of
The Salional University of Sciences -
I Ot Chicago ','t-J:: , .. 1" i
(Orthopraxy an3 Qiiropody department) -. V
jTakes rieasuw
the opening of offices in Salem. YouTl appreciate the comfort
of the reception parlor and the absolutely modern equipment 0f
the private operating room. L " ' 1
Phone 640 for appointment
kans More for
m a asaa.. aua sal til i i auutu uuu i.uiaiij.uuuii
From low-priced fabrics tjo Qncst quality cords you C, ,1
are guaranteed to get .quality, service and 'satlsf ac- T 1
Western GiantlCbrds
, Xs,UUU.isaUeS
U3f tha creat mnadea of
that Gbnt of 6M. are
Western' GSaat Ttrea eon?
axuetvd. Rovr irpoa. vow
of stlneory corhvtht glw
thai utrnoet ' 4ft ; atoangth,
fVrlnlltty aaid eaadtaancex.
Tney -are - nuta v Uan
"Jnat thesr,, they ar
truly fb' r&u$t$r of the
.Ura) world, ? r hi
WaattavvtOhmf FWbrio. S0Q0 mil
! Wastarn GaaaU Corda, 12J00 nilUa.
i " " . N eta aaaVa. eOOO milea.
32x3 Vi
34x4 -32x4
ia m
c 830
' 20j60
i ? ...-' -
a a
v J5JQ0i
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in Annooncing
Suite 301S0a Masonic Temple
... r-" rf ,
Phasria, .7000 jnjUa.
I AA t 1 1
1b t i i
1 i
It aja KB7V OTA WT
11435 4!
. aa teer w
: 250 i.
- - -. ' .
,.!;. a ,
' la
27.45 ;l J
' 530 iHi
'34.65 f ' J
3S.4S7 (:
.Hams t . i -
!"-v.i ll
r 1
A. 1
Vwkaw fciw vtmif - - xjbv l-w s ,
-Vr 'I'MVm Cs ii
"X. I "F - -V 1
r l
5 '
- .i r. i "' ' , n . i J . , i . .4. - . . . i . . .- w ' ' . :
256 State St
. ' -si-" - ate- !- i .V. .' . ' V
,V,;f j