The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, September 09, 1922, Page 8, Image 8

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Offered by this popular store for
it'll be a Glad-Time Event, for yse are going, to aiagG a
Open Saturday
until ;
; ESeMver
All Purchases of $2.00 and over
Shop. by. Phone
' Groceries, Telephone 433 ,
Other Departments call No 460
-'. " - : 4 "' - 4 : , V. -: ' 1
; Fviail'QsrdeB'G
m - . , ' '
. and sent out the same day as received
And Here Are the
the Lay -
2 Men's Blue WorR Shirts
Men, how about it? Isn't this a -whale
of a bargain T Yon ordinarily have
- ti pay -a dollar for one. while we
are offering them in all sizes at
; ' 2 for Dollar, Day Special .
2 Men's Fine Dress Shirts
With .'or without collars. This grade
i ordinarily sell or onedollar: but it's
' drawn 4nto this sale to go at, 2 for
Dollar Day Special . . .
Men's $1.75 Slicker Overalls
They are a light tan,, waterproof overalls
gooa tor creamery men, aisn wasners
. and outside, workers. Reguar price
$1.75. Dollar Day Special . ; '.-
,- f-"f - : r i
those' of who have not yet had the opportunity to attend this
; Selling Out of the
High Grade Fall , Stock of
Dollar. Items That Wil Not Only Afford You Untold Savings, but, According to
Out You'll Readily See that They Are the Articles You Need Now!
2 Fast Color Bungalow Aprons
We have received a' lot that, would or
dinarily sell at $1 each but to con
tribute another big item to this dollar
sale. They are going at 2 for Dollar
Day Special
Tnrie 49c Turkish Towels
This exceptional value stands out as the
big towel feature of the day, . It's of
a heavy double weave and exception-
ally large size.- You'll be well pleased
when you see them at 3 for Dollar Day
4 Yards Standard Oil Cloth
A very fine quality that is known for its
fine surface and large assortment of
beautiful colors from which you may
make your selection. Special for Dol
lar Day, 4 yards
Remember: That tomorrow
night is positively the
' c'5
is lift
of the most history making
sale of high grade ready-to-wear
ever held in Salem.
. V,
Stock consists of everything new nothing from last season m
sale. - , . t " -
Make Yotir Selection Now
Before it Is Too Late
Men's, Ladies' and
You'll find here an indescribable
lot of shoes of all descriptions which
can be had. Special for Dollar Day
$1.50 Flannel Night Gowns
In a sale that will save you a great
portion of its cost. Men's and ladies'
flannel Gowns. In all sizes . from 15
to 19 Special for Dollar Day...,
12 cans Milk, tall
0 Cans Peas
9 Cans Corn
9 Cans Tomatoes
11 cans Pork & Beans
0 Cans . Salmon
'23 American' Sardines
21 cans Small Milk
5 lbs. Honey
$1.00 ;
Paul's Jam, 10 ox. net
Blackberry, Apricot,
5 glasses
Red Salmon, 7 , cans
,.,.-. ,
7 cans Shrimp, tall
14 pounds Jap or
liard Ric
14 lbs. WhiW Beans
14 lbs. Red Beans
15 pounds Macaroni
3 lbs. D. W. Coffee
13 lbn. Cocoa in bulk
22 bars Crystal AVlilte
, .Soap ,
-7 lbn. lrI. in bulk
Waldo HU1 Flour or
Bluo Ilibbon old wheat
guaranteed for good
bread or money back,
1 sack
1 barrel
4 i'....3L-';
.5 I ' -'r
TS) m
Ladies' Silk Jersey Top Unions
Regular price $2. This is a fine g&r
ment, in white and pink, for women
who require a well made and good
fitting garment and yet within econ
omical means. Dollar Day (.pecial . .
, ;
Ladies' Fancy Silk Camisoles
We have grouped one large lot of these
fine washable eilk camisoles, some are
? 2 to f3 values. They consist of all
colors, and are fancifully made and
embroidered. Dollar Day Special....
One Large Lot of New Winter Hats
The lot Includes elt and Velvet K-atsl
Values to $7.50.
Dollar Day Special
Ve Call Attention of
To Our
Sensational Sale of
DoHar Specials
2 children's Nightgowns .. .$1.00
Heavy Children's Hose, 6 pair ... l.OO
Ladles and Men's Hose, 6 pairs . . i 1.00
Men's Wooi Hose, 3 pairs 1.00
7 pairs Hop-pickers' Gloves ...... l.OO
Leather facejd Gloves, 4 pairs 1.00
Scalloped Baby Blankets ......... 1.00
Pure White Stitched Cottpn Batting l.OO
Pine Dimity Waists, beautifully
trimmed 1.00
Children's All Wool Sweaters . ... l.OO
Kabo Corsets, high and, low busts . . l.OO
Heavy double sized -Blankets 1.00
8 yards fancy White Flannel.. 1.00
Pillows, fancy ticking .... .... l.QO
Aluminum Stew Kettles, 2 for 1.00
Cups and Saucers,' 6-piece set. ..... l.OO
Graniteware, large pieces, 3 for ... l.OO
Children's Play Suits, 2 for 1.00;
Women's Overalls, 2 for 1.00
Assorted colors in fine
Beach Cloth, 4 Yards .
Special Dollar Day, 4 yards.. $1.00
An immense lot of fancy
House Dresses
Regular $1.75 to $1.98 value ea. $1.00
AH sizes in 5 different styles, $1.93
, values
Boys' Wash Suits
Get them ready for school. Special $1
You'll need two or three of these
Girls' School Dresses
All $1.75 to $2 values marked to $1
Buy your quantity of Imported -
4 Vj Yards Jap Crepe
in all colors, special. ....$1.00
1 . 1 i . I Wind! J. 3j j iu ml. 1
. -s- p..,itm iB( 4 f f ' '- -VS - - . v , llfi'i 11 iiKimi him I. -ITT- lilt
Premium Coupons
Are an added 2 Savings
With all purchases of 50c and over, In
any Department
A Large Lot of Underskirts
jWhlch consists of silk trimmed Sateen,
eu rtftiren, -
ten under- (T 1
a great v 1
it colors. fJJ i
all .silk Jersey; also woolen
skirts. . This lot contains
assortment of different
They all go Dollar Day
Men's and Boys' Jersey Sweaters
The regular good old slip-over e tyle,
that has no opening for wind or other ,
elements. They come In plain and .
bright colors. Some are values to
$2.50, but they aU go, polUr Day
Special "...V.
2 Men's Union Suits
Medium weight for fall wear; they are
closed crotch and perfect fitting. All
sizes for all types of men. Special
during the great Dollar Day Special
Mens $2 Wool Dress Caps
That are, stylish and well made. In
all colors that the average man and
boy will want, and some . that the
extra-ordinarv man will j hn e-iArl tn
et'Vwhen he sees them priced . here .
aiuraay . . , . ... , . . ..... . , , . , . . . ,
Men's Grej and Blue
Heavy Overalls r
Regular $1.65 Special
Mens Felt Dress
$3.50 Dress Hats
All colors and 3izes. Special
56 inch all wool plaid
Skirting, P4r Yard
Special, per yard
Messaline and Poplin
Silks, Per Yard
Special, er yard
10 colors in Silks and Cotton'
2 Yards Crepe de Chine
for Blouses, Underwear, etc. . Special
A Special Dollar Sale
2 Yards Flowered Sateen
Regular price 75c yd. Special, 2 "yds-...
Make your Robes and Kimonas of
Brocaded Corduroy
Regular $1.49, all colors
Wool mix; Woolens for
2 Yards Dress Woolens
in all colors. Special
Now is thetime""t6 buy V
4 Yards Kimona Crepe
Regular 37c per yard. Special
Gowns, Kimona3, etc., can'be'made of
4 Yards Windsor Crepe
Regular 39c yard. Special