The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, September 09, 1922, Page 3, Image 3

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-. . nun ii mi .r.r i r.ii nr.K m i &
deal of bistronie skill - in his pfe-
end see what Jack's wife can do.
As por tfaclt, nobody has ever
suggested that the mantle of the
late v Richard " Mansfield should
adorn ? his shoulders,' and as. a
funny man we don't think that
he has ever registered Very strong
on the screen. Jack needs gilt
ege support.' and if hi? wife can't
put their picture over, the chances
nre that it will not be listed as
one of the film's masterpieces.
IIo la the leading role in MTIie
Storm.? Matt Mooro and Virginia
Valli support this' sterling actor,
and IhU -photoplay comes here
.heralded as a sensational '
j- - i v ' , - - - '..
Kfabfnee performances for
G.oria . Swanaon , in "Jles
Gilded Cage." Evening show, i
VThe i Storm," .with House ,
Robert . MKim i will play the
heavy in "Without Compromise,"
and the hero will be our old friend
Uill Farnum, . ,
Wallace Retd is now
"Thirty Days." ; : '
, 'The Sage "Brush - Trail
with Roy Stewart and eome
comedy.' ' -."'," ' ;- ,
"comedy scream .
- Bill Hurt in ?Squ are' Deal
Sanderson' and- vaudeville.
Virginia alii, who is the 4eadJ-
Ing lady for House Peters in "The
Storm," recently completed a pic
ture called "Bitter Sweet," which
star Lon Chaney. ' :7 r t
Cecile . DeMiHe they, say, 'is
rather keen about doing "Romeo
and Juliet" with Valentino as the
famous lover and Ilea trice Joy as
Juliet. He wants Wallace : Re id.
Theodore Roberts and .Thomas
Meighan In the cast, and H Cecil's
dreams are realized, . this should
make a hum-dinger of a feature
and - oar - enthusiasm - kept ls go
ing. It was not as bad for me
as it was for Miss Gish. who had
to go out in the cold and snow,
in veritable blizzards, thinly clad:
I wore a-heavy fur coat, and I
was not too warm. - But she did
not complain and . even when her
cheek was frozen, she was, brave.
F ood Fallacies S
Result in
Irene , Castle . had her collar
bone broken while enjoying a
horseback ride recently.
Igewfjj .Sargent, the kUd that
made the Huckleberry Finn feat
ure a couple jOf years ago, is be
ing starred in comedy at Univer
sal City.
Lee Moran 1s driving' a power
ful car from ; California' to New
York. 'He intends toT make ' per
sonal appearances in, all ' impor
tant theaters along theroad. He
is also showing his latest comedy
which he will use to sort of in
troduce himself.
'Will Rogers; will appear next In
he Legead of Sleepy Hollow," doubt be will be a scream
ak jifcljabod . Crane, tbe'telongated
eboolaiasterl ' $' '.-
Thedk Bara'isfixrretum to the
BcreeiL? Justfwhat'Aort of a role
she will play Is not kr.own, but
the tepot is tUat she hast signed
ui with some- coniany for one
' V M ' reported that' Jack Pick
." fcfd and the girl that he married
. lately, toarllynn ; Miller, will ap
,pcar together. In. a picture. His
: wife la quite a musical comedy
f avorite but & remains ; to be
- seen whether sh ecan register any
' rreat success on the silver sheet.
Many of the legitimate fctars'have
' failed miserably, and we will wait
- LitUe Mildred Davis, who has
been the girl Xor four years op
posite Harold LJoyd, is to be
starred in features along the line
of the. productions made by ,Mr.
Lloyd. . V.-.' , : '; ;
The same Irrepressible good na
ture end ' vigorous - enthnslasm
which 'made him the Idol of the
range in his cowboy days, Is mak
ing Hoot Gibson hosts of new
friends among the theater-going
public v everf, timo Universal re
leases another of his pictures. In
"Trimmed," which comes to the
BWjgh theater" Sunday, - Gibson's
contagious smile is still present.
'i ne roie or uaie uariand, a re
turned war hero elected sheriff
of ft small western ' county, fo a
typical one for. the film star. He
can tignt, ne can ride, he can.
love; and he does all with a great
Elsie , Ferguson will , play , in
1-oiU pictures and on the speak-
iDg stage th! winter. ' She is to
appear ln New York! in The
Wheel, and sne will also maie
pictures fori famous Players on
fx ng Island." -
"Jt Winter: Comes" wiU be pic
tured, Mark Sabr,e i3 to be play
ed by. .Prc7 Marmont and Ann
Forrest will, be Noma.
Marion Davies Is a clever de
signer and makes many of her
striking gowns and hats.
The dangers were great for IAI
Han Gish and Richard Barthel
mess when they enacted , the
scenes in the snow and on the Ice
filled river for "Way Down East,"
which is the sensation of the am
usement world. These tpcenes at
each performance of the Griffith
production cause people to-ex-
claim wth concern ' and there is
no one who does not thrill as Bar-
thelmess, as David, in the nick
of time, saves Miss Gish. as Anna
Moore, from an ice floe that a
moment later tumbles over a high
ialK N ' '
"I don't know how we did it,1?
said Barthel mess during his visit
recently at the premiere showing
of D. W. Griffith' masterpiece.
"and I feel as though I couldn't
go through It all again. We were
for days on 'location! in the height
of winter and the thermometer
hefvered. around ; zero and gener
al 1 was below. that-point We
could not get all the scenes at
once -soune . of them ; were .taken
at night and others were only pos
sible when the Jce began to:. flow
or was made to flow. We braved
pneumonia, but the excitement
Harry Jyers, the star of A
Connecticut Tankee," has gone to
Vienna to play the lead In the
film version of ""tvanhoe.?
"Salome" was shown for the
first time recently in New "Jfork.
The screen's .most versatile act
ress, Alia Nadtaova, is starred
and it is said thatit Is the last
film feature that she will make
for some time, as her Intentions
are to , return to tha speaking
stage, providing she can
suitable lay.
find a
Viola Allen." who appeared in
a number of big motion pictures
a few years ago, was the original
Glory Quayle in "The Christian
Another actress who to still' in
rictures and plays "old lady parts
succeeded Viola in the great Hall
Cain." success. 'She is Julia Stew
art. ;
Wally J Reid, May JHcAvoy and
Agnes Ayres will have prominent
parts in "Clarence," a big comedy
success which is to be filmed. It
weut over big on the legitimate
; r .- -i i ;
.:. f ,;
7 P. M.
The Greatest Out-door Picture of the year.
Beautiful Winter Sno vy ScenesSeething
Rapids and a Great Forest Fire !
' ' y , .
A drama: of the lonely North woods two
strong men, a beantiful girl and storm
bound till ipring.
TI3fiU iou inow now i
Closes with
.j Today's Mainee
LloyJ Bacon, son of Fank-Ba
con who has made a phenomenal
hit Jin "Idghtnln."' the New York
staee success, appears in "Square
Deal Sanderson," William S.
Harfa Artcraft picture, which is
on view at the EEg:h theater this
week.. The photoplay is one or
Mr. "Hart's best productaons and
has scored a decisive hit.
Aggregate of Fifteen Million
Dollars Issued Equal
Amount to Come
Pour Prisoners Brought
By Officers from Maineu
. , i ' .
Four prisoners, . committed to
county, .were brougnt 10 aaiem
Thursday by Sheriff Dick woe and
Deutles , Hunt and 'Palmer and
were dressed in at the ;penifenH
tiary. ' . , t " ; " i
I. D. Harrison is sentenced t
four years on a forgery charge,
while Joe Sables. Hatry Sherman,
and' John :McCall are each com4
mltted for three years for larceny
not in a awemng.
Coughs Disturb School Work -School
teachers should gfve'the.
same advice to children who have
coughs as this Florida- teacher.
T. recommended Foley's Honey
and Tar to the- children in f my"
school who had the 'flu and good
results came. . whenever it was
used," writes Mrs. L. Armstrong,
Okeechobee, . Florida. Foley s
Honey and Tar contains no opiates
ingredients printed on the
wrapper. ! Stood the test of time
servlhg three generations. Quick
ly relieves colds, coughs and
croun. throat, chest and bron
chial trouble. Sold everywhere.
The English channel seems to
be a hard proposition to negotiate
by swimming. Several Americans
have recently made the trip across
to cross the choppy sea and, after
i looking over the job, have cctb
j eluded to "postpone" the event.
' Some day there will be a tunnel
I under the waves.
kflx "Icq
All Star Cast oi Funmakers
l-F-!1 M
3 ?
litl" 'ft
'. 7 I
1 1
' , . -- .5 ,. ' ' , -.. . .
A Hearty Laugh in Every Foot,
Come and F$r get Your Troubles!
Children 10c
Adults 35c
War Tax Paid
Byt Winifred Stuart Gibb
i : sFod ..Specialist ..
Certain ideas: relating to food
and diet hre become fixed In that
great reservoir of thought .which
we call the public mind, and a
goodly percentage of these Ideas
are based on nothing more sub
stantial 4aan the opinions of a
more or less mythical group, the
members of which seem to be en
dowed with extraordinary knowl
edge." ..
They say" is often the mystic
formula nsed to Induce credulous
persons to partake of raw food,
of "foodt that is , good for the
nerves,'; of Special - preparations
warranted ' to make the eaters
thereof both strong "and euccess-
ful, or 'of any other pabulum that
chances : to Interest the lndividu.-
al at the. moment.
wow one of the edicts for years
put forth by .rthey" (the bad
grammar seems to be essential in
oraer to,. point the moral, even
although - it - may not adorn the
talei) 4s that, "if you eat plenty
of calories you .are bound to come
out an right." !
True, this particular fallacy Ji
graduaHy giving way to i newer
ones, for "they" make It a point
to be timely, yet the- idea is still
somewhat prevalent. So It is
worth wthUe to cair attention to
the fact that the carolic story but
the A B C of the nutrition tale.
Jf or example, , " they, or we
may get sufficient calories of
measures of mere energy from
cabbages, but in the process we
might acquire appendicitis or
something equally unpleasant
To what end shall we store up a
fund of energy or driving power
fcr oar bodies if these same bod
ies have solf bones, flabby mus
cles or thin blood? The answer is
that special foods are needed to
build hones-, , jnusdles oA Jjblood
and no one food will do it alone,
if eaten in sufficient quantities
may furnish the Nof en
ergy, always at the expense of the
digestion and of all round bodily
Mistakes About Vitaminee
TJien, "they" . are deeply con
cerned over - vitamines. If one
may credit . current chatter vlta-
mdnes are supposed to be mys
terious but tangible substances
easily isolated and observed. The
contrary is, true. .j v
Until the experts have advanced
.to ,more definite conclusions about
vitamines u is .encugn ior us 10
make sure that we are including
nour iamuy uieiary ire&u mii&
fresh butter, fresh fruits, and
fresh vegetables. These are the
foods which guard against the so-
called "deficiency diseases" and
the question- as to whlc&j food
contains which vitamines is not
for us to decide. .The physlologi
cat chemists will do this for us
and they will further comfort us
by telUng us what foods to sub
stitute for tnese v vitamine rion
foods in an emergency, which, food
will supply the - vitamine of but
ef-fat when bur butter supply Is
cut off, or where we may turn for
the vegetable vitamines $n cold
weather or whether anything can
take the place of fresh milk
Your state college will give you
nformation on this subject, or
if you care to send your questions
to- the Food Page we shall be
glad to help in clearing up an
confusion you may have on the
subject of vitamines.
Another Ideal that will
scrutiny ts that ".natural" foods
are the only safe diet. Dr. Funk
and other experts - have proven
that science can enrich foods be
yond their, natural content, as for
example when Funk found that
margarin plus cod liver oil to be
richer in vitamines than butter.
Still another notion is that one
must not eat oranges and drink
milk at ' the same meal. Tqung
children, invalids' or any one re
quiring a strictly simplified diet
would do better if he refrained
from! making this combination.
for the same reason that any com
bination of foods Is undesirable
i., cases where the digestive sys
tem is able to cope with but one
food at a time. The . average
healthy citizen, however, going
about his every-day. affairs need
have no fear that his breakfast
orange will quarrel with the
With the sale of 15,000,000
state soldier bonus and loan bonds
to John E. Price & Co.. of Seattle,
the state aid commission for ex
service men has isiued a total oi
$15,000,000 In bonds under the
state soldier tonus and loan act.
It is expected that th funds' re
ceived ' from the latest sale will
be sufficient U take, tare of al
loans until next February or
March, when another issue will
be offered.
The latest Issue was at a price
ot:$100.0.1. Of this total am
ount 4,400,000 bears interest at
the rate of 4 ir2 per cent' and
600,000 at the rate of 4 per cent.
The net cost to the state on the
entire issue will i "be 4.21SS per
cent. The bonus commission con.
aiders itself fortunate again in
making an extremely good sale,
this being the best offer that has
been received for stale bonds 'in
several years, . ' v
, The first issua of bonus bonds
carried an interest rate of 4 1-2
per cent and brought ' $1,001.79,
making a net rate of 4.485.-
. Other bidders for this block
were Ralph Schneelock & Co., of
Portland, bidding a net rate of
4.247 per cent; Lumbermen's
Trust Company of Portland, bid
ding 4.349 per cent and A. Mi
Wright of Portland, bidding 4.34
per cent with an alternative bid
Jot 4.39 per cent.
Each of these bidders was as
sociated with largo eastern finan
cial houses.
The bonds will be delivered
about October 2. It is expected
that the funds received from1 the
safe will be sufficient to take
care of all loans until next Feb
ruary or March at which time an
other issue will he offered.
cream on hia breakfast cereal. '
These are but types of the pop
ular fallacies about food but they
will serve to drive home the
Before, adopting any food or
diet system consult a dietitian or
other foo4,spedalst an4 itindjput
exactly wnat the rood in question
or the system will do for you and
where It fits into a well rounded
plan for adequate nourishment.
That's what we are selling at cur regular prices
lor these choice Meats are lower than others',
"specials." For Saturday ytt offer:
Beef to Boil
5c lb.
Roasts of Beef
10 c
Freshly Ground
3 lbs. 25c
25c lb.
' " Tender -
10c IE3.
Sirloin Steak
15c lb.
ft . , " -I ,"
Freshly Ground
10c lb.
pest Creamery,
Just Armed
A Fresh Shlpmsnt of
Finnan Haddic
4- ?
The Oyster Season is now ppex-Stijctly fresh
EasiernanS Olyinpia Oysters, ButterQS,
necks, etc .
Originaloripf Lop Prices : '
Jbi state street
Not iii the Comt ilii
1 " "rfcJSikS '
1 t
Good Bread for Good Health
From the sunny wheat fields to yon, oar BREAD has been :
watched zealously. In Jhis way you are sure of
its purity and wholesomeness ' -
Bake-Rite Sanitary Bakeiy
457 State Street
Phone 268
456 Court St.
' Phones
' 256
' Best
Leave your orders with us for Cucumbers for pickling. Y7e -.
are well stocked with seasonable Fruits land Vegetables'
' Prices