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    Valley MoiorCb
Increased Demand for Modern Poultry Houses Ventila-
tion Is the Big Thing in Conserving the Health and
Vigor of the Flock, and No Pains Should Be Spared
' in Providing This..
By ' V. O. IIobb, Instructor for
American Poultry Befool.)
u Environment bat s great deal
to do with poultry "it does with
everything else.
Time was when rickety, reeling,
ramshackle roosting places disfig
ured farms and back yards when
chickens found shelter in dark,
damp, dingy -''sheds- or dusty,
rnusty, microby, barns. But times
hare changed. ?". .-, '
1 Chickens are living better to
day than ever before, and they
I how their raising. .In sunny,
anlury, - sightly poultry houses
the hens hare been nurtured, cul
tured" and bred-np to a plump,
shiny-feathered, pug-beaksd, and
crimson-combed creature ot won-
entlre floor In mid-winter, sweep
ing it with its rays during the
day. The extent of the sun's
sweep Is less in mid-summer, cov-
ering about one-quarter of the
floor space, bat enough to insure
absolute dryness..
- The light in front Is admitted
through large screened windows.
placed as high up as possible, so
that sun may shine clear to back
of house in winter. The upper
sash is hinged at the top, swing
ing outward; ' the lower sash
slides up and down. The sides
and back hare small windows.
The exits for chickens are un
der the front windows 12x12
inch openings with doors hinged
at side, opening . outward. Doors,
77oorVZttiIator' " 1
derful personality. . , And the
rooster. Just one step ahead of the
ben, has traveled the same path
.of progress. .. v 1 -:.
x" The change was made possible
by the genius ot poultry-house
construction, with due attention
to light; warmth- and 'yentllation.
' if - The first' Improvement In poul
try houses was the introduction
of windows- little light; : then
i the open front more light. Then
came the air hole a little air;
I then the scheme of Yentllation
more air.; And now we hare poul
try houses of many kinds and
various size's, built scientifically.
, and. equipped with time, labor and
: t money-saving devices." . This has
resulted. In a. wonderful Improve
ment in the quality and a tre-
mendous Increase In 'the produc
tion of poultry. . '-'"
It is probable that all inter-
at each end are 3x6 feet. . f '
In addition to the front win
dows there is one or more large
shatter ventilators. Each venti
lator Is about two and one-half
feet high and in length varies ac
cording to the sise of the house
and opening to be tilled. - They
are made ot boards six inches! in
width and one-halt to seven
eighths ; Inch " in thickness. The
slats in venuiaiors are set l
aftgle of about 45 degrees, pis
tance between, slats about IVi
inches. -, In appearance they! re
semble the shatters seen in J the
cupolas ot barns. v I
The front ventilator is used in
Connection with a small Tentila
tor running along under the eave3
of the house at the. rear.- j
The shutter ventilators In front
and rear are a distinctive feature
of the Qulsenberry "fool-proof"
' - Poult v Xotzsm. S
ested lii poultry and. egg produc
tion t- are more or lesa familiar
with the different plans and pur
; poses, advantages . and disadvan
tages of the many poultry houses
now in use. ' V ,
It is not my purpose to.critl-
else any of ' the many . modern
- models ot chicken houses tor' all
have' been' planned with a , view
to sanitation -the , admission of
pare air and abundant sunlight.
' Among the most popular I
might mention the Maine house,
- the ' Tolman, .house, , the Cornell
v bouse, the Minnesota, house, the
'Massachusetts bouse, the Wood's
house, the Connecticut, house, and
3. there are many others. All, dis
tinctive types, all provided with
abundant . window ppace lor, toe
tree admission of . air and sun
light; the chief purpose of, their
.builders being to have them light
and dry, . thorough-aired and
healthfully clean. . , ' r : :
: To correct " , the " taul ts , and
choose the. benefits of the best,
the - Qulsenberry . Vfool-proof "
poultry .bduse was' constructed.
.ithich type was adopted by 'the
Missouri State Poultry experiment
Etation. .s . vi
This house Is always built fac
ing the , south, and has a .shed
IVffft'JI? ! "3 thlnef yy? r Ihe
poultry house. They solve the
problem of proper ventilation and
no .draught. In extreme cold
weather all this Is necessary is to
fasten muslin over the Interior
of the ventilatory this curtain
being protected frcra hi weatlt:r
by the ventilators, will ( not be
come wet.. ' 1
Because the ventilators: need no
adjustment and the windows little
attention, the house has been
called ''fool-proof," that is. not
dependent noon the faliblllty of
human memory, but always fully
protected from rain, show anl
wind. I I
The free circulation of! fresh air
insures 'absolute dryness Th4
house is cool In summer and con?-
rnrtnMa' in lnl,r Thf', Ventilat
ing' system precluder ttel possibil
ity ct draught. ' " 1' .
'The ' tame ' prlnolple the sin-
ele r ' abutter or slant Strip, or
class slab. Is used at the base ci
windows in. thousands o offices
and; residences. Ml admiy ine
air without v draught." and , .win
dows may be left open daring the
coldest weather', and 1 - rooms
thoroughly Ventilated wltk no dis
comfort to their occupant, i - tbe
alf passing upward and jclrculat
ingr over tbeir heads. ; ! .
, . Jh9 I fej roo( t used pa
Qulsenberry "fool-proof poultry'
house is tbe most economical and
practical of all r?ofs for poultry
houses. It admits a maximum
amount of sunlight during the
winter, and the ventilating system
which keeps fresh air In. circula
tion under the roof, prevents
overheating in summer.
The advantages of the shed
roof over the gable roof, with
straw loft is obvious. Straw in
lofts provide a harbor for mites
and rats, a foul atmosphere, and
is a fire-trap.
? The house may be built of
wood, stucco or concrete. It of
wood, the . siding may be either
drop, ship-lap, or any tongue and
groved material. The roof may
be sheeted and covered with twe
nty prepared roofing, all joints
and Eeams being rendered air
tight by waterproof tar paint. If
kept painted a house like tbis
will last a lifetime;
The Qulsenberry "fool-proof
poultry house is easily adapted
for breeding, brooding, hatching
for chicks, growing stock and
mature fowls, and tor satisfactory
egg production. The improve
ment in health of the fowls, and
the increased egg production wflll
soon pay for the cost.
Cause of Wet IJtter
When the temperature In a
poultry house is below 80 degrees,
carbon dioxide Js -found near the
floor. WJien carbon dioxide gas
is mixed with oxygen it turns to
water or moisture, hence the wet
litter we too often find in Our
poultry houses. The presence of
wet litter in a house Is an indica
tion that carbon dioxide exists to
a great dejjeo, therefore, the
house must be ventilated near
the floor so this can be taken
out and away from the bouse and
The proof of any system of ven
tilation and as to how - the air
move about In a house, can be
tested bv the use of a smoke
smudge or bee smoker. Go into
a poultry house and create some
moke and you can tell from the
direction in which the smoke
moves and the way it leaves the
house as to whether you are get
ting correct circulation ot air or
not. The test of the ventilating
system In any house can be told
by the length ot time the straw
or litter lasts without becoming
damp. ' and poultrymen snouia
keep ahead of the foul air i and
wet Utter by ventilating, ao you
i . riantror tone when either
appears and when the fact is dis
covered it means to "get busy
or else it will not be but a tew
days until Canker. Chicken Pox,
Colds and Roup will develop.
; Carbon-dioxide is heavier than
.iw9T ninas to the low-
a.i uv
est level, especially when the
temperature is below 80. For
this rwson, It tends to accumu
late In deep caves, wells, and the
floors of poultry houses, forms
what Is known as the Matter
dam?, of abandoned coal mines.
a iu -which often
caves ,
cause death to human -bongs
when they enter such places un
knowingly. Pure carbon-dioxide Is air very
heavily charged with It and Is al
most instantly mortal it. """"7"
life. A single full "V0.1 "
may produce: to-f bv -iatlon.
It extinguishes life by ox
idation. Our life process Is a
slow combustion or burning, and
. ...u. it Ant as it
carnon-awi."" v"- ,-,.1
extinguishes the fire Chemlra
fire extinguishers containing wa
lire exuua . Uh thU ga8
w. . ' .itn smother the
fire. A large quantity ot this
raa In poultry houses the
" f - a nd ts reston-
iblefor Se majority ot cases of
Sds. rouP, chicken pox. canker
and all kindred diseases.
For the above reasons., It is
lust as important to have ventlla
S,n near the floor of the poultry
as it is near the ceiling.
,h.nTthe litter of a
non e in incund to become damp
we advise the installation of box
floor ventilators,
hown in the accompanying lllus
tratlon. This ventilator is placed
SSfflS cbes or 2 feet o h
lower corner and front wall of the
P Th s box floor ventilator can
be placed to eitner
should place a Star or King Veri
tllator in the roof in the opposite
corner of the house. - . a .
Place this the same distance
from the end wall that the floor
rentllator Is placed. ndbofuJ
inches from the front wall of the
house. These floor and root ven
tilators used in connection with
the shutter ventilators wm m
...0.. nf anv house and keep
the fowls in :' the very best of
health. Red corabs and W inter
eggs are certain Jo result.
; The sliding door in the front ot
the floor ventilator is kept op-n
at least 2 inches during the cold
eat weather and Is kept open the
full width the remainder oi me
year:. There is a damper placed
In the metal ventilator In the roof
ith 4-lnch opening in the cen
ter.' The damper i closed in the
cold weather, but the 4-Inch hol
In I the center is always; open
This Insures the circulation of air
in the house, without any draft
on the fowls. It takes the bad
tir war f.r?S he csUjng, ?3 C ft-.
) :
Clear Profit on 180 Pullets in Three Months Was $246
Every Farmer Advised to Keep a Poultry Flock
Beginners Should Jump in Now and Put the Try in
Poultry, and It Will Pay.
(The following was written at
the request of the Pep and Pro
gress editor by E. O. Newport,
proprietor of the Pacific Hatchery.
Tangent. Oregon, under date of
July 24:)
The poultry business is gett'ng
to be the big game in the Willam
ette valley, as well as all along
the whole coast. Those who are
"in tbe game," and have played
their cards well, are meeting with
a most encouraging measure of
success. s
No line of industry has gone
forward with such strides in the
last five years, as has the poultry
busincFfi in this valley.
As a well known ad. puts It,
"there's a reason." and that rea
son is, that there is no other lo
cality, known to this writer,
where the hen does better on tbe
same amount of feed than right
here in this valley. Government
statistics show that the Oregon
fam-hen averagt 118 0 egg"
year, while the eastern hen lays
only 120, a difference of five doz
en. Our mild winters and cool sum
mers are very much in our favor, !
and feeding conditions are - as
good If not, better, than those of
other places because ot the abun
dance of green feed, such as kale,
I am not advising every farm
er to lay down the scythe and the
hoe and rush Into the poultry
business, but I do advocate ev
ery farmer keeping from 200 to
500 good, full blood, standard,
breed hens.
'Makes Cash Customers
I advise this because it will in
crease his popularity, by enrolling
him as a "cash customer" at the
grocery, the butcher, and
the garage. The proprietors of
v.o.a Hinnennariea will smile when
he comes in and bow when he
goes out.- "j
Th' Profits larse
Vrvr li aabft of those who do
not know the profit that can be
derived from a flock of 230 White
Leghorn hens, let me say that a
pen ot 180 pullets, natcneoi m
PohriMrr laid in OUT tTSD UeStS,
riii nrtober. November and
December, 663dozen eggs. These
eggs were sold at an average oi
48 seits per dozen, bringing in
$318.24, of which amount $246
wa clear nrofit.
t Cost of production Is not to be
deducted, for the reason that
there has been no depreciation in
value. We were offered, this last
ir mn,r than thev were worm
T. CCn( . -
when they were six months old.
vn at the end of another year
a. rnnall ad. in some
19 Vi
wwiitv tnnrn&l and 8611
gUUU av u v
them for more than It cost us to
raise them. ' '
o.-vflt In lfatrliilKr eCSC"
tf vrttr hens are of good stock.
ak a much larger pro
fit by advertising batching eggs
for v;hich there is now a stron
demand. It yon have
some good hatching eggs, or a pen
ot fancy cockerels, man a b'"
ad to your home paper and to
vnrthwest Poultry Journa .
I Uts vv "
and you will be surprised at the
results. We have been sold out
on habv chicks &v
breeding stock since we took out
. i ,vor'. onrd in ine ju"'""-
. n.v u rezistered Utter
from a man In Honolulu, ordering
fifty bens and five cocKcreis
far does the Journal go.
in t in Poultry
Of course, the poultry business
does not abrogate any oi me
....-a it does not reward
ijine neelect. or stupia'ty
any more than other businesses
It I-ays profits in proporwu v
the punch of practicality you P'
into K. No one w'ns at it unless
he puts the "try" in poul-lr7.
It's my advice that you put up
a try this fall. 5Iuy tome sh?p-loy
lumber; build a comfortable,
draft-propf, well ventilated hen
bouse; raise a tine llock of early
hatched pullets; give your wife
or daughter a half-Interest for
her ve-rk; furnisa a kale pr.toh
and a bin of wltcat: and then
watch what hap?flca. Do all
these ihings. anl ir you don"i
soon tee "the si .lie that won't
come off" shining through the
wrinkles on your wife's face, as
she plans for a new dress for her
self J0d insists that you replace
the old, shiny Setson with a new
one. then I'm a literary liar ot no
mean nronortlons. Get in the
game, Jt will pay.
most every state In the union and
to every province In Canada and
Alaska. Pheasants are remarka
bly versatile, adapting themselves
to almost anv locality and climate.
They are prolific and healthy al
though more difficult to rear than
poultry, requiring for large scale
production an elaborate and ex
pensive plant"
The unqualified success ot Mr.
f Continued on pare 4)
i On ! Wholesale
The , following is appended as
an Illustration of the promise in
thia business:
Mr. E. O. Newport, proprietor
of the Pacific Hatchery, located
at Tangent, Oregon, has recently
Knm. i- lre Incubator house.
The new building is constructed
of tile-brick and is flre-prooi.
Dead air spaces In the walls and
doors preserve an even tempera
ture , ,
Tb'ft iirrnctnre was built to ac
commodate two twelve thousand
erir Newtown Giant incubators
On nf thesA machines 13 Deing
KhlnnAri from the east and. will
be installed 1 September. This
plant expects to put out about
sixty thousand chicks next year.
Mr. Newport reports that he
shipped six thousand baby chicks
to one customer near Portland
the past season.
Benson's Pheasant Farm
One of Largest in Nortn-
west and a Big buccess
ates a circulation which insures
, nor feet health.
These floor and roof ventilators
would be and can he useu ou
. ,r l a tendency
nouse wueio - - ,
to dam Utter, colds, roup and
kindred i, diseases. Good housing
t. h..i of success in the poul
try business. You will find per
fect health, increased product on
larger nroflts in the adoption
of the srstem of ventilation men
tioned above.
Benson's Pheasant Farm, "na-
tnr' own laboratory,w'the home
nf nnrp-hrpd Mongolian and Ring-
neck pheasants, one or me rarg
pst nheasantries in. the northwest
is located" east of Salem near Sil-
vprton and was established and
U onerated most successfully by
Carl eBnson, whose plant and i
eon lament renresents an invest-
tnn of 115.000 besides the orig
inal value of the farm on which
It is located. Mr. Benson writes
that he will have $12,000 worth
of birds this season and will soon
commence shinning, the first lot
going to Montana. Besides this
young and old stock which is
nearly all' contracted for. many
sales and shipments of eggs for
hatching were made this year. It
has always been Mr. Benson's pol-
icy to send out fine specimens ot
birds rather than exceptionally
laree volumes. Mr. Benson ex
pects to rear fully 5000 pheasants
this year and he says: Should
we have anv more there is plent
nf mom fnr them. The Lnited
slates, you know, is a mlddlin'
large tract for us to restock. Our
product is nearly always bought
uo in advance by the government,
by state departments, private in
dividuals and gun clubs and we
are often embarrassed to till our
We commenced rearing birds
In a small way In 1915 having a
very small plant at that time and
procured our parent stock irom
the state game farm at Corvauis,
which was at that time owned by
Mr. Gene M. Simpson and It Is to
him in a large measure that we
owe our remarkable success In the
business. Our plant has grown
from year to year, doubling, treb
ling and even quadrupling our
previous seasons outpnt of birds
and eggs which are sent to ai-
' U- : -.
will look fine and give
perfect satisfaction if
you boy your material
of us. We ask you to
give ns a trial, as once
our customer, always
oar customer.
Prompt delivery and
courteous treatment
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