The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, July 27, 1922, Page 3, Image 3

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Patterson ForfcItH nail-
Frank Patterson arrested Tues
, day by. Motorcycle Tatroliuan
1 Parrent. oft a charge of driving
his automobile at a speed of 27
miles an hour, on .Center, street;
yesterday forfeited 1 10 ball when
he failed to appear and - answer
t to the charge In police court.' v '
Wanted : . . .,
I A few loganberry pickers. Yard
close in.. Transportation given.
W. C. Dibble. 727 North Liberty,
Phone 753-W. Adv.
Indiana Pick Ilerricft . , ,
- One of the loganberry, growers
at Marion, has been coming up to
Chemawa every day,' with hla
truck for a load of the Indian ladtt
to harvest his cropThey are' be
lieved, to hold ' the, 1922 i belt" for
, "Bought and Paid
' Tomorrow
: Fannie Hurst's
J., . "Backpay?,
i t . J . r - - ; ) .
I. 1. - .--.
I r.i i. 1 iii MmyuiM
- 7 Itrr i ff-f
; 'H
Successful Graduates
Are the Best 'Recommcndation of
This institution offers a thorough 'practical, and stan
dard education at a cost within reach of the
-1 h high school graduate I
It' offers training for collegiate degrees in!:
Agriculture ;
Engineering; and Mechanic Vocational Education
Arts - Chemical Engineering
Forestry ' " Military Science and
Home Economics- Tactics y
'IE 'offers training also in : ffhe School of Musici Physical
Education, Industrial Journalism.;
.v Fall Term ODens September 18
For. circulars .of information and illustrated booklet
i , , i write to -,.-
; w. The Registrar, Oregon Agricultural College,
" Corvallis, Oregon
7aWi !H -S -att -- t -.1
- i , - - ' i ';. .
,-.' .-'- -- i - " ; i . . .
t v
' 1
. Enjoy the fUn of
Pianola musicism music. It-
tests him at the enjj oa busy day
; lifts his spirit-rrefireshes his soul-
- ' f-arid gjves uncanriy skill to fingers
: : - that maybi never learned to play.
- Delay no temper
. . ' player fiano tfiy Conytn-.
- 1 . : MtU terns cordially arranged.
, 41S Court Street . , . " ' , ; Masorc Temple
y Local: Representatives of j(
lengtli'of Iravel 'to.and from' their
daily job In the ; fruit field. s
Trunks. Bags and leather r.i
I Before you take a trip call and
look at those Betterbllt trunks at
F. E. hafers, no 3. Commercial.
--AdT.. : I I -
Here's . Chance For Boy
Soute lucky boy who wants to
make a little easy spending mon
ey might hustle1 over to the light
and power jeorspany's property,
wbero the dirt excavated -in build
ing tie new power plant is being
dumped.- There's a fine ' chunk
of perfectly; good cast iron being
covered up; by the dirt, and no
body seems to to looking; jtf tcr it
at jail. It i would be a'; boon for
the lad who feould s&lraeW It and
sell it,- for it 'weighs approximate-
j, Powerful Story.
)' i" ' i- .
: . "The Inside Of The
R Cup" '
mm a good
ly 10 ton& or 20,000 ;jonnds .or
$200 at a cent a pound. : If la
the flywheel of their ok1 600
hora? iower engine, .that was. too
sol5l to hre?.k ni t&nvenleatly;
bo th're! baying it. nnt mybe
the boy cdald nee it.',
MacDonaloTs rarmer ' Almanac
At Tyler's Drf Store-VAdy.
Prizes A
Mli Thelma Coffey ricked 329
boxes of loganberries on "logan
berry day. July 1 S, and therteby
won the IQ gold fountain pen
offered by If. T. Lore for the
one picking the most berries. Miss
Coffey picked In the Hugh A
pinwall yard eight miles north of
Saleia. Th $10 pen and pencil
Bet otfered by Radcliff & Waring,
real estate, dealers, for the boy
or girlnnder 18 years ; of age
picking. the most. berries went to
Leroy Bold who picked 270 box
es. Alice Ward was second with
224 boxes of berries. The own
ers, oft the yards had to certiry
to the number of boxes picked
before ;he, award was made. ;
Pitted at Tyler's Drug Store by
an expert in the business. Adr.
Son l Horn
Mr and Mrs. Robert Kinney of
Astoria are receiving congrJrtala
tions from their friends on the
birth of a son, Mrs. Kinney was
formerly Miss Althea Moores of
Saleiii. i
Dr. W. A. Johnson TTas Moved
Ills office and . Is associated
with Dr. Skiff, 306 Masonic brdg.
Adr. '
Former Rector Visits
x Rev, and Mrs. C. H. Powell of
Vancouver were visiting in Salem
yesterday. Rev. Powell was for
merly rector of St Paul's Episco
pal church. . :
Films Developed Free
Leave your films today at Pat
ton Book Store. Adr.
Will Go To! Coast '
Mr. and Mrs. George Cadwell,
of 24 SO State street, are to leave
on Saturday for a 10-days vaca
tion at Sea Crest cottage on the
coast Mr. Cadwell ; is the gun
and ammunition and fish tackle
man in the Anderson & Brown
store, and he's going over to the
coast' to see if ! the dope the boys
have been! telling him about the
fish Is really so. i
Legal Blanks
Get them, at The Statesman of
fice. Catalog on application
Noted Medium-Psychic Healer
Can ,be conlulted . daily, this
week in all affairs of love, health,
or business. Gives names, dates,
and reliable spiritual advice. Ho
tel Kltnger. 459 State street,
room 5. Adv. :
Will Appear Today 4
, , Henry, Klossen-16 years ld was
stopped last night by Motorcycle
Patrolman Parrent on a charge of
speeding his motorcycle at a 30
milp clip on Summer street- He
is held-on $10 bail to appear is
police court today.
Let Tick Brothers-7
Tighten your auto wheels. Good
work for less. Adv.
A Classified Ad
; Will bring you a buyer. Adv.
Corey Goes South
.: H. H. Corey of the state public
service! commission left yesterday
for -Drain where he conducted a
hearing . jrelatlve to a proposed
Hiiteixii't G1jljxj
Easier and Better
Phone 1255. Salerir 0ron
: save $ $; $
by buying your hardware and fur
niture at The Capital, Hard wart
Sk Furniture Co., 185 Ko, Com
merclal street. Phone 947,
Parts-for One-Third to
V One-Half qff;t f,
I buy old cars
.424 NCtwn'L Phone 523
I ! ! , I. I . . 1
fr 1 i-t- t- il' ' -
I ! ' ! 1
VPays Best' Casli . Prices
l:, .7 : : ',f tik :;: 1-' I
junk: v- :
; : The House of Hajf a ,
.Million and-One Bargaina .
402 N. ComT. Phone 523
grade crossing at Boswell Sprlaga.
Today a 'hearing wIIT be held at
Higo. Douglas county, on' applica
tion of the Southern Pacific com
pany, to move its station' a dis
tance of about half a mn because
of traffic conditions. ? .?
Regtaning .Thursday July 27
Jack's cafe will serve a regular
dinner, home style 35c from 11
a. in., to 2:30 p. m. Short orders
all day. Give us a trial. Adv.
License Issued
A marriage license was granted
yesterday by the county clerk to'
Ralph Evans White, 21. Salem;
and Isetta Walker Salem.
It Your Auto leel
Need Tightening? . See Vick
Brothers. They, fix - em. Adv.
Will Become Citizen 21
John Ludovetzke aged 70. Tof
Silverton and formeriv a native
of Germany has filed notice of his
intention to become a citizen of
the United States. Frederick
William Hotho. 26,. also a former
German sutdecr has also filed his
intention to become a citizen.
Jack's Cafe
163 S. Com. St. A good place to
eat. Tables and counter. Adv.
Cole Morgan Escapes
Cole Morgan, aged 23. yester
day escaped fro mthe Cottage
farm for the insane,, according "to
Information given the police.
Morgan Is described '. as weighing
156 pounds has dark hair and blue
eyes. ' ' . i
i . , ; - t
Unusual License Tag Among
Those Registered at Park'
Last Night
The first Honolulu license, to
be recorded at the local auto
camp was that of Mr. and "Mrs.
A. Ctcpman. Persons" giving
their -home address as Honolulu
have several times stopped at the
camp for the nigbt but ' thts is
the first car which, coming from
Hawat', has -put up at the local
camp, according' to TV G. Albert,
superintendent of the camp.
Twenty cars remalned'over last
night and 15' new camps were
mader The parties . registering
for the first time last nights in
cluded; :'- J. - '
Mr. and Mrs. E. D Ford? Bill
ings. Mont; Mr. and'Mrs. R. O.
Alsmah. Los' Angeles; Karl Mid
dleton, Pomona; Mr. and Mrs. H.
A. Chapman,1 Honolufu; M. W
Maynerd, Pablo, Mont.; S. W.
Hewitt. Premerton; G. F. Hol
comb, Seattle; Mr. and Mrs. ' J
W. Browning, Oak Creek, Colo.;
Mr. and Mr$ C. J.' Dudley, Los
Angeles; Mr. and Mrs. A: Martin,
East Salem; Mr. and Mrs. S.
Bright, Oklahoma; Mr. and Mrs.
M. Carlson. Portland; Mr. and
Mrs. L. V Griggs, Gilletto, New
York: Mr. and Mrs. N. F Neal,
Montrosa, Colo; Mr. and Mrs. J.
P. Bran, . Toledo, O.; Mr. an!
Mrs. J E. Miller; Chico, Cal.
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Troops Prepared for Violence
E: F. Grable, head of the main
tenance of ' way union, who ; ar
rived here today, scouted reports
from Detroit that his organiza
tion was again talking of str)ke
and said he intended to submit
to tJhe board applications for
wage re-hearings on several of
the roads. Cases are already, pre
pared for submission on the Soo.
the Union Pacific and Louisville
& Nashville, he stated, and about
20 cases will be ready for the
board t by. the end of the week.
President' Harding today con
ferred with W. W. Atterbury, vice
president of the Pennsylvania
system, and Secretary Hoover re
garding the strike, Mr. Atterbury
stating that the seniority- ques
tion was taken up. Scattered dis
orders were reported, and ' in sev
rat states the forces of troops
already on duty were augmented
in order to be prepared to cope
with, violence.
Heads To Meet President
. CHICAGO, July. 26fc (By the
Associated Press) B. M. Jewell,
!head of the striking railway shop
men, the six international presi
dents of the shop crafts , organi
zation, Timothy ,Hcaiy of the
firemen and oilers and A. O
'Wharton, labor group member of
the United States railroad labor
board, departed today for Washington,"-
presumably for a confer
ence with president Harding to
morrow; regarding the rail strike
situation. ,
After a uurried conference
with the president, the . strike
, leaders' planned - to leave : Wash
ington tomorrow night, arriving
back in Chicago Friday morning.
, A veil of secrecy was thrown over
' the trip and! their, departure over
the Pennsylvania at 10:30 o'clock
did not . become known, until
. hours later, aniott'leaders declar
Jng that Mr- Jewelt was stilt, in
, town all ; during ; the afternoon.
The JonTniey- follow.. a. confer
enco between James Davis, secre
tary of - labor, and Mr. Jewell . at
Mooseheart, near here last Satui;
day. After the conference Mrj
Davis asserted ,that,he .believed
that"; the principal j stumbling
block In lie-way ta settlement
of the. strike was the refusV-uX
the railroids to - return seniority
rights. to the strikers., "... '
V Mr Jewelfs -meeting with the
president will follow conferences
between L . F., Loree, head of the
eastern -executives and members
of th-3 senate interstate commerce
commission and between Presi
dent W.. W. Attprbary: of; the
Pennsylvania and the president
and Ben Hooper, chairman of the
labor board. .These mletlngs fol
iowed t&e announcement br Mr.
Hoper that his f efforts to settle
the strike had met with failure
because got the refusal of the
executives to agree-ta -the restor
ation of seniority rights to the
men. , J , : .. ..
The carriers hased heir ref us
al on the declarations' of the la
bor board which wer interpret
ed as "outlawing" the strikers;
the walkout following the ignor
ing by -Me. Jewell of tbe boards
order to appear befofej it on June
2u and explain str fle order' he
had previpusly Issued. J After con
ferring Wiethe, president. . Mr.
Hoover declared that the board
had adopted a "handsUtr Dolicr
and a statement from Washing
ton declaring that any settlement
would have to be . made through
the labor board was taken as in
dicating a disposition on both
sides, to seek a "fight to a fin
ish" jwhile the labor tboard occn-:
pied: 'the position ot a favored
spectator. V
: ? Any;'; settlement based on the 1
returriotaeniority; rights, it was
indicated, would include the re
heartnjpby; the abc boaJrd -ot
the original grievances over the
S50,$00,000 wage cutj which went
intdi effect Jnlyl cincidentally
with the calling of-the strike and
also of the demand rot (he men
for restoration' "btlcertain rules:
An agreement r by majority of -the
.roads to do. away with out
side Contracting already was said
to have eliminated" cine of the
principal grievances Of the'strik
era. ;' n T ' ' ;
'(Continued frontpage 1.)
fused to- let the btllj go through
they would drive himlfrom power.
Cannon Ordered Jforris Out
The 'Indiana f senator j related
that Mr. Cannon sent "for his ne
gro messenger and Instructed him
to throw Mr. Norri out of I the
house if he saw him 'there again;
Mr, Cannon then ordered Mr. Nor
rirfrom his ot flee. ': Senator Wat-
son" continued, adding that 'later
"those " same men with; the same
proposition ' appeared'?; before the
finance committee :- wlien- the
Payne-Aldrich bill was being con
sidered and their threats had to
be heard again. H '
' Senator Robinson: said after the
recitals that the Republicans had
Been holding "an experience meet-,
ing, not a 'revival, but a confes
sion" and, he added,' had tailed to
make but their case!
(Continued from page 1.)
Kendrlck, Wyoming, . and Shep
pard, Texas. ' , .
Senator - Wadsworth's4 first
move with . respect to the wool
rate was to Increase' the house
rate to 28 cents, but. this amend
ment was rejected 54 to 6, the
supporters being Republicans: Bo
rah, Jones- (Washington) Kel
Icgg, Lenroot, , McCormick and
Wadsworth. j
By a" vote of 43 to 22 the sen
ate previously had defeated the
Lenroot amendment proposing to
limit to 60 jier cent ad valorem
the maximum duties on coarse
wools. Eight Republicans sup
ported tne amendment and seven
Democrats voted against it.
Before the yote on the Lenroot
proposal thd fight over" It whlcH
Began three days ago waked
warm, with Senators Kellogg and
Lenroot' supporting in addresses,
and Chairman McCnmber of the
finance; , committee and . Senatwr
Gooding of Idaho opposing it.
Senators Lenroot and Gooding
had 'several clashes in the course
ot which the Wisconsin senator
declared that the Idaho senator
was the "worst enemy of the far
mer in Amerca.' ' 5
(Contjnned froni' page 1.)
Klepper. mewill take charge of
the club tomorrow, L succeeding
Tom Turner, the present mana
ger, who will resume his position
as-scout. Turner s will j go' east
this week to try to obtain rein
forcements for the- team, a pitch
er and right- hitting outfielder
being particularly desired "
Turner, orlgnally- sign'ed as
scout; has been filling-in as man
ager since William? J Kenworthy
was v removed by order of Judge
Landis. The club has not done
well under Turner, who requested
that a change be made. '
Demaree." 'who ; last - year won
16 games and lost only nine for
Seattle, is a protege oft John J.
McGraw of the New York, Giants.
During C his ntne-year major
league career he played -six sea
sons iwiththe Giants who won
four pennants in that time, and
also U with te Philadelphia, na
tionals when they won a pennant.
Demaree .announced that he will
take his regular turn in the box
for Portland.
; y ; -, r. '.J.,
Unique Experiment- of Ore-
gon Growers Means
Much for Fruit Market-
The Oregon Growers have been
experimenting . with irosen ber
ries with remarkably good sue
cess. ...J.; , .
.The berries are washed, sorted,
and put In five-gallon lacquered
cans, some with , sugar, which
Oilckljr makes a "syrup with Jhe
Juicy berries, and some are pack
ed with no sugar whatever just
as they come from the vines. The
methods have been proving equal
ly successful, it It is estimated
that the berries could be kept In:
definitely, ; like the novel of the
old Spanish treasure galleon, . the
Don Isabella, that was found 4 0 0
years after her Joss and freezing
into the Antarctic polar ice with
all her foods and rich viands just
as if left an hour before.
Xo Ilmlt Possible
It i3 believed, that there will
be no limit to the length of time
these fruits will keep, though
they would be tender enough af
ter being brought out -of a ten
year : refrigeration Some straw
berries, and some, splendid 'black
cherries have been frozen up in
the same way They, too, appear
to be keeping perfectly.
The idea of the five-gallon cans
is ; to- meet the needs of ' smaller
users vho. mirht not be able to
handle units, as large as barrels.
The lacquerIngof the tins makes
theiri acid" proof, and the fruit
freezes much more quickly than
In the larger, wooden barrels. In
that much, the . tinned goods
would be distinctly superior.
Development New
The aggregate of barrelled, lo
eans and strawberries and cher
ries, going out from .Salem this
year for cold . storage runs into
several trainloada. The barrel
unit Is already here,, but the tin
can unit is a brand new develop
ment. k
Next winter, when the winds
are howling like wolves around
the door'of , say, Montana or New
York, the provident fruit "lover
can say : to his hired man or to
the lady of alTwork; "James, or
Mary, 1 desiah some fresh fruit,'
some fresh Oregon ' loganberries
right off the Vines. Fetch 'em
out of the oellar. None of those
dried or canned f rults-ah,f that
have re-flavored themselves from
their surroundings; but the . bon-
it-to-eoodness fresh Oregon io-
ganberrjes! Bring enough, for 50
persons. -...
And There They Are
And James or Mary will trot
down the cellar, lug in a five-gallon
can of frozen berries, thaw
them out before the fireplace, and
there they are. as fresh as a 14
- '
WHITE At Breitenbush, July
2 th, Lewis M. White, age 49
years, husband-; ot Nona White,
father of Zelpha White, brother
of Mrs. J. T; Hunt- and Mrs.
Amanda King ot Salem, Mrs. Jose
phine King of Shaw, Mrs. Chas.
Moll of Portland, Thos. C White
of alem, William White of Hope
well and Westley White of Se
attle. Announcement of funeral
will be made later by the Rtgdon
BAUMGARDNER In this city,
July 26th, Mrs. Adelaide Baum
gardnerYwlfe of Willis O. Baum
gardner, residents ot Estacada and
formerly of Salem. The body -will
be forwarded to Estacada for fu
neral ; services' and interment " by
the" Rigdon mortuary.
GLIDDEN Funeral services, for
the late James H. Glidden, who
passed away Jury 24th, will be
held- front the Presbyterian
church at Gervais, Friday-morning.,
at 10 o'clock, interment in
the Gervais cemetery, under ; the
direction of Rigdon & Son. j.
WebB '&- Clougb
Expert EeBihstri
New Mason Fruit Jars,
Quarts 70c Dozen
at the
215;Center Street ;
We buy and sell
. . ' i
y.eaiH!d,JkId yita has. Just fallen
hetr to long trousers and a gun
and a billion dollars. . ..,
ChDirian Band Plays" "
- For Hospital Patients
i - f . t
The Salem Cherrian band last
night gave a concert on the lawn
of the Oregon state hospital for
the benefit of., the patients and
the concert numbers and olos by
Mrs. Hallie Parrish' Hinges' and
Oscar Gingrich helped U cheer np
the unfortunates in the hospital. :
The officials of the .institution
were high in their praise of the
fine spirit in which the Cherrian
musicians have so generously ten
dered their servces to the state
institutions, and extended a vote
of thanks to the band on behalf
of the hospital and the patients.'
Concrete "Foundations
Poured-for- New. Plant
The lower concrete floor' loon
dations for the boiler room t in
the new Portland Railway, Light
ft' Powers company Ftation were
poured the first of the weekiand
the main part or the boiler, super
structure is to be poured "today.
It is a maze ot steel reinforcing
rods all' through the concrete
forms,, n dihe; setting of tha
forms has been an intricate, ex
forms, and the setting: .of the
boilers will be begun Monday of
...... :...;. ..v .General ltoag;Bggcsi.j. V y
Office Hourr Jrtra
t Also Salem s AgenU for Black Leaf; 40, the spray : that
" - kills Hop Aphis 'and- Red SpHer .
D. A; White S Sons;
251-261 State St.
Come inand.seexthem:
cOMETBIES we come: across people. who
won't make an effort, to. save because
they are earning, small salaries; and ; can't
save much. So it. seems to them useless..
But remember, that steady, systematic sav-'
ing, eyen if the amounta be smaD, beats the;
spasmodic savins of men on larger salaries;
Also the semi-annual interest paid helps. And
when you have several hundred dollars ac
sumulated,. we will -be glad to tell you of
first mortgages or safe bbrlds that yoti can
invest in.: ; . : 4 ' -
next reek, If. the work goer on
at the "present, rate ot progress.
Also, the big steel cinder cone
that is to do away with' all smoke
stacks and aerial contamination
because of smoke, is to be begun
at" the 'same time!. The work-is
beng carried on by 'two shirts ot
There is much more- te rIne
training than many people re
alise. It la quite possible to ut
terly, throw away good time
and money by, attending . the
wrong school. ,
i . . - "m
No test Is more conclusive than
taa success . attained by a
school's graduates. The Capi
tal Business College has scores
of such- young people who are
'making good la every place of
business lite.
Iet ns tell you about some of
these people and explain. how
the methods that brought there
success Can help you.' '- ".
! tm rwjl
Salem, Oregon
J.0 l.;Bi4 la 9 tL.l
Phone -1196
Salem, Ore.
r- r.'. i 1