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North- County Aggregation
Takes Victory As; Feature
Of" Elks Picnic v
' The St. 1 Paul baaebalL-v teani
evened 'up with Salem in. the lame
played Sunday at S!lverton as" a
Ins the .same from the Senators
hy a score of: to 6.f Each teanri
bat now won tw4 games. .A fifth
same will ." be played, ' " -
The ftnrerUiAbaJl ground "we
not in aood condition. ,and was
net -iwi rood Hb4Tl7i)Ja"ySBK.;r7s
.yisoi j-ornaiiu, who -bmm-
ed In i the IjoIo jbif f. gn;pra.
could not keep his stride and" . was
wickedly cloutfd. by St. Pawl.
Lauderbeck ihtiaheii ,out. .'4, . -
: . ?;:.'''., :!
Balcer. ss 6 0 - 4 ;1
Humphries 2b 4 ? 0 J e
5 J.
Lathrope, cf 4 31
Adolph.Mb 5 ,1
, . 0.
Proctor, rf
Gill, ir '
Pauland, c
3 jo
- '3 . 1
Laaderbeck, p 4
. ' - : 4 34 I 10 24 11' 3
: : - ' V St. Paul - . '
s.w, ' AB.R. H; PO. A. E.
Carson, cf ; , 5 1 0 ;j 00,
Dezere. U-p ft o w . e...
Coleman, 3b ; 3 0 " 9
PerritC 2b" 5 1 U
Camar, lb. ", 4 .; ,. 2 . '2 ' 1
2 K 4'0
Baker, U 0
Smith." rf i--wZ7rV-" lt,,,.
Hughes, ss(.-;;4 :; j ;;3
Davis; p , 0 , 0 p 0
fciiiott, if . 4 ,1 ,'ir l o
' 9' 12 27 17' -3
; Summary . Three base hits',
Lathrope; two basal hits, Pauland,
Uauderback, Baker," Adolpbf, per
iod, " Carson, .Perritt,,' .Connors,
Hughes 2. Struck out by Lauder-
back ! ; Davis 1, Degere v . Base
on Jballs, Lauderbeck 2; Darls 2,
Degere 1. Hit by pitched ball
Lathrope, ' Proctor, ' Humphreys,
Colemaa. Stolen bases. Adotph.
Proctor, Oeriod, Carson 2, Hughes
2, Eljlott.i ' Double plays, Lathrop
, to naker. Umpire llanser.
(Continued from, .pagrt.) ('
reason that the period or tnltiat-
lug meaeurfes lor .the November
ballot, ; will xpire July' s jr
, (Pontlnuad from page 1,)
by th4 governmental ter, the meet
ings nad been concluded. :
" T , 5 ,
.1 .'-A.-..iU
ProsecntloBsT Cietiianded V 1
Two sides to the ;ijerrin. 111
mine killings were presented '.to
day lh the i house during 'debate
In which-. Representative -'(foody-koonta
of West Virginia, and Rep
resentative ; Denison of Illinois
both Republicans participated.;
Mr 3oodykoontJ 'called-''upon
officers of the United Mine Work-
. ers of America to. assist . In' prose-
cutioa of those responsible for the
disorders, even though .found
among the-v Pinion. Mtembrshlp,
Otherwise, t he : Mld the United
Mine .Workers orgaalaatlon "wlll
never?bebleHo -rise f rdmtftttilo'w
-vel to which its members have
tx-i aaaea that "the neonle are
trying out agalh the "enorxnity
the unlOii should take note of the
injury crlra , u i doing . to . their
cmuse.;.v.h. v'jr:-.-i
v -Mr.Denisoa, in whose district
tne qisoraers occurred, replying,
is In xrurket fcr
y taArkt;ipt55e. Quick frvj 21
I 215 Ccrfr Street-;
f ; . ' I
.1 ll III Ml I I I
i,,. .... 5,v ST,.1. '. ... ....... r5'?23!!
k' " . ' '..'1. -
la tm ,aTu m e teTeral nsaUonal announcements, but T'the feature for thia period
rSnai"-!S hfi'i8eMatwtt. Read carefully, therefor,sor wrhat I bave to'cxeep.
"iwfc'frf&if l8t wto acbedule
?f "wit;. ,JZVtu J ' ,to M7.Mhe eindidafea will 1ms awarded three times the number
vix'lZhJ??r ? n the regular vote Schedule on all aubscriptions handed in or plac
ed iu-lhe. rntut between 8 a.ia. Monday,; June 26th" arid Saturday July 1st, fat pL
.f, Win rte.prizea of'you, ehVice.with.TBltMVdTES:' '..
declared that the ;inosf aufbrtn,
nate jaf fair" was due to the em
ployment of ' -non-union men"
armed -with -rifles aad maeblae
guna to mine coal In violation of
an agreement entered 'Into with
the tunlonr miners, .f
' ram am eicimu
The Illinois representative con
tended that new reports of the
disorders In many eases 'were
very; Jnaccu rate." , and said that
according- to the local papers of
Marion, his home, not one-riftb
of the press report to the betro
polltan newspapers were true.
r While not excusing: a resort to
force by. the union, miners Bepre
sentative Denison said It was well
known-i that .whenever noa-nnlon
miners were taken into "Southern
Illinois' - to mine coal there had
been a - tragedy. Jtepresentauve
Ooodykoontz asserted: that the
eoroner'a : Jnry verdict indicated
that' they (the .union miners)
hate even control of. the processes
of the law there'
' : ,tert 4 TrmiaainM
HERRLV. June Sug
gestions that the opening of the
ill-fated strip mine -of the South
ern IlHnoU Coal company was
tacked-by the coal operators of
the state and ; that "the . United
States Steel trust" waa. also as
sisting" the operator of the mine,
W. J. Lester, was contained In a
statement tonight by Senator W.
Sneed. '. . .
''Statements were' made by
many," sneea saia, f net tne steei
trust was assisting In the opening
of . the IUinbls mines on a non
union-basis." . v 'i;'1:. " ,V
; police Halt Miners
WHEELING, W. Va., June 2C.
-Cfty policemen and deputy sher
iffs.. moblliied.'at the' city limits
oday, atoppod a march of strikr
fng-mlnenir'After' a brief parley
the mea.: agreed v to return:, home.
The authorities Were advised that
the: marchers 'were on their way
from the region about Triadelphia
to' working mines near Bdgewood
and Richland."
Silvertoh. Plans Bid for .
fJuiyFourth Celeoration
SILVERTON, ,Ore June 26.
(Special tos the Statesman.)-
Silverton Is making big plans f6i
celebration - for' the '-'fourth?
There is to be a ball game, ail
kinds of spprta, a big parade, ;pif
nic Jlnne? n,tbe park and -ell tmr
things that .usually ; go s with the
Fouiy to,? naVet .celebration , a.
success-.. .,
VsThe following Committees, hat
charge'i't',:.1, ;' 4"ii,-,'''5'!"!v
Adims Charlman 4' Elinerv- Olseni
;."W Robinson,, p G; VW'fy. if
We6dard Chairman, Wv'WCdo!
eft George rsteelhammer.XDrr -A?
Wv-SlmmonsjvVJ C-tffc J
ett. Chairman, A. H. Rund. Louis
Kotteck, John Hoblltt.
?"Judreof Pahide-i-GD. Bbw
est; hafrinaii'- -George Ceslter,
Charlwr Hinoaa. r' . --
r, .Finance .Committee W. 1.
Cunhungham, "Chairm'ahr Henry
Refreshment Committee: L. CL
Rafftraan,Chatrmair,. Otto Legard,
and P. W, Pettyjohn. .
20,000 Rail Shopmen
fYote for Walkou
1 Approximately; 93, par.1 ceat tot th
shopmen In the outhrn- Pacif i
ccntpany'bn the coast" and In the
gull states have voted for u strike
againet recent swage decreases;
while $6 per; cent ef the Union Pa-
cificand Santa Fe shopmen have
vested to go out. It was announced
today by L. S. Gordon, secretary
of the Southern Pacific federation
of ahop .employes. The federal
tlon' includes 10.000 'shop work-
erj. v ... ', r,y - vjjiSf.1" -J ii -i
til kind o! Junk, mj
Vote Schedule This
Attempts - by Western Sen
ators to Get-SO-Cent
Rate i Defeated
Confining itself more closely to
the tariff bill today than it has
on any day aince that measure
came before it, the senate cleaned
up the wood schedule by voting,
49 to 18, to retain shingles on the
free list and then disposed of all
committee amendment to the to
bacco schedule. Tomorrow it
will .come to the agricultural
schedule with Ita multitude of du
ties On farm' products.
The controversy, over shingles
was con lined almost., wdouv to
the Republican side and took up
most of the. day. j Senators Jones
and Poindexter. Republicans.
Washington and McNary, Repub
lican, Oregon, led a fight for the
house rate of GO cents a thousand
on shingles and were opposed by
Senators McCumber, Republican,
North Dakota, in charge -of the
bill,, and , eKllpgg, Republican.
After Toting to approve
eommittee action in striking out I
the house rate the senate rejected J
4 to is, an amendment uy oen-
ator Borah, t Republican. Idaho,
to make the duty. 2 cents, eiprxade the procession will go to
thousand. The Republican agri- the state fair grounds where the
cultural tariff bloc spm on eacn
vote as dia tne.majoriy op in
diana end 5uttiliWCaifaa com
... . . 1, I
shingles dutUbliOlIi
t JlL
Onlyi twa ynfrOkerSjf of i'mo-
ment arose over thetdbacco sche-
dule and ail rates proposed were,,.
committee majority. i receded ' from
Its recommendations for duties of
$2.35 .pound on unstemmed
wrapper tobacco and . 13 on such
tobacco stemmed, accepting tha
house figures of $2.10 and $27
respectively, enaton Pomerene,
Democrat. - Ohio. --moved - to cut
the $2.10 duty to $1.85, but this!
amendment was rejected.
Senator Shortridge, Republican,
California; opposed a committee
amendment striking out the house
duty, of' $l5a pound on Turkish i
tobaccd and gave - notice that'
restored, i,He, said 'large quanti-
ties; of this tobacco had been prorl
duced ,ia his state during the war
aad could he produced with prop-
er unui proiectipn. . enator
nfensH Democrat,' North Carolina,
lead th,e fight , In faTor. of the com-
raittenen,dmentv,j, i.vl.f
' other committee, rates approv-
eo wer? sa ct?m pouna on un -
suHmmea liner lulwccu; sv cbuihikoU. v.. rt. .
aibound on auch. tobacco. , Jf
stemmed, and .35 cents a pound
on! BcraD tObacCO. ' ' . .
.fi. '. ".Ati .. .- t
J j i -
Hayesville Convention
i; n?,aJn wumaoy rarK
fitTiNAnY oe yn a.The
J -
HayesrHle' district Sunday school
eoWmitton i. held Snndsv m
Oulhaby park. Sessions conUnued
all day with .a baeket dinner
iiMfM-'astsa: t'oon.
ihnnf n snH.r ..u-,.,.
.. inoiWAid m hHitrict . that
h JnnA beet fa nsnallv a larra I
affair, but owing to the fact that
bo notices of the convention were
sent : to t the . newspapers the at
tendance waa hort some hundreds
ot persona. ,. i: :.- ..-; .
(Besides the oal roatine ibus-
lnes v Intereatlng;. talk were made
by the Rev. Lyle HWlllard,tpas -
tor of the united Evangelical
church of Salem; Rev. Sydney
Hkll of Silverton, and 'Mrs: A. A
Lee of Salem. i ,
Sunday moving pictures and too
much Sunday use of the automo-
kiu-Mm. in tnr mtTm itunnnri.
a tlon from the speaker. Enjoy-!
able features of the program
were the musical eelections , by
Miss Jean Evans- and Mies Doro
thy Ersklne. - '
Semi-Finafs Played for
Salem . Golf Trophy Cups
i " ' - "
Semi-finals, in the Contests for
president's' and director's cups, at
the Illahee golf club were played
Sunday.. The tlnaja will be played
next Sunday and will be between
Tttielsen and Daue for the presi-
dent'Kup and between Mr. John
mmm i
Farraf and Mra. Oliver Locket or
the dlrector'a cup. .
, In the semi-finals for the' pres
ident's: enp Sunday. Thlelsev won
from Hatcheous, .making the 18
hplea in 90.5Dinc won fronTLocke
Mrs. -rarrarwon from hef hus
band in the contest for the-director's
cup while Mrs. Locke won
from Mrsi H; H. Ohllnger. (
4 -- '
Andreae Home Damaged
.By Fire Late Sunday
Quick ' work on the part of the
fire department and, ' volunteers
saved the furniture in the home of
Major F. G." Andrea, Fourteenth
and State streets, Sunday evening
when fire for a few moments
threatened the entire structure.
It is not known how the blaze
started,' bat it is thought to have
been caused hy, defective wiring in
the attic as the fire was confined
to the roof and top floor of the
house. No one was at home at the
time. : . . , . , .. -
Damage to the houee. which
amounted to several hundred, dol
lars, was . completely , of eVetf by
Big Parade Feature of
Sunday School .Picnic
An executive meeting for the
Marion county Sunday school as
sociation was held last night, at
which much detail work was ar-
ranged for the coming picnic. The
date fixed is -July 29, anil the par-
iaae is to form at Marlon square
at 10 o'clock After a downtown
picnlc program will be 'carried
.Last year more than 60 of the
ennH -wu
were represented: most of them
py rather pretentioui ax-
i r .. .
have practically every unit in fhe
yeak he committee . expects
"V? ij-,1" 1'
icuuouve vt nuuui uuuv is 10 om
greatly increased this year, if pos-
slble. The reports f rOra ' the
workers out over the county indi-.
cate that the interest ts better
, than ever before.
The big picnic dinner will be
the event of the flay, after the
paraue ror tne prize honors. An
elaborate pogam of spots and I
games will be offered, and enough
l speaking and music to balance the
lighter elements.
Second Week Shows Growth
? .'. Iff ''Vacation Bible rSc3i00l
' ' ',.:' v-; ' '.
I The second week of the bally
Vacation Bible school shows .550
oim-ipupus enrolled in the . seven Ba
j lem units," With" 60 ', teachera, and
room lor more pupils and v need
on more teachers in almost every
J unit'
j i Dally Instruction in, musid. is
ir.ii,0, -Mta.-Twiwi
Hn en tm. .mm ..vl
J . .. '-.-1
Willi Lueir kukdki or innr ...Kir.
Clayton Judy is giving -a series
I of. Bible dramatics, in All the nnit
makea rouidlleyery dav with
- w - -
"ppUea or with general adrJCR
Some interschool rivalries by
hoik the boya and the girls' In-
door baseball teams have livened
" j f. ?
N aalaries or gratuities, are,
paid, all the teaching services be-
given for the communitr good
Charivari Starts Trouble.
: fifrVS "RetlOPt 'f h PfllfcA
A number of South Salem boys
are still . debating, whether -to
laugh-or to apologise or to turn
J in a riot' call for the police : and
l the justice-court over a charivar
i that they staged last night, it
was put on at the home of J. J
j Ackennan, at I S3 East Wlison
jfor the, benefit ot the. Ajskermaa
I daughter who had recently been
married and war supposed to have
I returned late yesterday - from a
honeymoon trip. 'The boys staged
a customary serenade, eliciting
only . a . demand from the irate
Ackerman that they go away, and
that they pay . for some; boxe
that they bed. broken. They went
away, and then two of the lads
went back' to J pay for what dam
age they ' had done. Ackerman,
according s to the boys - story.
(would accept neither an apology
aor - payment. ' They claim her
struck one of the boys and knock-
d him down after putting them
0ff hie place. Ther reported- the
matter to the police and were still
debating whether to prosecute or
forget it at a late hour last
Body of Second Drowned
Seaman jRecovered
PORTLAND. June ' The
body of a seaman from the, fleet
of destroyers', here for the Rose
festival, waa found In the Wlllam
ette river today. After announce
ment was. made by the coroner
that the body vwae that of John
W. Forbes, teaman" first class of
the destroyer ' Chauncey, an
nouncement' was made to the As
sociated Press from the destroyer
Fuller that the body apparently
was that of Wiley Douglas Harris,
fireman, second class, ot that ves-'
sel whose home was at Colbert,
Okla. Haris" had beeu; missing
since Thursday,' and shipmates be
lieved he had fallen .overboard
There Are Lavs; Lpts oi ll9EmjBuf:-?
yWiitiJCity and County Quibbling
There are laws and still more
laws: thee are laws for the poor
man and laws for the rich, but If
any one has yet conceived a law
on Vhich all attorneys, police,
judjes and sheriffs have agreed
they will be awarded with the In
dia rubber crutch if they will be
so kind as to submit it for pub-h
Woman la Hart
All of which is introductory to
saying Fred Lacy is out of jail.
. Lacy was arrested on the even
ing of Jane 15 after he had driv
er, h'f automobile into a buggy
in which Mrs. Elvira Gleeson, an
r.ged woman, was riding Mrs.
Gleeann received - painful bruises
and lacerations and her vehicle
was wrecked. According to the
polioe, at the time of his arrest
Lacy was In an advanced stage
of intoxication and his car was
doing a serpentine down the
streets of the city.
The complaint filed against
him was' being unable to control
and properly operate a motor ve
hicle with due regard to safety
of the public and other vehicle
Violation ' of this particular law
provides a penalty of a fine not
to cxeeed S400 or by imprison
mtnt in the county Jail not to ex
ceed one year, or by both such
fine and- imjprisonmtyt, in !the
discretion oi tne court.
No County Board Free
Lacy, when brought before the
Police Judge Race was fined 325
Strawberries Still Get Right
of Way Some Goose
berries Left
Cherries began to come-into the
Salem canneries Monday. They
are not' as ripe as they will be
a week later but the canners are
already setting small ' crews to
work to anndie them." By ' next
weeKV1'-there will "be many, of-
Strawberries are Btfll Jiolding
the principal right , of war.' The
lack of rain has cut the crop
short of ' its earllei', anticipation.
JSoine ot the fields have come to
thetr iast picking, today and
ilTAjMAlKlnM . 1 .. .1111
Lf cuucsua. vfcuvis aro situ
producing heavily. -One field 1a
reported fjroni 'put', near Eilverton,
that la hardly up to .ita produc-
l tion even. yet. There have been
one good rains In the foothills
that will nrolonsr the tuurinr
r .- - -
Two S
and given 20. days, in jail. When
taken to the court house by a
policeman no committment ac
companied him, according to the
sheriff's office. An hour later
the committment pnt in its ap
pearance, but according to the
sheriff's office, the committment
was signed by Judge Race as city
recorder and not as an -ex-of f icio
justice of the peace. The sheriff
refused to accept the prisoner be
cause of the committment and be-
cau?e be saw no reason why he
should run a star boarding house
for city prisoners when the city
was receiving- the $25 fine.
Ho liftcy Took the Air
Lacy having teen sentenced to
the county jail could not be held
In the city jail on the committ
ment so "in the parlance of the
"motif tie bird" Lccy '-took the
air." by paying hi9 fine.
Sixteen lawyers (more r less I
one perfectly good police-judge.
One tried" and tested sheriff,-one
district attorney, two newspaper
rc-perters and three bootleggers
have offered their interpretation
of the law.
How Tttfy Look At It
One-third says Judge Race
.passed sentence acording to the
statute books, one third says
"Lacy should have been sentenced
by a justice of the peace in or
der to make the sentence water
proof, while the other third
merely scratched their respective
heads and- grunted; "Huh? What
are yuh talkin bout.
season and. bring a' much larger
"op. .... '
The Oregon Growers are still
receiyinir,- jotany,. terries; they
ueeu uuroxcauatrT .iil au or
more women and girl's.' The cher
ry season is com lag along o fast,
that this fruit will be ready with
very little intermission after the
strawberries ere gone; and then
the logans are expected so that
the work will be ocntinuous.
A gratifying response to the
call for help has come from the
women and girls of Salem. It is
so vital to the community wel
fare that the whole fruit crop be
saved, , that many who do not
need the money have gone to the
fields to pick, and to the factor
ies to handle the fruit. An av
erage of a little more 'than $2 a
day is being made by good work
ers in the canneries. In the Starr
company plant, one Woman has
been making - $16 a week. and.
others, very close, to that much
stemming fruit. About the same
schedule .prevails in all the
the plants. . . - . -.
A . tew gooseberries are still
coming rn. - --, i
WASHINGTON, Juhe 26. The
house adjourned . today . without
ides of Turnover
The alert business man dealing with
present day conditions knows that
the big word today ' i$T"Tn6yer.-t
Whether he be a merchant; manu
facturer, jobber, or banktr, he sees
that one thing w2th - a , clear vision
unbiased by the limits pi ; his own
business. It is iii the air, land on
the tip of every tonguei ; "
And yet many of them entirely too
many are thinking on only one
side of Turnover. They think of it
as meaning rapid selling putting
money in and getting lt out quickly
and at a profit' They realize that
they must put greatly increased ef
forts back of all their plans for sell
ing and distribution.
The other half of Turnover is the
consumer. All selling plans and ef
forts fail if ' thb consumer doesn't
want to buy. His desire for the prod
uct must be created. He must meet
the seller half way. He must be in
a mood to buy before the' salesman
meets him across, the county
That is the faction of Advertising
Published by the Oregon Statesman in co-operation
with The American Association of 'Advertising "Agencies
completing. conlderatlon of: rhel
Capper-Tincher grain exchange t -
bill which wouU supplement the
i? I - "
coart. After devotta mor. than I j
six hours to Us discuon tne
house leaders decided to pmnintr'
IU U VT T", tt.ll.l W. - w mmmm
they predict its passage.
. I
SCOTTS MILLS, Ore.. Jane 2v.all e(foru of the police to ef- w
Mrs." tl. W. Wtfion n a6nrXK!t . capture, have -been with- "
Frank, who have" been visiting In
V.'oodburn. returned to ' their
home at CrocoJ Finger. Wed nes-
Miss Dorothy Ma gee ot Salem
is" visiting Miss Nellie Kinser.
Born to" Mr. and Mrs. Harney
Htlvey at their borne. Sunday,
June 18. a 9 1-2 pound son. "
Mr. anik.Mrs. VVV. Will s o
their daughter. Mrs' Hen white!
Several Hoyal" Neighl-crs from
here bttended the convention held
In Sllvertorf; Tnenlay.
T Maplothorpe of Saionl., who
has lieen vfsttlng his "daughter
Mrs. W. T. Ho? nnti f-iri 1 !,
paM two months, returned homo j
Wednesday evening.'
Mrs. Tom Dunaean nnt. son.
Manila, have returned home from
Salem where they had been vis
Mrs. Ruby Mulvihill ind small j
dsuirhtcr hava retiirne;! home f-1
' " -V - I
ter visiting: her, parents, .Mr. anu i
Mrs. A. L. Broughter for a week.
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Delano are
visiting relatives and friends in
Mrp. Jean Adrms of Portland
is visiting her sister. Mrs J.4 S.
Korb. '
Mrs. W. T. Hogg and dcughter
Loralot and Doris returned home
Sunday evening after visiting rel
ativea and friends in Salem,: p
two weeks,
Misses Enid Lamb, La Verne
Rich, and Beatrice Amundsen,
have returned home from Eugene
where they have men attending
John Broughter of Willamette
university and .Miss Lila Brought
er who attended Bible school in
Portland are home for their sum
raer vacation
The mail route from Wilhoit to
Mt. Angel and return daly has
been let to Joe Brosig. .
Mrs. J. C. Jennings left for
Portland. Wednesday for an in
definite stay.
Mr. and .Mrs. Claud Rogland
and son, John of, Chehalis, visited
her tister, Mrs. O. W. Myers and
family here last week.
Hugh Magee nnd bride of Sa-
lem visited relatives 'here- over
PARIS, JunefwjFrfnee Al-
bert : lionore Charles-of Monaco
the umaljest .irrlncipaUty Mn -the
"i-na, aiea uero uua inw'wun.
Read the Classified Ads
to create consumer demand and '
consumer preference. With this de
mand as a fact all gelling plans have
a chance to succeed, thbut it Ihey
fail. The only chance for salesman
ship to succeed without an existing
demand is for salesmanship foas
sume the task that belongs to
vertising Tthe task of ; creating
demand. .
If the present efforts that are being
put into selling were amply sup
ported by a corresponding effort to
create consumer demand tiirough
Advertising, the business conditions
of this country "would j be rapidly
changed into an era' of ' great' ptqs- y
perity in spite of Old J World con
ditions and everything else,'
The proof of this is in the fact that .
rih't no w, under these very condil
tions, the manufacturers; wh6 are
putting proper emphasis on creating X
a demand for their product, as well .'
as selling it, are doing a big business .
and are actually getting i the - high
turnover that others are iryingTso
strenuously to get through intensive
An0therPerVert Seed.
- ""DinkPi "11arfrf "tfl " PblirP
"ji!. tSa9 i JXe
That there. 4e another moral
t d gnnoyec of women I
r 'gt1uta.rir: f
7. 7 . r.,.hln, v!
John R. Clear was the last to W
complain of -1 he man-'a Alleged '
acUoas. to the department, but
oat aTan. Infoxmalioa. reached
Qlesr that a woman had. been
annoyed on. Twelfth street y eater-
day morning. . .
Numerous reports have reached
the department during, the past
week and it is thought that the
same man'' Is traveling1 About the
f fix--
i i ui ' mi
TTernperature of 152 Degree
Kills Three Prospectors
BttAWLEL Cel., -nne 26
Death from heat prostration" -
waa the verdict-reached by aicor-t
oner'a jury; here today at an In
men who died in the desert a
few miles southeast ot Nitand.
nenr the. Sonthrn PaeJf main i
nne, last saturaay.
. A A . , - . ' .
"The men were J. J.'Everharty
and Henry C. Brown, of- Los An-
rrlea und' navtfWilonr an avoif
" " " ---'-1 Hfiv- j-
prospector, - who had lived In
prospector, - who had
many western mining districts. "
It was estimated-the tempera- ;
ture where thev deaths occurred -was
between 1J2 and 152 degrees. !
Grain Inspection I ?
) ranaara ' uisconunuea
PORTLAND. June SC. .Graln-
-fnspectlon -lender the Portland .
Chamberpot commerct certificate.;.
standards will be discontinued
Jtthe 30" except upon the small re-f-
main'ng portion of old cereal, iu v
compliance with government reaui ..." X
lations , ' according to announced
meat made today by L c: Sanford? ;
chairman of the chamber's grain
inspection committee and offi
cers of the Northern Grain and T
Warehouse committee.- :
The Portland Chamber ot Com- '
merce standard has been in effect
for approximately fifty years and
lias been used ' by : greain export- ;
ers throughout the world as' a
marketing guarantee.
'With the abandonment of this
plan of. certification the govern-;
ment will have sole charge of the $
inspection work.
,Wm.1 UUnlaD 01 -Shedd'
H Mpw 1 Inn 'hopif f
I - 11.11 . vim vwiiii
iiam j . uuniap o( eneaa, lootoar
star at the Oregon Agricultural
college a decade and a half agq .
was Jpapointed . sheriff rttVUt ,:,
isounty today to succeed 0-M -a'
Kendall who wae killed last Wed
I scvmj;, i"7 - wu IBrmer
TnMtr PlnJnvlAV.- Ha, tnnV no ).
- of office thfe 'afternoon.1 -
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