The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, June 27, 1922, Page 5, Image 5

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Itetura to Sale:
Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Hull and
family have returned from Los
Angeles where they hare lived for
the last 10 months. The trip to
Salem was by automobile. They
are at the home 'of Mrs. Hall's
parents. Dr. and Mrs. S. C. StOne.
Cars Wanted
We need more light cars.
son-Rookstool. Adv. -
A Claaalfled AO
Will Bring you a buyer. Adv.
Norma Tatmalge
SmUin' Through'
Deliciousiy Good
2 .7:159:15 p. m.
Matinee or Evening .
.,35c '--;' v-
a meeting at the armory June 28
at 8 o'clock to consider the anU
alien land lay and will also prob
ably elect delegates to state cob-
The Ace, llasonie Temple. -I Trunks, Bags and Leather Cases
Adv. Before you take a trip call and
look at those Betterbilt trunks at
F. E. Shafers. 170 S. Commercial
Building Permitted
The following building permits Adv.
were issned yesterday by the city
recorder's office; L. A. Hints,
dwelling at 1060 North Winter
street to cost $2750; Ben Perllch,
dwelling at 1199 South High
street to cost $4000; L. Hewlett,
dwelling at 1935 North Fifth
street to cost $2750; J. R. Broy-
les, dwelling at 47 S North Col
lege to cost $500.
Lighting Fixtures
Now is a good time to put in
yoar lighting fixtures. We carry
a varied line in stock and also
make up strap iron and other fix
tures to order in our own shop.
Salem Electric Co.. Masonic Tem
ple. Phone 1200. Adv.
Between 40 and SO Violin
And two cellos will play In en
semble at Joy Turner's recital.
Wednesday night. June 28 and
June 30 at First Christian church.
Let An Edei
Do your washing. The best
washer made, price now $119.50.
Salem Electric Co.. Masonic Tem
ple. Phone 1200. Adv.
Andrews Car Burned
Dr. A. R. Andrews. Salem veter
inarian, suffered the destruction
of his automobile by fire about
; midnight Sunday night on the
Slough road south of Salem. He
does not know what started the
fire. The loss is estimated at
$900. Insurance of about $300
was carried. Dr. Andrews was
slightly burned in trying to ex
tinguish the flames.
Springer. Portland; J. S. Goodwin.
Los Angeles: Mr. add Mrs. L. M.
Lombard, Mrs. K. Richardson, San
Francisco: Frances Meloy, Oak
land, Cal.; A. R. Swenpton. Miss
Coillon. Miss Mae Charlton. Miss
Mildred Carlton, Miss Livingston.
Med ford; Mr. and Mrs- W. D. Sel
der. E. S. Simpson, Denver; Mr.
and Mrs. G. E. Cooper. Eugene;
Mrs. E. P. Michall, Stevenson,
BL.IGH F. Tiffany. A. C.
Bracken. J. E. Saphy, F. W. Mil
ler, B. F. Karten. Mr. and Mrs.
Paul Petri. H. D. Wagnor Jr., W.
E. Green, Newton McCoy. Frank
W. Smith. Portland; Elsil McCal
list. Chicago; Glen Rhoades, Al
bany; L. A. Christian. Tacoma;
Leon Whitney, F. M. Woodson,
Cottage Grove; Mrs. C. L. Brown,
Medford; George Standle.y Tur
Allen, Howard A. Long. E. Drew.
J. O. Johnson. J. H. Beriley. Port
land; W. J. DeMeulte. J. A. Yes-
bec, San Francisco; W. A. Mc-
Naught. Great Falls. Mont.
J. A. Griffin of Dallas Vic
tim of Mishap on High
way Sunday Night
Wants to be Citizen
John Ernst Bandel of near Sll
verton, yesterday filed notice of
Intention to make application for
naturalization . He arrived in the
United States from Hanover, Ger
many, on October 18, 1921.
Loans on Good City Property
Plenty of money; no delay. Call I
331 State street. Adv.
There be a Meeting--r,
Of the American Legion at the
armory next Wednesday, June 28.
at 8 o'clock to consider the anti
alien land law. Also delegates to
the state convention will probably
be elected. Adv.
Date Advanced
The demurrage controversy be
tween the Oregon-Washington
Railroad & Navigation company.
in which the public service com
mission is to sit as arbiter, has
been advanced for hearing from
July 7 to July 5 and will be held
in La Grande instead of Pendle
That the "glasses yon are
wearing- are perfectly ad
justed . to your individual
Obey the Impulse
Come in and talk it over
with us.' : ; . ', J ! . ,7
v "204-111; Salem Bank of -?
Commerce Building
. . .. JrHvv,?.; "
Oregon's Largest Optical
Institution ' -7
Phone 23 for aptoljatment
This Is Regular Hair Curler
Weather. We have all the best
makes In stock. Salem Electric
Co., Masonic Temple. Phone 1200
Films Developed
Leave your films today at Pat-
ton's Book Store. Adv.
Marriage Licenses
The following marriage licenses
were issued yesterday by the
county clerk: Elmer Hendhicksen
21, Salem, and Bessie Adams, 19,
Salem; Jack B. Fritz, Portland,
I and Clara Stamen, Salem.
Do Not Make a Trip-
Without trying an Air-Eater.
Have it Installed early, 2 52 state.
660 N. Capitol. 420 8. Com'L
Requisition Honored 1 ..
governor uicott nas Honored a
requisition from Governor Hart of
Washington for the extradition of
Art Fisher, who is wanted in Spo
kane county on a charge of con
spiracy to put certain . theaters
out of business by exploding nau
seating DomDs in mem. He was
arrested In Portland and when the
extradition was granted was turn
ed over to P. L. Bucholz, an agent
of the state of Washington.
Ten experienced waitresses
once. Gray Belle. Adv.
This Is' Regular Hair Curler-
Weather. We have all the best
makes In stock. Salem ' Electric
Co.. Masonic Temple. Phone 1200
Adv. . ..
Perrine Fined
;,Yigil,Perrine. ... arrested Satur
day night by .Patrolman Putnam
I for being Intoxicated .was assessed
a fine of $25 by Police Judge Race
yesterday. 'v- --..
Lynch to Convention
Dr. John L. Lynch is leaving to
day to attend the convention of
American Ostepathic association
in Los Angeles. He expects to be
gone about three weeks.
tools vxM :
Great thlnfa bap
pen when health
frit chummy
with enterpriae. .
One min
ute essay
on health
by O. L.
Scott, D.
a , ,
Get them et Tha Statesman of
fice. v Catalog on application,
Leglou to Elect
The American legion Is to have
MARION D. A. Diamond. I
W. Hancock, W. S. Grant, Mrs. C.
M. McBrlde. A. B. Lauerman, H.
O. Neville. Will H. David, J. H
Lyons. E. B. Wylie. J. A. Mott.
W. S. Miller, C. H. Priday, Mr.
and Mrs. C. A. Carson. M. M
Page. S. C. Wells. I. T. Olsen. Al
Worthlngtoh. O. M. Simmson. D.
R. Shoemaker, A. D. Sansman, B
C. Taylor, Marcus Thumbo. F. R
Wagner. W. L. McCullocb. G
French, Harry Lewis. A. G. Theln,
Mrs. A. G. Theln. Wm. A. Theln.
Fairand continued warm
So says the weathet shark; but
all the praying folks ire praying
for rain.
The big Salem paper mill will
soon be about twice as big; and It
will not stop growing after that.
A great industry, and a great
thing-for Salem and the Salem
Good morning, have you had
any fresh cherry pie this season?
The cherries are coming in now
with a rush; and the cherry mark
is on the arm. of all Salem.
The Pep and Progress pages of
Thursday's Statesman will carry
some very important matter on
the fruit industry.
Mr. Albert, who has charge' of
the auto park, is distributing a
great deal of Salem literature.
But he shold have more of it, and
better. And every Salemlte
should help talk Salem's advant
ages to all comers to the park.
They are talking about wireless
honeymoons. But who wants a
radio bride? Though she must at.
least be radiant.
The Salem Electric company
has started installing its broad
casting system, and everybody
will be buying radio outf its. The
Statesman will offer good radio
outfits guaranteed as premi
ums for securing new subscribe
ers. "i
s s '!
What has been joined together
for 52 years, let no court or com
mission put asunder.- The people
of this part of Oregon are against
the unmerger of the merger;
against the divorcing of the South
ern and Central Pacific systems
arter they have been hooked up la
double harness for more than halt
a hundred years. ,
If your appetite is finicky
where It .once was hearty,
it Is not necessarily evid
ence that the stomach is at
fault, though thero may bo?
Indigestion. Quite often the
center and source of a"
breakdown of this kind Is
the liver. Constipation
causes digestive troubles,
and the stomach is a victim
of trouble due to faulty ac
tion of the liver. '
Rundown - conditions Of
the body are Invarfabiy due
to lact of attention to me
most commonly known ,
truths about the body. For
instance, the nerves are con-i
trolled by the spine. In se
vere derangement of the
spine there is paralysis. In
mild displacements such as
exist In every spine, the re
sult is weakness located in
some organ -of the body
call it partial or mild par
alysis it you wilt' and chl
ropractdc spinal adjust
ments are needed to restore
order . end health. - -ChlroDractlc
spinal ad
justments correct diseases of t
the - head, throat, lungs.
heart, stomach, liver, kid-
neys, pancreas, spleen, bow
els and lower organs.
. You can make an appoint-
; ment for your health's sake
by telephoning 87.
.' : -V . "OBKOMUCTICCOttfCri -
.mssutc on snax -ttmtsmoeusaot
Depaads ,
; r
87 for
- v va -
y-M -fc-wtma Unas'
414-19 U. 8. Bank Bldj,
Htrtmsn't Gltssei
Wear them and tee
Easier and Better - c- aum. f. o. Miner, John
H. Murch, Mr. and Mrs. W. C,
Block, Frances S. Hays, Mrs. G
G. Stone, Mr. and Mrs. C. H.
Phone 1255. Salem, Oregon
SAVE $ $ $
by buying your hardware and fur-
tlture at The Capital Hardware
&. Furniture Co.. 2S5 No. Com
mercial street. Phone 947.
Webb & Clough
Ltk&hz Fcseral
, Directors
Expert Edbitncw
NVL a-a
i fiskars v.
Carry a Guarantee
That's why we are care
ful to carry only those
lines of drugs we know
are standard.
By buying your drugs,
remedies and sundries
from a store which car
ries only well known
makes you are assured
Furthermore, we never
substitute a new or cheap
make for a standard one.
Thus you are assured ac
You can always depend
on a standard drug store.
Wm. Ncimcycf
175 N. Com'l St.
Phone 167
a day in which we
specialize on all bulk
Pure Lard in bulk
Peanut Butter, 2 lbs.
Strained Honey. 2 lbs.
Economy Coffee
Cocoa in bulk
Ground' Chocolate
Soda Crackers
Judge J. A. Eakin and W. T.
Eakin both of Astoria were In
Salem yesterday to attend the
funeral of Mrs. Robert Eakin.
Dr. Georgay W. Swote of Phila-
delpia is a guest of his sister, Mrs.
Charles M. Oglesby. They will go
next week to Gladstone park
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Bynon spent
the week-end at the e. Hofer
home in Salem.
Miss Ruth Babb and Miss Ruth
Edwards spent Sunday at Miss
Babb's home in Lake Grove. ,
Dr. John L. Lynch left yester
day for Ix)s Angeles and will be
gone for three weeks.
John Catlin. chief of police in
Albany, spent yesterday in Salem.
One man was killed and another
severely when the automobile In
which they were riding went into
the ditch on Hogg hill, near Wi
nona three miles west of Salem on
the Salem Dallas road, shortly be
for midnight Sunday. Joseph A
Griffin. 32 years old. athletic di
rector and instructor of manual
training at the Dallas high school.
suffered a fractured skull and war,
brought to a Salem hospital
where be died at 4 o'clock yester
day morning, while John Friesen.
one of the owners of the Dallas
Planing mill, was faken to a Dal
las hospital in a semi-conscious
Wesley Antican, employed on
the I.' L. Patterson ranch near
Eola, said last night that he was
the first to reach the scene of the
accident shortly after 11:30 Sun
day Ight.
Groans Are Heard.
Mr. Antican. according to his
statement, was on his way home
from Salem and was walking
along the road when he noticed
that the lights of a car were di
rected in -a northerly direction.
Thinking it strange that a car
would be headed that way when
the road at that point runs east
and west, he Investigated and
heard Griffin groaning. Friesen
was not located by Antican for
several moments.
Antican, realising that he must
get help, stopped the first passing
car, containing George G. Dulda-
ger and J. M. McCourt, both of
Salem. Griffin was put in the car
and rushed to Salem while Frie
sen was picked up by another
motorist and taken to Dallas.
Priesen's Information Meagre
Frlesen's father, according to
Coroner Chapman, stated late yes
terday that the younger Friesen
declared he knew nothing con
cerning the cause of the accident
and was unable to give any ver
sion of It. Mr. Chapman had been
unable to talk with Friensen last
night owing to the investigation
being conducted near Winono. He
announced, however, that he in
tended . to make a full Investiga
tion of the case, as he had been
unable to. ascertain which of the
$wo men was driving the. car. He
will 'decide whether or not he will
hold an inquest some time this
morning after further questioning
of witnesses .
' Third Man Missing
It Is understood there was
third man, Bern Friar, of Dallas
in the car when it left Dallas Sun
day night, but he is said to have
left the machine at Rickreall. Mr
Chapman had not been able to lo
cate Friar last night.
No one has been able to deter
mine how the car was ditched, but
the general theory advanced is
that the machine was coing at
high rate of speed and the driver
tailed to make the turn on Hogg
hill which Is a double curve. The
car was found up-right In the
ditch and the men were some lit
tle distance away when found. The
two rear wheels were demolished,
discounting the vtrslon that tht
machine merely skidded into the
ditch. .
particularly as to the location of
whirlpool and rapids ta the Co
lumbia and Snake riven that
would require portage.
The route as they have outlined
it is:
Up the Columbia river to Snake
river. 400 miles; np Snake river to
its source. "0 miles; portage to
Yellowstone lake, 10 miles:
through the lake and doan the
Yellowstone river to the Missouri
river, 800 miles; down the Mis
souri to the Mississippi. 2S00
miles; down the Minsissipp! to the
Oho. 200 miles; up thi Ohio to
the Wabash, 200 miles; up the
Wabash to its source, 404 u;l!es;
,.rtjige to tis Mvrce of tUe Mau
mc river, 2't miles; dowu the
Maumee to I-akc Erie. 200 utiles;
along the shores of Lak? Erie to
Buffalo. 390 m'.W: thr-utb the
Erie canal to ibe Hudson. 301
miles; down the Hudson to New
York City. 150 miles.
... s ? .'Li
EstibUsled 18S3 ;
Genertl-Binkias Bcxbetf vr v
Office Hours fxcxa 10 a. n, to p.
To Stop Coughing at Night
A summer bronchial cough
keeps not only the sufferer but
other members of the family
awake, Alfred Barker, 1061 Avon-i
dale St., E. Liverpool, O writes
"I consider it my duty to write
and tell the results of Foley's
Honey and Tar, which I used for
my hoy who had been suffering
fiom a bronchial cough for 7 or
8 weeks. Foley ' Honey and Tar
has done htm wonderful good.
and I shall always recommend it.
It soothes and beals.SoId every
where. Adv.
A Motion
Second Band Concert to
Be Given This Evening
The second band concert of the
year wiil be given tonight in Will
son park by the Cherrian band.
A record crowd Is expected to at
tend this evening's entertainment
owing to the warm weather. The
attendance last week was unus
ually iarge for the first concert.
Xo concert was given Friday ev
ening since the band accompan
ied the Cberrlans to Portland.
The. program will be as fol
March. "Monte Carlo". ... .Kln
Selection, "qhimetj of Ndrman-
dy" .Laurendeau
Waliz, "Visions of the Past"
Popular Numbers .
Vocal Solo. ''Sunrise and Vou", .
Oscar GIndrlch.
Selection from "Maritana."
Gavotte. "Maiden of Seville'..
Overture, "Gypsy Queen".. King
March "Yankee Robinson"....
... Huffer
The Star Spangled Banner"..
Reels n' uUc Reels
Admission 'S0t ' . ..' 1 "
ThunJjty-rFriday--Satorday ' , j .
Matinee 2 p. m.. Women only Erenlixi 7:30 p. m4 Men only
Will Sorely Help Others
The condition of the human
body is reflected by the condition
of the kidneys and blood. If the
kidneys are not functioning prop
erly, waste products and poisons
cannot be eliminated. Rheumatic
pains, swollen, aching and stiff
Joints and muscles, dizzness and
blurred vision are symptoms of
kidney trouble. Mrs. A. Lechner,
1129 Main Ave.. Clifton, N. J..
writes: "Foley Kidney Pills have
helped me and I will gladly give
you permission to use this testi
monial for they will surely help.,
Sold everywbere.rAdv.
Landlord You didn't pay the
rent for last month.
Tenant not Well, I suppose
you it noia me ta your agree
Landlord Agreement! What
Tenant Why. when I rented,
you said I must pay in advance
or not at all. Detroit Free Press.
JANTZEN Bathing Suit
A man won't mind getting tip on the diving board where'
l t. i I L. ...... ...tA lhM.'U'l'
pevpie can ce u.iiejwwuiiwiw w, Mis.auu
They're uct with the now famous rib stitch which
makes them fit accurately, and look mighty neat. , '
Price $6.00--Others at $5.50' ; ;
Salem Woolen Mills Store
Ipen until 9 p. m. on Saturday .
Two Boys at Bremerton
Aboard Nitro Ask Ques
tions of Mr, Cupper
Salem Party to Leave
For.Marshfield Session
A. C. Barber, state fire mar
shal and state Insurance commis
sioner, and party will leave here
by automobile' today for Marsh
field to attend the state conven
tion of fire chiefs which will be
in session June 29 to July 1. In
clusive. In the Barber party will
be Miss Fay Hendrickson. secre
tary to the fire marshal's depart
ment; Mrs. Horace Sykes. wife of
one of the investigators of the de
partment, and Mrs. Thomas Car
Ion, wife of Fire Chief Carlon of
Mr. Barber had expected Jay
Stevens of San Francisco, chief of
the fire prevention Bureau of the
National Fire Underwriters asso
ciation, to Join his party, but he
has. not yet arrived, but may be
here today. Mr. Stevens is coming
from San Francisco by automobile
and was due here yesterday.
Harry Hutton. Salem fire thief;
will leave for Marshfield Wednea-
-.. - v. f
" Glenn Skoyman and Sol Stein
berger, two members of Uncle
Sam navy, now aboard the fj.S.S.
ftitro at -Bremerton are planning
a canoe trip across the American
continent, to begin inSeptembr.
1?23, when, they are discharged
from tho navy, and have written
Percy A. Cupper, tate engineer
for advice as to making tUe start
from the Pacific coast. They ask
New Today
Bert Lytell
"The Idle Rich"
Buster Keaton
y Convict 13
I if - '
Matinee Evening
Let Yqiir Next Pair vi Dress
Shoes Be 7
, .....
....... . .
j - ' " S t 4
I .1. :.. r- -. r t . r , r- rj
1 - ' "-' - ' 1 ' ,: v j
IO "
167 North Corn! St.
. ph0nH98 . Salem, Oregon j
1 -;...
- Prices.
rr-. r-'T
Thb is tuHint9riv m roncerhlnz food products. Our
constant aim is to provide our distoinerswith the best In ;
the market, to render best service and to seU at rUht prices. r
: Bestr
Service '
; 1 i