The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, June 25, 1922, Page 5, Image 5

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.. .
Picnic MwtJng Called- -
Final plans for .the , Marlon
County Sunday school contention
will be made tomorrow 'evening
when a business meeting will be
held in the Y. M. , C. A rooms.
Every Sunday school in ' Marion
county and the surrounding: com
munity Is being urged to send
delegates to the meeting, accord
ing to those In charge. The ple
nid will be held on the state fair
grounds juiy 29. ' ; v , .7
. Spa home made
The Spa. Adv.
String Instruments--
And Accessories at Moore's Mu
st House, 415 Court. , Adr. , .
Dorthy Dalton
"The: Crimson
Based on ;
"Tharon of Lost
- ' " ' ;
Ben Tin-pin
Your Time
Misuse It
Each of us has a certain
length of time allotted. We do
not know the span of our days
but we do know that the hap
piness and peace ofour later
days will depend much upon
our use of present ones. .
To young people with life
before then, the misuse of a
day now seems a trifle. It Is
well to remember that each
wasted day means one day ess
of secured happiness In old age.
.1 - .
' No Investment of time brings
surer , dividends than does the
time spent in securing a prac
tical business training: Our
courses are planned for Just
this sort of thing. s
Write or call for Information
"regarding our summer courses.'
- 1 i I .'" ;
Capital Bcshess CcHege
f Salem, Oregon
You will be pleased with
our Ice cream and fountain
service." ? m.. - t
Healthful, refreshing, satis
fying. c' !
t j -
Drug Store
Sole Agent Garden Court
135 N. Coral. Phone 197
Do Not Make a Trip-
Without trying an Air-Eater.
Have It Installed early, 262 state,
660 N. Capitol, 420 8. Com'L
$300 Victor PI no "Xew" 94 1 7
1800. Hamilton Player "New."
$498. Moore's Music House, 415
Court. Adv.- ;
Clothing Stolen
Sneak thieves have been strip
ping the clothes . lines and auto
mobiles in the vicinity of Market
and North apltol streets, accord
ing to W. Bonsteele who notified
the police yesterday. Clothes
have been stolen from the lines
of various people in that vicinity
while accessories on automobiles
have been: tempting the miscre
' For cooling deserts,, serve Spa
Home Made Sherbets. Adv.
Legal Ttlsnks
Get them at The Statesman of
fid. Catalog on application.
Areola Porch Shade
In green and tan.
now at Stiffs. Adv.
Buy them
to ihc sale of all hind of elec
trical merchandise Mr. Fleeaor
wttl du a general electrical con
tract ng bnsines.
Mitchell Will Work .
For the next 12 days Pete Mit
chell, of Tigard. will be employed
Let An Eden
Do your -washing.. . The ' best
by the, city, of Salem under the su-1 washer made, price now 1119.50.
Itervieion of Chief of Police Mot- Salem Electric Co.. Masonic Tem-
fltt. Pete. ran afoul of a quanti
ty of , white-muleM ; Thursday
night, resulting in his being plac
ed In the city Jail by Police Judge
Race yesterday morning that he
might recover from the lark.
pie. Phone 1200. Adv.
For Today's Baseball Ressdts -
Phone S3 9, The Aee. Adv. ,
All Kinds of Wood for Sale
Big fir and oak. 16-inch. Orders
taken for Immediate or future de
liveries. C. D. Query, Livesley
Station. Phone 77F2. Adv.
S500 Clrendo -:
Used piano, fine condition, $250
$500 Crown used piano, $200: al
so Sherman., Clay Co.'s entire
line. Terms to suit Moore's Mus-
EverythlBK Mssieai
From, sheet , music to pianos
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If Yvq Missed
F lading Sojolofeky's adver-
tis-intnt of houtrrt and ranVes
you have missed the "Best Buy.
This is Regular Hair Curler
Wuttitr W ttaT all thm taftfct
c nouse, 4ie uoun ana juasontc makejl In Btock. Salem Electric
b)dg. Adv.
The Song Shop Is h
Reduced prices on everything.
Co., Masonic Temple. Phone 1200
Sherman Clay & Co. Pianos
Terms or cash. Moore's Music
House, 4 IS Court and Masonic
bldg. Adv.
Everything In Sheet Muie
And Victor records at Moore's
Music House, 415 court. Adv.
Corvallls outh Nabbed
' J. B. Pardee, a Corvallls youth.
was arrested' yesterday by Motor
cycle Patrolman Parrent, charged
with cutting a corner with bis au
tomobile. ' He was re'eased under
$20 bail to appear before Police
Judge Race, Tuesday morning.
That the glasses you are
wearing are perfectly ad
Justed to - your , Individual
Obey the Impulse .
Come In .and talk it over
with us
; 204-211 Ealem Bank ot
; ; Commerce Building -
Oregon's Largest Optical
Phone it 9 for appointment
Moore's Munic House
Sells fVictor,- "Sonora," and
Brunswick phonographs. 415
Court and Masonic building. Adv.
Take the Family U
To the Gray Belle tor chicken
dinner today. Adv.
Drs. White mma Marshall
Osteopathic physicians, U SBk.
Work et the State Industrial Ae-
ctdent Commission' by W. T. !
Kirk of Salem. Dr. W. B. Morse
will talk on "The League for the
Conservation of Public Health."
This is Regular Hair Curler-
Weather. We have all the best
makes In stock. Salem Electric
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. Special chiekn dinner with
fresh spring vegetables and straw-
Berry short cake, today The Spa.
Adr. .
Silverton Young Woman
Does Notable Work With
Army Y.M.CAJbroad
J. Blackwell, who has been
patient, in the Salem hospital for
the' past four weeks following an
operation, returned to his home
in Jefferson yesterday. -V
v Mrs. Newton, - daughter ot
Judge and Mrs. T. A. McBride. Is
reported to be rapidly recovering
from an operation at Salem -hos
Trunks, Bags and Leather Cases
Before you take a trip call and
look at those Betterbllt trunks at
F. E. Sbafers, 170 S. Commercial
Lonl Garden Open Today
Thp floral garden at the home!
of Mrs..W. P. Lord, 796 South
High street. Is now a olace oft
extreme beauty, and Mrs. Lord
announced last night that th gar
den will today be open to inspec
tion. The Lord garden is one ot
the show places of Salem
Loans on Good City Property
ef!f 2:f "I"? n de,a7' C" This is Regular Hair Curler
The return of American troops
from Germany is releasing the
men and. women who have been
serivng with the American T. M
G. A., in the area tor the past two
years and a half.
Among those who have Just
reached New York is Miss Madge
Hoff, of Silverton.
' Photos Illustrate Work
Miss Hoff has brought back a
set of photographs which give an
idea of the variety and scope of
the activities in the soldier huts.
OeVIIIUUr JUIieS OUUUUI IS ice substitute in a nositlon
Nominee Of Republicans which let her serve all over the
area, gmng
The report that I might be a
candidate tor governor on the Tax
Reduction ticket is absolutely
ithout foundation," said Sey
mour Jones yesterday.
I am for tax reduction but I j
belong to the Republican party
and voted in the Republican pri
maries and I will support the Re
publican nominee.'
Application Filed
The state highway commission
has applied to the public service
commission for authority to con
struct a combined overhead rail'
way and river' . crossing over
Mary's river and the Yaquina
1 ranch of the Southern Pacific
railroad near Blodgttt, Benton
county. -
i Weather. We have all the best
makes in stock. Salem Electric
Co., Masonic Temple. Phone 1200
her an intimate
knowledge of the different units
ot the United States army.
Although for a time Miss Hoff
was regularly stationed at tne
Festhalle at Coblens. whose doors
swung to 3,000 soldiers'1 a day.
the work she liked best was with
the machine gunners of tht Sen
ond Batalion who were stationed
at Engers. a dull little town a
half hour out from the city.
.Old Palace Used
"After making the best of a
so that when these young f eU
lows who had been representing
the United Wales in Germany
were met with bands and bunting
H was extraordinary enougtu
write back at once to te!r friends
of the A. F. Gt They felt that
they had come bat k to a land
that understood they had done
well the task set them. "Miss Hoff
states that, so far aa she has been
able to learn, this is the cply; uu-, t
it that has had a formal wetcoW
at its homecoming. - .
Miss Hoff. on her way W tM 1
gen, is .storping n tew days 'n
Minneapolis where -she 'taught
for many years hefore go tug with
the association to rFatjce firing
the war, and where she la a well
known . worker on the Women's
Community council, f
Vacation Bible School
IS SUCCeSS First Week I smail dark amusement hall dur
mg nearly their whole ctay, the
Film Developing
And printing. ' Prices reduced.
The Song Shop. - Adv.
Second Hind Wagons
And harness, also horst for sale.
CD. Query, Livesley Station.
Phone 77F2. Adv.
Ear Fried Chicken
Dinner at the Gray Belle today.
We Sell
Snerman Clay & Co. pianos. The
'One Price House with a real
Reputation." Moore's Music House
-Masonic bldg and 415 Court
Adv. . . . . .
The J. It. Watklns Products
V Citv Sales lTaliaM '
i246Lafelle Street, Salem, Ore.
Phone 1734 W. Goods delivered
; S. C. STONE, M.D.
.General Office Practice ,
; Cancers Treated '
Office, Tyler's Drug Store
157 S. Commercial Street
Htrfaatn't Glasses
Wear them and tee
Easier and Better
Phone 1255. Salem, Orexon
SAVE $ $ $
by buying "your hardware and fur-
lit are at The Capital Hardware
& Furniture Co., 285 No., Com
mercial street. Phone 947,
They Go Wild Over Our
" Ice Cream
') -r and
Fountain Specials
The purest and most re
freshing: for these sultry
days. Try one today.
Reliable Druggists
157 So. Commercial
Phone 35 -
Fitted at Tyler's Drag Store by
an expert in the business. Adv.
Films Developed
Leave your films today at Pat-
ton's Book Store. Adv.
The Song Shop-
Grand opening sale, everything
reduced. Adv.
New Model
Brunswick, - Just arrived. See
and bear them. Moore's Music
House, Masonic temple. Adv.
MAiriage Licenses 1
The following marriage licenses
were issued by the county clerks
office yesterday: Clark L. Bargar,
36, Fttaluma, Calif., and Eliza
beth Maud Munn, 30, Silverton;
Frank W. Millikln. 22, Salem, and
LueUa Gertrude: Burnett',: 18,'. Sa
lem ;Orland Ellsworth Lane, 21,
Silverton and Daisy McGrew, 21;
Silverton; George Feller, 27, Sa
lem, and Susie Mildred Hazell, 22
Belated License Issved
Determined to be married' be
fore the county clerk's office op
ened Monday morning, George C
Adams, of Clackamas and Misi
Edna Lund, of Hubbard, pulled
County Clerk tJ. G. Boyer away
from the dinner table last night
and nrged him to issue a ; ense
to them. Being of an understand
ing dispositidn the genial clerk
folded his napkin and hastened to
comply with the wishes of Dan
The firt week of the Dally Va-
cition Bible school has been well
attoded. and full of, interest.
There are about 650 children at
tend' nc and about 60 volunteer
teachers. - - -. .
The program of Bible study
and .stories, music,-handiwork.
and games is proving to be so
popular that the enrollment is
increasing every day. Two new
features have been added. Rev.
Clayton Judy will make regular
visits to all the schools to assist
in, the dramatizing of the stories,
and Miss Margaret t FUber and
Louise Findler are conducting a
special music period in each
school every day.
Moie teachers are needed to
carry on this growing work. The
school will continue until July
Ladles Ajtjtentic
. Fancy backeta at cost; great
est selection in city. Grand open
ing Fale. The Song Shop Adtt
MaeDonalds Fa
At Tyler's Drag Store. Adv.
machine gunners for their last two
months were boused." Miss Hoff
states, "in the great Schioss, the
palace on the bank of the Rhine
dating back nearly 200 years. Its
ballroom set in the very center
o? the stately building, walled
with mirrors, with parquet floor
and frescoed ceiling, was handed
over to the Y" to operate for
the soldiers' use.
"Yankee machine gunners are
net to be disturbed by anything,
even elegance," says Miss Hoff.
"and khaki made itself amusing
ly at home within those famous
halls that till the armistice had
been the pride' of a German offi
cers' schol.
Welcome is Surprise
The machine gunners reached
home ahead ofTMUs Hoff and
wrote back of their suprtee ahdd '
delight at the unexpected welcome
they received, when they landed
in oPrtland, Maine. The soldier!
in peace-times na learned not to
e-tpect mpch ot his fellow cHisens,'
For a Limited Time-
All tires at 20 per cent off at
Vick Bros. Adv.
Miss Joy Turner's
Closing public recitals by her
piano and violin students will be
given Wednesday night, June 28
and Friday, June 30. "Eastern
Star Chorus and Leon Jennieon,
baritone will assist on Wednes
day .night. Adv,
British Music Dealers Seek
Means to Boost Trade
In Instruments
EAKIN In this city -June 24.
Mrs. Mary Eakin, widow of the
late Judge Robert Eakin;
mother of Robert S. Eakin of
La Grande; Miss Gertrude. Ea
kin and Harold E. Eakin of
Funeral services ' will be held
Monday, June 26, at 3:30 p. m.
from the Presbyterian church,
Everything Reduced
Grand Opening ' Sale.
Song Shop. . Adv.
AU Art Goods
And baskets at reduced prices
Grand . opening sale
Shop. - Adv.
LONDON, June 24. The Fed
eration of British Music Indus
tries has been discussing the best Rey,. Ward Willis Long officiating
Moore's Music
bldg. Adr.
For Limited Time-
All, tires at 20 per cent off at
Vick Bros. Adv.
Roast or Fried Chick
Dinner served all day today at
the Gray Belle. Adv.
; Ten experienced waitresses at
once. Gray Belle. Adv.
Tickets on Sale
Ellison-White have announced
the opening of the season ticket
sale for the eoming Chautauqua
entertainment in Salem. Tickets
are now on sale at the stores of
Hartman Brothers, George C. WUs
means ot starting a Doom ior
British musical instruments. Jos-
Toe Songjeph Riley, of Birmingham, thinks
the best way would be to light a
huge bonfire of old pianos. That,
he says, would only be following
the excellent example set by the
music trade in America.
"It would make the finest sort
of a display advertisement," he
''For it would show the country
that the on pianos, with ' which
we are overstocked are not worth
We could easily collect 10,000
of them," he said In an interview
and nobody would miss them.
after which the body will be tor-
warded to Union, Or., for inter
ment, under the direction bf Rig-
don & Son.
MULCUPSEE At Chemawa June
24. Ignac Mulcupsee, age lM
years. The body will be for
warded under the direction of
Rigdon & Son to Tekoa, Wash.,
for funeral services and inter
ment Sunday, June 25.
Officers Attend Funeral
Sheriff Oscar Bower and Depu
ty Sam Burkhart attended the
funeral services of C. M. Kendall,
termer sheriff of Linn county, in
Albany . yesterday.
and Patton Brothers. A complete
list ot season ticket subscribers is gocn rubbishly tinkling bundles of
published in - this issue of the 4igcords do incalculable harm to
Statesman. h miisie taste of the nubile. A
child taueht on one ot them has
Special chicken dinner with h, mU8ical instincts outrareed
fresh enrtng yegetabies and straw- aBd grows up musically speaking.
berry short; cake, today
-The Sja.
a sorrow to his prematurely aged
Funeral services for the late
Miss Amy Catherine Pooler, who
passed away near Corvallls Fri
day, will be held from the Wlllard
ohnrrh Monday. June 26. at z:30
n. m.. interment Warren ceme
tery, Rigdon & Son directors.
Between 40 and 50 Violins
A Classified AO And two cellos will play in en-1
Will bring yon a buyer, Adv. I semble at Joy Turner's recital.
Wed. night and Friday, June 30.
Areolux Porch Shades
In green and tan. Buy them
now at Stiffs. Adv.
First Christian church. Adv.
We Save Yon Maney
On films, developing, gifts, mu
sic; everything reduced. The
Song Shop. Adv. i
For Limited Time-
All tires at 20 per cent off at
Vick Bros. Adv.
Broken Arcbi
; And other deformities il the
feet corrected without lost ot time
from your occupation. Drs. White
and Marshall, U. S. Bank bldk.
O. E. 8. Picnic-
More than 250 members of the
Older of the Eastern Star in. Sa
lem picniced last night near
Death of Famous Horse
Makes Argentine Mourn
gentine lovers ot horse flesh are
mourning the death of' Botafogo
more perhaps than, would Ameri
cans it Man O'War or Morvich
were to die, for Botafogo really
was one of the most remarkable
thoroughbreds In the history of
the turf.
He won 18 out ot 19 starts by
many lengths" and then 1 na spe-
Bruth college.. A bountiful sup
per, out of door games and othe I ciaJ match race defeated his only
amusements entertained the group I conqueror, Gray Fox. by leading
Capital Junk Company
is in market for all kind of Junk. Will
pay market price. Quick lervice, .Tl't .
t - . . .
215 Center Street Phone SCS
WOMEN arid GlRtS
Corner Church and Mill Streets
Phone 439
We are the oldest established junk dealers in the city,
have been in business more than eleven years and are
prepared to pay you more for your junk, including fur
niture, household goods; machinery and tools, plumbing
supplies ete, ;than any other dealer. - f
We also have for sale office fixtures, and all articled
mentioned above, both new and old. r -v ;
sW us before you buy or sell any Junk or Second Hand
402 N. Commercial St.
Phone 523.
I I I 3 E
v'j i f mm
until late hour.
The Ace, Masonic. Temple.
A dr. '
Areeinx Porch Shades
? -In green and , tan. Buy- them
now at Stiffs. Adr.
Back From Newport.
Frank Morrison, wife and
daughter, Kathryn, and Mr. and
Klectrk-al Store Oprned
i J, , . V , r We 1 - , lo" Mrs. C E. Smith-hare returned exchanging places with the turn Portland; Miss
I him at the end ot S00O meters.
The match race was the result ot
active- public demand and many
thousands were wagered, on the
result, so intent was the populace
upon seeing' its favorite restored.
.The race was a thriller. Bota
fogo first took the lead and then
relinauished it. the two steeds
The funeral of Fred Shannon.
Stewart, who died Friday at a lo
cal hospital, was held yesterday
afternoon from the First Presby
terian church.- Rer. Ward Willis
Lona- officiated. Mrs. Hallle Par
ish Hinges sang. Interment was In
Odd Fellows cemetery
Mr. Stewart was born in Salem
In 1872 and was a son of Mr. and
Mrs. W. R. Stewart, who later
moved to California. Be was for
several years connected with the
State Insurance company. He was
for a time western fiscal agent for j
several eastern concerns with his
headquarters in Portland.
He was married in 1910 to Mrs.
Josephine Slater, who survives
him. Other relatives surviving In
clude his stepmother, Mrs. N. J.
Stewart of South. Bend, wash., a
brother, William M. Stewart, Out-
loow. Wash.; half brothers, Hugh
O. Stewart, Grand FoYks, N. D.
L. M. Stewart.' United States navy;
Rex Stewart, Salem; half slaters.
"HE1L SAY NO." . .
TT7-HKN I was a kid, if I wanted to'go fishf
ing or picnicing, I'd put of f as long as
possible the a3king Father, for I'd think She'll
say no. TRen sometimes I got the surprise. of
my yoiing life when he said 'yes
Often people dislike asking their banker about
investments that sound attractivelTiey think,
of course he'll say .no ; he wants to keep the
money here in town or in. his Savings De-
'partment.' ,. . .
And sometimes they too are surprised to5 hear .
him say "yes, that's a good thing." And if in-
steady he says "we have some information that'
makes us think it's a tricky proposition, anrf
you're likely to lo3e what you put inta it," wil
you'd want to know that too. wouldn't vouf
-ab& ivui'B jka&s nnsi" -, j r
HMtediStates 15KUi
ll -. - ; I!
cat electrician hai opened an eUc
trical storeJLn the new building
at 414 Couk'rtreet. In addition
from a two weeks outing at New
rEatabllaked 1868
General Binking Baiiaesj
Office Hotrrs irca 10 a. a, to I p. ts
Lighting Fixti
Now Is a good time to put In
your lighting : fixtures. We carry
a varied line In stock and also
make up strap.iron and other fix-
ot almost every - furlong post.
Cheers of the crowds changed
abruptly to maddening groaning
and, back to cheering as the race
progressed., - - - i
On the home Btretck Botafogo
was given his head, and leaping
Into. s hurricane sprint' he finished-so
far ahead ot Gray Foa
May Stewart, Deering. Alaska; an
aunt, Mrs.:-M. A. Thompson, Sa
lem; cousins, J .E. Thompson, Sa
lem and Harry Thompson Browns
ville and a stepson, Richard Slater
of Salem.
tures to order in our own shop.
Salem Electric Co., Masonie Tern- that some spectators ran between
pie. Phone 1200. Adv. I the two.
Medics to Meet I .Why Is it that the driver of an
The Polk-YamMll-Marion MedM automobile holds such enmity to
cal society will meet at the Beav-1 a motorcycle man? ; Is he afraid
I er hotel. Independence,, June 2". I he is a speed cop or does the nn-
Supper will be, served at. T. p: m healthy, noise -completely unman
Webb '& Clough
. It is with great pleasure tbt I anounce to the Men and
Women of Salem and Vicinitf. the Arrival of my Summer
and Fall line of Oxfords, jPampa and -'Boots ' In the famous
; Every model is stytfsn aQd up-to-the-minute-as always;
"Walk-Overs are just a atep ahead of other lines of foot
wear, w . "" . ., ' :
" Come and lk tnni over, you U find just the shoe
you're looking ?or-
Successor to the '
167 North Com! St.
Plione 1196
Ealem, Oregon
followed br discussion of ""The1 him? " A '