The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, June 25, 1922, Page 14, Image 14

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'v-. - cBtittuv' ; i
' lirsl Christ . Center n4. High,
tinwth" Jv.-eV Keaa.- paaiort latere-,
ii .j features -will- eark r '.programs
l.xi-y. The loyal ion eUsa will eater
.lua a eiuular elaae frota MrMiaaviHe
, at the Bible school hour. -. Instead of the
rt-tulur preaehiogt werviee in 'the aven
ge there will b 100 pictures of the
l'ulipinea anil a Ixrnri oa tha social
, Moral, political history of tha ialaada by
C. . Cdax-o, a graduate of frame) Henv
1 insry at Manilla, and alee of tha Eageae
hihle university. Tha Court treet Christ"
' iua rengregatton will aaite ia tha aer--u-
at M o'clock. - Tha lector la tree
to all. . Tha pastor will apeak at 11
o'rleek'en "The tireet Qaestmn." Ira
five will be. the soloist, and also a
u umber by a euiatet Will be given at
tfte mora in g hoar.
Conrt Street Christian -North. Sevea.
t hi tii and Court atresia. B aura and
plan to attend the 'fuTwer eoaveatiea
J . I 1 to . Jnrt this week to plan.
Com hear U''. about ,'h). 'Bible sehool
:( ia Kraf. t,usVo-et the
Bible university wilf tjreaeh lor so .at
tha a at-Binr Wfri tp hoar Yelusteor
wiH emit lkr,u knkt hma.
latermediste endeavor P m.; senior 7
At a" .at;rw "Wilt Jots with tha
irst Uriatien enures i bbnib
and stereoutiron leetafw oa tha Phil
ippiacr itlantW.' 1 Aa'efferia- will be
taken for his work and edueatioa. Taa
will want to hear him. .Monday "
board aseeting." On areoaat of tha Tura
ar convention tha aaeeting ia oaa week
early. all nember ot the: besrd
please take not of the jrbange and a
there. - t huirh erhool TbOredny - J :9-
pes. - Jl. C Hortea, instrurtou.' .
will have regular services darinc tha
Terser convention ioly l ". " Welcome
to oar eervieee today and thta ;week.
friends ar invited to attend aesKion el
fht alata eenvealioa at Turner. K. 1.
Votaanv peator.-
. ... ... - i .- . ..
" , EPI8C0rAI.
St. Paul' Charrh "Th tJttlo Church
oa th earner." t K. H; Daaeaa Cham
bera, racbar. Second Sunday after TrjB
ity. Iloly Kocharnt at T:St a.a. Chnrck
krbool .at . :45. v Jlorainf prayer - and
sermon,, at II a jo. Tbo yonaf peyple a
society will hold Ka laat meeimf Wfore
the' anmmer -racattorf at ft 'BO p w. - An
auaabera ar poctod to k pveaaat wita
taa 91 earnad, and ttt jaat how they
earaed it. l - ; i ;. -
-..-i.v XBTHOOIST . '
Firt Metftodiat piacpal Stat aad
Cbarcat atreeta. Blame , Kirkpatriek,
miniater. Claaa noetinf o'clock.
8aaday achol';45 lock. 1. B. lit
tler, aaperiateadeat. Th Lord Llev
sinf aa with aach aplendid weather that
ther ia ao axcaa for a aluaip ia Sonday
srbaol hrteraat and attendance. M am
ine warship 11 o'clock. tWmait by tha
pastor on the subject: 'Tha Challanre
( God's V:m." SpecUI Jamie It tha
choir ander tha direct oa of Prof. UiAr
son. 1 Epwortb. lesruea - will - meet at ' 7
'clock. Chapters two- and tHrce will la
led - by a Uoapel tam from th Lesra
at Corrallia. Mjaa Gladys Wriaoo. wiU
lead the senior -chapter and Miss Me
Crsckea will slur. JEenina' - rrir 8
o'clock. ' Hcnnon by th pastor n th
sabject: "Jaha'a hfmaara for Today."
A etomiar stady in tha life and' learhinf
of tha Apoatl John. The pit for learas
ea his vs ration early- Monday raorninf.
There will b Saadsy erenlnr services
dnriak Jaly. ' Instead, fha rhnrch' will
cooperate with, the Dnioa park e-rtces
be(innin( next Sunday at 4. o'clock.
T.enlie Methodiat piscopal
K fx! ll 1L 11 il-
.. . -Tie Greatest Car. We Ever Biiit
vv " v At the Lowest Price -
Hiehest quality and lowest price those are the main;
reasons why , Frankbnsare' now being delivered at a
raie neyer Deforeireacncu. .t
vVV;''JPrHoraahce, ihe best in its histoiy- at. a price which
has been lower' only once in 16 ?tears. :That was in
. 1916. for Jour, month .only. ;V: -v 'r - '
The (Franklin does not shake and jar yoiidots not put
ltr :- a f train! on the dn?eraiinotboil nor ?treeze--rand
, , costs less than other cars to run and maintain. Light,
:; . flexible and, air-cooled a good car. to own. : V
' . - - - 1 - , - . , - , V . -
v , v . ! . . Demi-Coupe . $2100 Touis -Liinousine $3150 . .
v----.vy-v '.'sVl.'!.'Rnallont19
; . r Sedan - $2850: -I Coupe : $2750 4 ; Demi-Sedan $2250
. : "; ; i' IiroUeTham $2750 :- (All prices f. 0. b. Syracuse) r -
' . Bit---'
Open day and night :'' 4 v v ,v Salem," Oregon i Vs Phone 362 u
" ',
Mil III -va 1 M . .. w
Li VJ. -U
iVov7, is tie timipjtHinKlapputr your; farm equip-
: - --r - -ment for Failwork ..
p.- -d5hi nrv
. r
1- -".. . yiktrn.'v . rsaaaaMai t m
Our new A Samson Tracloo ! the last word , in, modern, tractor.
- - ) construction " ' r "
?-MpWttf;tmiriitrxmUii naVebecn added in building the new Samson.
Amc' these changes are the following: " ' '
, ' .', ', New and larger c!l pump , farcin g oil', lo the Governor as well as all
- other-, working parish - -
New type Governor . ;
Flat fan belt'
Radiator Guard. r - - '
FuILset of tools and tool 'Cox. " -
' ; New ' Front 1 akle, assembly, uding t wo Hyatt Bearings ' in eachr,
. ; . front, wheel. ' ' ... ' ' -
Exhaust pipe - - - " r "
Also many other improvement s ILatadd greatly to the - value of
the tractor. " - - - -' -
Let us demonstrate this -power; plant? on --.your
farm-iV. "V
I 1
. High Street at Trade
. I5f - a.i-f''
Caeaaserelal aa4 My era streets. H. P.
reasoertoa.- pastor. Xae . ttaaooy ; aeboot
aieeis a a.aa., E. A. Raata. saaee-
tateaoaat. r Asatatew ay a eorpa of eaaa
aoteal teaeaers. . Epworth teacae aseeta
at 8. atoning senuoa. "atasoeUsBa. of
CalvarrJ - Kveniar sertnoa. ".Sot Breii
Ateae.' Wa iatt yoa to attest! ail
these aerMea. Tber will I of orof.t
aa4 aetp aad yoa wit! lino life rirfcer
or the aetoriattttea ut a dar with the
eharefs Tbnradav eveaia at o'elork
I bo -aiid-weeh Bihl staJr and arayer
Jason Lee Yeaorisl Methodiat Fni--
Psl .North Winter aad Jefienoa streets.
Thomas Arheaoa. pastor. K. A. Korkner
ia caarre of jontor ehareh. Kernlsr aer
vieaa win be held at this r hurra with
ererr departaseat fa artiening aader- the
rare of enthasiastir leaders.- Oar rbarrh
ia a large, rool aad well reatiUtad plar.
to worship la the warm weatber
Sanda aehool wilt eooTeaa at :ti
a.aa. We have elaaaea for all ages. We
apeeialixe in good fellowship. Jcnior
eharrh serviee at 11 Dr. Haddle
stoa, a missKinsry a farioaga, will
preaea tolk nvuraiag and aeaiag-at this
rbarrh. Ua a toruier viait Dr. Uaddle
ston's mesaage wa greatly, appreciated.
He s a strong speaker and will present
strong gospel messages. We bepeak for
bias a large hearing. He will - prearb
la the morning at 11 and ia the ermine
t 8.' Epworth league meeting t 1
p.m. Junior devotional meeting Wed
tiesdsy 7 p.m. Adult serriee d p.
You are invited.
Scandinavian Methodist . Episcopal
Fifteenth aad .Mill streets. David C.
Massel. pastor. . ttnaday, Jane 25, mora
tng service 11 sn. ud Sanday arhbol
at' 12. Gust . Anderson, superintendent
In tie evening at 8 o'clock a stereopti
ten ' lecture on the Philippines: Alse
apeeial aiaging. Wednesday evening
prayer aaeotiag aad Bible study S pa.
lbursday evening the girls .-lob will
meet wtb Mrs. U. Ontriu, 467 N. lth
Street. A ' hearty welcome awaits you
at ail these meetings. .
Central Congregational Corner Nine
teenth and Ferry. Clayton Jatlr. iui-
dsy senool snd rhnrch. a eombmer ser
atr at 10 a.m.. Mrs.. O.. rL Edwards
auaeriatendent. Aa interesting (Srogram
follows the' regular' lesson vwrior. Men
tor and intermediate Christian endeavor
meets to study the problem of Christian
duties at 7 p.m. . fcveainr; song service
saa worsnip with sermon at 8 clock.
Subject: lha riae. of the JewCum
rasndmrat. V . welcome - yon at all
onr services and ' solicit your patrons e
oi me vscsoou uibie icnooi.
worship with as. We Preach Ora
r if led. Prayer meeting Wednesday ee
ing at " ebsck. -
" Fall Pentecostal ti&j.-f. devoted to the
material welfare, i bodily healing, mortkt
aphft and spiritual life of -the atriekea
in body, oatrast. eropole, hungry, friend
less and whosoever is in need f the
Water f 1-ifc. anday acboul at :4
a.m. Preaching at 11 o'clock. Prayer
meeting Teendsr . and Friday eveninra
at B o'clock. Open at all time for
iiraver. Wo -pray for the sick ' 4od
eala. rWimc. Mary E. Bnckbee,
pastor. 1MM.) retry street.
Grants Pass District
Boominy, Says Cupper
The Grants Pass irrigation dU
trlct in Josephine county i mak
ing remarkable progress and U
now deiirering water to about 50
per cent of the acreage under its
gravity - division, according to
Percy' A. Cupper, State engineer,
who returned from, an .Inspection
o: the utsirtct yeaieraay.
The' district embraces about
IS. 060 acres and 4000 or 5000
a. red is now under irrigation,
plant and equipment, according to
Mr. Cupper,' are probably, the
most modern in the west. This
consists of two large pumps con
nected tTTFectly to lurbhioa which
are operated by a fall crated by
a multiple arch concrete dam.
The dam is equiped with a num
ber of large gates which can be
raised or lowered by hydraulic
cyclinders, thereby raising or
lowering the crest of the dam by
approximately 10 feet.
imposible .to make up one's mind
Jnst. where- to go. There Is such a
wealth jfif pleasant spots. It. Is a
time when captains of tndastry.
college presidents, statesmen and
freckled-faced - boys want to go
fishing. - "j .:'''-:.'' :?
Tfc lTTtla gapptwusw to TrV
amph Pilia- aad dspen Jsbie. la all
Kipr catM. iiat sold at drag atarwa.
not aiTwriasewt Wita wtherai aaa -die-ssppotBtmoat-
VTrita lor -Relief aad
parties lara U1 Awa. Address Katiaaal
Medical iaatitata. Mllvaukia. w a.
Folks are still .planning their
summer vacations. ; The trouble
seems to be there are so many
places that la re that It is almost
Is the original and only scientific method of adjusting the spine.
It Is never rough and seldom painful, but gets results. - ?,
It Is tha only school of mechanical treatment tiring a phy
sic Lin's full four year course bt study.'
The following are regularly graduated, licensed Osteopathic
Physicians In Salem:' " 1 ; l'
DR. H. B. WnitB DR. JOIIN U LYSC1; '
DR. U C MARS1IAJLI ' . 4 . . :
First Concrerstionsl "LlbertT and Cen
ter streets. W. C Kantner, ministt-r.
10 a.m., nndsy school with classes for
all sgea with competent teachers. Some
(penalty every Sunday. Come Join bar
number. it. M. Mead, superintendent.
t a.m. Preaching by pastor. Subject
When Kelrc-ion is a Ilelirht. 7 u m
Christian Endeavor meeting. Jay Morris,
leadr.. . A trdia inriUf:a to all
young people. There will be no evening
service. Mid-week- service - Thnrsdsv at
S D.m. A fllaCA -for- sniritnsl rfrh.
jng. Subject "Perfection in tha Christ
ian Life; What; About It!"
onth Salexn Friends fionth rmmiin.
isl.and Washington- streets, Nathan
fitribb, paster. Bible school 9:45 a.m.
Our African missionaries, tha Chilson
family, will ba present and have charre
f the eleven o'clock' service.'. Tha Chil
ton sisters, native born Africans, fcot
ss white as von are. will sneak tor the
junior church at 10:40. Kvery child
of Junior age or younger, who sees this
notice is invited. C. E, at 7 j.m. Even
ing service for worship 8 o'clock. The
rhurcb is coopersung with tae da:iy
vacstion Bible school snd opes air meet
inea in Wilson nark. Th. Mirinn Cnn i, ,
Holiness camp meeting with wh.ica. thav
church cooperates, will be - held at the
Itste fair grounds Jaly 27 to Angnst o.
Our Oregon - Friends C. it coaferecce
wiU be held at Bar View Aagaat 22
to 28. Hazel Keeler. president C.E.
Walter 8. WfichL aunerintendent Bibla
- Highland . Friends Highland Avenne
and North "Chareh street. I. 6. and
Ida J. Lee, ministers. Bibla school at
10 a.m. Clifton Boss, superintendent.
We have a food school, competent teach
ers, classes lor all aces and yen will
find a real welcome. Morning wort Kip
and preaching at 11.- Christian endeavor
I at 7 p.m. and preaching at 8 V 'o. - The
evening service win oa in cn.irte f
Rev. Arthur B.' Chilson,-' wife - and two
danghtera, returned miaaioaaries - to
Africa. Taej will prepch, aing aad
answer your questions about Africa.
Don't fad to 'hear them. Young peoples
prayer meeting en Thursday at 8 p.m.
Liberty Street Evangelical Center and
Liberty streets.. " O.; F. Liening, Sr pastor.-
The following will be the order of
Services for Sunday June 25th. Sunday
school; at ' 10 '. a.m., L. O. Bedertscher,
acting superintendent. erroon by the
pastor at 11 a.m. This is the Sunday
appomtea lor cnuarea a osy. we win
observe this day for' a specisl children's
day program, which will be givea in the
evening, jointly by thia and the Cottage
street evangelical Church at 7:30 o'clock
at the Liberty street church.
i Tim "Grace Teat" , aerviees ca the
tinivcrtity grounds are at 2:30 and IMS
Ou Sundays and a t7:45 on week nights
I ficept stondsy. Oa Ruadsy afteriooa
the junior - choir of the resbyteriaa
church will sine- .
.. X. B. a, A.
i international . Bible Students'
Ution Meata wvarv Sunday ia Derbv
hall, corner of Court and High streets,
I apstain. for Bible study, Pnblie al
ways welcome at these services. At
2:30 p.u ia thia hall today there will
be a frao lecture aobjeet" Millions now
living will never die for" the time is
, st haad ia which the awakening of the
peaa will take place." Von ars weleo.'ue.
Mr. and Mrs.' H. E. Caswell. 425 North
Winter street, lesders. 'Usual services
; thia afternoon at 633 Sooth Commercial
street. Sunday school at 2 o'clock, foJ-
hjwed by gespei meeting at 9. Also at
the same place on next Thursday after
toon, June 29, regular meeting at 9:30
A'.Lub - Tk. 1' .. i r. . mvl-
is conducted by Mrs. - Caswel
Will meet at the home of Vr and Mrs
B.'M. Scobee, 425 North Winter street.
!t au, roost cordially it elccme. .
1346 Korth ChnrCh, street J I. Cil
letpie, pastor. Sunday school 10 a.m;.
With good, comptetent . teachers for all
radea of scnoisra. Freaching service at
1 a.m. Subject : "laaiah'a Prophecy
Concerning the Character and Work of
e8ut." Service for the young people
I .v . -1 7 . .
p.uv iuii uimcbidk service at i :iu.
prayer meetin
ad t
I Regular weeltly prayer meeting Wednes
day evening 7:45. Do not . forget- the
Voodbura camp meetiar which -coutraen
es July 20-30.' Come and enjoy the
refreshings , from ' the presence oi the
I Lidra.
I I PprdB.imTllf
1 First Presbyterian. On Church be
i fween Chemekets and Center. Ward AVil
Ss lu, minister. Sabbath school meets
si ; a. in. h. oarrett, superin
j -ndent 11 a.m. Mr. ' Long's topic is
VThe Time 'of God's VisrtatioB. 8
a.m. his theme is "Outwitting a Shrewd
Jew. Anthems.' 11 am. 'Tnera were
Ainety aad Sine," Wilson. 8 p.m
'Awakening Chorus, Gabriel. Junior
C. E. meets today , at 4 Inter
mediate aad senior societies at 7 p.m.
Prayer and priine service he usual on
Thursday at 7:30 n.m. Chiklren'a dav
eiiering iaa ouaay was f 38.73,
First Baptist William T. Milliken
miniater. - Mr. Edward Schunke ia
Jopennteadent of a finely graded school,
ffieered by a group of efficient teachers.
The adult department ia ezrentionallv
well ' attended, the - clsisrs doing raoilj
worth-while work in specisl Bible study.
Today the' pastor speaks on "A Brand
from the Burning" and "The Man VThe
Lost His Opportunity" "At the morning
SLS3 evening services respectively. B.
i f .P.TJ. at - "The Brotherhood Gospel
team ro srttt to North antian today for
I Sr. aftaraoon service. The Baptists of
toe vaney fiprrj to d repreavntea oy a
eompany of . sevsrsf thousand Deoplo " at
Frovideaee, near -Beta, . scene of the ear--Beat
bantiat work in this nsrt of . tha
ysller... Coder the ' Key. Joab Powell a
IchurcB of ever oo members waa built
f ap. Bra Bryant -aad 8. J. Re id will
eil! bo the speakers of the -dsy. The
deacons will meet Monday "eveaiag ia
f first United BrethrenTwelith ' and
Mias.ion. ' C." S. Johnson, psgtor. - un
14 sv' school at 10 a.m.. O. B. Bowman
superintendent. - Preaching ' at tl, scb
Ject "Being in the WayV,' Junior C.K
st S p.m Mrs 14 Barns supertnteaaent
f Senior C F, at 7, . Charles Andersoit.
reresident. - AN' believe itt lhje' fundament
sis of Christian faith and Invite all who
a !
' All roads, tkrougtioatthe
West,, lead ; to estara. ' Auto
Storeaw' ,No matter, wheia yoa motors
, Western AutoiStoresiixa there to w
with the largest stock of auto supplies, -
camping equipment you can find anywhere. By buying
at Western Auto you are assured of the same hiirh oualitv
M J e o - . . m
uj. xiiei-uxianuise, iow pnces ana grazuying iruaraniee tnat cnar
acvenze our wnoie organizaoon.
For All Cars1-''
i titers
no at
"vsLtTo-in-hoad" : type; of motor
belnsr tbo moot powerful m6
Sway typo otot tVnissed. , With
Hsjo Hesd. regular Ford
car tu taa mtdo to rua u to T
milea per hoar, and bar rro&tor
pickup, pep tuid ocondnj. - Thia
hAd wCl pay tor ItoeU In sbort
. itmoi wttn um rood it aawea.
Price $65.00 and $87.50
Cooper Cutouts
Ks the condition of ' your
m o t o r at all ttmoa. A
:"Cooper,, the poalttvo cutout,
wains you Instantly of any
.''mlaaf or leak of compression.
$2.75 to $4.35
Motomet Locks motomeier aro
stolen ' every day. Protect
yours from being- am onr the
Ilat of the "mlMlnw " A
positive assurance Axalnet
theft. "
Our Pries $1.45
K2 diaAi3-i-J
Ohawiay. -
That rvnlir e , t.n i.
"S faswilthe Aertnoro, Aaka for the
ngrnt-or-tyay - rather than
demands It Four dlstlact
tones Diended Into a wsx-
monlou. sound that la audible above the din of traffic.'
1 Our Price $6.90 to $1&S0
Camp .Comforts.
Complete and Compact
nriB in
Stated Maps
i Ruuun( Bsard .
Lbjj aj e Carrieri '
A . atroass steel luargage
tarrler la Invnttmblo fo 'f
Muaptna; or touring". Ad. i
luatable from e laaerth
oi it to tl laoiiea, ao
roe oaa carry vcrioa
siao paokaaraa.' Batao
stroeaT aaa ahawajBtSai. ;
WUl not ratUa. :
$2.75 $3
-$3.25, r ,
Service Units
71 'J'wton FUnrs are jo made that they are always
eh&t1m.ak'M.whe!n f efflcnt 1st racorred the world oyer
for fceln the t,irhtest Joint FO:-Jie. Fully ranteed;
' ' , ,, . - ;;. ... tach, -
era Giant Cords
12,000-Mile Guaranty
'Western Slant" Cords are all
max a tire can foe.
insures even var
and inflnrtely more - mileage,
i a . i .-. i.. a - - - s-u a. r m
WBUYT zixlOTi cups" Prevent
'''jaOflwr'Ml? -Ve not believe, a
mmll ? I kii-tter tire is made at any nrice
ir?a Ii Oaf
J1 6i
l one and voiir nert of vsrnt
. T J jal: ' "m aT . T f - Tw m m
Wux3V2 3tanaard . . .$12.75
I Jj30x3U;Grant . . . . . .15 on
;wf . . .
( i . ....
??454 ............ 35.60
mm C- i vsa mu .a, sr w j . i- arat m r M t i
I T 'n ' - 36.45
c. mtf S - - -.- : .......
t ' ' 1
us- ... r 1 1 i'
...... 44 3S
. ... . r w
"fl"' our quotations on PVls
and Nebraska ir. "ia
Thta Boyco Sarvlce tnlt oaablas
you to carry rur private aorrleo
atatloS with you. making Vaveil
abla aa amsrinif- appy of
(ual. ell and water.- No or Ue
complete without on. -
$6.00 to $7.75
O I I types of auto beds ana camp III. K.
if i
til ! ;
T7 $
VS. to the can- '1 1. I -19 1,11-
HUH 1 1 III li is .
M t r Br - M x- I m j 1 J
-f F;M. 1.1 A l-ae..'
i;yj,g))L-.Y g
-' X as a J. . ..O 'v
; r-'.- . H-tt-aU :,.:.;
All : th popular and tetter
types of auto beds and camp
cots will be round at ."Western
Auto," where you are sure of
rettlnjr" just the kind that
meets with your requlremanVV
and upon which" yoo can -;'
tlrely depend. Our prloes an
Tory reasonable, too. , . .
A table of ') extreme- light
weight, yet sturdy enough to'
hold ." all of your food , and
utensils without sagging or
tlppinc. May be used around the
house tor: a sewing 'or' card table.'
styles from
PaJmetto Tents
J!f "J Jt L V
A dandy all-around tent,
that can aaalar ha set ap
and takes down, aa ae rur
repee are aaad aad onlr
one cola la needed,; Ideal
for that week-end flahlas,
eaotptnc ' or beach trio.
Mar be procured la white.
hhaJU or striped rnatertaX
Our. Price
Water Bags,
Perhaps you r
prefer the
water bag
to the. can
teen on ac-!
count of Its
"keep cool
attributes, which. by
a process' of evapora
tion - keeps : water
cool even when hung
in the sun. ? Very
handy. Sanitary.
$1.40 to $2.35
I i'llTOsl I-
1 -J - "-.t tsr . 4
Get This Catalog
Tou w 1 1 1 . find I
chock-full of hu
t dreds ' of ' useful
l and " ornamental
accesso r i e s.
supplies and
camp 1 n g
Write - or
. , - ;J v- ",- . -r .' - ' '' - e --- a- . t
1 hva the oUspet of ssWativa to cobe and
c --. ' . '-' '.- '