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USICALES and stadent reci-l
tals have been frequent
during the last week. Many
if the teachers are closing their
work for the year and the recitals
' closed the rears ' work. . For s the
most part , these were given in
x series where the Jnitructors had
: large classe$.- t V-. rXvt,: .;v
' A pmty; recital "given recently
was that or the -little pupils of
Mrs. W. E4 Bosh who appeared in
a "Mother Goose ;. affair with
Mrs. Bush, herself; taking the part
M '.Mother Goose Mr I, tal
ker of Vancouver, B. C, Mrs.
i Bush's sister, who is a vocalist, as
? listed with the program.: Follow
ing the Mother.; Goose program
5 Mrs. Bush and Mrs.: Walker play
; ed .:,Bach' concerto n.G minor
: which was much Appreciated ,
; - v;!:(j '
Miss 'Margaret FiHher presented
her intermediate pupils Monday
j evening at the Flrst Christian
i church. -Mlsa Ira Claire Love; vl
'oiinist asd Iveon JenoUon,-baritone
assisted with the program.
" Pink and green was the pretty
color scheme carried out.! Large
baskets of rosea wr used-about
the auditorium of the church. A
large audience was present. The
work of the pupils, was all from
;.. memory and' was considered; es
pecially ' creditable. , . - '
' The followingprogTam 1 was
given: " ' " '
Galop Am Concert Caaa
Yrnnnn rVllnwn Murvpll fVfwurd
" ' .- .- - .
1921 Maxwell Touring, never run $800
Light Six to trade for good Ford , v y
Sludcbaker Six, justl)rokcn in r.$350
G. M. a -.Truck I - $325
"... ''"v' V' ' ' j. : '' ' 1 " f i ' i V:- - --
i Seeing is believing everybody welcomed
Phone 666
, .
Here are the pricesr Come
in and let us . show you the
quality: U: - .I;?:
S0xZ S. S.: Cardie 15.D0
31x4 Q a i Si: Cord:i25.80
32x4 HiSr.S3. :Coim.. 28.40
33x4Ss. -8,100 29.40
a2x4iAS:SCotd. 34.90
33x4 W Sh R'lCJord. 35.60
34x414 S.'6. Cord,-36.50
33x5 - . S. S.. Cord:.l 45.60
35x5 S. S. Cord.... 46.90
yw aanaaMawaaaanaaaaaaa,
Federal Tire Service
Katty Korner From Marion Hotel
, ; - Phone .471
w. r - i
CPiioNE 1995;;?
Cloiatar Balla ....... ; . Kad
Graea White
pirila Boh
ilarraret Xorehoaia
Sound f Springtime , Weasel
.Mario BreU
Scotch Daae Baker
Makxriaa Graber
Spanish Da see
. - . . Ira Clara Leva
Twillzhi a tha Mount aia
Jortbr tfer '-
FrresiQai March TUnpict
'-Marios Brtta-Paaliaa Vtaleh
Lot- lhreama ; Browm
I ,. .Mary Kif otliacr , '
Bird at Spring 1 r, ,.,4.... Lat
Laa Bartytavt
Twilight Bella , .;,6oerel
Paaliao Walrh -.-A ,
The'Kaad f aa lin(t , Heri8klkle
A Chin of tha OlA" Block - Sqoira
' . r Imi Jtiuuita ..'. .
Drilling- 1 BchtI
Valaa Iuraa4
Francia Fellow -
Tk Bhneat Faaaiai Schlaiffarth
Malcolm rahr- laa
Tha -Meadow Lrh-.- JL Fiaker
Faaciaatioa Walta - Waeaa
Marvall Eawarda
Grand Galop BrilHaat Wollenhaapt
, 3arjr KigUHnrw-Doiwthy Baker
-,' . jTraacia Fellow,
- "The Children's Hour was the
pretty playlet given by Miss Fish
er's Junior pupils Wednesday eve
ning. , From tfny lada and lassies
to the larger Juniors the program
was given from memmory -and
was .well presented. -: .
Wild orange blossoms and sir
inga were used" In the decorations.
These were arranged tn large bas
kets. Miss . Pauline Knowland,
readef, and Miss " Mable Marcus,
contralto. r
4 The program " for the evening
was a follows: T
rrolie ( iaa .Lamlia Englema
; Joaepbine Kvana .
TinkliBg7 Bella Bngbeo
173 S. Liberty
If you need tires and want
good tires and are open f or,
a saving, come in now.
Clincher.. Clincher..
30x3 '
32x4 ,
, " : ' Cords
30x312 Clincher
Cord .$12.50
S. Cord 26.90
S'Cbrd. 27.80
S. Cord.. 29.70
These prices are net, and,
not subject to war tax
A Servica 'Car "at your
. . At Your Front Door
All Equfppcd with Starter and Demountable Kims
" y
Uelea CbaaabeYa
Happy Girl
-1 . . Blair
Water Xrmtriia
1 - Isabel MmaoaM
Billy irad tlwi Bi( Lw
Merry HauU
Pretty Starlirht
, iiadalya MeKiUop
Bed Boaas ,
. ntbBy
Mary xitekniaa
LHlla Bov Blae
Tbe UtfTeKeeniit Batbbaa
IxMinaa brirtzke Margaret Moreheaae
Bell in , the Valley .Weniel
TarlUo Do Tea - i : Befar
l. Doria, Clarke .
Swaat CloreT i .. . Bead
' 1 ' 'ABdrey Aakby
Lake Cbeim , Heraa
M bower , at Kiaaea . Bpaoldiag
; Maxiae Karak
Tbe Soldier'a Hon Bteiaheimer
. 1 1 i Hal LchBMMi
Lullaby .. Vannan
Tk EU-Uaa .... Wtils
Mabel Mir? mi
Little Wanderer ,
. Lang
Lama a
Chainr ButWdie
XatftoiiUa Herenade
Loo(ise - Brictska .
Daneinf1 Bpirita
arrarel Mor.hou.
Birda f Sprine
' i.aa;-.arayu.7,.
country unca l . Rneci
Derta Clarke Maiiae Martb Iirrre
Wbtte j
Closing the musical season. El
ma ?Weller presented her students
In a series of three recitals dor
ing the last week. - Monday eve
ning advanced - pupils were heard
in ; an.. anusuaiiy attractive pro
gram. ; The young musicians dis
played much ability and skill
musically. , ,;
3Mis Catherine Carson, ; harpist,
Mildred Roberts, violinist, end C.
R. Munston, tenor, assisted with
the program.
Capriro' Milatalre Webb
Uwendotyne JarmaiH Jinn Tatrcbild.
Helen Kafoury, Dorothy iintchanoQ
3lTm fantaaieqne Wihjon Smith
Dorothy Hnlehason
(a) ' About Strange Lands and People
. b) Important Reent e Frighten
ing (d) Child Falling Asleep
,...... Hchnminn
. Janet Plimpton
Serenade Moaxkowaki
, MiMred Roberta- Catherine Carson
(a) WatrhmanJ Hons (b) Eltin lanre
(e) Norwegian Melody Grieg
! j Jane t Plimpton
Second Walts . Godard
iClandia Lewi Janet Plimpton
Chroma tie Walta Godard
. S j Dorothy Hntehason
HtrntiB ttng 4 ...... Mendels.ohn
Witehaa? Danro MaeDowell
: f , Helen Pettyjohn
How Dear to Mo the Hour.... .'..Pnillipa
- J... Charle. R. Moston
T jn 'Wild Rose '. ilaD-iwell
ike iance tr the Dolla Poldinai
Jane Phmplon
Homage a. Verdi ..Doroe
xteien rettvjortn, Claudia Iwia
Elma-Weller. Janet Pfimolon
Younger pupils were presented
Wednesday evening ; in piano se
lections and work- in -the Dun
ning method, of teaching. The
work-, or the students was well,
presented and showed much musi
cal skill and training.
L Secret LT. 1. n.utia
Gwendolyn Jarman. Helen Kafoury,. Ron-
eiio wwii, Iran Kafoury. Catherina
Baker. Jamea Fairehild - . ' , .
Three little Chicken. ; Schaefer
Zf-? i ' Edith Oleson-,.
Danet Lirhtly, r -.Oayaor
4ttue-Johnny-Jamp-Up Jenkina
I (.1 r Airmnwm
a uruuga in i oreat
- -1 ' JMI Wiknn
Moaauia Pink gpaoldin
Rinf Aronnd tha Roay Ton Witmn
it' t -i f .LaeoJla'- Keen'"'-- -Phantom
March , : " p.mi
1 Iran Kaforrry '"
Facta. In tha Life of Handel ;
Tonie fTriada and ; InTeraiona-.TEtlam
Pietureai Melort-r is l l... . i-
Oleaon, Jean Wnson, .Claire Oranrer.
Gipsy Ronda MendeUaohn
Catiteriw Baker. Gwendolyn Jarman.
W1,1; P!. Mabel- Cupper
THplet .Walta, transposition ot tha name.
J . . Hatch
. Arthur Holleaberg
Btory by the Monao .. I.ynei
bheperda finite; u p,yj
i : Katherine Gouley
Forsakea .... .L . Bielmann
--.Ruth Haxerty
Sfan" 82 A"eT-Larghe,
to, Alia, Folaeea, Kulao.
i Gwendolyn Jarman
Tienoaae Walta ,
, . Velle Keene Katherine Gonler
Irtilaby i... Lonlso Wrirhf
S;j?:ttlwn,i-i"- .Menaelwohn
Torkiihi Hondo . .. Kreulia
, i r Mabel Capper
Wayaido Brooke Semonr Smith
' , Jamea Pairehild
7. 7 iOIM",i- ' p- Johanninj
Mabel Copper, Catherine Baker. Gwen
dolyn Jarman. f KaAeriae Oonley, Ruth
Haititery. Kimbal Pajte.
March, ot the War God- Qniley
. . Panl Derera
Minnet n-ranapoaltion of the una. Bach
Mot art
Tno. Wood Kytnph
Catherine. Baker
" Pacts
Helen Kafonry
In the Life of Beethoven
1 , .' Katharine Hottley
.Modulation Simple Skipping Chord -
. - Claaa - ' r
Knight f th. Hobby Horaa...
. . Gwendolyn Jarman
AL1" !?.- v: teller
V"""" i" - ttodard
, ' ..Pthy Hntebaaon
ST j f "w'r Web
n ,""- , Jamee Fairrbild
5.. Kafopry. Dorothy- Hntehaaon
Claudia Lewis, cpneidered an
unusually ..talented - and - gifted
young Pianist, was presented by
Misg weiier Thursday eveninr.
Miss Lewis,! who- lg a dughter of
Mr. and Mr?, a 1 Lewis, will
eY soon or xne famnjra new
home In Chicasroand her
friends were glad ot an opportun
ity to hear her play again. Her
worki'displays unusual musical
ability; and her numbers were well
presented and in a finished man
VarhUiona la Mrj. Adagio, Tar. t, II, V,
Adamo Moot . . nuiiin..n
VaKe, On. 1 . .. Chnin
260 i North High Street
t. u
w - Uanea.
the Foreat, Odyll;
Threw Prehidee Up. 8.- No.- ; Up.- ,
ha. 10; Op. 2d. 23 ; tbopui
Parte Speak . Arbiai
Kan do Caprwcioao ... ,. MeadeUaoba
Mrs. Wk A. Denton presented
her pupils in closing recitals. last
Saturday night. Monday afternoon
and Monday night at her real-
denee studio; all - three recitals
being pleasing and interesting.
The recital j on . Saturday was
given by the younger pupils, the
young musicians, giving , an , ex
cellent program and showing
much talent.. The poise and mus
ical understanding . of the child
ren was considered remarkable.
An interesting number on this
program was given by Dalburt
Jepson on the piano accompanied
by his brother Herry on the
drum, Harry being a little tot not
yet 5 years of age, but playing
with perfect rythmn.
Those taking part were; Wilr
liam Gahlsdorf, Helen Ashfeman,
Helen Race, Elizabeth Lewis. Mil
dred Rich, Gretchen Thielsen,
burt Jepsen, Harold Ollngpr, Elo-
sie White, Margaret Stelner, Frar
cis Martin, Helen Darby. Harry
Jepsen, Virginia Holt, Florence
Power, Virginia 1 Berirer. BeneH-
ta Edwards, Katherine Elgin,' Ar
thur Fisher, Virginia Sissom. Max.
tee Glover, Dorthory Stafford,
Julia reech. Helen Williamsen.
The Monday afternoon pros
ram was variedwith some of the
younger students, intermediate
and advanced.
The entire program was well
given. ' Among the younger ones
who . were especlaly good were,
Maxine Glover. Margaret Stelner.
Helen Darby, Gretchen Thielsen
and Francis Martin. Helen Ash-
leman, Dorthory 'Marsters. Marg
aret Steiner, Helen Wiliamson,
Helen Darby, Maxine Glover, Gret
chen Thielsen, Elizabeth Lewis.
Beneitta Edwards, Virginia " Ber
ger," Helen Race, Alice McKlnnom,
Winhltred Gamble, Palun Know
land Kathryn Elgin, Iaabell New
ton. Uinta Kirk, Mildred Gilbert.
Aeriel Gilbert, Laura Crabb, Ver
na Lcganbil, .Violet Duenbury,
Mr. Mildred Brung Qreenbaum.
The program for Monday night
was given by advanced pupils, and
was well prepared and given."
Among the excellent numbers
of thl program were, the overture
"Calif von Bagdad" given by Eu
genia Savage and Uinta Kirk.
Maxine Glover gave her Hungar
ian dance with vim and individu
ality. Rondo Caprlccloo by Men
delohn was given with, much ex
cellence by Eugenia Savage, as
was Valse op 64 No, 1 by Chopin-
Moszkowski by Mrs. Mildred
Brnnk Greenbaum. - - i -
The following took part Paul
ine Knowland. - Winnifred Gam
ble.. Mary McKinnon. Aeril Jr.ll-
bort. Mildred Gilbert, Uinta Kirk,
Helen Breltenstein, Verna Loean-
bil, Maxine Glover. Euaenia Sav-
ag'ft, Mrs. Mildred- Drunk Green
A musical program, decidedlv
different and out of the ordin
ary recital plan, was given in the1
First Congregational church on
Tuesday, evening, 'A Day in a
Garden. fwith . piano xtupila f
Miss Beatrice Shelton taking'
part. Four prominent local. mu
sicians assisted. . They were Mra.
Ada. Miller Harris, soprano: Mrs.
Mary Talmadge Headrick, violin
ist; Charles Cone, baritone, and
Miss Ruth Bedford accomoahist.
This was Miss Shelton's closing
musical, and was one of the larg
est and most appreciative assem
blages of "the spring and summer
musical season. ,
Originality was a point empha
sized throughout, the various
numbers representing the musical
hours of the day. To aid the audi
ence: in designating these divis
ions,, quaint bits ot verse, follow
ed the -titles and composers.
"The Salutation of the Dawn'
was the opening solb, given by
Mrs. Harris. , I was a lovely
thing, and given in the singer's
beat voice. Followed "The Dawn?
by Grelg. VTo the Rising Sun," by
Jorgussen, and the remaining
hours in their order.
Mrs. Harris closed the program
with the favorite, "The Day Is
Done." by Lohr. She was assist
ed by Mrs. Headrick. who played
a violin -obligate, the vocal and
instrumental tones blending as a
duet. "The Kingfisher Blus," by
Finden, was a much appreciated
number, with Mrs. Harris and Mr
Cone appearing. together.
Whether it is simple or diffi
cult, whatever , selection Mrs.
Headrick plays, wins the near
tmr nitilletice. "Ballade et
Polonaise," by Viextemps. given
by Mrs. Headrick i was unusually
well given and was greatly ap
preciated. Mrs. Headrica-B many
friends are watcning ner worn.
with. tbe greatest Interest and are
trdlcting a great success ior ner.
She Is an advanced pupu oi vw
llam Wallace Graham,
V - TfTll
Miss Bedford accompanied Mrs.
Headrick t the piano. She play
ed throughout the program in a
f 'wished and . skilled , manner.
Sureness, understanding and
sympathy was in. ner, work at aU
times. She is an. advanced pupil
of Miss Shelton, and has made
for herselLa distinctive place' In
the local musical circles by her
splendid work as an accompanist
at various large alfairs. 4
: WrMav! evealnc thenupils of
Mlnnetta, Maeers spent an enjoy
able evening -In! singing. ECtt
Mail nn. two 'selections, after
which thettherv students gave
criticisms as to tone production.
breathing, i enunciation, general
tern-- Walk
M Interpretation and stage p.resenqs,t
a rt .... .r. - " - . . -" -.
Later- humorous-character- repre
seatatlons. were z alven and light
refreshments were- served. t
Those f listed . on the t program
were Margaret Stolx, Hilda Ams
ler.i Leoa Jenrilson, Letha Dris-
coll, Elva Amsler, Rath Bedford,
Laarenee Deacon, Fleda Shqpard,
Ermine i Fa wk. Minnie Schaller,
Dickman, Mrs. Oscar Gingrich.
Louis Alien, Bertha Vick, Olga
Kirkwood and Alice Borchardt.
The Eastern Star chorus which
win assist with the recital pro-
gram of Miss Joy Turner is com
posed wf Mrs. V. E. Kuhen. Mrs.
David A. Wright. Mrs.. Charles
Ratcliffe. Mra. Annie Miles. Miss
Eva L- Fef re, Mies -Angeliae Mc-
Culloch. Mrs.W. Carlton Smith.
Mra. W. P. Babcock, Mrs. C. C
Keller, Mrs. Pearl Hutchinson,
Mrs. .Harry M. Styles. Miss Turner
is accompanist . and director for
the ehorus. Leon Jennlsen will
give several vocal nambers for the
program also.
Illness of Clancey Handicap
to themans m Port
- land Friday
Owing o the severe Illness of
C. B.' Clancey, who had been en
gaged to decorate the floats-for
the Cherrians in the Hose" festi
val parade, the plans of the com
mittee were not carried ;oot.
The 'two automobiles, furnish
ed by Curtis B. Cross and George
Graves, wene simply decorated,
and" entered as one afloat.' Heln
West liad been engaged to ride a
wbtte horse and drive" the aatos
with ribbons but this. part of -'the
program was abandoned and the
two. aatos, were sent into the par
ade flanked by a guard of honor
of 10 Cherrians in white uni
forms. In spite of the fact the the tw
auios were intended as parts o
a single float, the judges Insist-
on judging them separately.
Tbe red automobile driven by
Ca-tis Cross, decorated with
white lowers, was awarded third
prize in its . class. t. The Graves
white automobile was decorated
in red gladiolus and branches of
cherry trees laden with ripe cher
ries. It was given . honorable
'mention by the Judges. .
A feature of the j Salem boys
display was the 60 boys of the
Whitney boys chorus. from Salem,
all in white uniform, the five lead
ers carrying, banners with large
a- - . ' . - - . , i ... ,li , i.
,,, J' Z '. I
Furniture Hist ie IMisff Kliil
This Highly Finished' Ivory
Enameled Suit .
Cane Panelled and otherwise beautifully designed sim
ilar to illustration-above. ThisViaitiscimposdtf
bed, dressing table, chiffonier, bench and straiht bed
room chair. The regular price is 183,H tail vfe hayei
; marked it to ell at -V.U-'
Walnut or ivory
Your choice "of these two
suits 1 6cmsist& df 5 bd
dresser, .night ; stand, chif
. ronette, dressing : chair,-
dressing table and bedroom
rocker -at -. - . -
letters - S-A-LrE-M"'thowtnr on
both, sides and led by Dr.. H. C
Epley. Following v came Klnt
Ding Wiliiam McGikbrist, Jr
the Cherrian colors escorted by a
color, guard ot four Cherrians and
then the Cberriaa band In white
uniform, the Cherrian' organiza
tion nadir command of Captaia
Coanel :. Dyer . followed by the
Cherrian floats. '
. On account of the large number
or boys marching in the Whitney
Boys chorus section of the par
ade the column moved very slowly.
Captain Dyer took advantage of
this fact to keep the Cbrrlans
moving constantly in Cherrian
drills and evolutions, counter mar-
chea. etc. 'The rente of . tbe par
ade was longer than ever before,
more than halt of it being on the
east Side where the crowds were
a large as. on the west aide, and
the constant evolutions of the
Cherrians,- made the parade as nn
usually fatiguing one for the
Cherrians, but ft enabled them to
show off to better, advantage be
fore the crowd -' la .competition
with other r organisations which
had not paid so touch attention to
drill in preparation for the event,
aad contributed to their sulcesa in
winning the first prise for organ
ization from cities of 50,000 or
less, the first prize beine 100 In
I cash.
.... ; i
A Few Bargains,
; in
Second Hand ;
Typewriters ;
Kemuigton Nq. 10 $45.00?
Remington No. 10 ' 37.50 J
.Underwood (practically:
new) 60.00 '
Woodstock .... 40.00
We buy second hand '
"aMaSJaSBBaW aSiiaiSlaaaB , v ,, . .. . , . ' -r . " .
We are overstocked on , bedroom suits and: tot
niove some out rapidly we have cut i the prices'
on several suits to a figure belowthe presentrer
placement price. Wlnleit:is:notrour:policyto ::
sell below cost or to advertise merchandise "be
low cost9 (and be sold out.when you come'itO: .
there are times when great sacrifices must b&i
madewhere large stocks of furniture are carried
W . " ..jr. I
J rrT " Z.
Many Starve in Sight
: oiiPlenty 1
T O. It. SCOTT, DlOL ,
"Many 'starve In sight" ei plenty. A few
-years ago John D. Rockefeller, waa starv
ing to death. His stomach - was bad.
Where the stomach will not digest food
at all, there is nothing ahead but starva-
tion. .. - ,.
It the spinal nerve to .the stomach were
cut the functions, ot that very, useful or
gan, would cease. ..But ir instead ot beiag
cut, the nerve is aabjected to bony pres
sure at the potat between Jetata where
the nerve leaves the spine, then the malt
is weakened, or sub-normal function. The
chiropractor locates the point -et pressure
aad - by dhinoemetlc apiaral edjastmenta
restores spinal artgj&ieat and the nerves
once more are nornM and the-stomach
ip to- par in function. - -
BP aka i
tsr AtYT a
The towcR nerve
TRAKsnrr neaithful'
Dr. O.
f Chiropractor
414-19 0. S. Bank Bid, . : '
m .
i SixlPiece Suite ot Birdseyf 2Z"C
- fz Maple"' XV
. This guile h in oor westwinda and consists of triplev -plate
mirror drtiirg table csser bed, chiffonctte, ;
dressing lablerchair and beiroom, rocker. 5 We. need c
not describe this suite, loo M the window.The
, regular rprice .was $300J5C : Wc.haycmarked it to sell
at f
a.-W -BBSBBav
IB ii i
. xxx cxn mi
"-Atir '
Ta kaaHV tsl
tow aaa Jaat ba
raa t ficttt waaa
tka aick falWw ia
raaa altk.
Ate Only ; Liquid
Woods for Greats1
v .i -,i f i.-.- 'i.' -.ii-rtf.. ...
."For six yean I suffered
with severe vomiting spells and '.
took bo food, .not .Ma.i Jteivtd. :
form.; ' How 1 1 lived was the
consUat wonder 'ot myself, my $
f famliy and my friends. I -was
, so emaciated, and weak I could
i no walk alone,1 ;;Deatn would
have been a welcome' release. !
Chiropractic 1 wag ,' positive '
coud never "cure a- ease tike :
nvine, bH it; did. No 'one Vnowi -!
what It mehfts-to be blt to
- eatand - enjoyoed as-t do, -.
after being -starved for years.
I eat anythtng'.n-TMra. ,Gebrg.
X. Wilson, Chirepractto : I. It- i
seaTch i bureau x statement No. :
1234. " . .'i ' '
v ,-YOUn HEALTH CANT , . ; '
- ptaut; ,V.'
before yen telephone ST for an k
appointment, aad make--it to- 1
I 1.
Nicely finished ; -dressing
table, , .(triple mirror),
bench. : chiffonier, chair.
bed, , regular $870 suite
-for ' ? - .
$161 5b;
- I 1 L.ri
::: - ; I
4 '---la
S . : " f
. ix, a; at
.'rr 1