The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, June 03, 1922, Page 8, Image 8

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Mi SEEO 10
Ratio of Increase Not Main-
tained This Year, Says
; Secretary Kozer
..... Zy' N
- - .v
- , During the month of May, ac
cording to Sam A. Kozer, secre
tary ot state, (323 passenger anl
'.commercial motor vehicles were
licensed in Oregon. Also 265 mo
torcycles, 23 motor vehicle, deal
ers, 773 chauffeurs and 3874 op
erators were licensed during the
month. From all transactions the
:tees totaled 1 1 8 ,5 8 4.8 4. , . .
'V, "During, the month ot- May,
1921, the fees . from the same
source amounted to f 108,530."
ald. Mr. Kozer. "The & receipts
,from motor ' vehicle licenses, etc,
for the year 1922, up to, May 31,
totaled 12,888.308.59, while for
the same period in 1921 , they
Amounted to $2,102,079.
. ' " Number Growlnfif
U VSo far during 1922,. a total of
10t. 310 passenger and commer
cial car licenses have been issued
as against 100,159 licenses during
..the same period in the year 1921.
. ''Upon comparing the registra
tions for the current year with
those ot the past six years we find
that .the same ratio ot increase
lias not been maintained, though
any motor vehicle dealers report
rmuch activity ; during the" past
.'month, .and the oiitloofc Jor in
creased sales quite encouraging.
' : Year Shows Slump j
"On May 31. 1921 there were
nearly 13,000 more cars register
ed than up to May 31. 1920, while
on May 31, 1922 we are only a
Uttle In excess ot 6000 registra
tions over May 31, 1921. These
figures tend .to indicate that we
-will not maintain ' from year to
'year the large Increase which oc
curred during the years 1918,
1919 and 1920. . . " i
Many Are Replaced
t "Undoubtedly a great many
cars will be sold and put Into com
mission, but . man of ' them i will
Ibe replaced as a great number of
old ears those sold . during' the
jfears prior. to 1915 and 1916
are being Junked, having served
their period of usefulness." '
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6 VSM&s
am ; iiin i , y- . - j
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i i
Alleeu Allen, star diver ot the Los Angeles Athletic Club and a
member of the last American Olympic team, demonstrating how she
makes a perfect some- ault dive.
Bean Files Statement
With Secretary' of State
- Governor Olcott yesterday an
nounced the appointment of L. E.
Bean of Eugene as a member of
the state game commission to suc
ceeds Bert Anderson ot Medford,
resigned. Mr. Bean has advised
the governor that he will accept
the appointment.
Bean was one of the candidates
In the primary election of May 19
against Olcott for the Republican
nomination 'for governor. In a
note of congratulation to the gov
ernor after -the primaries Bean
promised bis jmpport in the fall
election.1''' y :- ' ' '
"Mr. Bean is one of the most
enthusiastic supporters and advo
cates of fish and game proroga
tion in the state and for-many
years has actively championed
every cause in that direction,"
said Governor Olcott today. "Dur
ing several terms of the legisla
ture he was either chairman or a
member of various committees
dealing with fish and game prob
lems. In addition he has materi
ally assisted in numerous con
structive movements in connec
tion with development of wild
life of the state and there are few
men In" Oregon more thoroughly
familiar with the game statutes
and the status of the fish and
game situation throughout the
Motorist I have not paid a
cent for repairs on that machine
during all the 10 months that I've
had it. :
Prospective Buyer So the man
who repaired it told me.
LJLP WCmf;? U:"UU"OL3;
TIig. Staicsman Publishing Company
Offers a Magnificent
Harley Davidson Motorcycle
and Bicycles
To Ambitious Boys and Girls r
Contest Closes 8 p. m. Wednesday, July 3, 1922
- 'V The JU otqt cycle Competition
The Oregon Statesman has decided to announce a great Motorcycle competi
tion or boys and girls., V . ; . t
'Think of' it! A magnificent world famous Harley-Davidson big; twin-cylinder
motorcycle and two splendid Harley-Davidson bicycles and ca3h prize3 to be awarded
to proud and happy. boys and girls just at the dawn of summer when boys and girls
like to ride around in the great outside world, enjoy the scenery and build up their
bodies for future health and happiness. Participate of the joys of summer travel.'
Make your travel dreams come true. - .
Admirers of cycles will no doubt hail with delight the announcement of such sen
sational prizes as a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and two Harley-Davidson bicycles.
Particularly when it Is understood that a cash commission will be paid on ill subscrip
tions received from active candidates that do not win a grand prize. Could anything
be fairer $r more reasonable T Boys and girls have everything to gain and absolutely
nothing to lose. Over one hundred boys and girls have already been awarded prizes by
the Motorcycle Contest Editor in former contests and those contestants won them by
employing their spare moments and never lost a day at school.
The Greatest Distribution of Cycles V
Ever Undertaken in Salein J
Prize Guaranteed Every Candidate
! Win a Motorcycle Now For the Good Old Summer Time
This information coupon properly f Hie d out and jmailed or handed in will bring you
full information by return mail; ' ,
The Oregon Statesman, ' . . k r ; - ,
( Salem, Oregon, , f ?
Gentlemen: -I am interested in your motorcycle competition. Please send me"
full information by return mail. It is understood that this inquiry implies no obliga
tion whatever, . ; -.-, ,
Several Carloads of Equip
ment for Dehydrating
Company Are Here
Several carloads of canning ma
chinery tor the big new King's
Products factory came In from
San Francisco yesterday, and the
heavy staff was at once unloaded
and put into the factory reo
for its final setting and steam and
power connection.
The installation waa all made
cn a blue print scale, so that the
steam and power installation
tould be and was put in ready for
the canning machinery proper,
and it all fits lfke a glove.
Keady Xext Week
The machines will be set in
place within a day or two, the
connections made, and they will
be rc;ady to run for the first of the
gooseberry and strawberry run,
probably the last of next week.
The cannery department occu
pies the ground floor of the bui:d
ing, which is being finished first.
The dehydrating section on the
second floor, will not be ready for
the strawberry and gooseberry
tuns. It will take loganberries as
Its first offering, and they are
still almost a month from harvest.
But the strawberries are almost
Soon Ready for Strawberries
All the Salem canneries will be
ready for the strawberries, not
later than Monday, June 12. Tht
new Starr Fruit company plant,
on Mill and Church street, that
waa started only 30 days ago, al
ready has most of its machinery
on the floor, and will start up
along with the rest. It is a gen
uine "sunshine factory", with
more glass and ventilation than
almost any other factory of any
kind in the state.
Growers Preparing
The Oregon Growers' one line
plant will be ready to handle a
considerable quantity of fruit,
and is building a large canned
goods storage room to give it ad
ditional capacity. All the canner
ies have been overhauled and put
into good running condition, so
that the fruit can't come too fast.
Interesting Sermons Heard
at West Salem Evan
gelistic Meetings
Dr. C. E. Powell, who is con
ducting evangelistic services at
the Methodist Episcopal church.
West Salem, is employed by the
v- i
department of evangelism of the
Methodist Episcopal church.
He is a man of wide travel and
unique experience, having labored
some 15 years in various mission
fields. His work has taken him
Into four continents, among peo
ples of every race and color in
jungle, country side, great city,
and in colleges and universities all
over the United States.
As one would expect, hls ser
mons abound with illustrations
drawn from personal experience
and careful observatlan, yet are
entirely free from obnoxious ego
tism. They are simple and clear,
with the simplicity and clarity
which are the marks of genuine
thought . and earnest study. An
admiring lawyer said of one of his
sermons that it was "logic on
fire." In Dr. Powell culture ani
conviction are truly wedded. He
la both, educated and evangelistic,
Wide reading and careful study
have not colored his gospel passion.
John H. Brooks Dies at
His Home in Silverton
SILVERTON, Ore., June , 2.
(Special to The Statesman)
John H. Brooks died at his home
in Coolidge street Wednesday
morning at 1 o'clock after a very
short Illness.
Mr. Brooks has been a. resident
of Silverton since 1895 from
which time until 1910 ho was in
the drag business here. Ia l913
i - - . -
- 'v It ' s 1 ?-
s' It jt ;v,J
Saidie Orr-Dunbar and 0r
Huckleberry to Address
Meeting Today
Cant. Ernesto V. Galiardo. vhn ha Tun nffn .h.j .v . ..
speclman of man, credits his health and happiness to correct breath
ing.. He has been highly recommended by police officials in many cities
throughout the country for his help in making bigger, better and
stronger policemen, whom he taught the fundamentals of proper
breathing. The foremost authorities on preserving health agrea with
his methods.
Mrs. Saidie Orr-Dunbar, exec
utive secretary of the Oregon Tu
berculosis association, and Dr. E.
IL Huckleberry. . assistant . state
health officer of the Oregon board
of health, arrived this morning in
order to be present at the organi
sation of the Marion County Pub
lic Health aiwspclation. ThU after
noon at 1:30. at the First Metho
dist church, are the time and
place for the organization of Ore
gon's 18th county public health
John H, Scott will preside, and
Miss Elizabeth Putnam will act as
secretary. All people vitally in
terested in disease prevention and
healthful living are invited to at
tend. Following Is the program that
win be followed: .
Meeting called to order.
nunc iieaim -;
sistant state health officer.
liner : &i.irs "Pnn.. . -
; - , w HU j
Kunrlirtn of a f"rn m. i.vit 1
HeaJth ; AssocIation,,-MhL Sadie
Orr-Dunbar. executive secretary of 1
the Oreguu Tuberculoais associs-
tlon. , ' ' .'- -,- . i
Opportunity for discussion.'
Businvss session:1 -
(a Adoption of constitution.
(c) Plana or definite activi
ties. -
Adjournment. " T "''" : -v' ! v
Premium Is Paid on .
District Interest Bonds
The Anglo London Paris com
pany of San Francisco and the Se
curity Saving & Trust company of r
Portland, . bidding. Jointly, were
successful1 bidders Thursday on ;
$18.89S in prison irrigation dls- .
trict interest bonds sold hy Slate
Treasurer Hoff. The bid was a ;
premium of 1360. of 100.72,
There were tour bidders. Th
money Is for the payment of later- i
est oa bond Issues of irrigation or
drainage districts under an Ore
gon atatttte . whereby the state
may guarantee interest for " the ?
fir$t live years or less after the
issue. i
he was appointed postmaster and
continued as such until one year
ago when ill health forced him to
He leaves one brother, Dr. F.
M. Brooks of Portland, and a wi
dow of children, also two sons,
Robertson Brooks of Astoria and
Russell Brooks, in the consular
service in The Netherlands. Fun
eral services will be held from the
home Friday afternoon and bur
ial will be in City View cemetery
at Salem.
State Land Board Turns
Money to State Treasurer
During the month of May the
state land board turned over to
the state treasurer a total of
$12,899.48. The items were as
Common school fund principal.
payments on certificates and cash
sales. $5402.97; common school
fund principal, payments on loans,
584.S06; common school fund in
terest, payments on certificates,
$318.57; common school fund in
terest, payments on loans. $32,
ricultural college fund interest,
payments on loans, $130. SO; ag
ricultural coollege fund interest,
payments on loans, $756; rural
credits loan principal, $2058.24;
rural credits loan interest, $810
.72. Total $126,S99.48.
"Have you a speed limit?" cau
tiously asked a tourist who was
driving a car of suspicious vintage
as he entered a burg in Kansas.
"Yes," drawled the constable,
casting one look at the machine.
"But don't worry, mister, you'll
never be able to make it." Le
gion We'ely.
Just received a carload of extra fine hallocks; by
far the best hallock made on the coa3t. By buying in
carlots we are able to sell them as cheap as others ask
for inferior hallocks.
We have secured a stock of the stapled crates, the
strongest and best crate without doubt sold today. Our
price is as low as the common crate that you have to
nan and is ready to use, filled with hallocks. .
Place your orders now and be sure of getting what
you need, " - - - .
Remember how scarce they were last season and it
looks like the same condition would happen again. t r
D A. White &
Phone 160
261 State Street, Salem. Oregon'
t i ,,,, ,.,.-, ,, ,, -
Our Store Will Be Open Until 8:30 Tis Evening
I Put It Over!
The most sensational and spectacular event that was ever at
tempted involving every department of an entire department store.
To The Largest Crowds That Ever
Attended a Public Sale
$25,000 in 10 Days
That's What I Want
I realized that PRICE is the weapon that wUl help me turn the
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has got to go and go quick, in this great cash raising attempt. Hiis
undertaking is the greatest (merchandise sensation on record. Come
one, come all, and
To your neighbor, to your friends, and to everyone whom you meet.
I honestly believe you will never see a greater event than this.
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Special Prices on Crisco, Crystal White Soap and other products -
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; : V